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May 5th, 2019

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February 10, 2019


03/21/2019 09:16 PM 


DO: I'm 100% into my RPs having mature themes. Violence, torture, drugs/alcohol, abuse, crimes, punishments, experimentation, etc are all totally fine. I'm also into casual & light-hearted RPs too. I love plots. Serious injuries. Combat. Ambushes. Rivalries. Romances. Bromances. Deep friendships. Temporary imprisonment.

ASK: Disfigurement and/or mutilation. Anything that involves permanent scarring. Things that would dramatically change Alex as a character. Long term and/or permanent injuries. Long term imprisonment. Torture that leaves long lasting affects.

DON'T: Permanent character death. Rape. Permanent maiming / crippling / dismemberment.


 Her father was a talented blood mage himself. The man's done many things & is infamous for treating supernatural beings negatively. Maybe you've heard of him due to his reputation or maybe you've worked with him before.

+ Alex shares her fathers name & now has to deal with the consequences of his negative reputation as he's gone missing. Maybe he's done something to you or someone you care for (if you're a vampire or werewolf) so you seek Alex out with revenge in mind, not knowing it'll be his daughter you'll encounter instead.

+ Alex sometimes gets told via some mysterious organisation that's keeping tabs on her to help other hunters get rid of malevolent or destructive creatures or to find occult relics. Maybe she's been paired up with you for a job.

I haven't fleshed out the people who watch her and send her missions yet. Maybe you're a part of it, and want to speak with her for whatever reason. Maybe she messed up in a recent mission and you want to make sure she's aware just how serious things are. Maybe you're from some other faction and want to recruit her or fight her.

+ She's looking for more information on how to deal with her blood magic better, as she doesn't quite have a good grip on it yet. Maybe you're willing to help her find someone who knows some information, or know some yourself. Maybe you want to make sure she stops looking. Up to you.

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02/10/2019 08:42 PM 


001. I am a twenty something chronically ill person in the GMT timezone. Due to low energy levels caused by my illness, I might not get back to you for a few days on occasion. This isn't me intentionally ignoring you, I just need to spend a day or two resting sometimes. It's unavoidable and usually unpredictable, but I will always mention in a status if I'm having a flare up and can't write for a bit. All I ask is that you be patient with me, please.

002. I don't do one liners. I like having something to work with & personally prefer talking something out beforehand. I mean, I'd hate for someone to waste time writing and sending a really good starter out of the blue only for my character to not fit in with what's going on at all, y'know?? I'm also fine with shortening responses to a couple of paragraphs if the situation requires fast responses to move forward. I'm a quality over quantity person.

003. I don't really write smut. If that's all you're here for then you can unfriend/block me. I'm by no means a prude or anything, it's just that writing it makes me uncomfortable. It's not what I'm here for, and I prefer to fade to black / skip ahead if it ever comes up.

004. I'm okay with romance happening in my RPs - but it's by no means required. Also please be aware that should romance happen that doesn't mean that we're actually dating. That's blending IC and OOC lines. Alex and I may both be anxious college dropouts, but I am not my character. She could easily be in a relationship in multiple RPs as I treat each RP as its own separate instance.

005. None of that godmoding bullsh*t should fights happen, please. Alex might be inexperienced with fighting but that doesn't mean she's a living punching bag for your super powerful OC to vent their frustrations on. Know to take a few hits. Also, don't try and dictate how my character feels or what she does. That's not cute.

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