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Alexander's story [SHORT]

Childhood and Teenage years

Alexander Benjamin Coates was born to June and Wade Coates in Downtown Brooklyn, New York. His mother, an attorney and his father, owner of a local restaurant. His parents couldn't have been any more different, meaning they had to make quite a few compromises when it came to raising their child. June wished for Alexander to have a bright future by studying, Wade was more laid back in that regard and wished for Alex to find out what he wanted himself. Alexander, often called Alec by his mother and Ander by his father, grew up to be a creative, smart and open minded kid due to his parents' many differences. From an early age, Alex helped out in the kitchen of his father's restaurant. This didn't last forever, cause in his teen years he decided to take steps towards his mother's lane. If he felt like it he could fill hours on end reading jurisdiction or psychology (human behaviour in special) based topics.

Life was going great for the young man and his family until terror struck when Alexander had recently turned 15. His mother had won a case, resulting in a serial killer and rapist to be locked away for many, many years. The police failed to notice that the man had a partner who didn't take this news too well. In the following days, his mother got brutally murdered, eventually found by Alexander himself after coming home early from school. Brutal meaning truly brutal, he could only recognize her because of some distinct features that weren't touched. Despite the horror the father and son went through, Alexander’s dad could keep up pretty well and made sure to be there for his son. It's still a surprise to many how tight their bond grew in this time. Many times, parent and child grow apart due to coping in different ways - But that wasn't the case with them. To this very day, Alex is very close to his father and helps out in his restaurant every now and then as quality time. But despite his father's support, Alexander didn't know how to cope with his mother's death - followed by finding her - very well. The thing is, it didn't cause him to act any differently as it all happened in his head. Blaming himself, replaying the events, slowly becoming engulfed by it. It didn't help when the murderer wasn’t found - and still hasn't been found to this very day. Only a few select people know about this part of his life.

Shortly afterwards, Alexander who decided to go by Alec to honor his mother, decided he wanted to follow in his mother’s footsteps. Yet he wanted to be the one to catch them instead of being the prosecutor, to avoid mistakes such as the one made with his mother, to occur again. 

Despite dealing with hardships regarding his mother's death, Alexander managed to do alright in school. After finishing High School, Alexander studied at Brooklyn Law School and specialized in Criminal Law alongside an Honors program regarding Behavioural Research. In this sea of time, not once has he sought help for his traumatic experiences. His father suspects this is because Alexander blames himself, despite having nothing to do with it, for his mother's death and believes he deserves to suffer. Alexander himself simply doesn't see the need for it, and claims that guilt isn't involved.

After his studies, Alexander ended up at the Brooklyn Police Department as a Junior Detective. He got promoted to Head Detective after 2 years, starting to develop his own style and specialized areas. At the start of his promotion, he was paired to a Special Agent of the FBI who was looking into several committed murders in the area, which she suspected were committed by the same unsub. After tackling the exceptionally hard case, he was told that if he wanted to, Alex could climb up all the way to the FBI if he would be willing to take some courses. This because he hadn't gone to the Police Academy, and hadn't studied Psychology as a full study. He agreed and after finishing several courses, mental and physical alike, Alexander was taken in as a supportive agent.

Going on field jobs with Special Agents, sorting files and by delivering semi-advanced profiles based on his views. Eventually Alexander grew in his role as a supportive agent and started to specialize on several areas. Hate crimes and sexual abuse were the ones Alexander dealt most with, and so he became especially good at solving, alongside victim advocating. Getting more experience, and better at his job, Alexander was eventually offered a job as a Special Agent, no longer as a supportive agent. Naturally, he was thrilled and immediately took his chance. He still hasn't regretted that decision and works for the FBI to this very day. [Function, (other) specialisations and such are up for discussion when placed in a roleplay]

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Laws, Guide and Other Info.

I know it seems bad, but it's really not. I think.



One. If you request/add me, I assume you’ve read and agreed to the rules below.

Two. I will only accept people aged over 18 due to darker, triggering themes.

Three. I won’t urge you to reply. But if you’ve been online and haven’t replied in a week, I will shoot you a message to check up on you. If you don’t reply in the following week, you’ll be deleted. (Unless your absence is stated or you haven’t been online, of course!)

Four. Please do not urge/spam for me to reply. I will get to you as soon as I can. I try to reply once every two to four days, depending on my schedule. If I haven’t replied in a few days, feel free to send me a nudge though! If I cannot reply within this timeframe, I’ll post a status.

Five. No racism, sexism, homophobia or whatsoever is allowed on this page.

Six. If you have a problem with me, my writing or the plot, please don’t be afraid to talk to me about it!


Roleplay guide.

One. Despite this being an OC, I am willing to put him into any fandom as long as it fits, and I'm familiar with it.

Two. I wish to plot before starting a roleplay. Don’t have ideas? No worries, we’ll come up with something together.

Three. I prefer lengthy replies and am a sucker for details. I don’t do roleplays containing less than a reasonable sized paragraph, I simply don’t have the creativity in me to work with that. My bad.

Four. Due to darker themes in the show, my roleplays will have a fair share of this as well. Blood, gore and possibly triggering themes included. I am, however, not okay with subjects containing: minors, animals and sexual abuse. (Note: Mentions on these are fine if to state a crime, but no details). Please inform me of any triggers and limits you may have.

Five. This is a single ship account and in a relationship. Meaning I won't be involving any romance.

Six. Please do not control my character unless discussed. If absolutely neccessary, small actions only.

Seven. Aside from the original form of roleplaying; I am also open to status roleplays, drabbles/short stories.



Other | Admin


One. I use this || or // to talk OOC.

Two. Timezone is CEST (Central European Summer Time), please keep this in mind.

Three. Admin is a 20 year old gal from North-Western Europe.

Four. I will probably display as online 24/7 due to being logged in on my phone all the time.

Five. Second account: (Derek Morgan > Criminal Minds)


Please let me know that you’ve read (and agreed to) these by giving a comment or shooting me a message about it. Cheers!

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