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03/18/2019 06:34 PM 

Trouble: Drabble

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She caved. Steph finally gave in to the invites on the weekend to go out with her college friends, much to Jordanna’s very vocal annoyance at this point.
She told them, via the group message she had been added to, that she'd meet them at the club.

Jordanna: Don't dress like a freak. I know it's almost unavoidable, but try, alright? We don't need one person bringing us down.

Francisco: Jor, rude.

Me: Don't worry your pretty little head. I got this.

This was first time, probably ever, Steph had actually put in effort, that wasn't for Bat related business, or didn't involve one or the Wayne galas. It was an odd feeling.
Going with a pair of skinny jeans, ankle boots, a shimmery black camisole top and red leather jacket, she took her time with her hair and makeup, actually bothering to do both, which may have been a first for this group to see.
Organising a small bag with the important things, she then set off.
By the time she got to the club, her friends were already inside, gathered around a table. Weaving through the dancing masses, Steph joined them, slipping in next to Jordanna, who looked at Steph, then past her, searching, back to her with a scowl, folding her arms. Frowning quizzically, Steph shakes her head slightly and beams at them.

“Howdy friends, sorry I'm a little late, the drive in took a bit longer than I thought.”

“No worries! You look great! You should wear red more often!”

Grinned Michael, causing Francisco to roll his eyes slightly.

“I wore red almost every day for almost two months for a while. I’m good only wearing it occasionally.”

Steph responded automatically. Jordanna nudges her in the side.

“I need the bathroom. Let's go.”

“Oh, sure…”

Getting up, Steph waited for Jordanna, hearing Michael mutter as they started to leave

“Always gotta go in packs. I will never understand.”

Walking across the dance floor with Jordanna, moving slower than she would have usually moved so her brunette companion could keep up in her strappy stiletto heels and spaghetti strap white bodycon mini dress, Steph offered her arm back to Jordanna, to, her surprise, actually took it. Reaching the ladies room, Steph pushed open the door and waited for Jordanna to enter, before following. Jordanna folded her arms, and stared at Stephanie, who raised a brow.


“I thought you'd bring your boyfriend! What kinda girl with a boyfriend doesn't bring them when they go out in Gotham?!”

Steph blinked in confusion, before moving out of the doorway, shifting to lean against the sink counter.

“He's out of town on business at the moment for one, and two, this isn't exactly his scene. I'm not sure he would have come even if I invited him.”

Jordanna moved with her, arms folding.

“He's crazy. Don't take this as a complement or think that I like you or anything, because you're still a freak, but if I had a girlfriend that could clean up like you I wouldn't let her out without me. Plus it's just dangerous in Gotham!”

Frowning slightly at her, Steph straightened up, sighing heavily.

“There's so many things wrong with that sentence, I don't know where to start. He and I have known each other for years, long before we started dating. He trusts me, I trust him. I'm not gonna do anything with any random person while I'm out for a night, Jor. And as for Gotham for being dangerous? That's fine. I grew up with a criminal dad, remember? I know how to take care of myself.”

Pausing for a minute, she nodded her head to the stalls behind Jordanna.

“Did you actually have to go?”

“What? No. I just wanted to talk to you away from the boys. I really just wanna know who he is. I'm starting to think political, which is why it's hush hush. You've got an older man.”

Jordanna squints at her. Steph half smiles, offering her arm again, which was taken, as she started to lead Jordanna out again.

“You know, I’ll tell you what. You'll meet him one day. For sure. And you're half right. You can figure out which half.”

“Why do you keep just toying with me? Why won't you just tell me?!”

“Honestly? I've given you enough clues for you to figure it out. If you've been paying attention.”

“Why?! Why are you like this?!”

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Halfway across the dance floor, another voice sounds.

“Brown? Is that you?”

Stopping, Steph turned her head in the direction of the voice, to see a group of three males moving towards them. She had to think hard for where she would have known them from, before narrowing her eyes slightly, and leant to Jordanna.

“So, I'll explain later. Stick close, and put this on.”

Shrugging herself out of her jacket and passing it to Jordanna, who frowned in confusion, then seeing the men, who radiated seediness, she quickly pulled it on, pulling it around her, Steph smiling faintly at the one who spoke to her.

“What's up, Reggie?”

“Brown, You grew up big. Look at you. We thought maybe you were dead, or had left the city. The Boss missed you….”

Looking passed her, to Jordanna, who was now gripping at Steph’s bare arm.

“...Who's your friend?”

Giving Jordanna’s hand a light squeeze, she shifted slightly, moving more between them and her.

“You're sounding mighty creepy, Reg. Clearly I'm not dead. I just quit the business. The Boss got my letter of resignation.”

“Huh…. People don't just get to quit…”

“I did… now if you don't mind, I'm here to have a good time. Don't start something you won't be able to finish, Reggie. Walk away.”

One of the others started to move forward, Steph could see signs that hee was high on something.

“Start what, there's three of us, and there's two puny girls. We would kill you!”

Jordanna's grip tightened, to both hands, Steph rested her hand on hers, giving a light pat again.

“Actually, buddy, it would be you three against me, and I'd wipe the floor with you. As for the murdering me thing…”

She took a breath and tilted her head back, letting out a shriek, as security had already been watching. Pointing her finger at them as the men in suits came over, she gasped, the crowd gathering around them.

“They're threatening us!”

Murmurs of agreement, Jordanna nodding as well, as the situation was taken care of.
Leading her back to the table, Jordanna, still clutching at her arm, asks

“How are you so calm right now? That was terrifying!”

“Sweetie, those guys are the type of people I've dealt with my whole life. It's gonna take more than someone threatening my life to spook me.”

“How did he know you…?”

Letting out a sigh, Steph had to figure out a way to word the answer.

“For a while, when I was 16, I used to gather information for Penguin. I never did anything illegal, technically, but I worked for a criminal.”

Jordanna gaped at her, as they returned to the table, sliding back into the seats. While they were gone, the boys had taken the liberty of getting them drinks, Francisco kindly remembering that Steph drove in, getting her a Coke. Looking at them curiously, he frowned slightly.

“What was all that about?”

Steph sipped at her drink, as Jordanna went to take off the jacket, Steph shook her head.

“Give it back to me on Monday. You might need it more than me over the course of the night. Just a hunch.”

Jordanna leant back, and looked at Francisco.

“The Freaks kinda trouble. Badass, but trouble.”

Letting out a reactionary snort of a laugh, Steph leant back in her seat.


"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

03/16/2019 08:01 PM 

New Tactics?: Drabble

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Everything hurt.
She was sure that if her hair had nerve endings, every strand of her hair would be screaming in pain right now too.
But she couldn't stay down. That wasn't gonna happen. Not today. Not any day.
Letting out a groan as she rolled to her side, wiping her mouth with the back of her arm, doing little more than smear the mess that ran from her nose and mouth across her face, and up the sleeve of her suit.
Somewhere to her left she could hear a voice speaking, through her ringing ears.

“Whadda we do, boss? She just won't stay down?”

Pushing herself slowly to her feet, with a weak chuckle, spitting a glob of blood, and-was that a tooth?- before straightening up with a stagger.

“Idiots. How do we get the drop on a Bat and we still can't take them out?”

Screamed the apparent leader. He had done well so far to not reveal himself. They had all dressed the same. All moved as one. But that was it.

“Here we go.”

A slow grin spread across the bloody face of the blonde, as she darted forward, moving with unexpected quickness of a woman having just endured a beating.
Driving a knee into the stomach of the first body between her and her target, she gripped their shoulders, drew back, and drove the knee in again, leaning in to stage whisper

“That's how that one's done, sweetie. Take notes.”

Before letting go of their shoulders, taking a half step back, and letting them crumple.
The game was on. Panic set in. It was palpable. They were quickly realizing the Batgirl let them get the drop on her. That she hadn't fought back deliberately.
Some of the circle around her broke away, running. Steph saw it in her peripheral vision, gaze focused on their leader.

“No, wait. Come back. I was so wanting to play with you guys more!”

She called, not turning her head, the faux innocence and cheer ghastly, as blood started staining the ends of her hair that sat over her shoulders, sitting on her chest, blood dripping from her face.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
“Here's a tip, fellas. If you're trying to keep a Bat down, a beating isn't gonna do it. Try something a little more substantial next time. Maybe a nuke. Cuz bullets and knives don't stop us either.”

Stephanie launched herself at the one the revealed themself to being the leader, fists, elbows, and knees striking at, and felling anyone in her way.
Reaching her mark, grabbing him by the collar, she smiled sweetly, a horrible, bloody, toothy smile.

“Hi. You're a little bit screwed, huh buddy?”

There was a whimper of a response, before the smile vanished, like a switch was flicked, and Batgirl drove her cowl covered forehead right into the bridge of the nose of the man, feeling his reflexive grip on her arms grow weak. Now was the time.

“I have questions, you better have answers. What's the dealio. Why you trying to jump Bats? Who's supplying you? And training you?”

