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Task #6

A groan escaped the lips from the man that was hiding his head from the sun under the warmth of the covers of his bed. He didn't remember too much about last night and how he just realized he was in his own bed, stripped to his shirt and boxers but here was with the seven wonders of the world swirling around in his head. Last thing he remembered was being asked if he wanted a beer and since he wasn't planning on drinking too much, he opted for that much and the rest was history. Groaning again, he slowly sat up, the sun piercing his vision like knives in a tomato; Although he wished his eyes were tomatoes, maybe they wouldn't be thumping so hard. His hands ran across his face before he blinked his eyes open and saw the tylenol with a glass of water beside his bed on the nightstand with a note that read, 'Come into the kitchen when you've taken this. Te Amo, Gabriel.' A smirk played against his lips, te amo. It was his Madre for sure that had helped him, the flashes of her helping him to the bed laughing and calling him, 'estupido' ringing in his ears. He loved that woman.

The party was going on pretty excitingly as Gabe hung out and enjoyed some much needed outings considering all he did was work and take care of a seven year old. He didn't plan on staying long but it just so happened Danny threw one hell of a party and he wasn't ashamed to enjoy it for a bit. A girl came up and started talking to him, him just enjoying the interaction of someone that didn't have their head stuck or a limb broken overran his capability of behaving and when she offered him a drink, he took it. One wouldn't hurt right? One led to another, and then another, and by the time he had accomplished what he planned on not doing, it was over and he was too far gone to even realize that his words were slurring just a bit. He wasn't a drunk, liked his occasional beer, but ever since he had another life to take care of, it wasn't hard to get him completely drunk and wasted.

The shower felt good, steam rolling off his toned skin as he stepped out, dried off and slid into some sweats before heading back out down the hall and into the kitchen. His Mother was sitting there sipping on coffee as a little boy was forcefully attacking eggs that he wasn't used to having since Gabe could probably kill a horse with his toasting skills. "Morning.." He mumbled, still recalling the aftermath of his frantic stupidities. His Mother grinned, 'Manana, Hijo. Sleep well?' Gabe groaned, moving over to the cups where he heard two giggling souls right behind him. He poured some coffee and moved to the table, brushing Chris's hair back and planting a kiss on top of his head, "Morning, Kiddo. Sleep well?" Chris grinned a cheesy egg grin and leaned his head down a bit, 'You Snore.' Gabe laughed softly, the echoing throbbed his head, "I do? You sure it wasn't you?" The little boy shook his head and laughed as Gabe sat down with a soft grunt. He looked over at his mother, still grinning, "I'm never listening to you again about going out."

'Do you want to, maybe, ditch this place?' The petite voice echoed in his ears as her lips were right up against his earlobe. Ditch it? But his buddy was throwing it, why would he ditch a party? "Where would we go?" He called out in retaliation before the brunette laughed, 'My Place?' Alcohol burned a few of his brain cells, "Why would I do that? I've got a nice place." And she looked at him as though he was inviting her to his place, 'Okay let's go!' Gabe shook his head, "I can't... I mean, I could go, but I don't think it's best if I brought someone home. It would wake my son up." It was as though he said the foulest word int eh English dictionary because once he said son, she excused herself and he was too drunk to really understand why.

'I told you, Hijo, to go out and enjoy yourself for once.' He groaned at her words, "Enjoyment isn't how I would describe how I feel right now." They both laughed and she rubbed his arm, 'Was it a good party, at least?' Gabe nodded slowly, sipping on his coffee that just helped heal his soul in a way spirituality would never suffice, "It was from what I can remember. I'm too old for partying like that anymore." Chris grinned, enjoying the humor, 'Dad too old.' Gabe glanced at him, giving him a fake glare, "Eh, you can't say I'm old. You're turning me gray haired." Chris laughed, almost knocking his plate over which made them all smile. Yeah, he enjoyed the party but it was probably the last party for a good while, until his Madre forced him back out into the world instead of turning into a guy who just stayed in house forever.

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