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"Am I Excelling Yet?" Drabble (Dark)

"Am I Excelling Yet?"
The rhythmic reverberation of blood trickling over the edges of the rickety wooden table in the center of the shed like structure onto the floor boards below seemed amplified by the silence of the world outside. His eyes fluttered wildly as he returned to conciousness, the back of his head split open by something similar to an out of contorl freight train that sent waves of pain crashing through his skull and the muscles in his neck. He gave an audiable groan and tried to move his arms but thick ropes buried into the skin around his wrists which caused him to trace them to their source. They snaked their way from their place on him under the corners of the table he laid on, no doubt wrapped around where the uneven legs began. The same was done around his ankles and he thrashed violently which only made the table shake. He hadn't realized the chill that graced his flesh until a soft gust from outside danced through the cracks of the structure and met him where he lied. His head craned forward, limited by his position flat on his back to how far his neck would allow but it was just enough to gaze upon his fine suit resting under him. It had been slit down the front and the same had been done to his pants leaving him exposed except where his undergarment began.
"What in the hell?! What is this?!" The authority of the words was lost when the fear lodged in his throat coated them on their way out.
Tglow of the incandescent light over head illuminated the space, glinting off stainless steel surgical tools to the side of him. He knew those instruments, he used them himself in his lab. His confusion slammed to a stop when his eyes caught glimpse of a pale complection emerge from a shadowed corner. "No....it....it can't be." His rising panic tightened the string of words as they tumbled from his lips, it was a sound she knew well. He was terrified. The girl stepped forward placed hands down beside his frame, close enough that he thought he felt her slender fingers drift against his skin. "Yes. It can." Her voice was almost as cold as the bursts of air coming from the outside. He gazed up into those dead orbs, the once vibrant sapphire hues of Subject 006 now hollow as the light in them had been snuffed out years ago, he would know, he was the one who wanted to see it gone from her. Slender fingers glided over the tools at her side and she took the first, a flawless scapel. "Please." The phrase held no meaning in this moment. It fell on deaf ears as she shook her head, tangled chestnut locks slipping over her shoulders.
"Did you know it takes the human body just five minuets to bleed out. Less if there are other more severe injuries." She stopped and a broken grin cracked her features that made chills run through his spine. "You taught me that."
T The blade of the scapel stopped just inches from his eyes as she pointed it towards him. "Shall we go over our lessons Doctor?" It was simply a formality as the razor sharp edge met its mark and began carving through his flesh in a precise Y shape starting from his shoulders down the center of his chest towards his stomach. The crimson liquid contained beneath the thin layer of epidermus flowed in rivers once it had been unleased. He screamed in agony as she took her time in pulling back the skin, carefully using her tool to seperate it neatly from the muscle tissue. He begged for his conciousness to slip away but he knew that would remain an unaswered prayer. He taught her well, she would make this last, draw it out so he felt every ounce of what she had prepared for him. Once the flesh was peeled away from his torso she began to work on what remained intact on his arms, then his legs, the once soft pattering to the floor becoming a constant stream, soaking into the timber and gathering in a pool at her feet. He tried not to make a sound, he didn't want to give her the sastisfaction. His eyes squeezed shut so tightly it blocked out the glow of the light above but Six did not approve of his method of dealing with the agony. "Doctor....We are even close to finished." He felt her anger hang in the air around him before his eyes were pried open. The progress he had made of silence now shattered with the scream that ripped from his throat when his eyelids were sliced off causing his sockets to become nothing more then deep lagoons of sanguine fluid. "Shhh, shhhh." It was not meant to soothe but remind him of who he was dealing with. "Tell me Doctor, am I excelling yet?"

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"Please Don't Leave Me." Drabble

Please Don't Leave Me

【006】 /1539067
“Don’t touch me.” Three simple words holding back an ocean of emotions. She didn’t speak them in out of habit or anger. When she uttered them, it was out of fear, fear that the next thing she would feel besides their touch was the sharp blades slicing precise ribbons of her flesh away or slender digits burrowing their way into her brain sending jolts of pain through her whole being. No one had ever touched her in a loving manner or even tried to console her. All anyone ever did was rip her from the cage she called home and slam her back against cold steel before dissecting vital organs within her just because they could.

She had become so accustomed to physical pain that it had never been shown to her there could be any other form. She never imagined feeling his arms around her, pulling her so close she could smell the lingering cologne on his skin and hear his heart beating in his chest. She never imagined feeling safe, having someone worry about her or finding someone she cared for so much it hurt in her chest the kind of hurt you knew wasn’t possible but still felt with every fiber.

She didn’t know how painful watching him turn and walk away could be. Knowing she was never going to feel his warmth blending with her own, never listen to his steady breathing as she rested her head against his chest while they slept again. Nothing prepared her for the crippling emotions that came with falling in love with someone, no one had ever told her how to cope with something like that. She could feel her heart breaking with each step he took, felt the tears stinging her eyes until they were no longer contained and flowed in rivers down her cheeks.

Her lungs burned between the soft erratic exhales trying to catch up and let air in. Her chest heaved with silent sobs as she tried to keep everything contained that dared to try and betray her to him, allowing him to see how much pain she was in. Hand outstretched as she felt the phantom tingles of his own within it before he turned and his fingers slipped away from her own. She knew this couldn’t last. Knew it would end at some point like everything else in her world.

She wasn’t meant to have the happiness he brought into her life. Wasn’t meant to feel like everyone else. They knocked her down into the dirt, shoved her face in it and told her how worthless she would always be. They reminded her that she was nothing every day and she now saw why. She watched him disappear, his words hanging in the air only to hit her harder the more she replayed them. “I never loved you, you were simply the best distraction from the pain.”

All her life, being told she was never good enough were simply her shackles. The cruelest torture she could ever endure being this moment. They wanted her low so when she finally had something to grip tight, when she thought maybe she could be like everyone else, they could watch her crumble when it left her alone again with nothing. A taste of the light that could possibly set her free, only enough to allow her to feel secure until it tore away and left her in the dark again.