The response was a gurgled mumbling, his eyes glazed over. Sighing heavily, she lets him go, dropping him heavily to the ground, before beginning to rummage through his pockets, looking for a phone. Finding one, she tries to unlock it, to find it having a passcode screen lock. The exasperated sighs become growls of frustration.
It was fine. She'd take it to the Firewall and just hack the damn thing. Lesson learnt. Don't lead with the headbutt. No matter how badass it may feel. Pressing a finger to her ear piece, she moved back over to where she got up from, scowling, searching the ground amongst the unconscious bodies.

“Alfred. I'm done here… but I'm gonna need a dentists appointment tomorrow. And a decent story for why my face is so messed up. Got any ideas?”

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

03/06/2019 06:39 PM 

Investigation: Drabble

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Crouched low, eyes fixed on the window four down, three across from her position on the rooftop, she watched for signs of movement.
It had been still for the few moments she had been keeping watch on it, and just wanted to be certain that no landlords, or otherwise would interfere with her investigation.
Quickly taking this opportunity to double check her 'file’ on her phone, Stephanie ran over what she knew so far.
Jasmine Lee, age 25, lives alone. No immediate family, co-workers reported her missing Monday after not showing up for work. Kept to herself. No known enemies.
What you always hear when someone goes missing.
Letting out a soft sigh, Steph tucks her phone away and slowly straightens up, rolling her head on her shoulders.

“You're meant to practice the things you're not so good at, right? This case seems simple enough. Shouldn't be anything to mess up. I need to work on investigation. It's a win win, right?”

After a brief pause, when she lines up a shot with the grapple line, firing and swinging across to the other building, slowly lowering herself to the correct window, she mutters.

“Really gotta stop talking to yourself though. Not a good look…”

Gently sliding the winged edge of a batarang under the window jam, she slowly eases it up, before slipping inside, stomach immediately turning at the distinct stench of early decay, faint buzzing not too far to her left. Swallowing hard, she slowly pulled out her phone again, this time to use as a flashlight, pulling her cape to her nose and mouth instinctively, as she swept the beam of light around the room.
There, propped in the corner, very much dead, was a young woman.
Closing her eyes, hanging her head for a moment, Stephanie let out a soft sigh. She had hoped she had just skipped town. Clenching her jaw and taking in a sharp breath, before almost gagging from the smell of carrion, determination set in.
Step one: ID the body.
Sweeping the light around the room again, she looked for some sort of purse, or handbag. Spotting the bag on the coffee table, Steph carefully reached inside, aware to disrupt as little as possible, to look for a driver's licence, a student ID, social security, anything. Pulling a licence out, she confirmed that sadly, it was Jasmine Lee in the corner. Just slightly more, well, dead.
Aware to put it away where she got it from, she returned to Jasmine's side, eyes searching her, for step two.
Cause of death.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
After staring at her for a moment, and then looking around the room slowly, Stephanie, not the most well trained in forensics, concluded cause of death was repeated stab wounds to the upper torso. There were defensive wounds on her arms, which didn't surprise Stephanie at all. Standing up, and tracing the blood, she found the first splatter marks started right at the door. She was attacked as she opened the door? They continue all the way back to the corner, where she was forced. Or she tried to retreat to. Where she died.
Hanging her head again, Stephanie closes her eyes for a moment, pinching the bridge of her nose.
It means who ever attacked her brought the weapon with them. It also means they were someone she would open the door for, right?

“Don't worry, Jasmine. I'll get this sorted. And I'm not gonna leave you here alone again…”

She mumbles softly, returning to the bag, starting to look for a phone, and finding nothing. Taking a look at Jasmine's body, and seeing her pants have pockets, she lets out a soft whine, swaying in place in lieu of stamping her feet, before going over, and rummaging through the poor murdered girls pockets. Finding the phone, Steph sits back on her heels in her crouched position, swipes the screen to life, (luckily with no code) and looks through the messages, call logs, anything, to give her something for step three.
After what felt like forever combing through the messages, and feeling like a right creep, and finding nothing, Steph scowled. Random attacks happen in Gotham all the time, but not in your own home.
She was missing something.
Sliding the phone back into Jasmine's pocket, Steph stopped and sighed, staring at the blood splatter again, willing it to give her answers.
There was something Bruce said once, during her training as Robin about blood splatter and paying attention, and right now she couldn't remember it for the life of her.

“C'mon, Steph, think. Focus. What aren't you seeing?”

She hisses at herself, passing the light over the dark stains on the ground. Large dark smears, streaks from being walked though, small quick drips.
Small quick drips?
Narrowing in on these, she realises they start in the middle of the room, and go towards the door, but aren't near the body. Acting on a hunch, she moves to the door or the apartment, listens intently for a few moments, then quickly opens the door, to see that the small quick drips continue out into the hallway.
Shutting the door with a soft click, Steph has her suspect. No connection needed to the victim, ability to force way into apartment. Stephanie knows first hand how dangerous he can be.
Victor Zsasz.

“Well… sh*t. Now what. I never thought I'd get this far…”

Returning to crouching by Jasmine's body, she couldn't help but to think for a second that if things had gone differently, they would both be scores on that manics flesh.
The door flung open, with force. Steph's head snapping around to look, as two uniformed GCPD officers enter, guns drawn.


Steph grimaces from her position next to the body, in the middle of a crime scene that has yet to be reported.

“Uhh. I can explain?”

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

03/03/2019 04:01 PM 

Belief: Drabble

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It wasn’t often that Stephanie Brown was the one that hit the streets of Gotham of a night. Rare, if ever, really.
Normally it was Batgirl prowling the rooftops and alleyways, darkness and shadow as her friends, hugging her as tightly as the for fitting batsuit did.
Ok, maybe not. She wasn’t a slinky, shadow creeping badass ninja. She was more a surprise dropkick ‘hi fellas’ kinda Batgirl, but a girl can pretend.
Out and about, seeing the city from the rare ground vantage point, her hands deep in the pockets of her jackets, Steph wandered down the quiet streets. A few blocks away, she could hear the muffled sounds of parties; loud voices, the low distorted rumbling of bass in over cranked music, and general merriment. People living their lives. Enjoying their lives.
Moving further into the city, even though it was well past 2am, she didn’t feel the least bit unsafe. Sure, that was probably because of who she was, or that she was subconsciously avoiding specific areas while out alone as, well, NOT BATGIRL, Steph stopped into an all night diner, grabbing herself a coffee, sitting in a booth by a window.
"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
“Girl, you are crazy to be out this late alone. You're gonna get yourself killed.”

The portly, almost grandmotherly waitress shakes her head as she pours the coffee into her mug, Steph grinning brightly.

“Nah, Gothams got my back. You love her, she loves you, that's how it works.”

“Yeah, You ARE crazy.”

Was the only response, before the waitress walked away, shaking her head.
With a shrug, Steph shrugged a shoulder and sipped at the coffee. Wasn’t the first time her positivity was mocked. Wouldn't be the last.
It may have seemed crazy to most in the city, hell, any one that knew Gothams reputation, but she believed in it. That it was beautiful. That it the people in it were good. That they could ultimately make it great.
And that's all that mattered to her.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

02/25/2019 05:23 PM 

Baby Blues: Drabble

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Tuesday. No classes on a Tuesday this semester. Normally Stephanie would hang out on campus, play ping pong, catch up on study that she couldn't do at night, or just generally enjoy the sunshine.
Today, however, she felt like a change of pace.
Absently wandering around Killinger's Department Store, hands in her pockets, Stephanie was content with her window shopping, gazing at the different outfits that were in fashion lately, that she was just not cool enough to pull off.
She would stick with her beat up jeans and tee shirts.
Those studded ankle boots were cute though.
After a lap of one floor, looking at everything at caught her eye, usually something glittery, Stephanie made a move to the food court, bought herself some lunch, and took a seat.
Absently pushing the lettuce of the caesar salad around with her fork before taking a mouthful, her attention was grabbed by a young mother, sitting not too far from her, engaged in a spirited conversation with her daughter, roughly four or five, about whether Batman, Robin and the Batfamily were vampires, as the young girl cheerfully munched chicken nuggets.
The mother 'believed’ they must have been vampires. When had her daughter ever seen any of them out in the day time?
Little Miss Nuggets disagreed. Her reasoning? Vampires weren't real. Batman was.

‘Sound logic. Can't argue with that, Little One.’

Steph nodded to herself, resting her fork against her chin.
Then it hit her.
Her daughter would be about the same age.
Slowly sitting back in her seat, Steph looked down at her half eaten food, not so hungry anymore.
Closing the container, she stood, getting up, and left to do another lap, to try to distract herself.

'Is she a girly girl? A tomboy? What's her favorite color? Favorite food? …. Is she happy? Safe? Loved?’

