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05/25/2020 07:26 PM 


"Fear has two meanings. Forget Everything And Run. Or. Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours."

1.π”»π•£π• π•¨π•Ÿπ•šπ•Ÿπ•˜- Losing her twin the way that she did marked Cadence for life. She used to love being in the water. Her father often joked that she was part fish. And although her twin drowned in the bathtub and not open water, the thought terrifies her now. She's managed to control enough to be able to take her daughter long as her head stays above water. But the second she goes under, panic kicks in.

2.π•ƒπ• π•€π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ ℍ𝕖𝕣 π”»π•’π•¦π•˜π•™π•₯𝕖𝕣- She's lost many people in her life. One by one the people she's cared about most have left, either by death or other means. The one person she knows she can't ever lose is her daughter. She's managed to build herself back up from any loss she's ever suffered. But the loss of her child would break and there would be no recovering from that. She saw what it did to her father, to her mother. She doesn't want that for herself.

3.π•ƒπ• π•€π•šπ•Ÿπ•˜ ℀𝕒𝕔𝕙- She knows what this feels like. The pain and the heartbreak that are constant companions. Losing him the first time nearly killed her. But things are different now. The life they have now is perfect. It's rocky while they rebuild what she broke but it's everything she wanted for them. To have all of this, and then to suddenly lose it is something she wouldn't be able to handle.

4.ℍ𝕖𝕣 𝕄𝕠π•₯𝕙𝕖𝕣- More than she fears anything else in her life, including losing her daughter, Cadence is terrified of her mother. Both the woman herself and the sickness she has inside of her. Parents are supposed to love and protect you above all else. And when that parent tries to take your life, it has a profound impact on the person you are. She knows why her mother did what she did. A part of her understands. But the memories of the car slowly sinking beneath the water, of the sound of her mother screaming that they needed to be with Max, it's not something she will ever forget. She's afraid of turning out life she did and that's the very last thing that she wants.

5.π•Šπ•Ÿπ•’π•œπ•–π•€- This is a fairly new fear for the female. She never really liked snakes before. But she wasn't really scared of them either. Until hearing a story on the news about a snake that escaped it's enclosure, lived in the walls of the apartment building it's owner lived in, then slithering out in the middle of the night and smothering two little boys. After hearing that story she's become terrified of the things and has a panic attack when one is close by.

12/25/2019 11:45 PM 

Recipe Wednesday.

Chocolate Peppermint Brownies.

One box of brownie mix, prepared and baked according to the box. 

Peppermint Frosting-
Two tablespoons of softened butter.
 Two ounces of cream cheese softened.
 One tablespoon of milk or cream.
Two cups of powdered sugar.
 β…› Teaspoon of peppermint extract. 

Beat together butter and cream cheese until light and fluffy.  Add the milk and beat until blended. Slowly add the powdered sugar and beat until well blended. Stir in the peppermint extract.  

Chocolate Topping-
One cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips. 
 ΒΌ cup of softened butter. 

 Place the chocolate and butter into a microwave safe bowl,  microwaving in 15 second increments, stirring each time. 

Cool the brownies completely before topping it with the peppermint frosting, then chill them in the freezer for 15 minutes. Once chilled top with the melted chocolate and ΒΌ of a cup of crushed candy canes.  Chill the brownies for at least 30 minutes before slicing.

12/24/2019 10:59 PM 

Playlist Tuesday.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

1.Carol Of The Bells - Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
2.What Christmas Means To Me - Pentatonix.
3.All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey.
4.My Only Wish This Year - Britney Spears.
5.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Michael Buble.'s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Michael Buble.
7.Like It's Christmas - Jonas Brothers.
8.Christmas In New York - Lea Michele.
9.I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas - Michael Buble w/ Shania Twain.
10.Rudolph The RedNose Reindeer - Gene Autry.
11.My Grown-Up Christmas List - Kelly Clarkson.
12.Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) - Michael Buble.

12/23/2019 09:32 PM 

Moodboard Monday.

"It's not what's under the tree that matters. It's who's gathered around it."

"Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling."

12/23/2019 09:31 PM 

Wish List Sunday.

1.A trip home to Greece.
2.A tattoo in honor of my mother and father. 
3.A claddagh ring. 
4.Anything from Bath and Body works cause I'm a huge sucker for that store. 
5.A trip to Italy because aside from Greece, it's my favorite place in the world. 

6.Tickets to see Nicole Byer because she is one of the funniest humans alive.  
7.A polaroid camera.
8.Yankee Candles….because they're the best. 
9.The entire collection of Stephen King books.. including the ones he wrote under his other pen name.  
10.A scorpion necklace, because it's my astrological sign. 

