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The Ex Part 2

Love You To Death... Literally
If I Can't Have You... No One Can!

The evening had been a long one at the office. She hadn't noticed the vehicle driving behind her. One taking every turn she had been taking. The evening had been one mess after another with her trying to clean up after clients. She had dozed off at her office desk around midnight. A clattering sound in her office pulled her from her sleeping state. She jerked awake looking at the time she groaned. The office was completely quiet. Terror flowed through her and she quickly gathered her things. It was a different kind of terror that she hadn't felt in over a year.

She pulled into her parking spot and headed towards her apartment. The vehicle that had been following her parked in front of her building. The man sitting in the driver's seat watching her. Waiting for the right moment to get her back. Juliet entered her building and headed up to her apartment. As she walked into her apartment she heard the rain start. A gentle pattering at first against the window. She pulled the curtain aside in time to see the first flash of lightning. The crack of thunder rolling across the sky. She noticed the power flickering in her building and completely shutting off. She groaned in frustration and walked blindly to her room. She knocked into a few things. She opened the curtain in her bedroom. A flash of lightning lighting up the night sky. As she glanced down at the street a lone figure stood under the only light on the street. She jumped back from the window and then looked back down. No one was there. She went to sleep thinking her brain was just playing a trick on her.

She woke the next morning planning her day. She spent a great deal of time planning her day. Her day slowly started going downhill. She kept thinking she was seeing him. She knew he was supposed to be in jail. He couldn't be there. He should not have been anywhere near her. She changed her number when he started calling her from prison. She moved three times before landing in Sloane. There was no way he knows she had moved here. Each time she went somewhere she swore she saw him. When she was eating lunch with her brother she thought she saw him watching her from across the street. The traumatic experience that she had gone through with him was finally causing her to go insane. That was it...

Just as she was grasping at what she was seeing, knowing it to be more real each time a new memory started, a movement startled her to a conscious state. A slight kiss on her forehead a notion of tender love and care. She knew that this shouldn't be right she wasn't seeing anyone in Sloane. Then the night before flashed back and she struggled against her bonds. "You know it's useless to fight me. You know how well I tie the ropes that bind you." His voice made a shiver of fear run down her spine. She realized that she was no longer in the chair he had placed her in when she arrived but on something softer. "You'll need to post something on your social media before anyone gets suspicious like your 'brother'." He loosed the bonds that held her and handed her her phone. "Do not try anything funny Juliet." He watched as she typed out her message.

She gingerly took the phone from him. She did not want to touch him or have him touch her. He looked over her shoulder as she typed and posted a picture that was taken a few days beforehand. 'I'm supposed to be doing some relaxing after that long day at the office but I just can't focus on relaxing.' She pressed the send button watching as her update was posted to her social media. Now if only he hadn't been standing there she would have done something more. She watched as the phone was taken from her hands and placed on the table. She wanted so badly to check on her brother but left everything alone. Better not to make him angry. She survived this once she was bound to do it again.

He moved from the room towards the kitchen, "You must be hungry." He was being sincere. She knew it wouldn't last. "Let me fix you something darling." He moved through the kitchen with ease. She stared at the phone sitting on the table. The thought to grab it and text sitting in her mind like a ton of bricks. "I'll fix your favorite." He looked around the corner at her. "Why don't you go and take a shower? It was a good idea to convert an old house into your office. You never have to go home if you don't want to. I went to your apartment and grabbed you some clothes. You should clean up." He disappeared back into the kitchen.

She blinked but grabbed the phone at that moment without a care to the consequences that she knew awaited her when he found out she took the phone. Responding as calmly as she could, "That's a great idea." She took the phone with her to the bathroom. She looked through her contacts to find her brother's number. She started a text to him, 'At the office. Trouble. Help.' The footsteps hurrying towards the bathroom. She sent the message and deleted it. She tossed the phone into the trash can and started to run the water.

He pounded on the door, "JULIET!" He bellowed through the door. The sound of the lock clicking into place, "OPEN THE DAMN DOOR JULIET!" The pounded became more urgent. "GIVE ME THE DAMN PHONE!" He kicked the door open as she scrambled to the other side of the room. "JULIET! WHERE IS IT?!" He searched the room for it and dumped the trashcan out. He found the phone and searched it for anything she could have sent after taking the phone. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back down the hall towards the main living space. "Things could have been perfect Juliet. We could have gone back to Boston and everything would be fine." He threw her against the wall his hands encircling her neck and squeezing. "Why did you have to mess it up? I know you texted someone." Her breathing was becoming shallow and she clawed at his hands. He finally released her neck and she crumpled to the floor. He kicked her repeatedly calling her names. "Whore. Bitch. Slut." His anger finally extinguishing and being replaced by his calmer side.