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
The idea of her daughter being unhappy, unsafe, or unloved, some of the reasons Stephanie gave her up for adoption in the first place caused her eyes to well up on the spot.
Quickly running her forearm across her eyes, she sniffed, deciding to retreat to the car instead.
Setting her forehead against the steering wheel, she took a deep breath, trying to arrange scattered, racing thoughts. Bruce told her when she was dying that her daughter would want for nothing. So he would know where she was, right?
Unless he didn't go through with it, and was just saying anything to try to comfort a dying girl.
What would she do with that information if she did know where she was anyway? Go see her? Then what?
If she's loved and happy, she'd only be hurting herself. And if she wasn't, what was she gonna do, burst in as Batgirl and take the kid away?
Letting out a half sob, half growl of frustration, gritting her teeth, Steph took several slow, deep breaths, started the car, and headed home.
Walking into the Manor, dragging her feet slightly, she dropped her backpack to the floor as she shuffled into the living room, with every intention to flop face down on the couch and not move until Alfred checked her for signs of life, however, Barbara was sitting there, watching baby James crawling around on the floor, playing with one of the dozens of toys Steph may or may not have gotten him for Christmas.

“Oh. Hey.”

Steph forces her chirpy tone, and a smile, Babs glancing at her.

“Hey Steph. Could you keep an eye on James for a second, I really gotta-”

The subtle urgency in her voice told Steph all she needed to know, and she nodded.

“Go, I got you.”

As Babs briskly walked out down the hall, Steph dropped down into a seated position, legs crossed indian style, gently lifting James into her lap, getting a soft coo from him as she gave him a cuddle.

“Spoiler is gonna end up spoiling the crap outta you, Jim-jim. Yeah, I know, I'm not Spoiler anymo-ow!”

Her little speech cut short by James grabbing hold of a handful of her hair and yanking.
She was going to remember that.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

02/23/2019 06:58 PM 

Sentimentality: A Drabble

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Stephanie Brown had long lost touch of her high school friends.
They were the kids for the wrong side of the tracks, the ’alternative, punk scene losers’, the ’bad influences’.
They were just misunderstood. They never did anything too bad.
But Batgirl had kept an eye on them. Kept them safe.
If they started walking down the wrong path, towards the gangs and violence, Batgirl would spook them straight.
Well, straight enough.
She even kept the hangouts clear of gang activity.
The Bat may have caught on to her little act of sentimentality some time back, but had yet to say a word about it, likely because she hadn't reinserted herself into their lives.
Stephanie wasn't even sure she still even had their numbers in her phone.
Tonight, on patrol, she swung by, just to check in on them.
It was lucky she did.
She saw some old faces trying to cause trouble.
The Sprang Bridge Soldiers were trying to expand territory, pushing people around, including some of the people she once called friends.
The last time she saw them was a few years ago, when she was Spoiler, and took them down with Tim, when he was Robin. Normally she'd scope them out a bit more, wait to strike, but she vaguely remembered them being pushovers.
So she struck.
"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Swooping in with a double barrel drop kick to the back of the leader, she wiped them out swiftly. A lot faster than she expected, really. Quick kicks, sharp strikes. Taking them down, she restrained them with zipties.
Looking up, she had noticed the ’alternative, punk scene losers’ had scattered, knowing the GCPD would be on the way.
Repositioning to an overlooking rooftop, she waited for the Sprang Bridge Soldiers kids to get picked up.
Then waited for the scattered kids to return. Relocating, she drew her binoculars to just check them, when she noticed it, on the back wall, beneath the overpass.
Among the graffiti, was a mural of a blonde haired, purple wearing Batgirl, swooping in to save them.
Lowering the binoculars, she wipes her face. A bug must have flown into her eye.
"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

02/14/2019 12:35 PM 

A 'Day' in the Life: Full

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Friday- 6:45am Coffees: 0

Slapping her hand down on the flashing screen of her phone, flicking her thumb across the screen the silence the alarm, Stephanie slowly opened her eyes, rolling from her stomach to her side, blinking slowly, building up the drive to get out of bed. She knew that if she didn't do it herself in the next five minutes, Alfred would come in, rip open the blackout curtains, and strip back the covers like her mother would have (she regretted ever telling him about that), which she really didn't need him doing, especially not when Bruce was back.
Sitting up, elbows on her knees, rubbing her eyes, she heard the door open. She must have been laying there for longer than she thought. Here he was.
Snatching up a pillow from behind her Stephanie flung it half heartedly across the room at the door.

“Don't you even, Alfred. I'm up…”

“Very well, Miss Stephanie. You might wish to get a move on. Master Timothy is in the kitchen, you won't have any coffee left if you aren't careful.”

He caught the pillow with little effort, crossed into the room and began making the bed, as the blonde scrambled out of it at the mention of the caffeine fiend Tim Drake, trailed down to the kitchen by her four legged shadow, Ace.
Reaching the kitchen, and seeing it was empty, with a full pot of coffee, a mug already poured for her, next to a plate of waffles, fruit, and bacon, she scowled, slowly slid onto to stool, picked up the cutlery laid out for her, and began to eat, grumbling to herself, Alfred setting her phone next to her as he returned several minutes later.

“That's cruel and unusual, Al. What did I ever do to you to deserve that?”

Stephanie asks, food packed into her cheek. Answering her deadpan, Alfred's response came quickly, staring her dead in the face.

“Glitter. I find it everywhere, Miss Stephanie, and I know it's your doing.”

With a slow, guilty grin, she says nothing, shrugs a shoulder, and continues eating. After several minutes of silence, Alfred raises a brow.

“I assume you're going ahead with your plan for the weekend?”

Pausing, fork at her lips, Steph picked up a piece of bacon, holding it out to Ace, who lightly took it from her, before returning her gaze to Alfred, grinning brightly.

“You betcha, buster! It's gonna be the first of a long line of test runs, but we might as well start somewhere. A full weekend can be a small test. I need to learn where my limits are, and how much further I can go past them.”

“You remind me so much of him sometimes…”

“Yeah, well, Bruce never needs to hear either of us talk like that, so we will never speak of this again. I'm only good for shenanigans and glitter, not real bat talk, ok?”

She grins into her coffee mug, earning a small smile and a shake of the head from the Englishman, before she stood and took her dishes to the sink, turning and heading back upstairs, to get ready for the day, and the weekend ahead.

Friday- 8:30am Coffees: 2
Having gathered her book bag, her suit bag, and a bag with street clothes, and other necessities, just in case, phone and travel mug of coffee bundled into her arms as she rushed down the stairs from the manor to the batcave, across the floor to the Compact, unlocking it remotely, throwing the bags into the back, almost losing grip on the coffee mug as she did.
How was she running late? Easy. She got distracted by trying to sort out her hair. If not properly maintained, it could easily become a puffball of blonde frizz. She spent far too long trying to work out what to do with it, whether she should cut it all short again, and instead gave up and straightened it, which in itself, took about an hour.
So here she was. Grumbling about the fact that she would have cowl hair in a few hours anyway.

Friday- 9:10am Coffees: 2 and a sip
Using the Bat made shortcuts through the city probably constituted as cheating, however, considering she was still late, it hardly counted. Zipping into a parking space in the student lot, Steph took enough time to make sure she grabbed the right bag, before sprinting across campus, slipping into the room with a weak wave to the professor, and dropping into a seat next to Jordanna, sinking down as low as possible.

“You can't ever do anything normally, can you, Freak?”

Her classmate hisses at her, causing Stephanie to roll her eyes, slowly sit up, dig a notepad and pen from her book bag, and mutter under her breath.

“If it weren't for me, you'd be hexed right now. Why'd I stop Klarion again…?”

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Friday- 4:30pm Coffees: 3, working on 4th
She made it through the day, on three hours sleep. She didn't fall asleep in any of her classes, she took notes, she hardly even doodled. It was what one could call a productive day, even.
Now the real test began. Slowly walking through the emptying carpark, book bag hooked over her shoulder, running through the logistics of her plans for the weekend, she chewed at her lower lip. It was gonna suck, especially if she got into any trouble, but most the heavy hitters were still away in Arkham, so she should be good, what was th-

‘Don't even finish that thought, Stephanie Brown. You know what happens when you do that.’

Snapped from her thoughts by footsteps coming up along her side, causing her to glance over her shoulder to see Francisco trotting up to her, Jordanna trailing behind him. Seeing he had her attention, he waved, and spoke, stuffing his hands into his pockets, Steph sipped her coffee.

“Hey, Steph, a bunch of us were gonna go to the street fair over the weekend, did you wanna come with?”

A flicker of a frown formed on Steph’s face, as she stopped walking, turning, tilting her head slightly.


“As friends. Just to clarify. That looks like a conflicted face.”

“What? Oh. No, I mean, I didn't think-did you-I'm busy with family stuff all weekend, is all. But thanks anyway.”

Jordanna, having caught up by now, huffs, folding her arms.

“It's always family stuff. Isn't your dad, like, a dead criminal, and you're an only child? What family stuff? Just stop inviting her to stuff, Francisco.”

Letting out a slow sigh, Stephanie tucked her hand into her pocket and shugged.

“If you must know, Jordanna, it's stuff with my boyfriend's family, alright? You happy now? I'll see you Monday.”

