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May 24th, 2019

Gender: Female
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Age: 23
Country: United States

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August 04, 2018


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05/20/2019 01:47 PM 

From highschool sweethearts to married lovers

Zayn Javadd Malik πŸ’– Keeper of my heart and Husband.πŸ’You bring a smile to my face even when my cheeks are mascara stained.You lit a spark in my eye and now theres a wildfire.πŸ’— Everytime you touch me you send shivers up my spine,when i look into your eyes its like falling in love for the first time.😍
Everyday that I wake up I fall deeper in love with you 😘 No other man could have my heart like you can.πŸ’—You deal with me when I'm angry 😠 Hold me when I cry 😭 In your arms I feel safe insideπŸ’‹ Its hard to admit that Ive fallen hard,but with you Im not scared,I want everyone to know what you mean to me.So when we say "I do" I hope you know Im ready to spend the rest of my life with you.

05/15/2019 12:53 PM 

Rules of the game


I hate to add rules,but it has came down to it.

-NO EROTICA-My character is happily engaged/married and she is not a player.If you want smut you have came to the wrong place.I advise you to look somewhere else and don't even attempt to request/add me.Please and thank you!!

-NO MUTES- I am not here to be a number,I am here to get friends and make long lasting connections between 1 or more characters.I will send out a greeting within 48 hrs of the request being sent/accepted if you do not do so.I expect the greeting to be replied to in a decent friendly manner,24 hrs after the greeting has been sent I will not hesitate to remove you.
Note:If you have a job,or there is something preventing you from getting online,please let me know that way I do not remove you from my friends list and that we both can be on the same page.

-Please do not delete,add,delete-I am looking for people to stay and roleplay,not be like constantly recreating profiles just for the fun of it.If your account is not stable and you are deleting and re-adding i will block you and you will not be accepted again.

05/11/2019 11:38 PM 

Storyline Application

Where did we meet?:
How old were we?:
Were we friends or enemies?:
Do we reunite or have we always been together?:
Whats our Connection?(Besties,friends,siblings,etc...):

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