He knelt down and cooed at her. "I'm so sorry baby." He calmly spoke in a soft tone of voice to her. "If you had not taken the phone I would not have done that." He picked her up and felt her flinch at his touch. He laid her down on the couch in her front room. He showed her her phone and threw it down on the ground. She heard the crunch of her screen breaking as he stomped on it. He went back into the kitchen and returned with a few pills. "Take these. They'll help you feel better." He lifted her head and she fought against him, "Juliet," His tone a warning. She unwillingly opened her mouth for him to slid the pills in and lift the glass of water to her lips. "I'll be back with things to bandage your cuts in a little while." He covered her with a blanket and she stared at her broken phone. The last lifeline she had to the outside world broken. Her eyelids started getting heavy and she watched as things faded to black as her eyes closed. The pills he had just given her taking quick effect on her. Her last thought a hopeless one wondering if someone would find her before he either kidnapped her or killed her.

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Juliet Nicola...

Juliet Nicola Lawyer Nicola Associates
who is Juliet Nicola's brother
who killed Juliet Nicola's father
is Juliet Nicola really adopted
Juliet Nicola domestic abuse victim
Juliet Nicola key witness in Daniel Parson's abuse case
why did Juliet Nicola move to Sloane from Boston

Break-In / Homicide at M. Nicola Law Firm

Father and Daughter attacked at Law Firm.
Assumed Break-In Gone Wrong.

July 21, 2018 @ 11:36 P.M.

Shots were heard at M. Nicola Law Firm around 11 p.m. When police responded they found two victims at the scene. The first victim was identified as the daughter of M. Nicola, Juliet R. Nicola. The second victim was M. Nicola owner of M. Nicola Law Firm. Reports are surfacing saying that it was a break-in gone wrong. Other reports are surfacing saying that an unhappy client is responsible for the events that happened. It is also believed that a former cop is responsible. It is no secret that Nicola is responsible for the release of at least a dozen cops on the force.

The good news for Mrs. Nicola was that her daughter was not seriously harmed in the process. Mrs. Nicola was contacted by police shortly after midnight. She was escorted to the hospital where she identified her husband's body and spent the rest of the night with her daughter.

Juliet Nicola, daughter and law partner, suffered a minor concussion and was not the intended target of the break-in. The intended target was that of her father, M. Nicola who suffered physical injury and was pronounced at the scene. M. Nicola is the famed lawyer who has gotten many of Boston's most notorious criminals off on technicalities. Claiming evidence was mishandled or even saying that the evidence was planted with proof of evidence planting.

*Update* July 31, 2018 @ 1:26 P.M.

Police are confirming that a suspect has been taken into custody. Daughter, Juliet Nicola, has been taken to identify the suspect and all of this is now in her hands. Her father's killer could be brought to justice. However, it appears that Miss Nicola has already started making plans to close her father's practice. No word on how she has been taking the death of her father but her mother has said that her daughter is taking it one day at a time. Plans for M. Nicola's funeral have been kept tightly under wraps as the family has been asking for privacy. 

As we know more you will know more. Keep checking back for updates to this story.

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The EX || Narrative

Love You To Death... Literally
If I Can't Have You... No One Can!

The scream that left Juliet was the last coherent memory she had before someone gathered her up and escorted her from the building away from her brother's blood covered body. The shot that rang out made her retreat into her mind and put herself on autopilot. The sirens ringing out around everyone probably from someone who had heard the gunshots and called 9-1-1. The hands that were on each arm guiding her towards the door. She looked back over her shoulder towards the people surrounding her brother. "Cyril." She said softly. The paramedics rushing in past her as she was taken outside. The cool night air blowing against her cheeks. She reached into her clutch for her phone and pulled it out. She wanted to try and keep up with her brother's progress.

A tsking sound was made beside her, "Best not to have that." Her phone was taken from her hand. She had thought that she had been lead outside by one of her friends but the voice wasn't female. It was male. She shrugged the thoughts going through her mind off just thinking that it was one of her brother's friends. She was sat down in a vehicle just outside of the resort. The image of her brother clear in her mind's eye while everything else was just a blur of colors mixing together. The crimson hue against his white suit. Her last thoughts of the night being would he survive this. "It's time to go home." The voice murmured as she heard the driver's door close. Her brain clicking that something was wrong. It was off. The voice belonged to someone who she knew to be in jail.