Before turning and walking away, waving over her shoulder.

“Wait, Steph has a boyfriend?”

She heard Jordanna ask Fransisco behind her as she climbed into her car, shutting the door with a solid thunk, shaking her head with a small smirk of amusement.

’Good luck finding anything on the internet, Jordanna.’

She thought before pulling out of the parking lot, and heading towards the city.

Friday- 10pm Coffees: 4
Having already done a patrol of the city, stopped several petty crimes, Batgirl sat atop GCPD headquarters, under the unlit Bat Signal, checking her phone. She had an unread message from Fransisco that she would deal with when she wasn't Batgirl, and the one she was expecting. One from Officer Luca Weimann, one of her allies on the force.
Luca: Coffee coming up, Blondie. Usual place?

Me: You know it. I won't even spook you this time.🦇

It wasn't long before Luca poked his head out of the roof access door wearily, as if he didn't trust the Batgirls word, like he had been fooled by it before, and truth be told, he had. However, she sat, watching him with a bored expression, legs folded indian style, cape draped around her shoulders, sitting in plain sight.

“I didn't lie to you, you know…”

She says flatly, shaking a green party sized bag of Skittles, their weekly exchange. Sugar for caffeine, and chat for as long as they could get away with it.

“This time. You didn't lie this time. You lie so much. Like, all the time.”

Luca crossed and sat next to her, handing her a paper coffee cup roughly the size of her head, taking the candy. Batgirl rolled her eyes and sipped the coffee, murmuring happily. The suit may have been insulated, but her face still got cold.

“I figured you'd still be sour over finding out about the dating situation through the grapevine, but honestly, no one outside the family was meant to know. It sort of puts a target on me. But… it just happened.”

“Nah, nuh-uh. Don’t you be tryin’ to use puns to try to sweet talk your way outta this one.”

She grinned and pointed at him.

“Got ya. You punned. Haha. Can't be mad at me.”

By now, they were both laughing, and Luca shook his head.

“Damn, Blondie. Alright, alright. As long as you're happy, that's what matters, right?”

She snorted, and lightly elbowed him.

“Have you ever seen me not happy?”

“I mean, I've seen the ‘autopsy’ photos of you Gage has, that’s not exactly what I would call happy, he's still got that file, y’know. He's waiting for the time to strike, I think…”

Narrowing her eyes, she sips her coffee quietly, running over several options, considering taking the damn file.

“Currently, he's under the impression that if he messes with Stephanie Brown, he'd be putting a Robin in danger, and the Bat would be paying him a visit. He almost wet himself when I told him that. But once he works out the Bats been out of town for a while he might try to drop it. I can only do so much on my own.”

“...You've gotten a lot more vicious in your takedowns since around Christmas, that's to make people think he's still in town, huh?”

Stephanie says nothing, again, her attention on her coffee, but it was true, and she didn't feel the least bit bad about it.
A faint click in her ear as a comms line opened, causing her to snap to attention, and Alfred's voice sounded.

“Sorry to interrupt, Batgirl, there is a riot at Blackgate. As you are at the Bat Signal, I thought perhaps you could save them the trouble of lighting it. I will send the Batwing to pick you up.”

“Lucky me, I’m moving up in the world…”

She mutters, getting to her feet as Luca looks on, confused.


“Riot at Blackgate, was just alerted. Let the Commish know when he comes up I'm already on it. Same time next week?”

“Uh-yeah, same time next week… God, I'm never gonna get used to how casual you are about how crazy this all is… you Bats are nuts.”

Catching a glimpse of the Batwing, Steph knew what her next move was.

“No Luca, we're Batty, c'mon now.”

Before stepping off the side of the building, and onto the wing on the plane, moving quickly, off to Blackgate.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight
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Saturday- 2:30am Coffees:7
It wasn't the trip that took the time getting to Blackgate. It was getting everyone back under control. It wasn't as bad as the last riot she dropped in for. No costumed meta humans, and no Black Mercy coma this time, but she would still have to deal with her father, once everyone else was back in their cells.
The inmates were trouble, and Stephanie reminded them all very quickly that while she may have been a five foot, five inch tall, hundred and twenty pound young woman, she was also a bat, and she was likely the reason a lot of them got caught in the first place, she was not to be taken lightly.
Once everyone was rounded back up, returned to their cells with a few extra bumps and bruises, Batgirl checked in with the guards, before sighing heavily, and heading to the only closed cell during the riot, her father's.
Yes, Arthur Brown was, in fact alive, and in Gotham. In Blackgate, as a matter of fact, under the name Aaron Black, thanks to the Suicide Squad.
Stephanie presumed that he was the mastermind behind the riot, and hid away to avoid harm.


She thought as she wiped the corner of her mouth clean of blood, using her bo staff to nudge the still unlocked door open from a foot back, which was just as well, as a flash of movement flicked down toward the staff and clattered off it.
A shiv.
Stepping forward, kicking the door and grabbing the offending wrist, as well as the collar of the prison jumpsuit, Batgirl dragged 'Aaron Black’ across the floor to his bed, shoving him to a seated position, and roughly disarming him, tossing it over her shoulder with disdain.

“A prison shiv, dad? Really?”

“Well, to be fair, I wasn't expecting you. They kept shouting 'The Bat’, so I figured it would be-”

“The one who would break your wrist for trying to stab him instead of just sassing you. Good call. Aren't you meant to be smart?”

“It's not my fault I have to cause a prison riot for my daughter to visit me…”

Audibly groaning, and folding her arms, shifting her weight to one leg, the masked vigilante was gone, and a disapproving teen daughter was in her place.

“You didn't cause this to see me, you liar. You thought Batman would come. You just admitted three seconds ago. Get your story straight.”

Leaning back against the wall covered in newspaper cuttings about Batgirl, knowing better than to try anything right now, Arthur folded his arms as well, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Fine. Yes, I was hoping it was the Batman. Did you know about #battracker on Twitter? People in Gotham tweet sightings of the Bat.”

He paused, expecting Steph to respond. Her heart sunk the moment he said battracker, she knew where this was going, but she kept her face as neutral as possible, raising a brow at him, saying nothing.

“Well, anyway, apparently, Christmas, people reported seeing Batman-”

He paused to use air quotes with his fingers, Stephanie almost punching him in the face on principle.

“-hooking up with the blonde Batgirl. That's you. Are you with the Bat, Stephy?”

She tilted her head, narrowing her eyes, letting her arms fall slack, and leant forward ever so slightly.

“There's so many things wrong with what just came out of your mouth. One, you aren't meant to have internet access. Two, don't believe everything you read on the internet. Three, you started a riot hoping Batman would come here so you could ask him about that? How do you think that would go for you, father? I'll give you a hint…”

She wound back, and jabbed him in the jaw, before turning to leave, his fingers catching at her cape.

“That's not a no, Stephanie…”

“You want your jaw wired shut, dad?”

“I.. don't want you to get killed.”

She stood in silence, before turning her head enough to look back at him.

“Since when?”

Pulling her cape free, she left the cell, slamming the door behind her with an authoritative thud, and reported her findings to the warden, as well as questioning how he had internet access,before heading back to do another patrol, her stomach growling.
She'd eat something after the patrol.

Saturday- 4am Coffees: 7
She got held up on her food mission, the patrol actually being fruitful, Batgirl actually stopping crime, armed robbery this time, her stomach growling the entire time.
Having wrapped everything up, she dragged herself back to the Compact, sliding into the driver's seat, returning to the cave, writing up a report at the Batcomputer on the night, water, coffee and a meal of fish and vegetables arriving not long after she began her report.

“Thank you Alfred.”

Steph spoke softly, picking at her green beans as she typed out the nights events one handed.

“But of course, Miss Stephanie. And do not worry about your father. He may be, as you say, 'scum feeding worm meat’, but he will keep quiet.”

Steph snorted a weary laugh.

“I left my comms on again, huh?”

“You almost always do.”

Alfred responds, leaning over to disconnect her comm link, before leaving her to her report.
Saturday- 5:30am Coffees: 8
Taking the bag of extra essentials from the back of the Compact, she stretched out slowly, dancing to herself to the music that played from her phone, she prepared to Boom Tube from Gotham to Jump City for the first time of many this time over the weekend, should all things go to plan. Put her time in with the Titans.
The process was smooth. One second she was in the cave, the next she was in Titans Tower. It was just the time difference that was gonna do her in. So she hit the training room.

Saturday- 8:30am Coffees: 8
Batgirl trained until she heard movement from any of the other Titans that stayed in the tower. Getting herself cleaned up, she made sure her cowl was back in place, before moving to the kitchen, preparing waffles for who ever was around, and drinking coffee.
It would have been a bizarre sight to behold, a Bat of Gotham, in your kitchen, preparing you breakfast, in full suit, minus the gloves, because she wanted to have clean hands, singing along to Ariana Grande from a glittery purple cased phone.
Alas, it was the case for the Teen Titans.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Saturday- 3pm Coffees: 13
Titans Tower was quiet for a bit. The boys had not long just all gone feral, all full of testosterone out of nowhere, something about pool parties and boys only. Not that she cared. Stephanie was content enough sitting still for a bit. She could use this time to catch up on messages.
Fransisco: Hey, sorry about Jordanna earlier, she's always been like that. She's a bit possessive and worried new friends will remove old friends. I've been meaning to ask though, why don't you ever hang out with us outside class hours?

