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Knockin' on Heaven's Door- Spoilers

Wanda Maximoff.

Knockin' on heaven's door

If heaven and hell decide that they both are satisfied. Illuminate the no's on their vacancy sign. If there's no one besides you when your soul embarks, then I'll follow you into the dark. 

 5 years after the fallen’s return

“Wanda.” Sam entered the witch’s room without warning, voice coated with urgency. The redhead rose from her bed quickly, knowing most likely her presence was needed outside the compound. “What is it?” She asked, while fingers gripped her leather jacket that hung off the edge of the bed.

“Wanda, it’s Steve.” Sam admitted, seeming uncertain of how to proceed with his news.  

Immediately Wanda knew the reason for Sam’s visit “Is he…?” She couldn’t bring herself to say the word, despite knowing that death was coming for Steve. It had been for some time now. In the last year, old age gripped at him like a viper gripping its prey. There was nothing the doctors could do. There was nothing the avengers could do. Old age was not something you could escape, not even Steve. All they could do was offer the veteran a comfortable last few years of life, surrounded by family who loved and respected him.

There was no denying these last few months had been rough, as Steve’s health expectedly began to decline. Rhodey and Bruce provided him the care he needed, but it was only stalling the inevitable. Wanda made it a priority to visit Steve daily, while he stayed at the compound’s medical facility. She wanted to make sure that Steve wasn’t alone on the off chance he did pass suddenly.

“No… not yet, but according to the doctors, he doesn’t have long. I thought you might want to say goodbye; you know while he’s still… awake.” Sam bit down on his lower lip, clearly struggling to come to terms with the news like she was. Slowly, Wanda nodded her head in agreement, while taking a deep breath to prepare herself.

With each step she took, she could feel the dread building in the pit of her stomach, while her mouth grew dry. Tears were already threatening to pour from her eyes, and she hadn’t even reached his room yet. Wanda was falling apart, and although she was usually good at hiding that from everyone. There was no hiding it now. She didn’t have the will to pretend to be brave.

As she approached the small medical room, she noticed Bucky, Clint, and Rhodey standing outside. The look of grief on their faces matched her own. She only wished that she could ease all their minds of that shared sadness, but perhaps it was okay that they all felt grief in this moment. After all, the world was going to lose one of the greatest legends it had ever known.

“He’s waiting for you.” Bucky said, his head nodding towards the door. Shaky fingers gripped the metal handle of the door, hesitantly twisting it open. As her green hues finally gazed upon Steve in his condition, she could feel the tears sliding down her cheeks. Quietly, she pulled up a chair to his bed, fingers gently holding onto his withered hand.

Steve’s head turned to look at her. He looked weak, and tired, and yet still managed to find the strength to smile in her presence. “You said you wouldn’t cry.” He teased.

 “Well, I lied.” A small, sad laugh escaped her lips, while her fingers squeezed his hand. Silence over took the room, as Wanda sat there trying to formulate a proper last goodbye.

“You know, I spent months trying to prepare myself for this day. And for a while I convinced myself that I was ready to let you go... But the truth is…” She paused for a moment, feeling the tears become more aggressive as they poured quickly and relentlessly from her weary eyes. “I don’t want to say goodbye.” She finally admitted out loud. “You were the only person who believed in me. The only person who thought I was capable of greatness, when everyone else thought I was a monster.” Her voice began to waver now. “It’s because of you, that I am who I am today. You’re my best friend and my family, and I love you, Steve.” She confessed, while desperately trying to wipe away the wet tears the clung to her cheeks.

“I know you don’t want to say goodbye… and that’s okay. I don’t want you to either.” He shook his head, while his free hand rested on her arm for a brief moment. “Because even when I pass, I’ll never truly be gone. I’ll always live in here,” He pointed to her head, and then her heart. “and here.” Once again that proud smile of his made an appearance, and although it should have inspired a smile of her own, it left her feeling despaired. “One day, we’ll see each other again. We’ll all be reunited, and happy.” He let out a small sigh of content. It was evident he was ready to go whenever death felt the need to have him.

