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09/10/2019 10:38 PM 

Kitsune Demon

Evanna was part of a powerful Kitsune village. However it was plundered and her people killed because a rumor started all kitsune could grant a person immortality. Truth was thisbwas a special gift and she only knew one to have it but he died centuries ago.  She was however still she was hunted and persecuted believed to have the gift no matter who she told she didnt have that gift. 

After yet another run in with a group of hunters sent after her she is badly injured and willing to die right there in the woods where she lay in her fox form. As she lay there she heard footsteps of a lone being.  She sighed not even able to die in peace.  YC tells her to live and tends to her wounds. Moved by his kindness she devotes herself to him even transforming into her human form, having the ability to shapeshift. 

In addition to shapeshifting she has the ability of illusions, seduction, control over nature, enhanced sense of smell, sight, bite hearing, speed, stamina, endurance, strength, durability. While her kind was known for mischief and trickery, so many years on the run in survival mode dulled that aspect of her personality. She has the ability of claw retraction, fox fire, flight, possession, insanity enducement, life absorption,  dream manipulation, nature and plant manipulation, her specialty in elemental manipulation. She hasnt quite earned immortality or lunar manipulation. She has a great fear of dogs as they can detect her true form and what she is. Her reflection always shows her 9 tails. She is prone to insanity and being consumed and driven to i sa ity by negative emotions. 

Aware of her shortcomings she is calm by nature. A bit emotional. She takes on more of a friend, guide, lover, and wife role.

08/24/2019 02:57 PM 

Vampire 2.

Princess Evanna was a young vampire when she fell in love. Her father however forbid the match. Willing to abandon the life she knew, the comforts, a wedding was planned in secret. For her and her beloved. Learning of the wedding her father killed all who helped the young coupke leaving the grooms body to be found by the young bride. So distraught she put herself into a deep, deep sleep. 

She slept for centuries not moving at all showing no signs she was even alive except she did not rot. Found in a glass coffin and presumed to be a very well perserved specimin she was transported around and kept in dark rooms for onlookers to view her body in an elegant black gown of the time she started her slumber she waited for the day she would feel the pull of her heart once more when her beloved would be reborn. For the longest time she had been well protected till it seemed she became a myth even among her own people. 

Stubborn, dry sense of humor, a hopeless romantic, determined, and ever kind for a vampire. 

08/18/2019 02:15 PM 

Goddess/mermaid character.

She is the goddess Senda. She rules over the sea and all creaturs who dewll within. Depicted as a beautiful mermaid in the ocean and on land an ugly hag. Betrayed by a male of the land she chooses to be an ugly hag to avoid their lies and decet. If a male sees her in her merform and offends her she does don her hag form on land to Devour their soul by looking upon her face and striking them dead. 

She distrusts all in the male human form as when she was much younger and still went by Senda she fell in love with a man of the human form but on the dark night of a new moon he betrayed her. An attempt to kill and sell her she devoured his soul striking him dead. From that day on she chose the ugly hag form if ever she had to visit land. 

She distrusts all male species of land and her favorite thing to do is sing under the full moon to any who hear her song. 

Something has been missing since she first felt love. Can you break down her walls and love her and earn her love? I wish you luck.

08/08/2019 03:20 PM 

Affair line

After dating for 3 years Evy married her at the time boyfriend Ryan. He was a manipulative control freak and after 6 years of marriage she wasnt even sure she loved him anymore. He didnt pick up after himself. Doing the laundry meant washing drying and leaving on the floor. She was cobstabtly pickibg up trash from their room.he openly complained and made fun of her family. Not wanting to do anything after work but play his video games.  She maintained the house and worked 40+ hours a week. 

She lost contact with all of her friends and became someone she felt she wasnt and could hardly recognize. He didnt seem to understand that while one day she wanted to have her own home and children and possibly a farm that she was happy in their small apartment. Their sex life was practically non existant. And if he wanted to and she just wasnt feeling it he would ger upset. 

Evy wasnt sure she was happy and felt guilty for it. That was when James((YC name is negotiable.)) Came into her life. He became her best friend and she finally found a small piece of happiness once again and the yoga instructor felt like herself around him and sometimes she would pleasure herself thinking not of her husband but of james.

One drunken night they connect and Evy feels more alive and happy than shes ever felt. But can she break things off with her husband? 

08/04/2019 03:41 PM 

Untitled line

Evanna Cathleen Anissa Brennan is the only child of the king and queen of her country. Raised to be perfection personafied from singing, dancing, edicit, sewing, smiling, laughing, tone of voice, appearance, piano playing, horseback riding. Everything she did was expected to be pure and chaste even her thoughts. 

