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November 16th, 2019

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March 15, 2019



09/12/2019 07:05 PM 

Thieves Of The End--{Short Story}
Current mood:  creative

As each evening falls I sit in my chair as my mind wonders about the thieves of each kind there the world as ever seen. First there are pretenders pretending to be something they are not as some of those who see who they are just frauds as I refuse to listen to their lies. Second the ones who robs banks and trains another type of thieves I just rather punish them by noose around their necks. Third those who steals from people because they so greedy and they don't care who they hurt trash people they are not worth ones time but being imprisonment instead until they die in a cell. Lastly you have only stealing for food because that would be only means to get anything to eat and very little anyone does to help that out. While sitting in my chair as my mind wonders on all the thieves as I shake my head at each one of them knowing there is no real reason to become a thief because stealing to suits ones needs is no way to be. After my mind wonders about the thieves of this world I get up from my chair as I head to the kitchen to brew some tea. As I grab the pot I fill it up with water as I bring it to the stove after I go grab my mug and tea bag I set them down by the stove then leave the kitchen until the water boils. Now fall is approaching now I already started to use my fireplace when I got to it I would kneel as I begin to grab some wood after grab wooden match lite it then started fire as I put the match out. I walk back to my chair I sit down I begin to watch the fire start dancing and when the water began to boil finally I get up to go make my tea. When I return back to my chair with my mug in my hand I place the mug down on my table I sit back down as I pick up my book I begin to read through the evening hours.

08/26/2019 03:15 PM 

Current mood:  argumentative

I had a real f*cking story better than you bag of dummies who knows jack sh*t on HISTORY so F*CK IT I GIVE UP. THANKS CHILDREN NOT WILLING TO DROP LOS DUMB TAGS I DO MERAN RETARD TAGS FOR MY STORY THAT MADE SENSE APPARENTLY YOU TO SCARED TO BE BETTER STORYTELLERS. I know the group don't have many people meanwhile same person has multi accounts I ain't stupid. I am dropping the story for Egypt so I hope you people are real proud of yourselves for being stupid and rejecting my story punk ass b*tches. I had accounts needing writers didn't want to help me afraid to take an epic account pack of p*$sys I say. I didn't need LOS to join I needed you to DROP THOSE LOUSY CRAPPY ACCOUNTS FOR THE ONES I MADE SO YOU TO KNOW HOW TO BE A REAL DEAL like the name DE LA VEGA FRAUD GROUP. SO GO F*CK YOUSELVES and STAY OUT OF MY WAY FOREVER I DO MEAN IT. GOODBYE and say HELLO TO EGYPT THAT WILL BE MY NEW STORY AND I WON"T ALLOW YOU IN...........

05/27/2019 08:40 PM 

New Hope Website
Current mood:  accomplished

de la Vega name belongs to New Hope and New World Order and NWO is Published Story at Wattpad....

05/09/2019 03:31 PM 

Mexican Standoff-Short Story.-
Current mood:  adventurous

Since the satanic cult problem was rising while leaving a horror in their path leading Mexico president Romulo Diaz de la Vega no choice to act quick and fast he wanted this to stop and the nightmare that began with the cult that followed them to end once and for all. As Romulo began to start gathering men to stand up against the cult that is to blame for all the wrongful deaths and make things right again for his people of Mexico. Doc Holliday was one of the men he has visit while making him an offer he couldn't refuse as Doc agrees he would join while the Earps would also join since Doc gave him his word on that. Once all the willing men agreeing to join in war against the cult members as they began to plan how to attack them all at once. They stood for hours talking how some knew who schedule was for them and how it may work.

03/30/2019 05:51 PM 

Coming Soon
Current mood:  accomplished

I am currently writing another alliance story so when that completes will add it to certain people and title will be called New Hope so now there will be twoo alliance stories to choice from New World Order or New Hope but one will have to say which version but both are different versions. the name de la Vega will be in both stories so don't worry. Here is the sneak preview.

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