Slowly, Wanda leaned in so she could press a kiss to his wrinkled forehead. Lips lingered there for a moment, while the tears continued to flood her eyes. “When you see Tony… Tell him I said thank you…. For everything” She requested, as fingers squeezed his hand one last time.  

Witch Craft./1441772

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Family is Forever

Wanda Maximoff.

Family is FOrever

Wanda held vision in her arms, eyes fixed on the damaged circuits within his robotic brain. It saddened her dearly to have lost a wonderful friend, and also to have been the cause of his demise. “I’m sorry I failed you.” Wanda whispered, knowing pretty soon Thanos was going to get his way, now that he had all six stones in that golden gauntlet. Millions of lives would be lost… and it was going to be all her fault.

  Suddenly the snapping of Thanos’s fingers echoed through the entire Wakandan forest. In response, the witch’s tired lids closed shut, waiting for whatever disaster was about to come their way. Oddly, all that followed that fateful snap was complete and utter silence. That was until Bucky called on Steve, confusion lingering in his voice.

Wanda glanced over to the Winter Soldier, watching in astonishment as his body turned to ash. Moments after he vanished, others from the team followed suit, until suddenly it was Wanda’s turn. Having her entire person erased from civilization was painful, and yet brief. She was grateful for that much, at least.

  When she arrived to the afterlife, she was met by a familiar face, one she suspected she’d never see again. “Pietro?” His name escaped her mouth in sheer disbelief. “In the flesh…” He teased, while flashing that goofy grin of his. Wanda still had a hard time believing this was possible, and yet… she knew this wasn’t a dream. Dreams were for the living, which Wanda was no longer.

  Pietro took a step closer, if only so he could pull her into a tight, and welcoming embrace. God how she had missed this… how she had missed him. “It’s really you, isn’t it?” She began to sob into his shoulder, hot tears staining his plaid shirt. “Yes, Wanda… I’m here.” He promised her, letting out a soft sigh as she buried herself into his chest for comfort. “This reunion is bitter sweet. I’m so happy to see you, and yet sad at the same time. You should not be here.” He admitted, tucking strands of her red hair behind her ear.

“I could say the same to you.” She retorted. “But that doesn’t matter… All that matters is that we’re here together.” She said, allowing a small smile to spread across worn features.

Witch Craft./1441772

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Alive in Lost Angeles

Group sl by- HimmelfallenAlive in los angelesJoin: https://tinyurl.com/yyclaa29

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Date: December 31st, 2026 
Time: 10:00 pm 

Today marked the last day of 2026. It was New Years Eve, and instead of feeling excitement over the new year, it instilled a  sense of dread in Wanda. How much longer could she endure the kind of life she had been living? Seven years was a long time, especially when you were the only human being left in existence. 

It was apparent that loneliness had managed to latch itself onto Wanda, eating away at her sanity like a disease. Never had she felt so alone, and so isolated in such a large area of land. She found herself desperate for human interaction. She longed to hear someone else’s voice, besides her own, but there was no one left. The apocalypse had managed to wipe out almost everyone. Almost everyone… except for her. It was a cruel fate to be one of the only humans left alive on this earth. 

It took months of battling with her conscience for her to finally be able to make a decision about her current situation. She knew she couldn’t handle this isolation for much longer, and she didn’t want to. She had no hope left to grasp onto. The loneliness won and now Wanda was left with only one choice. 

 A shaky hand grabbed the keys to her ‘stolen’ jeep wrangler parked outside, while the other hand grabbed her almost empty bottle of top-shelf vodka. She figured there was no point in letting a good bottle of booze go to waste. Besides, there was nothing like liquid courage to help you carry out stupid ideas. 

Wanda planned to go to the Grand Canyon. She had been there quite a few times, in an attempt to satiate her boredom, while living in Arizona. It was probably one of the only places that still managed to stir up a sense of wonder and awe in her, no matter how many times she went to visit. What was the harm in seeing it one last time? 

It was almost midnight by the time she made it to the desolate canyon grounds. The moment she stepped outside of the car, the night breeze began to nip at her exposed skin. Wanda found it ironic how cold the desert lands could get in the middle of the night, but that was neither here nor there. She was certain she wouldn’t have to suffer the cold long. 

