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05/15/2019 12:05 PM 


“We’re closing the city limits, nobody is to leave the town.” Mayor Colyer spoke to all attending the meeting at town hall. The sound of his voice and the reactions from that night replayed over and over in her head like a broken record. Nobody wanted to be there anyway but Colyerville was like a black hole, it sucked you in and never lets you go. Leaning onto the railing on her back porch she exhaled her smoke. Baby blues looking up into the sky at the moon, studying the stars above her. A series of emotions running through her. Sadness, the fact it had came to this was hard for her to swallow. Confusion, if people would leave freely and there were still so many murders then what did they think would happen if you kept all the crazies locked down in the town with nowhere else to go? Somebody was bound to end up dead. Lastly, frustration she hated damn near everyone in the god forsaken place and now she couldn’t escape them if her life depended on it.

Running her fingers through her long dark locks, she placed the cancer stick between her lips once more. Eyes fluttered closed as she inhaled the thick smoke. Anxiety began to consume her as the thought of getting caught for her own acts was triggered. Aubree Ward, she never stood a chance. It was a night of tragic events to say the least. A feud that was taken all too far, something that wasn’t /fully/ Mackenzie’ fault. One arm wrapping snug around her figure she exhaled the smoke, before taking another drag, now taking a seat on the patio chair behind her. One leg now under the other as she took her place sitting ‘indian style’ her mind began to remember the events of that night. She was drugged, had taken it too far, but when she came to she had been consumed with guilt.

All the blood, the sight of the dead girl something that Mack could never forget. She was one to not give a f*** but now with the ability to be labeled as a murderer she was frustrated with how the events took place. It had been a while since it had happened and everything seemed to be getting back to normal. All except the fact that now the mayor had every Tom, D*ck and Harry out on the case trying to find out who murdered his beloved daughter and nieces. Little did anyone know they weren’t linked at all. Everyone in the town had a little crazy in them, some more than others. But, Mackenzie was fearful, and the anguish surged through her veins like a wildfire unable to be stopped. A lump formed in her throat that seemed to be something she was unable to swallow. Prison wasn’t somewhere she wanted to end up, especially for something that wasn’t intentional. She was drugged for christ takes. However, she knew that eventually her freedom would be gone, she would rot in a cell for the entirety of her life and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it.

04/04/2019 11:17 PM 


Normal, what was the true definition of the word? It seemed as it were a basic day for Mackenzie, drug induced high, drinking, smoking. Nothing new. Hazel hues fixated on the river in front of her as she brought the blunt back to her lips, inhaling the smoke slowly. She was dreading going home, being lectured by her parents for the messy house, the empty bottles were strewn about. Truthfully she was really avoiding going home. But it was something she knew she would eventually have to deal with. The girl wasn’t great with authority, naturally. She had been through a lot. Letting out a groan as she tossed the last bit into the water she stood up, making her way back through the wooded area to her car.

The engine revved to life and she was in her driveway before she knew it. But, it was different this time. A police car was out front, two officers at the door. F***. She thought, thinking damn well they were there for her. Killing the car she got out of the vehicle, eyes shifting between the two men. “Are you Mackenzie Stone?” One spoke up, neither wanting to make eye contact. “Yes, may I ask what this is about?” Her heart was racing at this point, stomach turning. “It’s about your parents, they were in an accident this morning.” He paused for a moment, the tears already welling in the brunettes eyes. “And?” With a deep sigh he continued on. “They didn’t make it. I’m sorry Miss Stone.” And with that they were gone. An empty pit in her stomach as she dropped to her knees, sobbing.


It was the day she had been dreading more than anything. The last time she’d lay eyes on her parents and she felt nothing but guilt. As if there were something she could have done to stop this from happening. How silly of her. Adjusting the hem of her skirt she looked in the mirror, not bothering to apply a single drop of makeup knowing damn well it would be a waste of time anyway. She was holding up a little better now, but she never thought at twenty she’d be planning her parents funeral.

Walking into the room family surrounded her. Some she had never even met. All dressed in black, tears flowing like a waterfall, the sound of sobbing filling her ears as she neared the caskets at the front of the room. Her hand clenched the side of each as her hues darted between the two, the once small pit in her stomach now a gaping hole. Why hadn’t she gotten her sh*t straight sooner, why did they have to be taken now? All the past years spent full of defiance, partying and doing anything but what they had asked.

The couple had taken her in out of the kindness of their hearts, working with her through everything, through all her flaws yet here she stood, saying her final goodbyes. Her eyes stung as she fought to hold back the tears threatening to fall. Her heart racing the feeling of a semi hitting her making it difficult for her to breathe. She looked out at all the familiar faces, some family, some of them her closest friends as she took her place in front of the crowd. Clearing her throat she began to speak, “I want to thank you all for coming today. We’re here to celebrate the lives of my parents. My mom and dad were the greatest, had it not been for them, I wouldn’t be alive today. They took me in when they didn’t have to, and welcomed me with open arms, all my problems and all.” She sniffled.

