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April 5th, 2020

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July 12, 2018



04/05/2020 11:50 PM 

darkness holds.

"Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness."
"if she was trying to protect me, then why did she sent me to the sister's as she did with Polly? She told me  I was tested for the serial killer gene?" some bullsh*t that had been discredited in the 1990′s. Her mother had tried to convince her she had, already laden with the trauma of her serial killer father, her deepest fears of being just like him manipulated so cruel, so calculated. She thought that she got over this. She had a way to cope now and not feed the darkness.

Not that any of that mattered now, her biggest worry her mother's safety, and the fear that Penelope Blossom was still at large somewhere after Betty had watched her shoot her father in the head at point-blank range, an image that would forever be burned into her consciousness.  

"he wants us to help – Jug and me. but I don't know … I don't know what to do. Everything is such a mess. My mom is missing, my sister, the rest of the farmies – my dad's dead...what do you think, what should I do? I have to help, right? He's my brother – half brother, whatever" she felt guilty for even thinking about not helping Charles. Still, she was so exhausted, so worn out by everything, she wasn't even sure what help she could be.  " it would just be nice to trust someone in my family and not question everything." betty felt at this point she believed Cheryl then her brother at this point.

04/04/2020 11:49 PM 

mad world.

Mad World
"Children waiting for the day they feel good Happy birthday, happy birthday And I feel the way that every child should Sit and listen, sit and listen"
"no, no one's in trouble," well she hoped anyway  Betty was quick to reassure the person, moving closer to the edge of the bar as some space was vacated near the other. Pressing her lips together, she considered where to start, deciding just to jump right in and go for it. "nothing's wrong. Strictly speaking, I guess. I just …it's the Serpents. I feel like they all just see me as the girl next door, and that's it. That is the only reason I'm here, and I couldn't care less about the rest of them." It wasn't just her feelings that had led her that way – various overheard conversations had left her wondering if that was the case. 

But after careful consideration, she realized that it wasn't. Maybe it was born out of her own experiences, but Betty wanted a place where she belonged. Fully, and honestly. "and part of it is probably me, I'm sure. So I want you to help me prove myself. That sounds like the wrong word for it, but I just want to show that jughead and my mom aren't the only reason I'm here, not the only reason I'm here. that I'm my own person and that I deserve to be treated like that as much as anyone else."

If she was honest with herself, she danced not just because of jughead but proved to herself, she could handle it, betty loved her boyfriend more then life it's self he didn't need to push her away anymore. The blonde was stronger then people thought.

04/02/2020 11:32 PM 

half of my hometown.

half of my hometown
"I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can't I do this one thing for me?"
The days after her torturous night, Betty was trying to rebuild her life. Slowly but surely, and it wasn't easy. But things were starting to go back to normal, her and her friends hanging out at Pop's, drinking milkshakes, laughing and enjoying each other company. Her mom was still around, but they needed to rebuild everything. Trust. She hid so much from her. So she didn't try to overthink the hell she had gone through or the pain of losing not one, but both parents and a sister. She had to block it out somehow, not wanting to deal with and face her emotions right now. She was trying to heal the best way she knew how even though it was going to have to do more than one conversation. 

Betty had heading into Pop's alone, wanting just to sip a milkshake and sit for a while by herself. Occasionally Veronica coming by checking on her time to time. But she heard a familiar voice pulling her away from her thoughts for a moment. The question that left the person's mouth made Betty let out a heavy sigh. "I'm holding up the best I can, just trying to get through it. That's what I learned, right?" she said, it wasn't a complete lie. Pausing for a moment, she chewed on her lower lip, but Betty needed someone to be there, some company for her sanity. She didn't want to get the point of overthinking in her head.


04/01/2020 11:25 PM 

It's us against the world.

It's us against the world
"Whenever you're near there is no fear It feel's like there's nothing I can't do You make me feel stron'Cause it's here with you that I belong"
A night that felt like a terrible dream was finally over. Her friends and herself had been put in danger, at risk of dying. And the thought of anything happening to any one of them made her sick to her stomach. She realized how ill Cheryl's mother had gotten. It was like she needed the win. It was bad enough that she had to play a twisted game of spin the bottle with her best friend, but instead of fun makeouts in closets when she first met her best friend, it was a death wish. Poison lacing every glass, Veronica was taking the most to save Betty's life. Betty didn't know how she could ever repay Veronica for that. But she knew that she had proven she would do anything for her, and Betty would have done the same for her. She didn't even have to question it.

A new day was dawning, and it was the end of their nightmare. The sun shining down after Cheryl came to the rescue with her arrow. Everyone was safe and accounted for. after everything was calming down. They talked to everyone they needed to The blonde sprung forward, wrapping her arms around her friend. She just needed to hug her, know she was safe, to know she was real. 

