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03/22/2019 07:53 PM 

Devil's Carnival #2

Devil‘s Carnival,
attn: Raziel, Lucifer, anyone in the area of her cage.
mention: Sam, Dean, Castiel
Indomitable /1493412
It had been an exhausting hunt.  The mother of the Winchester Brothers was never so glad than right now to see the four walls of that secure Bunker.  “Sam! Dean!”  Mary Winchester made her way back into the bunker in Lebanon, Kansas.   She looped her fingers through the strap on the bag of her gear and laid it on the nearest table.   There was no answer back to her call.  Normally someone would answer even if it was just Castiel.   The air around her inside the bunker was absolutely quiet.

She took a few more steps inside with her brow darkened.  Mary had been gone for some time on her own in a solo hunt.  Surely her boys wouldn’t have turned their back on her for being gone so long.   She started to take off her jacket when something caught her eye.  There were bruises up and down her right arm that she didn’t remember being there.  Demon hunting was often brutal that left any hunter worth their salt bruised and battered.  Things like that however, weren’t easily forgotten.

She removed her jacket completely leaving it on the back of a chair.  “Sam?  Dean?”  She asked again with a louder voice.   Instead of the sounds of her boys greeting her, she started to hear a murmuring around her.  The slow sound was starting to pick up in intensity gradually rising all around her.  Mary kept looking around her.  “Sam! Dean!”  She called out again with a louder voice as the murmuring threatened to drown out her calls to her sons.

The room began to spin.  The blonde shut her eyes tightly.  The viciousness of the spinning threatened to make her violently ill.   What was going on here? Where was she?  The murmuring turned into louder voices that were not just talking voices.  They were taunting her.  They were screaming at her with utter ferocity calling her by name.  Voices were laughing and poking at her.  There were epithets about her being a hunter [b]itch.   The voices were all around her closing in and getting tighter.  She thought for sure her eardrums were going to shatter.  Hands clenched at her ears in utter desperation as she tried to keep out the sound.  When she felt manacles form around her wrists and ankles, she started to scream.  “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!”

The painful laughing and torment continued to tear into the female hunter like dentist’s drill.  Her body tensed with pain and anxiety as her actual situation started to manifest to her.  Tired blue eyes opened etched with fear.  Her gaze shot from side to side.   She realized she’d been dreaming.  She wasn’t in the Bunker.  She was in a cage.  She moved her hands back down from the sides of her head.  Optics focused on the scene around her.   It was that damned carnival she’d found along the side of the road.  Mary Winchester had walked into a trap.


The crowds that surrounded her cage were of all sorts of monsters that she’d witnessed before.  The daughter of Samuel Campbell and the mother of the Winchester Brothers was on the receiving end of quite a bit of torment and torture from the crowds that surrounded her cage.  She was a prime target for monsters that wanted vengeance especially on Sam and Dean.    Demons, witches, werewolves, vampires were all united around her getting in their licks on her.  

Mary glanced down at her attire.  She wasn’t wearing the outfit that she was when she’d come into the carnival.  She was dressed in a medieval type garb.  The tight corset and the gown itself looked more like a wench than anything she’d ever seen before.  Mary felt disgusted and downright embarrassed.  Golden strands were matted and rancid with the filth of the cage.  Her face was smudged with dirt.  The whole thing smelled of rotten eggs and pus.

Her memory tried to recall how she’d been snagged into this mess and what she’d actually been doing before she had lost time.   There was a little boy that she’d pulled into her arms.  Her head lowered as she realized that she’d been pulled into a Devil’s Carnival.  The lore was explicit on this entire subject.  It was why her father used to tell her to avoid carnivals if she went on a solo hunt when she was a teenager.   Mary could handle nearly everything herself when she was even 17 because of her training in the life.  She felt embarrassed that she’d been brought into this at this point.  Everyone had their weaknesses.  Mary’s was her mother’s heart.  She lost count of how many came by her cage and tossed insults at her and even struck her as she lay alone inside the middle of the cage itself.  There was no way out of this for her this deep into the carnival.  She had to hope that somehow someone would miss her and come looking for her.  That was when she rose her head to read the writing on the top of her cage.

Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here.

Mary was in hell or damned close to it.  Her chin fell against her chest as her shoulders fell.  The monsters around her kept passing by her cage.  She was the mother of Those Damned Winchesters.  That earned her exceptional scorn.  She wasn’t lowering her head in defeat or despair.   Growing defiance grew in the spirit of Mary Winchester.   Her blue eyes were cold as steel.  The mother’s heart was tender but fierce.    The woman who had given birth to the two boys who’s name was a curse to demon and angel alike was the source of the fire and tenacity that burned so brightly in the hearts of both boys, especially in that of Dean himself.  She would never be broken.

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet

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The Spider and the Fly

The Spider and the Fly,
Indomitable /1493412
It was the Summer of 1980.  The Seventies had been an eventful decade for Mary Campbell.  She’d met John Winchester, lost him, gained him back again because of a demon deal she didn’t want to think about now and then lost her parents.   The end of the decade saw a blessed event in the early weeks of 1979.  Mary Winchester was a new mother to a baby boy she named Dean after her beloved mother Deanna.   She hated to leave the baby alone for too long, but Mary had to do something.  He was 18 months old now and a sweet little thing.  One problem though, she was left with a toddler all day long and no adult interaction.  She needed to get out there and hunt.  

It wasn’t that she was trying to get away from John and her precious baby boy.  She was just starved for some kind of adult conversation and interaction while John was working at the garage.   He still had no idea that she was born and bred to be a hunter due to her pedigree as a Campbell.  It was something she tried to deny but she could think of no other way to get out there and have the interactions that she craved during the day.   

She’d been tracking down a series of hauntings nearby.  All the legwork she’d done had discovered that most of the ghosts that had been spotted had the spirits dressed like Plains soldiers from the time following the Civil War.  Right now, she stood on the edge of a grave in a cemetery that had only soldiers buried who’d died in all the border wars with the Native Americans.   She’d already salted the bones of the solider in the wooden coffin.  Glancing down at the man dressed in the military regalia that was not truly at rest, she waited a moment almost as though she was giving him a final respects as he deserved.  Once a few moments had passed,   she pulled out a lighter.

The sound of a distant cry filled the air.  Mary’s sapphire hues turned in the direction of the cry.  The spirit that stood before her was of that very man who’s grave she’d unearthed.   He was a Caucasian man with dirty blonde hair and a gnarled hand that rose to point at her as she stood there.   What was the flesh of the man had visible chunks missing.   He rose a hand up almost to try and get her to stop.   His mouth opened and closed with no sound coming forth from the action.  It was like he was trapped in the veil.  Mary leaned forward.  Had he been poisoned?  He looked as though he’d been bitten by a rather large spider.   She had no time to really consider what had happened to him and what type of spider bit him.  The spirit began to charge at the hunter as she stood there.  

The twisted horror that charged at her brought an incredible chill to her very soul.  If this thing attacked her, was she going to die?  She had gone on a hunt without telling John.  Would Dean have to grow up without her?   All those thoughts ran through in a split second as her hunter’s instinct took over.  Mary’s lighter flashed upward.  She tossed it into the open grave to ignite the bones.   The spirit vanished in a rolling flame as he was about to strike her.

