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“During the exorcism he – it – showed me something. I saw the demon. Or, at least the form it was choosing to take. A form meant to shake my faith and my foundation. But, worse…worse was the vision of Ed’s death.”

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06/16/2019 12:54 PM 

Happy Father's Day - Drabble

“Is this Dad’s favorite food?” Judy stood on a chair by the kitchen counter, stirring the pancake batter in the bowl in front of her. She wanted to taste it but remembered her mother telling her not to lick her fingers or the spoon if she was making food for more than just herself. She sighed a little, but it made sense. She wouldn’t want someone else’s slobbery food either.

Lorraine smiled over at her daughter from where she stood in front of the stove, shifting to skirt around the roosters wandering the kitchen as she pulled a few things from the fridge. “One of them.” She assured with an easy smile. She and Judy had gotten up extra early in order to make a special breakfast for Ed who was still sleeping upstairs. The table was already partially set with a small vase of flowers from the garden and a special card that Judy had made all by herself. “What are the rest?” Judy asked, giggling as she watched her mother trip over Jack, the rooster squawking in surprise.

Sighing, Lorraine pulled several bowls from the cupboard and broke up some bread into them before she put one down on the floor for each of the roosters, the sigh turning into a laugh as they jumped up and down in excitement. “Anything he doesn’t have to cook.” She answered Judy’s question with another smile as she went back to the stove. “He’ll love this.” She added, gesturing to the meal they were preparing.

“I hope so.” Judy hopped down from her chair with the bowl in her hands, bringing it to Lorraine so that the pancakes could be cooked. “It’s supposed to be a special day for him.” She climbed back up on her chair to reach for some glasses, taking them to the table to finish setting it. “Do you think he’ll like my card? I worked hard on it.”

“I know he’ll adore it. How can he not? It’s beautiful.” Lorraine assured easily. She started to hum absently as she finished cooking and Judy finished setting the table before coming to help take all the food to it. The girl poured orange juice in the three glasses and then stepped back to admire their work. “We did good.” She nodded in approval before grinning up at Lorraine. “Can I go wake him up now?”

Her excitement was contagious, and Lorraine couldn’t help but grin. “Go for it.” She watched Judy run out of the kitchen, galloping up the stairs to wake her father. She could vaguely hear their voices from upstairs, but not what was being said. Checking over the table to make sure everything really was perfect, she waited for the two of them to join her.

A few minutes later Ed, looking slightly tousled but happy, entered the kitchen with Judy tugging him by the hand as if she didn’t think he was going fast enough. “Ta-da!” She let go of his hand to stand beside Lorraine, holding her hands out toward the table, presenting it with a flourish. “Happy Father’s Day!” She shifted her weight eagerly as he exclaimed over the set up and moved to sit.

“What’s this?” He asked, picking up the card that was beside his plate. “I made it for you.” Judy answered, watching him closely and a little anxiously, hoping that he liked it despite her mother’s assurances that he would. He read the card in silence and then looked up at her and the smile on his face told her everything she needed to know as he thanked her and told her he loved it. She threw herself into his arms and kissed his cheek. “I love you, Dad.”

Finally settling in to eat, they all chatted a little, compliments were given on the food and they all enjoyed just having the time together. It wasn’t something that happened as often as any of them would like and they cherished it when they had it. When they were finished, Judy became excited again and it didn’t take her long to say why. “Can I give Dad his present?” She asked Lorraine, eyes wide, tone practically begging her to say yes. As if she would say no anyway. “Go get it.”

“Present?” Ed arched an eyebrow at her as Judy ran off to retrieve it and Lorraine shrugged, but couldn’t help a smile from lifting her lips once more. “Well, yeah. It’s Father’s Day. A day for presents.” Of course she thought he deserved them every day, but she didn’t say that. She knew she didn’t have to. “Oh. Of course, of course.” Ed nodded in return, smirking just a little.

Their attention was drawn back to Judy as she hurried back into the kitchen. Ed’s eyes widened a little at the gift in her arms. A new guitar. While they didn’t get as much family time as they wanted, they also didn’t get as much music time. But, he was good. More than that and Lorraine hadn’t been able to resist the instrument when she had seen it in the music shop window.

Judy carefully approached and offered the instrument to Ed. “Do you like it?” She asked, eyes wide and excited. Ed gingerly accepted the offering, pushing his chair away from the table so that he could lay it across his lap, fingering the strings silently. “I don’t know what to say. I love it.” He finally found his voice, smiling at Judy and then turning a different special look on Lorraine. “I love it.”

Lorraine cocked her head slightly. “I thought maybe you could play the guitar for me and I could play the piano for you.” She told him, her own eyes shining as she referenced a conversation they had had years ago, when they were first getting to know each other as teenagers. “And then maybe we can play something together.”

Ed looked speechless again, clearly surprised that she had remembered that conversation so well after all this time. “And I can sing!” Judy piped up. She wasn’t one for instruments herself, but she did have a decent voice. And of course she didn’t want to be left out of such things.

Lorraine couldn’t help but chuckle at that. “And Judy can sing.” She agreed, watching Ed tenderly set the guitar aside. He first went to Judy, lifting her up into his arms and hugging her close before kissing her forehead in thanks before moving to Lorraine. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, giving her a kiss that conveyed everything that words couldn’t and how much he appreciated their thought and effort.

In his arms – her favorite place to be – Lorraine met his eyes, her love for him showing clearly in her own as she smiled one more time. “Happy Father’s Day.”

06/12/2019 06:50 PM 

Bones Part 10 - Final Part

Ed’s grip on her arm tightened at her silent confirmation of his words and what tumbled from his own lips following her silence was a brief prayer to St. Michael. A prayer for protection in the face of mortal peril, for protection for her no doubt. A prayer Lorraine didn’t join in on because she didn’t want protection, she wanted this creature sent back where it belonged. It couldn’t be left to continue to torture the many souls it kept captive here, the souls who had asked for her help. Souls she couldn’t just leave now that she knew, that she had seen what had been done to them, what continued to be done to them even after death.  She had stumbled onto his playground and he had his sights set on her as a new toy.

