Patrick James Pierce IV

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February 19th, 2020

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June 20, 2019



10/08/2019 08:01 PM 

RP Samples

A series of SLs I played or and currently playing to give an Idea of what sort of starters and style I offer. 

08/13/2019 09:13 PM 

Storyline Ideas

The Dame - (Female)

A mistress to the World's elite is a precarious business not only is she ensuring her clientele is satisfied she is overseeing and squeezing every ounce of Intel she can out of her employees so she can ensure her safety, and place within the hierarchy of egos, and powers. Let her get in over her head and require the help of a man like Patrick, let her try to manipulate Patrick with her girls or herself, let Patrick have let his demons too much room during a session with one of her girls and the poor girl died now she has to deal with the situation.

The War Criminal- (Male or Female)

In a world of Geneva Conventions and Crimes Against Humanity often times a Commander during wartime's decisions can come back to haunt them... Such is the case here.

After the conflict ended and the eyes of UN fell on the various actions this commander did in order to attain victory, or survival a international warrant has been issued. The EU, The US, and most western nations now look to extradite the commander for their actions including Mass Executions, Torture, Rape, Pillaging, Unlawful Massacres, and Forced Enslavement.....

But Skill and Tactical Brilliance are often their own rewards and being a soldier of fortune has proven lucrative and enduring with various powerful factions trying to obtain the services of the Commander among them Pierce Inc.

The Arms Dealer- (Female)

With Terror now going even deeper underground than ever before and Israel being the constant target of ire and vengeance from most of these organizations the Mossad have in turn gone underground with their own Intel and counter terrorism cells.

The daughter of a dishonored Israeli General now uses the cover of dirty former agent to transport weapons, explosives, ammunition, and miscellaneous armaments around the world using her familiar connects through Russia, the US, various EU depots, and Israel itself to obtain these weapons supplying Despotic Regimes, Fanatical Paramilitary organizations, and the private armies of the elite... Including Pierce Inc.

Terrorist(s) for Hire- (Male, Female, or Siblings of any Gender) 

Some can say Terror is a family business.... Russian, South American, Irish, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and beyond... All have had their share of home grown terrorists fighting against various regimes and organizations for various reasons.... But what happens if the Terrorists win? Or if they lose? Or if they simply retire.

Such is the case here. The child or children of an infamous Terrorist having grown up under the militant fanaticism of their father now stand at the forefront of the fight.... Except their father's fight is not theirs and they now seek to use the skills cultivated from childhood and their famous linage to enrich themselves into a lifestyle they always wanted.

Why blow things up and kill for a cause when you can do it to get rich?!... Pierce Inc is always in need of such people.

Street King/Queen- (Male or Female) 

Cities often find themselves to have levels of criminal. From the high end killer elite, to the low level petty thug... Typically the upper echelon have people they work with or for in which to serve as coordinators and handlers... The dregs on the other-hand live by the law of the jungle.

But if one of the toughest, smartest, baddest of the bunch gained a benefactor in order to control all the scum and bid them when necessary to certain tasks then such a person could become in their own version a King or Queen of Scum.

When petty crime, or random acts of violence are needed to be done by people to ensure it looked like amateurs and not well paid hit-men then such a person would be useful. When Intel from the streets that might go unheard in the lofty towers of the powers that be such a person would be critical...

And so Pierce Inc could find use for an ear to the ground, and Overseer of the Unwashed Masses.

Despot's Daughter- (Female) 

When your father is the Dictator of a nation under severe sanction from the UN, and every civilized nation in the world very few people will want to do business with you.... But when you are beautiful, cultured, educated, seductive and irresistible some might invite you to their room for some "Off the books discussion"...

She had been trained by the finest tutors in the world to speak countless languages, dance all forms of dance from Ballet to the Lambada, she can eat with royalty, and dress in the finest designers... She is the perfect debutante of a Despotic Nation... But... She had also been shown how to infiltrate, assassinate, Interrogate, seduce and influence, blackmail, and exhort some of the most powerful men and women of the world.

Pierce Inc would no doubt have some use for an off the books relationship with such a woman and her family. 

