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02/24/2019 12:24 PM 

Character Tropes (Drabble 02)

There is something therapeutic about packing in silence, it gives you a change to relive old memories. When Ricky was fired from his job without real notice, he had to recruit the help of his longtime friend Melanie to help move him back to Houston. When she arrived she didn't question, just went straight to work. She knew how he was, and when he was ready to talk he would do so. Houston was the last place he wanted to go, it took him eighteen years to escape it in the first place. It was embarrassing to admit defeat, there was just no way he could find a job quick enough to pay the bills he had. His parents promised to let him stay at their home for the next couple of months, just until he got his feet back up. Just the idea of living under mom and dad's roof again was enough to make him sick to his stomach.

"Do you remember when we tricked our parents into thinking we were going on a school field trip to Washington D.C.?" Ricky lost his train of thought when Melanie pulled out an old scrapbook she made for him for their high school graduation. "I still can't believe we were able to get away with it as much as we did. Forging permission slips, taking their money for the tickets, we were a bunch of heathens back then -- weren't we?" Ricky set down the book he had in his hand to take a look at the photo of the two of them along with their other friend Cliff. They all looked so happy standing in front of the Washington Monument, seventeen years old, the whole world still ahead of them. It was hard to believe that photo was taken twelve years ago, and those people in it were no longer the same. "Those were the days." He responded, giving it a small smile before returning to his bookshelf to continue clearing it out. Melanie put the book down and went over to hug him from behind, sighing deeply as he his hands slightly rubbed her arms. "Please, tell me what happened."

"---And then he just fired me. No real f***ing warning, just pack your sh*t, and get lost. " Ricky finished downing the rest of his rum and coke before placing the glass on the coffee table, Melanie just shook her head in disbelief over the whole story. "I told you, she was bad news from the beginning Ricky. No woman can ever be that perfect." Since day one of their relationship, she never cared for Morgana. Ricky wasn't visiting her and everyone else in Houston as frequently as he was before her. She was taking her best friend away from her. "You never met her Mel, she --- she was perfect. I didn't think I could ever meet someone like her. She understood me." "And I don't?!" silence.

"Listen here, Collins. Just because she's read a few Jane Austen books doesn't mean she was a good lover. Or just because she's read The Importance of Being Earnest doesn't mean she's that witty. Sure she may love Eric Clapton and all that other weird music you like but that doesn't mean she's deep. You fell in love with a trope! A manic pixie dream girl who used you to get back at daddy! You're the writer here, you should have saw this coming!" Melanie's face was bright red from anger, hurt in her voice as this woman had her claws deep in her friend. "What does that make you? The jealous friend who can't stand that the main character has finally found someone?" He was lying to himself, he knew she was dead right. Morgana had no intentions of ever being with Ricky. Since day one they decided it was best to keep it all casual, no strings attached. Of course now he understood why, it was so his boss --- her father, would never find out. "I'm sorry, that was uncalled for." He couldn't stay mad at her even if he tried, she had been there his whole life. Melanie got up and gave him a hug, in the end, he was right too.

02/11/2019 01:34 PM 

Hearing Damage (drabble 01)

“Alright Ricky let’s talk. Since you were last here, how many of these episodes have you had?”

Click. Click. Dr. Watson got his pen ready, his eyes still examining the patient in front of him to see if he was having any trouble at that moment. In a month’s time, Ricky could recall four moments of just losing the ability to stand while feeling dizzy. “Well you see --- I didn’t think It was that big of a deal. I mean I’ve been dealing with the tinnitus on again off again for the last six months. I felt dizzy when I had those issues.” But it hadn’t gotten to the point that he was falling, even vomiting from the sensation of the room spinning. “Keep talking, I’m listening.” Dr. Watson brought out his otoscope and started shoving it in his left ear, wanting to check and see if he was continuing to collect fluid in it. The sudden invasion caused him to slightly cringe and move in his seat, but he kept going. “The first time I was just getting out of bed, everything felt normal until I got up. Then it felt like the room was spinning.” Kind of like it does now. “The second time, I was at work. My boss and I were on our way out to lunch when it felt like I could hear my heartbeat in my ear. I didn’t even see it coming, I tripped over my own two feet and didn’t want to get back up until I felt like everything was stable.” The medical instrument went further in his ear, then the ringing happened. Ricky held on to his own head as it felt like it weighed ten pounds more than it normally did.

“You alright? Do you need some water?” Dr. Watson sat back down in his chair as he observed how Ricky dealt with the tinnitus, almost glad he was able to see how it affected him. He clutched his own hair as the heartbeat sound came in, almost causing him to feel sick to his stomach. The room was spinning, even as he closed his eyes the sensation was still there. The doctor took the time to write down his observations, the stories he was told, comparing them to others from the past. “The third time I was at a friend’s - - - she was in the other room ordering a pizza - - -“ Ricky shut his eyes tighter, resisting the urge to throw up right then and there. “I fell off the couch and hit my head on her coffee table.” The bump was still there on the left side of his forehead, the contact caused it to almost have a horn-like appearance. Morgana wanted to take him to the hospital right then, but he begged her to just let him stay, claiming it was just him being clumsy. He remained quiet for the next five minutes, wanting to just concentrate on getting passed his now fifth episode with this. He was terrified but hid it well. When he was first diagnosed with chronic tinnitus it didn’t cause him to be scared, it just felt like it would be a forever minor annoyance. Now, his little spells have caused him to miss work, chances to go out with friends, a trip home to see his folks. These little doctor’s visits with Watson also gave him the chance to talk to someone about it. The last thing he wanted to do was tell his mother that he was fainting all over San Antonio.

