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"No sh*t , Sherlock?" He used her own words as soon as he was on the ground, safe and sound. Of course he did not mean them, he just liked to tease her even now when they had a lot of work to do if they wanted to escape in the same piece. The dagger was still in his hand because he knew it was so important if they wanted to see Izzy again. Nathan stood up and he straightened himself. He already felt like a broken toy. "Oh, and all i want is a hot bath full of the bubbles, hot coca drink and very thick and unhealthy pizza. Tell me , Frazer: Do i want too much?"it was almost growl what escaped his lips when the first brick fell down on the ground: just few steps from them " It seems like we should leave, our theater will close the doors really soon. " Nathan commented. He did not wait any longer and he accepted Chloe´s hand. Both hurried  to the wall where Cerastes showed before. " We are lucky: out little an innocent snaky was really friendly and he let that big hole just for you and me. I am thinking about buy a snake when we will come home. Now, if you don´t mind, Chloe : Could you get in and find the way out? I am not sure if the walls can hold the pressure . " He said when he scanned a room,.The place was half ruined. There was not much time left: they had to escape as soon as possible! Even if that meant there was another bunch of sh*t waiting on the surface. Chloe entered, and the sounds coming from there indicated a safe passage . Nathan checked the room for the last time and without waiting he followed his partner into the hole. "You know, sometimes I wonder if there is a perfect way to escape. Something like stairs covered with red carpet. He laughed. The room where they were a moment ago fell into oblivion, and the noise of the falling walls indicated that they had left at the best moment. The dust that entered the hole where they both tried to climb up to the surface: it was clear proof that everything there was just a memory. Cerastes, Nadine, Flynn. Huge spider and his adorable family. "I hate to say it but I'm glad that everything remained buried under the walls and sand. I mean, almost everything. You. Me. Dagger. We have everything we need. The only thing we need is .... hey! Be careful! " He shouted when a piece of broken rock nearly hit his head. "Like,: really, Frazer? This is a way of demonstrating love to an  old man?" I'm fine, just keep going "Nathan assured her and without a problem he grabbed another ledge and continued on.

The moving sand got them inside. The same sand had to get them out.They didn't have many options to escape. They couldn't go back.There was nothing left. Chloe was on top and suddenly she disappeared. " What the.....?"  Nathan didn't understand. As if he was 5 years old and just saw a wizard trick. He could not stop and therefore decided to do what she did before. Just in case: Nathan closed his eyes and his hand broke through the hot sand. He heard her voice but was not sure whether it is not just his imagination. His hand found a smaller hand that helped him get out. "Never again! Never again! Sh*t! Oh, and now climate change! I was very naive to expect a cool drink and half-naked dancers." Just to be sure, he looked at Chloe, who listened to her partner's words, but it was evident that she could concentrate on more things at the same time. "I was just joking, dear" He smiled like an innocent puppy but despite the innocent intention she hit his shoulder. " Okay, now i deserved it. So, Cutter, lead the way, we are right behind you. It is time to see our old friend, Miss Marlowe.  She certainly sits all relaxed and she drinks the disgusting tea. Sometimes I feel that some things will never change. For example, Marlowe. I'm more than sure she seduced Flynn. He has always had a weakness for old women. Why are you looking at me like that?" Nathan asked when Chloe threw her dark eyes at him. Despite the abominable sand and sharp wind, even though their faces were mostly covered with a scarf, he had a feeling that she was smiling and said something: unfortunately, the spooky weather did not allow him to hear anything at all. Without a break they followed Cutter who led them to an object that looked like an airplane. He was right: it wasn't far. The weather around them went crazy. Nathan swore he saw a few snowflakes, even though it was hot as in hell.  "When everything goes to sh*t, it's the best time to leave." were his last words before they all boarded the plane.

