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07/11/2019 11:53 PM 

Mick's Rules.

They suck.
Usually a thing that a tiny weasel Englishman in trench coat would do.
These are kinda like guidelines or a FAQ page now. 
Just read them fully is all I ask.

One.) How I write Mick: This is probably going to be the most FAQ here. So here's to the point. I write him as shown on the CW DC television series, the Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. He's now an antihero. Though, I don't mind writing him when he was a villain. Whatever the storyline goes for, I'm game.

Two.) Storylines: I accept pretty much all kinds of stories. As stated above, I don't mind writing Mick as a villain, his alter ego, Chronos, or as he is now an antihero. I accept all kinds of crossovers as well since the Waverider can go almost anywhere. 

Three.) Literacy Required: This one is pretty obvious. I Don't write with anyone under multi-paragraph style writing. Most of my comments are usually above 1500 words to about 2000 words range. I can do smaller, if you wish and normally do that after the starter is sent. I write in third person format, but don't request you do the same.

Four.) Mature Content: Legends of Tomorrow is for the most part, a show for adults as is most of the DC Arrow verse shows. So will be my writing. Dark themes apply. If you don't like it, write with someone who is boring. Sexual content may happen in my writing, though if needed, we can always skip past that part since it's tedious to write out. That's not what I'm here for anyways.

Five.) Love Interests: Mick is pretty picky when it comes to love, as am I for love interests. It may or not happen, depending on the story. I don't really ship Mick with anyone, either. Though I do write him as a heterosexual male. Though he is very open minded when it comes to love. Loving aliens or creatures not even human. If the storyline is good enough, it will happen, if not, oh well.

Six.) Drama: There will be no need for drama here. Unwanted drama is one way ticket off my friend list which you won't be allowed back on. It's pretty challenging to be deleted from my friend list, but this is a sure easy way to do so. Let's not act like children, please, act like an adult and treat others the way you'd like to be treated in real life.

Seven.) Time: I am not the fastest responder on here, I'll be the first to admit that. Give me time with comments, replies, starters, all of that sort of thing and will be fine. How much time you ask? As much time as you think a person would need. Everything will try and be returned/sent out as soon as possible, but I can't always make those promises, because of life getting the way of things and keeping me from being on here. Just be patient, is all I ask.

Eight.) Where I do my writing: In comments, discord and on group pages. That's where I'll do my writing. Never in messages. That is reserved for out of character talk only after the initial greeting comment is sent.

That's all I can think of for now.
Include with a gif you find randomly on google by typing in the words "random gif."
Do not put read and understood.
Rather also include a fun fact about your character.
Now, let's get a storyline going!
What are you waiting for?
Go, go, go!
-Mick Rory
Heat Wave

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