She dropped to her knees in the dirt, wrapped her scarred arms around her frame and released everything. Tears mixing into mud as her body hunched forward, shoulders falling with labored breathes, her head down as eyes squeezed shut while she tried to stop her heart from aching and her voice choking out soft whimpers coating the only words she could manage. “Please....Don’t leave me....”
“I always thought I could do this alone. You showed me I don't have to.”

08/07/2019 10:08 PM 

【006】"You have to come back." (Starter)

Three years. That’s all it had been since the day she toppled the underground facility and retreated into the toxic realm of the Upside Down. Three years and she still remembered it like it was just hours away. She looked down at the tattoo on her wrist. 006. Was that all she would ever be? Just a number on some file lost when she ran away. No. She would always be something far worse than that. Like a film reel on repeat the faces of everyone she ever massacred like cattle played in her head. In her sleep they clawed at her skin trying to pull her into the darkness she had cast them into, while she was awake her ears were filled with their screams and if it wasn’t them it was the torture and torment she endured at the hands of the scientists answering to the man she called Father. 

Even now she could still feel the cold, harsh gaze of his empty eyes, she could hear his voice in her head reminding her what she was. “You are a monster and you always will be. You are nothing. You are what we made you and that is all you will ever be.” Monster. That was what they called things that killed without feeling, things that lurked in the shadows and hid away in the dark to wait for a moment to strike. That is what she was. Countless times she hid in the darkness and watched as the creatures of the Upside Down ripped bodies of animals and humans apart like they were nothing more than paper only to slink to their scraps after they had left to do the same. 

She had lost count of what she ate and where it came from. It took her months when she first came here to keep down the raw flesh but what other choices did she have? Nothing grew here, the air was thick with toxins and unending night. The trees all lost their leaves in the forest and the town that was outside it was a fractured and broken replica of the real one outside the Upside Down that she was too scared to venture to. She dared not open another gate for she lost track of the man she called Father months prior and feared if she exposed herself now, he would drag her back to that place and continue to cut her apart like he had for her whole life. 

Instead she walked cautiously down roads dusted in ash that fell from the sky, stepping over the tendrils that grew like vines on everything they could touch with no real sense of a source. She tried to find where the human bodies where coming from, the creatures increasing the amount they brought back each day. She could sense another gate had been opened and grew in size although she dared not find the source until the shadow in the sky that she had seen through the bright flashes of lightening seemed to grow in strength. She could feel it lurking there, presiding over everything like a god that the creatures worshiped and obeyed. 

It had seemed to be scattered, like some of it was there with her in the Upside Down but also elsewhere. Somehow it seemed to have broken over to the real world, possibly using the gate to do so. Six did not like the idea of this thing being in the real world, so when it suddenly called out to the creatures and they took off into the forest, she followed them. They were so intent on what they had been called for that they paid no mind to her as she ducked down on the hill and looked down at the facility surrounded in chain-link fencing and watched as the creatures disappeared into it, feeling the strength of the gate emitting from the building. 

Six could tell this was the source of the gate and where the creatures disappeared time and time again. She could hear the faint screaming of someone, people struggling and gunfire coming in whispers on the wind from the real world and she watched as the bodies were dragged back by the creatures from the facility. One after another they had brought their kills and in the mix of soldiers and scientists was a man in blue scrubs she had seen patients in the labs wear. The others were in pieces but he was intact and something about him wasn’t right. Six looked from her location to him carefully and she immediately found what it was. He was still breathing. 

Six followed the doglike monsters from the building and to the place they liked to leave their kills but instead of continuing to feed there, they rushed back to the direction of the facility as though their work wasn’t finished. She waited as they all dispersed before rushing to the man in the blue and pulling him up to wrap his arm around her shoulder. Six dragged him away from the mounds of bodies and into the woods, taking him to the one place that kept her safe all these years, a small structure made of sticks and cloth with items inside and a sign that said Castle Byers. 

She placed him down on the sleeping bag inside and sat beside him, using tattered cloths taken from mutilated corpses to stop his bleeding. Six gave him a gentle nudge a few times, uncertain how extensive his internal damage may have been and tried to wake him. “H-hey? Are you in there? You need to wake up.” But when she didn’t receive any response, she grit her teeth at what she needed to do next. She placed her hands on the sides of his head and manipulated his mind so she stood inside it, she then found him, wandering lost.  

Six walked towards him and he looked confused as he faced her. “You can’t stay here.” She told him and held her hand out to him. “You have to come back. You’ve gone too far. Please follow me.” She was almost pleading, having never realized how truly alone she had been until now. Six wanted to save him, to bring him back but as much as she needed to, he had to want to come back, to find something to come back for. That was up to him now.

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【006】Seeks out the Gate-Starter For Fat Rambo

Soft squelching made her skin crawl as her teeth buried into the tough tissue of the liver in her hand, the blood was thick, coagulated and ice cold. Her stomach turned as she gnawed a small chunk of it off and forced it to slide down her throat. You think she would be used to the raw flesh of the scraps the creatures in the Upside Down left after they had their fill of the mutilated corpses they dragged back with them, at least that was one sign to her she was at least a step up from them. No matter how many remains she stuffed her slender fingers in, no matter how many shredded corpses she ate, she would never be used to it. 

This was how she lived the last five years, hiding in the darkness as the creatures roamed, eating their leftovers, mostly animals dragged from the other side back to the toxic wasteland that was the Upside Down but this wasn’t some wild beast struck down in its natural habitat. What she ate now came from the tattered remains of what looked to be a woman, the increase in human corpses as of late caused a rise of concern from Six but her hunger outweighed the need for caution at the moment. She eyed the decaying trees around her for any shift in the darkness as her teeth borrowed into the organ once again. 

