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01/13/2019 08:42 PM 

Swan Song

Swan Song
A Drabble
Have you ever had that nightmare where you were running as fast as you can from something, but you don’t know where it is or what was chasing you?   Your heart races.  Your body is covered in sweat.  Your breath is coming out in pants and gasps.  No matter how many times you run from what it is that’s chasing you, you can’t run fast enough.   When you realize what it is that is chasing you, you can do one of two things.  You can wake up or you can lay down and die.  My name is Sam Winchester.  I can’t do either, at least not yet.

My brother Dean and I had just met our half brother Adam.  Zachariah and his crew had resurrected him after he’d died at the hands of a ghoul.   Dean and I had no idea that Adam existed until that day we had gotten that call from whom we thought was Adam.   Adam was a big part of this story.  Unfortunately it didn’t quite end the way that either Dean or I had imagined.  None of this did.   I was supposed to say yes and overcome him.   That didn’t exactly happen either.   Now here I am.    Each day passes and I feel as though I’m constantly running from that one thing that is constantly chasing me.   When I stop to look over my shoulder, I see him.  Each day he’s growing stronger.  Each day I grow weaker.   I have to hold on with all that I can.  I have to power out of here.  I let him out of his Cage.  I need to put him back in there or at least die trying.

Time had no meaning here.  Deep within the body of Sam Winchester, a struggle was happening.  A war for control was being waged.  As long as his brother Dean was out there and free of the control of Michael the Archangel, then Sam could have hope for overcoming this decision he’d made.   Lucifer knew of the rings.   That should have been Sam’s cue to step back and run for all he was worth.   Instead of running away from danger, Sam ran right into it confident of his ability to overcome it.  As long as Dean remained free, Sam would have the strength to overcome.   Even covered in the blood of men and women from Sam’s past,  Sam had to fight and claw at Lucifer doing what Dean had said  “wearing him to the prom.”   Trapped inside watching Lucifer using him to murder and maim made him feel as though he was running underwater.   He was getting nowhere.

Terror, desperation and fear were his constant companion.   Even in that ghost town facing a life or death battle with others of Azazel’s special children, Sam hadn’t felt the desperation that overwhelmed him like now.   He knew Dean would save him.  He just had to hold on and Dean would come.   Dean would find a way even now.  The question now was how could he keep holding on when his grip was slipping.

Lucifer carried him to that appointed battle.  Zachariah and his men were supposed to get Adam to say yes to Michael and face him on the battlefield at Stull Cemetery.     Lucifer waited quietly for his brother to arrive.   Sam was watching as a hapless spectator deep within his own body.  Lucifer had placed the gag on him again so he couldn’t scream.  He would cry out or do anything to derail any of this.   Their plan to open up the gates of hell and jump into the pit was failing.   Adam was supposed to be Michael.   Adam was the one who was to stand in front of him with Michael inside.   Lucifer steadied himself.   “Sammy, I feel you clawing around inside.   Your hope will not arrive.   We are family now.  Dean has failed you.  Dean let you say yes to me.  You and I are one now.   This is how it is to be for the rest of eternity.”  Sam’s primal screams tore through the echoing chamber of his body.  No one could hear the sound of his screams.  A silent tear raced down his cheek as he became a helpless spectator of the events on the outside.       

There was a familiar sound that filled the air of Stull Cemetery.   Lucifer rolled his head to the right and to the left preparing for what was about to come.   The sound that came was one that was all too familiar to Sam Winchester deep inside his own body.  It was the sound of the Impala.  The loud rumbling engine of that glorious machine that had been purchased by their father even before Sam and Dean both were born.   Samuel William Winchester grew up in that car.   Hope began to spring forth again as the younger  Winchester brother could make out the form of the driver.   It was Dean.  Dean was here and all would be right again.  Dean would save him again!  Control was tenuous at best.  The sight of Dean in the Impala gave him that last burst of energy he needed.