Squeezing Ed’s hand, she removed his other from her arm so that she could turn to face the demon who stood at the foot of the steps looking up at them. If there was any protest from her husband, she didn’t hear it as she met the demon’s glowing eyes, prepared for battle because they didn’t run from fights. She didn’t run from fights. If that last tombstone in her vision had been correct, if she was going to die here today, she would accept that. But, if she was going to die, she was going to take the demon laughing up at them out of this world with her.

The demon seemed surprised – pleasantly so – when she turned toward it instead of away, instead of trying to escape. Its eyes widened slightly as she stepped down a couple steps because surely she wasn’t going to make this that easy for it. Surely she wasn’t just going to willingly come to the one who meant her death, who had promised her over twenty years ago as it looked out at her through the eyes of a beloved family member that it was bored then but not done playing. That it would see her again.

It hadn’t been hard to find another game to fill the years in the form of the man – or what had once been human at least – it now wore. It hadn’t even had to push hard for any of the amusement that the man had given. A naturally born serial killer, sadistic and twisted with a taste for women eerily similar in appearance to the one who stood before it now. Perhaps that had been the original draw, perhaps not. Fate had a funny way of working things out, if one believed in such a thing.

It didn’t matter because this was what it had been building up to. This was the end game. The man was long gone, but the demon remained and so did its intended prey. It had irritated it at first that the tortured and wailing souls of the women they had destroyed through the years had managed to reach out for help beyond the purgatory it had created for them. But, then that desperation had been twisted into a form of bait when the girl child belonging to the family who now owned this house had been foolish enough to open the portal wider through the use of a Ouija board. It was perfect. A tiny push and the trap was set. But, it wasn’t for the girl as everyone thought. Not at all. It was for something much bigger and brighter. Something the demon had been waiting years for.

Twisting its lips up into a smile, it held out a hand as she approached. “That’s right. Come to me.” It encouraged, a slight hiss in its words, but not enough to be overly noticeable. “Death only has to hurt for a little bit. Come home with me and I’ll let the others go.” It was the trapped souls she had come for after all. There were many, so she was getting a deal out of this. And she carried no weapons to fight with. No crucifix or holy water. No bible, not even the rosary that she always seemed to sport.

Lorraine’s gaze briefly flickered over its shoulder, focusing for a moment before returning to its eyes as she stopped in her tracks. “Home? Anywhere that you could take me would be anything but home. I’m not going with you. But, you are going.” The hand that had been held out in offering dropped as she continued. “Your name gives me dominion over you.” Her lips twitched into something akin to a smile, though she was in no way amused. “And I know what it is.”

Its eyes narrowed because that wasn’t possible. It had never revealed its true identity, never given any real clues. It had to be a bluff of some kind. But, she seemed to confident for that even as her gaze darted behind him once more and his own followed. There stood Barbara. The bitch ghost who had begged for help to begin with and then directed Lorraine to the unmarked graves beneath their feet that could lead to their release once discovered.

“Your toys don’t want to play anymore.” As Lorraine called out the name, a howling wind whipped through the basement, rattling walls and shaking the very foundation beneath them. Her words turned to a brief scream as the wooden stairs she stood on cracked and splintered and then collapsed under her, sending her to the cement below with a gasp and grunt of pain.

Looking up, she could see Ed above her. He stood on the top step, frantically trying to figure out how to get to her without killing himself in the process. He was shouting, but she couldn’t hear him and she didn’t try to call out or reassure him in turn because she knew he wouldn’t hear it and it would be a waste of precious time to try. A screech was briefly added to the roar around them and the pure agony of the sound made her lift her hands to cover her ears, though she knew it wouldn’t help. A flash of blinding light exploding in the dark cut off the screech and she knew that Barbara was no longer going to be of any more assistance. She wasn’t just dead anymore, she was gone. Her soul completely obliterated by the demon that was now stalking toward her.

Dropping her hands, she reached for the tiny gold cross on the chain around her neck as she looked up at the furious monster above her, all razor-sharp teeth and claws and glowing eyes surrounded by shadow. It had dropped the human guise in its anger but somehow still managed to laugh at her and what it likely saw as a pitiful attempt at some kind of protection.

It sent a bolt of white-hot fury and determination through her to hear the sound of enjoyment coming from such a creature. Condemnation, condescension, triumph. All were wrapped in the laughter. It took pleasure in torture, in pain, in suffering. It had completely wiped out a soul without a second thought. And it thought it was safe to continue to do so. It thought wrong.

Clearing her throat, she again called out the demon’s name, her own voice mingling with the chaos around them as it roared and slashed out at her, wanting to hurt her before it killed her.  A hiss left her lips as blood began to flow, filling the marks left by the invisible claws. Clutching the cross just a little tighter, she reached down deep into that place inside that shown brightly even in the darkest of times. “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit –“ She didn’t need a crucifix or holy water or even a Bible for this because she was never truly alone. “I condemn you back to Hell!”

The world exploded around her, a screech, a cry of despair and anger, the wind, the cold, cement blasted to pieces…and then the darkness that she allowed to overtake her, content in the knowledge that she had succeeded in what she had set out to do.


When consciousness finally began to return, the first thing she felt was pain. She ached all over, but she was alive. At least she was pretty sure she was alive. Slowly opening her eyes, she found herself being loaded into what could only be an ambulance, Ed climbing in beside her. There were tears in his eyes and on his cheeks and he looked terrified. More so than she had ever seen before. His hand held hers and so she shifted to squeeze that hand a little, just to let him know that she was awake and alive. That she wasn’t leaving him.

Attempting to sit up, she felt more than just Ed’s hands holding her down, though it was his voice that ordered – asked – her to stay still, to relax, to let herself be taken care of. “I’m okay.” For a moment she wasn’t even sure if the words actually made it past her lips or not as her attention was drawn back to the house they had just left.

There were police all around, coming in and out, more ambulances and other officials, radios squawking and sirens blaring while conversation was attempted over it all. But, that wasn’t what had caught her attention.

Standing just off to one side of the chaos, was a woman who was staring straight at her. It was almost like looking into a mirror, if the reflection was transparent that is. A glance around showed that no one else seemed to see this woman and somehow it didn’t come as a surprise. When she saw Lorraine looking at her, she offered a tiny smile and a wave, a mere lifting of her hand that somehow conveyed more gratitude than any words could have.

