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08/12/2019 04:28 PM 

84 Facts about Emilio

1. coffee mugs, teacups, wine glasses, water bottles, or soda cans? Coffee mugs

2. chocolate bars or lollipops? All of the chocolate

3. bubblegum or cotton candy? Bubblegum

4. how did your elementary school teachers describe you? Overall, sweet kid. Very quiet, as if he's scared to say something wrong all of the time.

5. do you prefer to drink soda from soda cans, soda bottles, plastic cups or glass cups? Soda bottle or glass cup

6. pastel, boho, tomboy, preppy, goth, grunge, formal or sportswear? A mix between grunge and sportswear, if that makes any sense.

7. earbuds or headphones? earbuds.

8. movies or tv shows? There hasn't been a decent show since Friday Night Lights. So movies.

9. favorite smell in the summer? He generally hates the summer, but likes the smell of sunblock

10. game you were best at in p.e.? He hated that they never played martial arts, but he loved playing baseball.

11. what do you have for breakfast on an average day? He attempts to eat eggs and toast every morning, when he's lazy he opts for a granola bar.

12. name of your favorite playlist? Polly's Playlist - Something he surprised her with one day. It has songs that reminds him of her.

13. lanyard or key ring? Key ring. He hasn't worn a lanyard since high school.

14. favorite non-chocolate candy? Starburst

15. favorite book you read as a school assignment? The Outsiders by S.E Hinton

16. most comfortable position to sit in? Sits on the floor with his legs bent, arms hugging them.

17. most frequently worn pair of shoes? An old pair of Nikes

18. ideal weather? 75 F, partly cloudy, light breeze.

19. sleeping position? On his side, with his arms around his wife.

20. preferred place to write (i.e., in a note book, on your laptop, sketchpad, post-it notes, etc.)? Laptop and post-its

21. obsession from childhood? Martial arts

22. role model? Bruce Lee

23. strange habits? When he lies he grits his teeth, hyperventilates for no reason.

24. favorite crystal? Citrine

25. favorite historical era? When Theodore Roosevelt was president, he admires the strength that man had.

26. favorite activity to do in warm weather? Go jogging.

27. favorite activity to do in cold weather? Practice any martial arts.

28. how many phone numbers do you have memorized? Just his and Polly's.

29. best way to bond with you? Listening to music

30. places that you find sacred? Priest Point Park in Olympia.

31. what outfit do you wear to kick ass and take names? Like literally kick ass? It doesn't matter, his hands are lethal.

32. favorite vines? ::Insert Sam Smith, child looks at the camera with make up smeared on her face::

33. most used phrase in your phone? Just the smirk emoji

34. favorite app on your phone? Postmates

35. average time you fall asleep? Sometime between ten and midnight

36. desktop background? A photo of him and Polly the day they got married at the courthouse.

37. suitcase or duffel bag? A carry on suitcase

38. lemonade or tea? Arnold Palmer

39. lemon cake or lemon meringue pie? lemon meringue pie.

40. favorite season? Fall

41. last person you texted? Polly

42. jacket pockets or pants pockets? Both.

43. hoodie, leather jacket, cardigan, jean jacket or bomber jacket? Bomber jacket and Leather Jacket

44. favorite scent for soap? Unscented.

45. which genre: sci-fi, fantasy or superhero? Sci-fi

46. most comfortable outfit to sleep in? Absolutely nothing

47. favorite type of cheese? Provolone or Cheddar

48. if you were a fruit, what kind would you be? YOU LOOK LIKE A BLUEBERRY

49. lamps, overhead lights, sunlight or fairy lights? Overhead lights

50. what made you laugh the hardest you ever have? When Brad Pitt shoved him into a camera while filming OUATIH

51. current stresses? Polly and her pregnancy

52. favorite font? Comic Sans, no, just kidding. It doesn't matter

53. fairy tales or mythology? He is a fan of mostly fairy tales

54. what did you learn from your first job? How to make a big mac

55. favorite fairy tale? Rapunzel

56. cookies or cupcakes? Cookies

57. your greatest fear? Dying last

58. your greatest wish? Becoming a father

59. who would you put before everyone else? His wife

60. boxes or bags? Boxes...?

61. favorite line you heard from a book/movie/tv show/etc.? As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.

62. podcasts or talk radio? Neither, he hates both.

63. barbie or polly pocket? Polly Pocket only because its his wife's name.

64. favorite website from your childhood? He wasn't allowed on the computer.

65. any permanent scars? Multiple scars on his chest from accidents while filming.

