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February 18th, 2020

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August 04, 2019



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Harley is first spotted at an abandoned warehouse for an old toy shop, which had since been converted into the Joker’s Funhouse,wheeling in food for her three hyenas. Two of them getting a steak each, the third receiving an extra one because it was his birthday. To celebrate this Harley also placed a little party had on his head which the hyena didn’t appear too amused by but seemed to tolerate. Unsure as to why the Joker hadn’t shown up to celebrate, Harley was quickly distracted by the sound of laughter, almost like a doorbell marking someone’s entrance. But it wasn’t the Joker. Before Harley could see who he was blow darts were aimed at her hyenas, taking down all three.

She was shocked as her visitor finally came into view, as she didn’t appear to recognise him at all but stated that the Joker would not be coming to the party. Running straight at her him with her mallet she demanded to know who the person was and what they had done with her puddin’. He was wrapped in bandages and had a steely gaze not helped by his red irises. Her mallet remained a loft as he spoke, holding up a photo of the Joker, clearly tied down and gagged, clearly the Joker needed her help.That wasn’t fair, Harley declared she was the only one who was allowed to tie up the Joker. Apparently all she had to, was a favour for him, and the Joker would be free and she could have him back good a knew. Knowing a threat when she saw one Harley listened carefully to his plan before running along to execute it.

At the Gotham Theater, Harley interrupted an emotional operatic performance by a clown dressed in white on stage. After creeping up behind him, she swung her mallet down, knocking him to the ground. With one foot on his back and her mallet draped over her shoulder, despite the cold shoulder design to her look, she complained about his song. After all, who needed crying clowns, surely they were meant to have fun. Addressing the audience, the ladies and jerks in the room, she told them all that there was a slight change in that night’s programme. Dropping her mallet she swapped it for a gun she’d taken out of her pocket.

As well as the theater robbing them in terms of ticket prices with showings being almost $1000 a seat, they were gonna rob them as well. Joker’s goons barged through, holding heavy machinery as they grasped at everything they believed to be valuable, holding out some bags in the hope that some would simply come forward with their good fortunes. It was a funny scene to watch and Harley couldn’t help but giggle but it was quick to fade as she wasn’t just there for the valuables but also for her puddin’ who in her own words had been ‘clown-napped’. To get him back, she’d been ordered to kill someone, scanning through the audience to find her target she bypassed a lot of wealthy patrons, aiming it at one who in her eyes should die for his stupid beard. He wasn’t her intended target however as the sight of her gun eventually landed on Bruce Wayne.

With a smirk, he commented on his tux, claiming how nice it was but hoping it wasn’t a rental as she fired her first shot. She laughed, as the recoil from her second shot almost knocked her off her feet but Harley kept going, firing aimlessly at the stage left box where Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle and his friend and his partner had been sitting. The women were ushered away from the box by his friend, at Bruce’s request. He hid for a short while but her target came out again climbing down the side of the box to face her. Trying to aim at him he ran across the back of the theater, but every shot didn’t quite hit the mark, too fast for her aim to settle.He rolled into one of the goons setting off one of the automatic weapons but all the bullets were simply aimed up and out of the way, sending the chandelier crashing to the ground. Annoyed he was too fast harley asked him to hold still, calling him a rabbit in the process. This shot missed Bruce Wayne as he was hiding behind one of the goons, the bullet hit him straight in the back and he crashed to the floor. Shouting across the floor she apologised to Rico but it was too late for him. With this Bruce was now in plain sight, she aimed steadily at him this time, but someone else clearly intended to stop her.

Dropping from the rafters, Catwoman, used her whip to pull Harley’s gun right from her hands, landing on her as she dropped onto the stage knocking the jester off her feet. Harley clearly looked hurt by the betrayal of her friend and Catwoman took a dig at her outfit, saying the jester look was cool in the 90's but was now just sad. In frustration Harley went straight for the kick, missing but flipping out of the way for Catwoman’s next attack. Harley turned in the air, hoping the next one would hit but Catwoman’s whip got in the way. Swaying out of it’s way fueled Harley’s annoyance even more. as she used the staging to flip up to higher ground, out of the way of the whip. Using the crates on the platform, Harley kicked them at Catwoman. It didn’t give her much chance for a break but she was quickly climbing the rafters trying to escape.

After pulling herself up to a standing position, Harley was quickly joined by Catwoman. With a spin and a roundhouse Harley aimed to knock Catwoman off, but her kick was caught and she was thrown backwards, her acrobatic skills only just saving her. Using the momentum and a little circus tune Harley kept going as Catwoman now started throwing punches. Harley was blocking them as best she could as guests were now flooding out of the doors to escape the chaos. With a few strong blows, Harley was on her knees on the rafters, checking her lipstick wasn’t smudge. To distract her Harley asked Catwoman what it was that the theater folk said,it gave her time to bring out the knife stuffed up her sleeve. Instead of the expected answer, break a leg, however she thrust the knife towards Catwoman, telling her for the purpose of the punchline that it was break a face.

Catwoman lurched backwards, as Harley seemed more determined than before to win as it became apparent the recipient of the knife wasn’t meant to be the woman at all. As one of the cords were cut in her actions one of the lamp casings suspended above the stage started to fall, knocking Catwoman off the ledge with it. She didn’t go splat, but instead was rescued by Batman. Glaring over the edge, Harley couldn’t hide her confusion as Bats were with Cats now. the thought made her feel ill, as she claimed she threw up a little in her mouth. Instead of confronting the pair, she flipped out of sight, presumably onto the roof to get away but was not followed by Batman and Catwoman.

As Catwoman told Batman to get the clown, he set off in pursuit of Harley who had had a clear head start. Out into the night Harley wasn’t found but the Joker was. Although he had previously been captured it seemed his capturerer had allowed him to escape to become another pawn in his master plan. The man, who was known as Hush to Gotham villains, used everyone to try and get to Bruce Wayne as he knew him as Batman, even killing his best friend in this incident and pinning it on the Joker, as he was in the right place at the right time as he’d been looking for Harley at the back of the theater. Playing every villain against each other, including setting Harley to kill Bruce Wayne had been an elaborate plan to win. It was only much later was it seen that Hush was actually the Riddler, after his dip in the Lazarus Pit due a brain tumour Bruce Wayne’s friend had failed to operate on successfully.

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JOKER (2019) AU

JOKER (2019) AU

Getting your foot in the door of a community psychiatric role was far easier when you weren’t a woman of much money. From a breadline background, Harleen and her three brothers struggled through school life as their single mother paved the way for their education as best she could while their father rotted away in prison. She tried her best to strive more for herself but Gotham was rough. Due to lack of funds the blonde had to stay at home to complete her doctorate, only getting the chance from her gymnastics scholarship. She hadn’t made any friends throughout that time, Harleen hadn’t been able to get away from her family and walking drunk to her family would have brought back too many dangerous memories of her father. Frankie and Ezzie would have been too young to remember that and they’d be too young to understand why Harleen was following in his footsteps.

Her new job came with a few perks though. The money that was coming in just about covered what she needed it too and she saved enough to eventually move out. Sure her new apartment was far from new. The lights short circuited half the time and it took hours for the water pressure to settle after she washed the dishes, so she could have a shower. But despite the lack of sunlight and hand-me-down furniture Harleen had a place of her own for the first time. So she took the opportunity with both hands. Harleen dove into her work with such passion, hoping a gleaming resume within the community would eventually land her a job in Arkham State. That was the true dream, but Harleen always saw it as just a dream, and enjoyed her work with those she met. Each patient was special to her, every importance placed upon helping them as best she could so Gotham could thrive again. But that was the last thing Gotham’s billionaires wanted for the city, as they could lose out on their wealth.

That’s when the cuts came, Harleen was one of the many community psychiatrists to bid her patients farewell, not because she wanted to leave the job but because Gotham didn’t want to pay for a more civilised society and her patients couldn’t afford that either. Harleen had to keep up her rent payments, she couldn’t move back home, but she couldn’t leave her patients to suffer, some needed their medication closely monitored before the did something they would regret, or even worse have that cut along with her help. Some of her patients just wouldn’t survive without their medication, or at least a substitute for it. Using the last of each session to set up meet ups from home, Dr. Harleen Quinzel did the best she could to keep her patients in therapy, running the sessions from her own couch. She wasn’t taking any payments in through this work, not wanting her landlord to want a cut of her profits. It wasn’t a job from home if you weren’t making money. It pushed the sessions underground. Risky, but worth it if she found another way to subsidise her rent.

