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10/12/2019 08:42 PM 

Muse Week - Life Is A Song.

Life Is A Song.

"I've been up, I've been down. Seen the world from the ground. But I hear the drumming. Now my veins are pumping. Scraped my knees, bruised my heart. It's where you end, not where you start. I see them running cause they see me coming. I'm done with the noise that life seems to bring. But I'll use my voice, it's my turn to sing."

1.Shallow - Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
2.Halo - Bethany Joy Galotti
3.I Did Something Bad - Taylor Swift
4.Pain - Three Days Grace
5.Animal I Have Become - Three Days Grace
6.Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
7.Loaded Gun - Tyler Hilton
8.Sweet But Psycho - Ava Max
9.Confident - Demi Lovato
10.Say Something - Justin Timberlake
11.Higher - The Score
12.Monster - Gabbie Hanna

10/11/2019 09:13 PM 

Muse Week - Drugs Are Bad.

"Have you ever done drugs?" Arabella looked up from magazine she had been flipping through, eyeing her best friend Lauren with a raised eyebrow and an amused smile curving her lips. "Me? What makes you ask me that?" The blond shrugged, toying with the stem of the crystal wine glass in her hands. After spending the past two weeks doing nothing but working Arabella had decided she was in desperate need of a little down time with her Person. After stocking her house with snacks, any type of food they might possibly want and several bottles of wine, she had invited the girl to come and spend the night with her. They had spent several hours buried in blankets and pillows watching horror movies and knocking back a few bottles of wine. Now both girls were lounging on her bed, dressed in their comfiest clothes. There was another nearly empty bottle of wine on the floor in front of them and a bowl of popcorn between them.

 Arabella had been flipping through a magazine, trying to get inspiration for her Halloween costume when Lauren had voiced her question. When it came to her best friend, she would never be offended by anything that came out of her mouth. They had the type of relationship that they could say anything to each other, no matter what it was. Deciding to have a little fun with her friend, she schooled her features, letting annoyance creep over her face and darken her eyes. "What? You think just because I run the cartel here and we just /happen/ to deal drugs you think that I'm all about that life? What the hell kind of person do you think I am? I thought you were my friend!" Lauren turned towards her so fast wine splashed out of her glass and onto the sheets. "I didn't...that's not what I...I don't think you…. Person!" She finally caught on to Bella's amusement, her own lips twitching with a grin before she finally burst out laughing. 

When both girls finally calmed down, Arabella shook her head. "No, despite the business that I'm in I've never done drugs before. I've never had the desire to." "Not even the tame stuff….like pot?" Arabella lifted a brow in surprise. "I mean… I guess I've been curious. But I've never done it. Or had the chance to I guess. Why? Do you want to?" Lauren shrugged, downing the rest of the wine in her glass. "I mean...kinda. It just seems like it would be fun. We do everything together, so why not this?" The brunette thought about it for a moment. Her friend had a point. If she was going to do it, it may as well be with the person she considered her other half. Shooting her friend a wink, she reached over to grab her phone, fingers flying over the keys. "What are you doing?" Lauren asked, sliding across the bed to look over her shoulder. "You wanna try pot, I'm getting us some. We aim to please, Person of mine." 

Two Hours Later. 

"I don't feel anything!" Lauren whined, stomping her foot with a pout. Arabella hiccuped a giggle, the last of the third joint they had shared pinched between her fingers. "Are you sure?" Lauren paused for a moment, head tilted as she considered the question. "Maybe? My head feels all light." Arabella nodded, passing off the rest of the joint before taking a final hit. "My eyes feel funny. Kind of fuzzy." "So fuzzy," her friend agreed, leaning against the brunette. "I don't… I don't think I need my neck anymore." "Do you think we should get some cheese?" "We need a cow for some cheese." "I want Starbucks." "Do you think we should go trick or treating?" "Does Taco Bell deliver?" "I think we should take the dog for a walk." Lauren turned towards her quickly, nearly tripping over her feet. She took one step forward and finally tripped, landing in Arabella's lap. "Oops." She giggled and the brunette half heartedly pushed at her. 