That was too close a call for her.  She’d been out of the business for so long, she needed to just go back home. The realization that she’d almost died over something so stupidly simple worried her.  She couldn’t just do this anymore.  She was out of the business.  She had to hug her boys extra tight that night considering that she could have lost both of them and they’d have never known what happened to her.   Someone else would pick this up after she left, surely.

She jumped into the grave after the flames died down to retrieve her lighter.  Closing the coffin was next even as the events raced through her mind.  She’d gotten sloppy since she’d been out of the business.   Mary couldn’t afford to make those mistakes.  Mistakes for a hunter usually meant that the hunter was dead.   She couldn’t risk that anymore.  She had far too much to live for with her husband and her baby boy.   She picked her shovel back up and started to fill in the grave. Once that ghoulish task had been accomplished,  she climbed into her little AMC Gremlin and drove back home.   As fate would have it, this would be the very last hunt that Mary Winchester would ever do.  Three years later, she would be dead.


The year was now 2019.  Mary and John Winchester had spent far too much time apart and now they were reunited.  They’d been fortunate enough and blessed by whatever powers that be to once again see the birth of two children. This time, they had a set of twins.  Some would call her sweet little twins Amanda and Gus, oops babies but she called them her little angels.   She and John along with the twins were living in the Bunker in Lebanon with her boys Sam and Dean.  They’d also been blessed enough to have John’s son Adam among the family unit housed at the Bunker.

It was certainly a new world for Mary Winchester being a mother again after all this time.  A span of thirty years had been taken from her, but with the young woman’s body she was still able to conceive the twins.   It was like a renewed life again for her to have her entire family under one roof.   The Winchesters were certainly not your typical family unit, but one thing mattered most.  They had each other.  They were the first family of hunting and everyone knew it.

Mary had left the nursery that Dean had built for the twins in the bunker heading for the kitchen.  She grabbed a huge glass of orange juice and started sipping it.  She’d persuaded John to head out to the nearest convenience store on a regular basis to get the local newspapers.  She and John were still old school and loved to read the newspaper.  The feel of the actual paper and the smell of the newsprint was something that she’d always relish.  

A story caught her eye.  Mary lowered her orange juice and set her jaw.   Nearly 40 years ago, this same headline had sent her on the most bizarre hunt of her life.  The spirits of American Soldiers who had passed during the Era of the Expansion of the West were being reportedly seen once more.  Mary closed her eyes before opening them again.  The rest of the story made her blood run cold.   The ghosts that were spotted by witnesses were bloated and swollen as if they had been bitten by a huge spider.   She inhaled sharply and felt her stomach grow queasy.   It was back and she had to finish what she’d started.

Speaking to Hannah the angel Mary asked her to watch over the babies.   She had an errand to run.   She didn’t want to worry anyone.  This was a job she had to finish herself.   She didn’t like misleading the angel that she called a surrogate daughter, but she couldn’t just let this continue.  If she was right, this was going to get worse before it got better.

Mary was packing her gear as quickly as she could.  She didn’t want to alert John, Sam or Dean as to where she was going.   They’d immediately stop her from going;  at least John and Dean would try to stop her.  Mary had to go.  She had really no choice.  If she had just stayed long enough in 1980, then this wouldn’t be happening again.  Iktomi was back and she had to go stop him once and for all.   

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet

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Island of the Lost

Island of the Lost,
attn: John, Dean, Sam
Indomitable /1493412
It was a dream come true.  Everything that Mary Winchester ever wanted came true.  She lived a happy life with her beloved husband John and their boys Sam and Dean.   Mary and John had lived their entire life in Lawrence Kansas.  John had spend a career as a mechanic while Mary pursued a career as a teacher.  After Sam had reached the age of 18 months, Mary had decided to go to college to pursue a degree in secondary education.  It was something that John fully supported her in doing, so he did what he could to help take care of the boys while she was a non traditional student.   It paid off for her in getting that diploma with her three boys in the audience making the loudest sounds when she received that degree.   Now the pair had accomplished much of their lives goals. Both had reached that ideal point in their lives where their house was empty, their boys grown and it was all about the two of them in their twilight years.

They still lived in the old house in Lawrence.  Mary and John Winchester were well known pillars of the community.  There wasn’t a child for the past thirty years in the quiet little town in the heart of America that hadn’t been in Mrs. Winchester’s Classical Literature class once they reached the seventh grade.  She had instilled in a generation as well as their children a love for Tolkein, Lewis and even Edgar Alan Poe.   Even the toughest nuts cracked when faced down with Mrs. Winchester standing in front of them with arms folded.  She didn’t back down from anything or anyone.   Kids that didn’t like reading left with books in their hands and a new found appreciation for the subject.

Mary and John had just celebrated their 43rd Wedding Anniversary in a big way at the Elks Lodge in Lawrence.  It was a party that was attended by everyone in town and talked about even three months later because of what both Winchesters meant to the average citizen of Lawrence.  Their sons were well known staples of the town as well with plenty of memories both good and bad of both boys.  The Winchesters were a prominent family in Lawrence and it all felt so normal to Mary.   It was what she’d dreamed for as a young girl and it’s what she got.  No one ever talked about ghosts, vampires or werewolves.   That was just how Mary liked it.  Her life was Mary Campbell, hunter, was a bad dream.

Gathering the family together didn’t happen as much as she’d like to have it as the boys got older.  It was something that Mary missed.  She understood why it happened, but it was something that pained her greatly.  Taking a vacation to the beach was just the type of family trip that the Winchesters could gather and make nice even though it usually erupted into something explosive.  The matriarch and patriarch of the Winchester family were entitled to this rest and they earned it.  Mary didn’t need the stress that came with a typical Winchester gathering.  She agreed to this so long as her boys could actually get along with their father.   Three headstrong Winchester men within a two mile radius usually meant disaster.  She exhaled and put on her happy face as they headed to the beach.  

Having given over the keys to the Impala to Dean several years ago, Mary and John arrived at the beach in a slick black truck.  In the back of the truck was two lawn chairs and a cooler full of beer.  She was certain that John put in a slab of ribs for him and Dean as well as something green for Sam.  After she got out of the car, Mary offered to carry a picnic basket with it to the site of the family picnic on this scenic beach.  Stepping out of the truck, she adjusted her sunglasses so that the rays wouldn’t blind her too badly.  She felt the warm breeze coming from the ocean caress her skin.  Her golden blonde locks were now highlighted by silver strands in and among those waves.  She went through a time when wore her hair short while she taught school.   But now that she was retired, she wore it long again.  Most of the time, she pulled it up, but today, she just let it flow in the breeze.

Everyone was there.  Seeing so many happy faces encouraged Mary.  She felt her anxiety lift and her spirits soar.  Seeing Sam first, Mary greeted her youngest son  with a hug even though she held the basket on her right arm.  Fact was, coming together like this was never without some sort of drama.  She gave her youngest son a knowing glance as she was already bracing for some sort of massive explosion.   The blonde was wearing a light colored blouse, tan slacks and slip on sandals that were conducive to a beach environment.   She hadn’t seen Dean yet, but she knew it wouldn’t be long.

Mere seconds later, her oldest son’s voice was heard calling her by name.   Dean seemed a bit shocked to see them all gathered.   She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek.  “Of course we’re here Dean.  Why wouldn’t we be?”   She was the peace maker in the Winchester Family.  The boys and their Dad would always listen to her and respect what she said.   She touched his arm patting it reassuringly like she always did.  Mary loved her boys, all three of them so much.  Now if they could just have a peaceful time at the beach, that would be heaven.