With the news of a clown killing three of Gotham’s, no Wayne Enterprises’ wealthy employees, spreading like wildfire it gave her an idea to help promote the work, shed some light on the reality of Gotham and make enough cash to keep the rent turning over. As she took to the streets, there was a rally towards Gotham’s greatest, to the billionaires to let them know that the city wasn’t going down without a fight. There were a few of Harleen’s old patients who had been released from her care there, and she was welcomed with opened arms. They were all in dire need of action, but if you couldn’t force action, you had to make it yourself. Lewis, Buster, Wilde and Harleen herself formed a pack, with Harleen bringing them together. As their former psychiatrist they looked up to her, and she didn’t want to disappoint, but she wanted to step away from that role. It wasn’t like it was officially hers anymore. Dropping the doctor, the blonde became Harley Quinn, sharper, smarter and wasn’t going to be taken for a fool by the cops. Together, the group were the Jesters for the Clown of Gotham City.

It wasn’t a movement more so a dedication to the mystery man who seemed to be literally taking down Gotham City where it hit the most; the billionaires. They wanted to do something similar, in his honour, but they needed cash to do it with. The first port of call for the Jesters was to raid Gotham Bank which was planned for a few days time, the same night the tragedy was aired live on TV. It wasn’t planned to be that was but as the gunshot shattered across the screens, one of TV’s most beloved personalities shot to death Gotham stood still before the crowds ran riot. Overrun with madness the coast was almost completely clear, taking enough money to last them at least a few months. It was far from billions but a start. If the clown, now shown to Gotham as Joker, hadn’t been preaching his message they all could have easily been arrested. But it was because of him they stood a chance to carry on and they owed it all to him.

After stashing away the cash she’d made Harley took to the streets, almost twirling and chanting in the chaos, in awe at the chance of seeing the man in the flesh for the very first time. He proved the world could change, that you could be the change in the world when the world was messy and didn’t listen. He showed clearly how the world played against you when you did something they didn’t like, because the billionaires ran the street. That was a message Harley took to heart, so much to a point where she got the Joker’s makeup tattooed on her forearm, the blue diamonds, and red smile reminding her to turn her life around by changing the world around her. That’s when the doors in her life seemed to open up.

Shortly after the Joker was committed to Arkham State Hospital, a job opened up in their psychiatric department. The move happened so perfectly it was like it was meant for her. At the time, no one outside the Hospital was made aware that the job vacancy had come around due to Joker murdering his last psychiatrist. Keeping her cards close to her chest, Harley kept to long sleeved dressed, jumpers, even going back to her glasses give the illusion she was the same Harleen Quinzel who had worked for the community department in her interview. But she was far from that woman now, sure she lived in the same place, but Harley Quinn was a new person and that came with a new agenda. She wasn’t all about helping everyone now, it was all about him; the male known as Joker, the man who’d set her free. If she played her cards right, keeping every asset she had close to her including Lewis, Buster and Wilde, she could break out the Joker from Arkham State herself to give him the freedom he gave her. Harley just had to get the job secured first.

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The Lego Batman Movie

the lego batman movie

Harley Quinn is first seen driving Joker’s Notorious Lowrider whilst on a walkie talkie to the man himself. As she and Gotham’s other villains entered Gotham’s Reactor Core, she told her sugarplum that they were ready for him. He was airdropped onto the scene with a large unnecessarily bomb that was then attached to Gotham’s Energy Core giving the mayor five minutes to show onsite or else Gotham would explode, sending everyone into the eternal abyss below the city, forever.

Luckily the Gotham, it seemed like the Mayor was airlifted into the conflict as she was circled by all the present vehicles, including the Joker’s Low Rider, and asked the Joker whether he had every played roulette. With his answer on occasion, the Mayor was revealed to be Batman in disguise as the Joker was offered advice to always go black. Commenting he’d written a song about how he was going to kick everyone’s butts Batman burst into song to the Joker’s disappointment. Harley jumped out of the car during this montage to engage into the hand to mallet combat and failed with Batman using her own mallet to also take out the Riddler. Disarming the bomb, he was congratulated by the city as they celebrated as Batman took a ride around the city in the Batmobile.

She was seen again in a nurse’s outfit, comforting the Joker on his latest defeat as he was upset and annoyed at dealing with the ‘Human farts’ he hired that couldn’t seem to make a CD rack. Calling him ‘boo-boo’ she roller-skated into his eye line as she told him that he was too good for Batman, as he needed to open his eyes and see what it was like with him not around. The red- and black-haired female asked for approval on her comment, but never received an answer. The pair watched Superman talk about the Space Jail known as the Phantom Zone. As an example, list of inmates appeared including the Wicked Witch of the West both the Joker and Harley seemed to lean into the screen with smiles on their faces, the next plan falling into place.

Deciding to crash Jim Gordon’s retirement party, and Barbara Gordon’s induction into the Commissioner’s seat, Joker came out with two guns with ‘Bang!’ flags attached to the barrels, Harley Quinn not two steps behind him. Pulling her in close he told her that she knew what to do as her outfit changed from a rollerblading practice outfit to a white coat, blonde hair in a bun as she donned her old personality of Dr Harleen Quinzel for operation take out the laundry. As she disappeared the Joker surrendered himself, already handcuffed confusing both Batman and Barbara. Things went another step further as the Joker also boxed up every other villain aside from Harley Quinn leaving Batman to have no crime to fight, and Gotham no longer needing a vigilante.

Suspicions were raised even further as Phantom’s Own Laundry Service pulled up outside of the Asylum, holding Joker and the rest of the villains’ captive. Still disguised as Harleen, Harley jumped out of the side door of the vehicle to collect two undescriptive bags and wasn’t seen again. With Batman believing it was for the best him and Robin broke into the Fortress of Solitude to gain the phantom projector and then broke into Arkham to use it successfully against the Joker to Barbara’s disappointment who then proceeded to lock up him and Robin. Formulating a plan to allow everyone in the Phantom Zone a chance to escape he launched it to everyone including Gremlins and Voldemort and gained everyone’s approval. In the meantime, the Phantom Zone Projector was taken from Batman’s custody and held onto by one of Arkham’s workers alongside two security guards. The doors of the list were opened to reveal Harley as her former self. She was asked if she was going up, which was a resounding no as she twirled back into her roller-skating self with mallet in hand, claiming they were, in fact, going down. Engaging in a quick fight, she took the Phantom zone projector and with a giggle claimed they were in fact right as she was going up.

On the roof of the building, Harley used the projector to release all the inmates within the Phantom Zone, aiming the laser at the sky as the city fell into darkness as Voldemort, King Kong, Darleks and others were released onto the streets of Gotham. Aiming for the Batcave with Harley by his side, Joker came to the conclusion that Batman was Bruce Wayne’s roommate before using Wayne Manor as his own Joker Manor, watching from the Batcave as Batman infiltrated his forces. Chasing him into an underground room, Joker demanded respect, which Harley believed he deserved from Batman. The Joker had never been told by the Batman that he hated him, not even once according to Harley. Batman agreed that he was feeling annoyed with him but that wasn’t the same thing as Joker pronounced his hatred for Batman aloud. Wanting him to say it back, Batman copped out simply saying ‘you too’. Telling Joker, he should simply shut it down, Harley encouraged Joker to fight for his own feelings. As Voldemort used magic to lift Batman into the air Joker pronounced Batman’s greatest enemy to be Batman himself before projecting him into the Phantom Zone. Using their collection of bombs the plan was now to circulate them throughout Gotham since Batman wasn’t there to stop them.

Bombs in hand, Joker and Harley appeared on the balcony of Joker’s Manor as Barbara, Robin and Alfred attempted to rescue Batman from himself after previously being sent away. However, Joker ordered those working for him to go and get them as they were his last three reminders of Batman. He had nearly succeeded before Batman struck a deal with the Phantom Zone giving himself 24 hours to get every bad guy back into the Phantom Zone, including himself. With that the Bat-Family was back together, each with their own according Bat-Signals. Whilst Batman was devising his plan, Harley skated her way to the Joker’s side as he switched his bomb onto a ten minute countdown.

