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September 22nd, 2019

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Connections Application!

Connections Application

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Circus AU

Circus AU

Harley is the oldest of four children. One brother, Barry, is only 18 months younger than her and is the family disappointment. Frankie and Ezzie are much younger, aged 4 and 6 at the start of this verse as she is 14.

Having a father who was in and out of prison like a yo-yo made having a stable home life difficult. Harleen “Harley” Quinzel tried to make the best out of a bad situation. Her mother always seemingly blamed her for everything that went wrong in the house despite staying at home and relying on the benefits that slid through the door alongside the money her father had accrued over the years that the GCPD hadn’t found. It was hard work but making ends meet was just the first problem. Knowing the number of billionaires and potential billionaires that were around made things worse. In a blink of an eye, things could change only if people weren’t so greedy. The way the path of life had spun itself was crossing into dangerous territory and with rent payments piling up and Harley’s brother only worried about his online Gs it was left to Harley to bring the cash in.

She wasn’t stupid by any means, if anything quite the opposite and on her own and a couple of nights away she conned enough people to help her, using her dad’s old tricks. With a bag full of cash, she came home hoping to put an end to the thrill the adventure had been, keeping a focus on what was at stake but the outcome wasn’t what she had hoped. With Ezzie now competing to be one of the top gamers in Gotham Harley’s hard work was completely overshadowed. His laziness and her mother’s inability to see that his achievements would mean nothing without their electricity being paid cause Harley to snap.

Being overlooked was hard enough but being discredited was another ballgame and that night was the last one she’d spend with her estranged family. Changing from Quinzel to Quinn to dissociate from her father the girl took to the streets of Gotham alone. It was hard out there, and with very little experience she was making a lot of mistakes taking on those who had a lot more experience and skills for staying on the road so like most would went to a place of comfort which for her was Gotham’s Boardwalk Circus. Despite the thrills that were the travelling circus which came and went Boardwalk only expanded and from the shows she saw when she was younger, had grown an attachment to the carnival.

Wanting to clear her head and find some clearer air in an industrialised Gotham she went for the Ferris Wheel and started climbing the ladder. The fear of falling propelled her onwards as the ladder stopped and it was only the metal frame of the wheel stopping her from falling to her probable death. It seemed to be a good motivator for the teen, however as she fell into the highest carriage and used it as a shelter for the night. She was rudely awakened the next day by the owner who alongside his mechanic put the wheel through it’s testing, making the wheel rotate and her carriage drop to the ground. There was confusion and frustration from the owner as the young girl was dragged out of the carriage, afraid of what could happen.

Harley was taken to the large circus tent, fed and watered as they came to a conclusion. Denying she had family that cared about her, they took her on a performer, as her climbing skills showed she had some potential. Having a go on the single ropes, the trapeze and even the Russian Bar Harley didn’t find her own until she met with the silks. The soft, delicate fabric keeping her from falling seemed so ironic, and yet she trusted it completely. With the first decision made she started to train. Flexibility, motion, dexterity and flamboyancy all became apparent as the young girl honed on her skills. Jealousy built up in the hearts of those from the troop who had grown up in the business. She’d taken months what they’d done in years and was going from strength to strength as it wasn’t long for her first performance. The red and blue haired girl was given a few matching outfits, courtesy of the ring leader that put her proudly in the centre of the spotlight and fought for place to stay there every single night. The crowd loved her, her fellow aerialists hated her, but she was the ringmaster’s pet; and he had a proposal to make on her fifteenth birthday.

Guy Kopski, knife throwing extraordinaire and son of the ringmaster was supposedly betrothed to his assistant, albeit the rumours had her falling for another man, and running away from the circus. Quite the opposite of most. The travelling life wasn’t for her even if the Boardwalk Circus didn’t circulate very far from Gotham on the occasion it did move, being nearly a key part of the surrounding amusement park. Because of this, his father wanted Guy to break off his betrothal he’d had for years and instead take Harley as his future bride before she too much of a temptation for anyone else. This idea hadn’t been ran passed the female herself as typically many engagements were arranged for the couple but a note on her dresser in her trailer told her all she needed to know.

Deciding to face him during a practice session Harley decided to play him at what he knew best – knife throwing. She had decent dexterity and although had never practised her aim managed to convince him to stand him to stand in front of the board. During their conversation, Guy let slip, his female counter part for the act had fled and without her there could be no act. There wasn’t another female he trusted, so it all came down to Harley so without a second thought she agreed, the thrill of standing by the board as the knives whizzed passed her face was something she believed she could only make up. She wanted to move, wanted to see what the consequences were, but that wasn’t part of the act. He came up to her afterwards and she asked whether he had ever had such a thrill, he denied it and didn’t want to pin himself to the board.

Practise was over, and it was onto the real deal. Back in the tent with an audience the glamour of it all took over, but something a lot darker lurked in the midst. The first half of the show flew by, the acrobats and aerialists stealing the show, but as the interval closed the show stepped up the danger and Guy Kopski alongside his assistant, the newly trained Harley Quinn took the ring. It was going well, and he was throwing the knives more than ever, but the audience wanted a change – and who was Harley to disappoint the crowd. At their request they swapped places. He was nervous and couldn’t handle the same pressure, shaking slightly. She told herself to breathe, barely above a whisper and within what seemed a split second later the knife had left her hand, embedded just millimetres from his face, grazing his ear.

That was all Harley had thought about the situation, as soon as the lights went out on their set, she left towards her caravan but was called to a halt by Guy who was down on one knee behind her. In a flurry of emotions that seemed slightly dulled down she realised it was her fifteenth birthday. With a cupcake in hand there was one lit candle with a ring settled softly in the icing. She knew what this was, but admittedly knew she really wasn’t ready. To keep face, however, her face lit up and she nodded her head to an engagement and betrothal, and part of her believe she had lost part of herself to Guy already.

Word got around quickly but it took over a year for there to be any true repercussions. Life was smooth, as was the road and the wedding arrangements. It wasn’t to be happening yet, but that didn’t stop Harley dreading it inside and it seemed things would only get worse from there. His original assistant was back and demanding her job, rushing to Guy’s aid and begging for forgiveness. There was a glint in her eye that, reciprocated by him that Harley mentally noted and opted to keep an eye on her, checking the safety harnesses during her own practices but it was made clear that for some reason, the circus’ darling wasn’t the target.

The female’s happy façade broke days later as Guy Kopski was found dead under mysterious circumstances, the gun used to stage the scene later found in Harley’s dressing room. In a way she’d grown to love the male and spending so much time with him had lead to his loss being incredibly hard on her, especially when only the Ringmaster backed her up after revealing he’d coaxed Guy into proposing as he had bigger matters to discuss in the future. Within unorthodox traditions, the investigation lead the Gotham City Police Department to a dead end with no evidence to prosecute anyone, so the matter was left to the Ringmaster himself and the case was seemingly dropped on the outside and brought more publicity inside the tent. For the performers this meant more pressure.

Nothing was agreed to until the female’s seventeenth birthday. In an empty, yet dark tent, the lighting matched the eerie atmosphere with the pounding in the blonde’s ears. The blonde had arrived early at the Ringmaster’s request, not exactly sure why. Here she was let into another trade secret as it was called as laid in front of her, was the ringmaster’s will and testament, assigning the circus over to her should he ever become incapacitated for any reason. It seemed sudden but as it was reaching the anniversary of Guy Kopski’s death Harley only presumed he had death on his mind She wasn’t sure how to react, wasn’t sure what they’d do, wasn’t even sure what she’d do if this agreement got out but signed her life away all the same with a smirk on her face.

As others started to arrive all traces of the agreement were wiped from the eye line. Quickly the meeting turned into an argument and with the weapon their only source of anything to tie any one to the crime except Little Miss Runaway, and Harley Quinn, the girl that never truly belonged by blood. Right there and then, the lights went out as a power cut swept through the city, some Gotham Villain deciding to plunge to city into darkness. There was a few screams, but in the motion the only true sound that could be heard was another gunshot. As the back up generators geared into action one thing was made clear; the Ringmaster was dead, and Harley wasn’t the one who had pulled the trigger. Instead, a cursed love with revenge on her mind lead to Guy Kopski’s assistant killing his father and presumably Guy himself. The atmosphere changed towards Harley, a sense of warmth washing over her as instead it had been one of their own turning against her and the sense of community that had been established.

Time passed, the funerals were held, the female held accountable for both incidences and the will was read out and agreed, just as it had been signed. Harley now taking over the big tent with the hat her only true father figure ever wore. The tails were a misfit, but were soon tailored to her as she swapped her own routines for the floor, a little flair, a little humour and a smile that couldn’t waver as the circus was in her control, the madness swept under the carpet that was barely underfoot. She took the mantle for Boardwalk, and all the unknown problems that came along with it.

Within weeks Harley found herself in more than just a world of trouble as her newer and slightly better caravan had its door broken just before dawn. The blonde was taken during her slumbers, with a few added sedatives to be sure, and woke up tied to a chair surrounded by many older and clearly experienced males. Asking what the hell was going on they seemed to make fun that she, of all people had taken the Boardwalk’s funds, and was now head of their more illicit activities, activities in which Harley wasn’t all that familiar with. In a one minute run-down a lot of information was thrown in her face none of which was absorbed into her still hazy head.

Clearly useless in this world the men gave up on her and pulled a gun out on her very prepared to kill without questions. The barrel brought something to life inside of her and without hesitating, dislocated her own thumb to escape the handcuffs she was in. It was painful, but nothing compared to how her death would be. Using a few of the moves she learnt in the circus ring, her weight was thrown behind several acrobatic techniques to take down two of the men in a feat which lead to many a broken bone for one, and a snapped neck for the other in a feat that was seemingly applauded. Wishing her luck, they let her go and left the facility, taking what they needed from their supplier; her new business.

As often as she could she came back to her bunker to familiarise herself with her little abandoned warehouse and all it’s goodies. She learnt her clients, and taught herself all she could about her competitors. She wasn’t stupid, and didn’t have experience, but hoped at least for now she could use her basic tactics, as she built up more of a skill set instead of relying on being underestimated. Keeping her show schedule on point her own disappearing acts were not noticed and keeping that distance between the Circus and the Underworld was something Harley needed to replicate in order to be the ringmistress and crime boss she believed the ringmaster wanted her to be. The only other option was that he wanted his legacy to go down in flames alongside her, but after all this time – she hoped she balance this newer tightrope. Her life in the ring, outside the ring, and her other life as none other than the Harlequin; Boardwalk’s seventeen-year-old Crime Boss.

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Years before the start of World War Two Harley was enrolled at Charm School, full of flattery and teaching female the traditional feminine role. She couldn’t be sent to prison so fell in love with a male known as Mistah J and helped him with robberies, shotgun in hand. In her own recollection of the tale, they were the only couple in the Great Depression who weren’t depressed. He was a man of demeanour, but this soon took a turn for the worst as the couple, with Mistah J’s lead began drinking more moonshine on a typical night and too much drink, had bad consequences for those around him, especially Harley. With the alcohol twisting his mind he grew darker and searched for far more, dabbling in potions and elixirs before diving in head first, Harley watching her man fall her apart searching for The Belle of the Bog, the original Bombshell, a woman who’d been through hell and back and had the scars to prove it. Harley never goes into detail about the rest of that night only saying her man, her Mistah J, was never the same again and from there she turned her life around, going back to her name, Dr. Harleen Quinzel and deciding to work on the Arkham Ward in London.