66. favorite flower(s)? Loves a good tulip

67. good luck charms? His father's watch

68. worst flavor of any food or drink you’ve ever tried? Anything pineapple is disgusting.

69. a fun fact that you don’t know how you learned? He knows many different assassination attempts were made against Fidel Castro.

70. left or right handed? right hand.

71. least favorite pattern? Chevron

72. worst subject? Absolutely terrible in maths and sciences

73. favorite weird flavor combo? Salsa and scrambled eggs

74. at what pain level out of ten (1 through 10) do you have to be at before you take an advil or ibuprofen? "Pain don't hurt"

75. when did you lose your first tooth? Six when he hit his head on the coffee table trying to jump off the couch.

76. what’s your favorite potato food (i.e. tater tots, baked potatoes, fries, chips, etc.)? French fries

77. best plant to grow on a windowsill? He grew cilantro when he was living by himself, Polly killed the plant.

78. coffee from a gas station or sushi from a grocery store? Coffee from a gas station hands down.

79. which looks better, your school id photo or your driver’s license photo? He had 90's DiCaprio hair in his school ID, so Drivers License

80. earth tones or jewel tones? Little bit of both

81. fireflies or lightning bugs? Fireflies

82. pc or console? pc.

83. writing or drawing? writing.

84. nicknames? Emmmmmillllllio!! The mighy ducks man, Bruce 2.0, Em, Cowboy

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08/04/2019 03:56 PM 

Mother Knows Best | Drabble 5

Present Day

“Darling, you can’t make money on this stuntman dream of yours.”

Her perfectly manicured hands gently gripped the stem of wine glass, bringing it closer to her lips to take a drink. The cherry-colored red lipstick stained the rim, yet not a smudge appeared on her face. Rose Wayne had a way about her that made her seem refined, even in the most established places she stood out from the rest. She brought her adult children to one of the nicest restaurants in Olympia when they came to visit her for the holidays, nothing but the best for the former Mrs. Wayne. While she dressed for the part, her children lacked the elegance she had requested. Leslie wore what their mother considered a summer dress and sandals, her blonde hair loosely pulled back in half up do that left a few strands framing her face. While she had on makeup, it wasn’t caked on like her mother’s, very natural. What really upset Mrs. Wayne was her son’s appearance, a pair of loose-fitting jeans that he cuffed on the bottom and what she thought was a pathetic excuse of a blue polo shirt. “I’m sorry, but when have you heard of a stuntman living a comfortable life? How much are you making when you do those Walking Zombie episodes?” Emilio eyed his mother back, downing the rest of the wine she insisted on buying for the table. “It’s the Walking Dead, mother.” Leslie chimed in, trying to defuse the situation at hand. “I make enough…” He answered back, “I make enough to live comfortably in my one-bedroom apartment without a roommate.” Not satisfied with him once again not agreeing, she pulled out another card he hated hearing. “Well, remember Mrs. Long? Her son Bobby has become a very successful surgeon in Los Angeles. Leslie, I wish you would give him a call sometime soon and see if you like him ---” Both Wayne children sighed as their mother went on, comparing Emilio to Bobby and trying to set up her daughter with him. From the moment he was became a Wayne, his mother expected nothing but perfection from him. Something he could never achieve in her eyes.

October 5th, 1993

“I’m so proud of you, Emilio! You’ve worked so hard these last few weeks to rank up!” Mark gave his son the tightest hug he could, followed by Leslie with equal enthusiasm. Despite his smile being as large as ever, he couldn’t help but look at his mother’s dark, emotionless eyes. The happiness was fake, causing his excitement to die down as he didn’t understand why she wasn’t as proud as the others for his achievement. “We should beat the traffic home.” She gripped Leslie’s hand and started walking out with her. Mark looked back at his son and sighed, patting his back as the followed behind them.

“Martial Arts won’t get him scholarships. It was a stupid idea dropping him out of boy scouts for this. Do you want our son to be a failure?!” Emilio gripped his trophy tightly in his hands, examining the best in class writing on it as she went on. “Are you even paying attention, Mark? What do you think will come out of this? Another Bruce Lee?! Look how well his life turned out!” Leslie looked over at her brother, giving him a small smile as she mouthed I thought you were great at him. He gave her a smile back before reaching over to grab her hand into his, a habit the Wayne siblings picked up whenever their parents fought. “I don’t care that Dr. Long and his son made first place in whatever lame boy scout race they had. I care about that our son has a green belt now and is one of the youngest to receive it in this taekwondo area!” He gave his son a smile through the mirror, Rose huffing and turning to look out the window for the remainder of the car ride home.

