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02/13/2020 09:20 PM 

Lonely Hearts Club

This was a post that Luka made for the Lonely Hearts Club drawing. 
Apparently, I won. So. I got to be part of his act.
(( 2-13-2020 ))

01/23/2020 12:32 PM 


This is from Aria's Podcast called "Bare it All". Go check out her page! 

Aria Winters 

Aria: Hey, y’all! Welcome back to Bare It All! On today’s episode, we will be talking about cults. I don’t know much about them, so I’m hoping today’s guest will be giving me more insight into what a cult is, considering he used to be a part from one. Oliver Teufel, thanks for joining me today! 

Oliver: Thanks for having me! -grins; I know this might be a strange thing to talk about, so it's nice to be here! 

AW: -chuckles; I wouldn’t say it’s strange, per say. More like it’s interesting to people outside of cults. -smiles; So, I’ve never heard your story before, so can you tell us a bit about your childhood and how you ended up in a cult? Was it a religious thing? 

OT: It's funny because I've always been fascinated with cults when I was a little younger. -laughs some; Never thought I'd end up in one. But, I didn't necessarily join because I wanted to. -chuckles; but first to answer your question, yes it was Religious. Uhm, there is still some things that I'm not comfortable with saying about it at least from my view on the inside. 

AW: It’s okay. You can just tell us what you’re comfortable with. -smiles; 

OT: I was 7 when I moved to Ohio. My dad had passed away and my mom said there was a better life waiting in this town called Englewood. We moved there and I mean, I was a weird kid growing up. My mom was baptized into the Church and said we had to start going to church. I was 7, so I wasn't wanting to sit in a church for hours but I did. -laughs; I mean what kid wants to and I'm Jewish, so I was all about God and all that but didn't understand the way this church was being ran. To speed things along, my brother got engaged to his best friend who is the cult leaders Grandson. Uh, so about the age of 15, I was sucked into it. Despite not wanting to join the cult. I was against the church. I didn't even know the church was actually a cult. I just thought I was apart of the Church, despite never having been baptized. -clears his throat; Apparently, you had to get baptized on your 17th birthday, which I was only 15, so I had time to go.   

 AW: I couldn’t imagine attending a church that had such a darkness to it, ya know? Especially, with being so young. -clears throat; So..what did this cult consist of? Can you give us details or just a general aspect of what it was?    

OT: It is a lot to take in, honestly and I mean, the fact that you want me here to talk about something a bit dark, it's pretty amazing since most people tend to back away from me and since you and my mom are friends, I felt more comfortable talking -smiles and chuckles; You'll also notice I'm a rambler, so apologies now -laughs some, shaking his head;     

AW: I’m a rambler too, so it’s okay! -chuckles softly;     

OT: -smiles and chuckles; Glad to know I'm not alone. Uh, anyways. From what I knew of or at least what they've told me because I was young, I mean, I'm only 18 now and there's still a lot of things I'm not even sure of with the cult, even to this day but uh, it was originally started out as a way to get closer to God, ya know? These people felt that God would choose them to move onto a better life whenever he decided to come back and start over new. That was with the original members, the ones who started the Church in the first place. It basically, they had their rules and stuff and what you were allowed to do and not to do and stuff. Meat was banned, electronics were banned, basically anything and everything that could alter your mind and thoughts from God and from the Church, was banned.  
AW: So basically, y’all lived pretty much off the grid in a way? Did you have to live in the same home and whatnot like some do? Or could you live separately, but had to follow by the rules of no meat, electronics, and etc?      

OT: But yeah, basically. I mean, Englewood is on a map of Ohio, if you look close enough but it's also not. It's a small town with I think 500 or 600 people. We did have our own homes, it was almost like your typical small town area but it was secluded. The schools were literally next to each other. You'd have the elementary school then across the fence was the middle school and across that fence was the high school. And that's the thing though, not everyone in that town was part of the Church. So, if you were to pass by it, you literally would think it's a basic town but if you were a church member and/or a cult member, you had to follow all these rules. There was a lot of them. There's even a handbook you had to follow.   

AW: That was my next question that you answered. -chuckles; If everyone in the town was a member. So, the people that weren’t, were they aware of the cult? 
OT: -laughs some; Guess that's the plus of being a rambler, you tend to answer most questions. Uh, I'm not sure though on that. I think most knew but not all. Most just kept to themselves and tried to encourage the church but at the same time, were a little weary. Sort of like how I was, I was weary of the church but because of my mother, and what she put me through, I had to go to Church.
AW: -nods her head; Let me know if these questions get to be too much. You don’t have to answer. But aside from the rules like no cell phones and all of that, how extreme was it? Like what did the cult pertain, religion wise and rituals?  
OT: So far, you're good -smiles at her; It's hard to say because I didn't get too far into the cult as a full member because by the time I was known as a member, I was pulled out after the media had managed to get involved and the whole trial started to happen. There were a lot of rules, a lot of one on ones with Father Anderson. Father Anderson was a very man. -laughs nervously; He uh, he definitely made it scary and made you question yourself. Religion wise, you had to fully be devoted to God. It was not even an option. Uhm, you were almost set up with a potential "mate" I guess you could say -rubs his neck some, making sure that was a good word; Um, basically your whole life was ran by this cult. You were given a time to when you could meet with Father Anderson. There was one ritual which was the baptism. -bites at the inside of his lip some; You were not allowed to be in the cult, if you weren't baptized. The baptisms were nearly an ongoing thing. Every weekend there was some sort of baptism. Many who had already been baptized, they were done again. You got arrested? You were baptized, you missed church? you were baptized. No one truly understood why this was such an importance but it was. It was a full on ritual with this church, this cult.   