Working in London at the Arkham Ward in 1940 at Christmas wasn’t a desired job but Dr. Quinzel never rushed for a day off. She was very hands-on with patients and it seemed only a place like Arkham would accept a female doctor. She hadn’t been the only one though with a dear friend Shondra now locked away due to her part in her father’s murder. The voices in Shondra’s head kept warning the female of turning to the shadows, ending up behind bars herself but at the time, the thoughts had never crossed the blonde’s mind until the tale of a man who laughs and shrieks with long teeth begging Harleen to find him catches her full attention. And it clicked. He missed her.

She appeared to snap in front of her patient’s eyes dropping everything almost immediately switching from having all the sympathy in the world to having none. The blonde freshened up her makeup and used a few tricks of the trade, a cute elf but sexy elf outfit and several glasses of champagne to grab herself a pilot’s seat in one of the fighter planes before flying it away from the city.

Just a few miles away from away Calais her plane came under attack from enemy fire and started to crash land. To help escape it Harley jumped onto one of the now lit bombs falling from the sky which crashed through the roof a greenhouse and right into a French redhead (Poison Ivy) which the blonde far from upset about even if she was wielding a gun. To that woman’s dismay, France had fallen so Harley came up with a plan and offered it to the woman. Since Harley was on her way to see him in Berlin she was willing to let the woman tag along since it came with the bonus of killing Nazis, a little Christmas present to herself. With Ivy revealing herself to be a lightly tinted green after her dabbling in with illegal contraband and poisonous perfumes, it seemed it only brought the two girls closer.

Their conversation is abrupted by a knock at the door from the German police. A fight broke out involving Harley’s new makeshift mallet and they were able to get away in a vehicle stolen from the German Police, singing as they drove through France towards the German border; heading specifically for the Cabaret of the Joker’s Daughter set in Berlin.

Now 1941, the girls arrive opting to break the lock on the door to mark their entry with the help of the vines surrounding the door and Ivy’s power of plant persuasion. Walking into the building there was a hall of mirrors, smoke illusions shattering belief as an image that could only be described as her Mistah J stated that he had in fact called Harley to this location using the Shondra as a delivery girl. Claiming she had brought him a vessel Mistah J claims that Harley would help bring him back. Snapping out of the thought with the help of Ivy, using the surrounding plants to strangle the potential ghost, Duela Dent, the Joker’s Daughter, appears in the image’s place demanding Harley to not deny her master. Mallet in hand Harley makes a sly comment about how women don’t need masters as come on Lady, it’s 1941. The fight continues but is quickly resolved as Harley slices off Duela’s hand, claiming she doesn’t have the right touch. With a giggle both Harley and Ivy leave the cabaret together in the snow, hoping the Joker’s Daughter isn’t following them. Here Ivy comments on the British girl’s accent as the blonde quips Ivy simply chose a girl with a sense of humour before realising she may have been a little too forward but Ivy’s tenderness with her “Cherie” allows Harley to cup her cheeks and pull Ivy in for a sweet kiss under a lamppost in the moonlight.

Asking themselves the simple question of ‘what happens now?’ Ivy and Harley hide underground in The Cat’s Cradle. A holding storage for Selina DiGatti’s contraband Ivy had helped smuggle in. Amongst the smuggled goods, Ivy had made sure that seeds had gotten across the German borders. With these and use of her own powers, she grows an apple tree, knowing that the main source of motivation for an army was food, claiming she’d planted a weapon better than a landmine. The pair were stormed and before had a chance to work out who had indeed walked in on them, Zatanna had been hit heavily with the blonde’s makeshift mallet. The mistake was laughed off by Harley as she tried to make light of the situation before being engaged by Raven for a fight, forced through a locked stairwell that had the image of a pentagram on the cover. Luckily, Selina, Renee Montoya and Batwoman were walking underneath the cat’s cradle, with Harley falling into Batwoman’s arms. Initially believing Harley to be with the Nazi’s, despite half a charm school education and a Jewish background Selina sends her condolences to Ivy’s operation in Calais, which her now a shambles. With Ivy’s perfume or poison trade being close to Selina’s main hub of operations now the girls stay in Berlin at her request. Now assumingly friends Raven apologies for engaging in a fight with Harley, which she jokingly claims only a maximum of two of her ribs were broken.

Hiding in the ghetto wither knew found friends and Ivy, the group was ambushed by the Reich. Aiming to use poisonous gas to seek them out, much to Ivy’s dismay, since she was immune after experimenting in her Calais greenhouse. With Duela taking the lead, and Harley throwing language orientated jokes at her. Faced with difficulty the girls and the refugees are transported to Southern France by Mera, in the Harbour of Atlantis. Even still the haven didn’t last long as France was still Nazi-occupied, and a tank started attacking Zatanna, Ivy and the civilians who Harley went to aid, getting them to safety. With them all thanking Zatanna, they were assigned rooms in the Chambers of the Ambassadors to Atlantis with Harley sharing her room with Ivy where in this downtime they spent some intimate time together whilst trying to grow plants and bring together the Berliners as they helped restore the city.

With Berlin back on its feet Poison Ivy wished to take Harley with her to Russia to aid those in need; not wanting to leave the blonde alone for too long in case she became trapped by her thoughts of the Joker again. Mera agreed to give them a path to Stalingrad with a little help from one of her sting ray friends; Fawkes. To aid them further Mera also offered up a glowing plant, claiming the seedling will grow into the next crop with a quarter of it enough to feed all the refugees rescued by Shazam. As they set off, Raven crept into their trunk with either Harley or Ivy noticing as the ray took to the skies to fly over Russia.

Over the Forest of Teberda, in Russia, Raven made her appearance known as a missile appeared to attack the girls. Prepared for the second shot Raven formed a protective shield around them as they plummeted to the ground allowing Harley to see the upsides of having a sidekick. Raven explains her reasons for abandoning Atlantis and joining Harley and Ivy, claiming it was because of her father and the potential kin she may have in St. Petersburg. Admitting to her that St. Petersburg was under siege Harley and Ivy still agree to aid Raven on her quest as long as it doesn’t impact their current idea to break the famine over the country. This conversation is quickly interrupted as Raven’s magic shield is shattered and the girls fall through the air.

Unable to think straight, Ivy comes to the rescue, using the trees from the forest to grow a crash pad as quick as she can. It wasn’t a comfortable landing, but the tree took the impact as none of them are injured too badly with Harley singing about the situation to calm her nerves. Raven acknowledges that her emotions must be in check in order for her powers to be in control just in time as Fawkes still flies towards the ground. Using her magic she shrinks Fawkes down so he is catchable, placing him on her shoulder as the group wander through the forest.

Finding themselves amongst the ranks of the Reich on an abandoned circus site, the girls spring into action to defend themselves, destroying a plane which Harley comically calls a Bombshells Care Package. The fighter planed crashed into what has called an international monster-slash-nazi-slash-bombshell battle. Because of the weather, Harley is reminded of her red and green elf costume believing she left it behind too soon as she missed out on a lot of Christmas quips she didn’t use, despite being Jewish and understanding the western commercialisation of the holiday. With a warning shot sent overheard Harley revved herself up for another knockout hit, although the tree got her first, sending her into a dizzy spiral before she took aim again aiming correctly this time opting to take one of the circus animals, a giraffe as a reward, riding it out of the camp alongside Ivy and Raven. It turned out Harley had been fighting the Reaper, who wasn’t their enemy at this point, as he was working for and alongside Lois Lane who’d been knocked over during the fight. With Raven offering a truce to them both, as they had a common cause, the girls set out, Harley still atop her giraffe thinking of the merchandising opportunities having a magical mystery multicultural monster circus could bring.

Arriving in Leningrad, Raven plants a charm on all the friends claiming that they will only be able to see each other and will not be seen by outside forces. Hoping to help rejuvenate the land already planted, Ivy goes off in search only to be unsuccessful mourning the loss of the greenery with her Jester by her side. Together they vow to try and make life that little bit better and easier for everyone in the city.

Harley is next seen in Palace Square alongside the civilians and animals found at the circus giving the residents entertainment as they appear to fight over the fruit that remained before being air dropped bombs by Nazi soldiers. This disaster was quickly averted by Raven as the bombs are turned back on themselves and sent into the sky. With Palace Square turning into Harley’s Circus her aim is to boost spirits as best as she can for the people of Leningrad. It had been going well until some true bombshells had appeared to join the crusade as Captain Cold, monsters and Nazi tanks invaded the space. Retreating to Ivy’s Orchard the girls are faced with an attack by a killer octopus. With Harley asking why everyone had horrifying monsters in this arc they set to work, with Harley aiming straight for its rider, Hugo Strange. Getting hit by a smaller minion of the octopus Harley was temporarily dazed before heading right back into the action seen physically taking the spirals from her eyes to help her focus. With the octopus defeated and its head physically squashing Strange Harley climbs on top to hug her Ivy girl and seal it with a kiss.

The scenes then jump to tell the rest of the story, the group defeating Reaper, finding Raven’s father, and coming together to stop Faora Hu-ul. The team succeed, and Harley and Ivy decide to stay in Leningrad, growing the rest of their future together.

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Harleen’s life was mostly normal until she graduated high school with a gymnastics scholarship. She hadn’t been popular but always put her best foot forward. She was liked enough by classmates to but never anything more. The quick wit was always there with a playful almost flirtatious tone and in college that helped catch the eye of none other than Guy Kopski, whose doctorate aimed to create a Think Drink to help calm and center himself. This ideal wreaked havoc when put to the test using Harleen’s own hypothesis. Her thesis; “There are only two circumstances under which a person disregards the rules of society. When they commit a crime, or when they’re in love.” As far as she was concerned there was only one ideal candidate for it; Guy – whom she was now dating.

To knock him off guard Harleen explained that she had driven through a red light in a stolen car, which Guy had forgiven her for leading to the blonde taking one level too far by claiming to blackmail and possibly shoot Dr. Markus, the professor overseeing their doctorates. This idea seemed to tip Guy to a point of no return where he slipped into a delusion courtesy of a spiked version of his own creation. Being given a smoking gun as proof of the shooting it seemed Guy knew exactly how to handle it, despite not yet answering Harleen’s question of if he still loved her. He’d left the room but she wasn’t alarmed until he came back with a homeless man. Keeping calm, because of his own creation Guy shot the homeless man, his own head toying with him, leading him to believe that he had been Dr. Markus. Riddled with guilt, Gut turned to the only woman he trusted and supposedly loved, asking her to do what he wasn’t brave enough to do. The trigger on the gun went off for the second time that day, and Harley has also kept close what truly happened, never revealing who had in fact pulled it, since suicide was ruled immediately.

Drenched in the blood of the now dead male, Harleen flickered on her TV in her dorm room with one of the Joker’s firsts heists plastered all over the screen. The male with long hair and a purple coat to match, scars across his face leaning into the camera lens caught her attention. She was a female, with a twisted view of love and a twisted view of sex alongside it. The blurred line of friendship in her mind added to her desire to know more about the mysterious man. The grief of the loss of her love seemed to disintegrate suddenly. The darkness of the dimly lit room and the blood still staining her hands led her into a red and black colour scheme she grew to adore, switching the blonde for a split-colour look. Her mourning was over just as suddenly as it had begun but she finished her doctorate with no more hiccups, graduating the following spring.