It was a stormy night, as usual Washington weather brought for them. Emilio snuck outside to see his dad asleep on the couch, cramped as could be. He frowned as he adjusted the blanket on him to where it fully covered his body. His mother’s voiced echoed throughout the front room, Emilio noticing the phone cord stretched as far as it could into her bedroom. He quietly made his way there, so he could hear the conversation she was having.

“Mom, I just don’t see the point in this. Sure, he loves it but god. We took him out of Korea, and I’ll be damn if he tries to go back there. I wish I stopped this the moment I caught him watching those Bruce Lee movies with Mark…”

It was over two years ago when he accidentally turned on Way of the Dragon when he meant to put on Mr. Rogers. He could still hear his sister’s voice insisting that they shouldn’t be watching this since they were fighting. Emilio was mesmerized as he watched Bruce Lee fight Chuck Norris in a gladiator like setting. “Emilllloooooo this is a grown-up movie!” She started crying as he kept watching it, catching the attention of their father. He picked her up from the couch as she ratted him out. He hardly cared, he was emotionally invested in this man who looked similar to him. After he took Leslie to his room to turn on her show he returned back and sat next to his son. “What do you think?” He asked, crossing his legs as he got comfortable. Unable to really come up with a sentence, he just said “Looks like me.” It hurt Mark to hear that his son was enamored with the movie just because he was having an identity issues, something he had been dealing with since he started school. “Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to do something like that?” Emilio’s eyes grew wide as he smiled and looked at him, nodding his head in agreement. That was all he needed, his son’s happiness in any way possible.

“I’m drawing the line here. I refuse to see him do this anymore. I’m dropping him out tomorrow ---”


Emilio started hyperventilating as he stood in front of her doorway, tears streaming down his face as he felt betrayed by what she said. Mark woke up from his deep slumber to try and get him to relax. He kept crying, shaking, begging his mother to not force him to quit one of the few things he loved to do. All she did was stare, giving both of them the same disapproving look she was used to giving.

Present Day

Rose didn’t pull him out the following day, but it led to one of the biggest fights that would eventually lead to the dissolve of their marriage. Emilio had a lot of guilt from that night after seeing his father sleep on the couch for almost a month. Some things never really change, martial arts just turned into him being a stuntman. He kept looking at his mother as she started attacking her life choices now. She was just a negative woman, and her children, two people in this world she should love unconditionally, are her biggest burdens still. Tired of it, all he could do was reach underneath the table and grip his sister’s hand. When she looked back at him he said out loud, “I’m proud of us.”

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The Wayne Siblings | Drabble 4

* trigger warnings: rape is mentioned

May 05, 1991

"Be careful Emilio!"

Leslie's voice echoed in his head as he started climbing on top of the monkey bars. Be careful? Who needs to be safe when the thrill of doing this stunt was all he needed. Emilio made double sure his mother was still preoccupied with the conversation his mother was having on the benches a few yards away. If she even remotely saw him trying to climb up the playground like this she would have instantly screamed. Kids in a wide range of ages started coming around to where they were, confused as to why this strange child was struggling to stand on top of the bars.

"Mom's going to get mad! You'll hurt yourself!"

"And now girls and boys! Prepare for my greatest stunt!"Emilio gave his sister a salute before he bent down to prepare for the jump. Older kids started laughing, a few calling out words like chicken or how he would wuss out. He never backed down from a challenge, and quickly proved all of them wrong as he jumped as high as a seven year old could down. His hand made contact with the ground first, wanting to take the blow there over his face. Everyone was in awe when he stood up, not a single tear streaking down his chubby cheeks. Leslie let out a high pitch scream when she noticed something wasn't quite right. "Leslie?! What's wron--- don't get Mom!" He watched as she ran as fast as she could to where she was, still confused as to what was wrong. "What's wrong with his hand?!" Before he could see how severe he really was, he heard his mom scream at the sight of her son's broken hand.

"Why would you tell on me, Leslie?!" Emilio was furious. After a trip to the ER his mother scowled at him for doing such a dangerous thing. As a form of punishment, he wasn't allowed any TV for a week. His sister put the Barbie doll she was playing with down and shrugged. "That's what sisters and brothers do. They help each other out when the other one is hurt."

April 20, 2001

It was said it was going to be the party of the year.

Their parents had split up a few months ago due to infidelity from their mother. Emilio wanted to give Leslie an early graduation party since he was going to their father's cabin in Montana for the Summer. The guest list was made, the fake IDs bought enough drinks to last, and more importantly, his mother decided to go to Vegas for the weekend. They were able to have her house to themselves.

