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10/08/2019 10:47 PM 

October Drabble


With October being spooky month, we are going to have two drabbles. The first one is that your character has ended up in a horror movie. How did they get there? Did a witch transport them into another dimension? Did they just end up there? It is up to you to see how your character will survive and how they end up getting out. We would love to see what you all come up with!

The second drabble must be something Halloween/spooky related to celebrate the month of October. You can come up with any kind of idea for this drabble.

If you would like to do both drabbles, one will count towards the monthly drabble and the other will count for the creative drabble.

This is due by October 31st by 11:59pm EST

09/06/2019 07:47 PM 

September 2019 Drabble

Summertime blues--

Summer time is ending and fall quickly approaching, we decided to base this months drabble around song lyrics! That’s right you heard us. Bring your favorite song to life. Incorporate any lyrics to any song you please! We want you to conjure up a drabble that brings in these lyrics of the song and create a telling of something that may have occurred in your characters life. Let's see this masterpiece! What song will you choose? We would love to hear it!  How does your character relate to this song? How does this song move your character? Why did this song have so much impact on your character? 

Thank you Hayley for the suggestion!

This is due by September 30th by 11:59 PM EST.

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08/02/2019 11:33 PM 

August 2019 Drabble


You were born with superpowers, no longer having the abilities your character has been set as. You've been tasked to save the world, because who else will? Even if you're a villain, you don't want the world to end over another or a natural element.

Thank you Elena for the suggestion!

This will be due by August 31st by 11:59pm EST.

07/09/2019 11:55 PM 

July Drabble 2019

Harry Potter--

Your character has entered the world of Harry Potter. How would they interact with the other characters? WhAt house would your character be sorted in? You can choose to make your character a witch/wizard or you can choose to keep your character’s current species to see how they would adapt to the world of Harry Potter. You can choose to follow the adventures of Harry, Ron and Hermione or you can dive into the world of Fantastic Beasts.

If you aren’t a fan of Harry Potter, you can simple choose your own idea for this drabble.

Thank you Hope for the suggestion! We have also received this suggestion in the past countless times. Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions!

This will be due July 31st by 11:59pm EST.

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04/06/2019 09:26 PM 

Be careful what you wish for.

Today is /your/ lucky day, so you think. Your character comes across a genie; one of mythology's best tricksters. He/She grants your character 3 wishes. Would your character take the trickster’s offer? What would your wishes be? Do your wishes turn out exactly how you imagine or is everything turned upside down? How does your character escape from the chaos the genie had created?

Thank you to Katherine for the suggestion and thank you to everyone else that gave suggestions this month!

The drabble must be submitted by 4/30 by 11:59 PM EST. The drabble must be at least three paragraphs (7-8 sentences)

03/06/2019 05:34 PM 

March 2019 Drabble

Luck of the Irish

One day, your character has woken up only for their wildest dreams to come true. What would those dreams look like? Did they get everything that they wanted? How would they react to this? Is it everything that they thought it would be?

The drabble must be submitted by 3/31 by 11:59 PM EST. The drabble must be at least three paragraphs (7-8 sentences)

03/04/2019 11:46 PM 

March Spirit Week 2019

Please place your daily themed drabble below. 
In order for it to count it needs to be a solid paragraph (at least 7-8 sentences).
Only post your drabble for the theme occurring that day. 
If you post it early it will NOT count.


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