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I, like you, do this as a hobby and I am on here when I can. Sometimes I forget to log out, and my online icon is on. I am not ignoring anyone. My time is limited, and I can hold a few writing partners at a time. That said, I do not expect to write with you all the time. Stories must end, let us not stretch any beyond the arc of the character. 

Commitment seems to be an issue in this realm, and I understand that, so I do not expect to write stories with everyone. We can do a few scenes that form a plot. Maybe a few plots. If we click and the story is building up, then we may write a full story that will give an arc to our characters – maybe content worthy of a book or a movie. (If you do not know the difference between a scene, a plot, and a story, look it up or ask. I am happy to help).

Plots I like to write:

I have a good list of crimes that I’d like to write. It is exciting to do so with another character (you) interfering or building on the plot. Keep in mind that all these plots link together to form my character story and life. The more scenarios we write, the more you will learn about my James Moriarty. Here is the list.

Most of the plots are in the crime verse, but I am open to any other verse/genres. Push my creativity and put my character in odd situations. These challenges are good tests for the structure of the character nature.

It is a collaboration, let us have fun:

Communication is key. To maintain creativity, we, as collaborating writers, might have to talk out of character to ensure the depth of the plot and that we are on a similar page. Remember, I can not read your mind, so we need to discuss expectations of our character interactions. (be it friendship, enemies, crime partners, romantic partners, and more) Keeping that in mind, I don’t need more than just the key points, the full history I rather hear about in your writing. The more you give me about your character in your work, the less we need to talk OOC about the details of the plotting. 

God-modding is not fun. If something is to happen to my character outside of his control, I’d like us to discuss it first. I am open for anything as long as it serves the plot and the story. 

I like to introduce other characters in my scenes. I define them as much as I can. You should feel free to move them the way you want in a way loyal to their personality. If you introduce a new character, expect me to move them as well. Define them well. Otherwise, I might. 

Writing preferences:

Word count is not important to me as long as the events are rolling smoothly in our plots and stories. Do not feel the pressure to stuff your paragraphs to compose bigger chunks of text. I tend to vary my writing length, depending on the mood and the storyline. 

My style will vary as well; I like to experiment in ways of writing — a first person to a third person style, a thrilling approach to detailed, all depending on the plot. I encourage your feedback and your experiments. 


I expect a good level of literacy. For example, if you have 5 “as” in a paragraph of 4 lines, go back and remove all of them. If all your sentences start with “he/she”, go back and restructure your sentences. Spelling and grammar should be acceptable. I am not a master of these, and I do write after work and when I am usually worn out, but surely we both should expect a working language level. I am open to learning and teaching, and I am happy to help within reason. 

Now, that we are on the same page, let us write.

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