The Fallen Archangel allowed his features to illuminate in a condescending smile.   “There there Sammy.   This is not your salvation.  This is my greatest moment.  Look at Dean with my eyes.  Tell me what you see.”    The slow ungodly expression was spreading it’s poison deep within the soul of the Winchester boy.   It was time to die.

Sam did what he was told and focused upon Dean’s form as he exited the car.  There was a blue aura around him.  He had billowing wings that emerged from his back that were glistening with an otherworldly light.   That was when Sam realized what had happened.  Dean had done the unthinkable.   Dean had said yes.

The last feeble grasp that Sam had on his soul was shattered.   He bowed his head in defeat.   His reason to resist was gone.  Dean had said yes to Michael.   The final flickering lights that were the hope of a generation of humanity was rapidly snuffed out all with one glance at his brother.   Azazel appeared behind him.  “The time to run is over kiddo.  You are what I always knew you’d be.  The Demon blood never lies Sammy.  The battle is over.  Now it’s time to go bye bye.”   With the echoing laughter of the most loyal of Hell’s Princes, Sam Winchester felt himself falling beneath the waves for the very last time.  That was the day that Sam Winchester died and Lucifer was reborn.

Long Live the King.

“"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." -- The Usual Suspects (1995).”
credit: james kriet

01/10/2019 07:48 PM 

The Kingdom of Hell

Kingdom of Heaven
attn: Any Demon in hell 
This story started out farther back than any human could comprehend by the fragile way that the brain was compiled.  God in His infinite wisdom had seen fit to give mankind some restraints on what they could process.  It was a good thing.  It was because of this naiveté that the second oldest of the archangels could move in as he did.

The Garden of Eden had been left to one solo guardian angel.  Standing behind a tree, the fallen archangel Lucifer found it easy to subvert the angel Gadreel with a simple beast itself.   The serpent crawled over to him as he stood there leaning up against his leg.   Lucifer, the angel of light held the creature stroking it’s head.   “Such a magnificent creature you are.  You will do what I have need of on this day.”  He spoke in tones that were hypnotic and alluring drawing the creature into his control.  Optics glowed a robust crimson as the archangel took control.  Sitting the creature down again on it’s legs, he watched as the beast approached the woman.   It had avoided the detection by the angel sentry just as Lucifer had planned.  He watched as the serpent crawled up the Tree of Life itself and hung low.   The beast’s orbs focused upon the woman as the voice of the second oldest archangel spoke.

It had been so easy to subvert the woman.  She willingly listened to him and did the unthinkable.   The woman brought her husband and enticed him to follow the lead of the serpent and partake of the forbidden fruit.   Lucifer watched as his father’s newest creations proved him right.  They were flawed and hopelessly wicked.  He was right now to bow to them as his beloved brothers had done.  He took great delight in seeing the scales fall from the eyes of the man and woman.   Mankind, God’s newest children were nothing but a huge mistake.   Self assured and arrogant, his pride was the first emotion that the archangel felt.   He felt vindicated.

Lucifer stole away to hell once more hiding not from his Father, but from his brother Michael.   It still pained him to have Michael say to him those vicious words that their father had insisted.  Judgment fell upon Lucifer as a result of the interference of the archangel.   The war in Heaven dispelled Lucifer from his home and the one angel that mattered the most to him; Michael.   He would never forget the sting of his brother’s blade after he’d lead that rebellion against Heaven with one third of the angelic host.   The great love he possessed for his father was wounded when God created man.  The greater tragedy of his shattered heart was that of his brother’s complete and utter betrayal.  Michael followed God blindly.  He loved his father as much as Michael did, perhaps too much.   He even accepted the mark in order to lock away the Darkness millennia before God even decided to make man.   For his loyalty, what had God given him in return?  He’d created those filthy apes who went traipsing around the glory of God’s creation.   It was then that Lucifer realized where he stood.   It was then that he sought solace in Michael’s arms.   The brotherly bond became a deep and lasting love that neither had been permitted to admit existed all because God had his design.   