Six could tell something big was going on by the increase in activity from the creatures, they were chittering more to one another, howling into the shadows, and were more brazen in their attempts to leave this world to enter the other although unsuccessful which only made them more violent. They wanted to reach something else, something she had not felt lingering around her for a small time now, that should have smothered her in relief but instead sent small electrical jolts of fear through her spine.  

She was finishing her meal when the Upside Down flashed in bright crimson and the ground shook with such force it sent her tumbling backwards onto her rear. She landed hard on her tailbone and sat with her hands flat on the ground at her sides, allowing her to feel the pulses in the ground as she watched small pebbles bouncing on the rough surface. Six winced from the pain moving up to her lower back as she tried to stand but when the creatures erupted into a cacophony of shrill howls, her hands rushed to her ears to shield them from the high pitch whine that came next. 

She squeezed her eyes shut as her head throbbed in response and a memory flashed over in her mind. She had heard this sound once before but this time it seemed more machinal then the last time, something had shut somewhere. Six had a feeling weeks prior that maybe someone had opened another crevice like she had to enter the Upside Down but denial was a strong force and she lied to herself over the span of weeks that it wasn’t possible, ignoring the signs such as the human corpses she had been seeing and the activity of the creatures here. 

Now though whatever had opened that crevice to this world erupted into an explosion that sent shockwaves from its source ripping through the Upside Down and severed the connection the creatures had to whatever they were trying to reach on the other side. Six thought maybe she could handle the enraged monsters until that ominous presence darkened the flashing sky and towered over her. Six could taste its fury as it released a thundering, pained bellow of rage that silenced the cries of the creatures and caused them to retract in fear. 

She could feel it looking at her, seeing her for the first time in the years she had been hiding from it. It could sense her power, sense the frailty of her mind and more than anything it could taste her pain, her fear. It unleashed another ravenous howl towards the creatures and one by one she saw their attention turn to her, animalistic growls echoing from them as they snarled. Her eyes widened in terror and she no longer cared about the pain from her fall, she shoved herself upwards and her feet slammed against the ground. It was time to run. 

Six took off as fast as she could manage which only made the creatures pursue her happily. They wanted her alive when they started eating her. The shadow in the sky continued its calls, being too weak to go after her itself, it wanted her dead and it didn’t seem to care how it was done. Six glanced behind her to see a few nearly upon her and the panic triggered her abilities, allowing her to slide to a breif stop and throw her hands forward, creating a wall that they slammed into before she twisted her hands and ripped them apart to tear the monsters in two.  

It was a small victory as four more flanked her from the right and she failed to stop them, one latching its rows of fangs onto her arm as another clamped down on her side. The pain ripped through her body and she screamed through it as the others encircled her readying their attack until a massive shockwave was released from her and threw all of them back, her arm and side shredding in the process which only caused her own rage to manifest. Her eyes turned black with vibrant crimson veins as her nose and ears began to bleed.  

“Stay down!” She snarled and she raised her hands, the group of monsters rising into the air with panicked whimpers as she closed her hands and they twisted in agony while their bones snapped before she dropped them feet above the hard ground, splattering them like bugs on a windshield. She breathed hard as the shadow in the sky roared and she screamed back at it, her blood dripping from her wounds. In the distance she heard the chittering again and knew it was sending more. 

Six fed off the pain and rage rippling through her body and growled lowly before focusing on the ground she held her hands over it and had very little time to decide where she needed to go. She closed her eyes and blocked out the howls closing in, seeking out the power source that she felt erupt earlier. She located it but it was weak, far away somewhere she had never ventured. She didn’t have time to hesitate though and she pulled her hands apart which made the ground shake violently before a glowing crevice opened in front of her. 

She wiped the blood from her nose on her arm as her eyes snapped open and she looked back to see the creature's feet away. She took a step forward, her sneakers leaving imprints in the dirt before she fell into the crevice and it slammed shut just as she was barley within it. The creatures slammed against the ground with pained howls before they continued trying to break through it but they were too late and the thing they answered to erupted into rage once more. 

Six fell through the crevice and landed hard onto something cold and wet. She pushed herself up and the wind howled around her as it kicked up the white powder, she had landed in. She had remembered seeing it before, during a certain timeframe of seasons but never knew what to call it. She put her hand into the snow and rubbed her fingers together, watching it turn to water. She could feel it soaking into her bloodstained clothing, misting against her bare arms where they were exposed from her tank top and becoming one with the fabric of her jeans.  

She brought her hands to her arms to rub them but had forgotten for a moment the wounds she had gained in her struggle. She inhaled sharply through clenched teeth as she looked to her right forearm and side, seeing the flesh slowly trying to mend. Six felt her blood turning cold from contact with the chill in the air and tried to make out where she was or more where the source of the gateway had come from. 

In the distance, not too far off from where she landed was a facility that was practically invisible from the wind that pushed against her. She looked to the facility and took a step back as her head throbbed once more and images of the lab flashed. Every fiber of her being told her to run away, get out of there but she had exhausted her body to the point it nearly collapsed and she knew she couldn’t open another crevice. Her only chance of returning to the area she had been familiar with, the small town in the Upside Down was through whatever gate was opened here, and from there she could return to the real town to continue hiding. 

Six hated this option but it was the only one she had. She reluctantly began moving her legs where they sunk under the blanket of snow and her teeth chattered softly while she felt ice forming on her skin along her arms. The walk to the facility was a long one and although she just wanted to sit for a while, she knew she had to be vigilant in staying undetected. It was odd to her the closer she snuck to the building how no one seemed to be outside to guard it, but then she remembered something that made her uneasy. “It’s underground.” She spoke to herself, “Just like the Lab.”  

She scanned the building as she approached it and placed a hand on the cement, her eyes tracing the ground until she found a spot where the snow was the thinnest layer. She walked to the location and found a panel on the wall with one faintly lit button within it. Six hesitated before she pressed it and heard a soft whirring before the ground she had been standing on began to clang loudly, opening up to force her to the side revealing it was made of thick metal sheets.  