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet

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Continue Point

Continue Point.
Indomitable /1493412
Life and Death were two sides of the same coin.  Mary Winchester had lived for over three decades as a wife, mother and even as a hunter with a deep family history of hunting.   She was a member of the Campbell Family and raised in the life.   She thought she was out of it, until she saw a yellow eyed demon standing over his infant son’s crib.   The flames that consumed her would leave her with the horror of her husband’s face as he watched her turn to ash on the ceiling of Sam’s nursery.

Her eyes opened one more time right after that in her beloved house in Lawrence with her little boy Dean, her baby Sam and her husband John.   The memory of being burned alive was nothing but a nightmare.   Life continued for her with her precious boys and their handsome father.  Her life consisted of making peanut butter sandwiches with no crust for Dean,  rocking baby Sam to sleep in the big rocking chair that her brother bought for her in a shop in Topeka, and greeting John at the door when he came home from work at the garage.   It was the perfect life.  It was her heaven and she loved it.  One day that all changed.

She had just woken up to go to Sam’s nursery when suddenly the lights flashed around her.  It was almost like that nightmare she’d had once long ago of burning, but this time everything was dark.   Standing there, the wind blew around her sending a chill down her frame.  She was wearing her nightgown and standing barefoot.  But where was she?  A man was standing there looking at her with his mouth all agape.   He was saying something to her, but she didn’t know what it was.  

The old instinct of Mary Campbell the hunter came back into being.  She had the man on the ground with his face in the dirt and her foot on his neck.  What stopped her from snapping his neck was when he told her who he was.   It was Dean.   Her little boy she’d just left was a grown man now?    This was madness to her, unfortunately it was not unheard of for being a Winchester as she would find out directly from both of her boys.

She felt so cheated.  Sam was just a baby.  She never saw his first tooth, his first step, his first word.  All those precious moments she’d had with Dean were taken away from her with Sam.   Her body was actually still in a place of healing since she’d had Sam.  He was six months old when she remembered him.  Now Dean said her baby was 33 years old and he was 37?   Fish out of water just wasn’t the term for it.

Dean and Sam both would welcome her back into their lives with open arms.  She appreciated the fact that they didn’t turn her away.  What bothered her was that she had lost so much.   What was she supposed to do?  She had really no choice but to do what she did best.  Mary went back into hunting.   Even after the hunt with Sam and Dean, she knew she was so rusty.  She had to get back her groove.  With John’s journal in hand, she decided to trace his steps.  He’d taken to hunting after witnessing her death.  He raised their boys in this life too.   It was never what she wanted for any of them.   She should have known that the Campbell legacy wouldn’t be denied.

Her father had told her that there were Campbells that were lopping the heads off vampires on the Mayflower.   He also told of the story of how Campbells hunted witches in a town called Greendale before leaving the task to the Kinkle family.  The Campbells moved west when Gold was discovered in California training more hunters and hunting family dynasties as they moved further toward the West Coast.

She traveled alone much to the chagrin of her sons along the route her husband had done according to his journal.  Her own hunts that followed were slow and small just to rebuild her own skills.  Sam and Dean had given her a few weapons of her own so she could hunt.  What she didn’t tell her sons was that there were old Campbell Family hideaways all over the west.  There were cabins with caches of weapons in Colorado,  shelves of lore from her grandfather and great grandfather that were in Arizona, and  a hidden load of weapons and lore books that were stashed alongside the Mormon Temple in Utah.   Mary didn’t do without when it came to tools of the trade.  Unfortunately they were all outdated.

The time with the British Men of Letters had served a purpose.  They did help her learn to get her skills back in top shape.  Unfortunately it had been for all the wrong reasons.   Dean fought through what they’d done to her to save her.   Standing there side by side with her eldest son with a gun pointed right at the head of Arthur Ketch was oddly satisfying.  What felt even better was firing that bullet that pierced the head of the man that had turned her into the monster she’d become killing good people all for the control and glory of a group of self serving arrogant bastards.   Mary was finally free.

Reuniting with her sons and her adoptive son Castiel had been just what the doctor ordered.   It didn’t last however.  Being pulled into an alternative world thanks to a fallen archangel had not been on the books in her grand plan for her life.   What it did however was give her a chance to get to know a young nephilim and watch him grow.   It was almost as though she’d regained that time she’d lost with Sam and Dean but with the young boy named Jack.   Jack needed guidance.   Mary was the perfect one to do it.  Mary was really the only one who could do it.   Jack was like Mary in that they both had to earn their way in the world and gain the trust of those around them.  The time together with this young man with this incredible power taught Mary as much as it had Jack.  He wasn’t like a son to her, she considered him more of a grandson.

The return to their world had come at the perfect time.  Mary helped with the adjustments of the Apocalypse world hunters giving place to both of her sons.  Sam and Dean were the senior hunters in the bunker.  Even Castiel as an angel was a more experienced hunter that Mary was.   Mary was content to step back into the shadows to let the others have the spotlight. She served as a teacher and a mentor.  She did what she could to encourage the younger hunters in how to conduct themselves and even not to take unnecessary risks.   She’d gotten back from a particular trip to South Dakota in time. She’d heard Sam and Dean talking to someone in the bunker.   She was not prepared to see who it was.

Her eyes met his and her heart filled to overflowing.  Too many nights she’d been alone sleeping and dreaming of the one man she’d loved more than life itself.  John Winchester was the father of her sons and the man who would always possess her heart.  She dreamed of being in his arms again feeling him hold her, kiss her, love her once more only to have her heart broken by waking to an empty bed.  There was no way any sort of relationship was going to work with this other world’s Bobby Singer because she was still so much in love with John.   Her dreams were made manifest as he held her in his arms kissing her, cuddling her never letting her go.   She didn’t want it to ever end.  With the luck of the Winchesters, however it did.

 When he had to go back to the past,  Mary was broken.  Seeing how the mother of Sam and Dean was destroyed by the disappearance of her one true love and how the boys themselves had been reunited with their father,  Mary praised whatever power that had brought him back to her life again.   Just as Mary had been pulled out of heaven by Amara’s gift to Dean, someone had pulled John back into this world to be the gift to the Winchester Family once more.  

Destiny meant different things to different people.  John and Mary Winchester reunited permanently meant only one thing.  The powerful love that had been put together by heaven itself had to be reunited once more.   Mary sat in the room she shared with her husband in the bunker with a hand upon her burgeoning belly.  The movement under her fingertips was that of not one life, but two.   Mary and John were having twins and very soon.

Mary’s body was physically that of a woman in her forties.  Although she was technically 64, she had a body of a woman who was still within child bearing age.  It was so incredulous to her and John both, but here she was.  Sam and Dean would have a new pair of full siblings that would be born.   Mary stirred in her seat.  Her hips hurt.  Her body was always tired.  Someone had wanted two new Winchesters to be in the world.  Unfortunately, hell also was paying attention.   One tiny little foot emerged from her right side and the other from her left.   Was the world ready to have a set of Winchester Twins among them?   Something told Mary they were going to find out sooner rather than later.

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet

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the Arrival of the Boy King.