At Joker’s take over party, Harley was having fun, dancing around and enjoying herself until Joker shushed the crowd as someone was laying down funky beats and it wasn’t him. It turned out it was Batman and cars of Gotham’s villains ready to take Gotham back alongside Barbara Gordon, dressed at Batgirl, D*ck Grayson, dressed as Robin and Alfred Pennyworth who also had a Bat costume on for fun. As the troops attacked the party, Joker told his evil army to get rid of them leading to an all out lego war. Batman was instructed to take out Joker’s bomb whilst he was busy leading his evil army with Harley at his side. One by one Joker’s army depleted as Voldemort, and then the Jurassic Park dinosaurs were slowly taken back to the Phantom Zone by Batgirl. Just as they were about to start defusing the bomb however, time ran out and it exploded.

The whole city panicked as Gotham started to collapse, even the emergency broadcasters declared Gotham doomed as it became to split apart. As the good guys tried to rally a plan together, Harley and Joker simply revelled in the chaos. But it wasn’t to last for long as together the Bat Family came up with a plan to use their heads and shredded abs to quite literally pull Gotham back together. As the lego figures stacked up they believed they had stretched far enough but the other side of the city was just out of reach. Joker and his ‘bad guys’ were the group on the other side, as Batman asked for his help. Harley seemed quite solemn as Joker declared that if the city was destroyed he truly would be Batman’s greatest enemy, even if he would die knowing it. Batman simply told him to shut up as if there was no Gotham they wouldn’t be able to fight again. Joker seemed shocked, but Batman explained more as he stated Joker for being the reason he got up at four o’clock in the afternoon and work out until he felt sick, and the reason he gave up a life of being surrounding activewear models. He also told Joker that the reason he felt connected with everyone in Gotham, with him, was because of the Joker himself. Harley looked close to tears, but Joker wasn’t smiling as after all he still hadn’t told Joker he hated him. But, if he was help Batman save Gotham, he could help Gotham save the two of them. Although Batman hadn’t declared his hatred he had said something, which sparked happiness in the Joker as Batman labelled him and the Joker an ‘us’. Now it was Joker’s turn to nearly cry and Harley started to grin happy that in his own way the Joker had what he wanted. All they had to do was save Gotham.

As the villains stuck together, to meet Batman across the divide, Harley even taking off her hair so Joker could hold hands with the Batman. In order to save Gotham they had to have an ab workout. Batman asked joker how his abs were and admittedly they were more flab than ab but either way everyone that was stacked up had to crunch in order to save their city. In a typical uplifting batman speech he managed to get all of Gotham to work together to literally snap Gotham back together, into the one City it needed to be. With the line of villains now stood next to the heroes, Harley was stood by Robin, who was balancing Batman on his head, just as she was balancing Joker. She did hear the words, however, that batman spoke aloud as Batman declared that he hated Joker. Joker gasped before responding I hate you too before it seemed to turn into a contest of who hated the other the most.

The citizens of Gotham unsnapped themselves from one another as Harley used her rollerblades to roll straight into the Joker’s arms, causing the two of them to dance in celebration but things weren’t finished just yet. At least, Batman wasn’t finished yet as although all the villains were now back in the Phantom Zone, Batman had to join them. But Batman didn’t make it to the Phantom Zone as the portal shut itself to him, as he made a change in himself. So they could all celebrate and the criminals of Gotham, including Harley and the Joker set off back into the City. They could be released for now but soon enough Batman, and the rest of his family would catch them, at least that’s what they believed.

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Justice League: Gods and Monsters


After finding one of the Harlequin’s potential victims in a hollowed out jack in a box, Terry McGinnis tried to soothe the victim as she was shaking letting him know that she was behind him. A shadow loomed over Batman as a pig-tailed female and her mallet came swinging. Missing the two of them she hit one of possessions as a giant clown on a spring that came crashing to the floor with a squeak. Dragging the mallet along the ground, the pair huddled away from the Harlequin who’s red and black hair, mismatched socks and suspenders and pale white face came to meet them. Her smile, large and dastardly as she raised the mallet above her head ready to strike again. Missing the victim for the box she’d been hiding in, the mallet rebounded, shattering the box and knocking the Harlequin to the floor. Her victim ran away to safety by the time she was standing again but there was still Batman, and she thought he might still be fun to play with.

Running after Batman into an abandoned storage warehouse, she called out to Batman, telling him off for letting her plaything get away as it wasn’t nice. Her mallet was poised in her arms ready to strike again as she surveyed the room, taking it step by step to not be caught out by potential trap. Just because he was a gloomy guts about her plans didn’t everyone had to act so down in the dumps all the time. Walking down a hall of old mirrors she caught her reflection in the cracked glass, sorting out something she thought she saw in her teeth before proceeding. Talking aloud, although she hadn’t seen him yet. She told him the story of how the girl (“bitch”) she’d captured would go back to her drab little life when she could have been fun forever. Batman had been listening from above and dropped to pounce on the unsuspecting Harlequin. As the male dropped she took a spinning hit at him, sending him crashing into one of the many mirrors in the hall. She took another swing but this time he dodged, only for her to break a mirror. The kept chasing him, swinging and missing until her mallet got stuck on the floor. She stopped trying to lift it up Batman squarely punched her in the face sending her backwards through a mirror into what seemed to be a secret room.

As Batman glanced around he could note that the Harlequin,seemingly killed and kidnapped her own ‘makeshift’ family, having them all reside in the abandoned building. Figures for her mother, father, younger brother and grandma were found at the scene, covered in flies to shown they’d been a while and smiles pinned in place. Her delusions were made even clearer by a spot on the couch labelled ‘sis goes here’ implying Harley herself was the final piece to the puzzle. The room itself was set up like a casual family living room, with a few pretend images of bright blue skies and the wall even donned a family portrait of Harley with all the deceased.Harley interrupted his exploration with a revving chainsaw, making it clear that no super creeps were allowed in her room. Aiming the chainsaw right for Batman he ducks out of the way leaving the blade to cut of the head of the grandma corpse. An enraged Harlequin, made her erratic especially since in her mind, Grandma was gonna bake her cookies.

Trying to take her rage out on Batman the Harlequin destroyed the family portrait of them all, clearly not in control of the chainsaw. Chasing Batman around caused her to cut the corner off the chair her father had been sitting in and had been thrown through the television set, courtesy of Batman. She skidded to a halt before aiming for him again. This time Batman was stood in front of the main sofa where she was meant to sit next to her mother. Instead of hitting Batman, however, she found she’d cut the back of the sofa in half and had gotten the chainsaw stuck. Finally she’d managed to get the chainsaw free, even more maniacal than before. Batman had seemingly back himself into a wall but as she approached him he jumped, the chainsaw going straight into the wall sparking enough to cause the chainsaw to break, snapping the chain itself. The chain flew off and violently slash the stomach of the Harlequin leaving her injured and bloody, something Batman seemed to catch the scent of.

In world Batman wasn’t just Batman, but a vampire and the smell of her blood peaked his interest. She cried out in pain, trying to muster up the kick of adrenaline to keep fighting him back but by the time she turned around Batmain forced her arms away from her wound, keeping her still with her hands up, blood trickling down her gloves. Admitting defeat she sighed, telling him to take her back to jail, calling him a copper even if he didn’t have those credentials. Batman hesitated before smirking as if that was funny. He had plenty of other ideas. Showing her his fangs he dug into her neck as she screamed realising his little secret. A squirt of blood landed on her home sweet home sign and on screen that was where her story ended.

Instead of leaving her be, Batman opted to sire the Harlequin, finding the punishment of immortality to be far more amusing. No one with her madness could live to tell the tale for that long, at least in his mind. The half-head awoke in a daze, stunned and screamed at the mess the Batman had made of her room. It was obviously his fault. The wound had seemingly healed itself as she stood up and looked around licking the home sweet home sign clean of blood. It was an instinct, but she loved it. He’d given her a power he didn’t know how to use and someone as insane as her, with the resources she could possess. Now Gotham was in a whole new world of trouble. Laughing loudly the female headed out into the night, giggling all the way out, especially in the hall of mirrors. Now she had friends to find, the whole world to explore and she quite literally had all the time in the world.

