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09/11/2019 11:09 PM 

drabble series pt 1 || baby blues.

Things falling out of the sky…

Huge big heavy things falling out of the sky and landing completely, solidly, devastatingly on top of my baby girl.

This was the full colour nightmare I would have while completely awake, walking down the street, pushing her pram. I would obsess about keeping the bassinet's hood up, even though it was warm and sunny and she liked to look at the clouds and the contrast of tree branches against the sky. It's not like that material hood would even protect her from the blocks of concrete, metal poles of scaffolding, even the fragments of an airplane that I imagined would come tumbling out of the sky and tear her life away from me. The hood was helpless, hopeless.

I was helpless. Hopeless.

There was nothing I could do to stop things falling out of the sky, and I beat myself up about that, and because I was worried about it nonetheless. I felt determined to worry about it. It was as if worrying about it was all I was good at so why not continue, because hey, at least I'm good at that? And so a tornado of panic, worry and frustration spun out of control, and it's name was Anxiety.

Things falling out of the sky…

I knew I was going to be overwhelmed when I became a mother.

I knew I wouldn't sleep enough.

I knew my body would change beyond recognition.

I knew I was going to be exhausted.

I knew it was going to be hard work.

I knew that a lot of strange and unfamiliar things would happen.

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Her daughter, Theodora Stewart’s, birth was long and hard but mercifully without drama or complications. She arrived healthy and big and with an alertness in her eyes that surprised Enya. During the hours after her birth, the joy she felt was mostly related to her no longer being in labour, but as Enya got to work practising breastfeeding, waking up with Theo every hour of the night, doing diaper change after diaper change, putting her own physical aches and pains to the back of her mind, she felt empowered and a "success". Her baby was feeding - she even put on weight in her first two days! - and Enya was finally living the madness of this biggest of life changes after so much build-up. She was doing it…

Enya was doing it on less than four hours of sleep a night. Besides, surely the sleep would come for both of them eventually.... Either that or she would survive on the love she felt for Theo that would also grow, wouldn't it? She just had to keep going. Keep working. Keep doing what was expected of her. And she did. And it didn't suck her under…

Until it did.

Immediately after giving birth, her body was under a siege of hormones. There are hormones to get her breastmilk flowing; hormones to help her recover from birth; pregnancy hormones slowly leaving her body after being at all time highs for forty weeks; hormones that help her bond with her baby; hormones that help shrink her uterus down to its normal size, painfully contracting it a little as they do. It's unprecedented and it's mind-altering, literally.

As per all the textbooks, the effect of all of these hormones hit Enya on the fourth day after her daughters birth - classic "baby blues". It was early evening, Theo had been restless for most of the afternoon, Enya had not slept more than a few broken hours each night for a whole week - including during her long labour - and she felt like she wanted to cry forever. She’d also been struggling to feel the kind of pure, unconditional love for her that she expected to carry her through all the hard times. She knew she loved her, but she didn't feel the need - or the calmness in her - to dote on her. Enya’s love felt like a responsibility, a duty. (It's a terrible analogy but it was sort of how you feel about your cleaning your house - you love your house, but you don't feel full of enthusiasm or love when you think about having to clean it...) She took only one photo of her on her first day of life and it was of someone else holding her.

It happened for the best of reasons; because Enya was too busy getting the hang of feedings, keeping Theo safe, holding her and doing what she was supposed to. But that evening four days after she gave birth, as the busyness of the day and the sleeplessness of the week before caught up with her, she just felt so very lacking and upset. She managed to keep the tears at bay, sitting on the sofa as she watched her husband, Aidan, holding baby Theo. He saw the mist appear in Enya’s eyes and he asked what was wrong.

"I think it's just the baby blues..." She said, which her doctor did mention before.

08/17/2019 09:55 PM 

emotions after miscarriage.

tw: miscarriage, abuse, violence.
”You know, after your examinations and everything, we don’t see any permanent damage that would refrain you from having children in the future. This is a common suggestion that most doctors give their patients after losing a child, even when it is as tragic as your situation. I’d encourage, if you and your partner are adamant on having another, that you try again as soon as possible. See, the sooner the better. It helps with the grieving process and we recommend it to all mothers who have miscarried.”

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Tired eyes gazed toward the female doctor, listening to the words but in a way, they felt like they went right through her. She hadn’t slept much, mainly due to crying most of the night because of what had been forcefully taken away from her. Her baby, her first child with her fiancé.