Six exhaled and mustered what little strength she had. She needed to be invisible and that meant distorting the minds of whoever was below to recognize her as nothing, a useful tool she had to use countless times when infiltrating places, she was sent to in the Lab. She stepped onto the platform between the metal slabs and it lowered her, closing the ground again. The ride down below took roughly fifteen minutes which gave her enough time to rest a bit before the doors slid open and revealed a white hallway.  

She could hear people speaking and although she didn’t understand them, she recognized the language, Russian. Six had heard it time and time again when men were brought to the lab, the last time she faced one being the day she escaped. Six could hear them getting further away and she followed the sound of their voices holding her arm to stop her bleeding the best she could although still dripping blood from her other injury. She found the two men at a door, and they used some sort of card to open it.  

Six focused on them for a few moments before she hit the wall beside her with her hand, causing them to jerk around to see what had caused the noise. She held her breath and waited until they shrugged and turned back giving her the verification, she needed that they could not see her.  She slipped behind them as the door sounded a small alarm and opened when they pressed the card against the sensor and followed them down a set of metal steps. 

This part of the facility was older, lined with thick chain-link fencing around thick metal doors along the wall to the right. It was like a cage housing the cells. Six stopped and watched as the men talked amongst themselves and passed several doors before opening one at the end. They dragged someone from inside and she could hear the fear thick in their voice as they were taken down another set of metal stairs leading down deeper into the facility. 

Her nose was pouring blood until the men disappeared and she stopped using her mind manipulation ability, stumbling against the cement floor as she gripped the fencing to the left of her. She felt dizzy as she was struggling to keep conscious and she breathed hard as the blood dripped down her chin. She needed to find the source of the gate that led her there but at the rate things were going, she wasn’t going to make it there on her own. 

She heard someone on the other side of one of the metal doors along the wall and they sounded hurt, their breathing was labored and she knew the sound well. Someone had taken a beating. She struggled to her feet and stumbled to the door the sound came from, barely able to turn the wheel to open it before the metal sounded in high pitch screeching where the hinges where caked in rust. She pushed the door open and fell forward into the doorway, trying to catch her breath and keep awake. 

Six looked up, blood slowly forming a puddle on the ground below her as she wiped the blood from her nose onto her arm. The man was wearing the same uniform as the ones she had followed down here but he didn’t look like it belonged to him. He wasn’t clean shaven or in the same physical shape of the soldiers she had seen. He was an older man with harsh eyes and blood dripping from his lip. He had stubble around his chin and his mustache was in disarray leading her to believe he had been down here for some time and she could see the bruising around his eyes where he had taken several hits. Six observed him for a long time before she was able to speak, her words tumbling almost unformed from her lips. “Where is the gateway?”

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You, Me and the Devil Makes Three-Reply

You, Me, and the Devil Makes 3

Cages were meant to house animals. Things that you wanted to keep contained because they were either too dangerous to let roam around or you just flat out didn’t trust them. Neither of these reasons where why Six was in a cage so small it caused her to sit with her knees pressed against her chest, digging into her throat while her arms hugged them and her head was forced to face downward, causing a strain in her neck. She could barely breathe as the cold steel bars pressed against her exposed biceps and back from her hospital gown while a thick slab of metal sat above her shaved head to press against the back of it so the only thing she could make out was her own feet on the floor beneath her. 

Six had grown so used to sleeping in this confined space for as long as she could remember that she had no idea what it was like to have space or a room of her own. It made sitting in the observation rooms of the lab with their glossy stainless-steel tables more frightening to her. She didn’t like open spaces. That was what they wanted. To take everything away from her, any comforts, anything for herself, keeping her desires to a minimum and she didn’t know any better. She assumed that was just how it was for everyone. If she couldn’t want more, she wouldn’t know there was anything better for her, could she?  

She was only allowed to sleep an hour at a time with six hours in between these small naps to prevent her night terrors from causing her abilities to lash out, a motion demanded by the man in a pressed black suit with platinum blonde hair neatly brushed back and soul less eyes that she had been calling Father since she learned how to talk at two years old. He was one who raised her, tested her abilities and ultimately decided every hour and every minute of her life, what she ate, if she ate, if she slept, everything. He was the one she feared more than the doctors who cut her open, and pumped poison into her veins leaving thick scars on her body from continuous practice, knowing it was all by his order.  

If she didn’t please him, if she didn’t do as he wanted, he could concoct all sorts of new punishments for her to teach her to do better next time and next time was a day like today. Six woke abruptly to the loud rattling of metal against metal when one of the nurses came to fetch her for the daily test. Once the cage door was unlocked, she impatiently kicked the side causing Six to wince. “Get out I haven’t got all day.” She sneered and Six pulled herself out, the imprints of the bars still etched in her skin. “W-what is today?” She asked in a hushed voice, trying not to anger her further. The nurse just cracked a wide grin and Six’s stomach turned. Interrogation day. 

Six was shoved down the hall to a small room to the left where she was weighed, height checked, and blood was drawn. Always testing. The nurse marked the clipboard in her arms quickly before opening the door and shoving Six out into the hall again, walking in front of her towards the observation rooms. Everything seemed to be quiet, or at least quieter than earlier in the morning when the radios rang out with a chaotic chatter and echoed a manic laughter that was strangely comforting to Six. Maybe she wasn’t the only one going crazy in this place.  

She had always wondered about the one who created so much discord but she was to be kept locked in her cage away from anything that could have a bad influence on her, anything that could show her just how wrong the life she assumed to be the same as everyone else's actually was. As they passed the rooms with thick bullet proof glass for particularly troublesome testing, Six felt the fear building like acid in her throat as Father came into view. “006, I trust you are ready for today's task?” He solemnly looked down at her and she nodded slowly. “Y-yes Father.” 