The Boy King‘s Arrival
Feat: No Quarter, Soul Starved, and Michael (Campbell)
Indomitable /1493412
The Winchesters were an ideal family.   Mary and John loved and doted on their little boy Dean.  One couldn’t see them around the town of Lawrence without John having Dean on his shoulders or behind the wheel of that Impala that John loved so much.   Mary absolutely loved her boys with all her heart.   Dean was the apple of her eye.  She loved him more than she ever thought possible.  That little boy who had the smile of his father and her own eyes made Mary fall in love every day she laid eyes on him.   There was something missing however and it concerned Mary deeply.

Dean was a great baby and he was a bundle of energy as a toddler.  Mary knew that Dean would easily get tired of spending so much time around her and John even though there was an occasional visit from her brother Michael in the process.   Dean needed a sibling.   Mary brought up the idea with John who loved the notion.  He’d grown up an only child with just his mother.   He didn’t want that for Dean.  He loved his son too much to let him be alone.  Plus trying for a second child was definitely the fun part.

They began in the spring of 1982 with the idea of trying to have another baby.   They took advantage of each moment they could garner to have that baby.   With each passing month the failure continued to mount.  Mary thought she’d finally gotten pregnant at one point because she was late.  It broke her heart that the next day all doubts were dispelled.  She wasn’t pregnant after all.

She went to the doctor the next week and found out she was still perfectly healthy.  There was no reason why she couldn’t have another child, so the young couple kept trying.   Less than four weeks later, Mary found herself praying to the ceramic gods with little Dean standing there looking at her in the doorway of the bathroom.   She scooped up Dean that day and went to the drug store.   Could it finally have happened?

John came home from the garage that day smelling of motor oil and sweat.  “Mary, I’m home!”   He kissed her cheek as she was standing there in the kitchen cutting up vegetables.   “What’s for dinner?  It smells wonderful in here?”  he asked.

The pretty blonde was bubbly and grinning so broadly she didn’t think she was going to successfully hide what she wanted to tell him.   “You’ll find out John.  You just need to wash up for me, okay?”  She turned back to the sink and the cutting of the vegetables.

The tiny voice of the three and half year old perked up from the chair where he was coloring a picture of a shiny car black to match the one Daddy drove.  “Daddy’s stinky.”  Dean giggled like the little cherub he was.

“Stinky huh?”  John beamed with delight when his boy was laughing with him.  He mussed his son’s hair.  “We’ll see about that you little rascal!”   John left Dean alone with his mother.   Entering the bathroom, he saw something sitting on the edge of the sink.  Curiously he examined it.  His bright blue eyes started to sparkle.  “MARY?”   He held onto the slender stick with a bright plus sign on it as he practically ran out of the bathroom back into the kitchen.  “Does this-? Is this-?”   He was a sputtering mess as he began to anticipate with delight what she was trying to tell him.

Mary nodded vigorously.  “I have an appointment with the doctor Monday.  I did it twice to be sure and it both said the same thing.”   He picked her up and twirled her around kissing her on the lips.   Seeing his father spin his mother like that made the toddler giggle at how silly his parents were.  Adults were just really crazy in the eyes of a three and a half year old.

The doctor’s appointment confirmed what Mary already knew.  She was pregnant with her second child.  The doctor put the blessed event some time around the 16th of May in the following year.   The holidays were going to be even more special this year in 1982 as next year would see the arrival of the newest Winchester.  The Winchester Family was going to be so blessed for the next year!  Mary was hopeful for the future.


Mary had not missed any appointments as the days and months passed.  This was a second pregnancy so it wasn’t as unanticipated as her first.  She expected weird cravings, but when she started eating tofu burgers and alfalfa sprouts she was wondering what sort of child this was to want her to eat plants and twigs!   She would try to get John to kiss her after she indulged in her cravings, but the meat and potatoes Marine would have nothing to do with those tree roots and bark that Mary seemed to always want with this baby.  Eventually she wore him down getting him to kiss her on occasion even laughing about it in the process.

The mood swings were not nearly as vicious as they were when she was pregnant with Dean.  Mary attributed that to the caliber of food she was eating with this baby.  She was into reading about healthy foods and how to really nurture a baby since this was going to be her last child.   She got her exercise by walking with Dean to the park every day and letting him play on the swings.   Everything was just so much better this time.  It left her with so much positivity in her thoughts and wishes for the future.  They were going to be a wonderful family together.   Her and John raising Dean along with their new baby no matter what.

Michael came to visit his sister at the end of April in 1983.  She was radiant as she was over 8 months pregnant with their new baby.   “You’re looking great Little Sister.”   He grinned as they began their visit.  Dean heard the voice of his uncle and ran out to immediately cling to his leg.  “Oh Hey kiddo!”  Michael hoisted the boy into his arms.  “You’ve gotten bigger haven’t ya slugger?  Going to have to take care of your new little sister aren’t you?”

Dean brought his tiny hand up to his face and hid behind it to giggle.  “Don’t be silly  Uncle Mike.  Mommy’s going to give me a little brother.”

Michael looked toward his sister.  “Little brother eh?”  He asked with a gleam in his eye.   “Dean seems pretty sure of it.”

Mary managed a grin and nodded.  The lights in the room started to flicker for a brief moment as Mary felt a pain go through her body.   She gripped onto the chair to steady herself.   Once the lights stopped flickering, Mary felt the pain pass.  Her face was pale.   Her brother was staring back at her with a worried expression.   “It’s fine Michael… really.”   Mary exhaled with a sweeping motion.  “It’s just Braxton Hicks.”

“False labor?  Mary are you sure?  And what’s with the lights?”  Michael had been a hunter just as Mary had been. The children of Samuel Campbell had been two of the best hunters in the business only a decade prior.  It had been a decade since their parents died.   Mary kept it quiet about the yellow eyed demon she’d seen 10 years ago.  He warned he was going to come in 10 years for something.   She hoped it wasn’t for her new baby.


The next week was like this.  Every hour there were as few as one contraction and as many as three accompanied by the flickering lights.   John didn’t know about anything supernatural like she did, so he had no clue what was worrying Mary.  He just thought it was faulty wiring.   Reluctantly he went to work bright and early on May 2, certain that Mary was going to be fine.

The contractions began to increase throughout the day.  Dean would bring his mommy a pillow for her to rest on when she was feeling yukky.   She’d even taught the boy how to dial zero to get an operator if Mary couldn’t do it herself.   The afternoon rolled in and John called her to check on her at lunch.   “Mary, are you alright?”   John asked with a furrowed brow.

She was breathing deep and trying to remain calm.  “Yes John, I’m FIIINNNNNE.”    She was in the middle of talking to John when another pain hit.  This time, this was far more intense than what any of the others were.   The line went dead after she heard the sounds of the squealing tires from the Impala on the other end leaving the garage.


The very same hospital in which Dean had been born, saw Mary Winchester again. This time she was in a wheelchair with a frantic John pushing her from behind.   Michael had arrived at their home just when John did.   The flickering lights when she had her labor pains had caused some old hunter alarms to go off in his mind so he decided to stick close to his sister.  He was out of practice, but he was damned if he wasn’t going to let something hurt his very pregnant sister.  Michael took care of Dean there at the house while John rushed Mary to the hospital.

The pains were coming harder and more frequent than they had with Dean.  She was rushed into the maternity ward with great care and caution.  She was soon stripped down and in a hospital gown.  Mary was not into the outbursts like she’d been when Dean was born.  She had anticipated the pain now since she’d been through this before.