"Did you say take the dog for a walk?" Lauren asked, finally managing to get to her feet, tugging Bella up with her. They stood in one spot, swaying a little on her feet, clutching each other to keep on their feet. "Is that what I said?" Bella paused, eyebrows drawn together as she thought. All of the wine they had consumed earlier plus all the joints they had smoked was finally catching up with both of them. Miles had warned her that drinking and smoking, it wasn't a good idea, especially for people that had never been high before. But she had brushed him off, assuring him that both her and Lauren could handle it. It was possible she was wrong. But everything was clouding her judgement and taking her dog for a walk sounded like a great idea. She finally nodded with a giggle, dragging Lauren off the balcony and back inside. They spent more time tripping over their feet and laughing then they did anything else. 

It took them nearly an hour to get Tucker on his leash and make their way outside. Her dog was content to jogal ahead of them, sniffing at things as he went. The girls followed behind him, leaning on each other to hold each other up. They passed another bottle of wine back and forth between them, chattering away about not understanding why people thought drugs were bad...they were having a great time. Bella was in the middle of a long winded story about god only knew what when she suddenly paused, focusing on something watching them from a few feet away. "Awww….kitty!" She crooned, kneeling down and reaching out to try and stroke the fur. Lauren's shriek startled her, and she suddenly yanked hard on the hood of Bella's sweater. She tumbled backwards, landing on her ass. With a pout she looked up at her friend. "I don't think that's a lot kitty." Bella frowned and looked back at the animals, her blurry eyes struggling to focus on the little black and white animal in front of her. "Then what is it?" Both girls were staring at it hard now, when it suddenly dawned on them. "SKUNK!" They screamed in unison and took off down the street together. 

10/10/2019 09:10 PM 

Muse Week - Important Moments.

"The death of any parent is an incalculable lasting blow. No one will ever love you like that again."

"Death is not the greatest loss in life.  The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live."


 There was sand clinging to her legs and in her hair. The dark strands had long since dried but were sticking up in a wild disarray, giving the girl an almost wild, exotic look. Her skin had turned a soft golden brown during the hours she had spent lounging under the warmth of the Greek sun. It was rare for Arabella to take an entire day for herself. The young brunette inherited her father's need to work and spent the majority of her time doing exactly that. Between running the bar and acting as a liaison for her parents in New York and the rest of the cartel here in Greece she had very little time for herself. Others used to tease her that she was all work and no play. But she was happiest when she was busy. Things with the bar were running smoothly and business with the cartel couldn't have been better. She had really stepped up, proven herself to be a real player and not the little princess she had been while growing up. 

A lazy smile curved her lips as she stepped through the doors Day Of The Dead, the name a call out to her father's favorite holiday from back in Mexico. It was packed with people and all of them instantly recognizable to her. She had been a permanent fixture in the place while her father had been working to get established. Her easy going nature and charming smile drew people in. Her father used to tell her she was responsible for half of the people that came in. On nights when she was singing there wasn't any room available. Cool air kissed her sun warmed skin as she swung into the back and jogged up the stairs to their managers office. Her hand was closing over the knob just as the phone rang. She pushed the door open and tugged her phone free from the pocket of her jean skirt, a smile lighting up her face when she saw her father's name on the display. "Hola papá. Estarás orgulloso de mi. Pasé todo el día en la playa, solo siendo una chica normal."

The voice that greeted her wasn't familiar. It wasn't the deep baritone voice of her father. Instead it was someone she didn't know and without knowing why, sliver of fear raced up her spine. "Ms.Chavez? Arabella Chavez?" She swallowed hard, frozen in the doorway of the manager's office. Marcel was staring at her, concern etched into the wrinkles in his face. He had been with them since her father had opened the doors. He was a kind man, one that was as fond of her parents as everyone else. When they had made the choice to move to New York, he had promised her father that he would keep an eye on her. Though she was a full grown woman capable of taking care of herself she knew that it gave her parents peace of mind knowing that someone was looking out for her. She cleared her throat and forced words out in a voice that was suddenly shaking. "Yes, this is she. Can I help you?" There was a pause on the other end of the line, followed by a slow exhale. Whatever was coming wasn't good. 

