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July 25th, 2019

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July 11, 2019



07/12/2019 01:17 PM 

Taken Roles

1. Mistress of All Evil aka Maleficent

2. Shock Boogie (Nightmare Before Christmas)

3. Kaa the Snake 

07/11/2019 03:38 PM 

Audition Form (send in a message)

1. Which Disney Villain are you auditioning for?

2. How often can you be online and have you been in a group before?

3. There are random activity checks will you be able to handle these?

4. This is a mature and dark themed group 21 and above. Can you handle dark themes?

5. List a few traits about the Villain you are auditioning for?

6. If you don't get this role is there someone else you would rather have?

7. If we make a Line/Discord would you be willing to make one?

8. Send us a 4-5 paragraph sample of your writing in the point of view of the character you are auditioning for.

07/11/2019 03:22 PM 


1. No drama allowed unless in the storyline! This is a very dark and mature Disney group based on the Villains and their minions. OOC drama will not be tolorated and if you feel like you have been bullied, a screenshot or some sort of proof will need to be sent to the main page and the owners will decide the fate of the situation.

2. There is a blog posted with a poster of some of Disney's beloved villains. These are just some ideas and if there's someone else you would like to use just let us know and we will gladly consider it. Playbys are semi negotiable, but remember this is a Villains group and we want to stick to the actual character as much as possible. 

3. Activity checks will be mandatory and if there's a reason why you cannot complete them on time just  message us and let us know otherwise the role will be re-opened and you will have to re-audition to get it back. (if you have read this far sign these with a quote from your favorite villain)

4. RL always comes first all we ask is if you have to go on hiatus please message us and let us know so we can keep your role open! You are also allowed to have more than one page in the group just not from the same film as we want to be fair and give everyone a chance to get their favorite character.

5. Pages must be neat and organized I will be adding a co-owner to help with layouts and graphics and such as I am not so great at these things if you have experience please let me know.  A Discord or Line will be made as well would you be willing to make one? ( When you sign these rules list your favorite Disney film as well)

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07/11/2019 03:18 PM 

So good to be so bad!

07/11/2019 03:13 PM 

Roles available (just a few ideas)
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