Inside it was much calmer. It took a few minutes to get rid of the sand they had almost everywhere. The plane was fully equipped and comfortable. Maybe it was the biggest difference between Marlowe and Sullivan.While Victor preferred the safety and bulletproof of the plane, Marlowe focused on comfort and luxury. At the moment, comfort was more important than safety.  They were all inside and there was no reason to stay on the ground. Almost immediately the pilots commanded to leave the zone and within minutes they were in the air. As Nathan had assumed, Marlowe was sitting in a comfortable chair, and she was enjoying tea.  Chloe was tired, stressed, and very easily you could provoke her . Marlowe wasn't like Flynn or Nadine. She always kept her respect, and even though she was a bitch without a spine she could estimate the situation. Even now ,when she pointed to the room where Izzy was: She did not say a single word. The dagger was well concealed and Nathan didn't plan to give it so easily. Chloe did not wait and without words she went there where the old lady sent her. Nathan felt it was not appropriate to follow her, so he decided to stay there with the quiet old lady. He didn't start like a  first. Unlike him: she had many things she wanted to say. Very elegantly she drank her tea and then started. "Nathan Drake. Personally. Here on my plane. How long has it been? The last time I saw you : you was much younger. Not that you look worse than before, I just compare what was and what is now. How long has it been? 20 years? More? Oh, I'm sorry for the way you were assigned to Miss Frazer." She smiled gently and placed the empty cup very gently on the table. Her hands were shaking. Marlowe wasn't that old. She could have been a bit older than Sullivan. Was she ill?

"Why are you so far away? Do you want to sit closer?" She asked too friendly. Nathan laughed. It was more a mistrust than a laugh. "Don't be angry, but I enjoy the actual distance between us. I learned a lot of things and one of them is: everything dangerous is very pleasant, especially at the beginning. " Although he was talking to an old woman, his legendary humor was not left off the plane. Marlowe also seemed to enjoy it and she laughed: "Oh, my God. Maybe it's very weird, but I missed your humor very much, Nate. You don't look at who you're talking to. You don't care.  You like talking about things that you have currently on your mind. As now. Let me, Nathan, tell you it's very simpathic. Not that you're a ugly man, but just your humor and your intelligence is a magnet that attracts female attention. "Before she could continue, Nathan was disgusted and overtook her" Was it just a flirt? Because if so, I swear I'll be silent for the rest of my life and never say anything stupid again!" Marlowe smiled and for a moment she closed her eyes. "why are you trying to be smarter than you really are? It wasn't an attempt to flirt. You can be my son. Of course, there are people like Flynn. He wasn't as picky as you and I suppose he was very ... well .... satisfied" Of course he knew where it was going. Nathan sighed and before she could continue he intervened " That was more than enough details . But let's get back to it. ”He settled down comfortably and looked at the old woman who did not hurry up. "Look, Marlowe. I know  you too long to believe your game. You came after us, you let Chloe go to her daughter and without weapons at our heads: no, this is too ideal to be real." The old woman got up from her chair and she walked to the window. "Victor must be proud of you. You're just like him. Clever. Prudent. Loyal. Charming and ... naive .... "

"I'm dying, Drake. And you can trust me or not but the dagger you stole doesn't mean anything to me. I just don't understand one thing. Your naivety is breathtaking. You had an almost harmonious life. Of course: if I don't count on divorce and ruined life because of expeditions and lies. Your daughter needs you. I can bet she is like you and it is only a matter of time when she will follow your steps. Oh, don't look at me like that. You know I'm well informed. Did you think you were no longer interested in my eyes? Drake, a character like you is always very interesting. You have a guarantee of fun and life on the edge. But enough of my monologue. You helped Chloe. I'm not trying to understand what happened behind the curtain when you two were together. Again, you have decided to leave a quiet life for someone who would drown you in a teaspoon of water. Why, Nathan? Before I take the dagger, I'd like to hear the answer. Why did you decide to sacrifice everything for her and her girl?"  Nathan listened carefully to her speech. In something she was right. Chloe betrayed his trust. Several times.It was always a betrayal that hurt his sincere feelings. Often he swore that she no longer deserved another chance. A few days later, she appeared in the doorway and the story started again. Some might call it a curse. Some might call it fate. But in his eyes it was a connection that should never have been broken. Marlowe's question didn't surprise him. "Because I think everyone deserves a new chance. The number of chances shouldn't be limited, Marlowe. Maybe because I never had a family. I mean, if I don't count Sam. I couldn't understand the relationship between me and Chloe for a long time. It was always like a swing. I felt something was hidden between us but I could never understand what it was. As a solution I decided to marry Elena , but we both know how it turned out. I think Chloe is someone who deserves to find peace and become a mother. She is like a lion who is chased by fate.  And she's very tired. Neither she nor me: none of us are 20 years old. It may sound stupid but: let us go. Here. Take the dagger but do not try to enter between me and her. That's our business. Our agreement. Something you can't change. "His words were serious and honest at the same time. She looked at him and smiled gently. "I don't think I expected anything else. Oh God! It's late. Forgive me, but it's time to get some rest.You should also get some sleep, boy. You know it ... "She walked past him and patted him on the shoulder" ... even the legend needs sleep! "And then she left. Nathan didn't understand. "What the f*** was that? I just hope this was our last meeting, Katherine." Very excited he lay down comfortably and after a few minutes he fell asleep.