She gripped the wooden edge of the doorway, her nails digging in roughly. "This is Detective Curtis Shepard with the NYPD. I...f*** I hate this part." The last part was mumbled but Arabella heard him loud and clear. Her legs buckled and only her sheer force of will kept her on her feet. "I'm sorry to inform you Ms.Chavez that your parents died this morning." Silence. Complete and total silence. Then suddenly a strange wheezing, gasping noise filled the air. It took her several long seconds to realize the noise was coming from her. Marcel was on his feet and across the office but it was to late. Force of will wasn't keeping her up anymore. Her legs folded beneath her and she hit the ground hard, her gasping sobs getting louder. Distantly she heard the voice on the other end of the phone, calling her name at the same time Marcel was. Her grip on the phone tightened, and she was sure she heard a crack. "Are you...are you sure? This isn't… I can't… I don't…. I don't understand." 

The voice went on and with every word that came out of his mouth another part of the ground beneath her feet shattered and broke away. Her parents were dead. Gone. Shot, according to the detective. Forcing herself to think clearly, for just a moment, she mumbled a thank you for the information and promised she would be in touch in a few hours. Then she hit the end button and slumped against the wall. The silky material of her tank top slid along the wall and her along with it until she was laying in a heap, a tangle of arms and legs. There were three beats of silence and then the sobs burst out. Large, gulping sobs that shook her petite frame. Marcel's gentle voice barely cut through the fog of grief that was suddenly clouding her brain. He called her name and she blinked, finally raising her eyes to meet his concerned gaze. "Bella...what is it?" She blinked once, twice, a third time. And then finally… "They're gone." 

10/10/2019 08:21 PM 

Muse Week - What If.

"What and if are two words as non-threatening as words can be.  But put them together, side by side, and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life. What if?"


The cool autumn wind whipped through the brunettes hair, sending the long dark strands dancing. She batted them aside with an impatient wave of her hand, then knelt down. Her fingers were trembling slightly when she reached out to pluck the leaves that littered the front of her parents joint grave stone. It had been months since she had been up to visit. She hated coming here, hated thinking about them no longer being a part of her life. It was always in the back of her mind but having the physical proof of their gravestone was like a slap in the face. But an innocent question from Nik had her thinking about them non-stop. "How different do you think your life would have turned out if they never died? Do you think you would have ever moved to New York?" It was an innocent question but loaded with possibilities. How different would her life would be right now? Where would she have ended up? Two weeks after his questions and Arabella was still thinking about it. "What do you think Mom and Dad?" she murmured quietly. "What if you were still here?"

The phone rang, startling the brunette from her sleep. She sat up with a start, her hair in wild disarray, and her glasses sliding down her nose. There were papers and files spread across her bed and a nearly empty glass of wine on her night stand. The crumbs from the cookies she had been eating earlier dotted the simple white T-shirt she had pulled on when she had crawled into bed. She shoved her glasses up her nose, a yawn spilling from her mouth as she reached over and grabbed her phone. Her mother's name and a picture of the two of them flashed on her screen. A tired smile curved her lips as she swiped her finger along the answer button and brought the phone to her ear with another yawn. "Buenos dias mama." There was a beat of silence and then her mother's tearful cries came across the line. Arabella sucked in a breath, worry flooding through her. 

"Mama? Qué pasa? Qué está pasando?" Arabella was starting to wonder if her mother was ever going to respond when she finally spoke. "Es tu padre. Your father…" She burst into sobs again, and the fact that she was lapsing back and forth between English and Spanish told Arabella she wasn't aware of anything around her. She only did that when she was extremely distressed. "He was shot, mija. There was a fight…. Intentó protegerme. The bullet was meant for me." Tears welled in her eyes as she listened to her mother sob. And for the first time since they had moved to New York and she had opted to stay in Greece, she hated her decision. She needed to be with her family. Leaping off the bed she grabbed the first bag that fell into her hands and started to shove things in."I'll be on the first flight mama, I promise. Just hang on." "No Arabella, stay there." The brunette froze, disappointment snaking through her along with the fear. 

 "No entiendo, mamá. Why?" For just a split second, Arabella wondered if maybe there was something else her mother was keeping from her. Had her father been killed? Was he actually dead instead of just injured? Her parents had always been brutally honest with her when it came to everything but was this the time that was going to change? "We're coming home, mija. Es hora de dejar atrás Nueva York y regresar a Grecia." Arabella's mind went blank. Her parents had only been in New York for a year. When the cartel has broached the idea of expanding into the States her father had been thrilled. As much as he loved their home in Greece he had always been attracted to the idea of travelling. When they had fled Mexico he had assumed they would go all over the world. With this offer, this was his chance to spread his wings even further. For Arabella, it hadn't even been a thought in her head to go with them. As much as she adored her parents, she loved her life in Greece. 