Her doctorate pushed her into an internship at Arkham Asylum, her hair and name giving her the nickname ‘Harle-quinn’ amongst staff and inmates alike, although at first, she protested it Harleen began to adapt, deciding to press on with ‘Harley Quinn’ as an alias. It all seemed to be going so well, her life on track and her mind elsewhere until the man in the purple coat showed up, again and again, heist after heist. Harley couldn’t seem to take her eyes off the screen whenever he was on. So confused yet in awe of how he kept getting away and slipping through the clutches of the GCPD. Part of her had hoped beyond hope that he would fall into the clutches of the Arkham Asylum. But, waiting for that moment was driving her crazy, not that working with crazy helped. It wasn’t long after that that Harley knew she needed to meet the man for herself. To see who he really was because underneath, Harley believed that wasn’t as heartless as he seemed. Call it delusion or pure madness Harley wanted to prove she was just as capable outside of Arkham walls as she was talking to her patients in her white coat.

Her patients had spread lies about The Dark Knight that was lurking the streets, made her believe him to be a bad person, saying that he’d gotten the Joker and many others completely wrong and she wanted both the Bat and the Joker to know that so has set out plotting smaller missions with the intentions to get better before going bigger, catching the public eye and the eye of the GCPD, putting her career on the line as well as her sanity, for the thrill and for love.

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Arkham Knight

arkham knight

Weeks before the start of her imprisonment, Harley was in the tunnels underneath Arkham City. Shouting to the sewers that she’d lost her boyfriend so the least he could do is have a heart to hear her out. With the Joker gone she had half of the city looking for his body but knew it was going to take more than that for Killer Croc. Telling him that change was in the air for all of them after Arkham City’s collapse she believed the new change was going to stink worse than a ClayFace fart. Offering him home cooked food and a reason to wake up in the morning she suggested that he wouldn’t be doing anything that he didn’t normally do. Taking the bait, Killer Croc sought after a new hideout. The sewers below the Joker’s Funland.

In Blackgate Prison, Harley was locked away supposedly talking with her doctor. This doctor was nothing more than a pillow she had drawn a face on wearing the trousers of her Blackgate uniform. She seemed to think her ‘doctor’ had told her she was cured and she admitted to herself that she simply couldn’t be in a place like Blackgate looking pretty and smiling stupid whilst she grieved for the Joker. She told herself that the Joker would have wanted her to move on and start something new instead of holding on to for the future generations. Coming to the conclusion that the first port of call was to get out of Blackgate by any means necessary she was called out by the Batman, told step back and turn over the bed to shield herself as the wall of her cell exploded. Before she could think, wanting to make sure her shirt was okay she was grabbled into what was presumed to be the Batjet.

In a giggle she asked Batman whether he was after her because she was single before telling him he didn’t even need to ask her for a date, claiming that she was an old fashioned girl, before being told to shut up. She protested noting that it seemed like Commissioner Gordon was hit with a gaseous form of Joker Venom, despite knowing it was impossible as everyone had seen Batman murder her puddin’, a favour she vowed to return to ‘Ratman’ before questioning why he couldn’t just leave her be. After all, she had just cured herself, but seemingly her companions couldn’t tell.

As the jet landed it was clear to see that they had arrived at what had been Joker’s Funland in Arkham City. Ignoring her recollections of the place , Batman wanted to see how cured she really was, cutting a hole in the ground to allow the two of them to fall into the heart of Joker’s old base. With the fall being nothing but fun to her, all Harley had to say was that the Joker had always said Batman had soft hands. Asking for a favour, she demanded to know what the game was, and what Batman wanted from her. He replies by saying that he was sick of the games Harley and the Joker used to play and with him around no more. As he knew that the Funland was where plans had been worked on for months whilst locked inside Arkham City. He had been given intel that a cure for the Joker Venom was resting there, something that would aid Commissioner Gordon. Harley agreed with no fight as he asked for the Doctor with her to help. If she kept letting good people die then there was nothing for the real her to hang on to. She revealed to him the location of the last batch of anti-toxin, crying and apologising for her actions as she went, confusing Batman on whether she was being sincere. The stores had last been filled just before the Batman had killed the Joker, but she couldn’t quite bring herself to say the action aloud saying ‘you know’ to finish her comment before giving him the location of the entrance gate. Taking her word for it he warned her that she’d live to regret it if she was lying to him. The blonde only wanted to feel like herself again. With Batman following her instructions, Harley congratulated herself, as every journey started with a first step, knowing there wasn’t any point in being completely honest from the start, although seemingly it’d had slipped her mind she’d invited Killer Croc into the area weeks before.

Whilst Batman was fighting Killer Croc Harley appeared at the Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge. Calling her a backstabbing witch she was sent for, which was about time according to her own schedule. By the Penguin’s standards, however, she was reportedly lucky not to be waiting on an ice slab with an umbrella to the heart. In her new outfit, Harley had come to deliver the news that Batman and/or Commissioner Gordon were dead as doornails. But even if they could escape, even if tey weren’t quite that dead they would learn that killing the Joker wasn’t the end as she still had of lot of his toys hidden throughout Gotham. The city was changing and she needed a puppeteer to help her pull the strings in Gotham, as Penguin was her only resort as he was the only one who knew where the metaphorical strings were. Telling him they were both smarter than the rest of Arkham she suggested they were friends. When initially turned down, saying that all of plans definitely didn’t include her she tried tactic number two to change him mind and leant over the desk to steal his hat and posing just so to plant a soft kiss on his lips.

With Bruce Wayne needing assistance after a run in with a couple of Harley’s goons infiltrating a Gotham planning meeting to help rebuild the city, Lucius Fox ordered Bruce’s ‘special vehicle’ to come to brawl. A knock-knock, as Harley smashed through the driver’s window, however , just as he had finished signalling the Batmobile. The blonde finished off the ‘knock-knock’ joke herself as she threatened Lucius with a knife. The confrontation was interrupted as Batman appeared, and Harley jumped on her motorcycle, taking the knife to his grappling so he couldn’t hold onto the motorcycle; claiming she didn’t feel safe driving it with a passenger as it threw her balance off as she drove away, heading to the Penguin.

Back in the presence of her ‘little oval dynamo’ she told him she had something. As he began to tell her off for how she had failed to take out Bruce Wayne, Harley told him her real intentions. With all the rich men and women of Gotham at the meeting she’d been able to take Lucius fox’s tablet, used to call the Batmobile. Knowing it was likely to be encrypted by fingerprint, and Penguin coming to the same conclusion she laughed, before handing over Fox’s severed finger. After all, the males in her life always seemed to underestimate her.

Despite the fingerprint technology available, Harley had spent almost a week trying to access the files on the tablet, as it had locked her out on Batman’s instruction. Blaming the technology and calling it stupid, the blonde was getting increasingly frustrated at the tablet. Penguin seemed smug with her endeavours, however, complimenting Wayne in the process, saying his people were top notch and she was never going to find her way passed the private property notice being the only accessible screen. After saying he had tried himself, Harley wondered what on earth else they could possibly need to log in; they had Lucius’ finger after all and they’d been hacking and cracking into the tablet since it had arrived at the Iceberg Lounge. When asked by Penguin what had happened when they had tried to crack it, Harley told him nothing had happened, although Penguin disputed that fact. The Penguin himself had found a small hole in the database’s infrastructure that had closed itself since as the structure was self-correcting. He’d been trying to gain access to the same hole as the data he’d seen had given him a date and a location, and therefore a job for the Tweedle Brothers, although actual cousins, Dum and Dee. The Abramovichi. Twins, now stitched back together at the hands of Scarecrow after being sent to look for his hideoput were also still recovering. To give Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee the best chance of survival, Penguin gave them a third partner, a far more aggressive and trained man; Tweedle Die.

Penguin took a drastic measure and purposely rigged his old Iceberg Lounge to explode upon the appearance of the Batman, but to Harley’s dismay such a plan didn’t succeed. They had blown up the building, scarified a few men to make the Lounge appear active and they didn’t catch him at all. Warning her that he’d be back anyway, he teased her, saying that once Batman saw the new place his blood would run cold.

In a plan of her own Harley, gained control of Officer Gage’s earpiece, so he was officially protecting and serving her needs. Congratulating him on such a sweet job she laughed, telling him she loved a man in uniform. However, this wasn’t the main scheme she was caught in the traps off as she was next seen hovering over Deadshot’s scope scolding him for trying to aim in a no free fire zone with him of all people knowing she hated shenanigans. Teaming up with Captain Boomerang and Deadshot she’d asked the two of them to break out Killer Croc from his transportation to Blackgate. Labelling them the New Suicide Squad she hoped for them to be the best super-team ever, as they knew they couldn’t go up without first going down, Harley jumping down a manhole as she exclaimed such a pun. Underground she seemed excited as for once there wasn’t any nanite explosives in their necks to blow of their heads if they weren’t compliant. Croc initially felt at home as they travelled through the sewers but Harley told them outright they were going even deeper.

On the negative-47th floor she welcomed the gentle germs to Wonder City; a bustling town underneath Arkham City full of ladies lingerie, toaster, snorkels and, of course, a new Iceberg Lounge. The Iceberg Lounge here was the place where everyone seemed to know your name but you could seemingly get anything you wanted. Greeted by the Penguin the group were given a quick run down before he asked a simple question; would the all-new Suicide Squad want to kill a billionaire, Bruce Wayne?

Watching him work and engage with the community from a nearby building, Captain Boomerang was quickly getting bored. Harley was busy eating her own sandwich before asking Boomerang if he was British, as she typically forgot and often got confused. It seemed Harley and Boomerang had only just found Deadshot on the same rooftop of them, even if he had supposedly been there for nine hours. Asking what he’d missed, Boomerang filled him in, concluding that watching a rich man doing heavy lifting on a building site was a whole lot of nothing. As Bruce Wayne was picked up by Pennyworth, Deadshot concluded they had 137 seconds to reach the control point before the cargo reached the same destination as road closures made the paths restricted giving them their best shot at taking out Wayne. With a smile on her face Harley called the mission on, telling them they ought to go out and earn the name the Suicide Squad. Boomerang disputed her definition of Suicide Squad but she shouted at him, not wanting him to ruin her moment.

The Squad hit the tarmac, waiting for Wayne’s car to come down the street. Calling the people off the street, Harley declared the place the crime scene, or at least that was what it was going to be when they were finished. With Boomerang calling her a nutcase and wishing for Waller’s bombs and Deadshot defending her actions, the blonde spotted the car asking ‘Deadhead’ to give her a crater. All he told her was not to presume to give him orders. Explosion away, Harley ran over to the cat and spoke up, telling him that it was her who had taken Lucius’ finger ‘for giggles’. Tormenting him father as she took a baseball bat to his car, she asked what body part he’d been willing to donate to Harley’s Fresh Air fund.

Demanding he rolled the window down, it only revealed what she dreaded, Batman was now driving the vehicle. With an ‘oopsy’ she admitted they must have the wrong car as he opened the door with such force to knock her off her feet. It seemed here Batman’s sense of humour struck as he told them the name Suicide Squad was something they could live by. As a fight was engaged Harley told Deadshot to get over and help her with Batman as she needed the fire power. As Batman got distracted by Deadshot going for Pennyworth who was found tied up in the car, Harley crept up behind not so quietly and jumped to get a good swing at Batman’s head but was blocked by his arm. With an ‘uh-oh’ she prepared herself mentally for a hit back as she flew through the air, landing on her back no so gracefully.