Enya getting pregnant at first wasn’t planned but she and Aidan were both happy about the news; and she really saw herself becoming a mother. She made promises to her unborn baby, she spoke to him. (she was sure she was having a boy.) There was a connection there, even though she hadn’t met her unborn child, she knew him. She imagined his future, how she’d support him through anything no matter what. She would be the mother who was always there, even when her son didn’t need her anymore because he would always be her baby.

”Thank you, doctor.” Enya spoke, mind distant. She wanted the appointment to end, so before anything else could be said, she stood up, took her bag and left the office.

How can you miss someone you never met? This missing piece felt worse than missing anyone she ever knew. It made her feel psychically sick, wishing to curl up in bed under the covers and sob hysterically. However, looking at her now, the young adult was numb. Stone cold. Completely and utterly lost.

Her baby didn’t just go because he wasn’t made or ready for this world. He was taken away from her. Yanked viciously from her grasp no matter how tight her vice was.

Becoming a mother made her think that she would be better than her own mother. That wasn’t hard. But, even at that, because of what her mother had brought into her life, she couldn’t even have that. The man her mother married after her dad went to prison was someone who wanted to keep Enya under his thumb even though she wasn’t his daughter, he liked to control her. Of course, Enya never did as he wanted, even to this day. Which was why he made sure that Enya wouldn’t be happy, not as long as he was around.

”I’ll kick that child out of you.” He warned but Enya never thought he’d actually do anything about it. The flashbacks ran through her mind as she stood in the elevator while leaving the doctors office. She was defenseless against him, when he threw her to the ground. Made sure to kick her stomach so hard that she could feel the life just leave her child.

Defeated and broken, he’d won. She couldn’t even bring herself to tell the doctors what happened. I fell down the stairs was her excuse… which, they hesitantly believed but there was no other evidence to suggest otherwise.

I see a pregnant woman and it ruins my day. I resent them. What if I’m broken forever and can never have kids again? One minute we were sitting happy and excited in the waiting room, ready to see our baby for the first time. Few months later, we were ushered to a different unit in the hospital to discuss how to have our baby removed. Maybe I wasn’t capable of protecting him… perhaps it’s a sign I’m better off not being a mother at all.

Jealousy, resentment, loss of trust in her body, fear, failure and guilt, shock, grief, loss of control.

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06/16/2019 11:28 PM 

Fathers Day. // drabble.

And if you ask me, Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird-- I'ma give you the world. I'ma buy a diamond ring for you, I'ma sing for you, I'll do anything for you to see you smile.

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I didn’t understand what happened. All I could see were these men in uniforms pinning my dad down and putting him in handcuffs. I was five years old, after spending hours making the fathers day card in my hand. There was lots of shouting, swear words being thrown out. My dad was bleeding from his face, obviously one of the officers hit him for resisting or whatever. My mom stood at the doorway, shouting at the cops; calling them every name under the sun because they were arrested her husband. Scum, pigs, bastards, c*nts.. they were just a few of the colourful words my mother used against them.

My mom turned around, realizing I was peeking through the gap of the open door. ”Enya!” She exclaimed, rushing over to me and crouched down to my level. ”Get back inside! Up to your room, now!” Her voice was shaky, but stern. Tears welled up in my innocent aqua eyes, shaking my head. ”I just wanted to see daddy.” I whimpered, my chin trembling as I was ready to burst into tears. ”Go, now!” She ushered me into the house, stepping back outside and slammed the front door shut, locked. Then, the shouting continued. I didn’t go up to my room. I scurried to the large window in the living area, hiding behind the net curtains as I witnessed my dad being dragged off and shoved into the back of a police car.

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As the car skidded off, I made a beeline for the stairs before my mom came back inside, running up the stairs. I let the handmade card fall out of my hand as I did. We were supposed to spend the day together, just the two of us. I was so excited. I loved being around him. My mom never had time for me, but he did, but he just got taken away from me.

