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03/25/2020 07:38 PM 


Carter had so many things running through his head the fact that he thought he was going to get back together with his ex girlfriend and after getting her her favorite flowers and then walking into her club to seeing her kissing another guy so many things went  through his head that he needed to get out of there and fast before he did something that he would regret.  Throwing the flowers into the trash he ran his fingers through his hair and punched the side of the wall and his fist started to bleed.  He didn't know what to do about all of this and he just needed the fresh air. "I can not believe her, how could she do this to me after everything that we have been through.  I f***ing saved her life and this is how she repays me.  I should show her what life would be like without having anyone there and being all alone."

The fresh air felt amazing on his skin it really let him feel like he was a new person and there was not a care in the world for him.  He needed to do something and do it fast there was time running out.  He had a plan, he always had a plan and this time it was great.  He didn't want to think about it too much because then it would back fire and he would hate himself for it.  The best bet was for him to just keep it to himself and then do it when it was the right time.  "You got this Carter don't worry."

He had waited until everyone left the club that night and lurked in the shadows like a creep.  There was soemething wrong with Carter and he knew that.  But that didn't stop him from thinking the unimaginable.  Pushing his hair out of his face he slipped through the back door that he and Madeline had slipped out many years ago.  His breathing was getting heavier by the minute as he walked up the stairs to Madeline's office.  He was a pro at not being heard.  When she was leaving her office he placed his hands over her eyes and whispered in her ear "Hello darling, we are long overdue for a chat."

03/18/2020 07:26 PM 


Animal I have become
Sung by Three Day's Grace

This song speaks a lot to Carter for a lot of reasons this is who he had become because of what his father made him.

I can't escape this hell
So many times I've tried
But I'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself

Those first few lines of the song are what he feels like everyday that his father told him what to do, that is what happened when you were born into a Mobster family.

So what if you can see the darkest side of me?

Mads was really the only one that ever saw his dark side because she brought it out in him there was just something that she did that got under his skin. But that is what he loved about her and he thrived on that needfullness of wanting to always be around her.

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