On instinct, she pulled her gun out as the problem with baseball was that if you wanted to compete, you needed to juice up. Firing a shot she sh*t Batman in the chest and sent him down. As she spoke to herself, she let everyone know the shot for the Joker in Heaven, or wherever he was. She told Batman the Squad were there because Penguin wanted the Wayne character as he was obsessed with him, but Harley believed Batman was a better prize. With her foot down and gun pointed straight at the Bat she informed him that no one was going to come to the rescue, and her Puddin’ would want him to see the shot coming. With the bang echoing through the street, Batman didn’t seem all that dead as he grabbed her collar and lifted her off the ground. Telling him he was supposed to be dead she sniffled, trying to calm down, finding hilarity in her own situation. She realised she was doing all the killing for one man, who was now dead. Clearly she had problems, but Harley acknowledged they were deep rooted as Batman told her she chose to fall in love with a murderous lunatic so her problems meant nothing to him.

Deadshot interrupted the mind game as he aimed his barrel at the back of Batman’s head, but a quick whirl from the Dark Knight sent the both of them flying once again. Crocodile Dundee came to rescue, as a Boomerang distracted Batman enough to get back on her feet. With the job gone Deadshot knew they just had to leave whilst their heads were still on their shoulders. With that thought in mind, the blonde picked up her candy-cane like baseball bat and pressed a hidden that set off a grappling to her up and out of the way as the Squad’s Plan C came into action; Killer Croc coming in to wreak havoc on Batman but it was too late, Captain Boomerang was already dead.

Racing the twenty underground stories to get to the Iceberg Lounge Harley shouted at him to come out to play, however, to her dismay and beliefs about courtesy she thought the least he could have done was hold the door open for her. He told her to wait a moment, as she was intruding on a creative moment as he was making plans on decorating the lounge. Once that was done, and orders were given he turned towards her asking what troubled her. Informing him the Squad had blown it she told him Batman had reached their target before they could get to Wayne, blaming Deadshot for not having his eyes on him every moment. It was something Joker had always told her, and the Penguin seemed annoyed at her words, reminding her of the rules of their relationship; no dwelling on failure, and no talk about the Joker. He went on to explain that Killer Croc had been released into the area as a contingency plan, so was presumed he was with Batman instead of the Squad. After all, Wayne was just a warm up test for the group as Wayne’s richest friend was who he was really after, and their prize was just outside of town. It was noted to be a metamorph project, with Deadshot double-crossing the Squad to work for Amanda Waller, founder of Task Force-X, and to gain intel of Penguin’s plan.

Watching from the security cameras Penguin and Quinn watched an entire battle between the Metamorph Project, Batman, Dead and the GCPD. Penguin came to the conclusion that the Suicide Squad had been royally screwed, sentiments which Harley could only echo. However it wasn’t long before this working relationship crumbled, Harley’s baseball now hollowed out as she’d been working on upgrades to turn it into a fierce gun. Shouting over the shots, she told Penguin that she couldn’t take being with the fat slob anymore as she broke up the relationship. He tried to console her, as he suggested that maybe she’d want to dress in a more sophisticated one in a while as dressing like a clown couldn’t be good for her psyche and need to let the past go. The thought seemed to shake her completely as to literally knock sense into her head she took the bat to her own head several times, hitting herself as she questioned why she couldn’t forget the Joker. After the hits she claimed to feel better before wondering where she was and almost immediately going back onto the Joker, and whether he was still pushing up daises. As she clutched her head she proceeded to cry, as Penguin’s phone started ringing making the thumping in Harley’s head worse. They phone call was from Scarecrow who invited them, alongside a few others of Gotham’s villains to exact the final plan ever needed; one to kill Batman with the help of a new man on the scene, the Arkham Knight.

At Scarecrow’s Hideout in Chinatown, Penguin questioned how on earth they were going to accomplish such a feat as it was noted the Arkham Knight was suited up as if he worked for Batman himself. With a new Fear Toxin developed, and the Arkham Knight’s weaponry and all the villains working together to slowly wear him down little by little they will all get the revenge they desire as the City will crumble for man. After all, the Bat was nothing but a man. However, Crane hadn’t survived in Arkham City, hadn’t lived through those times. After listening to Two-Face Harley tried to put what he was saying to terms she understood better. Arkham’s A-team was going to take a pass on the plan. Calling them idiots, the group were blown backwards from the window as just a fraction of the Knight’s weaponry was revealed as it was clear that despite the words, he wasn’t simply asking them. They needed him far more than the Arkham Knight needed them, but they had all fought him up close so that the Knight wanted them to play a part in his fall at the end of all of it.

As he went out to prove some form of point, Harley struck up conversation with Ivy as the plan didn’t seem to make much sense. Harley told her it made about as much sense as working with the clowns Riddler, Penguin and Two-Face, did, although at least the Knight knew how to make a big impression on someone, especially when that someone was the Scarecrow. Part of that was Ivy’s point as she wasn’t concerned with impressing the men to beat Batman, as she’s supposedly outgrown him. It seemed Harley and everyone else wasn’t as evolved as Pammy Whammy was. AS the Arkham Knight came back it was apparent he’d killed Bane in a fight after his torment with Batman. The story unfolds and for reasons unknown Ivy is collected, and back in custody at Bludhaven.

In the Prequel to the game, Harley is still heard to be working with the Penguin as her earpiece is wired up to his communications as she sets out to break Ivy out of Bludhaven Police Department, which is already seemingly covered in vines, as they had taken over a truck already and scattered over the scene. Coming out in a hijacked Bludhaven van herself, Harley cartwheeled into view almost welcoming all of the security officers on duty trying to hold her down, calling them donut dunkers as it was clearly they weren’t going to bring Ivy to her, and that she’d have to her herself, commencing a fighter with the Bludhaven PD Officers.

It was at this point the Penguin piped up, scolding Harley for wasting time as he needed Ivy in Gotham now if their plan to destroy Batman was going to work. She told him to quit squawking, as she was only helping Penguin and Scarecrow to kill Batman. As she walked through the Police Department she noticed that she had officers on one side, and a locked gate on another so used a Jack-in-a-box bomb to lure them out and put them down. The actions seemed to impress Penguin as he offered her a place in his organisation, but she wasn’t interested. Trying to bargain a price with her she let him know that she wasn’t for sale, and wasn’t something he could put a price on, especially after he had tried to kill the Joker. Shouting at him through the communications he ordered her to keep quiet so as to not attract undue attention, but the blonde was quick to tell Blubberpot that quiet wasn’t in her vocabulary.

Harley entered the control room, but it was crawling with guards, as she took slowly took them out one by one using her quick quips. Despite her lack of stealth at times, she gained control of the cameras to find the whereabout of Ivy and where she was to head next; the basement. Wanting things to speed up to not upset Scarecrow, Harley went to the elevators only to be ambushed yet again by officers. She was touched at the attention but took them all down and entered the elevator to take her down to the basement. Humming to herself the elevator seemed to fall down rather than descend of its usual accord making Harley question what was going on, as she climbed through the elevator and vent shafts the get to the actual basement to secure it for her own use so she could find Ivy without being watched or caught the Police Officers, asking one to cut back on the donuts as he wasn’t able to take her out.

As the officers were literally piled up the basement was secure, and she entered the next room. Penguin warned her that his men had spotted Nightwing outside the facility, labelling him an unnecessary complication. With a giggle, Harley only said that if it wasn’t complicated it wasn’t fun. He didn’t know how to respond as with that she opened the doors into the next area in the basement. Ivy’s cage was right in front of her as the room had been taken over by vines. Calling over her favourite vegan, Ivy came up to the bars on cage, asking if the blonde was there to free her again. They were interrupted by Bludhaven Police Officers, who were aided by Nightwing midway through the fight. Fortunately, she battled her way through all to release Ivy, a surprise to Penguin, as had a car waiting outside for them to take them back to Gotham. Penguin congratulated himself alongside Harley for their work, but the last she checked squawking and talking working but he still had to be nice to her or else he wasn’t going to get Ivy. Only telling the redhead that Scarecrow wanted a word with her, she and Harley were escorted back to Gotham.

After Joker’s blood, previously sent out to Gotham General and several other hospitals in the area Batman had worked tirelessly to try and track down every transfusion to reverse it. However, five people had still contracted the virus, as transfusions had been recorded incorrectly or gone unnoticed at the time. One male appeared immune to such a virus; Henry Adams, as all infected personnel quarantined within a secure location. Effects were shown that the infection was altering them to become more like the Joker due to a mutated version of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Robin was busy running tests on Henry’s blood believing that within him there was a cure. To stop the disease from infecting the others in quarantine further.

On a secret communications link with Harley, Henry Adams was nicknamed Mista’ J as operation Puddin’ Break was called on and given the green light by him. Asking how her babies were, referring to the other people who had been infected, Henry told her they were in rude health and dying to meet mommy. Asking if she remembered the plan, Harley protested telling him she didn’t want to hit him over the head, but with a few sweet words, she was reconciled. It was revealed that Henry Adams himself was indeed infected, just far better that hiding his symptoms around the Batman, working with Harley to kill him off and rescue the rest of the infected. It is revealed their alliance started after he reached out to her. Telling him to come in slowly and with his hands up as she was informed he knew something about the Joker, and she demanded he start talking as she pointed a gun square at him, not taking chances. He was initially distracted but the gun, but threats to pull the trigger brought him back as he started to laugh to himself, claiming it was because of an old joke. Harley told him she didn’t listen to jokes anymore but he continued to tell them anyway which made her laugh as she said he was really funny and the bond appeared to be made between them as Henry claimed he missed her too, talking on behalf of the disease.

With plan in action, Batman was at the Computer, as the screen flickered from Alfred to an emergency broadcast from the movie studios, where presumably the quarantine was enacted. Henry Adams declared the movie studios under attack and robin in danger right before he was hit down by Harley’s baseball bat to stop Henry from babbling on. Teasing Batman through the cameras she told him he was too late to save the day, admitting it had been a while since their last interaction. As he echoed her name, the blonde seemed shocked that he remembered her after he was killed the only thing she had ever loved and then decided to keep all the infected, dubbed ‘The New Generation of Jokers’ to himself when in her mind, they belonged to herself. Batman informed Harley that the Jokers weren’t stable, but according to her he needed to take a look in the mirror sometime.

Batman arrived on scene and took out all of the thugs in the entrance way. As she went to investigate Batman used his zipline to get out of the way of the doors to the elevator just as they opened, revealing Harley and some of her team, heavily armed. Talking on the radio, one of the thigs came to the clever conclusion that it wasn’t good as they stepped over the unconscious bodies as Harley realised the comms weren’t out, but the people were. She knew immediately it was the Bat-faced loser. Ordering her men to get her chopper down on the ground now, she told the rest to get onto the roof with Sentry guns covering the entrance. Turning on her heel she leaves to head downwards leaving a few final but menacing words with the goons, to not think about coming back down until the Batman was dead. As Harley listened to them through the communications she told her men that this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life, as there were new Joker and Batman was ruining it and unfortunately was still alive which meant her dumbass goon weren’t doing her job. Later on, she spoke to Batman directly, simply asking him why he was doing it as all they wanted was the Joker back, and him dead, but it was mostly about the Joker.

Batman continued to disable the sentry guns, to which Harley threatened her men even more, letting them know she had a list on how to discipline them from the Joker himself. Despite not having yet read this list because pf the pain it would bring her, she vowed to use it if they kept slacking like they were. With this threat not appearing to work, she tried what she believed was a better motivation tactic, using her best impression of the Joker to shout at them, before asking If it was good. Batman managed to enter to movie theatre as Harley suggested that such a building was one the Joker would have picked himself, claiming he would’ve liked it. Her musings go on further as she questioned Batman on whether he knew what it was like waking up day after day knowing she couldn’t see his face? It had been emotional for her and she wasn’t afraid to tell him that, but the thought of three new Jokers made the whole ordeal seem a little better as to her, they were all perfect in their own way. A special gift from Mista’ J from beyond the grave made even sweeter by the fact all of the new Jokers seemed to want to kill Batman too.

