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08/01/2019 01:30 PM 

task ten.

The sun had just set over the horizon well over an hour ago – the hot desert air had begun to cool now and Axel could see the street lights were already emitting their orange glow as he walked down a quiet street – only a few cars had passed by some of which honked and waved at him, he would return the gesture or give the finger if it was someone he was closer too. His back pack hung over his broad shoulders, his hand gripping one strap as he soon found himself cutting through a yard to get to a dirt road that led to his girlfriends back yard – he would scope out the area just to make sure Clyde’s cruiser wasn’t there – he wasn’t normally home most days but it seemed her father would make the occasional appearance just to give Bonnie her allowance and to check in with her.

Once he could confirm the coast was clear – he began to saunter over to the back door of her home – punching in a code to not set off any alarms – this home invader thing was one of Clyde’s doings – being a cop on the force along with living in Limbo was enough to make any upper class family worry that had been in the area – but of course if there was precious cargo to protect at home – he could see why her old man had done this – he was just thankful that Bonnie trusted him enough to give him the code to let himself into her home.

He would call out, “Bonnie?” in a sing song voice – “Honey – I’m hooome!” he would say playfully until the blonde peeked up from her spot on the house, he would watch as she excitedly bounced over and soon his arms opened to catch her inside his arms. “You should’ve called! I would’ve come and picked you up!” His eyes focused on her eyes and then her lips, a smug grin appeared on his facial features and soon enough he felt her lips press against his in a way to greet him. His body leaned back to pull her body up off the ground – soon swinging her in a full circle and placing her back on the floor. “Yea… I know, just wanted ta surprise ya – got off work early because I finished early. Plus, it was slow anyway.”

He could hear her giggle softly before he felt her hands pull him toward the kitchen, she proceeded to open the fridge, “Now I’m still learning how to cook but I wanted to surprise you still – I swung by the grocery store and made one of my moms’ famous sandwiches – I guess dad used to request this once a week when they were younger or somethin’ cause he always talked about this stupid sandwich – like it’s a sandwich… what the hell, right? All sandwiches usually taste the same, but I guess they taste different when made by someone you care about or somethin’ like that.” Axel tilted his head in her direction as he listened to her ramble about this renowned sandwich and the walk over, he had worked up an appetite – when wasn’t Axel hungry was the real question? He would let out a low chuckle immediately as he watched her ramble a bit more about her mothers’ sandwich. Nodding his head enthusiastically with each finished thought of hers.

“Babe – you realize you could make a mudpie and I would demolish that thing, right?” There was a pause as he watched her pull their meal from the fridge, accompanied by some 99 cent Arizona iced teas. “I mean – there’s a lot of other things I could eat as well…” Axel chimed softly as he watched her face turn a soft shade of pink before shaking her head. As she had set their meal up at the kitchen table that no one really sat at anyway she finally parted her lips to speak, “I mean all we’re missing is candl—” in that moment the lights all went out – they both went silent and soon he chuckled.


“That was ironic.” They both said in unison now which was followed by some more laughter between them. Axel soon put his back pack on the ground as he shuffled through a few things, finally a smile tugged at his lips as he soon cracked the cylinder like object between his hands – all of a sudden it began to glow bright green and another one began to glow neon pink. “Knew these damn things would come in handy!” Axel said happily as he placed them on the table. “Let’s dig in?” He asked now, soon getting another laugh from Bonnie who nodded her head. “I mean – I do have candles… but I’ll save that for later.” She would wink at him and Axel gave a puzzled look – “I’m just kidding!” she said before setting up their food in the dimly lit dining room area.

Bonnie took a seat and Axel soon followed her motive and they talked about their goals, even their skeletons and how they felt in certain moments of their lives – this was their moment to bond while they waited for the lights to come back on – they didn’t realize that this would take well over a few hours – usually Clyde would’ve came home but he didn’t that night. Not even a call to check up on Bonnie but he figured they had their own way of communicating and he wasn’t in a place to judge that – not with the family he had anyway. Till then they had exchanged conspiracy theories and even talked about raiding Area 51 in September but both agreed to leave the Naruto Running to the professionals. 

