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05/30/2019 12:50 PM 

The real untold story about Vlad III Dracula, Vlad the Impaler
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This is one story knew about until now when Vlad III Dracula became ruler is first wife died sometime after giving birth to his daughter which he griefed for his lost as he sends he daughter for the own safety and best safe place was for her was at Naples, Italy who to look for her their at Ferdinand I of Naples castle. Plus he did have alliance with Ferdinand I of Naples alliance which no one existed until now. The common of Vlad III Dracula were actual vampires seems they have a long family history and it took Vlad III Dracula prince of the Dragon to face them in battle with the help of Ferdinand I of Naples army to help back him up. After the battle he impaled all 5,000 vampires who wanted to kill him and his family while taking over his kingdom while destroying it as well. His first daughter by his first wife remained with the Aragon family so she didn't have to face fear like that. By his second wife he has four sons and one more daughter so lucky for him he won the battle and kept his wife safe from arms way along with his children plus his people to.

05/30/2019 04:52 PM 

Rules to follow
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1. Do not waste my time with stories and characters that simply do not make sense period.

2. No drama no where on my profile won't put up with that crap not whatsoever.

3. Do not add yourself to Impalers family won't allow non canons to the family.

4. Must be able to para correct not sentence separated each other that is not paragraphing.

5. I do not do comments messages only please and much thanks.

6. Better know the history of the Impaler because I won't put up with stupid people who knows crap.

7. I won't do gay stories Impaler is straight so don't go there.

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