She was next spotted on the other side of the railings, coming out of a side door to be surrounded by guards as Batman was hidden from immediate view. She had asked them to open the gates just after asking for them to be closed and one of the thugs had pegged her as crazy. To prove her dominance, she called him out telling him that she hadn’t been paying him to think as there had been some form of Bat-trick, Harley never giving the second order herself. Calling out she told Batman to show himself, unless he didn’t have the guts to. Batman didn’t come out, but Robin did and with a smile Harley welcomed Batman’s Little Helper from the other side of the gate as it appeared that Batman had left him all alone. Robin said that neither him nor Batman were out to take her very seriously which hit a nerve as she asked whether he thought he was funny whilst readying her gun, that had two fuzzy dice wrapped around it. Telling him it was for real this time she demanded the gates were to be opened which happened as the barrel of Harley’s gun was aimed straight at Robin, forcing him to take a few steps backwards as she walked forwards.

With one of the Jokers in her protection there was no way he was going back to the cell, he was hers and had the Joker in him so the infected male was going with her whether Robin approved or not. Robin told her it would be highly irresponsible of him to let it happen. Batman had taken the Joker away from her once, and she wasn’t going to let it happen again by Batman or Robin. She knew Batman was in the shadows and made it clear she did so. He came out from under the flooring to knock Harley to the ground just as she made a comment that he didn’t care fo Robin’s safety as he was so close to having his head blown off. She was knocked out but started to stir and kick up a fuss as Batman picked her up and held her over his shoulder as he went on the find a responsible place to leave her. In frustration she took her emotions out on his suit and cape as she punched it several times before they arrived at the Quarantine Cells.

After she protested to be put down, Batman agreed, putting her down to make sure she was on her feet, as Robin was left to prep one of the quarantined cells for her. He tried to unlock one of the cells to find that all of the infected Jokers had been killed by Henry who was now in a laughing fit, gun in hand. Rushing to his side, Harley placed a comforting hand on his shoulder but was quickly brushed off. Shouting ‘honey I’m home’ Henry activated the Jailbreak policy but there was no one to rescue and no one to break out, as all the Jokers were already dead. It was clearly that it was Henry who had reprogrammed Batman’s security as he took control of the situation, with Batman refusing orders leading to the barrel to be aimed at Harley’s side, Batman making the safer move to join Robin like he asked. In his own state of mind, Henry was fighting for the control over the virus, going into laughing fits as he danced. As he spoke about evolution he claimed the strongest always survive, even though even amoebas could do it. She shot one the Jokers that had already been incapacitated again, to which Harley screamed as in her mind, he was killing her children. Henry justified his actions by claiming he was purifying the gene pool. Stopping the virus just long enough Henry took control of his himself, aiming the barrel at his own head and committing suicide to stop the infection within him from hurting anyone else. In disbelief that she had lost everyone in relation to the Joker, Harley broke down and cried as she had lost every part of the Joker just as she believed she had before. This had been a chance to move on and start afresh and it was gone. Distraught she was left in one of the containment cells, cross-legged on the bed before being approach by Batman. Clearly it hadn’t been enough for Batman for him to kill her one and only. He had to grab the rest of them too. Claiming he’d been jealous of her and the Joker all this time, she told him he should be happy now but simply telling him to leave her alone, calling Batman nothing but a murderer.

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Arkham Unhinged

arkham unhinged

Harley Quinn, alongside the Joker, first crossed paths with the Penguin during the opening of the Iceberg Lounge, where the two of them greeted him in their best outfits. When the two were offered the Penguin’s best red wine on the house, the waiter slips over, spilling the bottle of the Joker’s best suit, even if Harley didn’t think black matched him as well. Initially it seemed the Joker had taken the accident well, saying an apology wasn’t necessary but quickly switched the cards, using the flower on his suit to squirt acid in the face of the failing sever. The Penguin defended the actions of the waiter accusing the Joker of trying to ruin his opening night, something the Joker would apparently pay dearly for. Realising they had to quickly flee, Harley giggled, as they got dinner, and a show, flipping over the table to give Penguin’s crew an obstacle to pass whilst her and Joker made a run for it. Causing more chaos, the pair made plans to steel a car, as they ran straight through a desert trolley using the wheels for a little extra speed as they busted through the door, finding the fun in it all.

Out of sight of the Iceberg Lounge, Harley and Joker as a group of real clowns, with an actual clown car and pies for good measure. Allowing the clowns to use their pies as their own weapons as they were their side, Harley and Joker took over the clown car. Joker asked her if she had her seatbelt fastened, which she did, before adding a typical safety check ride vocal, asking for all hands, arms and pies to have to be firmly outside the vehicle. Asking him where they were going, the Joker responded that they were going to egg Robin. Hours later, an invite arrived at Penguin’s Lounge, left on a crate just for him cordially inviting him to the Insane Parade.

The Insane Parade consisted of Joker’s goons roaming the street pulling along a chariot which the Joker and Harley were stood on. Introducing himself as Grand Marshal Joker he asked the audience to give a warm incarcerated welcome to the Queen and her Court, calling Harley Miss Arkhamy. Saying it wouldn’t have been possible without Mayor Sharp. Whilst giving out some other honourable mentions, such as Harvey Dent, Harley notions for him to mention Batman. Claiming it’s a shame the pointy-eared freak couldn’t make the celebration. Unbeknownst to them, the Bat was in fact watching them from atop Arkham’s wall, binoculars in hand to give him a clearer view.

With Penguin’s transfer to Arkham City, the Iceberg Lounge was relaunches and here that Harley and Joker was to end their parade route just in time for the after-party, according to the Joker. The carriage they’d been pulled along in holding several containers of petrol with Joker commenting that they should start off with fireworks but what worked better than fire itself. They set up, and using a wine bottle identical to that which had been offered to them previously, Harley asked her puddin’ to make a toast, which made the Joker chuckle as she indeed made a ‘toast’ by tossing the bottle into the canister, making an explosion. With a laugh, they ran off, telling the Penguin they’d see him as a pie hit his window and the explosion died down but there was one more trick to pull. As the Penguin sat down to eat, his food was brought to him in the shape of the Joker’s face. In frustration, Penguin shot his chef square in the face, making his own satisfaction that night.

The Abramovichi twins, or the Two Headed Terror of Men, caught the attention of the Joker, next as he sent Harley over to Russia, before their entrapment in Arkham City to buy them . St his refusal, the boss was killed with a knife to the chest, a Joker card left for their amusement as they were successful in getting and transporting them to Gotham. They’d been separated in surgery by Dr Thomas Elliot at the request of the Joker with Harley escorting him to see the end result; two men, an incision on one side, one arm on the other. Joker started to eeny-meanie to pick his favourite but quickly came to the conclusion he wanted a right-hand man, so selected the male with the right arm. Harley asked what should be done with the male who had the left arm, only to be told to just toss him out, as she’d think of something. Initially intending to dump the body in Gotham Harbour she took control of the disposal before thinking of a better idea, getting into the clown car with two goons, now labelled Jokerz as they packed up the other twin and dumped him outside Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge with a note pinned, calling him a wingless bird. Penguin took in the recruit after realising he was still alive, intending to put him to use.

The Joker set up a shipment of what appeared to be giftboxes from a drop off point by Arkham City’s Ferris Wheel when they were ambushed by Penguin, who brought only his Abramovichi twin for reinforcement. Harley was hot on the Penguin’s tail as she brought along Joker’s twin readying them to fight back as the Jokerz scrammed whilst they could. It was unusual to see two one armed men but it was happening, and Harley was brainchild behind it all.After they lost everything in the loot Harley opted to speak to the Joker as she didn’t want to let slip what had happened with the second Abramovichi twin and thought their commotion could be treated better. With the information digested by the Joker to which he responded to the bad news bu wanting to take a ride, match the bad news with fun. By ride, joker gestured to an indoor rollercoaster where Harley and himself climbed into the first cart, allowing the Jokerz to clim in behind. Telling his twin, now nicknamed Hammer, to do the honours, the ride commenced, the cars flying down the track before the first car took a slightly different route to the rest, keeping Harley and Joker safe but sending the Jokerz that had failed to the end of the line; covered by an acid-like vat with that solving the matter.

News got out that doctors from the mainland of Gotham were being kidnapped and taken all of which were specialised in blood-borne diseases. Rumour had it that the Joker’s health was deteriorating and so it was suspected that him and Harley had something to do with it, although Batman wasn’t sure, deciding to keep this thoughts on the low. Harley’s next visitor was self-invited Poison Ivy, who helped her way into the Joker’s Fun House courtesy of her toxins, as she tells the Jokerz on guard she has an appointment. Two years previously, before the construction of Arkham City both Harley and Ivy had accompanied Catwoman to make fashionista and cosmetics mogul Fervor pay for her actions as it seemed she’d been setting out and accused of killing exotic animals and plants for accessories and expensive fragrances. She’d seemingly been travelling through countries with loose laws but Batman, without informing anyone else, had invited her to Gotham’s Fashion Week. During one of her public outings the Sirens bumped into her leading an attack on her security before Batman decided to join the party. Harley had piped up that it was girls only but he didn’t seem to listen. Ivy was quick to accuse Catwoman of informing Batman given their previous encounters which was only fuelled by her escape with him, as Harley and Ivy were arrested alongside Fervor.

Flash forward back to now, and Harley asked Ivy what she was doing at the Fun House as she really shouldn’t have been there. Claiming it was about an old partner, Harley asked another question to see whether a cat had got her tongue. Ivy agreed, as well as adding that she had her patience, and needed Harley’s help. Telling her that rent wasn’t cheap she asked what the job was worth, to which Ivy admitted is wasn’t for money, but for simple revenge as it had been Catwoman’s fault that Ivy was in Arkham Asylum and had been transported to the City. Whilst in the Asylum Catwoman had promised to keep Ivy’s plants watered and nurtured and had failed, leaving them to die and she vowed revenge on the plant murderer. With Titan, a virus presuming to cause extreme strength and power in the host, wrecking havoc in Arkham City and Ivy having a known cure she offered it to Harley as a chance to save the Joker.

Harley went straight into the heart of Gotham City for help, waiting by the Bat Signal, which she’s loving attached balloons too, ready to strike out on him to the count of three. Capturing Batman had been easier than anticipated and it wasn’t long before he was entwined with vines, dangling upside down as a present for Catwoman back in Arkham City. If she had destroyed Ivy’s plants, they were going to destroy something dear to her. With a giggle, Harley claimed it was just like old times, as she’d even brought Catwoman’s boyfriend along for the reunion. Catwoman denied the claim but Ivy was hellbent on killing Selina for everything. It had been working together, the three of them shredding the men in Gotham to pieces, to a point where they couldn’t hold back. Catwoman said she was doomed from the start but Harley pointed out that that was only because of the Batman. Ivy blames men for all of her problems so told Catwoman she was doing her a favour, telling her that without Batman they could be a team again. Catwoman wasn’t falling for it so Harley took that as her cue to leave, asking to collect her end of the deal so she could be on her way.

This was when Batman piped up, revealing that Ivy had lied to her. At first, Harley called him a liar but Ivy told her that Batman and the Joker were going to die tonight. She was distraught telling her ‘Red’ that she’d promised. Ivy told her to blame Catwoman, as she knew all about breaking promises. In frustration, Harley pushed Ivy out of the way as she flipped back to join Catwoman’s side, calling Catwoman her new sidekick. It was clear she had made her choice and Ivy was fine with it as she wouldn’t have long to live with it as Ivy grew a companion for them to fight. With Catwoman calling it death by cabbage Harley asked her Whiskers what the plan was, forgetting she was the one in charge given Catwoman’s sidekick role. Together they went into attack with Harley telling the plants to leaf them alone.