Monitors and legs in the stirrups again.   Mary was faced with the indignity of it all and not in a position to argue.   John was wrapped up in the gown and such like he’d been before.  He wasn’t about to let this baby be born without him present either.      The doctor had checked Mary and went to John to explain that she’d dilated to six centimeters and stopped.  They needed to do something to help speed along the process.  “We need to break her water.”

John knew that this was something that had happened on it’s own when Dean was coming.  “Are you sure about this?  It won’t hurt her will it?”  He asked.

“No Mr. Winchester.  It will be fine.  It will only help matters.  She’s too far to administer an epidural, so this is the next best option.”   The doctor had already ordered her to be placed on morphine to help the pain.   Mary was practically sleeping at this point.  She was mellowed out by the pain medication.

John gave his consent and it happened.  The long white probe with the black end was inserted and suddenly the waters rushed out.  Mary actually giggled at the feeling of the water.   “Oops… I  think I peed in the bed.”   Her pink lips were parted in a silly smile.   John hid a grin.  Mary high on Morphine was certainly a sight to behold.  Years down the line John would think of this moment and smile brushing away a cloudy tear.

The doctor left the room to give her chance to get to the full ten in order to deliver this baby.   Mary closed her eyes and lay there as the medication hit her again for pain and a new drug was administered called Pitocin.   John picked up the phone to dial his brother in law to tell him it would be a while before Mary would have the baby.   Something caught John’s attention however.  Mary was grunting.   John dropped the phone.  “Mary what are you doing?  Are you alright?”

She huffed at him still feeling in a dream like state.  “I’m pushin…”  She moaned.    There was a nurse that heard her declaration as she walked into the room.  Immediately she ran out to get the doctor.

“Mary, baby.  Don’t push yet okay.  We have to wait for the doctor.”  John’s voice was one of controlled chaos.  “Mary hold on, okay?”

The nurse ran back in with the doctor.  “Hold on there Mrs Winchester.  We’ll have this baby for you in a minute, okay?”   He barely had time to get all his protective gear in place when he gave the word.  “Okay Mary!  Push!”  He tried to get her to hold up, but failed after the one push.  “Okay stop…Or…not…”

John stayed beside his wife.  When Mary was given the word, she pushed with all the holding back she’d been doing.   The doctor tried to stop her, but the one push was all it took.  The passing of a life inside of her into the world at large filled her again with wonder.

The doctor worked rapidly to clean off the baby and suction out his mouth.  “It’s a boy!  Congratulations!”   The nurse was standing beside waiting incubator since this baby was two weeks early.   No one noticed when her eyes flashed a golden color and a smile curled up under her mask.   

“It’s a boy Mary!  It’s another boy!”  John was so excited.  He kissed Mary’s lips as he held her hands.   The baby wasn’t crying or anything yet.  This was different from how Dean was born.   He worried slightly but given that Mary was high because of the morphine, it was a sure thing that the baby was too.

Mary smiled with a half drunk expression as she peeked down at her baby being cleaned by the doctor.  “Samuel.  His name will be Sammy…”   She nuzzled back in the bed a bit.   “My sweet baby boy…”   She added.

The doctor offered John the scissors.  “Okay dad, now this is penis and this is cord.”    It was a silly joke, but it was enough to make John smile.   The cord was cut and the baby was handed to the nurse to further clean up before giving him to Mary.

The nurse with glittering gold eyes started to clean up the baby.  She scraped his foot to get a reaction from him proving that he had a healthy set of lungs.  “That’s a good strong boy Sammy.”  She purred low.  The next thing that happened had not been anticipated by anyone, especially this particular female nurse.

John looked over enough to see that a small spurt of liquid had erupted from his newborn son.  He kissed Mary again laughing.  “He peed on the nurse!”   Everything was so happy and brilliant for John Winchester and his half drugged up wife who had just given birth to what would be their last child.  The nurse handed the wrapped up baby to John who admired the tiny little nose and fingers of the baby as he started sucking on his fingers almost immediately.

Mary looked down into the eyes of her baby only minutes old.  “My sweet little Sammy.”   She whispered.  Seeing those tiny little eyes looking back into hers, Mary temporarily forgot about a deal she’d made 10 years ago.  There was universal harmony if only for a little while.

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet

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Once Upon a Dream.

Once Upon a Dream
Guest Starring:  No Quarter/John Winchester
Indomitable /1493412
Misery wasn’t the word for it.  Mary Winchester couldn’t sleep.  She felt as though she was as big as a house.   This was her first pregnancy and it was killing her, not literally, but figuratively of course.  John did his best to keep away from her and on her good side as the months continued on throughout the whole of 1978.   He tended to her unusual craving right down to the mashed bananas and bacon concoction she hungered during her entire third trimester.

Being pregnant during the summer months and into the fall were definitely a challenge.  There were no bikinis this year because that pooch in her front was just too obnoxious to deal with for the young woman with a very short temper in the first place.  John hid for two days when Mary noticed her first stretch marks.   This was an accomplishment for a man who had been a part of the United States Marine Corps seeing action in Vietnam.  To be afraid of a 5 foot tall pregnant woman would have earned him some jibes from his buddies,  but then again Mary wasn’t your ordinary woman.

In the fall and into the beginning of winter, the ability to stack on clothing did appeal to Mary.  John started to come around more and hide less.   They finished the nursery at Christmas time of 1978.   The baby was due in January.   Being pregnant at Christmas had provided a way to get the baby’s nursery filled without them having to spend a lot of money.   Mary’s brother Michael was her only family left since the deaths of her parents.  It was sad to know that Deanna and Samuel Campbell wouldn’t be around to witness the birth of their grandchild.  Somehow though, she felt like her parents were watching from heaven approving their daughter and her somewhat normal life with her husband.

New Years Eve 1979 stunk for Mary.  While John had a beer,  Mary had to drink a non alcoholic sparkling cider.   “They say that what you’re doing at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve is what you’ll be doing all year long.”   Mary’s hands rubbed across her huge belly.  The baby was being unusually hyperactive on this particular night.   Mary could have sworn that the kid was using her kidneys for boxing practice.

John held the longneck bottle in his hand tipping back the lip to drink of the liquid courage as Mary was essentially getting down to the wire.  The cravings were worse and the emotional outbursts were growing more intense.  “Mary, you’re not going to be pregnant all year long!”   He insisted.

Huge crocodile tears fell down her ivory cheeks from her big blue eyes.  “J-John…   I’ve been pregnant forever.   It feels like it’s never going to end!”   She was blubbering now.  Emotionalism in that last month was absolutely horrifying.   “I just want it out of me…   I’m ready….”   She was working herself up so much her nose was running.

“Baby.. No.  Don’t say that!”   John wrapped his arms around Mary after he sat his beer down.   He squirmed as Mary buried her snotty nose into his shoulder.   She kept muttering objective words as she was emotionally exhausted.   “There there baby…”    He assured her.   “It’s going to be alright.   Before you know it our little girl will be here and ready to face the world.”

The 8 plus months pregnant woman leaned back to look into her husband’s calming hues.   “GIRL?  This isn’t a girl John.  He’s a boy sure as I am sitting here.   The way he use my insides as a gym, it’s a boy.”    Her emotions were so drastically affected by her hormones, she immediately stopped blubbering and was actually incensed by John calling the baby a girl.   “It’s a little Marine John and he’ll come out punching and screaming.   I feel it.”


