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Rules can be found on page 394.

How do I roleplay Draco? 
This question always confused me. What do you mean? He’s a brilliantly created character already. There is nothing I change about him, nor nothing I intend to change about him. He’s dark, fearful, and ultimately looking for acceptance. I desire to keep him as close to the books as possible. There are moments where I need to invoke creativity, think about how he would react in certain scenarios, or interact with various characters. This is where I try my best to write him in a way that represents who he is. If you disagree with a certain reaction, please tell me. I would love to hear your thoughts and ultimately learn how I can better represent Draco Malfoy.

What timeline do you roleplay? 
To be honest, any and every. I have roleplayed Draco’s first ride on the Hogwarts Express, his inability to dance at the Yule Ball, and even the moment when he became a father. I’m open! The only thing that I ask, is be conscious of what is going on during that time. For example, if we roleplay during his fourth year, The Triwizard Tournament is going to have an effect on our storyline. For Draco, years 5-7 are always going to be the darkest (with the exception of the period he is mourning Astoria Greengrass’s death). I will admit, I struggle with finding connections to characters from other time periods. Time turners aren’t the answer for everything. For these storylines, we will need to be creative. It might be difficult, but if it’s possible, I’ll do my best to plot something with you.

Can we be besties? 
If I am going to answer honestly, probably not. I don’t believe Draco ever understood what a true friendship was. To him, the people around him were simply a means of getting what he wanted. Crabbe and Goyle were his closest “friends.” Let the set in. In the end, Draco would choose himself over anyone else. What relationships he does have, would be more of alliances. He would attempt to “befriend” those that he saw as a threat. This would be to find out their weaknesses and eventually bend them to do his will. Who wants to be friends with someone like that?

So, will you ever date me? 
Relationships. Here we are. The question many of you have been asking me. J.K. Rowling said it herself, “I have often had cause to remark on how unnerved I have been by the number of girls who fell for this particular fictional character.” He is not a nice guy! Definitely not the type of character you would want as your boyfriend! To pursue a storyline that is romantic, it would require some in depth and well thought out planning. To my understanding, Draco didn’t find that appeal for romance, at least true romance, until he pursued Astoria Greengrass. Sex and romance are two different things. I imagine Draco would have used women, and men, for sexual gratification. Yes, I roleplay Draco being intimate with both genders. There are too many talented writers and storyline possibilities for me to limit his sexuality. (At the rare chance that this offends you, feel free to delete me. We don’t have time for discrimination in this creative and wonderful space.)

Okay, so what about Dramione? Or Drarry? Would you date Mrs. Weasley?!? 
Settle, settle, settle! Merlin’s beard. The amount of times I have received messages from characters looking to write a particular shipping, always surprises me. I forget these ships are even a thing most of the time! So, here’s to it. Yes! I have roleplayed Draco pairing with numerous different characters. But, once again, NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP with them. These storylines are delicate and complex. I will NEVER enter a storyline with a main character, without discussing it first. In the books, Draco HATED Hermione, Harry, Ginny, etc. Why would he pursue a relationship with them? He wouldn’t! I can’t even picture him being able to stand within three feet of these characters. So, this is where we need to use creativity. How are we going to approach a storyline? What is going to spark Draco’s interest to compromise years of hatred? Now, I do venture into darker and more complex storylines when it comes to shipping. For example, I have contributed to a brilliant storyline that involved Snape’s control over Draco, mentally and sexually. I have explored incest relationships such as Lucius and Scorpius. But, they don't usually peak my interest. All of these storylines take place in a territory that requires constant thought and innovation. Be mindful. With that being said, in the end, Draco will choose his family and himself over anyone else. If we do pursue one of these unlikely pairings, expect it to not be easy. Draco will remain the spoiled brat that he is, and won’t be showing a “different side” of himself. Get over it. There are no warm and fuzzy feelings here. For any further clarification, feel free to reach out to me via message. Don’t confuse shipping with regular storyline writing. I would be more than happy to write with any character. But for storylines that have potential intimacy, we need to discuss various components. Keep in mind, some pairings I do not have interest in. Sorry, Hagrid.