12/12/2019 12:53 PM 

Who Spiked The Eggnog?!

Arabella paced back and forth across the thick, plush carpeting in the main area of House Of Burlesque. The perfectionist in her had reared its head and she had been at the club since she had rolled out of bed at 6am this morning. Dressed comfortably in a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized Christmas hoodie that kept slipping off her shoulders she had immersed herself in prep for the annual Christmas party. It would be the first since she has taken over as manager at the club. There had been rumblings from some of the staff that the owner had made the wrong choice when asking her to step up as manager. She was so young, what could she possibly know about managing a club. And one that was as large and as popular as House Of Burlesque. But it had continued to flourish under her guidance. The holiday party was one of the club's biggest events and the young blonde had been busting her ass to make sure absolutely everything was perfect. She would accept nothing less. 

There was a stray twig of Holly in her hair, a piece of garland caught in pocket of her jeans and a strand of twinkling lights in her hands as she worked to untangle them. "I'm finished with the costumes. What do you think?" Bella looked up, her fingers still busily picking at the lights to study the costume that the designer was holding up. The red corset shimmered under the clubs bright lights, the fluffy white fur trimming the edges making a nice contrast to the fabric. "And the other one?" she asked. She blew out a breath of relief when the other one was held out. This was the one she had been most worried about.  The green sequined fabric had little red bows running down the front, hiding the little hooks the kept the corset closed. The bottoms, nothing more than a little pair of panties, were the same red color as the bows. The stockings were red and white striped and would look good with the boots she had picked out last week. 

A sigh of relief slipped past her lips. "Thank god," she breathed with a smile. The little red headed costume designer smiled knowingly. "Worried they would look hideous?" she asked, draping the costumes over her arms. Arabella started to shake her head in denial, but thought better of it and nodded. Her denial would be written all over her face. "Yes. I just want everything…" " be perfect." The woman finished for her, shooting a knowing grin as she headed backstage to start helping the girls get ready. It was a well known fact that Bella was determined that everything was perfect. She passed the lights off to one of the bartenders, leaving them with instructions to finish them before finish stringing them up. Heading into the kitchen she fixed herself a cup of coffee, sipping on it as she took a tour around the club, studying everything with a critical eye. When she was finally satisfied that things were picture perfect she retired to her office, coffee in one hand and a plate of food in the other. 

Several hours later and things couldn't have been running smoother. Rather then the typical entrance fee to get in, she was charging everyone a toy, which would she would personally wrap and take down to the children's hospital within the next week or so. The club was packed wall to wall and as she wandered through the crowd, she kept hearing over and over again how amazing people thought everything was. There was a deep sense of pride every time she heard a compliment. She wanted to record them and play them for anyone that had ever doubted that she couldn't handle this place. Not only was she handling it, she was succeeding. "Arabella, we have a problem." She turned, long slim fingers wrapped around the crystal stem of a champagne glass, the green sequins on the corset of her costume shooting sparkles everywhere when the lights hit it. When her eyes settled on the petite dark-haired dancer that was draped over one of the DJs, her legs wobbling unsteadily. When she looked up at Arabella her eyes were glassy and unfocused, and a lazy smile curved her lips. 

She kept the easy smile in place as she leaned in, but when she spoke her voice was barely above a furious whisper. "What the hell happened to her? How did she get drunk? Girls that are performing are forbidden from drinking." The girl in question giggled lazily and Bella had to literally bite her tongue to hold back the flood of curse words that wanted to come pouring out. The dj shifted his grip on her, pulling her in closer to him to make sure she didn't end up on the floor. "Someone spiked the eggnog backstage that you set up for the girls. As far as I can tell Eve here is the only one that had any. And before you ask I've already moved it." The blonde blinked once, then twice, running the words through her head to make sure she has heard them correctly. The seconds ticked by before she finally spoke again, her voice rising with every word. "Okay, who spiked the eggnog?" She held up her hand before anyone could answer. "Don't bother. Just...get her somewhere, and get some coffee into her, maybe sober her up a little. I'll ..figure something out." She pinched the bridge of her nose and blew out a breath, talking to no one in particular. "What am I going to do with a dancer who's drunk, can barely stand on her feet and can't help me out tonight?" 

11/29/2019 08:59 PM 

Thanksgiving Disaster.