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Pretty Li'L Psycho


Basic information
FULL NAME: Harleen Frances Quinzel
NICKNAME: Harley Quinn - Harls - Quinn - Harley Girl - Pumpkin - Loose Canon - this list really does go on
AGE: 28
BIRTH DATE: 2nd April
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
GENDER: Female
RELIGION: Raised by a Catholic Mother and a Jewish Father. Non practicing herself but does celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas
SPOKEN LANGUAGE: English - French - German - Spanish - Latin - Pig Latin - Hebrew
CURRENT LIVING CONDITIONS: Owns her own apartment in Gotham which is usually kept for a base. Typically messy until Harley is forced to clean it up by either her landlord or a friend who wants to visit
OCCUPATION: Former psychiatirst turned criminal

Physical traits
HAIR COLOUR: Blonde (verse dependant)
HEIGHT: 5'9" (170cm)
BODY BUILD: athletic
TATTOOS && PIERCINGS: Verse Dependant - most notable in WODC Suicide Squad

Phobias and Disorders
PHOBIAS: Injections - Fish
MENTAL DISORDERS: Histrionic Personality Disorder

10/01/2019 09:01 PM 

Batman Assault on Arkham


Harleen Quinzel was staying at the Roosevelt Halfway Home for Women when an unfortunate run-in with a staff member left them with one less ear and put Harley Quinn back on record. This leads her to be recruited for Task Force X and a new Suicide Squad mission. Briefed by Waller in a secure facility the aim was made clear. This time to break into Arkham where her the Joker - her former partner - was being kept. This was the most covert the Suicide Squad had ever needed to be and it seemed the leader would be Deadshot himself. The reason for the break in is to locate and retrieve a flash drive containing all possible information linked to the task force and it’s future participants which the Riddler had previously stolen and kept in his cane.

This mission used Harley, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang alongside rookies Killer Frost, Black Spider, King Shark and KGBeast, although due to thinking Waller’s warning were nothing but a bluff KGBeast terminated himself quickly. The rest of the Task Force was air dropped to Gotham, reminded that their own lives were in Waller’s hands. The plan to get into Arkham Asylum would be given to them in a secret location which to avert attention they arrived at through the sewers. The location ended up being the Iceberg Lounge, owned by Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) who held a grudge against Harley for past wrongdoings with the Joker and only escaped with her life by Deadshot’s quickly thinking and Penguin’s reputation. They would spend the night there, getting supplies, finishing off their costumes and saving energy to prepare for the infiltration the next day, and given it a night of freedom somewhat, Harley made herself busy seducing Deadshot.

The plan was to get Harley into Arkham to act as an insider to aid their infiltration which meant Harley needed to get arrested. To do this she broke into a local toy shop intending to cause havoc which lead to the arrival of Batman and the Police on scene. The Bat believed she was there to look for a bomb the Joker planted, just waiting to destroy half the city, but she was just looking for a doll that was yet to be released – and had passed a lie detector she didn’t know she was taking. Either way she was thrown into the arms of the GCPD and subsequently lead to Arkham.

Deadshot, posing as one of the police force, lead Harley into the Asylum to plant a device to the mains to grant the rest of the Task Force access to the Asylum so they could get to the property room, where the Riddler’s cane was left. This path led right past the Joker’s cell who teased her and tormented her just to get an attention until she snapped. Harley grabbed Deadshot’s gun out of the police holster, and jumped over the link in her handcuffs so her arms were in front of her and emptied the barrel on the Joker, most just hit the bulletproof glass but once she was right in front of him she aimed a few shots through the air holes in the glass, they all missed him, but she was no longer his “puddin’” to the Joker’s dismay as far as she was concerned her eye was on Deadshot and she intended to keep it that way and maybe throw it in the face of Joker whilst she was at it. The device to allow the other members of the team access into Arkham was deployed almost too late as it was connected to one of the wires Harley exposed during her encounter with the Joker.

With the group all together, they tried to get underground, looking for quicker access into the property room. Security came down to check the area where Harley teased them the only way she knew how, the pants of her orange jumpsuits hanging just off her hips. The distraction tactic worked long enough for King Shark to attack the guard and supply the group with weapons and Harley Quinn’s outfit to allow them to proceed to the security hub as due to the methods used to breech Arkham’s wall had placed the whole Asylum on a yellow alert. They need to run the security hub and to avoid the watchful eye of Amanda Waller, Harley set up the security footage to play the previous days footage so anyone checking would believe the Asylum to be running as normal – as that is how covert they planned to be.

The just had to pass four watchtowers which would have been easily taken down had pride not gotten in the way allowing one of the guards to call in for back up. A lot of backup and soon enough Harley and the rest of the Suicide Squad had far more than a fight on their hands, not that Waller was aware and what she didn’t know wasn’t going to hurt her. The Batman was still busy locating the Joker’s bomb which was still nowhere to be found. The fight was over the prison yard, Harley had made the mistake of calling Deadshot her “puddin’” and Batman had received information on the yellow alert at the Asylum and figured out that the security cameras were playing the wrong footage far too easily for the rogues liking.

But as far as they cared, it didn’t matter as they had arrived at the property room. Given Harley’s past as a psychiatrist at Arkham as a psychiatrist it didn’t take her long to figure out the password for the room – as most of the passwords in Arkham were the same and created by the same doctor. The property room not only allowed for the retrieval of the supposed flash drive but allowed Harley to get her mallet which had been taken off her some time previously. Unbeknownst to her it was that that contained the Joker’s bomb. Thoughts were interrupted as Batman came on the scene and fought Task Force X. In a puff of smoke, he seemingly disappeared amidst a fight with Black Spider – Black Spider appearing to defeat him. With this distraction Killer Frost took off with a plan Waller had only revealed to her – to kill The Riddler. Nothing appeared to be inside the end of The Riddler’s cane as they thought and Deadshot put the pieces together and the group took off for The Riddler’s cell.

In the meantime, Joker sulked about his spat with Harley, as it seemed she clipped one of the panels in the wall which meant the door to his cell could be opened from the inside. It seemed like it wasn’t intentional but this isn’t known for sure. With the group reporting back that they were all together (despite not having Killer Frost) Waller alerts them to the Special Crimes Unit being called to the medical centre, the asylum still on a yellow warning. The Riddler and Killer Frost were already at the medical centre on their arrival as he proclaimed to be able to fry and therefore destroy to Nanotech Bombs planted in their heads once inside.

The group gave him five minutes to prove it could work before they were caught and detonated by Waller. Another fight and they were inside where The Riddler gathered the crew to give them enough ECT to fry the electrical circuits in the nanotech. Everyone agreed to it as Black Spider kept watch. Going against Waller’s command had pushed her to her limits and she had intended to blow all of them up. The thick skin of King Shark had been too much with his bomb still intact he was terminated. Black Spider should have also exploded given the plan but didn’t, meaning that during the fight with Batman he and Black Spider had swapped place – the real Black Spider exploding in front of the Joker who proceeded to steal Black Spider’s communication device. It wasn’t long before he joined the party in the medical centre only to see the Killer Frost, Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn still hooked up to the ECT monitors. Mini explosives the size of marbles soon cut the power to the device off but leading to those needing help to escape from Deadshot.

Whilst finding an exit, Joker caught up with Task Force X teasing Deadshot with one of the guns he’d lost in the explosion which he had happened to pick up for himself. In an attempt to diffuse the situation Harley spoke to the Joker the only way she knew how, and was pushed off into the wall for it. To try and woo him again, to save her teammates, Harley told an elaborate lie, having him believe that she was using Deadshot and the rest of the Task Force to help him escape not realising she had played herself right into the Joker’s hands. The bomb still tucked away in her mallet. A faceoff between Deadshot and the Joker had led to a Deadshot win. One precise punch sending both Harley and Joker down the laundry shute and out of the way. Harley was only met with the barrel of a gun as Joker demanded he take the mallet from her, pushing her away as soon as it was in his grasp. For a distraction, he let out all of the inmates within the asylum leaving them with two big problems on their hands; a bomb set to detonate and blow up half of Gotham, and every criminal and inmate at Arkham set free and wreaking havoc all over the asylum and its grounds.

With the fight to contain the Arkham riot well underway, Harley and Joker boarded a helicopter driven by Deadshot. Amongst the fighting between Joker and Deadshot a gun fell at her feet but she was completely torn between the males, and which one to aim for even though they were entangled with one another. Her thoughts were brought back, as no one was now manning the controls and she took over before they completely dived into the street. She wasn’t good at flying the helicopter and didn’t claim to be but she kept them up as best she could before a Batman distraction made her lose concentration, the Batplane on her tail. Trying to find any button to go faster proved unsuccessful and with Batman now aboard the helicopter her concentration was lost. Batman rescued Harley as they swung from the helicopter through one of the windows on a lower level of the building that Deadshot and Joker crashed in to, still fighting it out between themselves.

This so-called rescue hadn’t been in the female’s plan so started lashing out at Batman. She took several swings at Batman, missing most of them as he intended to take the mallet off her to diffuse the bomb, the instructions on how to do so, written on the inside of the mallet. Deadshot finally prevailed over the Joker, throwing him into the crashed helicopter with enough force to tip it out of the building and send it crashing to the floor. Joker’s body not to be found.

