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Alice Snaps || Narrative

Alice Snaps
"Alice Rose!" Her name came from down the stairs of her house. "Get your cute butt down here!"

One of her friends was here to watch Parker and she would be going out with one of their other guy friends to a bar. A bar! What were her friends thinking of taking a recovering alcoholic to a bar? She wasn't even sure she should do this. What was it her friend had said, "Alice, it's time you got that butt back in the saddle!" She shook her head. She didn't want to get her butt back in the saddle yet. The guys she did like probably weren't interested in her and she probably seemed to desperate. Or that was just the crazy talking.

Alice groaned at the reflection she saw in the mirror. She walked out of her bedroom wearing the black slinky dress that her friend had picked out with the four-inch heels. "You don't think that this is too much?" She had already asked this same question a dozen times but she had to ask it again. The petite blonde was never sure when it came to going out to bars anymore. She hadn't been in one since she found out about Parker.

"Ali, if you ask that question one more time." Gabby tried to pretend to be stern but failed and laughed. "You look, fine girl. Go out. Have a good time. And don't worry about Parker." She shooed the two of them out of the house locking the door behind them so Alice could not turn around and try to change her mind.

"Your chariot awaits madam," Levi said laughingly and opening the passenger door to his vehicle at the same time.

"I'll put my foot up your ass if you say that again!" Ali said with a joking tone. "Why are we taking your vehicle and not mine? I'll have to drive home anyways with your drunk ass." Ali poked him in the ribs as she got into the seat. She buckled up as he shut the door and ran over towards the driver's side.

"Are you ready?" he asked her inquisitively as he started the vehicle after buckling up himself and pulling into traffic.

"Not particularly." She replied back blandly. "Do I really need to do this?" She was not particularly sure about this evening.

"Oh, it'll be a piece of cake Ali." Levi patted her knee. "We're going to this place that I heard about to have some fun. I'm sure you'll find someone there that may tickle your fancy."

"Ugh, why do you have to use wording like that?" Alice groaned. "It's bad enough with Gabby using our oh so Southern phrasing of 'Getting back in the saddle.' But do you really need to use the words 'tickle your fancy' it just sounds so dirty." She shuddered at using the phrase herself.

"Here we are." He pulled up to a night club. "This is just the place we are looking for." He announced. He got out and walked over to Ali's door opening it for her. The name on the front of the building called The White Rabbit.

"Oh no. No. No. No no no. This is NOT the place we are looking for. You said bar not nightclub." Alice had not been prepared for a nightclub. A bar she figured she'd get through the night, however, a nightclub was a whole different ballgame. She got out of the car and stood there looking up at the building.

"Oh Ali. Nightclub. Bar. Same diff." Levi strode over to the bouncer and paid the cover for them to get in. He pulled her along behind him into the building. He was at least kind enough to head towards the bar. He ordered them both drinks before she could do anything. "A coke for the lady. I'll have a shot or several of tequila." He looked at her. "Tequila is my liquid luck. You may be taking my car home little lady."

She smacked him upside his head. "Really little lady. I could kick your ass with both hands tied behind my back Levi. Shall I prove it AGAIN?" she took the coke that the bartender brought for her and watched as Levi threw back his 'liquid luck'. She didn't see him getting lucky tonight. Not if he was stuck by her side for the night making sure she didn't fall off the wagon.

"Don't look now Ali but you've got an admirer. Or six." Levi said eyeing the crowd carefully. "You'll definitely be back in the saddle by the end of the night. One of them is sure to catch your fancy." He jumped out of the way as her hand came flying toward him.

"Levi, so help me I will kill you by the end of the night." If only she knew how true a statement that was at that moment but it wouldn't be Levi to suffer the fate. One by one the guys that Levi had noticed started to come by. After the second hour of them coming back by for the second round of rejections hoping she had changed her mind she looked over at Levi. "I'll be back in a little while. I've got to get some fresh air." She placed her drink down and stood to leave.

She walked out of the building the cool night air rushing to greet her like an old friend that she hadn't seen in forever. She walked over towards the corner of the building and pulled out her phone shooting a quick message to Gabby. 'Never again.' Those were the only two words she sent before she put her phone back.

"Well well well" It was the guy she had turned down three times. He had tried to corner her as she left the building. "If it isn't 'Miss I'm-to-good-for-anyone-here.'" He walked closer to her closing the distance between the two of them.

"Well if it isn't the dimwit who doesn't understand the words 'Not Interested!' and guess what I'm still not interested." She moved to go around him but he was faster and he grabbed her by the arm throwing her against the wall. Alice grunted as she hit the wall. Her head hitting it and knocking her teeth together. She knew she'd still feel that in the morning.

"Well, I am still VERY much so interested." He growled into her ear pinning her up against the wall.

