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06/18/2019 08:26 PM 


1. the writer

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06/18/2019 08:18 PM 

the writer.

I just figured I'd write an introduction of sorts, instead of a set of "rules". I've been roleplaying for many years (started out on Neopets, worked my way up to Myspace) and I've taken a lot of breaks. This is me trying to come back from one, so I'm sorry if I'm a little behind on what's popular. 

I prefer to write lengthy starters/replies, but I appreciate quality over quantity. One well-written paragraph is loads more interesting to respond to than five redundant paragraphs with unnecessary vocabulary. I'm very patient and require no apologies for taking long to do whatever, and I'd like for my writing partners to be just as patient with me. After all, I work fulltime and have adulting to do. 

Amy is my own creation, but a demon/fallen angel that is in theological canon (depending on your beliefs). Her actions and ideas are not my own and I keep my real life out of my writing as much as humanly possible. I created her primarily for the Lucifer verse, but I am very flexible and love crossovers.

I tend to have favorites, we all do. I try my very best to get to everyone in the order they sent me something, but sometimes I feel really inspired for one thing over the other and I might skip around a bit. It's nothing against you whatsoever. 

That being said, I have no more to add. I look forward to writing with you. 

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