Steph stared at the message for a good ten minutes, trying to think of how best to answer. When in doubt, go with half truths.

Me: Hey! I'm not to worried about Jordanna honestly. She's fine. But I do sorta try to hang out with you guys sometimes. I was there with a friend at the Valentine's fair last year, and I saw you at a diner, and then I got shot in the head… remember that? Most of the time I'm just hanging out with people I don't get to see during the week.

And send.

'You didn't have to remind him you got shot in the head because of him, Dork Brain.’

She chastised herself, setting the phone down, moving to pick up the LexPad she had been playing with before the boys went mental. She was almost tempted to take off her cowl, being the only one here, but she resisted, and went back to her riddle based game.
She would never admit it out loud, but she found them ludicrously easy. A cake walk. She would purposely let the time tick down so that if anyone else played they would have the high score on the levels.
She wanted nothing in common with her father. Even looking remotely like him was too much for her.
The buzzing of her phone snapped her from the grinding of her teeth, and letting the timer run down, failing the level, she set the LexPad down scooped up the phone and shifted to a more upright position, reaching for her mug, conveniently bright purple.

Fransisco: It was so scary. How did that not kill you? You must have nine lives. I'm still really sorry you got mixed up in my dad's mess. But, you must know a thing or two about that, right?
People like your boyfriend? When are we gonna meet him? You're keeping him a secret for a reason. He's not that pilgrim guy, is he?

Having taken a mouthful of coffee during reading the message, she damn near choked reading the last line.

Me: It was a glancing shot, it was fine. If I do have nine lives I've gone through some of them already! 😂
Klarion?! My boyfriend?! No. Good god no. He's like. A chaos monkey that just pops up to annoy me and eat my food. No. He's not my boyfriend. I'm sure when we're ready, you'll hear all about it.

That was enough Stephanie Brown for now. Stuffing her phone into the leg belt pouches, she stood, took her cup to the kitchen, and leant on the bench, looking at the dishes from breakfast.
She might as well while she was here…

Saturday- 6:45pm Coffees: 15
Boom tubed back to Gotham, dropping the bag on the floor of the Batcave as she moved to take the Ricochet out tonight, picking up a few extra toys that usually were Batman only, but with the Bat out of town, Alfred turned a blind eye to Stephanie raiding the equipment, as long as it wasn't things still in test phases, roaring out of the cave, through the streets.
The benefits of taking the Ricochet out tonight over the Compact was she could make it look like she was in two places at once, patrolling the rooftops on foot from one end of the city, her bike being remotely controlled to cruise the other end.
Just being out this early would deter most minor crime, and she could get to her actual business. In theory.

Saturday- 10:14pm Coffees: 17
Hitting the town early had done the job. There were a few foolhardy muggers that she stopped with a look, but it had been quiet for the most part.
Until her comms clicked, and a voice came through.

“Hey, Eggplant Barbie, heads up. We've got a situation.”

While Eggplant Barbie didn't technically break the Bats 'no names over Comms’ rule, Steph grumbled slightly and called Ricochet to her location while she responded.

“Someone better be dying, Red Robin, or you will be…”

She responds flatly, a hand on her hip.

“Yeah, that's the problem. We got League Assassin's in the city. Guess who they're after.”

Steph takes several steps back from the side of the building she was standing on, hanging her head slightly.


“Uh, you want me to answer that one? Or do you have a pretty good idea?”

Batgirl doesn't answer, as she squares up, multiple figures crawling up onto the roof to circle her.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight
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Sunday- 12:10am Coffees 17
She was going to have a great time trying to explaining why she could barely move, and all the cuts and bruises tomorrow.
Slowly sinking into a seated crouch, her back against the wall, Stephanie looked across the bodies of the would be assassins. They were good, but they did what everyone does. They underestimated her.
By the time they wised up, it was too late.
Letting out a groan, rubbing her face with both hands, she hung her head for a moment. Everything hurt.

“Drake was concerned you would need assistance with League assassins, Brown, but if you took them out on your own, they mustn't have been full fledged members.”

A voice above her made her jump, snapping her head towards it.
There were three people who could sneak up on her in the field, and only one of them was ever so condescending.

“Yeah yeah, I get it, I’m awful, everyone else is better than me blah blah blah… I’m not really in the mood for this right now, Gremlin. I appreciate that you actually showed up though.”

She slowly straightened up, as Damian dropped down next to her, both of them moving over to the bodies of the assassins.

“TT. Mother should send the good ones next time. Make it worthy of our time.”

Steph groans audibly, shoulders slumping.

“There's going to be a next time, isn't there…”

A moment of silence between them, before Damian awkwardly jabs her in the ribs lightly.

“You should have thought of that before making goo goo eyes at father. You did this to yourself. You're big enough to handle it.”

While Steph was organising for the bodies to be collected, gathering their weapons, Damian's words sink in. She frowns slightly, and points at him.

“Did you just compliment me?”

The look of utter terror on his face was enough, as he whipped away, folding his arms, pouting.

“I did no such thing, Brown! TT!”

Breaking into a grin, she walked up behind him, jabbing him in the ribs on both sides with her fingers, before messing his hair, using her purposefully annoying sing-song voice.

”🎵I think you did!🎶”

Slapping her hands away, Damian whipped back around, fists balled up.


Steph laughed lightly, shaking her head, and then winced slightly, putting her hand to her ribs, Damian's eyes following her movement.

“Go home, Brown, after the riot, and this, you need rest.”

She laughs again, this time just once, a reactionary thing.

“Oh sweetie. When have I ever listened to anyone with the last name of ‘Wayne’. What makes you think I'm gonna start with you? Nah. I’ll see you all at home. On Monday.”

Before turning, breaking into a run, and launching herself off the side of the building, hearing footsteps behind her.

“You're an idiot, Fatgirl!”

She heard, as she fired her grapple. Activating her comms, as she swings away, she responds with the best she's got for Damian in situations like this.

“That's no way to talk to your mother to be. It's ok, I still love you.”

She hears the cursing from the rooftop, and could almost swear she heard Alfred chuckle.

Sunday- 4:30am Coffees: 20
Covered in soot and ash, Batgirl stood next to the fire engines, wearily catching her breath. What she just did was stupid, even by her standards, she was going to chalk it up to getting tired, but it worked, and noone was hurt, so it was a win-win, as far as she was concerned.

“Batgirl, that was impressive. Those, what did you call them, icearangs? You're going to have to give us the make up for that chemical mix you use. That would really help us out.”

Fire chief Adamson spoke from beside her, removing his helmet to wipe at his brow, leaving a streak of black soot across his face instead. Half smiling, raising her hand and pointing, she starts with the obvious joke.

“You've got a little something… Yeah, it worked better than expected. I can have the formula to you by Monday.”

“That would be magic. And before you go, you have some fans that want to see you.”

He grinned at her, thumbing over his shoulder back towards the blockade set up, keeping the residents out of harms way while the apartment building was put out. Seeing the gathering of children, she shot him an exhausted, almosted wounded look, hung her head for a moment and sighed.

“You wouldn't have pulled this stunt if I was the Bat…”

Adamson laughed and clapped her on the shoulder, giving her a light nudge forward.

“He wouldn't have stuck around long enough for me to try.”

Narrowing her eyes at him over her shoulder as she moved towards the barricade, she muttered loud enough for him to hear.

“Lesson learned…”

Before taking in a breath, looking at the little faces, and melting just a little. Stephanie was always going to have a soft spot for the kiddlets. Smiling genuinely at them, she leant on the barricade in front of them.

“Hey guys, how we doing? Everyone alright? No one hurt?”

Sunday- 6:30am Coffees: 21
She had spent an hour and a half talking with the gaggle of bambinos, being the best part of a ‘what happened over the weekend’ story that no one would believe for years to come. But right now, she needed a shower, and maybe someone to make sure things weren't broken, because everything still really hurt.
Leslie was closer, but more likely to lecture her, a lot, oh, so very much. She could almost hear it now. Steph would very much like to pass on that, thank you very much. Back home to Alfred it was.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Sunday- 8am Coffees: 22
Clean, examined and given a cautionary all clear, along with a plate of a full English breakfast, consisting of sausage, fried egg, fried tomato, bacon, hash browns, mushrooms, black pudding and toast, and the all important life blood of Stephanie Brown at this point; coffee, she again filled out a report.
She had made it habit to do so after every patrol to document everything, even her jackassery. She fully expected at least a two hour long lecture by Bruce when he returned, but he had to know by know that she didn't listen. At all.
Leaning back to reread the report, she felt a nudge at the side of her leg.
Looking down, she saw Ace, holding the much loved tennis ball. Holding out her hand for it, he pulled away, tail starting to wag. Letting out a gentle sigh, she shakes her head, and puts her hand on her knee.