With Ivy’s concentration o the monster the vines around Batman weakened enough for him to break free . Harley said it was nice of him to join in, as he ordered both her and Catwoman to stay close, to which Catwoman had no problem with. With the plant destroyed and Ivy left to care for the destruction, Harley racing back to the Joker’s side. Whilst she was gone one of the Jokerz had wanted instead to join Harvey Dent, or Two-Face’s side. Deciding to give him a glowing referral, he’s dropped the recruit into what appeared to be an underground magma pit. Calling out to Harley he demanded she get his finest walking shoes as they now had a job vacancy so it was time for a recruitment fair.

It seemed they had recruited Clay Face as disguised as Deadshot he’d gained a deal to Kill Joker, able to keep any weapons he saw fit to get the job done. Instead of shooting the male with them, however, they were delivered straight to the clown himself. Harley accidently interrupted a meeting as she spotted a trail of dirt lead right into his office. Infuriated, she asked what the hell had happened, before realising that the Joker had company. Trying to ignore that fact, as if anything he should have but his appearance first she told him outright that it was filthy and all sorts of dirt was being tracked in there, not realising that it was the fault of Clay Face. Telling him again he wasn’t just his maid she told the Joker to get one of his goons on the task of sweeping up the mess as she was out of there.

The residents of Arkham had just come to the conclusion that the majority of them for one reason or another were in Arkham City because of the Joker. It had been brought to the attention of the courthouse, or more specifically Two-Face who was serving as the Judge. With Joker restrained he was shoved forward into the defence’s position. A little late on cue, the former psychiatrist cleaned herself up, keeping her corset but covering up with a long white coat, and black trousers. Telling the judge she’d had trouble finding appropriate attire, and with parking being murder, she jumped into the role of Joker’s defence attorney. Deciding to woo the jury with quick quips and a rhyming tone, she stepped up for his opening statement saying in a roundabout way, that Harvey Dent (Two-Face) was unfit to be a judge and with a judge like him, Joker should automatically be declared innocent.

Harley was a little too quick off the mark as the first witness, Penguin, was sworn in and immediately started lying. Calling him a liar from the off, as they didn’t have anything to do with the construction of Arkham City. He’d previously claimed Batman and Freeze for the scandal so it was just him pointing another finger. Judge Dent summoned the counsel, telling Harley outright he was going to allow the Penguin’s statements and she wasn’t allowed to argue during the swearing in process or object in any form, before letting her return to her seat. She did so until she called up to cross examine the witness. Telling him straight she asked Penguin if he was not responsible for banning her client and herself from his ‘crappy’ lounge, as well as subsequently been on the attack since then. He told her that he had the right to refuse service anytime, anywhere to anyone, especially when supposedly he started the war.

The witnesses started pouring in, including Poison Ivy to Harley’s shock, as she put it bluntly, telling the judge that he was solely responsible for the destruction of Arkham Asylum, as he’d poisoned her plants, labelled her children, to tear apart the asylum and the surrounding island. She told the court that he only cared for chaos, [pondering on the thought at how many times exactly he had tried to kill Harley. The blonde tried to interject on that statement but deep down knew it to be true as Ivy twists the knife with her words calling the Joker a perversion of nature, and someone who simply shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

The prosecution rested with Harley having a mountain to climb and Joker decided to start of, as per usual, with a little light laughter, saying he didn’t need to remove his hand from his strait jacket for the oath as he could willingly swear on the bunch of liars that were the witnesses and the jury. He told them all to look in the mirror instead of simply blaming him. They weren’t to be trusted they were all on murderer’s row and the best witness was a drug addict. They couldn’t be trusted, and therefore no one in the court could be and without Harley able to say a word the defence rested as they went onto the closing statements, which the prosecution waivered. Using it as her last opportunity, Harley took the chance to thank the jury for being fair and just and to continue such a role by finding the Joker not guilty. They could blame anyone, such a s Dr. Penelope Young, former psychiatrist at Arkham, Mayor Sharp or even the brain behind Arkham City, Hugo Strange, but it wasn’t the Joker’s fault. When it came down to it, as she saw it, the Joker was innocent of all charges.

It was time for the jury to come to a decision, with Penguin already revealing that the decision was unanimous. He was just about to reveal that result as Batman decided to make an entrance, showing his presence by hitting Penguin’s monocle, cracking the glass with the Batarang declaring the trial over. Batman was too late to testify, but he was there for the ruling which sentenced Joker to death which was to take place immediately. Harley began to sob, as Joker tried to get a retrial or new representation but just before the court was adjourned, the hammer was swung but stopped by a second Batarang. Joker now gigged as it seemingly became a trial by fire, as the building went up in flames. The fight ensued, and Batman decided to engage in a truce he never thought possible, fighting alongside the Joker, back to back to escape the fiasco. Harley swung her bat at Poison Ivy, telling her she was about to get a lot sorrier, despite her previously apologising for her words. Amongst the chaos both Harley and the Joker managed to get away, with his own runaway jury.

With the steel mill previously owned by Sionis Industries, in Joker’s possession, neglected son Roman Sionis aimed to take the mill back within Arkham City for his family name as he had been written out of the family will and gratuities. As he climbed ad fell over the fence he was right in front of Harley and her hyenas, Bud and Lou. Asking him whether he thought it was too early for Halloween with a mask like that, she informed him he was just in time for snack time for Bud and Lou. Joker told all three of them to leave the man alone before coming to the conclusion he was trespassing on their property. Telling him the property actually belonged to his family, the Joker pulled out a gun straight to his face, letting him know he’d been evicted. The intention was to shoot him dead, but unfortunately, he had the party gun as a purple flag with a ‘bang’ sign on it came out the barrel. Initially telling Harley off for the accidental gun swap she was called a doll as she about to hand over the ‘eviction’ gun. Black Mask fought back, escaping their clutches but quickly had Bud and Lou on his tail. She promised the hyenas the bones, if she could have his skull. He escaped their clutches and was kidnapped to Penguin’s hideaway where again another male was given the means to kill him, means they could keep. Black Mask took enough explosives to kill the Joker and more, but that wasn’t where they were placed as other opportunities represented themselves, as a weak point in the wall of Arkham City was exploited and exploded, providing everyone, including Black Mask an exit. However, the wall was quickly patched up and Black Mask was processed back into the City within twenty-four hours.

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End Game & Harley Quinn's Revenge

end game & harley quinn's revenge

Harley’s immediate reaction to seeing the Joker dead in Batman’s arms was a violent one as she slapped the male squarely across the face before collapsing to the ground, the energy leaving her as she was consumed by grief. Harley had set up a trap in the remnants of Arkham City, the police believing a certain package she’d placed to be a bomb. It turned out the package was empty and only served as a decoy as she came up to bat one of the officers right into the box before putting her hands up to seemingly surrender, the Joker’s gang backing her up opting to fight her battle for her since they were now under her control. In her rage she screamed at the top of her lungs ‘Long Live the Joker!’ before engaging in a fight with the officers, making one hit in his honour before she herself was knocked out and taken GCPD.

She awoke in GCPD’s temporary holding facility in Gotham only to be met by her new psychiatrist. In an attempt at dark humour, she laughed and requested her old psychiatrist, Dr. Penelope Young, who’d been in the blazes of Arkham and had since died, her new psychiatrist not likening this sense of humour but letting Harley off temporarily given her tragedy. Deciding to treat the female for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) brought on by the violent death of a loved one but before the explanation had finished, Harley had removed her own handcuffs. Busting her way out of custody left several members of staff injured but she kept her death count clean, instead opting to breaking into the GCPD lock up to take explosives as the SWAT teams in Arkham City were ambushed, most of them becoming hostages as she held them in the steel mill, crawling with, in Gordon’s words, ‘circus freaks’.

Harvey Dent was one of the officers captured by Harley as she overheard his entire conversation, and plan to get her, over the communications system, letting the Commissioner know she held the power and the knowledge and was pulling every Joker string she could, releasing footage of his final message to Batman. Warning him Harley would take his death harder than anyone else, admitting to himself he should’ve treated her better. Harley is seen interrupting this speech, asking him if they ran any movies in the theatre he was recording him but was quickly shot down and shouted away as ruins everything in the Joker’s eyes before addressing the camera once again. Asking Batman personally to ‘smack her around’ for him whilst he’s gone as that was what he’d miss about Harley the most as his own eulogy is casted all over Arkham with one simple request; the person to give his body back to Harley will receive one hundred million dollars, tax free of course. Knowing Batman wouldn’t fall for this he gives Batman a special treat, telling him that in the hour, explosives will rip open the walls surrounding Arkham City, freeing every inmate even turning the joke into a game of monopoly saying they will not be collecting the one hundred million or be passing GO. With time ticking, and Batman directed to Arkham Asylum, declaring it his and Batman’s Paris, the video feed ends, and Batman heads back to the Asylum where a list of names was left of every person the Joker had ever killed, the last page containing just one name; Batman. Instead of wiring up the explosives to Arkham City’s walls, they had all in fact been wired to the single room that had been Joker’s cell in Arkham Asylum, with a cry, Harley said the joke had been a good one as the list and the building with Batman inside exploded. At first it had believed that Joker’s last efforts to kill Batman had worked, with no body presuming to mean there had been no remains of the Batman left to bury, but a phone call to Jim Gordon changed it all; with Batman later meeting up with him to show he’d survived. With Arkham in ruins, but the City’s walls still holding strong the Joker’s body was burnt, and for now that was that.

As seen in Harley Quinn’s Revenge Harley had spent time redecorating the Funhouse to make it her own; an image of her own head, with flashing red eyes, donning the side of the building. The GCPD had the Steel Mill surrounded, where Harley had grabbed a couple of hostages as she could, Batman deciding to head in to try and diffuse the situation despite a warning from Gordon that he was the one blamed for her loss. Upon attempting to rescue on the guards, Harley came out from her hiding spot, her hair purposely dyed black, to match her make-up and new outfit and it was clear she was in a darker state of mind. Calling it dead cop time she pulled a gun out on the officer, who now had the word ‘pig’ spray-painted on the back of his uniform. Batman, with an armoured suit it, came between the bullet and the officer as Harley shot him instead. Asking him sarcastically if it hurt she placed a hand over her mouth, as that was too bad for him. Telling her boys to come on, Batman’s GPS system shocked one of her goons as his belt was taken from the knocked out Batman as his body was dragged along.

Two days later Robin was on her tail as Batman was still missing. Concluding, she was planning some sort of siege Harley was overheard alongside a GCPD officer who was currently held hostage. Telling her goons to shut up, calling them idiots as she tried to think, the officer is heard asking whether it hurt. Ordering him to shut his stupid his mouth her hostage was made aware that he was lucky he was needed. The officer told her she was crazy, to which she retaliated, explaining she was actually in mourning, something he might want to remember. Robin found Batman’s GPS and belt but didn’t find a trace Batman, despite knowing he was it the right place.

