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06/11/2019 09:14 PM 

St. Berry: The Neighbors

-Closed RPG-

Rachel Berry was heading back to New York and back to NYADA as Hollywood and the big screen wasn’t ready for her star power yet.  She came from Los Angeles with her tail between her legs and just shut herself in room.  The one person to help pick up those pieces was Blaine of all people.  He gave her courage which is exactly what she needed to get back on that saddle again.  Blaine gave her more than that as he also gave her a shoulder to cry on and he did as well once he told her him and Kurt broke up for the final time.  He told her he still loved him but what he thought was meant to be wasn’t.  After the crying ended they started to hang out a lot.

Rachel had a mission while she was home and that was to get The New Directions going again.  Blaine needed something to do and helped Rachel out.  Even with all the failed attempts on Sue Sylvester’s part, Rachel soon had the New Directions started.  Then when Dalton Byrnes to the ground.  Blaine came on board with his Dalton Warblers and they both co-captained The New Directions to a Nationals win.  With bringing New Directions together her and Blaine got even closer.  Even Mr. Shue questioned what was going on between them.  She was falling for Blaine and apparently it showed.

She was in shock when Blaine told her he had feelings for her as well and they decided to start dating.  Blaine was a perfect gentleman as first he kissed her on the cheek.  Though that one night she was over at his place watching a movie together and he then kissed her.  She felt like she was back in high school, she thought Blaine would reject her after the kiss knowing he was gay.  Though she was surprised as soon they were making out on the couch.  Apparently that Warbler wasn’t as  gay as she thought.  There was more and more dates like this and she couldn’t wait for Blaine to go all the way.

Everything though changed when she got her letter back from NYADA as Blaine insisted she try to talk to Madame Tibidoe and get back in.  After flying to NYC to see her, she then received a letter that she was accepted.  With Nationals around the corner she’ll need to travel back and forth.  Though Blaine and Mr. Shue had it all handled without her.  Now she needed to find a place to live for both Blaine to come visit and eventually move in.  Kurt apparently left from the loft and it’s now leased to someone else as he apparently moved in with Elliot.

It was moving day and even though Rachel was sad to leave Blaine, Mr. Shue and her kids The New Directions she knew she had to do this for herself.  She first stayed with Kurt and Elliot but it was too cramped.  She quickly got admitted back to NYADA and fall classes were starting soon.  Now she was looking in the newspapers for apartments to rent.  She still had money saved away from her flop of a show.  Blaine couldn’t visit at first as he had a family issue as his dad fell ill and he had to stay back.  He did call and face time her every evening.

So apparently Rachel had to move on her own.  She got a furnished apartment so all she had was the few suitcases with her clothes in it.  She found an apartment close to the school.  So she pretty much could walk each day.  She had her head bent when she was waiting at the elevator as she heard the ding and grabbed her four suitcases.  “Can you hold the elevator for me please”?  When she looked up her jaw dropped as inside the elevator was no other than an old high school flame of hers.  “Omg Jesse St. James what are you doing here”?

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