The chaos around him and a few turbulences was what woke him up. Nathan tried to wake up even though his eyes were already open.. Chloe carried Izzy and sat her beside him. Her words were very fast and stressful. Again. The young lady who sat next to him seemed very calm despite her mother running up and down.The most important thing was not to scare the little and innocent child. "Hey pal. It looks like we'll be down and safe in a minute, right?"  Her dark eyes looked at him, and at that moment he felt like Chloe was sitting beside him. In a smaller version. The little girl shrugged gently, and that was the only answer he got. Their conversation could not continue because Chloe interrupted their ,,little date" and dragged him to the cockpit. Still sleepy Drake tried to concentrate on their situation. Occasionally he rubbed his eyes. " "I don't know if you know, miss, but you just insulted my feelings! Our work wasn't full of alcohol. Our work was very beneficial. Unfortunately, no. I can't drive a plane. But if you want, I can try.
What can be difficult on piloting the bird that weighs a few tons?"  An innocent shrug was the most appropriate answer. Unfortunately, not the one she wanted.  "If we are left with the last gallon of fuel, it is useless to try to land. We should prepare for the jump. It won't be nice, but it will serve as a great fairy tale for Thanksgiving." Even in such a situation, he seemed quite calm. . Chloe opened the door and pulled out the parachutes.  When she handed him one and asked him if he remembered how to use it, Nathan was seriously offended! " Do not try to teach a bird to fly. Although I prefer to jump without a parachute or with a broken parachute, but for the sake of Izzy I make an exception and i will strive for the maximum safe jump." He promised. Chloe rushed to Izzy and explained the situation very briefly. The little girl was very brave and without words she did what Chloe said. "Don't worry, it's not that bad. I believe that once we're down, you'll want one more ride." The little girl smiled at him and he took her tightly in his arms. "If we didn't catch the same spot, Frazer. Go and look for smoke from the plane. Or start screaming. You know: spiders, snakes and similar animals. All right. Can we, miss?" Izzy smiled and waved happily at her mother who followed them in a moment.

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Thief´s end 5

"We are more ghosts than humans"
Thief´s end
"or the beginning?" PART 5
Her idea wasn't bad. Nor unrealistic. It was certainly one of the options. It was always better if you had more options than one. The problem was the way people imagined pirates. Rough men who have spent all their life at sea in the middle of nowhere. But that was not true. In fact, there was evidence of their genius. They were not just alcoholics who were rude and their only goal was to rob as many ships as possible. The ship also included wise people who thought ahead.  That was just what they couldn't forget. Otherwise they would end up at the bottom of the sea where they would find only sand and darkness. 

While she was working on marking the places on the map Nathan could think.What she said made sense. Cave. Ship. Hideout.  Was it even possible? Could it be the same as Libertalia?His blue eyes watched the map she was working on. Finger tips wandered over his chin, which was not as smooth as usual.  "What if we're looking for something bigger? What if it's not just a ship? What if it wasn't just a mere robbery?" If that were true, it would be much bigger than Libertalia expedition! "Crap...." Words came out of his mouth completely spontaneously.Everything started to look easier.  Nathan felt as if a plan of their way had formed before his eyes. All clues were interconnected and slowly made sense. However, there was something he could not ignore. 

...Victor Sullivan....