Lorraine offered an exhausted smile in return as the woman turned and started to walk away, fading with every step until she was completely gone, a sense of peace left in her wake. It wasn’t Barbara, who would never know that peace of finally being free to crossover, but it was a release for the rest, and she would settle for that.

Settling back, she was surprised when Ed leaned down to kiss her softly, his hand still holding hers. He said only three words, but they were words that spoke volumes. “You did good.”
I know what it is.

05/27/2019 11:56 PM 

Sin Drabble 1 - Lust (The Profane)

Click, click, click.

The sound of her shoes on the wood floor beneath her feet was loud in the almost mist like darkness that surrounded her as Lorraine paced in a small but straight line. Back and forth. Back and forth. It should have helped her think, but it wasn’t really doing that. It wasn’t soothing, it wasn’t even really registering that she was doing it. It was a basement, of course. A completely finished and rather nice one, but a basement, nonetheless. She had come down to check things out and was now locked inside. The silence was unnerving and the fact that no one was trying to get to her was odd. The fact that she knew she was in the basement of the house and yet felt like she was somewhere else entirely threw her off. She was inclined to think this was some kind of trance or vision or something…or she would have been if she was alone.

“Will you stop that? You’re going to wear a hole in the floor or something and it’s really f***ing irritating.” Her companion was definitely not one of choice and the words made her stop for only a moment to shoot him a look to show what she thought of them. Ethan Crunick had become a colleague of sorts, someone brought in to help on the case she and Ed had been asked to investigate. He was not what she had expected, but most people weren’t. He was, at times, harsh and abrasive, and other times actually more of a help than she would have thought possible and she chalked the mood swings up to the loss of his son, feeling a certain empathy-sympathy for him as a parent herself. But, then he said things like that, and she felt annoyed all over again. Which made her start her pacing again. She couldn’t entirely figure him out and that bothered her.

While at times she was almost repelled by him, wanting to be no where near him…there were others that she was drawn to him. That bothered her, too.

“I’m sorry if that’s what bothers you about this whole situation.” Maybe it was some kind of…limbo or something. But, she didn’t remember anything happing that should have led them here. “I’m a little more concerned by the fact that we’re…stuck here with no way out.” And that she was with him instead of her husband who always managed to ground her when she needed it the most, rather than working her up more than she already was with a few simple words. “You could try to help figure a way out instead of just…” She gestured to where he was sitting – lounging – against one of the walls, watching her with clear annoyance.

“Who says I’m not doing just that?” The smirk that accompanied the words gave her pause but then she started moving again. She didn’t want to stand still too long, and she certainly didn’t want to stand near him too long. “I don’t see how what you’re doing is helping anything. So, you should probably just stop.” His tone briefly revealed his previous annoyance and it made her steps increase in speed without her really thinking about it. Maybe she wanted to annoy him. He was too damn calm, not nearly concerned enough.

A few minutes of silence went by, broken only by the sounds of her footsteps when she was suddenly stunned to feel herself roughly shoved up against the wall, her arms held above her head by the wrists as Ethan glared at her. “I said stop.” He nearly growled the words and her eyes widened a little. She felt like she should be afraid, or at least nervous. Like she should try to pull away at least, though his grip was pretty firm. Instead she stared at him for a long moment before leaning forward as much as she could and surprising him when their lips met sending a heat shooting through her that she had only ever felt with one other person.

It didn’t make sense. She didn’t even like Ethan and she certainly didn’t like being restrained, but suddenly that didn’t matter at all. When they parted, his eyes were as wide as hers for a moment. “What are you doing?” He seemed more confused than anything as he studied her for a long moment.

“I’m kissing you.” She answered as if it were an everyday occurrence. As if she had done this kind of thing before. As if she hadn’t only ever been with or wanted to be with one man in her life. As if she had ever even considered infidelity, which she hadn’t. She was perfectly happy with her husband and had never wanted anyone else. Until now. “Are you stopping me?”

The surprise on his face shifted into a smile that she couldn’t quite read and didn’t really want to take the time to, something darker behind it than should have been there. “Not at all. I was just checking.” He released her arms and she stepped forward, repeating the previous process, but shifting to snake her hands up under his shirt to run them over his chest as she did so, moaning ever so slightly against his lips.

A little part of her brain tried to tell her that this wasn’t right. That something was very, very wrong, but it was overcome with something stronger and she shoved it away as she let the heat, the desire that had come out of nowhere take over. She didn’t protest as their shirts came off, hands trying to touch every part of each other at once as the kiss deepened in intensity and need when they came together again. “Do you want me?” His eyes practically glowed as they met hers and she could only nod, lips crashing together one more time as his hands moved to her pants, unbuttoning them before slowly tugging at the waist…


Eyes snapping open, she saw nothing but darkness as she tried to figure out just what was going on. She felt hot and cold at the same time, trembling as the room came into slow focus and she realized she was in the room she shared with Ed, in the bed they shared…with Ed sleeping beside her. She had no idea what had just happened and so she just stayed there, breathing heavily for a moment as it began to sink in that it was just a dream.

That was it. A dream. A nightmare, really. Something that would never happen in reality. Something she would never in a million years even entertain the thought of, but she had. Even if it wasn’t real. Even if she hadn’t been consciously controlling it. Or maybe she hadn’t been controlling it at all…

Swallowing hard, she reached out to gently shake Ed. “Ed?” He mumbled something but didn’t wake fully and she frowned just a little. “Ed. I need you.” This seemed to penetrate the fog of sleep with a bit more success, but not in the way she wanted. He shifted enough to lift an arm so that she could move close and he could hold her like he usually did. “C’mere.” He mumbled, still half asleep.

Instead of doing as he said, she moved, rolling over to straddle him instead. “No, Ed.” Her tone was a little firmer now, a little more desperate. “I need you.”

“Oh.” It took another long moment for his sleep addled brain to process what she was saying, but then his eyes snapped open, fully awake now. ”Oh.” Now it was his turn to roll onto his back, hands coming up to hold her where she was so that she didn’t fall. He didn’t get a chance to say more before that desperation took hold and she proceeded to show him just how much she needed him because this was what was supposed to happen. This was right. This wasn’t her imagination or something playing with her mind.