She tried to keep her mind thinking rationally. She heard the dress she was wearing rip and the heels she was wearing one of them broke. He threw her onto the ground her head hitting the edge of the dumpster as she went down. She felt the cut on the back of her head as the blood started to come out. She was not going to go down without a fight this wouldn't happen. Her vision blurred for a few moments. She felt blindly for anything she could use. She heard him laughing and that sound. The sound of a man unzipping his pants to...

No, she wouldn't think it she couldn't think it. She had a little boy at home who thought she was the best thing this world had to offer and she would not be a victim. Her hand landed on what felt like a flat piece of wood. She waited until she could feel his breath on her and with all of her might she hit him. She scrambled up her vision still blurred and waited before swinging again.

"Why you little bitch." He roared and scrambled for her.

She swung again knowing she connected with him again when he groaned in pain. She hit him again and again and again. The tears of fear and anger streaming down her face. She only stopped when she felt a hand grab her arm and a female voice say stop. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know if she had killed him or not. "Is..." She paused trying to get her tears under control the sobs that were escaped her now were heart-wrenching terrified sobs. "Is he dead?" She asked.

She tried to look at the woman clearly but her vision was still a mess. She hoped it would not do permanent damage to her. She didn't know if she'd be able to handle not being able to see her son's little cherub face day after day. She reached out a hand for the wall. "I can't see it's all blurry. Can you help me sit?" She could feel the effects of the adrenaline wearing off now. She put a hand up to the back of the head where she hit the dumpster and felt the sticky slick blood coming from the wound there. She pulled her hand to the front of her face and saw the dark pool on her fingers. "Blood." She said it more as a question but it came out as a statement.

Seeing the blood on her fingers it started to make Alice slide into a psychotic break. The real world was tumbling out from under her and Wonderland was coming to greet her like the friend that it was. Alice stumbled against the wall and looked at the woman in wonder. "Why Hatter my friend you look so much different than the last time I saw you!" she exclaimed. She looked at the scene that lay before her "Oh dear. Oh dear dear dear." She tsked and shook her head. "This does not look good at all. Hatter, whatever befell the poor fellow? T'was, not the Jabberwock was it?" Alice slid down the wall to the ground the adrenaline wearing down the fumes that kept her going.

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NPCs Connected to Alice

NPCs Connected to Alice
Peggy Watson - This is Alice's step-mother. She came into Alice's life when Alice was a teen. She occasionally calls the woman mom or mother. Peggy took care of Parker for the first year of his life after Alice's father committed her. Alice has always thanked her step-mother for taking care of Parker when she was unable to.

Parker - This is Alice's six-year-old son. He is the result of a hook up that happened several times. Instead of telling Parker's father about the child Alice vanished on him and with the help of her step-mom raise her son. Alice couldn't be happier having Parker in her life.

UnNamed Younger Sister - Two years younger than Alice. This younger sister has always been a pain in Alice's ass. Always reminding Alice of the things that should be long forgotten.

Cecil Watson - Alice's father. Cecil placed Alice into a psychiatric facility on more than one occasion. He was murdered in cold blood during one of Peggy's visits to Alice after her final release.

Deceased Husband - Or is he really? Alice's late husband was Alice's high school sweetheart. Her late husband made her a young widow during a deployment where he was killed in action. She was constantly seeing his face in Boston and started drinking to hide from the pain.

Taylor - Taylor is Alice's assistant. She's been with Alice since the office in Boston was set up.

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Waking up Easter morning Juliet rubbed at her brown eyes. She scanned the room she slept in. The bed beside her empty. She had vaguely remembered a cute Italian man in her bed the night before. She shrugged off the thought. He blankets pooled around her. A pillow on the floor. He clothes in different areas of the room. She thought about the day ahead. It was Easter and her family had never been very religious. So religious holidays were not something they celebrated. Her mother never saw the point and her father used the occasion as an excuse to buy her gifts. Now as a grown adult Juliet did not celebrate still.

She pulled out her phone and looked up places she could go visit. She had already been to the Parthenon once but she enjoyed her time there and decided that she wanted to go back. She loved the architect of the older buildings. She was fascinated by then. She had always been fascinated by the old stories of the Gods. Her parents never could understand the girl's fascination with the stories and her father eventually gave her items based off the old Roman Gods.  Books about them. Small tokens that he would get on business trips. She got up and got dressed and headed out. She would play the rest of her day by ear.

Hailing a taxi to the attraction Juliet looked up a few more things. Before she knew it she was knee deep in research on her phone and at the Parthenon. She paid for the ride and got out. The building still breath taking a second time. She took a photo of the building before taking a selfie of herself in front of the building. She stared in awe of the structure. She craved to learn more. She walked into the establishment and looked around at the beauty that was around her. She wanted to just sit and admire the beauty of the building.

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