A little more than three weeks later, the clock just struck midnight on January 24, 1979.   Mary was moping around because her due date was January 25 and the baby wasn’t here yet.   Her insides were bruised and she was sure she had at least one broken rib.   Her girlfriends kept telling her.  It’s your first baby.  You’ll go over.  I went a whole three weeks over myself.   You’ll be alright Mary.   Her eyes were red from all the crying and the sobbing.   The swollen hands and feet were unbearable.   She hadn’t slept on her back in ages.  It was always on her side.  She couldn’t even stand John touching her.

She tossed and turned today.  The baby was unusually still.   This was starting to worry her.   “John.”   She pushed her husband’s sleeping form.  “John…”    She’d been having some mild cramps, but nothing that had brought any cause for concern.  John was still sleeping when she pushed him.  At the moment of frustration, Mary felt her worst pain ever.  “JOHN!”   She grabbed her side holding onto it with desperate fingers.

At the sound of his wife screaming in agony, John jumped up so fast, he fell off the bed.  The young former Marine was tangled in his blankets as he fell unceremoniously on his [a]ss.  “M-Mary!  Is everything alright?”   He was half asleep as he untangled his legs from the blankets.   “Is the baby alright?”

Mary was clenching her side.  “Johnnnn!”    That was when she felt it.  It was the snapping of a rubber band and a sudden rush of water filling the bed where she sat.   “Call an ambulance.  My water just broke.”   Her nightgown was saturated as was the sheets.   She couldn’t sit up anymore.  She had to lay down on her side.

John ran his hands through his jet black hair as his heart was racing.  “Mary!  I can go get the car.  Let me get the car.  I’ll drive you!”   He stood there with his boxers on half asleep but suddenly bolt upright as she told him those horrifying words  My water just broke.

Cold anger glazed over Mary’s bright eyes.  “CALL an Ambulance.  I can’t sit UP.  I don’t think you want this baby to be born in the Impala.”  John turned white as a sheet.  He immediately ran toward the kitchen and started dialing a number.

Time seemed to stand still for Mary Winchester at this point.  She remembered the paramedics coming in and saying the words  Meconium Staining about the baby.   They had to get Mary to the hospital fast or she was going to lose the baby.   “John…”  She moaned.   

He moved up beside her and kissed her gently.   He gave her a reassuring touch of the hand.  “I’m going to follow the ambulance Mary.  You’re going to be alright babe.  I promise.”   Inside he was trembling.   He didn’t want to lose the baby or Mary.  They were his world.

Soon speeding toward the hospital, the ambulance rushed Mary inside with a direct route to the Maternity ward.   With every pain she felt, she was crying out in agony.  “JOHN WINCHESTER IF YOU EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN, I WILL KILL YOU!”     John was running alongside the gurney as they ran toward the Maternity ward.   He turned a bright crimson as his wife continued to threaten his life.  Another pain hit her and she screamed loudly one more time.  “YOU SON OF A BITCH.  YOU DID THIS TO ME!”    He had a nervous grin as the head nurse of the maternity ward geared him up to be there for the birth of his child.

Stirrups were never a flattering thing for a woman.  Mary was bare from her waist down with her legs high up in the air.  The doctor hadn’t arrived yet.  The monitors were in place.  The heart beat of the baby was strong, but time was against them.  Meconium staining along with the lack of fluid in her womb meant that if the baby took a breath in the womb, that baby would aspirate that first bowel movement into his lungs and be seriously ill.   Mary felt her eyes well up with tears.   They started an iv drip with pain medicine.  She was too far dilated for an epidural.  It also didn’t help that she threatened to pull the lips of anyone who put a needle in her back.

John came in at this point.   He was dressed in scrubs and directed to Mary’s side.   He took her hand and kissed it gently.  “Mary, I’m here.  I’m not going anywhere.”   The doctor still hadn’t arrived yet.   John looked around.  “WHERE IS THE DOCTOR?”  he demanded.

The door opened and the entrance of a man with a receding hairline and a snarky look on his face entered the room wearing scrubs.  “Take it easy Mr. Winchester.  We don’t need to upset your wife anymore, do we?”

John narrowed his gaze at the man only because he was the doctor who could make this easier for Mary or make it worse. The beeping sounds on the monitor began to speed up just as another pain hit Mary.   He’d left his hand in with Mary’s so she squeezed it tighter than before as she started cursing but with a half drunk tone since she was under the influence of the pain medication.   He turned back to Mary stroking her curls from her face.  “It’s okay Mary.  I’m here.”  His voice was level and calm.

“I gotta push John.  I feel like pushing.”   She mumbled.  One of her girlfriends told her that when she was in the delivery room, she needed to push as if she was having a bowel movement.   She started to giggle.   “I don’t want to crap out a baby John.”

John snorted so hard, he laughed.  His eyes twinkled with glee.  This was definitely better than the angry Mary swearing that his parents were never married.   “Hold on Mary.  We’ll bring this baby in together, okay.”

The snarky doctor grinned.  “Go ahead Mary.  Give me a good push now.”   He stood behind the stirrups and the drapes over her legs as he prepared to help this child be born.

Mary ground her teeth together and pushed for all she was worth.  John felt his fingers mold together as she squeezed as hard as she could when the doctor told her to do so.   John grimaced.  He told himself he was a Marine.  He could do this.  He would do this.   Mary needed him and he’d face the devil himself for her.

The baby was crowning.  The doctor’s skilled hands moved were able to make sure that there were no complications as that mop of blonde hair was coming into this world.   He moved to grab a pair of surgical scissors.   “Hold on a minute there Mary.”  

“It burns…it burns…”  She muttered.  The baby’s head was so big it was stretching her.   Mary needed a little help.   She felt the snips of the scissors before the burning finally stopped.   

John’s eyes widened because he didn’t know what was going on.  “Mary.  You’re doing so well baby.”   He moved up to kiss her brow.”   He kept an eye on this doctor as he was working behind the curtain.

   “Okay Mary.  Give me another push.”   The doctor was ready.  The episiotomy was perfectly administered at the right angle to accommodate the baby’s head.  He was ready now for the next push and the next part of the baby to be born.

Mary gave another push making sure to breathe in the process.   This hurt this most.   She cried out even though the pain medicine was still in effect.   It was actually starting to wear off at this point.

John was surprised when the doctor warned.  “Okay, hold for me there Mary.”    He stuck his head down behind the curtain to see his wife’s legs spread apart.  There was a little head and shoulders that were peaking out of his wife’s body.   It was the prettiest little head and shoulders he could ever imagine.   His eyes were filled with wonder as the doctor moved to suction out the baby’s mouth so when his lungs filled with air, they could breath the free and clear air.

John moved back up and kissed his wife who had gasped loudly when the doctor told her to stop pushing.   “I saw her Mary. She’s so beautiful.”  He was just in awe of the whole thing he was witnessing.  It was the miracle of life and he helped to create it.

“God help me John… I told you it’s not a girl!”  She growled at him waiting to be told to breathe again.   Her nostrils flared making sure not to pass out from holding her breath.

“Hit it Mary.  Let’s wind this up now!”  The Doctor smiled behind his mask as if he’d gotten some kind of otherworldly knowledge about what was happening today.