The Queenfish - (Female)

Huey "The Kingfish" Long was a Louisiana Politician well on his way to prominence and power before his life was taken in an assassination... A demagogue of the highest order with a Cult of Personality, and Charisma that enthralled his constitutes. A man who's abuse of his power made him rich, made him famous and made him feared.

Instead of following in the famous family footsteps and becoming another Long to Govern Louisiana she instead took a more indirect approach mimicking her famous Kingfish Great Grandaddy's second career. Becoming the person in the shadows of those in power.... Using her name, connections, and charisma she now becomes the be all end all in the Old South... Representatives, Senators, Governors, DA's, Mayors, anyone who is anyone seeks her support and approval.

This proxy grants her influence in all aspects of life, with one lingering motto spoken in whispers to her friends and foes alike.. "Bow to the Queen.".

Patrick is a King of the West with eyes on Dixie... Time for the King and Queen to meet. 

The Fashionista (Female)

Patrick's sister Madison was fickle and aloof at best... A modern day debutante she often started projects and left them as quickly as she started... One project she stuck around for longer than usual was a Designer Brand... Going so far as to spend several years using her unquestionably chic fashion tastes to create a series of lines that launched her company to the top of the high fashion world... M9 Fashion was born and soared within months of conception.

With boutiques across the world clamoring for her designs and fresh faced models signed to exclusive M9 contracts the brand only grew more in demand.... Only to have Madison lose interest and leave the company to Patrick who was anything but fashion conscious... or even interested in anything besides undressing the contracted models of the designs.

When the call went out every Fashion Designer that hungered for stardom came running. Now there is a que take over M9 and become the new "It" designer in the world. With massive funding, and a established name for style people will jump at the chance to take over.

Prima Ballerina Assoluta (Female) 

The world of Ballet is as cut throat as it is elegant. With a finite number of dance companies that are ever shrinking due to the lack of attendance and focus within the art form. Every young hungry dancer looking to rise to the top position of the company.

One such dancer sees that the politics of dance plays as much a part as the skills. It doesn't matter if she is the best, most graceful, focused, driven, and skilled dancer... It only matters if the Artistic Director, and other retired powers of the company liked you personally... Which usually meant favors of a sexual nature.

She did whatever she had to do to rise from the Corps to becoming a soloist to understudy to the Principal... Sadly she never could rise beyond and remained on the verge... Now she sees that to play that game is beyond her desires... She will instead become the game.

Now she looks to start her own company around her from the ground up and show the world her talent... But to do that she needs a Patron... Someone with enough money, and influence to both fund and market her shows.. Someone like Pierce Inc's Entertainment Ventures. 

Her ultimate goal to become the first ever American Prima Ballerina Assoluta.. The Title of Greatest Dancer of her Era.

To achieve her goals she will do whatever it takes... As a Ballerina she is quite flexible able to bend over backwards to get the Patron she needs.

The Lolita - (Female)

The Pierce Family has had servants come and go out of Pierce Manor. Only one face has remained consistent through the years. The Butler Reginald Fairfield. Having started serving under Patrick's grandfather when he was still a teenager the man has spent over 40 years in the service of the Family keeping their secrets. He practically raised Patrick himself.

The man put his children through college via the coffers of the Pierce Family and now as his Daughter comes home from her first year her purpose is upon her. Since her birth she was groomed by the Pierce family and her father to be a perfect little plaything. Her mother chosen for her bone structure, surgery given to ensure she kept almost a eternally youthful look for the rest of her days. 

Now in the full bloom of womanhood she is ready to be trained to become a Lolita for Patrick. A Lure to the lecherous men who like barely legal, potentially under-aged girls. Someone that can keep them happy, ply them to a certain point of view subtly, keep them up all night in the throws of passion so that the next morning at the negotiating table they are distracted or utterly exhausted.

She will need to please some of the most vulgar, violent, and disgusting elderly perverts in the world, and look like she loves every second of it.

But first she will need to be trained.