"I suppose Nathan explained all the possibilities. Especially those that are supposed to discourage you from your crazy expedition, my beloved granddaughter." If you thought Sullivan had entered a room without a cigar in his mouth: you were very wrong. If you thought Sully would support his own granddaughter and accept the existence of a treasure: you were also wrong. Victor has known Nathan since childhood.  It was almost impossible to deceive him and cover anything in front of him. 
His face immediately changed. He was shocked! "Nathan! Don't tell me you ... oh Jesus Christ!" He turned on his heels. Victor couldn't believe it! "Sully. I think you should give it a chance. Of course: we both know the dark side and there is a great chance of failure. Well, on the other side: if she is right, Libertalia was just a small piece of the cake"

credit: james kriet

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Chloe reply

Old friends
Nathan Drake-Chloe Addington
       Nathan Drake's life is definitely a good idea if someone wants to make a film or write a book.The orphan who ran away when he was 15 years old became a legend over the course of several years. Someone might think: impossible.  Another could say: how is that possible?  Well, on the other hand, there are people who would clap and trust his abilities. If you were on one side or the other, you couldn't be normal. As part of your life, Nathan Drake meant chaos, friendship without borders, a sense of fear mixed with adventure, and everything packed in a box with a man who could bewitch a corpse with his boyish humor. His life could be described in one word: turbulent.  He was a living legend. Still respected in the circle of historians and thieves. Despite the fact that he has crossed the boundary of 40 years he kept a great form: mental and physical. When he became history professor his life calmed down. Someone could say that he was ready to settle down and start living an ordinary man's life. If you knew him well you knew that it was just a feeling. Really bad feeling. 

       "Your statement about Cleopatra was shocking, Professor Drake!" 
The old man said, obviously shocked and outraged. Nathan was known for his very controversial statements. Especially in the circles of senior professors and historians: there may be an outrage..  Nathan Drake, main professor of history at the University of New York, just smiled. 

       "I was in Egypt. All we have are sculptures that show a beautiful woman. I can't help but I feel that everything humanity needs is an object that has a wonderful body, sharp tongue and very daring thoughts.At the moment when such an object is found humanity needs nothing more.  Shocking, right? People stop looking for explanations and facts. Nah, they got a beautiful woman who was able to impress the strongest men of that time. What more could they want? Sorry but I consider myself a professional. I've seen a lot of special things in my life. But this is a fiction. So..." His eyes as always full of sparkles , now watching a ceiling upon their heads "...No. I will not change my mind. I still think Cleopatra was not real. Just a whore in my eyes!" The old man almost got a heart attack! His eyes rolled and his hand on his chest. "Now, excuse me, gentlemen"  He said as if nothing had happened. His glass was almost empty. It was the right time to replenish the supplies.

      "Mr. Drake!" My god! Nathan closed his eyes. For a while. He swore that after this celebration he will change his surname. The whole evening was like: Mr. Drake. Professor Drake. Are you Drake? Unfortunately: he couldn't show his real feelings. He wouldn't be here. However: the voice was familiar. Nathan destroyed the idea of a table full of food and turned his attention to the man behind him. 

       "Professor Brannon" His voice was always very friendly and melodic. Especially if he spoke from the heart. Like now. The professor came closer and his face grinned with a very warm smile. "I couldn't help but notice your exchange of views with Professor Petenbury." Nathan sighed out. His teeth gently bitten the lower lip. "Yea, professor. You know: I didn't spend my life with my head in books. I consider myself a teacher who has filled many books and museums. I've seen a lot of things. I could not lie and don´t say my opinion." His manly shoulders shrugged as if he wanted to apologize to the host for his behavior. Mr. Brannon smiled and placed his hand on his shoulder " It was fine. At least: someone was brave enough and capable of wipe his ego. Bravo! Why don´t we go and try one of my beloved daughter´s cakes? I am sure they are amazing! As my daughter, of course!" It seemed like professor was so proud about his girl. Nathan didn't know him long enough. He didn´t know his family. "Of course , sir. Why not?" It was all he could say. In the same moment professor Brannon waved at the woman who was at the main table. 