This was reality and this would make her forget the dream. Because that’s all it had been, a dream.
I need you..

05/27/2019 11:55 PM 

Tarot - Drabble

(Author's Note: This has been sitting in my incomplete folder for like three months now. I posted some Tarot prompts forever ago and I think I ended up with like eighteen or something, but have since lost that list. get two. ;) This is before #CANDY and before Andy and Lorraine had any kind of connection and I think it may also be before 'Burned.' So, it may not fit the current incarnations of either Andy or Zelda, but it seemed like a waste to just let it sit there, so I'm posting it anyway.)

“The tarot represents the spectrum of the human condition, the good, the evil, the light, and the dark."
“I can’t do that!” Lorraine knew she sounded both shocked and appalled, but she couldn’t help it, she couldn’t believe Betty would even bring this idea to her. The fact that her friend looked so very pleased with herself was a little annoying and the protest came naturally in response. “Tarot readings, really?” She shook her head, the idea never seriously even falling under consideration for her. “That’s not what I do. I don’t know how to read Tarot cards and tell peoples’ fortunes.”

“Oh, come on!” Betty was grinning from ear to ear, her protests seeming to only make her like the idea more. “You’re a psychic, aren’t you? What kind doesn’t really matter. You must know what the cards stand for. From there you can just make stuff up.” Her eyes were lit with excitement and she seemed convinced this was already a done deal despite Lorraine’s protests.

“You want me to lie to people?” This was an even worse suggestion and an offensive one at that and she lost the little humor she had been feeling. “Ed and I are fairly well known, Betty. We have a reputation to uphold and it’s not to add to the skeptics who already think we’re fakes and frauds preying on the weak and needy.”

Betty’s smile faded a little as well. “That’s not what I meant. I only meant that it’s a local carnival. People aren’t going to want real fortunes. It’s all fun and games, so it doesn’t matter what you say. Especially if you make it a game. People will love it if you play the role of Madame Endorra, the Know-It-All or something. Make it obvious that it’s just dramatics and fun.” She tilted her head slightly and her smile grew again. “Judy will love it. So will Donna. We’ll get you an elaborate costume and a crystal ball…” Her mind was spinning with the possibilities even as she used their daughters as another reason to make this happen. “This will be great!”


Lorraine still couldn’t believe she had agreed to this. She sat behind a round table draped with a black cloth with a large faux crystal ball in the center. She had refused any kind of elaborate and dramatic costume despite Betty’s best attempts to convince her. She didn’t want to do this to begin with, she wasn’t about to humiliate herself more than she already was by being here at all.

“What am I doing here?” She asked, her expression saying how unhappy she was with the whole thing even as her friend grinned over at her from her position standing off to the side and slightly behind. She didn’t really want or expect an answer as she was more asking herself anyway. Watching the people walk by, she was regretting agreeing to this even before anyone stopped at the table. It crossed her mind to tell Betty she had changed her mind. That she wasn’t doing this after all. But, then Judy appeared out of nowhere, pulling her first customer over by the hand, eager to see her mother in action.

Sighing to herself, she offered a smile to her first ‘customer’ and gestured to the chair across the table from her. “Please, have a seat.”


Child’s Play (Andy Barclay)  – THE FOOL (madness, cliffs, gambling, innocence, recklessness)

Tilting her head slightly, she studied the woman who had taken the seat indicated. Betty had said to make this a sort of game, make it amusing if nothing else. She wasn’t sure she could do that as she still felt odd about doing this at all. It felt…disrespectful to treat the art of Tarot reading that way, even if she wasn’t overly familiar with it herself.

“The Fool.” She murmured once the card was flipped, her gaze lifting to the redhead once more as she debated on how to proceed. Should she take the jocular route or try to do this to the best of her abilities? “Madness, cliffs, gambling, innocence, recklessness.” Her hand rested on the card, but her eyes remained on the woman. “All fitting for you, I would say.” She smiled a little, but it wasn’t really in amusement.

“An innocence lost – something all experience at some point. The madness of duality attempting to merge. Gambling and recklessness go hand in hand with the burning desire to accomplish a single goal. For dual reasons. Cliffs come with the obvious warning: look before you leap. You’ve been given – or taken – a second chance. Others aren’t so lucky and there is no guarantee of a third.”

She paused there for a moment. “I don’t claim to be Madam ZaZa or whatever and I honestly don’t predict the future.” Sure, she had visions, but she couldn’t conjure them up and she certainly couldn’t choose them. But, sometimes she did get a ‘peek behind the veil’ into other peoples’ lives whether she wanted it or not. “And this –“She gestured to the card, indicating both its meaning and what she had said. “Can frankly be taken any way you want to interpret it. But, the warning is a good one. If you draw others into this ‘noble quest’ of yours to stop whatever it is that you’re after, consider that they may not be as lucky as you have been in this life and the last. Also a singularly focused goal can lead to missing other things along the way. Broaden that focus. Look before you leap.”

Boozy Aunt (Zelda Spellman) – STRENGTH (courage, patience, lack of discipline, virtue, biting)

Watching her next ‘customer’ take a seat, she was instantly struck with a sense of danger. This woman didn’t like her even without having ever met her before – for whatever reasons that she would probably never know, never want to know – and she likely didn’t care what was going to be said here. Her very presence caused a tension that was going to be hard to relieve even after she walked away. She hesitated to meet the woman’s eyes for a moment because of those vibes that she was getting, but then she did so. Neither had even spoken a word and the sooner she got this over with the better.

Studying her for a long moment, she flipped a card and then glanced down at it. “Strength.” Well, that seemed appropriate. “Courage, patience, lack of discipline, virtue, biting.” She smirked just a little at the combination of meanings for this particular card, though again, she wasn’t overly amused by the whole thing. She was also fairly certain that this woman probably already knew the meaning of the card before it was spoken, but she liked to let people know what they were seeing.

“Biting –“ She was thinking about taking Betty’s original advice and making this reading more amusing than truthful or serious, but speaking the word sent a shiver down her spine that nixed that idea. It also made her not want to continue with that particular meaning of the card.