He stepped to the side and motioned for her to enter the room to his left and she did so, finding a man badly beaten and barely conscious tied to a chair with a table in front of him and empty seat. The man was wearing some sort of uniform, not anything like what she had seen on the men stomping around the halls with thick, black combat boots during all hours of the day. His was an olive-green tint with gold badges stained in drops of his blood, heavily wrinkled which Six determined was done during the interrogation before she entered the room conducted by the two large men in all black standing against the far wall. 

Six took the seat in front of the man, folding her hands into her lap as she looked across to him. He slowly raised his head, his right eye sealed shut by a thick purple mass lined in a dark burgundy where he no doubt took multiple hits or maybe just one really hard one. His lower lip was split and blood bubbled along it before dropping to the floor below with a soft patter. She noted his broken nose and smaller cuts around his face over places where the skin was thinnest against the bone. He looked to her with his left eye and she could see the were the blood vessels had burst.  

“YA nichego tebe ne skazhu, suka.” He spat, spitting blood on the table towards her while the door shut and Father entered. Six didn’t understand and looked to Father but he offered no translation, he simply nodded to her and she knew what was expected of her. Six turned her attention back to the man as Father began the line of questioning again, the man of course mocking him and hissing words at him in the language Six was assaulted with when she had entered. Father put his hand on her shoulder and stared down to her. “Why don’t you show our little friend what will happen to his children?” 

Six grimaced but she focused, her nose beginning to bleed the more she concentrated on the man and slowly his heart began to race with wide eyed terror as she forced him into a vision. Before his eyes he saw his home, a crumbling skeleton of its former self and his wife, a small round hole in her forehead against a wall with a large circle caked in blood and brain matter behind her head. His children laid pinned under slabs of stone from the collapsed ceiling next to the small remnants of a bomb in the center of the living room where they had been playing. 

Tears ran down the man's cheeks and he could only utter the only word Six understood. “No.” Six had to stop the vision, allowing it to slowly melt away and bring him back to the reality before him when the damage that had been done to her brain caused her to reach her limit. Father looked down to her and his face twisted into disgust. “Did I say to stop?” He asked once he realized the man was no longer locked in the place he had intended him to be for the rest of the interrogation. Her eyes fluttered and she almost fell off the seat as she wiped the blood pouring from her nose away and looked panicked towards Father.  

“I-I’m Sorry!” She managed to choke out but he looked to the two men in the room and grit his teeth. “Take it to surgery...” Where the last words she heard uttered from him and she was ripped from her seat by the men and dragged down the hall thrashing and screaming. As they walked past the various rooms Six knew exactly where they were when she heard the monitors beeping and doctors talking amongst themselves. The closer they got, the more fear gripped her and she screamed louder when they rounded the corner and stepped through a set of glass doors into a white room with various vital monitoring systems against the wall and a thick metallic operating table in the center. 

Six thrashed and tried to break free as they slammed her back down against the table and strapped her arms down with large, padded restraints. She felt the tears stinging her eyes, sending small rivers of tears tumbling down her cheeks as the doctors gathered around her. “How bad was it?” One asked the men who brought her. The men just snickered, “Bad enough.” The doctor turned to her and she saw the cracked smile under the mask he wore. “Well then, today you get the full treatment my dear. Let us see how much you can take.” He laughed before nodding to the others. 

Full treatment? Six was mortified. Does that mean what she thought? Soon her question was answered when the seven doctors began grabbing various utensils like they were at Disneyworld, smiles twisting under the white surgical masks as they gathered around her again. “All at once now!” The first doctor chimed and each took a place somewhere along her body, moving her gown out of their way if needed. Each of her legs was taken, each arm and one was above her head hovering the scalpel along her forehead to the scar there and the last held an eye mask towards her eyes with several needles poking out of each socket on the mask.  

The doctor began a count down and when he reached one the cutting began. Six felt them pulling back her skin at her wrists from tendons and muscle, felt a searing pain in her head as the scalpel there traced down her forehead towards her right temple. Her vision was rendered useless when the needles punctured into her eyes and held them hostage. Her blood poured from her limbs where it was freed and filled the table under her, slithering its way down holes and tubes to fill jars underneath it. The pain ripped through every inch of her body a thousand times worse than any of the single treatments had been.  

When Six heard the bone saw revving, she knew they intended to open her skull again and the pain began to feed into the fear mixed with anger at the idea of the seven of them with their scalpels and fingers in her brain, causing her to grit her teeth in agony. She balled her hands into fists and felt the power in her rise from the amount of pain, terror, and hatred she felt until she released an ear shattering scream that caused a shock-wave to emit from her, blasting the glass outwards from all the windows in the facility and quaking the earth under it until the walls buckled and beams splintered making the foundation to implode. 

The wave threw the seven doctors against the walls leaving large imprints of blood against them and their heads empty pouches of broken bone while snapping the restraints from her. Six sat up and removed the mask from her eyes, whimpering in pain as her body began to heal itself slowly, allowing her vision to be somewhat restored but still blurry. She stumbled from the operation room as the building shook violently causing her to stumble but the doors lining the walls to pop open from the shift in the frames as some walls fell. 

Six kept radiating her power, breaking the ceilings to fall and crush those coming towards her, infiltrating the minds of others to inflict the pain and torment she had endured over the years into their minds until they clawed at their eyes and blood boiled from every pore. She ran through the halls, ripping bodies in half and bursting others mosquitoes, keen on not allowing anyone to leave the facility alive if she had her way. The building was falling down around her and for once she felt the immense power she held, felt indestructible and finally in control. 

Six heard the orders crackle from a radio on a disembodied pile of innards mixed with a uniform. “Subject 006 has become uncontrollable. SHOOT ON SIGHT. I REPEAT SHOOT ON SIGHT!” She growled lowly and looked down the hall, making out Father with a group of men with guns searching for her through foggy black eyes lined in blood. Six turned and headed down the hall scattered with bodies, seeing someone cackling and causing her own mix of chaos. 

