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03/15/2019 09:56 PM 

The Cat's Tail

The Cat‘s Tail
Starter for Sabrina (Scarlet Witch)
The warm sun illuminated his fur.  What appeared to be a regular shorthaired cat that was the color of the night was  sunning himself in the middle of the lush green grass.  Golden hues were half lidded as the cat regarded the world with utter disdain around him.   For all intents and purposes, this was just a regular looking arrogant cat with a  regal aire about him.  Little did anyone around him know, he was more than that.   His name was Salem Saberhagen and he was far from just a regular cat.

Standing to his feet, the feline stretched his back by arching it backward and then reaching forward with extended claws resting in the soil in front of him.  OH! It was such a good stretch!   He sat for a moment just to groom himself.   He had a place to be very soon, but not quite yet.  One couldn’t go just anywhere half [c]ocked.   One had to be presentable, even if one wasn’t quite human.


Salem Saberhagen was a man who walked among the residents of Greendale back at the close of the 17th Century.  He was dressed as a gentleman of England who was looking to transplant into the modest town that was starting to take shape.   He was a handsome man with an illuminating smile.   The sweet young maids of Greendale were rather found of Master Saberhagen, but he didn’t care to focus his attention on anyone.   He had been a free spirit, perhaps even  more free than they realized.

Like all good members of the Church of Night, Salem kept the secrets well as to what they truly did behind the closed doors.   In the Puritan society of the mortals around them, Salem was what they sought to eliminate from the world.  He was a warlock and a very powerful one at that.   He was the temporary guest of the High Priest because he was newly transplanted here from England.  Making fast friends with the High Priest’s son Jeremiah, Salem took a liking to the boy much as his own mentor had done some two centuries prior.   Having his own protégé did appeal to the warlock who seemed to have the world by the proverbial tail.  It wasn’t that long ago that he went to meet the boy in a barn on the outer edge of the property owned by the High Priest.

The boy clung to Salem that day for all he was worth once he entered the barn.  He was hiding from his father with the daughter of the town’s  Puritan Minister.  Jeremiah begged and pleaded with Salem to help him escape from the Church of Night and flee with the woman he loved.  She was mortal and his love for her ran deep.   Salem felt his inner walls and the proud façade begin to crack.  All he could see was two young people in love instead of a boy who was set to violate the tenants of the Church of Night.    “Please Master Saberhagen!  She is my heart and my delight.  I love her so much my body aches for her.  I won’t live with out her.”

The tension swelled within him.  The conflict of the boy who was like a son to him tugged at his heart strings.   The state of his life with just himself to keep him company had been enough to keep him content for some time.  The debauchery and the witches orgies he’d attended had been all that he’d enjoyed for the past two centuries  He didn’t need anything else.   Jeremiah wasn’t him.   Jeremiah was obviously not happy unless he was with this young girl.

The girl emerged from one of the horses stalls.  She held her head down in respect to the older male in her presence.  “Tell me child, has he defiled you in any form?”   Salem knew the question was indelicate, but he had to ask.  He had to find out if Jeremiah had impregnated this girl.  The impropriety of unwed mothers was an offense punished by death by the mortal men of the godly Christian town of Greendale.

She shook her head vigorously.   “Nay Master Saberhagen.  I love Jeremiah with my soul.  He has been nothing but a pure gentleman to me.”   She was a blonde girl with pretty blue eyes.  She wore a cloak of grey around her shoulders and to provide protection to her golden locks.   The way she looked at him, he couldn’t help but believe her.  He could have cast a spell to tell whether or not she was telling the truth, but he didn’t need to, he already knew.

He tossed aside his cloak and pulled out a money pouch.  He handed it to Jeremiah.  “Go.  Take the nearest horse and ride to the West.  Ride until you arrive at the land of the red man.  Look for a man named Red Crow.  Tell him I sent you.  GO!”  As he watched them right off, he knew that this would not end well for him.  His decision to violate the law and help them escape would end up in a drastic punishment for him.

It had been an entire week since he stood there watching as the boy and his love ran far away from the land of Greendale.  The Church of Night and the High Priest found out who had aided in the escape and now it was time for Salem to face the consequences.  He hadn’t run.  There was nowhere to run.  He broke the church law and it was time to face what he’d done.  His own heart had failed him.  He had a father’s heart for a child that should have been the next High Priest of the Church of Night. Now it was time.  He was soon standing in front of the panel of judges for the Church.  He was bound with a set of chains around his neck and with his hands behind his back.  The weight of the metal wore him down.  He know knelt before those who held his fate in their hands.

For this grievous sin against the Church of Night, Salem Saberhagen, you are cursed with the form of a nekomata for the rest of your immortal existence.  You will be permitted to switch between a warlock form and that of the devil cat, but you will not be able to maintain your warlock form for long or that dignity that you once knew in the Church of Night.   It is your punishment to remember that which you surrendered in your betrayal of the Church.   Warlock, devil cat, now a familiar;  Salem Saberhagen, you are bound to Greendale never to leave.