Waller had intended Task Force X to go off mission so that her plan to kill the Riddler would eventually prevail. She had believed they all would either die at the hand of her bombs or the Special Crimes Unit. It’s not known what happened to the escaped convicts after the mission but it is presumed that they went their separate ways, except from Harley who seemingly tagged along with Deadshot as long as she could without him trying to kill her.

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Injustice Year One


Working alongside the Joker, Harley aids him in by disguising herself as a simple woman in a trench coat. After receiving an anonymous tip about the senator, Lois and Jimmy Olsen are tricked into heading off to the docks of Metropolis where Joker sneaks up and kills the young photographer before kidnapping Lois Lane who is currently carrying Superman’s child, leaving only a Joker playing card at the scene. Making a quick getaway with Lois, Joker and Harley opted to hijack a submarine, but were quickly lifted out from the water by Superman. Breaking into the submarine wasn’t the smartest idea as kryptonite had been engineered to work alongside Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin, Superman weakened as Harley and Joker worked on Lois. Letting it slip Lois was pregnant, Harley echoed the comment. Recalling to herself that four years previously she had given birth to her own daughter, Lucy Quinzel, taking a year away from Joker’s schemes before handing her over to her sister. Upon her return to the Joker back then he hadn’t appeared to notice she had been gone at all.

Back on the submarine, affectionately named Gunther by Harley. Superman’s lungs filled with Kryptonite infused Fear Toxin, causing him to hallucinate and see only Doomsday instead of Lois. He opted to fly himself and his enemy up and out of the submarine. With a little restraint from Harley, as this was the first submarine she owned, her and Joker “jumped ship” back on to the dock where it had been resting since Superman’s retrieval. With a quick goodbye to Gunther, the couple attempted to flee leaving the wreckage as it was. However, they walked straight into the power of Green Lantern’s Ring. The rest of the Justice League arrived, and Wonder Woman threatened to wrap the Joker in the Lasso of Truth. Taking Batman’s advice and opting not to the Joker decided to speak his own mind anyway, telling Batman how Lois and her unborn child was now the detonator to his latest bomb, disguised as Doomsday in Superman’s mind due to the toxin. The two heartbeats that brought Superman to his senses were heard too late as they for took their final beats, Lois not made to break the atmosphere around earth in such a fight. Indirectly, because of the Joker’s plan and Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin in his system, Superman had killed her and his own child. As her heart stopped, a bomb exploded, destroying Metropolis in seconds.

Trying to keep the Joker safe, Batman escorted him to a secret facility where he hoped a grieving Superman wouldn’t find the clown. It wasn’t long before they were a found, a vengeful Superman killing the Joker without much of a thought. Just after the tragedy and heartbroken Harley was being escorted back to Arkham Asylum. Grieving and confused as to where her life would go she strangled the cops with her cuffs and wrestled them for their guns as she made her escape, killing and throwing out those who were previously in the now hijacked police car. Shooting the radio in annoyance, as her actions hadn’t gone unnoticed she sped off to the nearest joke store trying to reminisce and get a few new gags for herself. Crashing the police car outside though meant she was quickly found by Green Arrow.

In an attempt to blow him off quickly she grabbed her mallet, but unfortunately hit him with the squeaky end. Not expecting that reaction, believing she’d picked up the hammer meant to smoosh his face on the floor, she swapped the mallet for her gun which definitely had real bullets in it. Taking aim she pulled the trigger only for the Green Arrow to shoot straight down the barrel and save herself. In awe, she asked if he could do it again, to which he agreed but without telling her used a netting arrow so that after she fired the gun and the arrow aimed itself down the barrier, the head expanded into a net capturing her for him. With his success, Green Arrow dragged Harley back to his car in handcuffs.

With the car hitting the road Harley asked if he was taking her to see Superman, presuming he was going to lead her to her death. Luckily he responded no, claiming he didn’t believe in executions especially if it meant standing by whilst a man as powerful as Superman squished her without hesitation although admitted it was about rescuing Superman from himself, not just about saving her life. Getting curious Harley looked through his quiver, spotting a boxing glove arrow leading them to bond over wanting to punch people from really far away. Asking where exactly they were going Green Arrow only replied that it was secret location before offering her an arrow to hold with a hidden button. When she grabbed the arrow asking what it did, a puff of knock out gas smoked out of the end, knocking her out with a final comment to him being that he sucked.

Waking up handcuffed to a pole Harley questioned where she was. With the Green Arrow looming over her he informed her she was in the Arrowcave; a deep underground facility, lead-lined so Superman couldn’t see in even if he found the structure. With a smirk she reminisced saying it was nice to wake up from a drugged state handcuffed in a lair, as her and Joker used to do it every Thursday. Thinking on the name of the cave though, Harley questioned it, calling it stupid before telling him he should rename it to the Quiver which was, in Green Arrow’s opinion, actually better.

Informing her he had to leave he told her that there no point in her attempting to leave so even if she had a fake arm in the cuffs, so she could slip out, using it was pointless. With a laugh she denied having a fake hand but admitted to a fake moustache which she said didn’t need to be justified unlike the fake hand – which was Joker’s old trick. Trying to explain her emotions for the Joker to the Green Arrow was hard admitting him hurting her and those around her hurt less than losing him in her life. Claiming she’d just described the last four women he’d slept with, she continued knowing he was bad, or a genocidal psychopath in Green Arrow’s words, but he was hers and that was important. Before he left the building, however, Harley had one simple request; could he give her a little maniacal laughter. At first he refused, she compromised on a giggle but he still told her no, so Harley tried to prompt him, putting on her fake moustache to which the tiniest of laughs escaped from the Green Arrow, which led to her own thankful laughter to pass the time.

Harley is next seen still in handcuffs, walking next to Green Arrow straight through the gates of Arkham Asylum. Harley is accused of starting a little fire, or uncontrollable blaze in the eyes of Green Arrow, causing the loss of the majority of the Arrowcave. In a huff, she claimed she was embarrassed as he was still referring to his base by that name but apparently the argument wasn’t about the fire, but what he lost, which made her think of a very valuable point in her own mind; how did he even have the cave and his car. To Harley this meant he was a very crappy Robin Hood, robbing the rich to give to himself but she didn’t know exactly who was behind the mask.It seemed during his babysitting duties, the Green Arrow had missed a call to this exact location, which in a way was ironic. Dropping Harley off at the desk he left leaving her with Kenneth, a man she knew well from her previous drop offs at Arkham. With a smile she put on her fake moustache, which he questioned her about. It was revealed that this fake moustache was a lock pick, allowing her to undo her own handcuffs. Kenneth seemed worried, but Harley kept calm as he asked him how many times she had broken his nose. He answered her, letting her know she’d broken the same nose three times. After apologising, Harley made this encounter time number four, knocking him down and breaking his nose as her eyes ran over the security footage, looking for the superheroes that were already at the Asylum. Watching in delight, Harley began the cheer on the inmates, referring to the Superheroes as “Supersh*ts” but warned them not to touch Green Arrow as she had a small crush on him, although also deemed that to be Stockholm Syndrome. Amongst the fighting, things took a turn, one accident by Robin leading to another and Nightwing was killed on the scene. Such an action even touched Harley as she brought her hand to her mouth, tears rolling down her eyes.

A few weeks, maybe months later Lobo had a contract with Superman meaning that he was on the hunt for Harley. Taking her old jester hat to catch her scent, it wasn’t long before Lobo found her in her own quarters within the sewers of the ruins of Metropolis. With a squeal she looked up before confirming that the male in front of her wasn’t Superman. Asking him who the hell he was she found it to be Lobo. She seemed confused, making him say it slower, but that didn’t make the name anymore significant. Declaring himself the main man, Harley laughed, it was just a large title for someone who talked about himself in the third person. Their talking, however, was enough of a distraction to take a hit at him but it didn’t seem to effect the male as he grabbed her by her shoulders and lifted her off her feet. Harley protested, but Lobo could see why Superman had a problem with her.

Handcuffing her to his motorbike Lobo declared that no one hid from the main man. Bringing back her fake moustache, just about to explain why she had it but Lobo interrupted as no one should have to justify the greatness of a moustache. Looking a glowing green pill in a box resting on the motor of the flying motorbike, Harley questioned what it was trying to distract him long enough for her to pick the handcuff lock. The pill supposedly made to make someone invincible, crafted by Lex Luthor and Superman. Lobo was set to see if it could be perfected anymore but Harley had other ideas, taking it away from him swallowing the pill and hump of the bike hundreds of feet from the ground. She crash landed through the roof of a building, but seemingly survived. One male asked her if she was okay as sat up in her crater and she was more than fine.