The world came to a still once again, his stomach still felt like it was churning but he was thankful he decided to not eat anything before coming here. “The last one happened this past weekend.” Ricky’s eyes opened back up to see Dr. Watson’s concerned look, his face for the most part unreadable after that. “I rode my bike to work that day, and on my way home I just got dizzy. Before I knew it, I was lunging myself four feet in the air and came in contact with a USPS mail box.” He moved his right arm up to show him the white bandage that hid the ugly scar inside. That side of his face was covered in little scratches and bruises, his body still aches from the contact it made. “and here we are doc - - - so tell me? What are you thinking.” Dr. Watson sighed, taking off his glasses to rub his worn-out eyes. A habit he picked up when he had to tell other patients the bad news. “I’m not going to lie to you Ricky, I’m not going to tell you this is just a side effect from your tinnitus. The tinnitus is actually a side effect of what I’m starting to think this is.” Ricky could barely comprehend was he was saying as he grabbed a model of an ear and showed him that the issue was in his inner ear all along. “- - - when I put a slight pressure on it, it triggered your attack you just had - - - “ He heard multiple words thrown around, Meniere’s , hearing damage, vertigo. “I can’t be certain, but it appears to be Meniere’s Disease. Which means we need to attack it in a different way, and we need to start preparing for- - -“ “For me to be deaf, is that what you’re getting at?” Ricky’s face started flushing red from the anger he had inside, this wasn’t it. This couldn’t be it. He wasn’t losing the ability to hear, he was fine a year ago. “I think you need to read you charts better, there is no way I’m f***ing going deaf!” This appointment was over.

“Well aren’t you being affectionate tonight?” Morgana chuckled as Ricky continued to kiss against her cheek and neck. “Ricky, stop! What has gotten into you?” She playfully swatted at his chest to push him away. “I just, I don’t know. Blame it on the pain pills.” His smile died down as he said those words. As he started sitting back up he heard a small ringing in his left ear, as if it was a little reminder of what Dr. Watson was saying. Hearing Damage. What if he really was right? That in a few years it could get so bad that his left ear wouldn’t be able to hear anymore. What if he couldn’t hear Morgana laugh again, or hear his favorite song correctly anymore? What will he do when his mother tries to talk to him, but he has his left ear facing her? “Ricky? Are you okay?” she asked, concerned when she saw his attention focused on something else. “I’m perfectly fine.” He responded, both to her question and to himself. He is perfectly fine, for now.

02/10/2019 04:01 PM 

NPC Characters

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Collins

The Collins met during the age of peace & love, and immediantly eloped after knowing eachother for just a few weeks. Their marriage was rocky at the start, but they overcame their obstacles and together had five beautiful children. When Mrs. Collins found out she was pregnant with her fifth child, fear struck her as she could barely afford to take care of the four she already had. The word abortion came out of both her and her husbands mouths, something they would never admit to Ricky. Ultimately, after having a dream of a baby boy that had her father's smile - the Collins decided to keep the pregnancy going. When Ricky was born, they both felt that their lives were complete. Five kids was what was needed all along to maintain a happy marriage. Mr. Collins felt that he was the son he always deserved as Ricky was an excellent baseball player and excelled in school. Mrs. Collins treasured her son merely because he was the spitting image of her dad, just as her dream predicted he would be.
Cliff Anderson

When Ricky was six years old, a rather large - little - boy moved next door in his neighborhood. At a first glance, the kid seemed unsual, he was quiet, held his prized Batman comic close to his chest, and could barely look at the kid next door as he tried to introduce himself. Their mothers quickly changed the tune as they forced them to become friends. Even though they had completely different interest, the two quickly became best friends. They weren't exactly the coolest kids in high school, but they were certainly the funniest. Once they graduated, their lives took them two seperate directions. Ricky was accepted into UT while Cliff was given a large sum of money after his grandmother passed away. They frequently saw eachother, and when Ricky was fired without warning from his job he was the first person he turned to.
Morgana Burke-Davies

A Real Woman of Mystery. After graduating with his degree, Ricky was put to work at a publishing company in San Antonio, Texas. When he started, he met the accountant of the company, Morgana. She was real coy, as if she had something to hide everytime they spoke. Ricky became infatuated with the woman the more they spoke. They started sneaking around after his first year, both of them agreeing that it was nothing personal - - - they were just using eachother for their needs. Both of them were broken souls who sought one another to fill the void. After four years of their "relationship," Ricky had intentions on making it official. He couldn't see himself with nobody but her. After one too many drinks at their company's holiday party, they wandered off into a nearby bathroom and started making out. To his surprise, his boss walked in and Morgana's heart stopped. "Dad!" she screamed, causing Ricky to freeze. For the last four years, he knew her as Morgana Burke. That moment, he found out that she took her mother's name and hid that she worked along side her father. Furious after his firing, Ricky told her to never find him again before taking off back to Houston.
Mr. Cecil Davies

--Coming Soon--
Dr. Atticus Watson

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