The Protester - (Female)

The Pierce Family were funders and supporters of the Trump Campaign and now benefit from their support of the Administration. Among other things they have gotten multiple Oil Pipeline Projects fast tracked and approved through the EPA, and Department of Land Development, a bureaucracy the Obama Administration used to stymie their various projects. Now with the Wall and Infrastructure Bills on the agenda for the coming Year Pierce Inc has taken center stage as major players in both Trillion Dollar Projects. 

This of course has drawn the Ire of every left leaning Environmentalist, Socialist, and Political Activist organization. They picket Pierce Tower, and Pierce Inc jobs nationwide, they try to stop all commerce, verbally and in some cases physically attack Pierce employees, and have countless petitions, and litigation pressed against the company.

One lovely young activist has through a stroke of Luck, and Timing been able to infiltrate Pierce Tower and make it all the way to the Secure penthouse office of Patrick James Pierce IV. She is now going to give him a piece of her mind and more....

Alas the poor fool doesn't know she just jumped into the Lion's Den.... But she will find out.

The Federal Agent- (Female)

Pierce Inc is always under some form of investigation be it from an IRS audit, a SEC Investigation, FBI Surveillance, DEA, NSA, ATF, Interpol... The List goes on and on.

So when a Junior Agent (of any of these organizations) is assigned as assistant to the Agent spearheading the whole project she is over the moon... What few know of the young lady is she slips away at night and to blow off steam is a submissive at various Sex Clubs which being a Agent allows her the ability to travel too.

While on her first weekend before the Investigation is to begin she visits on in Los Angeles and is subject to the attention to the masked Alpha Dom of the club for the night.... Oblivious that the entire night she is being used, and abused in the most delicious ways by the man she is investigating and set to meet the next morning.

Only during that meeting after her boss is escorted away is she informed in the massive breach in protocol and how she has jeopardized her entire 18 months of investigation. But of course Patrick would never let such an opportunity slip through his fingers and offers to help the young lady get everything she wants and more.

A Federal Agent Sex Toy... Oh the possibilities. 

Obsession Assassin - (Female)

Patrick has many enemies both personal and professional.

From Jilted Ex's, to Cuckolded Husbands, to Defeated Foes, and everything in between... Many who in petty rage would love to see Patrick laying in a pool of blood with a bullet between his eyes.

Luckily the Pierce Family is well known and even better connected to the sorts that could conceive and accomplish such an act. Yet every once and awhile someone gets lucky or has the sway to put a contract on the world famous Patrick James Pierce IV... But as he is constantly under protection and in secure locations killing him would take a focus and patience few Assassins had.

Yet she did... Maybe it was the challenge, maybe it was the amount... Maybe it was a favor owed by this assassin took the contract and began studying the Playboy Businessman. Oddly though the more she watched, the more she dug, the more she studied the more she found herself being draw to him.

He was powerful, driven, cunning, and as she began to learn the real Patrick James Pierce IV one might begin to think she was "Falling for him"... 

Drawn to his demons and hungry to swallow his darkness.

The Fallen Executive (Female)

Business is dog eat dog... Darwinism at it's peak.

Sadly for the former Head of Operations for one of the fastest rising companies in it's industries she seemed so focused on her goals she forgot to watch out for predators.... Or in her case scavengers.

Her former partner and soon to be Ex-Husband took it upon himself to turn their investors against her, to use the various clauses in the contracts she signed to edge her out so that when she realized what was happening it was too late.

Cast out with a paltry severance and now openly scorned by the industry she was the foremost talent in she has only one thing on her mind... Revenge.

But all her peers knew to hire her would draw the wrath of her Ex who now ran her brainchild with a despotic malice. 

Broke, Unemployed, and Unhireable she knows she needs a Lion to fight the Jackal.... And she sees Patrick as such a Lion.

But why would he bother with such a person and draw such ire?.... She will have to go deep down the rabbit hole to convince the famously perverse playboy... But she shall.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The Doctor - (Male or Female)

Like all major Corporation with Military Contracts Pierce Inc is always looking for the "Next Big Thing" in the fields of warfare... How to kill better, more precise, or more devastating than the competition.

With Marvel all the rage these last few years the idea of a "Super Soldier" is ever present and desired.