Running towards the building wall she jumped out only to fall a few floors and hit the next one nearby, calling the rush amazing. Soon enough, however, Lobo caught up with her, punching her straight into the jawline, letting her crash to the floor. With a sob she let Lobo know that technically she had just come out of an abusive relationship with the Joker and that even in the short space of time after his death she was starting to work out a life for herself without him. One thing she had promised herself was that no one could law a hand on her again like he did, the pill still in her system allowing her push Lobo through the wall, out of the building onto to the tarmac below as he was hit by car that proceeded to explode.

On instinct, Harley found herself on Lobo’s flying motorbike trying to escape, her mind racing of options and places to go. She settled on the newly rebuilt Arrowcaves, crashing through another wall as she tried to find the brakes. Unable to find them, Harley simply humped and hoped for the best as the bike went up in flames. Spotting Black Canary and Oliver Queen, Harley apologised asking if her dropping in was a bad time. The Green Arrow asked her what on earth she was doing there, to which Harley admitted to needing help, but that wasn’t exactly what Arrow intended rephrasing it asking how she had found the Arrowcave. She winced at the remark, as it was almost embarrassing that he was still calling it that, Dinah agreeing with her that renaming the cave the Quiver was a lot better. In frustration the Green Arrow shouted; there wasn’t to be a name change on their current location but how Harley had still got there was a mystery to him. It was then she admitted that whilst she was locked up in the ‘Arrowcave’ she was really only locked up when she wanted to be using the moustache lock pick to escape and learn some of the surroundings if she ever needed them again, returning every time he returned so he wasn’t to suspect anything. In her defence, however, she believed she had been discrete, apart from this time with the flying motorbike, and that she’d come because she realised that he had been the only person who had been nice to her in a long time. As she clearly felt guilt for her actions Green Arrow quickly concluded who the previous owner of the the flying motorbike had been. Black Canary came to the same conclusion as Lobo jumped through the hole Harley had made, as she half-heartedly smiled. It seemed the pair weren’t mad though as Lobo sought out an attack on Harley, Green Arrow and Black Canary coming to her aid, although their exact motivations were potentially based around the secrecy of the Arrowcave. After a Canary Cry, Harley wanted a go in attacking Lobo, climbing onto his back pulling and tugging until literally pulling off his head. She looked a little nervous before laughing, lifting up Lobo’s head like a trophy claiming the fight to be the best team up ever.

With Lobo stirring and somehow still alive due to his own abilities to attach his own head back onto his body, Harley welcomed him to therapy, in her old lab coat and glasses. Staring at him clamped down by his wrists, lower legs and torso a she diagnosed him, believing he was deeply disturbed. Lobo called her crazy but Harley believed it was time for him to talk about his feelings, Lobo’s loud objections evident. Staring at him she noted that he had been talking in his sleep between reattaching his head and regaining consciousness and from what she could make out Lobo had something taken from him which subconsciously was leading him to struggle for control which was funny, given that he was the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Lobo was confused, as Harley had claimed she didn’t know him but it was a rouse to make him unstable, knowing his ego couldn’t really handle someone not knowing him.

Concluding the client to be Superman, she asked whether he had emasculated Lobo in some form, as there had to be a reason that Lobo was wasting his time hunting Harley. Lobo sighed, commenting that it was true, Harley was below him, which she didn’t take offence to in fact she tried to empathise, letting him know that she had someone take away her power too which wasn’t a nice feeling. Taking it a step further she suggested that if she was him then she’d find a way to take a power back so he was still the main man. Using this he gathered his strength to break free from his confines, claiming that him and Harley were done as he jumped on his motorbike and left her alone to find an opponent that was worthy of being beaten by him.

With him off, Black Canary and Green Arrow re-entered, almost shocked that she had gotten rid of Lobo. With a smile she replied that they all beat Lobo, a team of Canary, Quinn and Queen. It a took a moment, but then the Green Arrow realised that Harley had used his real name; Oliver Queen but nothing more was made of it.

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Gotham City Garage


Thirty-five years ago, The Garden was formed, a modern utopia surrounded by a protective dome lit by red sunlight rising out of Gotham City’s ashes with Lex Luthor at the helm. The aim was to keep people in line to maintain a perfect city in a failing world. It appears like a paradise but if the Lexes network misfires causing a citizen to step out of line, the Bat and his minions make every effort to restore the status quo in the most brutal ways possibly, including killing Jim Gordon to prove a point to Supergirl who in this universe is only known by Kara Gordon.

Seventeen years ago, Dr Harleen Quinzel was assigned to work directly with Lex Luthor, after being released from prison. She knew and still believed she was a psychiatrist, but after a harsh shower with a hose the female was escorted to Govenor Luthor. He knew she was partial to the odd joke or two given her thesis work but was alongside him developing mind-controlling devices initially named “Lexlocks” but nicknamed “Ridealongs” by the psychiatrist. Using her expertise, she calibrated these devices to make them capable of thought and control behaviour without sending the user, in this case the population of The Garden, insane.

This collaboration was going well until Harleen noticed that these ridealongs were making people incapable of love of another human except Lex. In horror at this discovery Harleen helped a prisoner, breaking a man by the name of Lloyd and scrambled the Ridealongs, damaging her and Lloyd’s sanity permanently. Causing a riot they escaped The Garden and Harleen took on her nickname Harley Quinn, with Lloyd opting to become The Jøker. The incident became known as the Quinzel attack but for the most part was kept under wraps. How would people react if they knew everything they felt were technically lies after all?

Now riding around with the Garage Girls and two hyenas Bud and Lou, Harley and her Harley are in the freedom fight to take down The Garden. With the know-how and the technology Harley knows how to break down the Ridealongs without causing further harm to people’s emotions, giving them her freedom out of the pain. Working out of the Gotham City Garage in the Freespace surrounding the City, only breaking in when necessary to rebel Harley knows the end is near and fights everyday to protect the only thing she really has, her freedom.

Throughout this she works alongside her Jøker when not in the Garage back in the Garden, hoping to play a much larger role in the fight than her counterparts let her. Since she now understands how to fry the Ridealongs Quinn’s nefw mission for herself is working out how to override them without the pain and on a much larger scale, developing a small chip to be embedded onto a person’s scalp which upon receiving a set signal would override the Ridealongs with a new set of behaviours for a short period of time, allowing the Garage to build their own temporary army against Luthor, using those inside the Garden. Ordering her Jøker around to keep her safe, and to help whilst she’s away she’s built a strict, authoritative with him, as love is something the Freescape has never experienced, and the Garden, love was only felt for Lex. This fix would be used until she could a way to mass produce her tech at the Garage, used to break down the Ridealongs.

As the build up to war is clear, Harley is sent on an errand in an attempt to recruit Dinah Lance, a previous Garage Girl, and the rest of the League of Shadows (also known as the League of Assassins in some stories) with whom she was thought to be part of. It turned out she was, and right at the moment Dinah was fighting Ollie for The Demon’s Head, or Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of the League of Shadows. Amongst the fight Dinah was given a second challenge to become Ra’s al Ghul, kill Harley, a member of her old affiliation the Gotham City Garage. In a flicker of weakness it seemed Dinah nearly succumbed to the Ra’s demands but instead turned, and killed him instead to become The Demon Head alongside Ollie. With Harley pleading for her life she’s let free but instead travels to the Jøker and the Garden, allowing her fellow Garage Girls to believe she was dead, as the League rush to their side in an attempt to overthrow Lex Luthor.

At the key moment, Harley switched on her devices, taking control of those she implanted her chip on, forming her untrained but necessary army using whatever weapons she and Jøker had gathered together. Seemingly on her own Catwoman (Mercy Graves) had whipped out one army except for Luthor himself, sacrificing herself in the process. The Girls decide best to leave him stranded in the desert. Throughout the fight the Garage was caught on fire, and burnt to the ground but the Girls drive off in search of a new place with the Jøker on Harley’s back, and baby Kal-El in Supergirl’s arms.