"We have, V, and I love you."

03/31/2020 03:33 PM 

Don't let me down.

Don't let me down
"Do you feel me here Giving you love Do you see me here Opening up No one's ever gotten to this point Where we go from here is all your choice"
Betty hadn't known about his plan in detail and was worried that this would turn wrong. And it almost had right in front of her. Se didn't know if Jughead would wake up. She didn't have the control anymore. It made her feel uneasy. Pretending that she had taken part in Jughead's death was something she never thought she would have to do, but it was a well thought out play. A scene to get the preppies off their trail for a moment until they were able to take them down. 

And it was coming sooner rather than later. They had to have some things come in to play. The two just had wait for a while. Only their closest friends knew the truth; to everyone else, it looked like a terrible accident. She realized that this plan couldn't just involve the two of them. Their friends had to come together. She had to hand it to him, pulling off such a stunt as he did, it was genius in its own right.

Now betty was just waiting for the day; they could reveal that Jughead was healthy and alive. if someone said that they would be doing this her senior year. She would give them a weird look. Betty had one goal in mind. To get Jughead to graduate. They had come this far not to graduate. It was her hop to get a break from the drama, deaths, and none sense in Riverdale.

03/30/2020 01:45 PM 

future nostalgia.

Future nostalgia
"I know you're dying trying to figure me out My name's on the tip of your tongue, keep running your mouth"
To say the least with everything going on keeping Jughead safe. She was having flashbacks to the night that black hood gave her no choice in the matter of breaking up with him. She cared about him that much to keep away from any harm. Betty has now learned that they are stronger together than anything else. She's grown. That didn't mean that it still haunted her the feeling of Jughead telling her he loved her and then have to let him ago. . she always waiting for someone to tell her that. All her childhood, she had a crush on Archie. The redhead told her she as perfect, but she never felt good enough for him. Then Jughead came along. He was there for her like no one has ever. Deep down, it made her question if she ever was in loved Archie. Maybe loved like the best but not like she was Jughead.

Betty sat up from the bed and realized that yes, she let go of the black hood, but it always is with her that he emotionally exhausted her, trying to control her until everything was gone. In ways, she was glad that he realized that she could handle her own and pushed back. The blonde took a breath calming down a bit. Was fair that even after her father had died, she was sad? Betty questioned at times how did she become the girl next door. She gave some of the credit to Fred Andrews. Betty remembered the small moments when her actual dad didn't even show up. The blonde let everything go for once. She wasn't going worried about the past. She knew she had a future outside of Riverdale, and she was going fight for it. Betty put her head back, closing her eyes, finally getting some sleep.


03/29/2020 12:15 PM 

we've been chasing our demons down.

We've been chasing our demons down.
"We've been fighting our demons just to stay afloat Been building a castle just to watch it fall Been running forever just to end up here Once more And now we know This is not the world we had in mind"
The funny thing about this is that Jughead could tell she was drained. It was like so much was on her shoulders at once. She has been through so much. It was like she expressing everything at once. She lost a father, Polly will never be the same again, worrying about the babies. Her mom was just burying herself with reports; Jughead was dealing with the prep. Veronica was dealing with her dad's illness; Archie was helping the kids. She just felt out of control." I don't know, Jughead. I just feel like I'm out of place. And I don't know how to fix that." she was fine on her own when she needs to. Betty could stand up for herself. It was fine at the same time it seemed like he kept her grounded.

 Her walls not up around Jug. She trusted him. She could be herself with him and know that he wasn't there to judge or hurt or criticize. He was just there to support her. And she hoped it was clear that she was always there for him too, even if it was just to listen. The divide between them felt massive, but… it wasn't. It was her mind playing tricks on it.

She had to step again and realize no one was leaving. They believed what she was saying. with the farm people thought she was crazy.and they weren't bad she listened to her gut look where everything turned out. Maybe the fact the future was so unsure, where it was going take her, but she knew for one thing Betty wanted Jughead Veronica, Archie, and Cheryl, in her life forever.

03/27/2020 12:22 PM 

I am confidently lost.

I am confidently lost
"And trying to get to know me I'm just an outline of what I used to be Constantly evolvingSteadily revolving"
It was like she was going back in time. Where she was the girl that loved and adored Archie. Things have changed so much since that time. Betty was focused on the boy that had The beanie. She would do anything for him; that's how much she cared. for everyone to belive jughead was dead. The blonde had to start hanging out with Archie? That would be believable? Her leaning on her childhood friend when jughead" was killed." Betty remembered the conversation they all had in the bunker; they would do anything to save his life. Betty didn't realize how weird it would be not having jughead around. It becomes a night routine. She would sneak into the bunker and spend the night there to give some company. She was counting the days for this to be all over.