AW: -inhales; Maybe because getting baptized has to do with cleansing your body of all your sins and you’re brand new. So if you do something sinful, like get arrested, you’d get baptized. Though I don’t see how missing church is a sin, but then again, cults are more extreme than the normal every day church.
OT: That's what I thought but David, who basically was "God" to everyone, he thought everything that happened, was what had to happen if things were "bad" or you did something against the church. -shakes his head; There's a lot of things with Cults that many see as crazy, so I still think everything that happened was crazy -laughs some;   
AW: That’s intense. -breathes out a laughs; I’m sure it was bad for your mental health, I’d say.    

OT: Oh yeah, it really was. I still had PTSD from a lot of things that I've gone through just through some stuff with my mom and what not. It didn't just stay within the Church walls, it was brought home by my mother too. -takes another drink of water; Insane stuff. 
AW: Are you doing any kind of therapy or coping mechanisms to deal with what you went through and your ptsd?  
OT: -shakes his head; No, sadly. I tried when I was first adopted by my mom, Adel, but no therapist was able to handle or understand, really what I was going through.    

AW: -nods her head; I’m sure there’s a therapist out there who does understand, and I promise that I will look around to try to find you one. -smiles;     

OT: Well thank you, you don't have to do that but that means a lot -nods and continues to smile;    

AW: On another note, how was it being adopted by an actress like Adel? How did that come about? I already know the story, but maybe the listeners don’t.

OT: Well, my mom, or Adel Kennedy as many people know her as, she came to an adoption event in New York. I know, it sounds funny because it sounds like a pet adoption but in New York, they usually hold events and stuff as such to get kids out of their homes or where ever they may be. It's sort of a chance to show how us kids can be when we're not being almost like pushed to meet parents or just be picked out of the "litter" -puts air quotes up; so to speak and then expected to be okay with our parents that adopted us. My mom, I guess she saw me when I was alone because at the time, the trial for my mom and the church slash cult was still happening and I was scared, ya know? My brother wasn't around anymore, my family on my dad's side couldn't adopt me, my family on my birth mom's side, they literally had nothing to do with me, so I was alone. I didn't think that things would work out and such. We got to talking because she was actually interested in what I was doing and one thing basically led to another. She was there for me through the trial, she was there for me through just about everything. One thing led to another and she surprised me one day and told me she was actually adopting me, that the adoption process was finalized and I was officially her son. I didn't get adopted officially until I was nearly 16 but I tend to say I was 15 because she instantly became my mom. She didn't push, she didn't expect me to love her right away. And I know she may not realize that but it did help me. She let me love her and call her mom and stuff on my own terms. I didn't even have to call her mom but really, she was more of my mom than my birth mom, so. It was a crazy time but I love her, ya know? She became my rock and she still is my rock. -smiles; I may be 18 but she'll forever be my mom.  

AW: -smiles; I bet you have a new found respect for her and love her now that she is your mom. Did you know who she was before she adopted you? And what’s it like having an actress as a mother?    

OT: -smiles; Oh yeah, I've got loads of respect for her. She's the best thing to happen to me. -nods; I knew of her, like I've heard of her name and seen the show here and there but didn't know too much. Like, I was a fan but not super crazed, ya know? -chuckles; It's honestly pretty cool having an actress as a mom because I get to see her play these other roles that are different than I see her. I get to see people react differently when she's around and to know she's this person that people love and respect, it's really cool and inspiring. She's the one who has helped push me to continue my film making, despite everything that's happened, and it's amazing.    

AW: You know, it’s funny because if you would have told me how she was this time last year, I would have not believed it. -laughs; I’m glad Adel and I are over that hating each other stage and we’re the best of friends now. -smiles;     

OT: I remember some of that -chuckles; But she really is an amazing woman and so thankful to have her as my mom. I know a lot of people, especially the media, likes to make it seem she's this monster or some ditzy girl but she's not. -smiles;    

AW: She really is, and I’m mad that I didn’t see it sooner. I guess it was because we were both so young and got thrown into the crazy world of acting and since our characters hated each other, we kind of fed off that that into our real lives. -laughs;    

OT: -smiles and nods; I mean, I get a feud, I've had that happen in my life before I left Englewood. But, I know you make my mom happy and i Know she's happy to have you in her life. -smiles bigger and chuckles;    

AW: How’s your film making coming along? Anything in the works?    

OT: It's coming, I haven't fully done a lot with it lately. I've done some small things here and there but I have been working on a script that's almost an autobiography. Hoping to show that you can come through when you get thrown into situations that you have no control over.   