Mary exhaled and pushed angrily as she was certain that this baby was a boy.  One final push and she felt something pass from her body into this world.  Her face changed as she realized what it was she felt.  Life left her body and became an actual breathing human being.   The sound of the baby crying loud and proud filled the air.  The doctor moved to pull out the baby fully making sure it was safe and sound.  “Is.. That my baby?  I want to see my baby.”  She was crying with tears of pure joy.

“It’s a boy!  Congratulations!”  The doctor was using clamps to tie off the cord.  “Dad, come here.”   The doctor motioned to the awestruck John Winchester to join him on the other side.   “Thought you might want to cut the cord.”

John moved toward the doctor who held the tiny baby in his hands.  This was his son.  John Winchester had a son.   And that son was very loud!   He was crying himself as he moved down to take the shears in hand to cut the cord from his brand new baby.    He was a trouper.  New Dad John Winchester didn’t even faint, once.   He cut the cord with no problem before moving back up to Mary.   “I love you so damn much.”  He swore as he kissed her lips with his own trembling lips.

Mary touched her forehead to John’s.   “I told you it was a boy.”  She teased.  The doctor and the nurses were working on cleaning up the newborn and swaddling him before finally laying him in Mary’s arms.   She let the baby rest his head against her chest to hear her heartbeat.  As that tiny little ear rested against her heart, all the tears stopped.  The boy knew that this was his Momma.   “Welcome to the world, Dean Michael Winchester.”   Those first words bore themselves on her memory as her baby looked back up in the direction of her voice.  

John moved in closer to his wife and his brand new son for just a moment longer.  He went to the doctor and shook his hand.  “Thank you Doctor… I didn’t catch your name.”

The doctor smiled knowingly.  “Zachariah.  Doctor Zachariah.”  He answered with a grin.

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet

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Let it Be

Let it Be,
Indomitable /1493412
This world was so much different from the way she’d left it.  Going on a hunt with Sam was something that she did relish.  This chance however left Mary nervous around him.  He was a baby when she last knew him. They hadn’t had a chance to be alone since she came back from the dead.  Now here he was a full grown man and basically a stranger to her.   Was there any hint of that baby she knew over three decades ago?  Only time would tell.

Mary was driving in a car that Dean had let her take from the Bunker’s Garage.   It was an older model car, so she was perfectly able to handle it.  What she wasn’t able to do was handle that fact that her thoughts were drifting.   She watched as Sam was lost in his own mind.  Immediately her own thoughts went to assume that her son was dreading actually being here with her.   The front wheel hitting the pothole immediately snatched her out of that negative thought.

They were heading back to Lawrence because of the storage room that had once belonged to her beloved husband and Sam’s father.  “It’s not unusual for hunters to have storage facilities all over the country Sam.  I have a few stashed around here that maybe I’ll take you to some day.”   Mary was insanely curious as to what John had left here.   After having had the chance to read John’s journal, she felt as though she was closer to him even though he wasn’t with them.   All those lonely years he had on a path to kill the monster that had killed her,  made Mary’s heart break.  Any chance she could take to find a little bit of John left, she was going to take it.

Lawrence looked so different since she last remembered it.  There was still a small town feel to the city where she was supposed to raise her two babies with their daddy right alongside her.  But now everything was marked with the onset of the 21st Century.  It had been a long off consideration that she had when she was younger.  The year 2000 was supposed to be a magical year.  They were all supposed to have rocket cars and dried food pellets.   Sometimes it was good that not all those predictions had come true.

Mary turned the wheel in the direction where she’d known the storage facility had been back in the 1980s.  It was a chance because she remembered some landmarks in Lawrence but not all.   Mary’s facial expression softened as some memories came back to her.  There was a park that was still there with swings and a sandpit there where children were playing.   The sight of a young mother with a four year old climbing the equipment and a baby in a stroller made Mary smile once more.  Thirty three years ago, that mother was Mary and those babies were Sam and Dean.   Her heart silently grieved over what could have been.

The storage facility was exactly where Mary remembered it.  She took the code that had been sent to Sam and used it to open the gate to where the facilities were.   She parked the car once they were inside the gate and began to walk toward the storage room marked 42.   Mary pulled out her gun, just incase she needed it.  She kept her back to the road and moved in slowly to open the door.   She trusted that Sam was right behind her and would have her covered if there was some sort of trap in there that John had rigged.   Any hunter worth their salt would have a trap rigged in there for anyone who would have managed to get inside.

Once the door opened, the dust had flown away.  It was pretty evident that no one had been in there for quite a while.   Mary kept her gun handy just in case.  After all, John Winchester had been a hunter with some sort of notoriety among the monsters of the world after his relentless campaign to take out Azazel.   Once inside, Mary lowered her gun.  Everything seemed to be clear for now.  Still she was going to be wary of tripwires or anything that could set off any sort of string of unfortunate events.

An old footlocker had caught Mary’s attention.  There were a series of numbers on the outside.  “That was your Dad’s old footlocker from when he went to Vietnam.”   She pointed that out to Sam before heading in that direction.  Mary slid her gun into the waistband of her jeans before kneeling in front of it.   There was a lock on the outside.  She started to try to figure out the combination on the lock to get it to open.   She tried Dean’s birthday.  It didn’t work.  She tried Sam’s birthday.  It didn’t work.   She tried her birthday.   Mary felt the lock give in her hands.   “Oh John.”  She whispered.   Opening it, her tears began to flow again.  

Mary started to go through everything in the footlocker.  There were some articles of her clothing inside there including her favorite white blouse that had a Western design across the shoulders.  She pulled out his old plaid shirt that he’d wear when he’d go outside to work on the Impala while they were at home.   Curling the fabric around her fingers, she pressed it to her nose.   It still smelled of his aftershave and motor oil.  He always smelled like motor oil.   Mary held the fabric longer just like she’d done years ago when he’d died in her arms on that fateful night back in 1973.  This couldn’t be undone by a deal with a demon like before.  John was gone and Mary was broken.

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet

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The Heart of a Mother.

The Heart of a Mother
Indomitable /1493412
Mary Winchester was lost in her grief for a few more moments in regard to her oldest son.  Dean was the vessel of another world’s Archangel Michael and the instrument of a monster.  She couldn’t let this paralyze her.  She had to keep going moving and doing something.  There had to be a way to find Dean and bring him back.  Without thinking,  she let the water out of the sink and ran the rag across the basin to clean it.  She ran more water into the sink to clean out the rag that she held in her hands.

Mary heard the voice off to her side.  That Scottish brogue was something that was more than distinct.  The Winchester matriarch turned in the direction of the voice of the only other woman who could possibly even comprehend what she felt.  “Rowena.  I’m sorry.”   She rubbed at her eyes to not show her weakness.   Sam had told Mary that Rowena had helped them get to the Apocalypse world even after her son had died trying to seal Lucifer inside.  Crowley was dead and there was no coming back from that type of dead for a demon.

What could she say to a centuries old Scottish witch who had lost her son in the process of saving Mary’s own?   Now here Dean was gone and quite probably dead.   She pursed her lips into a thin line.  “I didn’t see you standing there.”    Mary was a heartbroken mother trying to gather the courage to continue on with what had to be done.   Dropping her rinsed out wash cloth to the side to dry,  Mary looked away and then back again to the other woman who had lost a child.  “How do you do it Rowena?  How do you make the pain go away?”