Switching without finishing that sentence, she smoothly segued into another, making it look like she had meant to do so the entire time, but not really thinking the woman was convinced, even if she didn’t care. Maybe she would get a little amusement out of this after all. “Courage, virtue and patience all twist together to make a noble ideal of protecting those you love, no matter the cost.” Another hesitation because something said those words were the literal truth, ‘no matter the cost’ to anyone or anything that might stand in the way of that. “Lack of discipline in the ability to look beyond that into the bigger picture leads to the idea that there may not be anything beyond that ideal. Family is everything, but that doesn’t make everything else nothing.” She met the woman’s eyes again, not necessarily fearlessly, but with an iron will that wouldn’t let her backdown to some unspoken wariness.

“I don’t claim accuracy, nor do I claim perfection in anything said here. Really, these cards can be read any way you see fit.” She wasn’t claiming she was this psychic that Betty wanted her to be and disclaimers were meant to prevent anger and anything that might accompany that and also to ease her own mind because this wasn’t her forte and she didn’t lie to people about things like this.

She tilted her head slightly. “The ends don’t always justify the means and, I’m sure you know very well that all actions have consequences. Strength isn’t only the ability to protect and fight, but it’s also the ability to know when those are the wrong things to do. It’s the ability to see beyond yourself and the façade you present to the world. Sometimes strength means weakness and sometimes it means letting that weakness show. Strength is a coveted virtue but be aware that it’s not the only virtue.”


By the time the crowd finally thinned and Lorraine had read her last cards, she was exhausted. Finishing the last of the cleanup around her table, she looked up as Betty flounced into the tent, way too energetic for the hour and how long the evening had been. Of course, she hadn’t had to do anything but enjoy the carnival. “Wasn’t that as awesome as I said it would be?” She demanded with a huge grin as she moved to sling an arm around Lorraine’s shoulders, walking out of the tent with her friend. “Awesome.” Lorraine couldn’t help but roll her eyes, looking suspicious as Betty’s smile only grew. “I’m glad you agree. Because I might have signed you up for tomorrow night, too.”
“Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum - its abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer."
credit: james kriet

05/21/2019 05:48 PM 

The Doll Is a Beacon... - Drabble

(Author's Note: This is a response for Ed's 'The Ride Home,' which can be found here: )
The car had stalled, which didn’t surprise Lorraine as much as it probably should have. They had helped the nurses and their friend with their problem. A problem called Annabelle. A problem which was now sitting in the back seat of the very car that had just died for no reason, lights flickering on the dash before going out as they lost power. She hadn’t felt right about the whole thing from the get-go, feeling like the doll was much more dangerous than it appeared, which it was. But, she and Ed had been unable to say no to taking the doll away when the girls had made the request. She really couldn’t blame them for not wanting the doll in their home after everything they had gone through.

Her focus was more on the doll than on Ed as he tried unsuccessfully to keep the car going and they rolled to a stop, though she did glance at him to see his attempts. “I’m going to check under the hood.” The words sent a chill up her spine as she held out her hand for the key he offered her. She did not want him to get out of the car. She did not want to be left alone with Annabelle in the car. But, they couldn’t just sit here in the dark either.

Watching as he quietly and reluctantly climbed out of the car, Lorraine glanced out the window beside her and froze. There were several…people standing around the car now and they weren’t the kind one would normally expect to see. But, nothing in their lives were exactly normal and these weren’t just people. “The doll is a beacon for other spirits…”

Ed was outside and couldn’t hear her, and she wasn’t sure it would matter all that much anyway. Her hand moved to the door handle without her consent as she glanced out the windshield one more time, seeing Ed slam the hood shut. It didn’t look like he had figured out what was wrong, which was no surprise. It wasn’t natural, whatever it was. He also didn’t seem to see the spirits around him, and his eyes met hers for a moment before a hard shove from one side sent him sprawling into the middle of the road beside the car.

“Ed!” The fear she had been feeling all night spiked and she shoved the door open in an attempt to get to him as the headlights of an incoming truck bathed him in light and he shielded his eyes from his position on the ground. By some miracle, the truck swerved, and Ed rolled, and they managed not to collide with each other, though the truck also didn’t stop. Lorraine might have thought that was strange if she could think of anything but Ed.

Heart in her throat and tears in her eyes, Lorraine stumbled toward her husband. Dropping to the ground beside him, she threw her arms around him and hung on as if for dear life, trying not to allow the sobs to escape as they wanted to. “Are you okay?!” She pulled away enough to look him over but didn’t let go. Checking for injuries but unwilling to break the contact between him. She could have lost him just now and she was oh so painfully aware of that.

He didn’t seem to be physically injured and that was a relief, but she couldn’t get past the image of him in the center of the road with the truck barreling down on him. They couldn’t stay here and they needed to get Annabelle locked up before she caused any more damage, but she couldn’t even focus on that as she leaned into Ed once more, wanting nothing more than to feel his arms around her, to be reassured that he was really alive and okay. Nothing else mattered in that moment.
The doll is a beacon for other spirits...

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Dies Irae - Family Dinner (Drabble)

Friday night dinner. It was something they tried to do as much as possible despite their endlessly busy schedules because family time was important and they didn’t get nearly enough of it. This time it wasn’t just the family, however. They had invited a guest. Not something they always did, but not unheard of either. It was never a business matter, not wanting to mix family time with their job. Sometimes it was friends of the family, sometimes it was someone that just seemed to need somewhere to go or a little kindness of their own. This one was different.

This had started out as business, meeting this guest because he was someone who could most likely assist them on the case they were walking into because of his expertise in the time period the symbols left on the walls of the home in question represented. It was a case they were still working on, but they had come home for a couple days in between. Sometimes that happened if a case was running particularly long or they needed to do some research of their own at home. This was a combination of both and it had seemed rude not to invite Ethan along when talks of Friday dinner had come up.