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06/13/2019 07:10 PM 

It’s cold and I’m scared. (AU)

A cold, damp room. No lights, just the rays of the sun coming up at dawn peeking in through frosted glass. There was a hint of blue in the atmosphere, dampness rippled through the air which made it thicken. Beaten and bruised female bodies lay shivering upon thin mattresses, nothing but their underwear hiding any dignity they had left. Walls were grey, black marks scribbled all over them from whoever lay next to it; made by finger nails. Where this room was located, it wasn’t distinguishable. Whoever set it up didn’t want anyone they put inside to know where they were. A psychological tactic to weaken the girls minds just so they played into the gangsters hands. A sex trafficking ring. This is what it was. Taking vulnerable girls, promising them the world and bringing them here. Bodies that surrounded were either shaking from the cold or from the withdrawal of the drugs forced into their systems to make them stay here. Majority was the latter.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. The night before, Enya thought she was having a quiet drink with the bar owners. People she thought were her dads friends; but really thinking about it, they let her dad, Cristian, take the fall for so many of their crimes. They never did a day in prison and there was Cristian spending most of his days locked up. He was loyal to them because he said they were the family he got to choose. But these men didn’t have that pack mentality, they were slippery snakes. They’d do anything to make more and more money, even if it meant to betray one of their closest allies by tricking his only daughter into the sex trafficking ring. They knew she was one who men would want, seemingly innocent, young, a virgin. She was going to make them a lot of money, they weren’t going to let that go.

They gave her the job as a barmaid for a reason. To lure her into that false sense of security, then they’d pounce and capture the prey they needed once Enya’s walls were completely down.

”What the hell is in this?” she asked, only one drink causing her to feel hazy and drowsy. She didn’t have a low tolerance to alcohol, she’d been going on benders since the age of fifteen. No, this drink was drugged but she wasn’t compos mentis enough to calculate that in her head. Pushing the glass away from her, she lowered her head and rubbed her eyes, hoping she could wake herself up some. Feeling a hand grip her shoulder, the voice of the bar owner echoed in her ear, as if they were underwater before everything went to black.

”It’s okay. You’re in good hands, we’ll look after you.

Scantily clad, stripped to her bra and underwear, she was now one of the girls laying upon the thin mattress in the cold and damp room. As her body shook like the others, this wasn’t to do with drugs, yet… she was filled with fear and the cold didn’t help either. Pushing her body up, every muscle in her body felt feeble. Her porcelain skin unmarked for now, she tried to call out to anyone in the room but nothing but a whimper escaped, like a lost puppy who had just been taken away from their mother. Usually a strong girl, she held herself well. Yet, after being betrayed by people she thought cared about her, she felt completely helpless.

She jumped as she was approached by one of the other girls. Her face was sunken in, bags around her eyes and bruises were branded all over her skin. She placed a thin sheet around Enya’s shoulders, running her fingers through Enya’s blond hair which caused her to jerk back.

”What are you doing?” she asked, hoarseness in her voice. The unknown female sat down beside her, nothing but a streak of misery.

”Trying to make you feel better because, you’re stuck here now.”

Enya swallowed back the dry lump in her throat shaking her head. ”No, it can’t be… they.. they’re my friends. They know me. It must be a mistake. It has to be a mistake.”

”No, honey… it’s not a mistake. Anyway, you won’t be here for long. Someone probably already has a little squeeze like you bought already. You don’t realise your worth, but they do.”

Tears filled up in Enya’s eyes once again, a determined shake of her head as she hugged her knees to her chest. ”I want to go home. It’s cold… and I’m scared. I just… I want to go home.”

Footsteps could be heard coming from outside the room. It caused the unknown female to scurry back to her original spot and Enya glared toward the door, it being open by Hunter, the owner of the bar, her boss, someone she thought was like family. A syringe in hand, he held it up right, heavy boots trudging across the wooden floor. ”Medication time ladies…. but…” his serpent like eyes landed on Enya then. ”You first.”

to be continued.

06/11/2019 06:52 PM 

( hc to damon. )

Four years ago.

”What are you hiding from me, Damon?” Enya interrogated. Damon had been cold with her all day. Leaning in for a kiss, brushing his lips away from hers caused a sinking feeling in her stomach and really, she thought he was going to end it there and then with her. His eyes were glued to the floor of her bedroom, hands in pockets, shoulders stiff. She dreaded the worst, anyone she ever cared for wanted to leave her one at some point in her life. Why was he going to be different? She sat herself down upon the edge of her bed, patting the space beside her. Reluctantly, he followed her over, tensed up and he seemed scared. Any colour that was typically flushed in his cheeks was gone. ”Talk to me.” Her prompt was softer this time, placing a hand on his shoulder. ”You know you can tell me anything.”

”I’m gay, Enya.” The words were out there. For something that should completely break her heart, it didn’t. She sat back, shaking her head some. ”Oh my god.” A slight laugh came from her lips, placing her hand up to cover her face, throwing her head back. ”I know.” She answered, which caused his eyes to instantly lock onto her. ”You knew?!” He repeated, causing Enya to shrug it off. ”I’m your girlfriend, I think I should sense these things about you.”