Six was still bleeding from her skin that was still pulled in places on her arms but she motioned to the other, feeling the last of the foundation break causing the hall to start crumbling around them. “THIS WAY!” She screamed over the sound of the destruction and Six stood in front of her and squeezed her eyes shut, mustering all her power to rip a tear into the floor between them, revealing a glowing scar that opened to a black abyss. The Upside Down.

08/05/2019 05:33 PM 

"She's A Broken Girl." Drabble

"Underneath she's a broken girl"http://www.roleplayer.me/1539067She doesn't know any better.

Locked away in a dark space in a cage that stunted her growth, bars almost melting into her bones and becoming one with her as they became engravings on her flesh. It was always too small, bending her neck to force her eyes down and her back forced over to feel like it may break. So, everyone lives like this?

She doesn't know any better.

She wasn’t a person, she was an object, a weapon with a serial number as all weapons had, expendable and disposable. She was nothing. She was a number on a redacted file. She didn’t deserve that much. She was told how lucky she was to be addressed as 006. So, this is a name?

She doesn't know any better.

Pain and fear were all there was in the world. Pain from the blades in her skin when it was peeled away from muscle, limbs separated and put back while crystal blue orbs sat bleeding in their sockets with needles sticking out like small pin cushions, head cracked open with the bone saw as she felt everything when they stripped away at her brain. Fear of failure, each time the punishment growing worse, fear of the pain. So, this is what it is to feel?

She doesn't know any better.

Always told she was a monster, always killing, always drenched in blood. A mindless creature doing what she was made to do, grown in a lab never once knowing anything besides the scientists and man who forced their way down her throat to make her talk for them, dance their dance and play their games. A puppet on a string hung over the fire to remind her she was made of wood as she burned. So, this is family?

She doesn't know any better.

Scars thick on her body, so many broken bones she had lost count, beating upon beating, starvation, sleep deprivation. Try harder but harder is never good enough, never safe, always waiting for the next fist in her gut, hunching over gasping for air. She must have done well today. She knows by counting each hit, no dissection today. So, this is praise?

She doesn't know any better.

Never embraced, no warmth offered to push away her fears and sadness, never comforted, never a soft touch on her shoulder when the tears wouldn’t stop pouring down her cheeks. Nothing but abuse until she was so pained nothing came out, tears replaced with blood and bruises. Don’t show weakness, it’s disgusting, monsters have no weaknesses. So, this is love?

She doesn't know any better.

All she ever wanted was to feel wanted, to feel safe, to be praised when she did something right, to be told it was okay to cry, okay to feel. To be told that she was loved, that she wasn't a monster and it was okay to not be strong, it was okay to be fragile and broken. All she wanted was to feel human. But only something faulty would find itself wanting anything, right?

She doesn't know any better.
"Puts on her best smile,"But she will always be a broken girl.

07/25/2019 03:53 PM 

A Haunting Memory

"A Haunting Memory"
He looked down at her. The frail child with skin so pale you’d think her to be a corpse. Her skin sagging against bone from being starved for so long he couldn’t even remember when the order was given. This was not real, it couldn’t be, but he knew the painful truth. The memories plaguing him night after night since he was barely able to crawl out of the rubble to safety after she was gone. Subject 006 may not be real in this place, but she once was and that was all he needed. He didn't need her standing over him, forcing him to remember. Since he left he was never free from what he had a hand in.

Like a Polaroid developing before him, he was forced to walk the same white halls of the facility that had long since become nothing more than mere ruins locked beneath the earth. Past all the empty, pristine squares they had once dragged informants to when they wished to find out the impending doom, they all knew would drop and create a mushroom cloud signaling the end.

Everything was polished, glinting in the soft buzzing of the fluorescent above that served as a reminder why he despised those lights in any setting but especially here. He was walking, the hall stretching so far out it felt without end until in front of him soft crimson foot prints stained the purity of the tiles. He followed them, wishing to stop now for he did not want to face her again. Not like this.

However, he was not in control here. He was simply part of the audience, a key character watching the role he played, and oh how well he played it. He had reached the end of the hall with a right turn but he had stopped to look at the floor beneath his leather loafers. The prints vanished into a soft, warm pool of blood and as he turned his head to look down the hallway to the right, it sat like a small creek there.

The hall was dim as the lights flickered softly, the last room on the end being his destination and he could see the darkness speckled in small bursts of light. He slipped against the slick surface, unable to keep his footing steady until he reached the door and the light died completely. He could hear the soft whimpering, the steady gasping for air between throat clenching sobbing.

The light sparked, allowing a small circle of it to fall on the figure of a child, tangled brown locks with a skeletal frame tattered in scars, her back to him as her shoulders rose and fell with pained heart break. Around them, a room full of bodies, one right after the other dismembered, disemboweled, and some almost inside out, all stacked it chaotic piles around her feet, the blood dripping from them so she stood up to her ankles in it.

A shaking hand fell onto her shoulder and gently turned her, revealing her face stained red, her arms and hands dripping as though someone stuck her into a shower and rained the blood down onto her. Tears flowed in rivers down her cheeks, clearing a path through the mess on her face and he could hear her stomach growl.

“I-I did it..I killed them all like you wanted....C-can I please eat now?” Her words fell in shattered shards of defeat into his hands, the once sure and hard headed child now nothing more then a hollow shell. Those crystal blue eyes under a thick lake of tears staring back at him, an expression emanating from the malnourished body of the girl with the tattoo 006 on her right wrist. Finally, after weeks, or had it been months? An unrelenting regime of starvation, dehydration and sleep deprivation, and they had broken her.