Enter the good doctor... One of the foremost minds in Genetics the Doctor wants to go down in history with Fleming, Salk, and Murray as one of the foremost names in Modern Western Medicine.... The Doctor's goal? To create the next step in humanity... Homo-Superior.. By any means necessary.

With Pierce Inc's desires and the Doctor's single minded focused desire working hand and hand a secret research facility has been built to enable the research with disposals for the MANY failures, testing grounds for the eventual Successes, and network of transport to provide endless test subjects for the Good Doctor.

How many would you kill to perfect humanity? Lets find out.

The Zealot - (Male or Female)

Danvers Asylum for the Criminally Insane was established by the Pierce Family with the stewardship entrusted to a long allied family The Crane's... Within the padded walls lay the most dangerous maniacs in the United States... Perhaps the world... Killers, Rapists, Torturers... The Sadistic, the Masochistic, Psychotic, Sociopathic... Anyone and everyone of notorious reputation now reside within.

But one has caught the eye of the Patron of the Hospital... So much so she sent word to her friend and benefactor Patrick in regards to this Patient.

Having been the source of dozens of murders ritualized and highly religious in theme the wild eyed killer is a Zealot in need of a cause... For a Megalomaniac, Machiavellian Manipulator such a person is of use... All it requires is a bit of brainwashing... Luckily for Patrick he is quite skilled in that aspect.

With some pharmaceutical assistance, hypnosis, and linguistic manifestation this Religious Zealot has be turned into the devoted servant and attack dog... Someone with no conscience, and a fanatical loyalty...

Someone that can do the distasteful acts Patrick will need done.. Woes be unto his foes now.

The Saudi Princess (Female)

Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most powerful of all the OPEC nations and the Royal Family of the nation some of the richest men in the world... The wives and daughters of such men of radical islamic beliefs are forced to live within the gilded cages of their family's design. Few if any are even seen in public let alone left to enjoy the boundless wealth such positions offered.

But with Pierce Energy now looking to do business within the Kingdom of the Saudi's it is easy to see the dusky gaze of the exotic women falling on the azure eyes of the famous lothario.

The Burka/Hijab wrapped ladies would be kept from the man for the most part the Royals are rather possessive of their women, but that never stopped Patrick or his admirers... Secret meetings, seduction, and pleasures make it all the better with some risk.

The only exception is if they are caught she will be stoned to death... 

The Drug Cartel Queen (Female)

The Drug Business is if anything volatile... Fear, Skill, and Power all mingling together into a brew as explosive and unstable as Nitro Glycerin.

When the vicious brother and sister duo Sangre et Fuego (Blood & Fire) rose from the ranks of enforcer, and prostitute respectively it was clear that they would carve their way to the top. With the Brother "Sangre" (Blood) a brutish man of violence and fear and the sister Fuego (Fire) a cunning, calculating strategist the pair were unstoppable.

Now they have their own Cartel within the Juarez growing everyday they look to the US markets and shipping... 

Patrick likewise looks south of the border... With the wall inevitable he sees a new source of funding off the books. The impeccable Pierce name and influence along with it's vast logistics opens endless possibilities for the wide distribution of the black market product the twins offer.

With a meeting of the Minds set up a Pierce is ready to play with Fire... Will she burn? He hoped she did.

The Goddess of Lust (Female)

The White God of Abraham's Sons has long since displaced the pantheons around the world. With each worshiper lost the Deities lost more and more of their own power and abilities... Some dying a forgotten death, others fighting the dawn in forlorn efforts that failed... Then some... Some simply adapted.

She held many names through the Eons. Venus, Freya, Hathor.. The list went on and on... Lust, Love, Affection, Desire, Seduction... She savored and feasted upon the energies of these emotions. In a world of sexual freedom, and promiscuousness she found her powers growing and food plentiful.

And yet one aura glimmered like a beacon in the void to her... Patrick James Pierce IV.

In him she saw endless lust, and the desires he drew from all he came into contact with. He was a conduit of sexual energy and power.

She had to have him.. Use him as a foundation to build a faith around... To savor every delicious moment of deviance.  

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