”You’re still my girl.” He said with a smile, playfully nudging her which caused a small giggle to leave her lips. ”Yeah, and any future boyfriends you have must be approved by me first, deal?” Deal.”

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05/14/2019 03:53 PM 

Help us // drabble ft Jay. (AU)

A few hours before:

“There’s a way we can get rid of him for good, Jayden. We can make this abuse stop by a few simple words. You know that, right? We don’t have to hide it anymore for mom’s sake, because we have come to the conclusion that she doesn’t give a f***, and neither does Victor. Clearly. He needs to go, forever.”


Black Lakewood Prison:

The exterior of the prison was unfamilIar. Enya or Jayden hadn’t been there since they were kids; the last time their mother brought them there to visit their father. Then, once she was in and out of their lives, the prison visits became less frequent to none at all. The surroundings weren’t as scary as Enya had remembered. She always remembered large, gray bricked walls that swallowed up any atmosphere, damp floors, and a solemn look upon everyone's face; yet, that was her childish mind associating the place with complete dread. It tore the only parent she had who actually cared about her well being, but not enough to stay out of that place. The room was brightly lit, uniformed prison officers paced around the room, watchful eyes on anyone who walked through the glass doors. The room was clinical, almost like they had just stepped into the waiting area in the emergency room. On one side, people were getting searched before they were to go in and see their loved ones on the other side. Enya’s heart raced rapidly in her ribcage, a lump forming in her throat. She second guessed coming here. An urge came to just turn on her heels and march right back out there because this could be a bad idea. However, with her hand being held firmly by her older brother, Jayden, he was already leading her toward the reception desk, a female PO sat behind the thick glass; wishing they were anywhere but here.

”Cristian Lawrence. We’re here to see him.” Jayden told her, the hitch in his words making Enya notice that he was just as nervous as she was. She gave his wrist a gentle squeeze, for reassurance. A shot of anxiety rose when Enya thought that there could be a complication in visiting him today. With the prison system these days, she wouldn’t be surprised. But as the PO’s eyes scanned down the sheet of paper on a clipboard, she soon paused once coming across the surname.

”Lawrence.. Lawrence.” As she mumbled to herself, Enya took her ID out, as did Jayden, placing it on the counter dividing them. She took them in, scanning over them and soon gave a small smile.

”Alright, just get in line there for the body search, thanks.” She politely ordered them before she ushered them away to move onto the next people in line. Enya lead herself and Jay over to the queue where people were being felt up and down just in case they had any drugs or weapons on their person, but by the looks of some of these people, it seemed like they’d go far enough to smuggle something in for whoever they knew on the inside. Even though Enya had nothing to hide, there was that dread and nervousness that came with getting searched; the same in the likes of the airport. It was a dreaded ten minutes but once the search was over and done with, they were guided into the visiting room where they seen their father for the first time in about seven years.


A visit here and there from a few of the guys he worked with all of his life, friends since he was a kid, but he had come to the point where he wasn’t expecting to see his kids anymore-- especially since they had turned into young adults. They had their own minds now, and he didn’t blame them if they didn’t want to see him or associate themselves with a parent like him. Being called out for visitation, he expected to see one of his buddies walk down the room, to tell him some stupid story that happened in the clubhouse or the bar that they had shares in. Seven years of his sentence done, only a few more months left to go, he could see what was happening for himself. Finally.

Rubbing his hands together, an impatient manner, he watched the doorway as people started to seep through. He had to blink his eyes a few times when the two Lawrence kids strolled in through the door, both looking around like lost puppies until they spotted him. Jayden being the complete image of his father when he was that age and Enya, the light blond hair and blue eyes owned by her mother, Cristian’s ex-wife. Although a venomous woman, she had good genes to pass down to their kids and that way, at least he could remember the good side of his ex-wife through Enya. Cristian got to his feet as the space closed in between them, the two practically attached at each others hip and looking scared sh*tless. An arm wrapped around both of them, pulling them into a hug and they both hugged back. An emotional moment, tears filled the eyes of the head of the Lawrence family, still to proud to show them, though. With a dismissive sniffle, he pulled back, one hand cupping his daughters face, the other resting on his son’s shoulder.

”Hey dad.” Jayden finally spoke up, forcing a smile upon his face. Enya was still frozen and quiet. Cristian moved away as a PO passed by them, an obnoxious look upon their face as if to say ‘thats enough’ which caused Cristian to grit his teeth but with his kids right here in front of him, he could let it pass. He moved back to his seat, waiting for the two to sit down across from him before igniting the conversation.