That innocent child looked to him pleading, a disembodied head pressed tightly against her chest as she used it for the only form of comfort she would ever know. She stared up at him with those flooding crystal hues, pleading for something, anything, just wanting someone to tell her she was doing well, to feel some form of praise, a sign of affection. Anything besides blades in her skin and needles in her eyes, anything but the constant pain and fear she was kept in. She just wanted to be told she did good, that she made someone, anyone proud.

07/23/2019 10:19 PM 

【006】Comes Out of the Upside Down(Novella Starter for ALL)

Things lurk in the dark. Monstrous things that devour flesh and inhabit bodies of the living so they do what the creatures can’t. In the dark there is a shriek that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up and your heart to slam against your rib cage. You stop breathing. You stop moving. Anything to keep them from finding you, ripping into your flesh and leaving nothing but gnawed bones and mush in piles around their home as they had done to so many who have been ripped from worlds outside their own and forced into the toxic blackness, choking for air. This place was like the opposite side of a mirror, replicating the world similar to her own but it was unending night and nothing bloomed there like life was forbidden by some force yet to be understood. 

Six had been pushed time and time again to this place but there was another that allowed her to locate a specific target, a vast emptiness on a glassy black lake where she was forced to play in the minds of others, create false memories and day dreams at the command of someone she called father. She could bend reality, make you see things that were not there, regenerate from small injuries, see small glimpses ahead in time and travel between the void and the real worlds but only if pushed to a breaking point. If she didn’t do as she was told, they cut her head open, played with her brain and shoved needles into her eyes before peeling her skin back and watching how long it took her to put herself back together. 

The only problem was that the more they cut into her brain, the more the stripped the brain stem, the stronger her powers became but also, they became more unstable as she was unable to control them perfectly like they wanted. She remembered laying on the cold metal slab with her wrists and ankles held in place by thick restraints as the man who made her, stood over her in disgust as her blood flowed from her exposed muscles down the table into a jar to be tested. “If you do not show more improvement.... I will remove the only usable piece, your brain and dispose of the husk that remains...” 

She had cried countless times, begged him to forgive her and pleaded for mercy from the agony but he offered none. The only scrap of hope he gave her was when she would break and snap the bones of innocent people like twigs, bend them in half backwards, force grown men into blubbering children by crushing their sanity, or infiltrate the minds of the degenerates off the streets, finding their deepest fear and manifesting it to torment them before raising them in the air and squeezing them like a grape, blood drenching her face consistently, leaving corpse after corpse in the morgue.  

She grew stronger than they thought she could, their biggest miscalculation being her threshold. She was forced into that room she feared, strapped to a table and slowly dissected one last time before the pain and anger that had welled up inside her erupted with an ear shattering scream, glass bursting outwards from her containment room as the foundations of the labs they had grown her in cracked and caused the beams holding the walls up to splinter into shards.  

She remembered the alarms sounding, blaring in her ears as her eyes squeezed shut and she unleashed everything she had to kill those around her, their bodies bursting into pools of blood while others felt her every horror replayed in their heads until their blood boiled out of every pore on their body while they clawed at their eyes to stop the visions she placed there. She remembered running through the crumbling halls trying to find a way out before father was sent down with a force of men, orders to kill on sight. She was twelve. 

The only place she could go was into that horrible realm where there was nothing but death and darkness. She remembered when she opened a crevice in the floor, fell down it and sealed it behind her., allowing her to step into a decaying forest with small specks like ash dancing in the air. Father had no way of getting to her now. As terrifying as the forest was it was nothing compared to what awaited her on the other side if he managed to find her, and she spent years in this place, hiding, learning of the beasts within it and how to survive.  

Six stole what she needed off of bodies she found, torn black jeans soaked in blood with slits from claws at the thighs and calf, a black tank top she had to maneuver intestines through where the fabric was torn at the abdomen just to get it off the body and sneakers that she was sure had been another color but now was a mix of blood and mud. It wasn’t the most beautiful look for her but it was better than a hospital robe, plus she couldn’t really remember when she hadn’t been covered in blood. 

She sat in the water in the place she called the void over the years when she was safe from the creatures to locate her father, watching the only person she could over and over, toying with other children, experimenting on them, trying to recreate a more powerful but controlled monster. A monster like her. Until one day his prized pet escaped and then soon after Six could not find him anymore. She wanted to go back to her old world, see what there was for her out there but the fear of not knowing where he was kept her a prisoner in the alternate reality that was the cold and dark forest. 

Now she was seventeen, she looked down at the tattoo on her wrist as she sat against a trunk of a large tree, 006, wondering if that was all she would ever be, a monster created and disposed of like a rabid dog. Just another number on a lab record, something manipulated and shaped by those who wanted a weapon or just to see how far they could go so they could fix malfunctions and start all over again with a new subject in hopes of keeping it tamed. The more she thought about everything that was done to her, the less control she had of her powers. 

Six felt the anger build up in her chest again as her teeth grinded against each other and she caused a quake to ripple out around her and break a few trees by accident, eyes widening in fear as she gave away her position to the things that lurked nearby and she quickly got to her feet and ran as fast as she could before finding remains to hide under as the thunderous stomping and chittering neared. She could hear the creature searching for her and she stayed as still as stone until it grew tired of looking and wandered away. 

She couldn’t take much more of being in this place and she had to do things to stay alive that made her stomach turn, but there wasn’t a food source for her to rely on or a shelter besides decaying bodies and leafless trees to sleep under, the town being too open for her liking. Six had felt an overwhelming shockwave radiate through the void from some sort of event weeks ago that had lessened the unseen presence of something much larger and threatening then the creatures she normally faced, like a shadow just watching her run around trying to avoid death. 

The shockwave had caused the creatures to howl loudly in agony and caused their activity to rise making it more dangerous to stay so she decided when it was as safe as it could get, she would open another crevice and return to her world. Six remained curled under the corpse she had run to for shelter and squeezed her eyes shut as the other monsters began to howl and chitter louder as they communicated with one another, echoing through the dark woods she was trapped in. 