Her mother hadn't been so accepting of the idea of her staying behind. She wanted her with them. But the brunette had inherited her parents stubborn streak and had dug in her heels. To her surprise, the cartel had backed her choice. She had been fully involved from the time she was 16 and they had come to respect what she brought to them. When her parents left for New York, she would remain behind and act as their liaison. Santino was more accepting of the idea then Adore. Arabella could also take care of the bar he had built from the ground up. It was a win-win situation. Arabella had managed to juggle her responsibilities with the cartel, and continue to run the bar flawlessly, much to no one's surprise. She was pulled from her thoughts by her mother's voice, only catching the tail end of what she was saying. "...and we'll be there in a week." As much as she hated the circumstances that were bringing them home, she couldn't deny she was excited her parents were finally returning….

Arabella sniffled, reaching up to brush away the tears that had trickled down her cheeks. "I never would have ended up here," she said with the barest hint of a grin. "You would have come home and that would have been the end of the States for you. Dad, you would have hand picked someone to come down here and take over for you. You would have been really picky about it to. There is no way you would just settle for anyone, not when it came to something this important. And mom…" She blew out a breath. "You would have gone back to being the Queen. You would have kept all of us in line while continuing to run our home and manage the bar like it was something you would have been born to do. And me? I would have lived out the rest of my life happily with both of you. I would have met a nice man, probably gotten married and had a couple of kids. I never would have reconnected with Nik and Lauren. And honestly? Right now? I can't imagine my life without either of them." 

She sighed, brushing away the rest of the leaves before rising to her feet. Thinking about all of the possibilities that could have happened if she had never lost her parents wasn't going to do her any good. The past was in the past. She couldn't go back and change what had happened to her parents. Life didn't work that way. And letting her mind wander into the what if territory was useless. It was time to let it all go. "I'll come back soon," she promised, blowing a kiss to the gravestone before starting to walk back to her car. 

10/08/2019 10:12 PM 

Muse Week - 20 Years.

"Sometimes there is honor in revenge."


"You were warned, Arabella."

Those words had chilled her. She had uttered them enough times in her lifetime to know exactly what they meant. They weren't good. Before she even heard the next words a chill had flooded through her and it had nothing to do with the cool autumn weather in New York. 

"You were warned repeatedly and yet... you chose to ignore it. What did you think we were going to do?"

The chill turned to ice and settled in her stomach. Strange gasping whimpers filled the air and it took her a few seconds to realize the sounds were coming from her. Her hands were clamped around the steering wheel, her knuckles turning white with the strength of her grip. A shudder wracked her frame, the wheel shaking in her hands with it, causing the car to swerve. She jerked the wheel to quickly to correct herself, swerving again. A second later angry honking and a flurry of curses filled the air. Any other time she would be apologetic. But right now she didn't care. She couldn't. 

"It should make you feel good that we knew we wouldn't be able to get to you. Much like your father came across, you appear indestructible. But, everyone has a weak spot. And do you know what yours is Arabella?"

She knew. She knew exactly what her weak spot was. Her parents had warned her that when it came to their lives, letting people in was dangerous. But she had never been the type of girl to close herself off. Nor had she been one to let anyone into her life. She was careful. There was only a handful of people in her life that she genuinely cared about and would do anything for. And the thought of them being in any kind of danger because of her was enough to make her sick. But she knew without a doubt that's exactly what was wrong. It was just a matter of who. And how bad things were. 

"Would a more appropriate question be do you know who is your weak spot?"

There was a long beat of silence with only the brunettes panicked breathing to fill the air. And then a scream so loud and so filled with pain that it was enough to make her blood curdle. It died off, punctuated by whimpers. Her breathing picked up, tears pricking her eyes. And when the next words came over the line she felt like she died inside. "Person?" She heard nothing else that came from the monsters mouth that was trying to destroy her life like it was just another day at the office. Just the pleading coming from her best friend. The girl she called her person. Lauren was closer to her than any other person in her life. She was her best friend, her person, her confident and other half. There was nothing she wouldn't do for that girl. She had spoken to her only an hour ago, promising she would bring the snacks when they settled in for their horror movie binge. 