”What are you doing here?” Cristian asked, with suspicion. The two looked tired, somber, something wasn’t right. Questioning why they were there was only normal since he thought they were completely done with him all together. He narrowed his eyes, exchanging a glance with both of his offspring. Jayden cleared his throat, shifting his position on the seat and leaned forward, resting elbows against the table. He lowered his head, unable to make eye contact with the confession he was making.

”We’re in trouble, dad. He, Victor.. He’s been hurting us.” Outstraight and to the point, the words caused Cristian to sit back in his seat and rub the stubble on his chin. That was not what he was expecting to hear upon seeing his children for the first time in seven years.

”It’s abuse.. I had to leave, but Enya, she’s stuck there. With Miles and mom depending on her. Mom doesn’t care that her boyfriend takes out his frustrations on her own daughter.” At this point, Enya was still quiet. This was her idea to come here but, she wasn’t doing much of the talking.

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”I’m worried about En..” Jayden finished with glossy hues, finally bringing his gaze up to his father. Cristian’s attention went to Enya, clearing his throat as he leaned forward, clutching his hands together.

”Enya, honey. Look at me.” He softly said, Enya obeying and raising her head. ”He’s hurting you, yeah?” It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Jayden but he wanted to hear it for her, especially since she had been quiet the whole time here.

”Yeah.” Enya nodded reluctantly. The anger was surging through Cristian but he was a ticking time bomb, he could withhold it and look like the calmest person in the world but thinking about it, Victor, a guy he grew up with, f***ing his ex wife while feeding her heroin, and abusing his kids while he was sent away for something that was his fault? He was seething behind a calm exterior. He pinched the bridge of his nose and exhaled smoothly. Leaning back in his chair, he gestured toward his surroundings, a bewildered look on his face.

”What can I do? I’m in here…” He knew he had connections outside of here that could end this problem with a few phone calls. But did his own kids know that? Even though they weren’t babies anymore, he liked to hide the dangerous side of him. With that, Enya nudged Jay to come up with something.

”Hire someone to kill him.” Jayden blurted out, Enya almost jumping out of her seat to cover his mouth mentally but in reality she didn’t move, just jolted her glare to him. He closed his eyes tightly with an exhale, his tone becoming more hushed this time. ”Or I’ll end up doing it myself. Now, what good would that do?”

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”You do not even dare, boy. You don't want to end up like me... or your mother for that matter.” Cristian warned with an index finger pointed in his direction, the protective streak coming out in the man toward his son. His retaliation caused Jayden to break deeply.

"No... not particularly. I wouldn’t wanna become a $2 dollar whore who gives their body away... or stuck in here for the rest of my life."

”You know people..” Enya interjected, carefully looking around her before she leaned in to the table a bit more. The last thing she wanted to do was make the conversation look shady in the slightest, so she tried her best to act casual.
"It doesn't have to be fatal. We just...... really need your help. Please. Help us."

”Do you two have anywhere to stay for a while? Away from home?” Cristian asked, giving in to what they asked, but it was something they didn’t have to request. Once they told him what was going on, he had the hit planned out in his head already. ”I have money saved from work. Enough for a couple of nights for both of us to stay in a motel somewhere, I think.” Enya told him. At this point, she could feel Jayden’s leg trembling beside her, a nervous jitter he had since they were small. Placing her hand just by his knee, she subtly stopped it.

Prisoners were being called back, the visiting time was over. It went by too fast, it only felt like a moment or two. Looking over his shoulder while one of the PO’s told everyone to say their goodbyes, he firmly looked at his two children.

”Leave it with me, okay? I’ll do something.” He spoke as he stood, Enya and Jayden both following suit just as everyone else did. Arms extended, their father pulled them into a hug, leaving a kiss on the top of both of their heads. ”I promise.” Pulling away, he had a look of despair on his face, a solemn smile twitching upon his rough features before heading back in with all the other prisoners.

”I hope he’s quick,” Jayden murmured, readying himself to walk back out of the visiting area.

Enya sighed and looked up at her brother, linking her arm with his. She walked out alongside him, giving him a gentle squeeze of reassurance. ”He will be. He’s never broke a promise before.”