The day inevitably came.  He’d gathered the archangels and demanded they swear their loyalty to God’s newest creation.  They were supposed to take care of and protect the new baby as mankind became sentient, intelligent and grew in the grace and knowledge of the Father.  When Lucifer lashed out and refused to bow, that was when the bottom started to fall out.   The plan to tempt these creatures was hatched.   He’d controlled the serpent who acted as conduit to bring about the fall of Man.   For the serpents part in this, God stripped the legs from the serpent and made it crawl upon the ground to eat the dust of the Earth.   Lucifer was cast from heaven by Michael himself at the Father’s Bidding.  Lucifer was more shattered by the loss of Michael than anything that God could have done to him.    Michael in all his glory was beautiful.   He  was stalwart and brave who held the admiration of all the archangels and most of the younger angels.   Lucifer knew that he had a special bond with Michael.  They’d never turn on one another, until that horrible day.

The meteoric fall to the earth of the second oldest archangel was first.   His followers would suffer his same fate.   The tears in the eyes of his brother Michael would always haunt him.   He was obedient to God in casting down the leader of the Rebellion even though it was the one that meant more to him than any other angel.  The forces of gravity pulled on the archangel making every fibre of his being feel like he’d been ignited with the sting of Michael’s own sword.  The physical pain of the fall surrounded him like a righteous flame that was meant to cleanse the instigator of the rebellion.   The countless memories of the good times all came back to him from the years well before the apes were created.  The laughs with Gabriel, the day he’d taught Raphael had to hold a sword, the battle staves in practice he’d used when sparring with his beloved Michael all were no consolation as he fell for what was ages.   All the humans on the earth would speak of it in days to come.   

12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
Isaiah 14:12

Hell was his prison.   He managed to evade his brother Michael for another millennia as he created the likes of Lilith, the princes of Hell and others in the hierarchy of hell.   It wasn’t until he had approached the children of the man and woman did he finally get his comeuppance.   Cain made a bargain with Lucifer and killed his brother all to ensure that the boy would wind up in heaven.   FINALLY Lucifer had someone to pass on this damned mark to and have to be the greatest soldier in his own army.   Cain created the Knights of Hell and became a feared demon.  The whole escapade with Cain led Michael right to Lucifer’s location.   The sound of the chains and the door being shut behind him in the Cage haunted Lucifer for centuries.

 While he was locked away, Lucifer’s loyalists never forgot him.  Even when he was bound in the cage, he still possessed the ability to speak to his most loyal.  Azazel and Lilith were key to his plans.    There would come a special child down in the line of Cain that would be the one to set him free.  The boy with the demon blood and a darkness that was hatched in the vile depths of hell came.  His name was Samuel William Winchester.   

Just like Lucifer, Sam had a devoted older brother that remained loyal to an absent father.  Sam idolized his brother and held him in the same regard as Lucifer had Michael eons before he had.   It was destiny that would bring the Winchester brothers into direct sight of the heavenly host.  Destiny would have Lucifer in his secondary vessel staring across the room at Sam Winchester as the magic word had been spoken.   Sam Winchester, the boy with demon blood had set free the greatest fallen archangel in the history of time itself and now he housed that selfsame archangel.   The power that ebbed and flowed through the boy that Azazel had searched the ages for and prepared was now standing with the Prince of Lies as two spirits in one house.   The younger Winchester had tried for all he was worth to resist the second oldest archangel, but it had been a complete and utter failure.  The last vestiges of the being of Sam Winchester fell into oblivion when he saw his brother standing there with Michael invited inside.

The Winchester Brothers were simply no more.   The greatest champions of the human race were gone.  The ones who stood against the evil and the diabolical nature of the monsters that cluttered the earth were gone.   Together that day in Stull Cemetery, Michael and Lucifer walked off the board.   The game was over or so it was with the original plan of the Apocalypse.