“I had this whole speech planned out, but now that I’m here I can’t seem to get it out. Just- thank you all for coming, and if any of you would like to share your memories, I would love to hear them.” With that she took a seat in the front row, bent over as the tears began to fall. Now sobbing uncontrollably, she couldn’t hold back any longer, she had tried and tried to remain strong. But, in truth she was weak. Weaker than she had ever been. Hand gripping her chest as her tears soaked her clothing, hand on her forehead, cradling her now pounding head. The guild rushed through her like a wildfire. Had she been a better daughter would they have even gone on the trip? Would they have wanted to get away from her? They left because they needed a break, and now Mackenzie blamed herself.

03/25/2019 11:44 PM 


The sound of chattering filled the ears of Mackenzie Stone, blue hues shifting over the familiar faces within’ the crowd. Her heart was racing, the events that had taken place over the last few hours had been nothing short of hectic and in reality she was wishing she never would have came on this god forsaken trip. An argument broke out between three familiar males, the cursing, and anger in their voices able to be felt and heard by anyone within a ten mile radius. Flickering gaze over to see what was going on, her eyes immediately widening in horror. She watched as a knife met the side of Maverick, hues narrowing in on the familiar male, knife in hand. ‘What the actual f***.’ Was all she was thinking as she ran over, her voice rising as she was now face to face with Andrew.

The events didn’t last long as a scream echoed out amongst them. Would anything ever calm down? The one question she had.  Everyone was cold, irritable and she didn’t think there was a single person in the group that was actually looking forward to being around the entire town to begin with. Taking in a deep breath she wrapped her arms around her slender frame, watching as everyone scurried off one by one, two by two, until everyone was gone and she was left standing by herself. Her gaze shifted, eyeing her surroundings, unable to shake the eerie feeling of being watched. Pulling out a Marlboro Red from her cigarette pack, she placed it between her lips, lighting it up before sliding her lighter back into the confines of her pocket. Taking a long slow drag she made her way into the wooded area, following the tracks in the snow from the others.

Snow crunching beneath her feet as she weaved in and out of the trees she found herself amongst shocked faces, some looked disappointed but most, well they looked delighted to say the least, almost in a sinister way. Moving her way to the front of the group, her breathing hitched as she caught site of none other than her best friend- Bethany Colyer. “Oh my f***ing god!” She mumbled, eyes widening. It was such a terrible site yet she couldn’t look away. Her cancer stick met her lips once more as she took another drag, free hand sliding into her pocket as the wind howled, dark brown locks rustling in the wind. Her stomach turned, although she would never say a word. Hell, over half the people she was with had hated the blonde. Many saw her in such a negative light, yet Mackenzie he relationship was nothing but best friends. If it hadn’t been for the blonde, Mack would have been dead years ago. She had been her saving grace after moving to town. The one person who cared enough about her, other than her parents to try and steer her in a better direction.

Eyes shifting to the male, now taken over by a bit of confusion, yet not caring enough for her feelings to last long. Her attention directed back to the frostbitten face of Bethany. Now kneeling down in the snow behind her, her fingertips met her cold face, a single tear escaping her eyes, sniffling trying to withhold her emotions. She just couldn’t understand who had done this to her, or why. “I’m sorry.” She whispered, leaning down to press a soft kiss to the head of the deceased female. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she had failed her. It felt as if her world was crashing. She really was gone. Taking in a sharp breath, she rotated on her heels, turning away. She couldn’t bare the site of this any longer.

03/18/2019 03:01 PM 



03/10/2019 06:48 PM 




On March 20, 1993, Mackenzie Grace Stone was born to Gavin Stone and Melody Monroe. The two were teenage parents who seemed to adore their newborn daughter. But a year or so after her birth the two both got involved in drugs, spiraling downward with a quickness. The two began starving the girl at 2 only feeding her a couple of times a week. This would go on for months at a time. By age seven they began to inject her with drugs and rape her. She never knew it was wrong, she never knew life was different until one day she managed to get away. She found herself at her teacher's house, begging and pleading she not make her go home. After the accusations the Mackenzie had made against her parents her teacher called the police. They did a rape kit which they, in turn, found her father and mothers DNA. The two were arrested and Mack was placed into the system.

She was moved from Denver to Colyerville at age 13 and placed with Milo and Jaelynn Monroe. Milo was a doctor and Jaelynn was a teacher. The two were doting parents, they had never been able to conceive and after years of failed fertility treatments, they had decided to foster. When Mackenzie moved in they couldn't have been happier. She was jumpy and a bit timid, constantly fearful but never once did they raise their voice or get frustrated. Something that the girl had never been used to. Life was different, better. But still, Mackenzie spiraled. Although she had everything she began partying, sneaking out at all hours of the night and running off to have her needs met. She found out about escorting and would lie about her age, sneaking off to Denver. This started at age 16.

Milo and Jaelynn adopted her, no matter the troubles she caused they adored her and wanted to do everything in their power to save her. She had met Bethany at age 15 and the two had become extremely close. It was almost like Bethany was the sister that Mackenzie had never had. She was the yin to her yang and tried to keep Mack straight. But after her disappearance, it sent Mackenzie into an even worse spiral than before, but within months of her vanishing Milo and Jaelynn passed away in a car accident when they hit a patch of black ice and slid off the road. They were killed on impact. Mackenzie now won't stop for anyone. Her emotions have been shut off and she chooses to live her life of chaos and destruction now.

03/10/2019 06:45 PM 


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