She was not permitted to see any man nor any man was allowed to lay eyes upon her. Even her own father wasnt allowed to be alone with her. Her only friend was her cat. All the palace staff was even female, taking no chances to impure her thoughts. 

Evanna was miserable though. She wanted to be able to make a mistake and learn about herself.  To experience a genuine feeling about something instead of being told how to act. 

Uable to take any more she escaped the palace and made her way into the nearby woods in her mothers black cloak. Running as fast as she could trying to put as much distabce between herself and everything she knew.  Hearing the howl of the dogs ready to sniff her out faintly in the distance, Evy lost her footing and fell hitting her head, knocking herself out.

Wheb she woke up she foubd herself in a strange place. YC's home.

YC can be any species you like.  Human, vampire, werewolf, god, anything. Though it it is preferred that while kind appears cruel pushing everyone he comes in contact with away because he sees himself as a monster. This can be because of what he is or becauae as a child Something happened and he blames himself for the death of others. Its your character so you if course decide. This is just ideas.

07/30/2019 03:41 PM 

Vampire Line

We grew up together, Viggo and I, many cebturies ago. As we grew from children to young adults Viggo felt I owed it to him to be with him forever in love, yet I did not love him in that manner. To me he was a cherushed brother. One I always dreamed of having. When he proposed marriage and I declined the strain upon our relationship was palpable to say the least. So much so that when Lionel came into my life and stole my heart he became violent. Very violent. Insisting Lionel was a vampire here to end my life. 

But he was only partially right. Already hundreds of years old with the face of someone much younger, that had initially been his plan, but instead loved me alone and none other. 

The first time Viggo killed me was the night after Lionel and I wed. Lionel waited years to find me again, and in each life he would find me and Viggo would end my life at some point or another. But always before lionel could change me. Make me immortal as he was. Sometimes as i carried a child inside me. 

It is moddern day Viggo and I are eating lunch when Lionel finds me. Will he capture my heart once again? Change me before Viggo takes my life once more? Will he simply kill Viggo before he has the chance? Perhaps viggo chains me in his basement and lives out the life he feels we should have? Pick your role and lets see what happens. 

07/22/2019 01:33 PM 

Werewolf Line

The rare white wolf was legend among the tribe. Destined to unite the clans with the rare black wolf. And so when the time came for someones first transformation it was a big spectical. Happening between the ages of 13 and 18 it was an exciting and troubling time for young adults in werewolves tribes.

Evy was born to the chieftain of her tribe however at age 22 she yad yet to transform. Many believed she was cursed and avided her and her blood red hair. 

She is shy, soft spoken, but raised to be the next chieftain bride, and while many were eager to try themselves as chieftain they were equalky unenthused with Evy. She preferred fruit, vegetables, and nuts to the taste of meat, though she loved nature. 

On the night of a new moon, instead of the full moon, as she took a stroll it happened. Her blood curdling screams filled the air, never had she made a noise so loud or piercing. The whole tribe ran to see what was the matter as her bones broke loudly as she finally had her first transformation. Looking at her tibe in her new form her bright blue piercing eyes noticed them all wide eyed with mouths agap. She thought it was because she finally had her transformation, but it was in fact because her fur was snow white just as the legends foretold.  There was grumbling in jealousy from a few.

Normally the shy woman would habe shrunk but instead something seemed to change in her. She craved meet for the first time and she could care less of the others opinion of her.  Jumping on the table eating several portions of meat she went to get a drink and thats when she noticed herself she was the wolf of legend. It was time to send word to the other tibes.

Little did Evy or anyone know but a similar transformation was happening to YC(im just going to call him Caleb), Caleb.  The two destined mates born. (Age prefferred to be between 22 and 28). 

When word is recieved by all clans of both transformations of the pure white and the pitch black the all agreed to meet at a neutral spot. Evy however was nervous to meet Caleb as she knew nothing of him or even if they would get along. 

07/20/2019 10:55 PM 

Angels Line

**Please note: The male counterpart and parts of the story can be discussed**

For as long as most cant remember there has been a battle between good and evil. Treaties signed, broken, and signed again. Evy is an Angel. A warrior for good. She is a skilled fighter with the ability of premonitions(similar to that of pheobe from charmed). Angels however when they are slain in battle dont die, but instead are forced to live out life on earth without their memories. The longer you live in earth the longer and more difficult it is for your memories to return.

This happened to Evanna, aka Evy. She has been on Earth for three years working as a waitress in a remote ski town with her cat' Maggie. Maggie acts as a familiar between herself, her partner, brother, and sister in law. She acts as a becon so the others with their memory can find the one without. 

Her brother Michael aka Mike and his soon to be fiancee, Tess, come into her establisbment of work to see if shes ready to be awakened. Not every Angel has abilities. Mike doesn't. Tess however has the ability to control feelings(similar to Jasper from Twilight). 