LOL so like, how do you write?
Do you want to know something? I don’t see myself as an elite writer or one of the best writers there ever was. I make mistakes. I bet you probably found several of them reading through these rules. Sometimes, my brain is three words ahead of my fingers. I leave out certain words, have an occasional spelling error, or I am grammatically incorrect. For me, as long as I can read your writing, can imagine and understand what you’re describing, we are going to be just fine. My only request, keep your writing clean and well thought out. I can tell when something has been thrown together, rather than given time and thought. At least give me the respect of putting effort into your writing, and I will do the same. If it’s garbage, it’s garbage. I will delete it. We all started somewhere in this space, and I cringe at some of the writing I use to write. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are SOOO many incredible people here. I am learning every day and I think that’s one of the most amazing benefits from this space.

So, I roleplay an original character, is that cool? 
Are you kidding me?? Give me more! Tell me the details, spill the tea! Who is this character you’ve imagined? What’s their story! I love that! Please, don’t ever hesitate to write with me because your character is original. The only thing I will say, I’m Draco Malfoy, you know what you’re getting. Don’t expect to be my friend. Also, if you share a last name with a famous wizarding family, like Weasley, Malfoy, etc, you have to have your facts down. There are some ideas that I might respond, I love that creativity, but I don’t this as something I wish to pursue. For example, “I’m Piper Malfoy. Draco’s sister. LOL.” Yea, I can’t write with that. Someone will! But not me. Gender swapped characters are also interesting to me. I love the idea. Some characters are easier to imagine than others, but just have your details prepared for when I ask questions. And by the way, if you change the face of your character, or swap their appearance (for example, a black Hermione), you’re my hero. Let’s bring representation of everyone in this community.

I have an idea, but it’s a little dark. Is that okay? 
Perfectly fine. I don’t wish to write topics that are always on the lighter side. I am asking you to put a trigger warning at the beginning of your writing. Not just for me, but for those that might find your writing offensive or damaging. Not everything is appropriate for everyone. For me, I am usually fine with any type of content. Rape, murder, and torture are all topics that don’t bother me, as long as they are written respectfully and well. I enjoy shows such as Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, etc, these topics are presented in our culture and I don’t see the difference in our writing. If I suggest an idea that is too dark for you, tell me! I never want you to feel uncomfortable or pressured into writing something that isn’t for you. We can find an idea that works, I promise. It all begins with you telling me what you prefer. I’ll respect you, you respect me.

My name is Dean Winchester. 
LET THE CROSSOVERS BEGIN! I am here for the crossovers. I have so many favorite characters from other shows, books, and movies! Let’s write them together! As long as we can form how our characters would meet, and you understand, once again, Draco is a d*ck, then we can write! If he is mean to members of the wizarding world, imagine how cruel he would be to you muggles. Don’t be surprised.

You’re roleplaying with that Pansy? I thought I was your ONLY Pansy?? 
Listen here, twisted sister, there are too many wonderful writers in this space for me to limit my connections to just one. This is what I will give you. Our storyline, is going to be only mine and yours. It will not be given to anyone else, and if they suggest something similar, I will respectfully decline their offer. I value the time you put into writing with me, and I am going to protect our ideas. I do not have mains.

Hi Draco, I’m Draco too. 
Alright, well that’s a little weird. I haven’t found a way to make a storyline work with another Draco. I’m not turned off by the idea? But I’m not turned on to it? I am not sure. If this happens, I guess we will see.

So, when do we begin? 
Send me a message and let’s begin writing some kick ass storylines. I am so excited to be reviving this character from the Myspace Era. I want to write with some incredible, talented, and inspiring writers. Don’t let me down.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules. I am excited to write and can't wait to see what storylines we are able to create.

-Draco L. Malfoy; porcelain.

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