Clad in purest white, the reborn Lucifer in the form of Sam Winchester reclined upon the throne of hell.   He waited for the court to appear before him.   He knew that Michael was doing the same thing with the host of heaven.   He was here now to bring Hell into the mix.

Lucifer stood with the full height of Sam Winchester with a cold cruel aspect to his voice.   “There are those of you who may remember the days of Heaven before the Rebellion.   There was a time when we existed side by side with our angelic brothers and sisters in the glory of heaven itself.   Yet God cast me, or rather us from heaven all for the pure thought that mankind was not worthy to trod upon the earth and receive His glory as they did.   You’ve seen them.  Some of you have been a part of them before you became my precious children.   Humans are flawed.  They hate, they rape, they murder and they take no regard to anything or anyone around them.   They pollute the glory of this most beautiful of all creations:  The Earth itself.   The time has come.   It’s time to purge the earth of its human infestation.  Demons and Angels will make war on the Earth to eliminate the human race from the glorious world above.  Now before  you ask, we have a common enemy.   We must unite with the Angels to be truly free.”    

One demon dared to speak out in the line.  “But Lord Lucifer, what of the quotas on souls that new souls and replenishing new stock?”   He stood there with a quivering voice staring at the new powerful host of the Dark Prince.

“What did you just say to me?”   Lucifer faced the demon with an unquenchable rage in his eyes.   

“New. Souls.”   He peeped barely daring to speak again.

“The souls in hell will remain in hell for your amusement  As time passes then they will become demons themselves.”   Lucifer stood within a breath of the demon who insisted on speaking.  “Don’t you realize that the coffers of hell will be overflowing when we destroy mankind?”

“But.”   The words of the demon were cut short when Lucifer rose a hand to snap his fingers in an instant.   The flying splatter of intestines and brain matter covered the entire court including Lucifer.   

Lucifer simply began to glow restoring the beauty of his ivory suit once more.   “Now, does anyone else care to defy me?”   He waited to see what those assembled would further address with him on this particular subject.   Lucifer and Michael had a flawless plan.  Humanity would end and there would be a return to the glory of the Garden itself. Those who would turn against them would face utter annihilation.   These brothers were far more deadly now that their archangels and the humans were one.   True vessels meant ultimate power. Ultimate power meant utter decimation for those foolish enough to stand in their way.   Michael and Lucifer were together again and nothing would stop them.

“"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." -- The Usual Suspects (1995).”
credit: james kriet

01/07/2019 01:04 PM 

The Devil's Tale

A Devil‘s Tale
Writing Sample
How many countless years had passed?  After a while, Lucifer had lost count.  They all tended to blur together after a while.   At one time, the four of them and their Father lived together in the bliss of Heaven's eternal sanctuary.   There was no talk of true vessels.  There was no talk of a good son or a bad son or even duty.   It was just four brothers along with their Father the Creator of all things.    The four of them had bonded over Auntie Amara's attempt to destroy the cosmos that their Father had just created.   It was their playground.   It was what they had gotten as the children of the light.   That was until things began to change.

The Father had gotten the creative urge to go and do something foolish.   He took the dust of the earth and made the first primate.    He called the creature Man.  From the moment he'd laid eyes on that naked hairless ape, Lucifer knew this could not stand.  Jealousy and envy began to sneak inside the second oldest of God's Archangels.   One by one his brothers all bowed to the apes that were prancing around the garden.   Lucifer watched with disdain and building guile in his heart.  Bowing to the apes wasn't about to happen.  It was growing anger in his heart that led him down the path that would give birth to the serpent.

When the most beautiful of God's creations decided he wasn't going to bow, his beloved elder brother Michael tossed him out of heaven for his "disobedience."    Lucifer was broken by what he deemed the ultimate betrayal after all that had transpired over the years.   The attention was no longer on him.  He wasn't the apple of his Father's eye.  He'd also lost something that mattered to him the most of all, his beloved brother Michael.