“No buddy, we're not doing busted fetch right now. Maybe after I've slept tomorrow night. But not right now. Normal fetch or bust…”

Canine head tilt, first one way, then the other, before laying down next to her, resting his head on his paws, as Steph takes the remnant of a sausage and drops it down for him, before leaning back, to open up other tabs on the Batcomputer.
She was going to go check on her bugs in the Iceberg Lounge in person later, but while she was here, she could do a quick sweep.
With everything still in place, and satisfied, she finished her coffee, took her dishes to the sink, and instead of rushing Alfred on her Batsuit, since she was only going to Titan Tower until sundown, giving it plenty of time to no longer look or smell like a fire pit, she dug her Spoiler suit out of storage, left the cloak behind, and put on her old Robin domino mask, as she so often did when she went cowl-less to the Tower. Preparing the Boom Tube, she looked to Ace.

“Hold down the fort, bud. I’m trusting you with this…”

Before she was gone.

Sunday- 2:30pm Coffees 26
“Yo, but for real, what's with the threads, BG? And why me?”

Stephanie was already beginning to regret this. She was getting very tired, her patience was wearing very thin, and she didn't bring her utility belt, which held her kryptonite. So she would have to play nice with Conner Kent today.

“Because, SB, unlike everyone else around here, you have no formal combat training, I have a free afternoon, and my Batsuit was literally in a building fire, like the rest of me, less than twelve hours ago. It needed a bit of a patch job. This is one of my old suits. Or at least part of it. Do you have any other questions, or are we good?”

She frowned slightly at the tone of her voice, as she walked into the training facilities with him, but did nothing about it.

“You've always done the purple thing huh? That’s crazy.”

Turning to face him, looking at him blankly, she folded her arms, and nodded her head towards the specialised training equipment.

“Throw a punch.”

He looked at her, dumbfounded for a moment, before popping his collar, strutting over, and jabbing at it, with a straight armed punch, clearly relying on his super strength.

“Oh you poor sweet summer child. That would have broken your wrist if you had no powers… come here. We're gonna do this right…”

She says softly, no condescension in her voice at all, as she unfold her arms, and moves to meet him halfway.

"What? But that was a straight solid punch! I mean.. P'tch... I'm SUPER boy, ya know. Unless you're going to teach me some stylish kung-fu moves, I literally have no reason to do this."

He flicked his hair back, adjusting his signature shades. Narrowing her eyes and clenching her jaw, she let a slow breath out through her nose, kept moving past him, to the wall she knew was made of reinforced concrete, drew back, twisted her hips and shoulders, and drove her fist home, leaving a sizable crack in it.

“If I had super strength like you do, imagine what my punches would be like. But sure. You can keep taking the easy way out if you want. I'll tell Black Bat her teachings were rejected. I'm sure she won't take offence at all.”

Even while practically feeling an aura of frustration as she approached the wall, he still upheld his dismissive front. That was until she uttered a particular name - one he couldn't help but to quirk a brow at, reaching to tilt his shades off his eyes.

"Black Bat? The asian hotty?"

He inquired rhetorically, fixing his specs back onto his eyes. He cleared his throat before speaking up again.

"Well, if she went through the trouble of asking you to teach me this, then I can't take her kindness for granted. I'll play along. Just tell her to come to me personally the next time she wants to give me a lesson."

Rolling her head on her shoulders, popping her neck, she clenched her fists and bit her tongue, moving to in front of him.

“Oh, I'll be sure to tell her. It'll be a great time, I'm sure. My training sessions with her were a blast.”

Steph smiled sweetly. Perhaps too sweetly. Cassandra Cain kicked the ever living sh*t out of her during the training sessions. Still did to this day.

“Now, make a fist.”

Sunday- 7:45pm Coffees 30
She spent a good few hours teaching Superboy to teach a solid punch, and a half decent push kick, before excusing herself back to Gotham for the night. While still in the Spoiler suit, she put the rest of it on, bundled up her clean batsuit and restocked utility belt, put it in the storage space under the main part of the Ricochets body, and headed to the Iceberg Lounge.

Sunday- 9:10pm Coffees 30
Walking in through the kitchen, the purple spectre that was Spoiler cruised, unquestioned thought the staff only areas of the establishment. It was known among the staff that she worked for the Boss, and she had free reign. Sure she used to be around the Bat, but when was the last time you saw Spoiler around the Bat. She worked for Penguin now, and that's how it was.
At least, that was her story. She couldn't rely on Matches Malone for inside information on the underbelly, she had a connection, so she was going to use it.
Sure it was dangerous. It was a risky game to be playing. But she needed to do things for herself. And all Penguin had her doing was what she was doing when she was ‘dead’, spying and information gathering, so it helped out the Bat side of things too. No harm, no foul, right?
Before going to see ‘The Boss’, she went and double checked her bugs physically, making sure they were still hidden. Satisfied they were, she moved on.
Sliding into the VIP lounge, she scanned the room, seeing Oswald, some of the hostesses preparing food and drink, and Victor Zsazs. Narrowing her eyes at him behind her full faced cowl, remembering how close she was to being one of his sick little tally marks, leaning on the wall next to the door as nonchalantly as possible, gaining their attention

“Ah, Spoiler, my dear. We were hoping you would be dropping by eventually.”

Quirking a brow, an expression readable under the cloth cowl, one of the few things she missed about her Spoiler suit, she moved off the wall, nodding at them both as she addressed them.

“Ozzie, Freakshow. What's up. What do you want me to do?”

Zsazs growls at her, Penguin shooting a glare at him.

“It has come to our attention that the Bat may have a weak spot, in the form of that blondie Batgirl. Find out what you can about her, anything.”

She took in a slow breath, trying to keep herself calm, while she began to internally scream. Tilting her head to one side, she bumped out a hip, folded an arm across her torso, and rested her other elbow on it, resting her hand on her face, before beginning to speak.

“So, let me get this straight. You think it's a good idea to attack someone that the Bat may be close to? I assume that's what the homicidal nutbag is for, right? You ever try to get at the Bat through the Cat?”

She paused, but not long enough for then to respond. She kept going.

“Of course not, because she would kick the crap out of you. So why wouldn't the Batgirl? I understand Stabby McDumbsh*t not getting it, but you're meant to be a criminal mastermind, Ozzie. That would only have two pissed off Bats, plus the birdies smashing through your skylight, instead of one. I know how much you hate replacing that.”

Now she paused, and waited for her words to sink in. Oswald narrowed his eyes, rubbed at his chin, then clapped his hand on her shoulder, shaking it slightly.

“My girl, THIS is why I pay you. You're a bright one.”

Patting him on the head, she shook her own.

“Honestly, how'd you ever function without me? If you need me, too bad, I'm going to be out doing my job. I’ll be back whenever. Remember not to mess with any of the Bats or Birds if you like having any form of mobility. Expect an info packet eventually.”

As she talked, she walked, leaving the room, and quickly the Lounge.
Outside, blocks away, sure she wasn't tailed, she sunk down in an alleyway and let out a heavy sigh.

“Holy sh*t…”

Sunday- 11:30pm Coffees: 31
Back in the Batsuit, having changed on the fly, Stephanie sat, swinging her legs absently on a horizontal flag pole, heavily bolted onto the side of a building, keeping her eyes out on the street below her with her binoculars out.
A flicker caught her attention. Not from the street, but at eye level.
The Bat Signal had just been lit. Lowering her binoculars slowly, she let out a low whine.

“Oh god, now what…”

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight
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Monday- 12:10am Coffees 31
Arriving on the roof of the GCPD headquarters building, Batgirl sized up the figures around the lit beacon, seeing Commissioner Gordon and Detective Nick Gage. She didn't play the Bat game, no popping out of the shadows, instead just pulling herself up, and stepping in front of the signal.

“Fellas… let's make this quick?”

She tried not to sound as weary as she felt. Gage eyed her, but said nothing, Commissioner Gordon shifted his hands to the pockets of his trenchcoat.

“We've had a breakout of Arkham. Only one is unaccounted for. Solomon Grundy.”

Pinching the bridge of her nose, she lets out a long, drawn out sigh.

“Alright… since I'm not hearing panic in the streets I'm guessing he went back to Slaughter Swamp… ok. Alright. Sure. Sure. Fine. Yeah. No problem. I've dealt with him before.”

She groans, shoulders slumping, hanging her head.

“Anything else…?”

Stephanie asks in a soft voice, forming the start of a plan.

“Don’t die?”

Gage chimes in, folding his arms, causing her to snort a short laugh.

“The Bat would kill me if I did. Have the containment facilitates ready, we will be bringing him back to Arkham…”

She turns and moves to drop off the roof, cape flared behind her, Gage looks at Gordon.

“Has she really dealt with Grundy before?”