-- 09:40 PM

Emilio was having the time of his life, he figured Leslie was doing the same. He hadn't seen her in the last hour and figured she was spending time with the guy she brought from Washington State University. When he went upstairs to use the restroom, he heard a loud thud from the other room. Despite the music being as loud as possible he heard another one, followed by the sounds of someone screaming no. Panicked, he ran out to see what the commotion was. When he came in his mother's room he saw clothes scattered all around the bed, but what terrified him the most was finding out those noises were coming from his sister. She was pinned to the bed, black tears staining her cheeks from the make up she had worn. When she saw Emilio her eyes did all the talking for her, this was not wanted. He wasn't thinking so clearly after that, so much anger within those few seconds was enough to consume him. He grabbed the larger man by his hair and forced him down to the ground, from there he pounced on him and impulsively whaled on him. His sister cried in the corner, covering her eyes to avoid seeing what could happen next.

-- 10:00 PM

Emilio wanted to kill him. He was disgusted with the man who thought he could abuse his sister like that. Before he could do anything else he ran away out of fear, leaving the siblings alone. His hand was bruised, but he knew what his sister was feeling was far worse. Quietly, he shut the door before he grabbed the dress that was on the floor. When he handed it to her all she did was stare. "He seemed like he was a nice guy -" her voiced cracked as she began to cry again, bringing her mother's comforter closer to her as Emilio sat down beside her. He didn't know what to say, nor did he think anything would help. "I want everyone to leave." She didn't have to say it twice, Emilio quickly excused himself and ran downstairs. There were protest the moment the music was cut off, but he didn't take no for an answer. It took half an hour to clear the place out, everyone leaving confused as to why it was cut so short but his tone was enough to make them not question it.

There was a mess, but that didn't matter at the moment. Emilio quietly knocked on his mother's door before entering, seeing Leslie staring at the dress she wore in her hands. Once again he didn't know exactly how to comfort her, the moment his hand tried to touch her shoulder she flinched away. "Em, your hand!" She saw how purple and swollen his hand looked, causing her to jump up and wrap the blanket around herself. "We need to put some ice on it!" She bolted out of the room and went down to the kitchen to grab the first frozen thing she could find. He was stunned when she came back and placed the bag of frozen vegetables on it, examining every inch of it to make sure nothing was broken. "Leslie - don't worry about it, I'm fine." She didn't pay any attention to his words, her mind still focused on making sure every finger could move without any issues. "Les- please!" He pulled away from her, as if it triggered a switch, she went back to weeping once again.

Emilio's heart felt heavy as he got on the ground beside her and wrapped his arms tightly around her. She was shaking, her panic attack coming in quick as she wept. "I'm here." he said, clutching her tighter against him. "I will always be here to help you when you're hurt."

Broken hands, hearts, spirits, it didn't matter. The Wayne siblings never left the other alone. Emilio and Leslie, despite not being blood, were as close as any brother and sister could be. They had an unbreakable bond the moment they set eyes on each other.

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Colors and Chopsticks | Drabble 3

When people ask me if I remember anything about Korea, I simply say this - - - I can only remember my last week there. From there, I categorize it with colors and my last meal. As strange as it may sound, I was a couple of weeks away from my fourth birthday when my parents came to get me. It will all make sense after I explain it, so stay with me.

I associate the color red with my mother. The first time I laid eyes on her she was wearing a bright shade of red lipstick. My mother, as much of an amazing woman she is, is extremely vain. I counted about five separate occasions when she reapplied it, as if she had something to show. As if her lips weren’t enough, she came adorned with a red coat that probably cost my dad hundreds of dollars. It really made her stick out from the rest of the world, my mother in red. She reminded me of a movie star, so youthful and elegant. The first kiss she ever gave me left a mark on my chubby cheek, she was thrilled to have a son of her own.

I associate the color blue with my father. His smile could light up the world, but his eyes were brightest I had ever seen. When he came up to say hello to me, I got lost in them. They reminded me of the sea on a clear day. It was the first time I ever saw blue eyes, it just wasn’t a common color in South Korea. I knew I could trust him from the moment my dark eyes met his. He wore a casual blue shirt that day, something my mother still despises to this day. I didn't understand what the deal was, he made it look cool. Even though I was young I saw a stark difference in my mother and father that day. My mother wanted to impress the world, while my father wanted to make his own perfect in his eyes. I was his missing piece.