Lorraine still wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about the man if she was completely honest. They worked well together and that lifted him in her esteem, but his attitude left something to be desired. Since she hadn’t known him before the loss of his son, she didn’t know if he had always been like that or if the event had just drastically changed him and so she was still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Losing a child was one of the worst things in the world, and as a parent she felt nothing but sympathy and heartbreak on his behalf when it came to that. Every now and then she wondered if that didn’t color her desire to trust him a bit more than it should, swaying that trust where it might not normally be found.

Placing the dishes she was holding in the sink, she glanced back toward the kitchen table where their guest sat talking with Judy. The duo were, perhaps surprisingly, getting along fabulously. While this should have pleased her, Lorraine was a little uneasy about that fact. She couldn’t explain why, but she didn’t always have to. Most of the time she just needed to listen to that feeling, or at least try to figure out why it was bothering her. Maybe it was just that Judy was so trusting and innocent, even in her early teenage years and there were so many people and things that would take advantage of that without a second thought. Not that she necessarily thought Ethan was one of those people, but she was a mother and her fears and concerns didn’t have to have a basis in logic.

Ed had been sitting with the duo, part of the conversation as well, but he excused himself to help Lorraine clean up so that Judy and Ethan could continue. It was a nice break from the seriousness of demons and tortured people who constantly needed their help to deal with terrifying and evil things. Bringing the last round of dishes, he set them on top of the ones Lorraine had already placed and leaned in close to kiss her cheek. “What do you think?” He asked softly enough to not be overheard, though they were still in sight of the duo at the table should they choose to look for them. “He seems…different in a family situation.”

He sounded pleased and that gave Lorraine pause as well. Maybe that was it. People were different in different situations and everything they had been involved in up until now had been pretty stressful. Maybe all it required was something relaxed and friendly and…normal like this to see the other side of their guest. “He does. And Judy seems to really like him.” She finally murmured in return, an observation rather than the opinion Ed was asking for.

She could feel Ed studying her even before she turned to look at him because her tone hadn’t matched the words she spoke, though she tried to make them sound like a good thing. She knew he was wondering if there was more behind them than she was letting on without him needing to say a word, familiar with the questioning and concerned expression that briefly flitted across his face. “She does.” He agreed slowly, leaving room for her to add to that should she choose to.

“Maybe that’s all he needed.” She didn’t take the conversation the way he was clearly expecting and he blinked in surprise as he thought about the words. Ethan no longer had a family of his own to go home to, so maybe Lorraine was right. Maybe being welcomed into theirs had helped more than they had thought it could.

As they spoke, not being close enough to really see, neither noticed that the smile that was resting on the lips of their guest wasn’t quite as friendly and welcoming as they thought. It wasn’t pleased or happy or any of the things they might want it to be, though to all appearances – especially to the young girl engaged in conversation with him – it was all of those things in one. In reality it was a smile of anticipatory pleasure for things to come.

Shivering slightly, though it was warm in the house, Lorraine offered her husband a smile that she hoped was reassuring, wanting to assure herself as well as she repeated the sentiment. “Maybe he just needed a family.”
Dies Irae - Day of Wrath

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Character Study - Lecture

The seminar was going well, which wasn’t always the case. It seemed that most of the audience was at least open to listening, a great leap forward from some of those they spoke to and with quite often. They hadn’t been lying when they had said that they were often referred to as crazy kooks. People didn’t want to believe what they hadn’t experienced, they didn’t want to believe anything that might be considered out of the norm and they certainly didn’t want to believe in the supernatural or evil things that inhabited the very same world with them every day.

They were very methodical in explaining each case for the most part. The topic of this seminar was possession and they were going through just what that was, the stages and examples of cases where someone had been possessed and an exorcism had been required and approved. That approval wasn’t always given, but in these cases, the one they talked about most in particular, it had been. And the person had still died in the end.

Though it was clear they were present in each of the cases they presented – through photos on the projector or video itself - they seemed to report on them completely calmly if completely seriously. They emphasized just how serious it was, what could happen, but they quickly moved on without becoming too emotionally invested in the stories. They had lived them, that was more than emotional enough. Though they both spoke when they had something to add, they never spoke over one another, often sharing a glance or a look that only the other could read. A silent communication between two people who were not mind readers, but were as close as people could come with each other to being just that. They knew each other that well.

“The first stage is infestation.” Ed had written the three stages on the chalk board as he always did, so that they could be seen and pointed out as they were explained. “This often refers to an object or thing rather than a person itself. A demon or spirit can attach itself to a house or some other object often shown by noticeable whispering or footsteps or even just the feeling that something is there, watching, waiting…” He paused before continuing. “A demon can infest your home, but it can only infest you if you invite it to have some kind of relationship by talking to it or interacting with it. Even saying something so simple as ‘do that again if you’re really there.’ One of the favorite tricks of the demonic is to imitate people or animals to touch your ‘soft spot.’ Don’t fall for thinking it’s the innocent spirit of a child or your dead grandmother or other loved one.”

“Like Annabelle?” Someone from the audience asked the question without raising their hand or asking permission first, but that was okay. It was a good question and Lorraine nodded, stepping slightly forward. “Yes. Annabelle was never possessed. It was moved around as an illusion with the intent of possession. But, not of the doll. These spirits don’t possess inanimate objects, they possess people. The demon convinced the doll’s owners that it housed the spirit of a child and only wanted to be friends with them. Once invited to stay, it’s given more power and can move on to the next stage.”

This seemed to be a satisfactory answer, or at least a thought provoking one, and so Ed continued. “The second stage is oppression. This deals with the mental effects of demonic influence. Not normal mental problems, but mental influence combined with the signs of infestation. Usually, but not always, the signs of infestation are present first. Even if you don’t witness strange occurrences in your home, but another family member does, pay attention to what that person is telling you. You may notice that person becomes more depressed, lethargic, or interested in dark things. The oppressed can become sick, exhausted and just plain worn out. They can have severe nightmares or problems in school. They may talk to people no one else can see or have unique behaviors that they say ‘someone else’ did, that it wasn’t them, or they may just exhibit strange actions that aren’t part of their normal behavior.”