Wanda purposely sat on the edge of one of the canyon’s cliffs. Legs casually dangling off the ledge, while Wanda drank away her troubles. It was clear she was welcoming whatever danger might come from being intoxicated, while exploring the Grand Canyon at such a late hour. 

When she stood to her feet, her legs began to wobble like jello. Every step she made drew her closer to the edge of that cliff. It was the quickest way to end her suffering, and yet even drunk she still hesitated to take that leap to her death. She stood still for quite some time, trying to build up the courage she needed. A few deep breaths fell from her quivering lips, while her feet shuffled forward, nearly inches from the crumbling edge. 

The only thing that stopped her from jumping now, was the rustling of bushes behind her. It caught her off guard and at first she thought it was the wind, but that wouldn’t explain the squeaks that came from it. Slowly she walked over to the bush, hands carefully shoving branches to the side in order to get a better look. 

Eyes widen, as she caught sight of a black and white puppy, shivering from the cold. Her heart broke in that moment, seeing such a helpless, tiny thing alone... just like she was.  “How did you get all the way out here?” She wondered, clearly concerned for the puppy’s wellbeing. The dog tilted his head in response as if he were mentally asking her the same thing. 

Carefully, she scooped the pup in her arms, hoping what body heat she had left would transfer over to the dog. As she looked down at him, she felt tears welling in her eyes. Suddenly her plans for a ‘better’ life, didn’t seem to matter anymore. All that mattered was keeping this little guy alive. 

Wanda, quickly headed back to her jeep, setting the dog in the passenger’s seat, while cranking up the heat to keep them both warm. The poor guy looked like he hadn’t eaten in days, and honestly Wanda was right there with him. The first thing she planned to do was find them both some food. Then after that… she planned to do the one thing she swore she’d never do again… Look for other survivors.   

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It Rises.

group SL by- Mission Control It Rises"Am I really doing this? 

“Someone needs to figure out why all these damn kids are going missing!” Fury shouted from his office. His voice was so ferocious and loud, you could hear it from a mile away. Perhaps that conversation was not meant for Wanda’s ears, considering she wasn’t exactly invited to that meeting. Yet, she heard it anyway and found herself interested with this mission. 

Twenty children had gone missing from a small town called Derry, and none of the children were heard from again. It tugged at Wanda’s heartstrings, as she wondered what could have happened to those poor children? The darkest parts of her imagination started to run wild at all the horrible possibilities. She tried shaking the thoughts from her head, but she simply could not. 

What made this all so much worse, is that none of the avengers had time to pursue the mission. Ever since Thanos came in and destroyed half of New York city, things had been rather busy for the team, but not for Wanda. Fury and Stark still found themselves having a hard time trusting her, which meant she wasn’t allowed to participate on missions unless she had supervision. 

It was frustrating. She felt like a child again, and that angered her. If they would just let her go on a mission by herself they’d see just what she was capable of, and she believed her list of capabilities to be a lot. Finally she decided it was time to put her foot down. She was going to show them just how useful she could be, without the team breathing down her neck. 

She waited for everyone, including Fury, to leave his office, knowing that the all information was probably still sitting on his desk. In a stealthy manner, Wanda made her way over to his office without anyone noticing, and just as expected, the thick manilla envelope rested on the glass table. Her digits grabbed it quickly, as she made her way out of his office with the paperwork tucked underneath her arm. Before anyone would notice what she had confiscated, she stuffed it into her large bag, throwing the strap of the bag over her shoulder, while grabbing her car keys. 

Her plan was to go to Derry to find these missing kids, and reunite them with their worried sick parents. She also planned to find the bastard who was behind this atrocity. If she got her hands on whoever was responsible, she would make sure they would pay...Handsomely.