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Batman Li'l Gotham


Harley is first spotted dressed up alongside the Joker in a restaurant surrounded by other villains such as Catwoman and Ivy. With it being Halloween, they were free to be them, all dressed up without Batman and Robin being able to straight identify them as everyone seemed to be in costume, Gotham villains at the fore front of the people’s minds this year. Toasting to be able to fit in like normal folk by simply being able to eat out on this night, the group was interrupted as Batman and Robin entered the premise, pretending to be other people simply dressed up as them, Robin adding a hood to be the majestic ‘Robin Hood’ without a bow and arrow. Getting food to go Batman paid for everyone’s food, including paying for the villain’s food knowingly. Robin asked why as he knew full well they weren’t simply kids in costumes. It was at this point Commissioner Gordon and the rest of the GCPD showed up outside the restaurant, respecting Batman’s wish of allowing them to finish eating before presumably busting them.

The jester was next spotted during New Year’s Eve, falling through Selina Kyle’s window alongside Poison Ivy to wish Catwoman a happy new year. On her knees, she was begging Selina to do something to celebrate the new year and had been bored since the Joker had been dragged back to Arkham by Batman. Despite trying to put her best for forward and leaving her life of crime behind, Selina was persuaded to join in as they decided to make their errands for a good cause, for the planet, or children or animals, since they could win Selina over. In costume the Sirens climbed to the rood to begin their New Year’s Revolution before heading out, Harley using a pogo stick, verbally announcing her boings as they headed off towards Ardora Cosmetics. Their CEO, Fervor had been cheating their way through the regulations causing damage to the environment by releasing unnecessary toxins into the air and water. As punishment the factory was sent up in an explosion, causing maximum fervorcity in Harley’s mind.

The next stop was the toy store as they raced through in kids play car picking up items for children in the orphanage. With a giggle, they crashed through one of the glass windows on their way out, reminding Selina it was all for the children. They finally won Selina over with the release of the animals from the shelter as they were previously completely caged. Picking a dog that reminded her of her hyenas she declared that she was going to keep them and that they could stay with her whilst he Joker was away as they continued on their adventures. The action changed, as Harley used her mallet to smash open a glass case, taking a golden egg for herself. Questioning her motives, Harley told Ivy and Selina that she was kicked out of the male’s nightclub for improper attire, as her jester hat wasn’t appropriate headwear for the black and white event as so in return, she was taking is seemingly golden egg as the night continued.

The girls found themselves, in a bakery and with the baker asleep the best access for them was to smash their way through the displays giving Selina a cake in the name of candy. Scoffing down the cakes, Harley and Ivy cheered for teamwork, Selina begrudgingly joining in. On the rooftop the girls deliberated what to do next. Harley chimed up with an idea to join the circus so they could ride the animals and teach them to dance but to Ivy that wasn’t revolutionary enough. Ivy had the idea to break into Downtown Gothams Atrium and take out security personnel before watering all of the plants but to Selina that wasn’t revolutionary enough either. Harley offered to go an rob “goody-goody” Bruce Wayne but Selina suggested they go shopping for shoes and hats and maybe even ice cream, an idea which won Harley over but luckily one by one all suggestions were completed with the girls seen riding an elephant to music and watering the plants, as well as wearing questionable outfits; Harley opting to sport a more ‘cow girl’ look. As the plants were watered in the Atrium, Botanical Gardens and the Arboretum the girls headed back to Selina’s. Her room was a mess and all Harley appeared to be sound asleep on top of the couch, dreaming of kissing the Joker.

It was now Valentine’s Day and Harley was trying to be as loving as possible, firing an arrow at Joker, hitting his head with the sticky end despite aiming for his heart. In the Joker’s mind, he was in fact spending the day as Harley’s love prisoner. With a smile she wrapped her arms around him, telling him not to stupid but to come to Cupid, before asking him what was wrong. He let her down, letting her know that crime was calling him and that maybe he’d pick something up. Joker broke into Ivy’s greenhouse as splashed an unknown chemical onto himself which happened to make him irresistible according to Ivy who was now under his spell, wondering how Harley would react to the scent. Believing he had to get rid of the smell as he didn’t personally like it he bumped into Catwoman, who also fell leading him to run through the streets of Gotham bumping into many people including Zatanna.

With the Joker now on the run he ended up falling into the backseat of Harley’s car as she had taken it and her hyenas for a ride. Glad to see her, Harley fell under the aroma’s spell, jumping onto the back seat to kiss her puddin’. The hyenas seemed to take over the driving as a lot of women were seen to be following the car. Joker admitted that he was trying to run away from every woman in Gotham leading to a call to the Justice League being made. Huntress was on scene at the Greenhouse Joker had busted into to collect an antidote and Joker and Harley were both found in a pile of Gotham’s women, simply trying to get away. The antidote was sprayed, and everything seemed to go back to normal despite the Joker being visibly shaken after the experience but soon took to running as Harley chased after him. There wasn’t an antidote for being the cause of a scorned woman.

St. Patrick’s Day was a different one for Harley as her and the Joker found themselves being accused of robbing the Central Bank of Gotham as a Joker card and a shamrock were left at the site of the crime. They had both, however, been clowns simply clowning around as Harley attested to Harvey Bullock that the Joker wouldn’t go all Clyde without his Bonnie. Joker pulled out his sane certificate from Arkham but the two of them weren’t believed as they were piled into the backseat of the Batmobile alongside Selina and Two-Face. Shortly after, Penguin was added to the mix, as Harley again was shocked at the thought of the Batmobile actually having a backseat. All of them were locked up together alongside an unnamed green criminal who was already imprisoned. As time passed Oracle, Nightwing and Batman with the help of Alfred realised the points that had been attacked formed a rainbow, and heading to the end of it led to no one else but the Riddler who had in fact committed all these crimes and pinned the blame on the others. Harley and the others were released as they smiled and left the Riddler alone as their boat sailed away.

Harley was briefly spotted during the April Showers laughing and having fun in Arkham with drawings of Catwoman, Ivy and the Joker on her wall but it wasn’t until May fifth, or cinco de mayo that she was seen in her jester outfit again, sleeping on a rooftop next to Catwoman, asking to pick up Ivy as it was “Make Your Own Taco” night in Arkham that night. A week later and it was Mother’s Day. Harley and Ivy were spotted taking out their anger on flower sales on Paul’s florist shop. When the police arrived, however, the girls were already entwined in vines hanging in the air as if waiting to be arrested, which they were.

Time jumps to July fourth, as Independence Day rolls in. Harley and Ivy headed to Gotham Observatory and with the Science Guy under Ivy’s control they had the space for themselves and some of the other villains to hold a meeting. With Joker at the helm they didn’t simply want to pass up the chance to celebrate independence from Arkham Asylum. On their RSVP it had BYOF written but it seemed nobody had understood what it meant. Because of this, the Joker gave everyone an hour to “Bring Your Own Fireworks”. After pairing up the teams, Harley automatically on his side and opting to draw the other pairs out of a hat as it became a race to see who could get the most fireworks. With everyone back, Harley revealed a huge rocket firework, allowing the two of them to win above everyone else. Everyone was ordered to bring all the fireworks to a blimp so they had the best view of the city as it went Boom. As the boxes were stacked and the blimp was in the air Batman had one rocket aim for the blimp itself to send it tumbling to the ground alongside the fireworks. In a panic, they had to abandon the blimp but before given them a chance it exploded, sending everyone crashing to the ground. Harley holding onto Joker tight as she squealed.

Fortunately the large rocket they had gathered seemed to float on the waters as they used it like a jet ski as they rode away from Nightwing and Robin and straight into Robin. With a target on their heads Joker and Harley held onto each other as the net caught them both sending them to a joint room in Arkham. Joker wasn’t in the mood for watching fireworks from their cell window but luckily Harley had packed a box of her own they could use. Joker hoped it could blow a hole in the wall but in fact Harley had just brought sparklers and she didn’t need to escape as she had everything she loved right in that cell to finish her Fourth of July.

It was on Bruce and Selina’s Tropical Getaway that Harley and the Joker were seen again, captured by Greenbeard and Helena Queenie, who did look very much like them. Bruce asked if he knew the two pirated to which Greenbeard replied that he only knew that Bruce tried to steal treasure from him which the meant they had to walk the plank. Bruce and Selina’s company for the plank was Harley and Joker, which Joker commenting that Greenbeard had pirated his look. Bruce asked the Joker not to look as he walked the plank but he was never going to miss watching the billionaire getting chomped by the sharks in the water. As Bruce seemingly disappeared into the water the Joker, Selina and Harley were all readied to walk the plank. Batman, however, came splashing out of the water and onto the ship’s deck engaging in a fight with Greenbeard.