Stepping forward again, Lorraine picked up the narrative. “This leads to stage three: possession. Now the person will still exhibit the strange behaviors, but it will seem to be another person entirely and you will feel like it’s not your loved one. You will feel like you don’t ‘know’ them anymore. In addition to the other behaviors, things like hurting others on purpose, swearing and saying things meant to be cruel and vicious, destroying holy items, acting or looking animalistic may be present. Displays of unusual strength or powers of kinesis, physical and mental abilities normal humans don’t possess, or knowledge of hidden things. Once things get to this point, it’s necessary to take more drastic measures than a simple discussion with a minister or priest.”

The lights were dimmed and a video flickered on the screen. It was a video they had used several times in seminars like these. The video picked up in one of the most intense parts of the exorcism they were trying to complete. While Ed was recognized by the church as a Demonologist, he was not ordained, and so he was not the one performing the exorcism, but both he and Lorraine had been there, attempting to help the man pull through. Ed began to explain what was happening in the video, while Lorraine, as she usually did, added things here and there, pointing out the upside-down cross that had appeared to be pushed into the man’s skin from the inside out. What she didn’t add was that that cross had appeared somewhere else. On the back of the man’s neck. Whether it had been there all along or not, she didn’t really know and it didn’t really matter at this point, she supposed.

“What happened to him?” It was the expected question as the video was cut off at a certain point, deliberately not showing the completion of the exorcism or Lorraine screaming as the demon grabbed her arms and forced the terrifying vision into her head that had sent her into a self-induced seclusion for eight days after. The lights came back up and Ed answered the question. “He tried to kill his wife, shot her in the arm instead and then killed himself.” He replied bluntly and honestly. It was a sobering thought. The thought that even such things as exorcisms sanctioned and performed by the church weren’t always successful. That good didn’t always triumph over evil. It was the same question and answer as always and it brought the same silence as always for a moment as the audience took this in. Even if you didn’t believe in everything that they had explained and shown, it was enough to provoke thought and a feeling of uneasiness.

The couple shared another wordless and meaningful glance before Ed broke the silence once more, asking for other questions. Nearly every hand in the room shot up and he and Lorraine set to honestly answering as many of those questions as they could. They never talked down or acted like any of the questions were stupid and they never took offense if someone was skeptical and demanding. They expected both ends of the spectrum and anything in between and they knew how to handle it. They knew what they were talking about.
The three stages of possession...

04/23/2019 11:40 PM 

Mini Drabbles


“Stop filming me, moron!”

Drew blinked and lowered the video camera he held in his hands. “Sorry. I was just making sure the equipment is working.” It was hard to tell how serious he was. He was usually completely laid back and could find a joke in just about anything. He had seen a lot of things most people couldn’t even imagine while working with the Warrens, but this woman was something else entirely and he wasn’t sure how to react to James standing there glaring at him with her hands on her hips.

Approaching the duo, Lorraine smirked at James. “Don’t mind Drew here. My people are trained to try to catch anything strange or unusual on film and you kind of fit the bill on both.”




“Are you even listening to me?”

The boy was pacing anxiously and clearly not listening at all. He was muttering something about ghosts and other things that she couldn’t quite understand. He was lost in whatever fears he was seeing and his pacing was slowly picking up speed, so she stepped in front of him so that he had to look up at her.

“Xiang.” She spoke his name firmly, waiting for him to focus on her. “No ghosts.” He blinked as if unsure if he should believe her or not. But, she was the Ghost Lady and she would be the one to know if there were any here or not and she didn’t lie.

“No ghosts?”

She shook her head and repeated the words firmly. “No ghosts. We’re okay.” Studying her for a long moment, he finally nodded slowly. “No ghosts…”


(raven talons)

“As the wise Scooby Doo once said; ‘Ruh Roh.’”

Both Lorraine and Samuel turned their heads simultaneously to look at Drew who looked back at them mock innocently before smiling. Often times he took it upon himself to lighten the mood whenever one of the cases they were working on was particularly heavy and this was one of those times.

“Scooby Doo?” Samuel questioned, arching one eyebrow as Drew continued to grin at them. Neither he nor Lorraine wanted to be in this situation, working together, but Drew didn’t seem to feel the same way. Or, if he did, he was better at hiding it. Making light of it instead.

“Sure.” Drew agreed easily. “My favorite ghost buster, monster hunter, scaredy cat who always manages to get his guy. I admire him, you know. Look up to him. I want to be just like him. He’s my hero.” This time he almost managed to keep a straight face.

Lorraine blinked and then rolled her eyes. “I’m not sure if I should be offended or not. That your hero is a cartoon dog who’s afraid of his own shadow. But, to each his own, I suppose.” She smirked a little.

“Scooby Dooby Doo!”



“Jail can’t stop me.”

Lorraine just looked at the woman who was speaking. She wasn’t entirely sure what to think of this Rayleigh. She was sure of herself, that much was clear. And she was probably right. It didn’t seem like there was much that could really stop her if she put her mind to something or wanted something. But, that didn’t mean she wanted to join the woman in jail. Maybe it wouldn’t stop Rayleigh, but it would stop her and it would put a damper on many things in her life.

“Maybe not, but it would definitely slow things down, wouldn’t it?” She smirked a little. “Why take the chance? It’s much better to not be behind bars.”


Ghost Buster

“Well, that was unsettling.”

Leaning into her husband, Lorraine sighed a little. “You certainly have a way with words.” She tried to relax as he wrapped his arms around her, but he was right. Their last encounter with whatever this entity was had been ‘unsettling.’ More than that, really. It didn’t like them, that much was obvious. But, these things never really did. It was to be expected.

And this had only been the first encounter. They had so much to figure out and had to actually deal with it when they did. That was what they were there for. That was what they did. But, some cases were harder than others and she had a feeling this was going to be one of them.

“I think unsettling is the least of our problems.”




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30 Day Writing Prompts - May

 DAY 1



                “How does it feel to play a strong woman?”




                “Just stop and smell the flowers!”




                “We just missed him.”




                “Every person sees the universe differently.”




                “Do you know why I pulled you over today?”




                “I’ll be your best friend.”




                “Do you ever cancel plans with others just to stay at home and do nothing?”




                “Here’s a list of suspects.”




                “If I died, how much would you miss me?”

DAY 10



                “So, what’s upsetting you?”

DAY 11



                “It has to be done.”

