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Those Desired (January Share-Outs!)

After filling out the Application and sending it, we will not just post it in a bulletin. It will also be posted here. Those with people in mind for a certain story will be put here as well. They will be separated into their respective verses. The people in this blog will be removed within a month, unless people tell me to keep them up.


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Name of Character: Alexia Matthews

RPG Name: --

All of your Genres: Physiological, Mafia, Crime, Dark, Romance

Desired Post Limits: semi para-multi para

You're Own Post Limit: semi para - multi para

Movie, Television, Comics, and Cartoons that you're looking for:

Face Claim of your Character: Minka Kelly

If Love Interest Is Desired Who is Desired? (Character or Face Claim)

Genres Not Excepted if needed: Comic book heroes, supernatural

Face Claims you don't want added: Minka Kelly

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Name of Character: Kadence Grace McKenna

RPG Name: None

All of your Genres: Crime, Romance, grit and gore.

Desired Post Limits: Mega Para or Multi para as long as I have enough to go off of I'm not that picky.

You're Own Post Limit: Usually Multi para unless mobile.

Movie, Television, Comics, and Cartoons that you're looking for: Any, I'm open to almost everything.

Face Claim of your Character: Alexandra Daddario

If Love Interest Is Desired Who is Desired? (Character or Face Claim) Jon Bernthal.

Genres Not Excepted if needed: anything cartoon.

Face Claims you don't want added: Alexandra Daddario

It was two in the morning but Kadence didn't have anyone else to turn to, she hoped and prayed that Shane wasn't entertaining one of his girlfriends as she knocked on the door. Her face was busted up, and she could barely breath from the pain radating from her rib cage. Matt had gotten drunk again came in and tripped over one of her boots, which caused him to drag her out of her bed by her hair and beat the living hell out of her. She had fought back this time, but he still had the advantage on her. "God damnit Kadie get in here before you get soaking wet." Shane grumbled turing the living room light on, his face turned white once he saw her face. "Kadence Grace...Who did this to you?" His voice was gruff and full of anger as his rough hands tenderly touched her face. "Matt got drunk, tripped over one of my boots and this is the end result." Shane shook his head, "Go take a shower to get the blood out of your hair, you know where my t-shirts are grab one and get in bed."
Kadence ducked her head as Shane grabbed his boots, "I'm gonna go pay your brother a visit. Kadence grabbed his arm shaking her head, "How about you wait until he's sober Shane, I don't feel like being alone right now." Shane looked at her picking her up he carried her to the bathroom. Sitting her down his fingers toyed with the edge of her tank top, "Do I even want to see the bruises he left." Kadence shook her head no, letting out a soft sigh as she held her arms up. Shane pulled her tank top off, his blood boiled shaking his head as he ran his fingers over the bruises. "God damnit Kadence Grace, I can't let this go. I promise I'll be right back." Kadence groaned knowing talking to him wouldn't do any good, Shane had it in his head to go over there. "What could I do to get you to stay? I know what you're gonna do Shane." She watched as he turned the water on , "Like I said Kadie take a shower grab one of my shirts and get some sleep you've got school tomorrow." Kadence scoffed shaking her head as she unbuttoned her jeans, "Like I'm gonna go to school with my face all busted up people asking me what happened."

Shane ducked his head, he had turned around just as she had bent down to pull her pants off. He stiffled a groan as he walked past her. "Well you aren't going home that's for sure." Kadence nodded her head waiting for him to leave. "Unless you want to see me naked I'm suggesting that you leave." Shane chuckled kissing her forehead, "It's not like it would be ther first time I've seen you naked Kadie." Kadence's face turned red, "Shut up Shane! Me being drunk doesn't count." Shane shook his head closing the door behind him, adjusting himself he grabbed his keys ready to go pay Matt a visit. The loud knocking on his door caused him to jump. "Who the f*** is it now?" He said under his breath, a smirk spread across his face. "Well hey there bub what are you doing here so late?" He could smell the booze on him, shaking his head as Matt stumbled in. "I know she's here Shane, the little whore." Shane huffed running his hand over his head, "Matt choose your words wisely, that is your sister you are talking about." Matt waved his arms around shaking his head, "You're just taking up for her because she's sucked your c*ck Shane, she's a god damn whore messing around with a man twice her age!"