The mists of hell swirled around him as he stood bound to that spot.   Sulfur and fire danced upon his skin and the smell burned his nostrils.  Horror overtook him as he watched his flesh shrink and cover with dark fur.  The sound of his bones creaking as they turned from warlock to feline was drowned out by the screams of the pain from his own mouth.  The sounds of the chains hitting the ground mocked the sound of the judge’s gavel.  Tiny ears that could hear even the smallest sound was rotating on the top of his head.  Golden hues widened in abject terror at the fact he could no longer speak.  He opened his mouth and all that came out was a meow.   Scampering away into the night, Salem Saberhagen was forced to retreat from all witch and mortal alike on his particular night as his shame was finally dealt to him.


Now it was the 21st Century.  Salem had seen generations of witches and mortals for the past three centuries.  One day, he heard the call of a young half witch for a familiar.  He came to her in the night in his nekomata form.  That young half witch was the descendant of the very High Priest that had brought him up on charges.   It was odd how fate tended to work in such a fashion.

Salem was preparing to meet his little witch in her bedroom after a long day of school at the Academy of Unseen Arts.  Still in nekomata form, he made his way along the pipes and the outer lattice work of the Spellman Mortuary.  There was no need in Zelda catching him in the setting room again.  It wasn’t his fault he used the love seat as his scratching post…  okay, so maybe it was.   Sabrina usually left her window open for him, so he was able to poke his little head into the window squeezing into the room.   He plopped his furry little butt on the middle of her bed with a half lidded gaze.   He stretched out his claws and started licking them as he waited for her to return.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
credit: james kriet

03/14/2019 07:31 PM 

Rules Blog

Roleplay Rules
Let’s get something straight right off the bat.  Writer is female.  Character is male.  Writer is married in real life.  This profile was not made to be a smut profile.  If you were looking for a hookup because the warlock face is Sebastian Stan, then I suggest you GTFO my profile now.  I don’t want you.  I have what I want and I married it.

My main profile is located here.  If I am not here, I am there.  My personal life is mine and I will not discuss it with you.  Just know I am female, I am married and I want no part of any OOC drama.  All I want to do is write.

1-This is a completely AU version of Salem.  I don’t go solely with the comics, the TV show or anything on Netflix.  What I do is a little bit of everything to make Salem completely my own.  Some find this refreshing, some do not.  If this offends you, then make your own Salem profile or find someone else.

2-I am more of a novella writer than anything.  I will not add Oneliner-Semi-Para roleplayers unless I know the writer.  Because of the style of writing I do, I feel that some of the writers in this vein will not understand me or have a hard time interacting with me.  Yes, I can be intimidating.  I get this.  I’m not trying to be.  It just happens.

3-I do not believe in the you add you start rule or the talk or be deleted rule.  I am realistic when I say that I know I can’t write with everyone.  If you interact with me on status, Discord or just chat in general, chances are good you won’t be deleted.

4-Because of the dark themes I will tend to engage in with Salem, I request that all who write with me be over the age of 18 in real life.  Can I strictly enforce this?  I am a mom in real life.  Chances are excellent that if you’re a kid, I’ll be able to pick up on it pretty damned quick.

5- I prefer OOC/Discussions in messages and roleplay in comments.  I’ll write in groups as well.  Because I pride myself in quality responses, you’re not going to get any sort of an answer in 24 hours.  Like I stated before, I do have another profile, plus I have a real life.  If you’re impatient and keep hounding me about replies, you’re going to be missing a cat on your profile.  I don’t like to cause a huge OOC mess, so I’ll just quietly remove myself from your profile and block you in the process.  If you’re patient with me, you’ll be rewarded for the wait.

6-I accept crossovers with Riverdale and Supernatural as well as other Occult themes.  Seeing that Supernatural is my main verse, it’s pretty obvious why I do that.  If you have feasible crossover idea, then I am certainly willing to listen.  I only give my Discord to people I trust if you want to discuss anything with me there.  Don’t get offended if I don’t give it to you right off the bat.

7-Salem can be understood while in cat form only by Sabrina because she has a telepathic bond with him.  If your character is telepathic, then you’ll be able to understand Salem in cat form.  I will allow science influenced crossover characters to use a universal translator on him. Even though Salem cannot be understood he can understand what you say to him. He also can switch to warlock form, but he is not able to maintain it long.  His cat form is actually a Nekomata.   He’s not just a cat. He looks like an American Shorthair that is solid black, but he is far from that.  The definition of a Nekomata and what they can do is listed on my profile if you would care to read.  If you do not wish to read it, then you can google it.

8-Roleplay is fun.  Please remember that.  If you start thinking of it as a job or it becomes tedious, then you need to reconsider whether or not you should be doing this, or you should actually change your character to be happy.  It’s not my job to make you happy.  I want you to be happy, but the only one to make you happy is you.

9-These rules are subject to changes or additions at any time as I see fit.

Please do not just write something boring on here.  Why not show me that you really read and understood what I’m saying by leaving something cat related here gifs, jokes, memes, I don’t actually care.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
credit: james kriet

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