“Son, that girl almost died the last time she faced Grundy. I’m glad she said ‘we’ this time.”

On the ground, before setting off on the Ricochet again, she pulled her phone from her leg pouch and made a call.

“Hey, sorry, were you asleep? I’m gonna need a hand with something…”

Monday- 1:40am Coffees 31
Skidding to a stop on the outskirts of Slaughter Swamp, Steph could already see signs of something massive trudging its way through the underbrush. She may have downplayed or hidden her skill sets usually, but right now, with just her, the stagnant water, and the cold, she was fine to let it shine this time.
Stephanie Brown, believe it or not, was an excellent tracker.
Not that she had to be with a three quarter ton of revenant shambling through a swamp, but that was besides the point.
Moving along connecting tree branches, staying above the waterline, she wanted to try to get the drop on Grundy. She even prepared one of the bat-batarangs as a distraction, in case she needed it. (She didn't know what Batman called it. Probably something boring, involving echolocation or whatever. Bat-batarang was more amusing.)
Freezing as she heard heavy movement not too far ahead of her, she took in a slow, deep breath, half considered ditching her cape where she was, and slowly pushed on, hearing the low grumbling voice of Grundy growing closer. She considered for a second just leaving him here. If he was in the swamp, he wasn't hurting anyone. But he never stayed in the swamp. It would just be a problem for future Steph to deal with. Or be blamed for. Hanging her head for a moment she let out a soft sigh, making up her mind when-


Solomon Grundy spotted her, in her perch in the tree. Head snapping up, she reacted reflexively, all actions happening at once. Flinging the Bat-batarang towards his upper chest, armed and calling the swarm, she dropped backwards, catching the branch with her hands, bunching her knees up to her chest, pushing backwards, propelling herself away, giving herself some space, knowing the water would slow her considerably.

“Crapcrapcrapcrap SHAZAM! Sh*t, crap….”

As Grundy started towards her, the flapping, squeaking cloud of bats began to swarm him, chittering all around him, as he swatted at them in confusion.
With a pang of guilt, Steph quickly made a mental note to never do that again, and lecture someone about it later, as her reinforcements arrived.
Supergirl, Stargirl, Miss Martian, and Bombshell.
Shooting a grin at Kara, she shook her head slightly.

“What took you so long?”

Courtney answered for her, stifling a yawn, hovering above the swamp water.
“Some of us actually, you know, SLEEP at night?”

Steph shrugged a shoulder, yawning herself now, then pointed at Grundy, who was losing interest in the bat swarm, now that there were more figures to potentially crush.

“Well, we take him back to Arkham, we can all go to bed, how's that sound?”

The rush began. Between the five of them, with super strength, shooting stars, psychokinesis, energy blasts and a utility belt full of crap, it didn't take long at all to contain the walking dead, Steph only got ragdolled once, and it wasn't even that bad.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Monday- 2:30am Coffees: 32
Having returned Grundy to containment, seen her friends off, and dodged reporters, Stephanie did a final lap of the city, one last patrol before she planned to get a few hours sleep, stopping as she noticed movement of figures in an alleyway. Two figures. Young men. She knew them. Sliding the canopy of the bullet-like design back, she sat up straight, and called out loudly.

“Hey. Eric. Big Brother. You two aren't causing trouble on a school night, are you?”

Hearing her voice, the taller, older of the two froze, while the younger one broke into a run, further down the alley. Steph was off like a shot, already reaching for a gooparang, and within two steps of her own, with well practice precision, clipped Eric's leading foot, causing him to come down hard, falling flat on his face. Gripping the older brother on the shoulder, she frog marched him down the alleyway to his younger brothers prone, groaning body.

“I guess I was too light on you last time. Big Bro, what's your name.”

“Uh, Jamie, Miss Bat…”

He quickly stammered, hands clasped together in front of him, eyes on Steph's hand on his shoulder.

“Jamie, huh. Now Jamie, did you tell your little brother Eric here what happened last time we met? After I let him leave, and told him to call the police?”

“Y-yes ma'am, I did.”

She tightens her grip ever so slightly, before pulling him down into a crouch with her to be closer to Eric.

“So what are we doing out at 2:30am, skulking around in alleyways?”

“Making poor life choices…?”

Whimpers Eric, turning his head to face her.

“Very poor life choices. This is Gotham boys. You're lucky it was me, and not someone more likely to, oh, I don't know, murder you. Go home. Get off the streets. Go to school. STAY in school. Be better than that. Be what Gotham needs. Good people.”

She started fierce, but softened towards the end, reaching into her belt for the solvent to free Eric from her candy green rubber cement. They brothers exchange a glance, then nod slowly.

“We can try, Batgirl. But it's hard out here sometimes…”

Jamie says softly, and Steph sighs, cutting the rest of the goop away with a batarang.

“Trust me, I know. I grew up out here too. So believe me when I say stay in school. Crime might seem like a quick solution, but it causes more problems. Keep your heads down. Stay out of trouble, or I’ll know about it. And it won't be me paying a visit next time. This is the last nice Bat chance, you follow?”

Now free, Eric twists around, sits up, and they nod at her. She slowly stands up, before nodding her head out of the alleyway.

“Go. Home. Now.”

Eric starts off without a second thought, limping gingerly away. Jamie, however reaches behind his back, into his waistband, under his jacket, slowly pulls out a handgun, and holds it out to her.

“I.. don't want this anymore.”

Steph sighs, takes it, unloads it and nods.

“If you've got any others, I'd suggest turning them over to the GCPD, or throwing them in the bay, you understand?”

He nodded, then took off after his brother. Batgirl however, had a patrol to finish.

Monday- 5:40am Coffees:37
Report competed, chemical formula printed and ready to be delivered, Spoiler's info drop for Penguin ready to be, well, dropped, Steph folded her arms across the desk, and put her head down. Just for a minute.

Monday- 6:45am Coffees: 37
Reaching out to slap her hand down on her phone, reflexively, she groaned as her entire body ached, and the beeping of her alarm echoed around the cave. Fishing her phone from the leg belt, she silenced the infernal, shrill sound, scowling slightly as she slowly sat up straight.

“Oh my god. Why did I think that was a good idea…?”

Stiffly getting up, she made her way up to the kitchen, ate in silence, much to Alfred's surprise, showered, and prepared for her drop offs.

Monday- 9am Coffees: 40, and another sitting in front of her.
Drops done, weekend patrol complete, she didn't die, and she was even early to class. What was happening right now?
Stephanie took a victory sip of her coffee, feeling pretty good about herself, until Jordanna walked in, spotted her, and grinned like a cat that caught the canary. Making a beeline straight for Steph, Jordanna stood in front of her desk, hands on her hips, a smug smile on her face. After a moment of silence, Stephanie, raising a brow, spoke.

“Yes Jordanna? Can I help you?”

She slapped her hand on the desk, as if she had been waiting for Steph to speak first.

“I know who your boyfriend is! I've done some digging!”

Leaning back in her seat, Steph slowly blinked at her, then let out a sigh.

“Alright, I’ll bite. What have you got…”

Jordanna slid into the seat next to Steph, pulled out her phone, and pulled up one of the gossip blogs. Steph knew immediately where this was going.

“There's this picture of you, last year, at a charity event with Tim Drake-Wayne! That's your boyfriend!”

Steph laughed and clapped hands together, highly amused, before reaching for her coffee again.

“Nope. Ex boyfriend. Dated him in high school. Still my friend though. Hang out with the Waynes a lot. Keep digging though. Maybe you'll be a detective yet.”

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

02/11/2019 01:06 PM 

DSR Valentine's Drabble Entry

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It started with wanting to be saved.
Pathetic, right?
Wanting to be anywhere but where her family was.
All kids liked superheroes.
She used to like Superman a lot, (And Superboy more, but she would rather die again before ever admitting that now, after meeting him. That poster is ash, thank you very much.) running around with a towel as a cape.
She used to dream that Batman would swoop in, take her dirtbag father, the Cluemaster, away, this time for good, and things would finally be good. Things would finally be happy
She would go with her mother, to visit Arthur in Blackgate, to hear him bitch and complain about the Bat, and for some reason, she liked it. She liked it a lot.
Stephanie would sit on the roof of her house at night, watching for the Bat Signal, to see the Dark Knight across the sky. And often she would. In hindsight, the Bat had the opposite effect on her. He didn't scare her at all. Quite the opposite. The Bat, the Bat Signal, hell, even Robin, had become beacons of hope for her.
That someone, somewhere, was watching, taking care of the little guy.
As dangerous, and bleak a place Gotham could be, especially for a girl in Steph's situation, she never really felt unsafe. Maybe it was the fact she had to fend for herself for such a long time already. Maybe it was The Bat.
Maybe it was both.
But by the time she was fourteen, she had enough of her father.
Enough of his in and out of prisonm ruining everything bullsh*t.
She was going to stop him herself.
By any means necessary.
Thus, The Spoiler was born.
And The Spoiler met the Bat.
Boy, did that not go how she planned.
She thought her clever clues, and foiling the plan would impress him.
Instead, she was talked out of making maybe the biggest mistake in her life, in ending her fathers and lectured about the dangers of taking things into her own hands. About being too young, and unskilled, all while Robin, the same kid she had just flattened, stood next to him, nodding liked a trained monkey.
Now she had a job to do. Forget her dad. He was done.