Heading through the buildings Harley was heard over the radio signals saying she didn’t just want, but needed this room kept secure and she didn’t care how it was done. She warned them not to let her down as the Joker wouldn’t have like it if they failed her, but ultimately, Robin go the best of them as he spotted Harley in the central platform within the room. She carried on saying that the Joker would be very upset and would probably kill them all by breaking their legs or gluing their eyes open or by eating a grenade. Although who was she kidding, as Harley knew he’d think of something much better than that as she began to reminisce. He always knew what to do, that that the person he was, and now, she was alone without him. All she had was these idiots that had remained royal to her, so they were told not to fail her.
Robin got to her, meaning the guards had done exactly that as she shouted at him to get off her as she was pinned against one of the rails. Struggling to escape Robin asked her where the key was, to which she said that he’d never find it, as he was a dumb-ass. Coming to a quick conclusion he reached out to rescue the key card from her bra. As she realised he’d figured it out she protested, saying no, telling him that it was hers and to let her go as still held onto her, keeping the card out of her reach. This time Robin listened to her please, pushing her off the edge but allowing his grappling to grab her leg as she dangled upside down above the floor.
She presumably escaped as she was overheard as she told Batman not to worry about the hostages as they’d be dead much like him soon. With Robin by his side, and Batman not alone, Harley unlocked the airlock, revealing bombs she’d placed throughout the building. Sarcastically she wished them luck, but the bombs were disarmed. Guessing that Batman was feeling pleased with himself she told him not to as it wasn’t over, shouting over the intercom that he couldn’t stop her, as she wouldn’t let him. Telling him she had a surprise that would make her Joker proud, she told him that she was there with him now, asking Batman if he was man enough to go find the two of them.

Batman was to find Harley in Joker’s Shrine room as she was stood on a platform on the statue she’d made of him, dedicated to him. Asking him if he thought it was going to be that easy she told him to think again as she activated an army of robots to fight for her but eventually Batman defeated them. With them gone it was down to her and Batman, and the trigger in her finger that was stopping the building blowing up, taking her to Joker. A compartment opened on the monument with a tv placed inside with Joker on its screen. Avoiding the lasers, he grabbed Harley’s leg, forcing her to fall over so he could climb up onto the platform. As he stood up, he grabbed Harley by the throat holding her over the edge as he took the trigger out of her hand. She told him to take it, calling him a dumbass as he set the bomb off, causing an explosion throughout the whole of the building as it was blasted to pieces.

Keeping Harley close, Batman flew out of the building with her in her grasp, only releasing once they both hit the ground, the female on her back a the momentum rolled her back among the flames, but out of immediate danger as they were in a clearing. Almost humiliated, she told Batman outright that he should have left her to die, because then she could have been back together with the Joker, her beloved Mister J. She collapsed into a heap to cry as it is believed Robin is still inside, asking Batman if it hurt, as she knew it did. He turned to ask her what she’d done to which her only response was that now he knew how it felt.

Getting herself into a crouching position, Harley took out her last weapon, a concealable knife in her hand. From creeping to full on running behind the Batman, Harley took a jump, every intention of killing him before being knocked off her target by one of Robin’s Batarangs, as he was shown to still be alive, escaping the explosion mostly unharmed. Harley was knocked out for good and Batman was finished as she was presumably arrested, Arkham City officially closed for good.

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Arkham City

arkham city

Six months later, the Joker was slowly whittling away, and Harley also locked up in Arkham she faintly hears his laughs through the Asylum’s walls. Claiming that as long as she can hear him laugh she knows he’s okay she overhears guards claiming he was done for, saying he could go any day to a point where some of the guards were thinking of ending him early. Curling up by her padded cell door, Harley began crying at the lack of humanity they were showing him, like buzzards waiting on prey before promising to herself and the outside world that they were not going to take him from her.

Previous Harley Captive, Quincy Sharp, mayor of Gotham with order from a higher order has set into the plans the creation of a closed city within the city, with social care and other amenities set for Gotham’s criminals; aptly labelled Arkham City. Sharp, however, had his attentions turned to this city and to Batman, whilst Gotham’s criminals, those within the current walls of Arkham Asylum, including Harley, awaited their fate.

The Joker was being escorted to his seat on a transfer bus to Arkham when the guard taking him seemingly had other plans, instead taking him down the elevator to one of the darker, more elusive therapy rooms where guards were on standby. Everyone there had made a pledge that the Joker wouldn’t harm anyone else, and that he wouldn’t make it to Arkham City, wanting to make his death as slow and painful as possible. Just before the pain started, Joker locked into the chair, one of the guards revealed themselves to be Harley Quinn in disguise. Asking whether she made a good punchline, hitting one of the guards straight in the face Joker retorted to his usual self, replying that she should have said something like a wisecrack joke, or a quip herself but the visual comedy was funny enough for the average person, since he liked it just as much as anyone else. His comments being why he was the boss, Harley continued the fight, picking off each guard one by one as the recalled overhearing the guards planning this little plot so decided to join in herself to save him, kicking free the Joker’s restraints before racing out of the room, pushing his wheelchair along.

As Harley kept going, the two of end ended up nearly rolling down several flights of stairs before reaching the underground docks. Before she took the role of the guard, Harley quickly explained she’d packed a supply boat ready to go so they could head off the Arkham City and be the first residents, allowing Joker to achieve his dreams. A few comical boat related compliments aimed at Harley later, the boat started to leave for the open waters. Unbeknownst to them, Batman had added sensors to the vehicles in the Asylum, so any unauthorised movements could be tracked. Firing up the boat, Batman tried to stop them from leaving the beach, gun fire coming from both sides. After the single warning a missile was shot straight at the boat, with the remains sinking, Batman not seeing any signs of survivors – that that it meant much with Harley Quinn and the Joker as they seemed to able to escape such situations alive. Going through the sewers to escape the Batman, the Joker asked quite simply where they were before realising they’d reached the condemned zone. Joker declared the two of them the Mayor and Mayoress of Arkham City, finding the appropriate building for his mansion with laughter on their lips; the old metal works building becoming his headquarters.

A male by the name of Lester Kurt checked out the Joker’s base and went through the literal rollercoaster ride to see the Joker including a punchout. To save some of the men they already had Harley held a gun straight to the male’s head as Joker congratulated him. With his attention on the Joker Harley quickly looked into the GCPD’s database to get his list of prior offences as well as his background claiming he’d had a brief stint at Arkham Asylum two years previously, despite the Joker never recalling him seeing him at Glee Club rehearsals. Lester retorted saying he wasn’t like the master criminal having only been there to aid his crazy infatuations for a girl, Harley clearing the air reading his record to clarify his stalking behaviours .Giving him the quick run-down she told Lester simply that he got paid for each with the wages shared equally amongst those who survived each job, before throwing him a clown mask, to show allegiance to the Joker clan as Harley showed him too his sleeping quarters. Unbeknownst to Harley and the Joker, Lester left the Joker clan nearly immediately heading left to exit the sleeping quarters, throwing his mask away in the process to see what the Penguin had to offer as the only other major crime boss currently residing in Arkham City, who wasn’t dealing well with traitors, catching one of his men accepting offer from Harley herself.

A shipment of weapons was due to hit the shores of Arkham City that night, and both Penguin and Joker were determined to reach it first. With Lester on Penguin’s side the goons clashed and in the heat of the moment a considered calculation lead to Lester blowing up the shipment instead of letting the Joker’s gang get a hold of it. He was punished accordingly by Penguin, before he escaped such confinement, revealing that Lester had in fact been Batman all along.

Joker’s condition is shown to deteriorate in a private session with the doctor, without Harley’s presence, but she is later spotted trying not to cry as Joker cascades in further madness as he becomes more unwell, unsure how to help him by the end by the end of the comic.

Harley is first spotted in the game, inside a church’s Medical Center. Warning everyone she’s coming through, the female flips into view to introduce herself to ‘B-man’ preparing for an attack, Batman quickly takes her down. Joker’s thugs warn him that they should let her go, or else the hostages were going to get bullets in their heads. He listens and allows Harley to stand up and brush herself down, starting a conversation as she went. She told Batman that he should do what the Thug said as she didn’t want to get blood all over her nice new outfit, before asking him if he liked such a fashion statement. Before giving him a chance to respond, Harley shook her head as of course he liked it. She couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like it after all. More ruthless and calculating, trying to be the Joker’s hands for him Harley offered Batman a deal. She told him Joker really wasn’t up to a visit from him or anyone at that moment in time commenting that he wasn’t feeling himself. The blonde played on the sexual connotations of her words, saying he had been earlier, but that wasn’t what she meant. She went on to reveal that the Joker wasn’t doing so good and the doctor from she had found to help wasn’t very helpful, saying she’d seen more smarts in the Joker’s goons who didn’t even need to think for themselves. Telling the goons she had to run, demanding they kill Batman if he tried anything funny – which in her own words meant try to kill him anyway but they were obviously unsuccessful in this task.

Harley is overheard over Joker’s radio signal talking to their goons from within Sionis Industries , calling them dumbasses but telling them to listen carefully. She reveals that the Joker isn’t feeling himself, telling them that the last thing he need is a so-called superhero coming in and stopping his recuperation. As Batman finds a way into the building she’s seen on a platform above all the goons, explaining that she’d promised them some entertainment, as Dr Stacy Barker, who failed to cure the Joker, is pushed into the goon pit as Harley tells her she should have tried harder. Calling her a useless quack Harley lets everyone know that the doctor had failed her beloved Mister J which meant she had to die. Unbeknownst to Harley, Batman was crawling through the shaft under the flooring and had been watching the spectacle, trying to find an entrance into the pit as Harley instructed Mister Hammer to start an attack on the Doctor. She’s called away from the scene to tend to the Joker but quickly returns to settle a change of plan as Harley tells the goons to escort the Doctor to the smelting room, wanting her to suffer a little longer. Instructing the rest of the goons to get out and go get The Snowman to bring him back yesterday so he can pay for screwing over the Joker.

Batman comes out of hiding, presumably rescues the Doctor and comes into the clearing where he meets Harley again. In anger she asked him what the hell he was doing here, telling him that he was supposed be dead before telling him that there was no way he was getting to the Joker, as they were safe and sound up here whilst he was going to stay down there and burn.

Leading Batman on a false path, Harley could be overheard talking about a miracle, telling the Joker he looked perfect before questioning who it was, as it wasn’t actually him. Joker can be overheard telling Harley to be quiet as it was implied a mannequin was being made to look impeccably like the Joker before he fell ill. Harley comes into contract with Batman again face to face once he’s out of the smelting chamber, the blonde demanding to know what he built to help get out. She’s called back inside as the Joker calls out to her, claiming he’s dying. Blaming Batman she shouts at him to scram before racing back to the Joker’s side.

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Arkham Asylum

arkham asylum

During the Road to Arkham, a glimpse of Harley’s new uniform is seen as she’s a nurse’s assistant preparing for the Joker’ return. It is presumed she was the one planting the phone calls and anonymous tips to allow many of Gotham’s elite criminals to be arrested and sent to Arkham to help prepare for Joker’s big entrance as he was personally escorted to Arkham by Batman himself. Instead of greeting him on arrival she waited in the control room, with a ready plan where she placed herself in the security control room to use its power to relieve some of the security fields in order to allow the Joker to escape. With a new nurse's uniform to mock her previous work attire and her new alias of 'Harley Quinn', she tried to plan a homecoming party for the Joker; a plan Batman will do anything to stop.