Kadence could hear her brothers voice, groaning she grabbed one of Shanes shirts pulling it over her head. Shaking her head she walked into the living room, "There she is, and look she's wearing one of your shirts Shane." Matt went to step towards her, but Shane stepped between them. "A course you would protect your whore Shane, you're a sick person banging a barely legal eighteen year old." Shane had took all he could take, shoving Matt back. "Let me tell you something Matt, I have never had sex with your sister! She has never sucked my c*ck and if you don't shut up and leave I'm gonna beat your ass in the ground." Matt chuckled getting up in Shanes face. "Don't lie to me, I've heard what you've said about how you'd love to tear her sweet little ass up! I'm sure if you ask her she'll f*** you for free." Kadence knew what that sound was a soon as she heard it. "Call Kadie a whore one more time and I'll send your ass to the hospital." Kadence couldn't help but smile, Matt deserved everything Shane was dishing out to him. With each punch Matts face started to get puffy and blood was pouring from several places.

Kadence grabbed Shane's arm, "Enough...I think you've proved your point Shane." Shane looked down at Matt shaking his head, "Get the f*** out of my house Matt!" Matt scrambled to get up shaking his head as he slammed the door. Kadence looked down at Shane's hands running her fingers against them gently her voice was soft as she leaned up against him. "Thank you Shane." Shane smiled wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her closer, "You're welcome Kadie." He kissed her cheek letting his lips linger a little longer than he should have. "Kadence Grace..." His usual gruff voice was soft as he moved his hands up her back, his fingers tangled in her dark curls he couldn't stop as his lips crashed against hers. Kadence groaned parting her lips, which gave Shane an open invation. Shane quickly picked her up carrying her to the bedroom, laying her down gently he pulled away to unbutton his pants pulling them down. Kadence sat up pulling his shirt off throwing it on the floor, Shane groaned taking in her beauty.


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Name of Character: Maya Hart

RPG Name: None

All of your Genres: Girl Meets World, Disney, Dark, Crime

Desired Post Limits: Multi-Para

You're Own Post Limit: Multi-Para

Movie, Television, Comics, and Cartoons that you're looking for: I welcome Disney characters, Dark and Graphic. Anything crime related. If crossovers can be made, I would sure like to try them out.

Face Claim of your Character: Sabrina Carpenter

If Love Interest Is Desired Who is Desired? I already have my girlfriend, and am extremely happy with her.

Genres Not Excepted if needed: Can't think of any.

Face Claims you don't want added: Rowan Blanchards are fine, but I have my main one.

(I am using the sample that helped me get my girlfriend!)

Maya had started to feel happiness for the first time in... in a year. Ever since Riley had taken off, Maya had started to push everyone away. Farkle, Lucas, and anyone who tried to talk to her, was shoved in brutally. She had alienated them as friends, and she had fallen into a few groups here and there, but never truly settled. It wasn't until Robyn had been switched to her school that she had been happy. At first she had thought of her as Riley, but then she noticed the differences in the two. But Maya wasn't really hating the fact, especially since Robyn was "cooler" than Riley and she had that attitude had everyone was afraid of. The only one who could truly back talk her, in some ways was Maya.

She looked at the brunette. "Well, sometimes you have the worst taste in clothes, especially for parties." Maya grinned and teasingly winked at her as they walked towards the subway. "I have to make a quick stop to my apartment, and see if I can get some "Come & Try" clothes. Every person, man or woman had tried to get with her at the last few parties, and she pushed them off. As soon as the train came into the station, Maya walked towards the doors and smirked at Robyn. "Besides, you can go through my closet as well." Maya pulled out her papers as they got to the last train car. They were hardly bothered there, except for the random whistler, or the.... She saw a group of kids were in there spots, so Maya started to stand and hold onto the pole.