"Chloe, honey, come here, i would like to introduce  you to someone very interesting" 
"Miss, I feel like I known you ."”
credit: james kriet

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Queen Markov

It was just a simple robbery
One last time
“...But then you came in and everything changed ...”
     "I really don't think this is your last job, Nathan" 
Sam Drake said. His voice was thoughtful and it was evident that his attention was focused on something completely different than his brother, who was hanging up on the ceiling. The Villa of the Medici family was huge and full of history. 
     "I meant: you are not too old. You are always among the top historians and thieves. You are divorced. Your daughter is almost an adult. Nothing holds you and you can spend all your free time on expeditions."His brother's words were like the drug he needed. 
    "Well, Samuel..."Nathan finally said after a short pause, his body still hung on the ceiling ."Your plan sounds appealing. Very attractive and very accessible ,but let's be realistic. I'm almost 45 years old. My life is in ruins. All I can do is read and speak in Latin. I can steal almost anything. I don't think I'm a good candidate for a happy marriage full of love and understanding."If there was something he knew perfectly: it was the ability to describe his own positives and negatives. Negatives, especially!
     "But still: you are a professor of history. There are a lot of single girls around you who almost beg for your attention. No! Don't try to convince me!" Older Drake did not give a chance to reply to a younger Drake who tried to steal a piece of precious stone directly from a luxury chandelier. 
     "Bravo! You just found out why I ignore those young students. What would you like as a reward, Mr. Drake? "His words were almost toxic. As always: Nathan worked and Sam? He worked as a distraction. One of his most favorite roles!
    "Come on. Since you crossed the boundary of 40 years, you are very toxic and childish, Nate THE GREAT!" He leaned gently against the massive table that was in the center of the room. The party was on the lower floor and therefore they had enough time to steal what they needed.  Well: at least they thought so.
    The work was almost complete. The last thing they needed was to cut off the last piece of jewel and read what was hidden on the other side. Nathan wanted to answer and cut off his harsh brother, who was obviously bored. However, if they thought this work would be simple and without complications, they were both wrong. Someone opened the door and let the noise and light come from the staircase into the room. The famous treasure hunter looked down at his brother, who clearly indicated silence. Sam showed him to remain quiet.It was not difficult to find a man who hung from the ceiling and tried to look like a chandelier.
     "Scusami. Non sapevo che qualcuno fosse dentro." (Excuse me. I didn't know anyone was inside.) Her fluent Italian language surprised Sam who tried to understand what she said. Mr. Drake knew several languages but the Italian language was not one of his strengths. Although he hung from the chandelier, Nathan imagined his brother's facial expression. Surely it was a face full of question marks and uncertainty.  However: Nathan had to be quiet!
       "..... Buona sera ... miss ... la signora ....." His vocabulary was terrible. He almost broke his tongue. He wished he could help his brother. But how? He was a man who hung from the ceiling and now had to look like a ghost. Nate hung there and rolled his eyes. "Jesus Christ..." carefully he whispered.  It was clear that Sam was lost and as a good  young brother he could not leave his big brother: like that.  Nathan took advantage of the situation. Slowly he climbed down. When his feet touched the ground, he straightened up and spoke carefully.
      "Per favore scusami mio fratello. La sua lingua italiana non è perfetta. Il mio nome è Nathan. Nathan Drake. E questo è Samuel Drake. E tu devi essere ....?" (Please excuse my brother. His Italian language is not perfect. My name is Nathan. Nathan drake. And this is Samuel Drake. And you must be ....?). Her eyes were confused. But despite the fear, she stood straight and did not run away. That deserved admiration. If you found a fool in the room who almost broke his tongue because of language  and the other idiot came from behind you (from somewhere): Well, Nathan felt like she was more than  a pretty face. 

credit: james kriet

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

So only a few hours of flight and I'll be in place. Excellent! Finally, it looks like a quiet journey and an even quieter expedition.No army behind my ass. No psychopath who wants to own the whole world. Is it real? What if I get bored?No, it can't be that simple, Nathan! 
"Dear passengers, please sit down and listen to the staff instructions"
Finally. Everything looked perfect. He did not pay attention to the women in tight uniforms who tried to draw attention to themselves with the instructions everyone knew.  The truth was that he didn't count on another expedition. If Sam hadn't called and stunned him with a treasure that lies somewhere in Costa Rica: Nathan would live his life.  But how could he refuse? This was too simple and too tempting to refuse. He looked around. He was trying to find someone familiar. There was always a familiar face that sat on the same plane as you. The truth was, he hated flying. Maybe it was because of the unpleasant experience he had gained as a partner of Victor Sullivan.