"You've never cooked a turkey before." Arabella didn't bother to look up from where she was hunched over her laptop, a cup of coffee close by and her dog Tucker sprawled out at her feet. She simply shook her head, reaching down to absentmindedly stroke Tucker's fur when he dropped his head in her lap. "Nope. We don't do Thanksgiving in Greece. And mom always made the turkey for Christmas." Lauren shared a look at the Irish man that was pacing back and forth with his phone pressed to his ear. He simply shrugged in a 'what can you do' kind of gesture and glanced at the brunette with a grin. Seeing as she wasn't going to get any help from the man her friend considered a father Lauren took a seat across from her, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she tried to figure out the best way to talk her friend out of it. "It's not going to work." Arabella didn't look up but she knew the exact look her friend was giving her. She and Lauren had been friends long enough that she didn't even need to look at her to know what she was thinking. 

Her lips twitched with a grin as she finally looked up. "Do you doubt my skills in the kitchen Person?" Lauren was to quick to shake her head. "Nope. But cooking a big dinner...that's a lot for one person. And you've never done a turkey before. And you want to do the cranberries from scratch soooo..." Her voice trailed off as she caught Arabella looking at her with a grin. "It's going to be fine. I'm going to cook a bomb ass Thanksgivings dinner with all the trimmings and it's going to be great. Now…" She paused as she climbed to her feet, downed the rest of the coffee in one swallow before looking at the two people watching her. "You two can go and take care of whatever you need to, I've got things under control here. When you come back, I'm going to have dinner on the table." Lauren shared a look with Miles, sure the look on his face mirrored her own. When she looked back at her friend she was pointing out of the kitchen towards the front door. "Out you go my loves. I'll see you later." She stood her ground, trying not to smile as she watched them watch her as they left the house. 

Once the front door has closed behind them she looked down at Tucker. "You realize if I f*** up the turkey I'll never hear the end of it, right?" Tucker cocked his head, then lifted a paw and barked. Arabella snorted a laugh. "You don't care as long as you get your little dish of whipped cream." she said with a laugh. Stretching she let out a sigh then looked back at the large turkey that was waiting to be dealt with. "Well..let's get started." She rolled up the sleeves of the oversized hoodie she had pulled on when rolling out of bed and made her way to the counter. She put her phone on the counter, set the music to blasting and got to work. As she did, she couldn't help but think of her mother. She really hadn't been much of a cook but she could make a mean turkey. "This one's for you Mom," she said with a smile. Several hours later and things were still running smoothly. If you didn't count the fact that she had forgotten she needed orange juice for the cranberry sauce.

 Assuming everything would be fine if she stepped out for ten minutes to the store down the street she didn't bother to turn anything off. When she returned she could hear Tucker barking before she even got out of the car. She climbed out of the car and paused for a moment, listening. Tucker was normally well behaved and calm. Worried something was wrong she ran up the front walk and fumbled with the keys before letting herself in through the kitchen door. The smell of smoke instantly greeted her and she cursed, dropping the bag on the floor as she rushed in. Smoke billowed from the oven as she flipped all the knobs, turning everything off before dropping to her knees to yank the cupboard under the sink open. She fumbled around for the little fire extinguisher she kept on hand, her hands finally closing around it. She managed to get it working, spraying down the oven before she tossed it down and ran back outside, dragging Tucker along with her. The golden retriever was barking furiously as he bumped her with his head. "I know, I'm an idiot," she grumbled as she stood with him on the sidewalk in front of the house. She reached into her pocket to grab her phone, then let out a long string of curse words when she realized she had left it in the house. Knowing it probably wasn't a good idea to go back inside with all the smoke she let out another string of curses and kicked the fence. 

11/26/2019 09:39 PM 

Playlist Tuesday.

Sweater Weather Tunes.

1.Dua Lipa - New Rules.

2.No Interruption  - Hoodie Allen.

3.Truth Hurts - Lizzo.

4.Can't Slow Down - Hedley.

5.Desperate Measures - Marianas Trench.

6.Rock Bottom - Hailee Steinfeld Feat. DNCE.

7.No Excuses - Meghan Trainor.

8.Bacon - Nick Jonas.

9.Particular Taste - Shawn Mendes.

10.Better Now -Post Malone.

11.Without Me - Halsey.

12.Weapon - Matthew Good.

11/24/2019 11:17 PM 

Moodboard Sunday.

"Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things that humans can do for each other."

10/30/2019 10:01 PM 

Playlist Wednesday.

Its Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus.

1.I Put A Spell On You - Bette Midler.
2.Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett.
3.Thriller - Michael Jackson.
4..Superstition - Stevie Wonder.
5.Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show.
6.Halloween Theme - John Carpenter.
7.The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
8.Disturbia - Rihanna
9.Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
10.Ghostbusters Theme - Ray Parker Jr.
11.Pet Sematary - The  Ramones.
12.Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie.


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