Just before she managed to get herself out the entrance of the Avengers tower she felt a presence standing right behind her. She could only cross her fingers and hope it wasn’t Fury or Stark, but as her nostrils picked up the familiar musky cologne, she realized Fury was on her tail.
“And where do you think you’re going, Miss Maximoff?” Damn it. Carefully Wanda turned around to face her boss, teeth gritting together as she struggled to decide whether or not to tell him the truth. She understood the moment she confessed the truth, she would be denied the right to go. “I was going to the coffee shop down in Queens. Clint and I are supposed to meet for coffee and catch up.” She lied, while an innocent grin sat pretty on her lips. It was a good thing she was the only one who had the gift of reading minds. Otherwise her ass would have been handed to her, personally by Fury. 

With uncertainty in his eyes, he observed her person for a long moment, lips pursed almost like he was thinking too hard.
“Mhmmm. Tell Barton he still owes me fifty dollars for that poker game.” He instructed her, and with a heavy sigh of relief she nodded in agreement, while heading quickly out the door before he could stop her for anything else.

Finally, she was free from the avengers headquarters, and in one of the cars Stark provided the team members. Without hesitation, off she went to the little town of Derry, a town filled with a darkness she was not  prepared for in the slightest.

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The Reunion.

Group SL by- Earth's best defender The Reunion"My dreams slowly turned into nightmares."

"Get as far away from here as you possibly can, Wanda." Steve’s advice echoed through the dark parts of her mind, as she laid there in bed staring up at the ceiling. The red head wondered if this was how life was going to remain now that she was a fugitive. It was such a lonely way to live. Although, Wanda knew the consequences of joining Steve’s side in the war between him and Tony, she didn’t regret her decision in the slightest. Though the moving around from country to country got a little tiring. 

At least from time to time, both Steve and Natasha would visit her to check in on things. It what always nice to see their faces during these troubling times. Their presence gave her a comfort she hadn’t felt in long while, but that sense of comfort was fleeting and would disappear each time they said their goodbyes. 

Goodbyes were always the hardest for her because they meant that she would soon have to face the nagging pain and emptiness that came with being alone. She tried to convince herself that it wasn’t so bad; that she was strong enough to live the life of a loner. Perhaps she was only fooling herself. 

The night was dragging on for Wanda as she struggled to go back to sleep. She tossed and turned in her comfortable twin bed, eyes reluctantly glancing over at the alarm clock by her bedside every so often. It was three in the morning now, and upon that realization she groaned out with displeasure. Letting out a curse in her native Sokovian tongue, she got out of bed and headed to her rather small bathroom. 

Digits gripped the handle of the faucet to turn on the cold water. Cupped hands resided underneath the water, splashing it on her face to wash away the beads of sweat that lingered on her flesh. The slight chill triggered goosebumps to raise along her bare arms. As she looked into the mirror now, something felt off… yet she couldn’t place her finger on what that was exactly. 

Now, Wanda had always been an intuitive woman, and was pretty good at detecting when things were about to go awry. However, mind tricks were at play here, courtesy of Thanos, and it prevented her from realizing the danger she was truly in. 

And just like that, in the blink of an eye, she was no longer standing in her tiny bathroom. Instead, she appeared in a large, dark cage that contained several other friends… and new enemies such as Tony Stark. Eyes, in a panic, glanced around her surroundings taking in this bleak new world. “What is this place? Where am I?” She asked, desperately hoping that this was all some nightmare that she’d wake up from because right now she was terrified, more terrified than she had ever been before.

While everyone stood there, they all seemed equally as confused as she was, not having the answers she wanted. More people started to pop up, including Steve Rogers. “Steve?” She called out, walking over to where he now stood, somewhat relieved to see his face in the midst of all this madness.  "I don't understand. What's happening?" She wondered. 

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On Crimson Tides.

Group sl by- Invictus On Crimson tides"take what you can. Give nothing back."
Join: https://tinyurl.com/y7j5xn29

“Drop the anchor gentlemen!” Some of the crew shouted, running around the deck of the ship like a group of mad men. The witch rolled her eyes, standing still amongst all the chaos around her. Her job wasn’t to offer aid to the crew. No, she had a far more important task. To get her hands on the ancient treasure called the tesseract. After this meeting was brought to its inevitable end, Wanda would soon be leading her own crew on this dangerous hunt. 