"What the...."Those were his first words when he noticed a very familiar face. Miss tried to look inconspicuous and very natural. But that was not possible. Nathan recognized the woman. More than good. More than he wanted to admit. Miss Croft hasn't changed at all. In fact, a woman (harder than any man,) was hiding behind the tender face that was lined with long brown hair. Nathan looked up as he tried to calm down. Was this possible? One expedition without people. That was all he wanted. Hmm.....But maybe there was a way to reveal her plans. Maybe she's going on vacation. I have to reveal the true reason for her presence on this plane! NOW!
 He was lucky because the seat next to her was empty. Mr. Famous treasure hunter got up, cautiously ,and slowly he approached the free seat beside her. When he was close enough he leaned against the seat and he whispered :"Well well well, it seems like Costa Rica is not just my favorite destination. Am i right, Miss Croft?"


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"I warned you..."

Lara Croft - Nathan Drake



"Don´t say i didn´t warn you"
If you are a thief, historian or archaeologist, your life is full of action and adventure. Never ending expeditions. Full of incredible and fascinating stories. At least: this is how your friends and people around you imagine your life. But our life is something completely different. We spend months, or even years, locked in rooms, our faces in the books. Only then comes the famous expedition, which can only mean two things : You will find treasure and become famous and respected. Or: you will find nothing,  you will spend a lot of money and you will come  home as a looser. At the beginning of the expedition it looked like a guaranteed success.  Collaboration between Nathan Drake and Lara Croft ? Guaranteed success!  They had everything: information, money, knowledge and skills.

 But it wasn't enough. . . . 

They stood in the rainforest., didn't know what to do. About this time: they should celebrate! They were supposed to stand in the middle of the lost city. No! They had everything !  the expedition lasted for several days. And what for?
The famous treasure hunter used one of the basic words from his dictionary. 
"Just think, man! It must be here, somewhere!" 
He muttered under his nose.  Fortunately: Lara was far enough and she could not hear his words. They were both tired. Both were dirty, sweaty, and lack of fresh air did not allow them to breathe. Their clothes were almost wet because of the greenhouse effect in the jungle. He put his hands on his hips, and despite his uncomfortable feeling, he tried to think.

"Miss Croft, where's your faith?"
His voice was friendly and full of optimism as always. Someone might have thought both were on the beach,enjoying the perfectly cooled drinks. Despite the noise that was in the rainforest, he spoke loud enough . 
"Maybe we don't have what we wanted. But let's be honest: nobody is chasing us. Behind our asses there is no army or psychopath who thinks he can own every piece of land. We have food, we have water. This place looks like ideal for an overnight stay. There are waterfalls so the natural spa is almost under your nose! What more can you wish for? "
BANG! Nathan always knew how to use his charm and persuade people in a situation that was almost lost. Gentle smile appeared on his lips that were camouflaged with medium-length facial hair. 
"Plus: The sun is low. We should´t continue. Night is behind the door. I am sure we will figure out what to do. It is not over, miss Croft! "
credit: james kriet

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Nathan never called before he came. Maybe he was too lazy. Or too rude . Maybe he just didn't understand that it was appropriate to say something before the visit. But that was no longer important. What was important was the fact that he came and was interested in the job she offered. What was the job? He didn't know.But that didn't bother him very much. In his bones he felt that Eris had found the necessary information. All she needed to know about him.  It was no secret that there was a lot of information and legends about his person, And she looked exactly like the kind of woman who liked things under control. So there was no reason to think she didn't know who was sitting in her office. 

"Did you think of me?" 

His voice was friendly but playful. He always liked the atmosphere that was friendly but straight. When people said: I was just thinking about you. It meant friendship or total horror. Nathan was one of the people who had friends or enemies. There was nothing in between. Either you loved him or hated him.But this woman looked like she was standing on his side. Although you could never be sure. 
"Because if people think about me,  mostly it is about unpleasant thoughts full of death and pain."
He smiled and finally sat down at the place she offered him.