Unable to handle another disappointment YC(for now i will call him Jesse, this name is 100% negotiable.) Jesse stays behind at the groups temporary home. However wheb called upon he arrives and they all see it is time for another attempt to resurrect Evy's memories. A delicate process to be startrd slowly, Jesse abd Evy 'start' to date. 

About 4 months in of her getting to know the trio and them 'getting to know' Evy, there is a demon attack at the trios place during dinner. Unable to ease her back into her memories after defeating the demons she is told everything.

How she is an angel, fighter, how this particular war was due to her mother not marrying a demon who now wishes to marry Evy in her stead. Evy begins training though her memories havent really returned. When attacked again a couple weeks later Jesse is the one who lost the battle. Desperate Evy ubdergoes a ritual to fully restore her memories. While it works it restores large chunks in random segments. 

A week later they locate Jesse. Anf three days later Evy needs to see him. Make sure he is okay as they learned the demon who wants evy sent a minion to date Jesse. However suspecting Something was up he is at the library. Hiding she watches Jesse pour over books. However her aura lights up and scares him away.

Terrified and defeated she goes and tells the other two what happened. While being chastized for losing him and making them waste time on locating the members of their 'pod' and making it take longer there is a knock on the door. Its Jesse with his memories. 

Working together for a peaceful life, the preservation of humans and the world they fight in the wars. Finally when this war isbwon and peace is restored they can live normally, least for a while.

**willing to jump in at any point in this story, male left very open for your contribution of the line))

07/20/2019 10:45 PM 

Stranger Things Vibe Line - FILLED

Evanna Abigail Higgins

At the young age of 6 years old Evanna, her mother, father and grandmother moved from Ireland over to the states settling in to Ellsberry, Ohio where she met Lucas(your character). Her dark chrimson head of wild hair and heavy Irish accent, Lucas and Evy became inseparable. This bond only deepening over the course of the following 8 years. If there was a school function, they did it together. Their parents woukd tease them about getting married and while both would thuroughly be emvarrassrd neither of them would dent it. A secret wish, made deep in their young hearts.  

At the ripe young age of 14, in typical fashion young Lucas was doing something dangerous to catch the redheads attntion, hurt himself and needed to be taken to the hospital but this led to a series of visits so much that they didnt seem much of one another. 

Growing up they seemed to develop a sense forbone another. If they were hurt or if they were okay, so when Lucas' parents came to tell her Lucas had an accident and passed away she didnt believe it. She still felt him. 

After the funeral she cut herself off from everyone not believing in his death till Lucas's Father gave her parents a ride to a social event but on the way crashed and all three were killed two short years later.

It was then that she startrd dying her hair blonde, lost her accent and going by Abi. Not a living soul aside from her grandmother was allowed to call her Evy anymore.  

By the age of 18 she was left all alone as her grandmother passed away. She only had Lucas' mother but the loss of her family seemed to make her go crazy.

Ten years after Lucas had 'died', now 24 Evy was a yoga instructor and made decent money living in the same house pretending for all she was happy. She could make conversation with anyone but no one knew a thing about her or her past. And on the tenth anniversary of Lucas being gone as she made her way home there was a commotion next door.

Who should be on the neighbors stoop but a taller, skiny man who looked and felt like lucas. The man she dreamt of every night since ge supposedly died. 

Lucas Roman Grey((Your character, Bill Skarsgard pb preferred but am open to names and faces with discussion. Comperable to a more powerful El.))

After yet another attempt to impress Evy Lucas finds himself in the hospital, butbwhat should have been an in and out thing he finds himself going to Dr after Dr and before he knows it he is taken from his life and family. Tortured in unspeakable ways because he can do things others cant. Beaten, mentally and physically abused, lucas tries to fight and escape. A hatred for the men and women working for what he calls The Institute he does learn to hone and control all the gifts he has. 

While never uttering a word about it one thung keeps him going. The redhead best friend of his who held his heart. He had to keep her safe. Controlling electronics, electricity, and the waves around him, turned into a killer for the government, Lucas, resentful and afraid manages to escape. Easilly stealing what he needed, money from the ATM of a nearby town he purchased a computer, clothes, and food. The soft material of actual clothes bringing him so much pleasure. Drawn to the place he once lived, unaware his mother was in a home for the mentally unstable and father gone the angry fat man standing in his doorway was an intruder. Then after dreaming of her every night he felt her presence and the anger building ready to eliminate the man before him vanished. Would Evy believe all that had happened to him? Accept it was him? How would Lucas react hearing what happened when he was taken away.  What will they do as The institute actively hunts him?

**Please note that Lucas isnt as filled in and decidef upon because he is your character. I can offer more information of my vision of him upon request.**

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