She read the papers and hated the grades she was given. "Well, at least I have no possible future." Maya knew that sometimes Robyn felt bad for her when she was down on herself. She heard one of the kids, from the other school talking and making jokes as well as trying to get her attention. Maya stuck the paper in Robyn's hand before realizing Robyn was trying to hold her back it seemed. The blonde shook her head and pushed her arm away. She headed to the boys. "First? Jokes and flirty little winks? That's not the way to get someone. I like boys, not little kids." One of the boys tried to talk but she stuck her finger up to silence him. "Besides, aren't you the one jerking your friends off? You constantly borrow money, and you constantly are seen in the coffee shops trying to get people to buy your stuff. You may as well be f***ing your friends here."

They were shocked as she walked away. Maya was sick of it. She turned around with a pissed off look. "And the only person I need in my life? She is standing right here." Maya leaned back on the pole as the boys got off at the next stop. Maya saw one of them toss their soda at her, and Maya growled. "You're dead! If you are on here tomorrow I will kick your ass!" Maya saw the doors shut, and she was fuming. "My house, joint... smoke..." She was in so much anger she was flustering her words up.


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Name of Character: Frank Castle, The Punisher

RPG Name: None

All of your Genres: Marvel, Detective Comics, Crime, Graphic Themes. I will accept crossovers.

Desired Post Limits: Para to Multi

You're Own Post Limit: Multi-Para

Movie, Television, Comics, and Cartoons that you're looking for: I am open for anything except for Cartoon. Just to let everyone know? I am roleplaying the Netflix version.

Face Claim of your Character: Jon Bernthal

If Love Interest Is Desired Who is Desired? Everyone I love always dies. I never keep anyone close!

Genres Not Excepted if needed: Cartoons, Hentai, Inuyasha.

Face Claims you don't want added: I will accept everyone.

Frank Castle slowly thought to himself as he walked around the rapist. "You think I will give you mercy? You have sex with underage girls and you think I will give you mercy." He shot the man in the testicles as blood splattered the man's legs. Frank smirked and looked at the man. "The only mercy you will be given... on second thought? You're not going to get mercy in Heaven or Hell, cause you aren't going up top, you piece of sh*t." He started to walk around him, before pulling a knife out of his coat and slammed it into the man's right hand. The screams were like music to his ears. "The fact that you're rich to pay off the judge? That's even worse." Frank dropped a photo on top of him. "That's your lawyer. I killed him three hours ago. What's left of him is in that picture. My shotgun blew his head clear the hell off. Especially standing that f***ing close."

He kicked the man in the ribs and dropped another picture. "There's your judge. Remember when they found the body?" Frank smirked and walked around the man's side before standing above his head. "No one gave a f*** about the judge. And I took his f***ing eyes out. He couldn't see the sh*t happening in this town, and a friend of mine told me that... begging me not to kill him." He knelt down as the blood was soaking the rug from the testicles and the hand. "But that brings me to you." Frank pulled the shotgun out and stood over the man's body. She aimed the gun down his throat. "F*** you." He pulled the trigger as the blood sprayed his face and hands. Frank walked away from the body after grabbing his knife. Not a single person complained as he walked out of the apartment and down the stairs.

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Fill This Out

Name of Character:

RPG Name:

All of your Genres:

Desired Post Limits:

You're Own Post Limit:

Movie, Television, Comics, and Cartoons that you're looking for:

Face Claim of your Character:

If Love Interest Is Desired Who is Desired? (Character or Face Claim)

Genres Not Excepted if needed:

Face Claims you don't want added:

Send this in messages. It is your choice if you want to send a sample.

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