Lucifer loved Michael with a vibrant passion all those years ago.  Heavenly forms aside, it was something that humans would never understand.   He was bound and determined to turn all that was good into dust.   Lucifer was not going to just go away quietly.  Rebellion simmered stirred by the ever present hand of the archangel that had been the most beloved by God at one point.  Lucifer had gathered those who would swear their loyalty to him and who were unhappy with their father’s decision to create Man.  He chose to lead a garrison against his brother and their forces. It hurt him to see Michael fight him in this manner. It broke him to see Gabriel choose to line up with Michael. Raphael had always been the one to follow around in Michael's shadow choosing to have little to do with Lucifer. Gabriel had been his little buddy. The Rebellion changed everything.  He lost that which he loved the most.  Being tossed into the Cage in the Pit was his ultimate punishment. Alone he sat there as more centuries passed.  He did not just sit there.  He was a planner and a schemer.  The time had not gone by without a second thought to how he'd escape. There would some day come through the line of Cain a boy that would be his true vessel. All he'd have to do would be to wait.

Azazel had the first part of the plan.  As the ages passed, the one of four Princes of Hell that Lucifer himself had created made deals and maneuvered the women to promise him their children.   Feeding these children demon blood and making them stronger over the years had granted them powers beyond anything human kind would even know.  The plan continued well into the years until he granted the young Mary Campbell the life of her beloved John Winchester.   All she had to do was give him what he wanted in 10 years.    November 1983 was the time.  The child was Samuel William Winchester.

There were a set of brothers growing in the Winchester home.   Sam was the younger child.  He grew strong and fast with the demon blood inside of him.   He was a puny child who soon grew bigger and stronger than his brother.  Time and tide continued to roll on with each passing day.    Sam Winchester was a strong young man.  He was bigger, faster and more intelligent than most of the children of his generation.   All he had to do now was let Lucifer free.

It was not long before Lucifer housed in the form of his secondary vessel.  He revealed his true intentions to Sam Winchester in a dream.  Sam Winchester was his true vessel.   Michael had his plans with Sam’s brother Dean.   That didn’t matter to Lucifer.  Sam was what he wanted and what had been promised to him.   Lucifer would get what he wanted.  Sam would give into him.   It would happen and soon.

What was satisfying to Lucifer was how that his brother’s men kept trying to hardline Dean into giving into him.   Sam was not going to be reached in such brutal barbaric methods.  Lucifer’s ways were far more subtle.  The serpent had after all tempted Eve and defiled the garden.  Sam Winchester would give him exactly what he wanted and it would be absolutely glorious.

The day came in Detroit.  The younger Winchester was all filled to the gills with Demon Blood.  He came inside that hotel giving Lucifer what he wanted.   The magic word was truly magic.  Lucifer was inside that which had been destined to be his for all those years.  The power that ebbed inside his true form was intoxicating.  Lucifer was nearly complete.   The only thing missing was Michael.

Sam wasn’t one to go down without a fight.  Lucifer felt him inside kicking and clawing at the control he’d granted Lucifer.   Once permission was given, the vessel could not forcibly expel the angelic host.   Sam tried to control him.  He had to give the Winchester credit.  In the end, the control was his and Lucifer reigned supreme.   The last nail in the coffin was when Dean Winchester had given in to Michael.   Together the brothers walked off the field at Stull Cemetery in Kansas.   Neither one could live without the other.

Lucifer was stronger than before.  Even despite the interference of Zachariah trying to show Dean that he had to say yes to Michael to fight his brother and Gabriel’s attempt to get Sam and Dean to “play their parts”.   In the end, Lucifer had the last laugh.  Sam Winchester was no more.   The biggest battle of the millennia was already over before it had even begun.   

“"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." -- The Usual Suspects (1995).”
credit: james kriet

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