Next job was prove the Bat wrong. So wrong.

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Five and a bit years later, Robin, Batgirl, death, rebirth and a smack to the face later, laying in his bed, she thinks she proved her point.

Rolling to her side, to look at his sleeping face, a small smile on her lips, she resisted the urge to reach over to caress his cheek.
He looked so peaceful. She didn't want to wake him.
Instead, curling her hands under her chin, she chewed her lip slightly, trying to pinpoint when, exactly, she fell in love with him.
Frowning lightly, she thought back, as far as she could.
She had always loved the Bat, in some way. Alright, fine.
But when did she fall in love with Bruce Wayne then.
She didn't know anymore. She had tried to tell herself that she didn't for the longest time. Before she died, surely. When he had been accused of murder? That felt about right.

She had so many memories that probably meant nothing to him, but filled her with stupid school girl crush butterflies. And there was no way in hell she was ever going to tell him. Not even if he smiled and asked nicely.

She shivered slightly, a smile of her own crossing her face, thinking about his. She was so grateful to have seen it so often lately.
God she loved him.
Rolling onto her back she ran her hands through her hair, before getting up, leaving him to his much deserved rest, knowing if she stayed in bed with him any longer, she would start touching him, and wake him.
Lord knows the man needed sleep.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

02/04/2019 10:38 PM 

Soak: Drabble

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It had taken some time, but Stephanie was getting used to living in Wayne Manor.
Sort of. For the most part.
Lazing in one of the many bathtubs, shoulder deep in water, actually following someone's advice for once and taking it easy while recovering from her concussion, her head resting on the edge of the tub, eyes closed.
She always felt so out of place when she first started coming here, feeling like a street kid like her didn't belong in a place like this. Always so beautifully maintained, when she was walking through with sneakers that were at least five years old and beat to sh*t, jeans that were so worn out out that half the bottom hem was completely worn away from being trod on repeatedly, it felt… wrong.
However, over the years, she had gotten used to it, just accepted that yes, Stephanie Brown was a street kid, and she was also welcome in the manor.
So welcome, in fact, that she and Bruce hadn't even noticed that she had started living there after they started dating, since she was there all the time anyway, it only made sense that she would just stay the night after finishing patrols and whatever anyway, that she never bothered going back to her apartment. Not for months, except to pick up her clothes, and some belongings.
It's not like she had become a kept woman or anything since then. She still wore her jacked up jeans and beat up sneakers, she did, however put in effort for special occasions.
Like the New Years Eve party.
Shifting her head slightly, she opened her eyes to look up at the ceiling, sinking to her nose, thoughts shifting to life, in general.
So far, it was actually going pretty well, considering she was a costumed vigilante that was currently recovering from a beating of her own making. But recently she had started thinking about the future.
"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Like, how long would she run around as Batgirl?
Would she continue her tradition of mantle snatching? Perhaps one day become Nightwing? Batwoman? Who knew.
She was a Teen Titan now. Could she go on to join the Justice League?
Would she even be able to get that far? She was a little injury prone, and she would never admit it, to anyone, not even to Bruce, but the little incident with Black Mask left some lasting damage, and not just psychological. There was nerve damage, and almost constant levels of pain, but that was just life now.
Dipping her face under the water, she began to wonder about a family. One of her own perhaps? One day. Maybe even tracking down her daughter one day, now that she had the ways and means to keep her safe. Safer that she could have as a baby, at least.
If she wanted anything to do with her, that is.
She would be four now, going on five. So big. But yet, still just a baby…
It hurt too much to think about it too much. She needed to stop. Change course.
Letting out all the air she held, she sat beneath the surface of the water until she felt her lungs burn, slowly resurfacing, blinking water from her eyes.
What about Mister Tall, Dark and Broody?
There's something that could fix that mood right up.
She knew it was risky, being involved with him, but what was life without risk?
And she loved him fiercely. Not that she was likely to tell him that again any time soon. In this little battle of wills, she was gonna win, somehow, god damnit.
By now, with all her musings, her water had grown cold, and it was time to get out. Reaching for the towel she set aside before getting into the tub, and draining it, she smiled faintly, snorting a little, shaking her head.
Even the towels were better here. So plush, and luxurious.

“Bruce always has the best things…”

She mutters to herself, silently padding her way down the hall to the master bedroom, and off to bed, to spend the night in, for once.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight

02/02/2019 10:09 PM 

The Kid Got Cocky: Drabble

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She got cocky.
She'd love to say it wouldn't happen again, but that would be a dirty lie.
She would definitely get caught out like that again, and it would absolutely be her own fault, again, as it always was.
She owned it, at least.
At least Bruce was out of town, so she would be spared the lecture, this time.
Dragging herself to the Ricochet, slowly slumping into position, she activated the recall protocol, with her left eye already swelling shut under the cowl, vaguely aware of herself muttering through the comms

“Alfred, I'm gonna need a hand getting to the medbay…”

Before slumping backwards in her seat.
The next thing Stephanie remembered, Alfred was talking to her, as he was half dragging her across the Batcave from where the Ricochet is programmed to return to, to the medbay.

“-this time, Miss Stephanie.”

Blinking, or more accurately, winking, with her left eye swollen completely shut at this point, she turned her head gingerly to him, trying to take her weight off him and take steps on her own.

“I missed most of that, Al, I'm sorry.. what?”

Her words were slow, sluggish. She frowned at herself, suspecting a concussion, reaching a hand up to drag the cowl from her head.

“I said, what sort of shenanigans did you find yourself mixed up in this time.”

Alfred repeated calmly, Stephanie clearly not the first bat to need this treatment, easing her onto the ready and waiting clinical bed, in the medbay, Stephanie chuckling absently.

“I love that word… Shenanigans...

“I'm well aware, that's why I used it. I gathered it would get a response from you. Now that I have your attention, what happened.”

"Everything doesn't have to be about fear. There's room in our line of work for hope, too."
Typically, Stephanie wasn't fond of rehashing screw ups, but Alfred wasn't about to judge or lecture her, simply work out where he needed to examine. Sitting back and sitting down her cowl next to her, pointing to her face, as the Swiss Army Knife of a man they almost insultingly called a butler pulled on a set of surgical gloves.

“I found the Steel Unicorns trying to get a foothold back in Chinatown. Before the Ghost Dragons caught wind of them again I hit them. Full Bat routine. There was one problem… You know how I like to run my mouth..?”

Her voice rises as she trails off, a sure fire tell that she knows she was in the wrong, Alfred's lips pursing slightly in an unimpressed, disapproving manner, yet saying nothing as he shifts a stand light into a better position to examine the swelling, lightly prodding as Steph winces, but continues.

“I asked them how they liked it being run outta town by the little blonde one, not even one of the good, important bats or birds, and next thing I know, everyone is swinging table legs, and chairs, baseball bats, and god only knows what else at me. The good news is they all look worse than I do. And I did remember to call it in before I got in the bike. Dunno whether dispatch took the call serious or not… am I babbling? I feel like I'm babbling…”

She scowls at herself, or at least, as best as she can, with half her face swollen now, Alfred shifting his eyes from the swelling to her open eye for a moment, offering a small smile.

“Just a tad, Miss Stephanie, but it's better than you being unconscious on us again with a concussion. Congratulations, your first of the year.”

Pantomiming throwing confetti from her belt, Steph groaned, and let out a slow sigh.

“Yay me! I’m gonna need a better cowl… can we get Lucius to work on that?”

“Perhaps work on not getting hit in the head so often in the meantime, Miss Stephanie, however, I'm sure it can be arranged. You don’t appear to have a fractured orbital bone, just quite a bit of swelling. How are your ribs?”

She hadn't even noticed she had been hunched over the entire time. Slowly sitting up straight, she hissed slowly, as Alfred watched like a hawk.
After a few moments, and a battery of tests, it was concluded that the blonde was lucky, this time, only ending up with bumps, bruises, and her concussion.

“Alright. You are free to go. Perhaps consider taking a night or two off while recovering with the concussion…”

Turning away as he snaps the gloves off, Stephanie snorts a half laugh, slowly getting to her feet.

“It doesn't work on him, it won't work on me. Nice try, Al…”

“Perhaps not. But I'm sure you'll rest up if you don't want Master Bruce finding out about your tests.”

Narrowing her eye, Stephanie walked past, lightly jabbing a finger into Alfred's side, a half smirk on her lips.

“Blackmail? I approve, Alfie… you win this round…”

If she didn't know better, she would have sworn Alfred was also smirking, as she left the cave for the manor above.

"I'm almost fifty percent sure nothing could go wrong."Stephanie Brownwww.roleplayer.me/DorkKnight


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