04/10/2019 06:50 PM 

stop... hammer time. (AU)

Remember being scared and thinking “why you?” Sitting in the bathtub, the bathroom door locked as you shook with fear. Your mother, the person who is supposed to give you care, only bringing danger into your life. Her new “husband” she liked to call him. Victor. Coming into your life and thinking he could take over. Lay a hand on you. You know if your dad was here, he’d kill him. The man wouldn’t be breathing. Just tell him. He may be in prison Enya, but he knows people. Just one visit and he will be gone.

You’re in the firing line now Enya. His footsteps are getting closer to the door. He’s not done yet…


The bathroom door thudded, Victor on the other side of it. His fist clattering against the weak wood, causing the whole room to vibrate. ”Enya, you stupid little bitch. Get the f*** out here, NOW.

image host image host

A year later;

Hours prior, she was a patient in the psychiatric ward in Black Lakewood Hosiptal. Bandages around her wrist, covering the deep scars, she remained silent in the car ride home. Her older brother Jayden drove, coming to her rescue like he usually did. Pulling up outside the home that used to be a nice place to live put a heavy brick of dread onto her stomach. Swallowing back, the teenager turned to look at her brother. ”You coming in?” she asked, hopeful.

Jayden simply shook his head. ”I can’t..” he nodded toward the car in the garden. Victor’s. Enya followed his nod and her fists clenched. ”Hm.” she mumbled, opening the car door. ”Thanks for the ride.” she was blunt in her speaking. Any anger she had right now not toward her brother. But to the people inside the house.

She stormed up the yard, the sound of Jayden’s car skidding off down the road. There was no way her mother could stay here any longer and make their lives a living hell. They had been enough. She hadn’t been there most of their lives. And for that scumbag she brought with her, abusing her children and allowing it. Enya has enough.

She walked around to the backyard. Going straight for the shed, she searched for the hammer. Finally finding it, she turned on her heels, trudging in through the back patio door. She burst into the house, door unlocked as usual. Downstairs was a complete mess, residue of coke on the kitchen counter, old used needles alongside them. The first thing that caught her eye: a picture of her mother with Enya when she was two years old hanging on the wall. With one swing, she smashed it, the almighty thud echoing through the house, the walls almost shaking with the force. Enya’s rage didn’t stop. She saw red and anything she saw that was breakable, she smashed with vengeance. Chairs, plates, cups, windows. The commotion was loud and a voice boomed from upstairs.

”WHAT THE F***?!” the middle aged man roared, sprinting down the stairs like he was expecting anyone but Enya, so upon entering the kitchen, he was surprised to see her, then really f u c k i n g angry.

”Get out.” Enya demanded, her tone shaky but somewhat calm, behind her heavy breathing. Victor took a step forward, Enya slamming the hammer against the dining table. ”Come any closer and that will be your skull next. So GET THE F*** OUT. You and her.

”Ya mother? The one who owns this house, Enya? You think you can kick us out ya little c.unt?” Venom laced his tone with a sadistic smirk, trying to intimidate her. It used to scare her. Not anymore.

Enya didn’t have to wonder why her mother wasn’t down here, wondering where the commotion was coming from. She was completely doped up on heroin upstairs, passed out and drooling into her pillow. That’s all that she ever did since she came back.

”Try me.” she had a dangerous glint in her eye. All the suppressed rage pouring out in this very moment. Again, he took another step forward and she held the hammer out at arms length. I f u c k i n g dare ya.”

He tried to move quick, but he was in such a lethargic state from whatever high he had been on, he wasn’t fast enough. He attempted to pick up a piece of broken wood from the floor, but as he tried to make it collide with Enya, she already knocked it out of his hand. Lunging toward, she swung the hammer once again, it crashing against his jaw. She almost felt the bone crack in his face, the sound rang in her ears. Just after, he roared in pain, falling back into the wall.

Blood splattered from his face onto Enya’s, closing her eyes once she felt it on her own skin. It was enough to make her shudder, ready to swing the tool again but she stopped herself. ”I can do worse. I’ve had enough. now, take my junkie mother and go back to the pits of the sh*thole you belong.” words hissed out through gritted teeth. ”NOW GET THE F*** OUT.” she shouted at the top of her voice. She turned her back to him, running a hand through her hair with a smirk coming upon her lips. She felt in power, for once in her life. And it felt good.

image host image host

She won. Despite Victor’s threats. She knew she had the upper hand. He was going to leave and take her mother with him. She didn’t care what happened to them, but she or her brothers weren’t safe when they were around. She may have been on her own for the first time in her life but if it meant being away from them, the struggles she would face would be worth it.

04/10/2019 04:17 PM 

Bio. (Timeline) (old one)

Bio is under heavy construction.






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