AW: Well, I do hope you finish that script so I can read it. -winks playfully before laughing; 

OT: I'll definitely keep you updated. No doubt it'll be done by summer.   

AW: -grins; Well, Oliver, thank you so much for stopping by and opening up to not only me, but to the listeners as well. Is there anything you’d like to add before we go? 

OT: Thank you for having me, it means a lot -smiles; uh, just thank you for listening. I know it wasn't the most exciting but I hope it gave people a look into what I went through as a kid -smiles; And thank you for listening and bringing me on the show, means a lot. 

AW: Aw, it was exciting. -chuckles; You have an interesting story and it deserved to be heard. You’re welcome anytime. Thank you again for coming! -waves goodbye at him; Oh, and before I forget. If you'd like to follow him on social media, his tag is @ollieTK so go follow him!! -laughs; I will be back next week! Byeeee!

01/20/2020 12:18 PM 

bold survey

** stole from Nathaniel 



I am over 5′5″/ I wear glasses or contacts / I have blonde hair / I wear sweatshirts a lot / I prefer loose clothing to tight clothing / I have one or more piercings / I have at least one tattoo / I have blue eyes / I have dyed or highlighted my hair / I have gotten plastic surgery / I have or had braces / I sunburn easily / I have freckles / I paint my nails / I typically wear makeup / I don’t often smile / I am pleased with how I look / I prefer Nike to Adidas / I wear baseball hats backwards

Hobbies and Talents:

I can play a sport / I can play an instrument / I am artistic / I know more than one language / I have won a trophy in some sort of competition / I can cook or bake without a recipe / I know how to swim / I enjoy writing / I can do origami / I prefer movies to TV shows / I can execute a perfect somersault / I enjoy singing / I could survive in the wild on my own / I have read a new book series this year / I enjoy social time with friends / I travel during school or work breaks / I can do a handstand


I had my first kiss before age 15 / I have gotten blackout drunk / I am or have been married / I have traveled outside of the country / I have flown on an airplane / I have stayed awake for more than 48 hours / I have had a near-death experience / I have caught something on fire / I have performed in a talent show / I have shot a gun / I have been on TV / I have gone scuba diving / I have broken a bone / I have slow-danced / I have gone on a shopping spree


I am currently in a relationship / I have been single for over a year / I have a secret romantic interest / I have a best friend / I have known a friend for over ten years / My parents are together / I have a brother or sister / I have dated my best friend / I am adopted (au) / Someone has told me they are romantically interested in me / I have had a long-distance relationship / I give good advice to my friends / I am friends with someone I shouldn't be 


I have heard the ocean in a conch shell / I have watched the sunrise / I enjoy rainy days / I have slept under the stars / I meditate outside / The sound of nature calms me / I enjoy the smell of the beach / I know what snow tastes like / I listen to music to fall asleep / I enjoy thunderstorms / I enjoy cloud watching / I have attended or hosted a bonfire / I pay close attention to colors / I find mystery in the ocean / I enjoy hiking on scenic paths / Autumn is my favorite season


I can fall asleep in a moving vehicle / I am the mom/dad friend / I live by a certain quote(s) / I like the smell of Sharpies / I participate in hobbies or extracurricular activities / I enjoy Mexican food / I can drive a stick-shift / I have memorized an entire song in a day / I believe in true love / I dream up scenarios to fall asleep / I sing in the shower / I wish I lived in a video game / I have a canopy above my bed / I am multi-racial / I am a redhead / I own at least three dogs / I am LGBTQ+

01/19/2020 04:01 PM 

social media handles

I wanted to make an updated "social media handles" post for those who aren't sure about when I make certain posts. I know, no one probably cares but I just wanted to make it updated for you guys since I have added a couple more to the mix! So, here are all the handles I have for Oliver and what verse they are involved with and who it involves. 


@ollieteufel -- Oliver's main verse. So, anything with Greg, Ethan, Carleigh, or Tripp or anything that involves his main verse. 


@ollieTK -- Oliver's handle with Adel since his name is Oliver Teufel-Kennedy with her :) . So, anyone who is involved with Adel or Oliver or family/friends with Adel, this is his handle for you guys and whatever he posts about. Plus, it involves minor fame stuff since he is the adopted son of Adel. :) 


@ollieteufelofficial -- Oliver's fame verse. Anything posted with this one, is things from his fame verse. He's basically an AU version of my boy. Hence why he made a movie and everything and was in Hereditary and the Jumanji films or the naked brothers or any fame projects or movies or shows or even his music that he may be involved with! 


@TDmagazine -- this one is new. It's for Oliver and Greg ( yes, Greg is involved with this project ) magazine called "Teufel Diaries Magazine". Anything that Oliver posts or reshares or whatever from this handle, it's the magazine. If things don't work out with the magazine, then I'll delete that handle for him but for now, it's added in :) 


If you have any questions or aren't sure about what handle to use, if you ever want to tag Oliver into something on your posts, don't ever hesitate to ask me via comments, messages, or even discord!! Thanks guys!! 


-Oliver's Writer

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