Panic finally setting in she turned in her seat to look at the driver. Really look at the driver of the vehicle. "No..." She started to blindly search for the handle to open the door. "You're not supposed to be here." She couldn't find the damn thing where was it.

"No, you're not supposed to be here." His voice was cold. Nothing but a black heart. "It's time to go home, Juliet." Calm. Cool. Collected. All the things that described the storm that was to come.

She found the handle finally and pulled on it. The door didn't open. It didn't even pretend to budge. She ran her hand along looking for a lock anything to help her get out of this nightmare. "Daniel, you aren't supposed to be here. You're supposed to be..." He cut her off a quick slap to her face. Her hand rising to her cheek as she felt the heat from where his hand had struck her.

"Jail." He said calmly, "Yeah, change of plans." He started the vehicle. "You should buckle up Juliet." His voice so collected. The memories of the things that happened after he got like this was a like a sharp knife to her heart.

She pressed the button she found for the window but it didn't go down. She turned from him taking a chance at looking away from him. She pulled at the handle again before she started to beat her hands on the window trying to get anyone's attention as they came out of the resort. A hand in her hair pulling her head back towards him. She felt his hot breath on her ear before he spoke. "It's time to go." It was the last thing he said to her before he slammed her head into the passenger window. She heard the crack of her head hitting the window and everything faded away.

A light came through the curtain of the room she found herself sitting in. Her hands bound behind her. A damp cloth dabbing at her forehead cleaning the blood she was sure had been there. She shook her head her eyes taking a minute to focus on her surrounds before they found him. Daniel sat in front of her cleaning the wound he created by slamming her head against the window. "My brother..." She murmured remembering bits of the events from last night. "I have to know if he's okay."

Daniel shook his head with pity, "The guy who was shot?" He showed his disgust. "You moved to this hell hole of a city for him. He can't be your brother. You're an only child." He chided her like she was a child.

She shook her head, "Adopted." She started to notice the slight throb at her temples. "Where's my phone?" She asked tiredly. She did not have the energy to fight him. At least for right now. She would have to figure her way out of this after she found out about her brother.

He held up her phone, "Right here." He unlocked her phone easily, "You really should learn not to use your birthday for your passcode. Anyone could easily post to your social media." He pulled up her own social media. "Look it's just so easy to say you're locking yourself in your office and to try and pretend like last night didn't happen." He pressed the send button and tossed the phone to the side. "As for the guy who you moved here for he's apparently in stable condition." He picked up the damp cloth and dabbed at the blood some more.

She shifted away from him but his hand firmly gripped her chin, "You'll stop if you know what's good for you Juliet. It's not my fault you don't listen to what you're told." The grip tightened, "I'd really hate for something else to happen to you." He let go of her face before standing. He reached over for a gag shoving it in her mouth, "You'll behave while we are still here if you don't want anything else horrible to happen." He walked towards the window closing the curtains completely, "Keep quiet. I'll be back in an hour." She watched as he walked out the front door. Silent tears streaming down her face. One of her nightmares was back and he seemed intent on kidnapping her or killing her.

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Task 104

What was your favorite part of 2018?

Let me truly think about this for one moment. I mean so much happened in 2018 that it's hard to really pick at least one thing. I mean I guess being able to leave Boston finally other than school was a favorite part. I mean it was always something I wanted to do and build a new life somewhere else. I guess I got my wish when I found out about my twin brother. It's pretty bittersweet though when you find out your father didn't want you and only a son.

What is one thing you did last year that you don't aim to do this year?

Well, that's a tough little question to answer. I'm pretty sure that I might have handled being adopted a little differently. After all, my mom did love me and I could have treated her very differently. I am sure I could still pretty much talk to her any time I want but I guess I was so mad last year at her when it all happened that I just didn't particularly want to keep in contact. I felt lied to and to find out from a stranger just didn't make things any better for me. It's just a matter of how I want to proceed right now.

Do you have a new years resolution you aim to keep this year? If so, what is it?

I've gotten to the point in my life where I don't know if having a New Year's Resolution is a thing anymore. Let's face it I probably wouldn't make it a week into the new year before totally screwing up my resolution. I'm just horrible at keeping up with those things. I guess if I had to actually to pick a resolution though it might be to actually get to know my brother and not hold a grudge against him... However, if I'm being honest I might do a better job of getting to know him than to not hold a grudge against him.

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