Her next behavior was not surprising. The truth was, Nathan appreciated the people who could be themselves.Not only at work but also in personal life. Working with such people was easier and more enjoyable. You knew how to predict their behavior. 
"I don't like when I have to wait too long. And let's be honest: your offer was quite tempting and at the same time: urgent. Maybe I'm not the youngest, but my senses are still perfect. My cholesterol is not is another story, i guess..."
He said before she began to explain the situation.It looked pretty serious and dangerous. Excellent! That's what he was looking for. Danger and insecurity where your only salvation is your knowledge and skills. 

He listened carefully to every word that fell out of her mouth. It was certainly a fascinating adventure. The story she said was like any other.The reason for creating a rare artifact was almost always the same. Money. The desire for power. Jealousy. Hatred. Love.Like today, people were capable of terrible things.As an experienced archaeologist, Nathan knew that an expedition wasn't a walk through the pink garden.For this reason he loved his work and hobbies.That's exactly why he came here and didn't leave when she warned him. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back on his chair. 
"I don't consider myself a specialist in Greek or Ancient history, but I think there is a real chance of finding that mysterious artifact. I think it is necessary to explain to people that the existence of deities was justified in the past.  If we talk about Zeus, Hercules or Hera : we are certainly talking about important and real stories that have happened. And even if we don't know what we want to find and what we're looking for,  i am sure we can find the way, lady. If there is anything that will help I will be very happy if you share it with me."

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Thief´s end 4

Nathan drake 
       It was clear she was ready. Nathan himself had to admit that her knowledge was overwhelming! And he always enjoyed having the opportunity to work with a professional. Having a woman like a sidekick during the expedition was not very usual . It was not just a physical predisposition, but also the ability to cope with stress and sense of danger. Finding a treasure Esperanza was a challenge.  And now it seemed that they had everything they needed.  She gathered all the information and they could go immediately. However, the possibility that the treasure was not at the bottom of the sea still existed. If they did not consider another option, it would not only be a loss of money but also a waste of time. And they couldn't afford it.

       Nathan sat on the desk and listened and watched her movements.  It all sounded so ideal. Almost completely simple. If there was anything he had learned, it certainly was: nothing simple is as simple as it seems to be at the beginning. He was glad to release some buttons.  The weather was extremely unpredictable, and although it was an old Renaissance building, the temperature was unstable. 

       "Your idea is not bad. Not at all. But let's say we rent a boat that needs at least 20 powerful reflectors that can cover the bottom of the area.  Even your grandfather would say it would be a great expense. And i should assure you : I don't belong among men who like saving money. Finding such a treasure is always a risk or a profit.  But renting such a boat will certainly attract attention. But you certainly know that." He winked and slowly , Nathan get down from the table and he stood before the map she held in her hands

       He was attracted by the possibility that during the fighting the ship was damaged and all the treasure was transferred to the mainland. Slowly, he approached the map and with finger tips he marked the possible route along the map. 

       “What if we don't see something very important. When we found Libertalia, we found it in a completely different place. Why? We have not predicted certain facts. I think we don't see the story that happened. If death was near, pirates certainly knew that. Sinking the ship was very easy. But to save the treasure from the bottom of the sea: it was another coffee."

credit: james kriet

06/24/2019 05:59 PM 

Thief´s end 3

Thief´s end
"Or the beginning?" PART 3 
The woman knew exactly what she wanted. It was something that fascinated him about women. If a woman knew what she wanted, there was no obstacle that could stand between her and her dreams. And that was something very rare. Her determination was great.  Even though she knew what was on the other side of the success.  Finding the treasure was just a cherry on the cake. Each expedition contained further clues that suggested the existence of another treasure. Perhaps the one that the world did not record. If you found a ship full of gold, it was a great feeling. If you find more information about hundreds of other treasures: it was an orgasm. You must be old enough to understand the true values of treasures and expeditions. And this woman seemed capable of finding a real treasure.

"Do you know that you are very similar to my daughter?"
 Nathan started friendly. 
"Like you, she would like to leave the nest and find her first fantastic treasure full of diamonds and gold.Fortunately, it's my daughter and not my granddaughter. Plus I'm a younger school than your grandfather. Sully is like a father I never had.And I respect his wishes. Whatever it was. So: if he decided to invite me here just to help you, I can't refuse. Although I have been out of the game for several years.If Victor Sullivan wants me to come and help you, you can count on me. "
He wasn't sure he made the right decision. Nathan remembered very well the consequences of his last Alaska expedition.
“For those who prove worthy . Paradise awaits.”
"So, if we want to achieve something, we should start now."
He suddenly said. The night was still young and if they wanted to start early, they had to start immediately. There was nothing to wait for. She had everything they needed to get started. And as someone once said: the sooner you start, the sooner you end up.