Betty exaggerated, the grin wide on her face as she turned back to look at the boy that was half asleep.. she was tugging her boots on to brave the cold and make her way home to her bed, which would seem more frozen still without him. She and her mother had been making tentative headway, however, and she was choosing to be extra cautious not to jeopardize that in any way. Maybe it somehow helped that that betty finally let her mother on to the plan they had.

But now she was heading back with a promise to stop by her neighbors place the next morning. To remind him further on this plan . she grabbed on the jacket, taking the zipper and pulling it up. Having a plan always made her feel less anxious, more stable. "no guarantee on kicking brett ass though. I'll keep you updated on what's going on." she added with a playful look as she climbed on to the latter from the bunker.

03/26/2020 06:34 PM 

I'm just gonna love you from afar.

I'm just gonna love you from afar
"You can go and do, do Do what you want, want I'm just gonna love you from afar You can go and be, be Be who you want, want"
Apparently - Betty had been moping around the house lately. According to Alice, she was distant, disengaged, and a little rude… Not really, but maybe the lack of sleep was doing it. Betty knew it was just because her mind was so caught up with Jughead’s school mystery and the arrival of her brother (which was still a big mystery to her) and the fact she had a responsibility to raise their niece and nephew properly. Again, Betty didn’t feel she could voice these tumultuous thoughts at home. She didn’t want her mother digging around and disturbing her hard work… even though they were trying to fix things. Betty was still on edge a bit. So yes, you could say she was perhaps seen to be a little moody. Oh, not to mention that her home had more foot traffic than 5th avenue. What with the Jones clan moving in… And it wasn’t that she was unhappy about that, it was just a huge adjustment. It had been just her and Alice for such a considerable length of time that having three new bodies milling around was ever so slightly disruptive. But again - it’s not like she could talk to Alice about this.

Finally. A day to herself! A whole house to kick back, eat what she wanted, watch what she wanted, listen to music as loud as she wished to… Days like this had become even rarer than before, what with the Cooper house now the Cooper/Jones property. Family everywhere you looked, quite literally under your feet all the time.

She practically skipped down the stairs, socked feet making no noise at all. It was around ten and she was still in her PJ shorts and a tank top. What with Alice not there to judge, she was taking her time to get up, get dressed, and ‘be productive.’ “Mm, Pop-tarts for breakfast.” She mused aloud as she rummaged through the pantry, fingers locating the blue cardboard box with a hint of strawberry coming out. Yummy. Honestly - she appreciated more and more, the idea of living alone. Usually, Alice would remind her she needed a healthy breakfast with slow-release carbs. To be fair though she did to everyone. It was her new obsession. While JB sat there, mouth full of cereal looking up at her. Like she wants to pull a prank on her. Not today, mom.

03/25/2020 01:15 PM 

Hey homecoming queen.

Hey homecoming queen
"Look damn good in the dress Zipping up the mess Dancing with your best foot forward Does it get hard To have to play the part? Nobody's feeling sorry for ya"
Penelope Blossom had murdered her father - right in front of her. In front of V and Jug… The memory like a hard knife, stabbing at her gut, twisting and making her feel helpless - her heart aching. Even if her father was a terrible man, he should have seen justice rather than the gun to his head, And no matter what dark thoughts Betty had about herself, she didn’t deserve to see what she did. Seeing her father executed as part of some sick game, that reminded her of the hunger games. She’d invented to torture the teens and her daughter. As a woman who was used, abused, and traded for business, you’d be forgiven if you caught yourself thinking that she should have known better. Should have wanted better for Cheryl. But no. She was bitter and twisted, toxic to those close to her, and to those who had the unfortunate of crossing her line of fire.

Like that was even possible in this town. The girl hadn’t let her guard down since Jason was recovered from the river… And she knew she wouldn’t be able to for a long, long time. But her mother being… motherly? Her shoulders did drop as some tension went away from her and into thin air. Betty dropped her pen to the table, closed her book, and got onto her feet. She instinctively felt intense again, the action more subconscious now, before joining her mom on the sofa, flopping down with her back against the couch. “Yeah, I know. That’s the benefit of having a big brother in the FBI, right?” The words fro her mouth were still odd and weird. She was only known to have an older sister. Charles took some adjustment, but they were getting there. The whole thing seemed to be becoming more natural. Even though at times, she still questioned. Was he legit? She knew from experience that was the reason she was feeling like that. “I just– I want to do more. I’m restless, mom. Something feels off.” The girl felt herself leaning in, closing the space between her and her mom, Sitting cross-legged with hands in her lap, fingers almost digging into her palms. Anxiously.



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