Six had fallen asleep for a few hours before the creatures left, venturing to past the forest to places she had investigated months back, most likely heading to the unpopulated and crumbling town in search for their next kills or heading to the way they could slip into the real world. She woke up when she heard the howling echoing from a far distance and she knew it was her only chance. 

She had to focus and use all her energy to begin to open a crevice in front of her again, finding it easier to use her anger and pain from her memories to feed her power until she made a space wide enough to slip through. She hastily pulled away strands of god knows what from in front of her as she crawled through the crevice, fighting her way through it until she saw light in the sky and panicking when the howling grew louder wanting her that the creatures were on their way to her. 

Six fell from the crack and hit the ground hard but didn’t have time to worry about that as she had to close the passage she made. She got close to the crevice as it glowed a red tint, not having enough energy left to do it from far away and her nose began to bleed the more she used her power. The crevice closed slowly allowing for one of the creatures to push its head through and bite down on her right forearm. The jolt of pain made her snap into anger and the loud crunch of bones breaking mixed with a pained screeching was cut off abruptly when the head of the creature tumbled and rolled across the ground at her feet and the crevice was successfully shut. 

Her head throbbed causing her to wince as blood dripped down from her nose, ears, and poured from her arm. She was blinded by the sun, bringing her uninjured arm over her eyes as she looked up, feeling a soft breeze blow against her skin. She took a few steps, stumbling and dazed as she felt dizzy.  and her crystal blue hues fluttered shut when she passed out.

07/23/2019 10:18 PM 

"You are just like me."

The darkness hissed loudly in her ears before ripping her from her sleep to the one spot she didn't want to see again, inside herself. The Upside Down was nothing compared to the emptiness that scattered through her to her core. It had always been one of her biggest strengths as far as the Lab was concerned. If she couldn't feel anything, it would make her complacent, right?
Problem was that she had grown so used to just being nothing that when a little boy wandered into her life and relied on her, it through her whole existence out of wack. He didn't know what she was, what she had done. She thought maybe she could out run it, forget it all. The darkness that hung around though didn't want her to. Cut the head off the snake and what do you have?
Six had let it inside, lapsed a moment and it barrelled through all the walls she put up to keep the truth locked away. "Oh, you are like me." The voice danced around her happily as she sat in the void with her hands over her ears. "I am nothing like you." She whimpered, sitting with her legs to her chest as the fear engulfed her, but was only answered with a sickening cackle.
Slowly, smoke encircled her and from it came body after body. Every one she had ever massacred in bloody mounds on the floor stretching further then she could see until the blood rose, threatening to drown her in it. They began to stand, surround her and scream over each other, men, woman, and children facing her the way she left them. Mutilated corpses.

07/19/2019 09:33 PM 

"Two Can Play This Game"

Two Can Play This Game"They won't understand. No one can understand. You think I like being this way? You think I like being out of control? What do you know? You have the perfect little life. You can change what you are but not me. I am what they wanted. They wanted a monster."" You can't just stick needles in my eyes and ask me what I see. "
Six had spent so much time in the Upside Down that something has latched on to her. Sensing her powers and the fragility of her mind as something it could use, it spent its time watching from the darkness, sending out its off spring to test her every move. It gathered information on her, saw into her mind as she thrashed at night, reliving every horror that was her life in the Underground Facility.

She was too broken to tell what was real and what wasn't these days, so when she felt the prodding into her darkest fears, she took it as more memories surfacing. Six was unaware that the Mind Flayer wanted her, needed her as his pet to strengthen his take over of the real world. Rats and the few it had been able to integrate into its body were nothing in comparison to what he could gain by trapping her inside herself and controlling her powers.

What the Mind Flayer didn't count on however, was her leaving before it had even begun its crossing over to the Real World, or its downfall to Subject 011 and those she surrounded herself with. Just as soon as it had been able to gain any traction, it was destroyed, but a part of it still lingered in the shadows, heavily weakened but still able to reside in the Upside Down.

Six had found a friend, Will Byers who she could sense knew exactly of the darkness in the Upside Down she had lived in for so long. Someone she became protective over. The Mind Flayer did not like the two being so close as it had plans for Will, but first it would have to deal with Six.

It watched, waited patiently for some break in the girls walls and once found, it striked to hit her where it hurt the most. Six had fallen asleep in the woods outside Will's house, tossing and turning as her night terrors danced with her again but then she was standing in the Upside Down, looking at the flashed of light scatter the sky and reveal the Mind Flayer towering over her. "No! You aren't here!"

The Mind Flayer seemed to laugh as its tendrils wrapped around her arms and legs before she could do anything to stop it. It raised her, and she felt the fear and panic clenching her chest as she stared up at it. "Succumb." It growled but Six refused and as soon as she did the Mind Flayer rammed it's tendrils into the sides of her head, causing her to scream as it tripled her pain and suffering, implanting its own plan for her into her mind.

Six saw Will's body, she saw the town of Hawkins in flames and the world crumbling around her. She saw what was to come if the Mind Flayer got its way, saw herself murdering the people she wanted to protect the most. Six growled low and from her hands came a crushing force snapped the tendrils away from her head.

"You think you are the only thing that can see into others?" She snarled before her eyes started to go black with blood around her pupils and suddenly she forced her way into the Mind Flayer, exposing its downfall, replaying its defeat over and over and finally what it feared most of all, death.

The Mind Flayer screeched in pain as a shockwave was released from Six, causing its tendrils that held her to burst and drop her. Six was going to show it why threatening those she cared about was a poor choice. She did not run, did not fear it. She simply stood her ground and snarled, "Two can play this game." .

"Just stay away from me. You will live longer that way ""I am unstable, unpredictable, and out of control. Do you know math? What does that add up to? Destruction and death. I will break everything that is close to me. I will hurt anyone who is not miles away. I will kill everyone. Do you really want that?"


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