When questioned on what happened to Bruce, Batman replied that he was caught as he fell and that Bruce was on the shore. Engaging in a fight Harley took on Helena Queenie, hitting her straight tin the head. Calling out to the Joker she noticed he had his finger’s in his ears, leaving the fight to hide in the crow’s nest. Batman realised Joker had lit all the canons on the boat as the boat exploded. Batman noted that him and Selina should see Joker and Harley back in Gotham when they returned. Before the coastguard arrived to rescue them, however, Joker and Harley found a small island to rest and wait on. It seemed typically that the only time Harley didn’t pack a balloon was this incidence when they need one. Harley told Joker that she took the balloon out so she could pack her shoes before seeming to find a message in a bottle. As Joker smiled at her, she took out the message and told him it was a drawing of him she threw out into the ocean before now and that it had come back like true love.

Harley rang Jenny Duff on Labor Day to put in place a fix-up as soon as possible, ignoring the whole concept of Labor Day, as the Batman had broke many of the Joker’s ‘wonderful’ toys but this was seemingly fixed as it turned to Fall and Ivy was in the middle of her least favourite season. Hanging upside down in one of the barren trees Harley told Red that she was missed at Roller Derby. As her and Selina lost to the opposing team as they had found many ways to cheer. The weather clearly had Ivy down and Harley could see that as even her place looked pretty dead with all the empty trees. Telling her that gang and herself would cheer up the redhead she told Ivy to wait and just sit there as she was as Harley set to work.

Running straight to home and ringing Selina with a code red Harley had her plans in motion, telling Selina Ivy felt blue, in a orangey-brown kind of way and that Selina was to meet her at the treehouse right meow, meaning now. This gave her a chance to run to the Joker is a more appropriate outfit compared to her usual Jester attire. Shouting for her puddin’ she told the Joker she needed him to get something nice for Ivy as she had the autumn blues again. To that he laughed asking why on earth she was talking and looking different, and why on earth he’d do anything for her as he was the Clown Prince of Crime. For once, though she was asking nicely with a stern stare he finally caved and agreed with a laugh, getting as close to an I love you as he could.

Back with Ivy and Selina and in her jester outfit, Selina suggested that they could go wreak some havoc on the town, just the three of them. Harley asked what their motive could be as she was smiling at the fact was still on the ground. As they turned to Ivy’s wardrobe to help her get dressed they noticed all of her outfits had also wilted into the oranges and browns. Selina commented on her need for a long overdue makeover as Harley let her know that she didn’t always sport her jester hat as it was strictly for business. It was at this point Joker came strolling in with many bouquets of flowers which was the equivalent of giving Selina a fur coat. Noting he wasn’t bright she sent him out for a second attempt which also didn’t go to plan after the misunderstanding of the term greenhouse. The attempts became uncountable as the Joker repeatedly failed to Harley’s disappointment until he came up with a fall sale which sold Halloween costumes, carved pumpkins, and already decorated fresh Christmas trees. This was the Jokers idea of retail therapy and didn’t settle well with Harley as she believed that was more Selina’s thing but all the torture and dangers to the plants this time of year seemed to resonate with Ivy. She protected all the plants all year only to have many harvested for seasonal consumption which didn’t give her a motive but gave the female purpose as the plants needed her; and that meant Ivy and the Girls had work to do.

On Sandwich Day, Harley and Ivy were first spotted walking out of a pet store just as Batman and Robin entered to investigate the case of a missing turkey. The girls were then caged up amongst others presumably by the Condiment King. As Batman went up to the cage Harley protested that her and Ivy didn’t do anything and that Batman simply had to believe her. He told her to step back as he started melting the metal on one of the bars. Declaring him her hero she giggled as the Zookeeper showed up claiming the citizens were actually caged because of him, the Condiment King being a simple distraction on his beloved Sandwich Day.

Back in Arkham for Christmas, however, didn’t seem to dampen Harley’s mood as she turned the twelve days of Christmas into her own version of her twelfth stay of Arkham’ 12 Deadshots shooting, 11 Penguins playing, 10 Creepers leaping, 9 League Assassins, 8 Man-Bats Mutating, 7 Sirens Stealing, 6 Al-Ghuls decaying, 5 Golden Riddles, 4 Cobblepots, 3 Fireflies, 2 Face’s coin and a pardon in a pear tree. It seemed the pardon real as she chewed on the candy cane as Selina picked her up from outside Arkham, greeting her with a smile as they presumably spent Christmas together.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold


With Bat-Mite forcing the hand of the Batman, releasing the Joker from his personally built cell he is tracked to warehouse with Harley Quinn; donning a seemingly flapper girl inspired outfit alongside a few goons. Asking his goons to destroy the Batman, Bat-Mite got distracted by Harley and went in pursuit of her as she started to battle Batman, attempting a swing with her mallet before dropping up, holding up her hands and asking the male whether he would hurt an innocent girl led astray by a fiendish criminal mastermind. Presuming not, she went in to attack aiming a knee straight at his groin and taking him down. Shortly after Batman threw a bolas at her, wrapping her up and taking her down. As the camera goes back to Harley she is now sat up, Bat-Mite watching the action, Harley claiming that Batman and Joker bring out the best in each other, a comment Bat-Mite agrees upon when he asks Harley for her name, clearly smitten with her, whilst Harley simply asks who he is meant to be.

With Batman in trouble, and a promise not to use his powers himself, Bat-Mite tries to give Batman his powers to rewrite his own story and win only to misfire and give these powers directly to the Joker himself. Commenting he feels like a million bucks after the powers shock which was similar to therapy, the money appeared directly in front of him and after this the Joker decided to keep the powers for himself, giving Bat-Mite a smaller version of the Joker for himself to fight as things quickly spiralled out of control as the Joker went to calling himself the King of the World and Emperor Joker, even giving himself a cape and a crown.

There was only one issue with the relationship between Batman and Joker, and that was the fact that Batman always won. Harley approached Joker about the idea of unmasking him and revealing who the Batman really was but this thought was only met with disappointment as the Joker had no intentions of stripping him enemy down to that of a mere man, there wasn’t any fun in that. On that thought she unleashed an electric guitar and microphone and burst into song aptly called ‘Where’s the Fun in that?’. With the signing done he went to plan the death of Batman and executed it perfectly. Taking a moment to remember him, the Joker brought him to life so he could have the same kind of fun over and over again finding many ways to kill the Batman.

Bat-Mite’s Joker also had him tied up but when asked what to do with the smaller Dork Knight, Harley asked the Joker to go easy on him as she thought he was kind of cute. Reluctantly, he did as she wished, turning Bat-Mite into a court jester wearing a more traditional Harley Quinn-esque outfit. Batman’s deaths were still getting laughs from the Joker Bat-Mite and Harley had had enough, as Batman was all the Joker seemed to care about, as if no one else existed. In a thought they both agrees that maybe they were both better off without them.

Batman decided to gain control back, by telling Joker that his sanity was all he had left. With a laugh Joker went into his mind to loosen a few screws before wanting to kill him some more. However, just as he tried to proceed with entering Joker’s mind Harley tapped him on the shoulder, as she had been thinking, which in Joker’s mind was her first mistake. She continued by asking him if going into Batman’s mind was a good idea. With a grin, the Joker shouted claiming she talked too much before literally ridding her of her voice and jumping straight into Batman’s mind.

With the Joker running around in Batman’s head the smaller Joker tried to use his goons to take over, with intentions to kill Batman which would take Joker out too. With Bat-Mite trying to lip read Harley he sought to attack the henchmen and the smaller Joker, with Harley patting him on the head to show her gratitude as a fight continued between Bat-Mite and the Joker whilst Harley took on the henchmen, sticking out her tongue after hitting one of them down. With Batman tied down Harley tried to ask if there was anything they could do but it was a fight between mind and matter within Batman’s head, as mentally took control of the situation. After creating a world in his head where Batman didn’t exist, Joker had no one to corrupt, no enemy to stand up to, there wouldn’t be a Joker. With that thought passing through the Joker lost control of his own powers and gained his sanity, something he refuted. With no power in this world the Joker gave his powers back to Bat-Mite in return for losing his sanity again and going back to the Joker.

Back in reality, Bat-Mite received his powers back, Harley was able to talk again, and asked the Joker how he was as the room went back to the warehouse they had first been spotted in as the mess the Joker made was undone. Hovering over to Harley Bat-Mite asked if maybe she wanted to hang out with him sometime, and softly she let him down as she was a one guy type of girl, nestling up to the Joker as she spoke.


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