Why? Some may ask. Wanda was only an adventurer before the East India Trading Company got its hand on her. Her motivation to help the notoriously evil side was peculiar, but not if you understood the relationship, she had with her recently deceased brother Pietro. They were as thick as thieves, and well-known thieves throughout the streets of London. There was a warrant for their arrest and an order for their hanging, but of course no one could actually get ahold of them. 

Realizing it was no longer safe to live in London, Pietro commandeered a small ship so that they could sail to wherever their hearts desired without the threat of arrest. For months they ventured to different islands and ports, and raised hell wherever they could, well at least Wanda did. Pietro was more grounded, and his moral compass always pointed north. However, it was unfortunately Wanda’s reckless behavior that got her brother killed and since then she’s taken on the life of a cut-throat pirate with nothing to lose. 

Her notoriety within the pirate community is what led the East India Trading Company to her doorstep. They offered her the opportunity of a life time, and the chance to bring her brother back from the dead. Something she could not refuse, even if the price for this was high. 

You see, HYDRA didn’t just want a ruthless captain to lead this treasure hunt. No, they wanted someone who no one could stop. Someone who contained gifts that no other possessed, but to have that, they had to create it and to create such a beast they had to use science and magic and use Wanda as the guinea pig. Thus, the Scarlett Witch was born. 

“Are you ready, Captain Maximoff?” The captain asked, as he stood beside her with a strong amount of confidence. 

“I would not be standing here, if I were not.” She retorted, a bit impatient and annoyed with his pointless questions. 

“Aye, that you wouldn’t.” He agreed, although with the way he spoke, the words almost came out as if they were a threat. She was well aware if she did not do what she was specifically instructed to, she would lose her life. So, it was best to be compliant. “Keep yourself alert, Maximoff. We’re sailing into enemy territory now.” He warned, and she offered a small nod in return. 

“They are the ones who need to be alert.” Said as an effort try and prove that she was capable of handling herself, and even more so now that she had her giftings. “You told me that I would have protection while sailing to find the tesseract… What kind of protection?” She raised her brow, wondering who he could’ve had in mind to protect an already powerful witch such as herself. 

“You will know in due time, my child.” He reassured her, but that was not enough for her. So, of course she searched his thoughts for the answer she was actually looking for. “The Dutchman? You’re in control of it.” Wanda said in surprise. She had heard tales of the ship and its crew, but had never gotten to witness it for herself. “No, that’s not possible.” She explained knowing exactly what the cost was to have charge over that ship. Although the captain was quick to shut down her disbelief. 

“My dear, Maximoff. What have we been telling you this whole time you’ve been aboard our ship? Whatever Hydra wants… it gets.” He smirked, as he walked away from her, leaving her with this sick feeling that gnawed at her insides. 

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This Is The End- AU

Group SL by- HImmelfallen This is the endAu drabble

Fresh hot curls bounced against Wanda’s shoulders, as she prepared herself for the halloween party her and Steve were throwing. Glancing at herself in the mirror, she cringed slightly at the bright green pigment that was now her skin complexion. It was almost ‘too’ green. Luckily at a halloween party that didn’t matter. However, she couldn’t really keep herself from feeling nervous, considering this was her first halloween party ever.  

Back in Sokovia her family celebrated halloween a little differently. It was a time where they honored the dead, so whenever halloween rolled around, they would light candles for the loved ones they had lost. Wanda, of course, still wanted to follow that tradition, by honoring her fallen family.  

Three candles rested in front of her on her dresser, along with an older photo of her and her parents and brother. Carefully she struck the match, watching the flame ignite. Digits hovered over each wick, until the candles lit. A small smile rested on her features as she looked down to the photo her head suddenly filling with good memories. “I love you… and I miss you dearly.” She spoke in her native Sokovian language, blowing out the candles soon after.  

Now that her time of mourning was over, she needed to head to the party before guests started arriving. She also wanted to make sure that the decorations had gone according to plan, and this was her only chance to see how everything turned out. As she stepped out of her room, decorations were already filling the halls, which brought a smile to her face. It seemed like the party caterers she hired certainly knew what they were doing, which was a relief.  