Her first run in with Batman comes through several television screens Batman stumbles upon. She checks the broadcasting network before introducing herself to him, asking is he likes her new uniform, claiming it to be pretty hot herself. Then she remembered she had something to show him, telling him to wait a second as she brings Quincey Sharp, one of the Asylum’s warden into view, tied to an office chair. His credentials gave Harley access to all the doors and corridors in Arkham and that was all a part of Joker’s plan as Harley was currently his substitute. With a giggle, she told Batman he’s never been happier, but his muffled voice implied differently. The make things clear, in case the plan wasn’t already clear, this day marked the Joker’s big homecoming to Arkham and Batman was his guest of honour. In his typical demanding voice, Batman told her she had one chance to surrender. It was tempting but ‘no dice’ as now the inmates were going to run the asylum, although technically they were Joker’s goons shipped in from Blackgate, but it was the same principle in her mind. It seemed that was all she had to say to him as she said goodbye, for now and smashed her camera with a staff presumed to be stolen from Sharp.

With his new mission clear, to save Quincey Sharp, Batman headed for the elevator on to have Harley jump on top of the open shaft, wrapping herself around the cords for support with a laughed a stylised ‘no’ as Joker didn’t want to see him, just yet. In frustration she presses a detonator to explode the elevator, sending it crashing to the ground and her sky rocketing upwards, missing Batman by inches and the need to find another exit. Teasing him she tells Batman that he’s now trapped on that floor until her and the Joker were ready for him.

As he searches for another route, climbing up through the building he overhears a conversation between Harley some of the Asylum’s staff, including corrupt chief member of the security Frank Boles, saying that he was a piece of work but that a girl could easily fall for someone like him, presumably akin to her own mental state. Joker can be heard scolding Harley for flirting with hired help, with her then reassuring him that she only had eyes for the Joker as Frank Boles aided her in taking Commissioner Gordon hostage.

Taking to herself with her boots up on the table was where Batman saw her next, an electrified fence protecting her, telling him outright that this was her ‘me’ time. Demanding to know where Commissioner Gordon was, she retorted teasing ‘wouldn’t you like to know’ before Gordon himself piped up from around the corner out of Batman’s view and reach. She picked up something off the table to throw at Gordon demanding he shut up as they are interrupted on the video feed by the Joker, asking why Batman is here as he is too early. Apologetically, Harley leans into the screen, telling him she’s sorry and asking him not to be angry with her, kissing the screen to show her affection. Reassuring her he wasn’t mad, even calling her a minx, telling her he couldn’t stay mad. With that she turns around to address Batman, telling him he’ll have to find another way in, waving him goodbye as she runs off.

Harley is seen again with Commissioner Gordon still her hostage as Batman crashes through the glass roof, knocking her down and knocking her out. She’s only seen again, after Batman runs into one of Joker’s traps which blows a party blower and explodes, knocking him out. When he starts to stir Harley is looming over him, telling him Dr. Young was the intended target, joking around by saying she was a squealer, and not to the Joker’s liking. Walking around and referring to Sharp, Harley stays on the subject beating Sharp up with his own cane, breaking it in too. Walking back over to Batman with a laugh she can’t believe Sharp still believes he thinks he runs the place, believing him to be the crazy one before saying she has to go as she sets two of Joker’s goons on him to knock him out again, hurt him enough but not too badly as he was still needed for Joker’s party.

With Batman up and still around he comes across a security camera feed of Harley scanning the walls of Arkham, only to come across Poison Ivy’s cell. Calling out to her Ivy asks for Harley’s help. Commenting that she looked like crap Harley offered to sneak in some shampoo, but that wasn’t her issue. Ivy was kept in a cell where she couldn’t blossom, and instead seemed to be wilting, needing help to keep her strength up, as well as rescue the plants that she heard calling for her help. Initially unsure about the idea, not really having time for the conversation, Ivy begged her to be released. Opting to give her a break despite her not being on the Joker’s party list, she used Sharp’s card to unlock the cell and free her, as she stepped out into the air, out of the red lit room, catching Ivy’s kiss as she blew it, and walked on just before Joker interrupted the feed.

With Batman entering one of the cellblocks he is greeted by a ‘surprise’, from Harley as she takes a bow and emerges from the other side of the block. Openly flirting with him, she commented that she always believed her, and Batman had a spark between them. With a giggle she flipped through the hall, and kicked out one of the electricity panels, causing an electrical overload with some cables starting to spark, making a literal spark between Batman and herself as an Arkham security guard was electrocuted. Over his painful cries she laughed, telling him that he was shocked at the situation before double daring Batman to go and get her.

Flying into one of the fights, as Harley’s men was defeated she flipped and landed right in front of him, asking if that was as easy as it looked. She blew him a kiss, telling him it won’t be so easy trying to catch her as Harley fled again, meeting Batman later, with enforced glass separating them as she mocked him, calling him the Dork Knight. As the camera pans round it is clear there are 3 guards in danger. Labelling this is a little problem for him, Harley asked how he was going to save them. He knocks the power off one of the guards, but only have a limited amount of time to grab him before the power comes back on. As time ticks down, Harley giggles, as the camera heads back to her, checking her watch before realising Batman only had 30 seconds to get out of the room. With a wave goodbye she leaves him to it, to catch up with him in the control room.

As Batman heads through the hall towards the security panel, Harley excitedly calls the Joker over on the video screens. Leaving it to her she sets some of their goons on him, which he defeats. Slightly stressed, Harley can’t quite believe he managed to defeat them, deciding to go down there herself, before being stopped by the Joker, claiming there had been a change in plans. Nearly blubbering, Harley told him that she’d tried her best, but as there’s no prize for second place, Joker crossed Harley off the party list herself, telling her it was better luck next time as she sat there and sulked.

With the next run in with Batman Harley was clearly frustrated and agitated and she flipped into view, aiming a solid kick at Batman, but it was counted with ease as she crashed against one of the walls, and dropped to the floor. Clearly in pain, Batman offers her a hand up, but she smacks his hand away, telling him not to touch the merchandise as he notices the party list, tucked into her bra. He takes it from her, despite it being her party list as he demands to know the contents and reasoning behind it; asking why it was covered in smiling faces. As she stands up to brush herself off she tells him, in a clear observation that he was the detective, so that he should be able to tell her. As he turns his pack to her, Harley attempts to land a punch, but he grabs her arm, pulling her over his shoulder and onto the ground instead before scanning her handprint. With Batman in control she’s pushed into one of the empty solitary cells as it’s locked behind her. In frustration she yells, telling him he’ll never find the Joker in the secret lab by the Garden, accidentally revealing his exact location. She tells Batman that the Joker will come and rescue her, before saying the same statement again, a little less confident this time.

At Batman is at mercy of the hands of the Scarecrow’s fear toxin, Harley is seen out of her cell, walking down Arkham’s corridor with Batman strapped into one of the inmate transporters. Wheeling him along, gun aimed at the ceiling, the Joker was bringing up the rear. Telling him he was right, Harley diagnoses Batman on the wheel round, calling him a classic martyr case with delusions of grandeur and cuckoo. As they wheeled up tot the entrance, Scarecrow called her to a halt, saying he had to check over her prisoners. She agreed but told him to be quick about it as he wasn’t looking too good. As the camera flashes to the Batman’s perspective he screams to let him out as scarecrow passes the control to the Joker. Excited to finally be involved, she let the Joker know that they were ready for the both of them. Saying he was going to start the party with a bang, the Joker aims and fires straight at Batman, as he dodges and regains control of his own mind, fighting off the delusion.

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A Matter of Family

a matter of family

Harley is first overhead in this Batgirl story, at Joker’s side both of them cheering on their goons outside the abandoned Seagate Amusement Park as Batgirl fights them alongside Robin, taking them all down one by one to Harley’s dismay. Joker welcomes Batgirl and Robin to the amusement park, saying that he was really doing this for the benefit of the family, presumably referring to the Bat family of Robin (Time Drake), Batgirl and Batman, although refers to himself as Papa Bird as the ‘kids’ would either learn to fly and drop and die as he was pushing them out of their nest, using several hostages taken from the GCPD to use in his playground.

She’s next heard as Batgirl scans Gotham park, intercepting Batgirl’s and Robins’ s communication lines. Thinking about her own ideas with the Batgirl persona, Harley commented that she thought of her as more of a Batlady than a Batgirl, claiming it was all about how she carried herself. If she wanted to be seen as less skilled or prepared, she should stick with Batgirl but Batlady had a nice ring to it in her own mind. Robin joked saying the new title could work. As Batgirl flies down to the slow spinning Ferris Wheel Harley is heard laughing, telling Batgirl she’s going to speed things up a little, the Ferris Wheel gaining some pace as it starts spinning rapidly. Batgirl heads for and reaches the control panel to stop the ride, only to find the control box isn’t working. With another Harley, Harley is almost shocked that she thought such an easy plan work would, as guards start scouting Batgirl out. Fireworks coming from the centre of the Ferris Wheel set it ablaze. Warning the men at the dangers of Gotham she tells them that the Joker knows Batgirl was trained by two of the toughest crime fighters in Gotham. As Batgirl started taking down men, Harley heard the sounds over the frequency and used it as a warning to the others but also claimed the sound of torn muscles and broken bones was romantic. With Harley starting to believe Batgirl may just have what it takes to defeat them the fight escalates with more painful noises echoing over the communication devices. It seems Harley starts to worry as Batgirl takes out everyone, calling her out and claiming she’s so great with her sneaky bat moves.

As a bomb Robin found is diffused by Batgirl which Harley found interesting, Batgirl is directed to a Merry-go-Round, where the hostages are trapped in the central column. The floor drops as the Merry-go-Round separates into two, leading the column to slowly fill up with water as on onslaught of guards come to attack her. With a giggle, Harley cheers on Batgirl just enough, telling her to ‘Go girl!’ as the task of saving them appears impossible. However, luckily or skilfully, the female Bat succeeds in handling all the goons. No matter her best effort, though, it wasn’t enough as the central column is full of water and Harley is heard saying that ‘the three little piggies’ were going to drown because she wasn’t quick enough, insulting Batgirl further by saying outright she wasn’t material. In retaliation, Batgirl sprayed explosive gel on one of the glass walls before detonating it, causing the central column to explode, spraying glass everywhere but keeping the three hostages alive.

Harley is first seen in the Joker’s main event and special act as Batgirl is surrounded by goons, including Harley, on an open platform as Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl’s father, was locked in a suspended cage. Robin joined Batgirl’s side as it was tag-lined to be the death of the Caped Do-Gooders, sending Harley and his goons to work. With baseball bat in hand and Harley protected by the goons the task was exhausting for Batgirl and Robin. Harley cried out every time she was hit by Robin or Batgirl but stayed strong. As the Joker decided to involve himself, turning it into a knife fight. With Harley taken out, the fight was nearly over but Joker stood his ground whilst she was knocked down.

Once the two of them were down, Batgirl batarang’s the chains that had been keeping Commissioner Gordon fall to the ground as the SWAT team bash their way in. In a panic, Harley is dragged up by Joker, who holds her, his sidekick, at gunpoint warning them that she’d be shot if they didn’t back off. With full confidence in him, Harley believed she wouldn’t be shot not breaking her smile as the barrel grazes her cheek. With a giggle, the gun is pulled away and the step closer to the edge, the barrel now aimed straight at Batgirl. Last second decision from the Joker, led the trigger to be pulled at Robin with Batgirl pushing him away, Harley still laughing. Saying the next one was her Batgirl the Joker pushes Harley onto the platform as she jumps off, the blonde curled up on the floor giggling. To keep him from getting caught as he soars away using a parachute, Harley grips onto the leg of one of the SWAT team, knowing she’s being escorted to the asylum in handcuffs. In a last attempt to make herself heard Harley shouts aloud as she’s escorted to the police car, telling them outright that it wasn’t over, and that they’d get both Batgirl and Robin one day, laughing away once more.


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