Race: Half Elven
Height: 5'10
Age: 2863
Family: Peredhil
Animals: A dark grey horse, Silme
Weapons: sword, hadhafang if needed

Personality: Elwen is a mischeivous elven maiden that has always looked up to her older brothers, Elladan and Elrohir, and in conciquence, causes all sorts of trouble, but she also has a serious side that apears at a moments notice. She protects the ones she loves, kind to those who are below her, and although she can fight like a warrior, she is most often the observent, troublesome young lady that is known as Elwen

Appearance: Elwen's eyes are a clear blue with a hint of silver. her hair is waist length, raven black and is most often put back in one long braid. her wardrobe contains several blue or greyish blue tunics and leggings, Along with many other colors. And on accation she will wear a dress.


Elwen was born several centeries after her older sister, Arwen, and was only about 950 yrs. old when their mother, Celebrian, sailed over the sea.