As she arrived to where the main event would be hosted, her eyes glanced around in awe. There was a massive table filled with food, all halloween themed, of course, along with a giant bowl of candy. “Not bad.” She muttered to herself, before stealing a snickers from the bowl.  Finally, she would make her way to the bar, figuring it couldn’t hurt to have a drink before the party began. After all, Sam once told her pregaming was the absolute best way to start a party, so she would take his advice…. If only this once. Although, before she could even get a drink in, she spotted Steve, who was grinning ear to ear. It was evident he was happy with his costume, which was good. She wanted Steve to feel excited, and also comfortable in whatever he wore.  

As he approached her, a small chuckle escaped her lips. “You look great” She admitted, fixing his hat as it sat a little lopsided on his head. “The hat is a nice touch.” She complimented, almost forgetting that she was dressed up too. Suddenly the embarrassment ran to her cheeks, turning them redder than the blush on her face. “Was this a bad idea?” She asked him, motioning to the long black gown and hat that rested on her head. “I have a feeling this is not gonna help me get away from the scarlet witch identity.” She sighed out, but as she observed his features, it didn’t seem like he hated her costume.  

For a moment she glanced over to the bar, raising her hand to the dressed up bar tender. “Can I get a vodka tonic?” She asked, clearly nervous for the night to begin
.“I hope everyone dressed up.”  Steve added as they both now watched people walk in one by one in a different costume. “Well if they didn't, they can suffer the consequences.” She pointed to the box that contained goofy costume pieces.

  Suddenly off in the distance she could hear Tony making comments on everybody’s costume, including Steve. Wanda shook her head in amusement, nodding at his compliment about the food. “Well you know what they say here in America. Go big or go home right?” She smirked, leaning back against the counter top of the bar. Aside from her nervous jitters, everyone else’s happy mood seemed to calm her down. In watch Tony walk over to the apple bucket, Wanda couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Stark so excited before… Have you?” She looked to Steve with a wide a smile.  ..  .

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Nightmare Before Christmas- AU

Group sl by- me 💀THIS IS HALLOWEEN 💀"I'm in hell...this is hell." 

 Lids opened slowly at first, vision blurry, until finally everything was crystal clear. The atmosphere was unsettling, and odd. Nothing looked real, it was all cartoonish. The trees, the ground, the grave stones that rested not too far from where she laid. How the hell did she get here? That last thing she remembered, was having a party with some of her closest friends, and then all of a sudden, she found herself here, with no explanation. It was all so strange, and also terrifying.

After awhile, Wanda’s eyes glanced down to her hands and arms, noticing they were a shade of green, though not by choice. As she tried to rub the odd pigment off her skin, she realized it wasn’t coming off, and the harder she rubbed the more her skin began to burn. It finally began to dawn on her that it wasn’t paint or make up, but /her/ actual skin, but the strange thing was it didn’t even look like human skin. It looked as if her body had been formed by clay.  “What the hell is going on?” Wanda asked out loud, and suddenly the pumpkin patch that resided next to her repeated what she had just said, but in a sing songy manner.  ♪"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" ♪

Clearly freaked out, Wanda scooted away from the singing pumpkins. Her head began to throb, as the anxiety was starting to kick in. The witch felt like she was in some awfully vivid Tim Burton inspired nightmare, however no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t wake up from it. Slowly she rose from the ground, and walked away from the choir of pumpkins.  

As she walked down the animated dirt road, she stumbled upon a three way sign. One arrow pointed to the road to the left and it read ‘Graveyard.’ The other arrow pointed to the path on the right, and carved into that wooden sign was “Hinterlands.” The last sign pointed straight on and it read ‘Halloween Town’.  That was all too familiar, and now she finally understood where she was, though it still didn’t make a lick of sense. This wasn’t a real town, it was fictional. “I’m in Halloween Town.” She spoke out in disbelief, still trying to make sense of this madness, and the moment those words came out of her mouth, was the same exact moment that skeletons popped up out of the ground aggressively singing. ♪“THIS IS HALLOWEEN!”♪ 

A scream now escaped her lips, as she was startled by the loud and sudden screaming. Wanda slapped her cheek now, in a desperate attempt to wake herself, but it didn’t make a difference. She was still trapped there, and now the once singing skeletons were all looking at her in a strange manner. “You’re going to miss Jack Skeleton’s announcement, you better make it there on time!” One of the skeleton creatures said. It almost sounded like a threat, which left her feeling uneasy. 