He sighed. It was the same feeling as years ago. Nothing has changed. He was not in the same condition, but during all those years of inactivity his body had not changed.Nate felt older, but everyday movement and morning cardio kept him fit. He released a few buttons on his blazer so he could put it on the chair next to the table.He did the same with buttons on his forearm and two buttons on his shirt, those around his neck.He jumped very easily to the edge of the table where he sat down. Nate took some papers that talked about a mysterious treasure.
"The ship was attacked somewhere around Palmyra. We don't have exact coordinates, but that's good. If we don't have them, no one else has them. Weather in this period should be quiet without major changes. But if we want to eliminate as many problems as possible, the weather is one of the biggest enemies.Especially when it comes to research at the bottom of the sea. We should be prepared for all possible scenarios. How good are you in diving, ma'am?"
He lifted up his head when he finally finished his little monologue 
credit: james kriet

06/23/2019 08:40 PM 

Thief´s end 2

Thief´s end
“Or the beginning?” PART 2
       One thing was certain. She was just like her grandfather. Nathan could see her determination though everything she had was a notebook full of information and pictures.In the beginning he listened to her words. It was evident that Esperanza's treasure was very interesting. Many people tried to find it. But nobody could. Surely it wasn't just a fake treasure, just a myth. There was quite a lot of evidence of the existence of the treasure. Even through the testimony of Captain William Foster.Nathan remembered how many of his close friends went there and never returned. It was crazy. One of the most evident treasure ever and nobody could return. Was it plague or curse? Nobody knew what happened there, no one could tell. They had to be dead and the treasure was waiting for another lucky bastard or a naive treasure huntress Great! He didn't have many options. He could say yes and help her , don´t let her go alone. Or he could say no and she would go alone without him. Nathan will survive, but Sully certainly won't. It was more than clear that the old superhero couldn't wait : he needed another adventure. Even though he was near the diaper period. When she asked him, Nathan sighed. He placed a glass of the most expensive alcohol beside him and he crossed his hands on arms on his chest. "If we talk about the same treasure hiding somewhere in Palmyra. I think I know what you're talking about. It is a treasure that has been transported by Spanish ship - Esperanza. Pirates attacked the ship and no one knows where is one of the greatest treasures of the world. What a beautiful story, right?" Nathan asked like an innocent boy.He still believed he could change her mind and show her the way. He saw too many things and many of them were terrible. He could not allow another young soul to become a treasure hunter.In the depth of his soul he believed he could change her path and her future. Well, his plans died the moment she handed him her diary full of important information and those sweet and innocent doodles. He felt like he watched his own diary, now hided somewhere in the drawer. Carefully he went through pages that were full of interesting content. Statistically speaking .....

       Nathan didn't know how long he was silent because of the excitement he felt when he was studying the diary. But one thing was certain: it was serious. Finally she closed the diary and tapped his thigh with it. “I was in church yesterday. And it's strange because the last time I was there: I was a kid. Nor was my marriage before God. But as a divorced man, as a father, as a man who is old enough: I felt that I should go there and do some informal conversation with our Lord. Now I must look like an Orthodox Christian, but I am a sinner: believe me. " Slowly, he moved his eyes and he looked down, on the ground under his feet. Very soft and calm smile appeared on his lips. "I'm trying to say: I felt like I should go there and spend some time alone with my own mind and my thoughts. It's very similar to the current situation, you know? When your grandfather sent an invitation, I knew something was happening. I just was not sure if he is capable of anything else " As usual, his humor was simple and his vocabulary was at boyish level. "Okay, let´s say you are right. Let´s say it can be possible: what exactly do you want from me? How can i help you? Because as you can see: i am not as fancy as the man from your cute grandfather´s stories and fairy-tales" He laughed as he tried to keep a good atmosphere between them. 
“Omne quod habet principium et finem.”
credit: james kriet


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