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July 18th, 2019

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July 05, 2019



07/10/2019 05:16 PM 

About what I went through

As many of you have heard I wasn't just bullied on village but it was revenge over my faults. They (The people) thought blocking and staking were the same thing. when they aren't blocking is where you block someone from message you or contacting you. Staking is where you are looking their page to see what they are doing or following them around.  And they even said "You write for Sh*T" Which is why my writing isn't at its best. I feel like it why put my heart and soul into a story when they think so bad of me. The worst part of the whole thing then never cared to stop it I'm not comfortable on Tavern or here because of this I'm not going to leave any site but I just want to post this and show people how hurt this has made me  feel. I feel like no one cares about me wants me out of this world and want me to go to hell. 

I know a lot of people who added me on discord from village don't believe the pack of lies those people said about me. others believe those pack of lies about me. I want to make friends write and be happy but i know that will never happen for me. I was told I'm dating my brother funny my brother is married and my bonus brother is also married and my step-brother is in IL and my best friend who is like a brother to me helped me fake a relationship to make those people happy. I am dating wonderful guy named Aaron who i think looks like Chuckie Finster from the Rugrats. I was told how to praise god and I was breaking his rules in the bible there is no rules that i am breaking these people are Nemo, Covro and Dain please be careful if you add them or used to write them or want to add them they will come after you something bad. 

I saw the movie passion of the Christ I also used to go bible study it ended May 28 2019.  I will be working on my Mitli para writing i will try to get to Novella because i love to write and miss being happy writing. Thank you to all of the people who stood by me through all this who helped through my hard times and told me i am worth they time and they care about me i am not going to let them the one guy who owns 3 pages control my life and my writing and tell me who to do things and by the way praising god is something you should be able to do on you own by yourself and not be told how to do it. 

Dizzy Olivia-Rose Teller (Arabian Night)

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