DAY 12

                Crystal Ball


                “I’m sorry, but I’m done waiting.”

DAY 13



                “They warned me about you. I should have listened.”

DAY 14



                “It’s time to stop lying to ourselves.”

DAY 15



                “Don’t worry about it.”

DAY 16



                “I’m the Commander! I do what I want!”

DAY 17



                “All right, then. Keep your secrets.”

DAY 18



                “You do know how to take my breath away.”

DAY 19



                “Admit it, you care about me.”

DAY 20

                Haunted House


                “What are you doing here?”

DAY 21



                “Every now and then I like to do as I’m told, just to confuse people.”

DAY 22



                “I’m not in control of myself. You have to kill me.”

DAY 23



                “I have a lot of things to say.”

DAY 24



                “This isn’t about you.”

DAY 25



                “I can be your friend.”

DAY 26



                “I have a plan.”

DAY 27



                “What am I gonna do while you’re gone?”

DAY 28



                “Stop crying for someone who isn’t yours.”

DAY 29



                “The plot thickens.”

DAY 30



                “Would it be stupid if I –“

04/13/2019 01:16 PM 

A Warning - Drabble

Lorraine stared out the passenger side window, watching in silence as the drops of water cascaded in rivulets down the glass. It was late and dark and they were on their way home to do some research before returning to the home of the family they were currently trying to help. She felt unusually tense, even for working on a case and she didn’t know why. That was the worst. Feeling this way without a solid reason behind it. Her fingers drummed absently and unconsciously on her thigh as she tried to figure it out. Driving in a rain storm didn’t help, though she trusted Ed completely and knew he was a good driver, a careful driver.

As soon as she had that thought, the car suddenly jerked to one side and her gaze shot to her husband. He was frowning and he had a white knuckled grip on the steering wheel. “Just a puddle or the high wind or something. It’s fine.” He assured immediately, not needing to look at her to know she was looking at him. “We’re fine.”

He had barely finished speaking when thunder boomed loud enough to rock the car and lightning lit up the sky. Still watching her husband, she saw the moment that the steering wheel jerked to the side again, driving them over into oncoming traffic as the rain began to fall harder, their headlights clashing with a set of oncoming ones that were too close for comfort. Swearing, though he never did so, Ed gripped the steering wheel and tried to turn it, to get them back onto the proper side of the road, or even off to the side, but it wouldn’t move. That failing, he slammed his foot down on the brake pedal, but their speed didn’t change.

Clenching her teeth and closing her eyes, Lorraine prepared for impact as the horn of the other car blared, drowning out the sounds of the storm around them. Her thoughts skipped to Judy and what she was going to do when they didn’t come home, then to Ed who was her soulmate and partner and who didn’t deserve to die like this.

Suddenly she heard Ed slam his foot down again and her eyes flew open as the brakes squealed and the car finally started to turn. The other vehicle’s horn was still blaring, but their own narrowly missed hitting it as it spun out across the wet road, out of control even as Ed tried to regain some. Lightning flashed again and this time it wasn’t other lights approaching, it was a guard rail and they were going to hit it. She reached for Ed, but did her best not to hinder his attempts at corrective driving as the metal came closer and closer. Their speed was reducing, but they were still going to hit it.

The impact came as more of a shock than she had expected, especially having seen it coming and she was grateful she was wearing her seatbelt even as she was jerked forward and then back into her seat again even as the car finally came to a complete stop. For a moment she sat frozen, not sure if she was okay or if Ed was okay or even if they were still moving.

But, she did know one thing for sure. It came to her with crystal clarity.

Blinking she assessed herself for injuries and decided she wasn’t hurt too badly. At least she didn’t think so. “Ed?” She immediately questioned, moving to release her seatbelt so she could do the same with him. If he was hurt…

“I’m okay.” His voice was shaking and he was pale, but he did really seem to be uninjured. Though they would probably both find small reminders of this later. She was already beginning to ache, but she was too grateful they were alive to even really notice it. His hands were all over her as hers had been him, checking for the same things she had been. “I’m okay.” She echoed his words, wanting to reassure him as much as she wanted that reassurance from him.

He studied her for a long  moment as if trying to make sure she was telling the truth and then let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. “I don’t know what happened…” He murmured, shaking his head and glancing out the nearly shattered windshield. He shuddered to imagine what the car looked like on the outside.

“Something doesn’t want us helping this family.” Lorraine replied softly. She knew it. With every fiber of her being, she knew it. “This was a warning.” She met his eyes, trembling herself as she said the words. “It doesn’t like us and it’s telling us to back off.”


It was several hours later when they finally managed to reach their home. They were lucky that an elderly couple had seen the accident and stopped to help, had even driven them home after all the proper reports and such were completed. They were soaked from the rain, exhausted and sore, and eternally grateful to have made it at all and, after sincerely thanking the couple for their help, the walked hand and hand up their walkway.

They hadn’t gone far when the sounds of their daughter wailing reached their ears and Lorraine dropped Ed’s hand to race toward the door. She had never heard Judy so upset before and it sent a bolt of terror straight down her spine because she could only too well imagine a multitude of things that might make her sound like that.

Throwing open the door, she called out her daughter’s name, following the cries into the kitchen where Judy stood in her nightgown, tears streaming down her face as Georgiana tried to calm her. Before she got a chance to ask what was wrong, Judy spotted her mother and launched herself into her arms, reaching for Ed when he came in just behind his wife. Sobs wracked her body and it took some time before anyone was able to calm her enough for her to coherently speak.

“I had a nightmare…” She started, sniffling and stuttering a little. She had clearly been terrified and still clung to her parents as if she were afraid they would disappear. “You were in a car accident and…” She couldn’t finish that sentence, tears starting all over again. “Don’t leave me!”

Her tears were quieter now, but no less intense as Lorraine looked at Ed over their daughter’s head. She knew her own scared and worried expression echoed his just as she knew that they couldn’t tell Judy that her nightmare had been more than just a dream. Not now anyway. She was just a child and she didn’t need to know how close she had truly come to losing her parents.

Continuing to try to comfort the girl, Lorraine heard her own words echoing in her head. Something doesn’t want us to help this family. This is a warning.
This is a warning.


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