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January 23rd, 2019

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January 05, 2019



01/11/2019 01:50 PM 


alex is a stubborn, hard-head individual with a mindset that has been molded from his upbringing and choice of career. 

  • he and his father have a rough relationship. they often would get into physical fights when he was a teenager. his nose was busted from a right hook.
  • after dropping out of college, he found himself helping an older gentleman run a weapons shop.
  • two years later the shop was handed down to him after the owner suddenly died. 
  • he's good with guns. really good and eventually got his GED and attended public college to obtain his associate degree with the hopes of joining law enforcement.
  • after the police academy, he spend four years as an officer. the last year before he decided to return to the academy for specialized training, his partner, who  had become the brother he never had,   of two years was killed in action. alex held him while he bled out. 
  • after he completed the training, he joined the special weapons and tactics team. after three years he was promoted to the captain and after four years he resigned his position to go back to taking care of the gun shop, as it was being threatened to be taken back by the bank.
  • has a knack for violence and does the dirty jobs no one else wants to do to earn extra cash. which in return got him involved in the black  market trade and is now an object of interest when something or someone needs to be taken care of. 
  • loves breakfast. especially eggs and toast. 
  • is estranged to his parents. 
  • has a high temper and often physically lashes out. the kind of physical nature depends on the scenario.
  • is considered a ghost. he's never in once place for too long and leaves no trace behind.
  • goes to group therapy to keep his anger issues under control.

more details soon as alex is always going to be a character in development. 

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