The crying and pleading kept up, leaving Arabella a shaking, terrified mess by the time she pulled to a screeching stop in front of her best friend's place in Queens. She barely got the car stopped before she was out and flying up the walkway, nearly tripping over her own two feet as she ripped the front door open and stumbled inside. The smell smacked her in the face the moment she was inside. Overwhelming and unmistakably blood. And lots of it. The scream bubbled up in her chest and burst out, sounding like an animal caught in a trap the second she stepped into the living room. It was everywhere. Splashed over every available surface. And in the middle of it all, covered in blood and barely recognizable was her Person. "Lauren." Arabella was on her knees before she made a conscious effort to move, the blood soaking into the knees of her skinny jeans and turning them dark. 

She knew. Before she even touched her. Before she even got down on her knees. The one person she loved and trusted more than anything was gone. She scooped the lifeless body into her arms, her face pressed into the blood matted dark hair as she rocked back and forth. Tears dripped onto the blood streaked skin, leaving little tracks in it. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm so, so, sorry. This is all my fault. Oh God this is my fault." She knew letting people in was a risk. She knew that with the life that she lives that she and anyone else she let in ran the risk of being hurt. She thought she could handle it. But she couldn't. The ground beneath her feet was breaking apart and crumbling beneath her and she felt things wouldn't be the same. She eased back enough to look into the face of her friend and brushed a shaking hand through the dark hair. "I'll make this right, Person. I'll make this right I swear…." 

Twenty Years Later.

A lot can change in twenty years. People grow up. Build a life. Sometimes they get married. Have kids. There were times when Arabella wanted all of those things. She wanted a love like her parents had. A love that consumed her. She wanted to build a family with that person and grow old. But things change. The girl she used to be was unrecognizable now. Physically not much had changed. There were strands of grey in her hair and wrinkles where there didn't used to be. Physically that was it. If you wanted to see what had changed about her you had to look deeper. She didn't smile as much anymore. She didn't trust or love. She didn't let anyone in to her life. She no longer wanted to be married or have a family. All she wanted, all she thought about was revenge. The moment that her best friend had been taken from her, her entire life had shifted and changed. 

The life she had started to build for herself in New York had startled to crumble. Her total and obsessive need for revenge had taken over everything until everyone had left her to her cause. She passed up on dates. On her job, both at the burlesque club and with the cartel. Everything paled in comparison. She had never had such single minded focus when it came to anything except when she was going after the people that had murdered her parents. If it hadn't have been Lauren, she would have given her life to achieve that goal. The pretty brunette had been her voice of reason, pulling her back when she was in danger of falling over the edge. Even now, at 43 years old, twenty year later, she could still hear her friends voice in her head, telling her to be careful when things started to go too far. But she couldn't turn back now. It was too late for that. 

Her life was draining away from her, like grains of sand falling through an hourglass. She always knew she would end up here. You couldn't dedicate all of your time. All of your energy. All of your life to one single thing and not expect it take you right along with it. But Arabella wouldn't change it. As she knelt on the floor with her best friends dead body in her arms she had promised her she would make this right. If Lauren was still alive, she was sure she would be screaming at her right now, telling her how stupid it was to give up her life. But as the blood drained out of her, trickling over the cracks in the sidewalk, she knew without a doubt in her mind she wouldn't have changed it. At all. She coughed, blood bubbling up on her lips which she wiped away with a grimace. Her only solace right now was she had taken the person responsible for murdering her best friend with her. Their broken and mangled body lay only a few feet away, the face unrecognizable beneath all of the blood. She coughed again, her eyes closing this time as she felt the darkness creep closer. It was only a matter of time now. 

10/07/2019 09:37 PM 

Muse Week - Moodboard

Veronica Lodge.

"I don't follow rules, I make them. And when necessary, I break them."

"Does he really think he can get away with this? Does he not know who I am?"

"Do you know what happens to a snake when a Louis Vuitton heel steps on it? Shut the hell up or you'll find out."


09/28/2019 07:48 PM 

Fall Words Saturday.