Despite wanting nothing to do with Halloween Town, she still decided to walk down that road, and eventually she approached two large gates that contained all different sorts of monsters on the other side of it. “I’m in hell…. This is hell.” She admitted, a bit horrified to go any further. 

02/16/2019 07:50 PM 


Group SL by- MeEVIL DEADEvil Dead AU 

 Despite what everyone kept telling Wanda, things were not alright. When Pietro died in the fight against Ultron, it left a huge hole in Wanda that couldn’t be mended. No matter how hard she tried to push forward with her life, some memory of her brother would end up shoving her backwards. Not knowing how else to numb the pain, Wanda decided to turn to liquor. For a while it helped her sadness dissipate, allowing her to live a semi-normal life, while she worked with the avengers.

Inevitably her drinking habit was getting too out of hand. She’d have frequent fits of violent rage that she couldn’t control, and almost every time her powers played a huge part. She couldn’t recall how many times she had destroyed the small apartment Tony provided her, or how many times she had come close to hurting one of the team members.

Eventually, the whole group had grown tired of dealing with the monster Wanda would turn into every time she drank and decided something needed to be done. Steve put together a trip for all of the group to be apart, so they could show their support for the Scarlet Witch.

It was a thoughtful idea, but one that Wanda was very uncertain about. She didn’t believe that an intervention would make all her problems go away, but Steve seemed convinced that it would, so she figured she’d give it a shot. Not that she had much of a say in the matter.

The day finally came for them to leave New York City in one of the vans Tony provided. The drive was long, and Wanda couldn’t help but feel anxious the whole venture there. This was evident, as her leg bounced up and down, while her eyes gazed out the van window to look at the fall scenery.

When the car drove down the long patch of road that was surrounded by a large decaying forest. Wanda’s eyes peered over to the windshield, to try and get a better view of where they would be staying. She couldn’t really see much, and it felt like the car was taking forever to get to the place. Though once the car came to a complete stop, she felt like she could finally breathe.

Without hesitation, Wanda got out of the van so she could get some fresh air. However, the moment she stepped out, she found herself nervous again “I don’t know if I can do this.” Wanda admitted out loud, as she finally observed the cabin that they would all be staying in until Wanda was properly detoxed. Despite this cabin being large in size, it looked like no one had lived here in years. The whole place was practically falling apart and she wondered how safe it truly was.

“Did Tony pick this place, or did you?” She looked over to Rogers know, her brow quirked as she was curious to know who in their right mind thought renting /this/ place was a good idea. She could tell by the looks on everyone else’s face, they were thinking along the same lines. Knowing that there was no way around any of this, Wanda let out an anxious sigh, and headed towards the trunk of their car where her bags were. Hoisting the strap of her duffle bag over her shoulder, she finally headed towards the entrance of the house. Her digits grasped the handle of the rusted door knob. Though the instant she touched it, she felt this wave of fear rush over her. Her powers could already start to pick up on the evil that lingered in this place.

Her gut was telling her not to open that door. Warning her  to turn back and go home before it was too late. But Wanda couldn’t. The avenger team gave her an ultimatum…. To either get help for her addiction and go through with this intervention, or to be kicked off the team permanently, and be sent back to Sokovia. Obviously, she was left with no other choice than to allow her friends to help, but part of her questioned if this would even work?

All Wanda was anticipating from this weekend, was to be really sick from the alcohol detox. Maria had already walked her through what symptoms she would be facing, and brought a bag of medical supplies on the off chance her detox went south for any reason. She couldn’t deny she was scared, but luckily she had the company of her friends, while she went through this temporary rough patch.. 

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