06/11/2019 09:29 PM 

task four, from yours truly.
Current mood:  accomplished

**DISCLAIMER: At this point in Axel’s life – he currently doesn’t have his own vehicle but is working toward getting a beater – so he relies on transportation solely between family or his girlfriend, but in order to not be a pest when plans don’t work out, he tries to get there on foot himself. Now, you’re probably thinking he could have taken the bus – realistically that would require money and since he’s a teen, you can bet your sweet ass he’s broke 80% of the time, besides refraining to touch what’s in his savings for his own vehicle.

[ x x x x x x x x ] DINE-N-DASH HQ [ x x x x x x x x ]

The sound of wheels rolling against concrete can be heard within walking distance of the teen who pushed the board steadily, not in any rush for the most part – considering he was late for the fifth time this month for his shift. Kicking the board up, he picked it up and immediately placed it under his right arm – his other hand had their fingers wrapped around the backpack he carried with him everywhere.

He shuffled across the street once it was clear, not really caring if he was jaywalking – he had managed to avoid getting caught in the downtown traffic for certain businesses that shut down by 4pm during the weekdays. It wasn’t unlike him to come in at least fifteen minutes late, most times there were plans for him to be dropped off in a vehicle so he wouldn’t sweat in the heat while on foot but that had fallen through when Delia didn’t show up at Bonnie’s to pick him up – rather then wake Bonnie from her nap, he just made his way to work on board instead. He had gone through the back alley and made his way inside the building unseen from his older sister who had more than likely been working a double shift today again – a lot of the other waitresses seemed to call in for just about anything and he knew that if she saw him that it wouldn’t be a wise choice to engage in conversation yet.

Once he placed his backpack and skateboard in the small employee locker room, he had slipped his dishwasher apron on along with his mesh hairnet, why did they have to wear these in the first place anyway? Shrugging off the thought, he made his way into the kitchen and began to place the collected dishes into their designated area already – soon glancing out on the diner floor to see if there were more tables to clear before starting this load. His eyes came into view of Lexa who had seemed to peer into his soul and he immediately turned his gaze to start working, she couldn’t hound him if he looked busy, right?

Moments had passed – as he was organizing the rest of the dishes and he felt a tap on his shoulder. “So you plannin’ on ignorin’ me the whole damn shift like you didn’t come in late for billionth time this week Axel?” Her voice sounded exactly the way he had pictured and he gave her a dead pan stare before shrugging his shoulders, not really making a remark just yet, this earned him another soft slap upright the head from his older sister before she folded her arms across her chest. “Y’know – I’m use’ta the girls callin’ in – but we’re family – I count on you more than I do these a**holes… who forgot to bring ya in this time? I ain’t stupid Axel.” Her tone of voice was something he was used to when he was being scolded, although to most it wouldn’t sound like it, but he knew his sister more than the strangers did that encountered Alexa Deschaine.

He picked up his tray of dirty dishes before placing them in the preparation area, turning back to Lexa who still hadn’t moved from the spot she was in – stubborn from the day he could remember her. He huffed through his nostrils, not really wanting to be hassled the moment he got there seemed unavoidable now, he paused before speaking. “No one forgot Lex… I had to drop somethin’ off before comin’ here and of course the line was long.” This earned him a side-eye from his older sister who bit her tongue for a moment, she already knew who had forgotten to bring him in – it was like this whenever it was Delia’s turn and like usual Axel did his best to cover for her. “I get that Axel – but the next time you’re late – I have to write you up – just because we’re siblings doesn’t mean I can automatically save your ass each time. Got that?

Axel knew that of course, but he still felt a little upset. “Well worst-case scenario – I find a different job, right?” That was his only response before turning his heel – pausing for a moment of course and looking back at Lexa. “Is it okay if I do my job now?” They stared for a moment, he knew that if Lexa could argue she would, but they were in a place of work currently, they also knew that it wouldn’t amount to anything – they were both as stubborn as mules. Finally, Lexa gave him a nod – back to the passive aggressive cold shoulder it seemed for them.

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