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The day was dark and foreboding ,it had rained solid the evening before. The harsh storm off of the coast had crashed wave after wave on the rocky coastline. Debris of all forms had washed ashore and there were a few others beach combing near you ,however you decided to move further up the beach where it was the rockiest. moving past the bigger rocks you see a strange sight in the distance, A body  cast over the top of a large rock .as you aproch you can see even better that the creature looks like a man ,however it looks as though he may be dead as the coloration of his skin is not normal. 

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Gillroots return

The cove behind the castle berthed many a goblin ship, so none were alerted when the Pasanoir Salbatice Respiratie sailed in to do the same. The captain had not slept for he had taken a potion from his mage the day before; he was not tired at all. The whole summoning thing was very annoying enough without Tobr and a few of the other crew making merry at his expense, in time it would settle down. He noticed that the ship that had been following them finally made it into the cove, it was a wonder they made it back at all.

Argile left his seat and was able to help reach into the hold for the few skiffs they would need to reach the cave under the castle, a small contingent of his men would be going with him, only to serve as guard  except for Mdag his second mate whom insisted on coming for he had business in our homelands. With skiffs in the water they made their way to the opening of the cavern .They were met by some from the other ship and Guards of the Noreshia Clan.

“Regina și Regele te asteapta, Înălțimea Voastră.” One of the guards announced as they helped them ashore. Gillroot grunted and rolled his eyes at this as he was near discussed at what he was seeing and what was yet to be seen here in the court of his parents. His mother had a very bad habit of making things ‘Pretty’ and as such the guards were wearing some sort of suit unbefitting of any goblin, she was lucky that most wore clothing at all considering how hot it was here.

Dunk,Bog,Raz, and Zots followed their captain to a main waiting area below the castle itself,Darkyell  had slithered off into the darkness, to get whatever business he had to take care of done, and so the five awaited for whatever or whomever was to come and greet them. They did not know why it was taking so long ,and the guards that were chosen, even if they did look fancy in their little white suits that barely fit, could probably kill off the whole party.

Suddenly fifty or so green and red creatures came bounding into the room, they attacked the sailors with hugs and bites running about their heads and bodies until SHE entered the room. The  Guards snapped to attention and the minions ran back to their Queen, Queen Airara Noreshia,a stunning sight in white approached the Goblin Men and spoke.

“Regina și regele Noreshia vă urez bun venit la castel Noreshia pe această zi frumoasă, și permiteți-mi să spun că sunteți bineveniți să sărbătoare o...  “ then she noticed just exactly was in this party and shuttered as she looked at her son.” Gillroot Noreshia, mișcă-ți fundul sus și de a schimba în ceva mai mult becomeing de un prinț, yolu au plecat de mulți ani, care nu este o scuză pentru căutarea ca o scroafă ursuz” his men begain to laugh and the Captain slapped the nearest one in the head before marching past his mother and going up into the towers to find his room,.

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