"What in God's name are you wearing?!" Arabella let out a startled squeak and spun around, nearly tripping over the dog that lay sprawled at her feet. Drops of blood from the tiny little tube she was holding sprayed the wall and she let out an annoyed groan. She shot the man standing in the doorway a narrow eyed glare, her annoyance only relenting when she noticed the pumpkin spice latte in his hands. "You look like a horror movie reject." Miles grumbled as he passed over the latte, not sure where to look at. Her blood splattered face, her messy tousled hair, ripped and torn blue and black plaid shirt, jeans with giant holes in the knees and covered in dirt and blood. There was a thin cut going through one eyebrow, a bruise blooming on one of her cheeks and there were scratches going up and down her arms. 

Arabella took a slow sip of her latte, watching as the tall tattooed male stood there, staring at her, eyes widening with each passing second. "This is makeup, right? You didn't get beat on by some psycho and there isn't someone out there I need to kill?" Miles had self appointed himself her personal bodyguard when she had landed in New York. Arabella had protested. At first. But she had become very comfortable with Miles and she suspected it was because he had worked so closely with her father. The cartel back in Greece had given her only one stipulation when she moved took over for her father. That she keep Miles with her. It had been an easy choice for her. "Yes, it's makeup, don't worry. There's a horror movie marathon at the theater downtown. Tickets are free to anyone who comes dressed up. So I thought why not go as a victim. Fun right?" 

"Uhhh...yeah. Fun. What happened to the Pumpkin Harvest thing you wanted to go to?" Arabella shrugged, tugging on an oversized hoodie to ward off the chilly evening air. "Horror movies are more fun." Miles just nodded, watching her as she finished getting ready. "If you tell me you're going by yourself you know what my answer is going to be." Arabella rolled her eyes as she zipped up the hoodie, tucking her keys and phone into her pocket. "I'm meeting friends there, don't worry. I won't be on my own, I promise. I'll be fine." Miles nodded, following her out of her loft and watching as she locked the door. She rolled her eyes with a little grin. There were times when it drove the petite brunette crazy with how protective he was. But there were times when she loved it. It reminded her of her father. 

Leaves kicked along the ground as she hurried along the dark streets of the place she had made her home. As much as she loved Greece and dreamed often about going home she had come to love New York. There was nothing like it, especially in the fall. She had been going out of her way to experience everything she could. It was another twenty minutes before she was out of the chilly night air and in the theater surrounded by other horror movie lovers. After shooting off texts to make sure her friends were still going to join her she made her way into the theater. There were all kinds of people dressed in all kinds of ways and it was incredible to see. It was nice to be around a group of people that enjoyed horror movies as she did. The lights dimmed and she settled back in her seat, making herself comfortable as the title credits for Scream began to role. 

09/26/2019 07:51 PM 

Thirsty Thursday.

Caramel Apple Mimosas.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The colors, the scents, the smell ...there is nothing about is nothing about it that I don't love. Apple pie is an all year round dessert but there is something about a warm slice of apple pie during the fall that I've always found oddly comforting. So why not turn one of my favorite things in to a drink? Is there ever a bad time to drink Mimosas? Nope, I don't believe there is. The addition of apple cider is a delicious twist. Be careful though, apple cider can be really sweet so a little goes a long way. If you're hosting a brunch, try rimming then glasses in caramel and cinnamon sugar. 

If you're extra like me, you might want to go the extra mile and make the caramel sauce from scratch. If you don't want to, a jarred sauce works just as fine. I've included a recipe for homemade caramel just in case.

Oh So Easy Caramel Sauce. 
1 cup of firmly packed brown sugar. 
1|2 cup of butter. 
1|4 of milk.
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. 

Directions; Bring brown sugar, butter, and milk to a gentle boil and cook until thickened, 1 to 2 minutes. Remove from heat; add vanilla extract.

Caramel Apple Mimosas.
2 tablespoons of caramel
2 tablespoons of cinnamon sugar
1 cup of apple cider
8 ounces of caramel vodka
1 750-ml bottle of champagne.
Apple slices, for garnish. You can use whatever kind of apple you would like. I use granny smith because they're my favorite. 

Directions; Pour caramel into a small dish. Pour cinnamon sugar into another small dish. Dip champagne flutes into caramel to rim glass, then dip in cinnamon sugar until coated. Pour 1/4 cup apple cider and 2 ounces caramel vodka into each flute and top with bubbly. Garnish with an apple slice before serving.

09/25/2019 10:34 PM 

Moodboard Wednesday.

"It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon." 

"Hoodies. Bonfires. Cuddling. Fall is here."

09/24/2019 08:01 PM 

Post Card Tuesday.


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