I associate the color yellow with Big Bird and my sister. My father had brought one tape of Sesame Street to Korea for me. All the colors were so vibrant, but the yellow bird stuck out to me the most. A gentle giant. I was told this was my sister’s favorite show, and that she was excited to meet her brother just so she had someone to watch it with. Later that day I was shown a picture of her, I didn’t quite understand what my mother and father were saying but I knew I was going to learn to love this girl. She had blonde hair that made her stick out compared to my future cousin. “She will always be there to protect you, Emilio.”. My father was right, Leslie was my first best friend and continues to be my number one supporter each day.

I associate the color green with my suitcase and a teddy bear. My mother had a specific reason on why she picked a child’s suitcase that wasn’t even half the size of her own. She said it was because it had the Ninja Turtles on it (the show had just begun in the late 80s) but more importantly, I couldn’t pack everything I owned. She went with me to my room in my foster family’s house. From there she packed a few articles of clothing and a couple of toys. There were two toys that didn’t make it. One was a toy train that my foster father gave me the moment I came to live with them, the second was a stuffed bear that my real mother gave me. My new mother saw how much I cherished it, and for some odd reason it intimidated her. There was a heated argument between the family I was staying with and her that day when they saw her throw it away. My mother insisted it was because my suitcase was too small, but over the years I would find out her intentions were far darker than that.

My last meal was at a little restaurant neat by the airport. After we got our food I instinctively grabbed the chopsticks that were on my right-side. I could see the look my new mother was giving me, it was almost as if I committed a murder. Without saying anything she snatched them away and gave me a fork. ”What did you do that for?” my father was confused with the sudden hostility my mother showed. “He is American now, Mark. Americans do not eat with chopsticks She forcefully grabbed my hand and showed me how easier it was to eat with a fork. My father looked disappointed that day, and made a promise to me when my mother was away:

You are Korean, Emilio. No matter what your mother says, don’t ever give up your heritage

I couldn’t understand him just yet, but the sincerity in his voice stuck with me after all those years.

As I said earlier, my mother is still an amazing person in my eyes. She gave me a chance to live a life I could have never had in Korea. While her intentions may seem cruel, she did it out of what she believed was love. I never held her accountable for her actions, despite my father feels I have every right to do. I still call her every week, make an effort to see her for her birthday and Mother’s Day.

I just keep hoping that one day she’ll admit that she was white-washing me since day one.

06/17/2019 04:27 PM 

Wonderful Tonight | Drabble 2

It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear
She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair
And then she asks me, Do I look all right?
And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight"

Eric Clapton - Wonderful Tonight

A little white lie, led me to her ---

When the producers asked if I could ice skate, I simply shrugged my shoulders and said it's like riding a bike, I can easily get back into it. How wrong I was, but I desperately wanted to be in this film. Production wouldn't start for a few months, so I took advantage of the moment and used my resources to get a hold of Paulina West. She watched me struggle my first few lessons. Constant falls, bloodied knees, aches of all sorts from falling on the ice. Each time she would smile and help me up, becoming a sort of angel in my eyes.

A few months later, I was able to skate my heart out. All thanks to the Canadian Zamboni Queen. One night after training, we decided to go out to celebrate since it was the first time I didn't fall during. One drink after another, soon we were acting like teenagers on their first date. I remember waking up that morning after scared. Was this what she wanted? What if her brother finds out about this? My fears were soon dismissed after I saw her eyes flutter open, a sleepy smile emerging from those lips I grew to know over night. Our little happiness was cut short when I had to go to Ontario to begin filming for The Mighty Ducks reboot.

Guilt ate at me for those next few months, how could I just leave like that? After all the laughs, the cheers, our ups and (literal) downs? Skating just wasn't the same, but all I wanted to do was make her proud when the final product was released. There was never a question on my authenticity in my work, we fooled them all. When it came to the premiere, everyone asked who would I bring. My mother had been my guest for every other one, but I broke the news early on that she would not be attending this time. I decided to surprise Polly with the invitation, so I showed up to the same rink we practiced a year prior. Of course she was there, and beyond happy to see me. When I asked her to attend the first screening, my biggest fear was the obvious rejection. I was ecstatic when she didn't hesitate to say yes.

I was completely in awe as I watched her get ready. All the time and effort put for just one night. She was nervous, flustered from trying to look as perfect as could be. In my eyes, she didn't have to try hard. I didn't fall for her while she was decked out in glitz, she didn't need a long flowing dress, her hair didn't have to be pinned up with a thousand bobby pins. It brought a smile to my face when she asked do I look all right? and I said:

Yes, you look wonderful tonight.

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