Mary paused a moment.  She’d lost 33 years from the lives of her sons and the better part of the past year with having been trapped in the Apocalypse world.  “I lost so much time with them after having been killed by Azazel.  Then to come back from the dead after all these years has been far too much for me at times.”   Mary didn’t know the story with Rowena.  She just knew what Sam had told his mother about the Scottish woman being alive for over three centuries.   She’d been on this earth for long after her son had originally died in his body and then converted into a demon in hell.   

She knew the look that Rowena possessed.  Mary recognized it as the same one that looked back in the mirror at her when she woke up this morning.   A mother isn’t supposed to lose her child.   Rowena had lost hers twice.  Mary couldn’t even fathom the type of pain that the other woman would possibly feel.   By all rights and reason, Rowena could kill Mary because of what happened to Crowley.   Mother’s Intuition told Mary that Rowena was someone that she could actually relate to over their sons.   It was worth a shot to Mary at least.  Sam trusted her.  Dean had trusted her because Sam did.   In the short time that she’d had to get to know Sam all over again, Mary learned that Sam was an insightful young man.

Mary decided to walk toward the stove to pull out a teapot.  She filled it with water and turned it on as it sat on the stove.   She was fully willing to make inroads with Rowena to see how this would go and if some kind of odd friendship could be struck with the other woman.  Neither one of them even remotely looked as old as they truly were, which made it another point that the two would have in common.   While Mary had been in Heaven for 33 years, Rowena had obviously not been.

She paid close attention as she allowed Rowena a chance to speak to her.  Mary actually smiled a little at the thought that she could talk to someone who would be familiar with some of the same things she was, because Rowena had also been around during the 1960s and 1970s.   It was going to be interesting to see how this would develop between them.  Mary was certainly willing to try.

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet

02/27/2019 11:16 PM 

Devil's Carnival Entry.

Devil‘s Carnival
attn: raziel
mention: John, Sam and Dean
Indomitable /1493412
It had been about three days since she’d last communicated with her sons Sam and Dean.  The boys had their own things to do and hunts to pursue.  Mary had hers.  In a world that was still somewhat alien to her, Mary couldn’t just not hunt anymore.  She’d tried to get out by marrying John all those years ago, but that didn’t work out according to her plan.   Some forty years later, she looked in her forties and was out there beheading vampires and dropping demons.  Hunting was in her blood.  She could never stop.

Some people were just born to be a hero.  Mary didn’t think of herself as a hero, but it came with the business.  Hunting meant that you pulled out all the stops saving the innocents from being slaughtered by the monsters in the world that would look to saturate the earth with human blood.  Mary had not been there when her sons were growing up.  Her husband John had raised the boys to be hunters.  Her boys had saved the world  more than once.   It was what Winchesters did.   She didn’t think of herself as a Campbell anymore.  She was a Winchester and damned proud of it.

This particular hunt had the blonde on the prowl for a demon that had a substantial amount of lore behind him.  The demon’s given name was Astaroth.  The lore called him a grand duke of hell.  Mary called him an absolute menace.   She last encountered him just outside of Cedar Rapids.  He’d slaughtered a school bus full of children in a fiery crash.   She had tried to catch up with him, but he’d gotten the drop on her and ran.   Mary chalked it up to being rusty and decided to go after him again.

Sam and Dean checked in on her several times while she was on the road.  She’d even taken to playing mobile word games with Dean in order for him to not worry too much about her.   She could have asked for help tracking down this demon, but this was personal.   She was perfectly capable of taking out demons on her own.  She didn’t care just where Astaroth fell on the hierarchy of hell.   Pride was the innate character flaw of far too many hunters.   Astaroth was spilling human blood and spreading chaos throughout the heartland of America.   He had to be stopped.

Long nights behind the wheel following up leads brought across many colorful sights and sounds across America.    This particular stop was something that she’d never imagined seeing in her life.      Mary parked her car under cover of a grove of trees and walked toward the entrance to whatever this was.   It looked like one of those old carnivals that she’d been to as a girl when her dad was on a hunt.   

She managed to work her way through the front gates and into the carnival itself.    Once inside the gates, she started to look around and absorb exactly what she’d manged to stumble into on this hunt.  Everything here was far more horrific than she could have even fathomed.  It was like your worst nightmares right there and vivid for everyone to see.   There were men and women that were passing her by taking in the sights and sounds of this carnival.  Mary herself felt as though she was almost lost in the middle of all this conglomeration.

The smell of decay and degradation filled the air.  Debauchery and chaos were also around her.  Mary felt her muscles tense.  She was a hunter in the middle of what looked to her like all the monsters she’d ever hunted in her life.   Her hands were shoved into her pockets as she tried to look inconspicuous.  Her weapon of choice in her pocket was a gun with silver bullets.   When all else failed, silver bullets were good for a quick exit.  A demon in the hierarchy of hell wouldn’t be dropped by a silver bullet, but it would surely slow him or her down enough so she could make a break for it.

 Which one of these carnival operators or attendees was Astaroth using to get away from her this time?   She moved her gaze ahead until she saw a pair of eyes glancing back in her direction.   Mary met up with these chocolate hues glaring back at her.  The morbid vermillion color that they morphed into soon told her that Astaroth had not only spotted her, but was now running from her.   Mary started to pick up the pace.  She weaved in and out taking her chances as the demon she was pursuing dodged in between tents.   “You are taking a chance coming here,  Mary Winchester.  Do you realize where you are?”   The demon hissed at her after she’d cornered him.

She pulled the safety off her gun and lowered it at the demon.   “A place for hell to vomit on the earth?”  She answered with a petulant retort.    She was about to pull on the trigger when she heard the sound of a sobbing child.  Her muscles rippled as she stood in the shooting stance. Every instinct in Mary’s body told her not to pay the child any attention.  It was a trick for the demon to get the better of her.   The cries continued gnawing at her soul and the heart that she possessed.  Mary Winchester was above all else, a mother.

The demon’s vermillion hues were high lighted by a sardonic grin.  “If you only knew.”   He purred.   “You’re out of your league, Winchester.   This is the end of the line for you.”

Mary stood there for a moment longer with her gun leveled at the demon.  One squeeze of the trigger and Astaroth was history.   The sobbing of the child intensified.  Mary’s maternal instincts were kicking in especially since she’d had very little time with her own boys having been murdered when Sam was six months old and Dean was four  years.   She lowered her gun and slipped the safety back on before shoving it in her pocket.   As she turned away from the demon she was pursuing, she felt her stomach drop in to her feet.   This was the right thing to do.  Hunters were heroes and heroes had to save those who needed them.   Who was more helpless than a child especially to a woman who was a mother?

Mary moved through the tents area until she saw a little boy with a head full of brown curls bent over and crying.  His tiny fists were balled up and rubbing his eyes.    He kept crying and trembling as a child who was petrified would do.   Mary laid a gentle hand on his back.   “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?  Did you lose your Mommy?”   She started to think of how this little boy looked like pictures that Sam and Dean had showed her of when Sammy was a little boy.

The little boy removed his hands from his eyes and clung immediately to Mary as tight as his tiny fingers could.  He buried his cherubic cheeks in her shoulder.   He said nothing.  He just kept sobbing.   Mary stroked his back soothingly like a mother would.   A sick feeling started to overwhelm her.   She was in the middle of a gathering of monsters and she just played the hero.   What had she just done?

I always wanted to punch the Devil in the face.
credit: james kriet


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