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Member Wanted Roles - Vampires

Name: Up to player
Face Claim: Taron Egerton
Species: Vampire
Age: 25 | 30

Personality: Taron (Name can be changed) is an easy-going person. He enjoys a good laugh and has always liked spending time with his friends. He is selfless and would always do things to help other people above himself. He is also free-spirited and enjoys learning new things. He will always protect his friends no matter what.

History: Taron was born in Wales in the United Kingdom. When he grew up, he wanted to help people and also get the chance to travel the world. In order to help his parents out, he started working at an early age. He saved up as much money as he could so he would be able to go to university one day so he could focus on getting a degree as well as a better paying job. As he got older, he decided that he wanted to go to university in order to learn about medicine and go into the medical field. While in school, he worked and saved up money so he would be able to continue to use it for school. Before he started his last year of school, he heard about a work opportunity in the United States. New Orleans more specifically. It was a great medical program in order to gain experience in the field and Taron jumped at the chance. Because of his grades, he was able to get a full ride for the program and he didn't have to pay anything for it. Once he got accepted into the program, he made his way to New Orleans in 2011.

Everything changed a couple years later in 2013. While walking back to his home from the hospital, a few men decided to attack Taron. He didn't really have anything of importance on him, but that didn't stop the men from attacking him. They beat him up to the point where he was on the verge of death. That was when Elijah Mikaelson found him lying in the alley, close to death. Elijah immediately used his blood to save Taron and Elijah was about to compel him to forget about what had happened, but he begged him not to. He wanted to remember that Elijah had saved him and he wanted to pay him back somehow. Elijah was reluctant to just let him go because he was now aware of the existence of vampires, but he decided that it would be good to have an ally among the humans. From that moment on, Elijah and Taron became good friends.

Later that year, Taron had gotten into another altercation and that was when he begged Elijah to turn him into a vampire. Elijah explained the risks and that his life would be far different than how it currently was, but Taron didn't care. He wanted to be something greater. He wanted to be able to defend himself better. Elijah eventually turned him and began to train him. He wanted to make sure that Taron was able to control his bloodlust, especially since he was currently working in a hospital and would be surrounded by humans and blood. But there was one incident where Taron was not able to control himself and Elijah had to step in. From that moment forward, Elijah decided that it would be best if he didn't work in the hospital. At least for the time being. Elijah continued to train him and look out for him throughout his time in New Orleans.

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