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02/15/2020 10:32 PM 

This was a stupid idea (drabble for Jade)

Why did Julian allow Jade to talk her into this? She should have put her foot down in the very beginning when Jade asked if it was okay that she came along. Alissa wanted a new object that had been circulating around the rumor mill. It was an amulet…. supposedly meant to cure any ailment. No matter how deadly it was. It was also rumored to bring the near dead back to life. Also rumored to bring the newly dead to life if it was worn upon death. Julian didn’t believe it, but Alissa did and sent her out to get it. Normally Julian wouldn’t have allowed Jade to come with her, but Jade was exceptionally annoying about it this time. So, against her better judgement Julian said ‘Yes’ and they ended up traversing a swamp. What was with these items being in the most disgusting of places. They were never in nice ones. Always caves, swamps and ruins. She was deep in thought when Jade spoke.

“This was a stupid idea”

Julian stopped dead in her tracks, feeling her girlfriend bump right into her. They almost went sprawling onto the ground, but Julian caught herself. It took only a second for Julian to rerun what Jade had said through her mind before she was turning around. “Excuse me?” Now her girlfriend wanted to complain!? Now she wanted to say something when Julian had told her from the very beginning “No”? She had half a mind to just scream but then that would alert anything untoward that could be out there lurking. “This was a stupid idea? I told you it was a stupid idea in the very beginning.” Julian hissed out.

“But nooooo…. you just had to annoy me enough to come. And now you want to complain? I told you this was NOT going to be a cake walk in the park but what did you say?” She cleared her throat before putting on a girly voice, “I can handle myself Jules. I want to go. It’ll be fun. I won’t complain. I promise!” She deadpanned, folding her arms. “So, what was that about having fun? What happened to not complaining?” She should be finishing the task at hand but now Julian was irritated with Jade. She was NOT going to be bringing her alone again.  

02/15/2020 10:31 PM 


Zulfiqar, a sword sent from the Heavens to the Prophet Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel and he was ordered to give the sword to Ali ibn Abi Talib. (Islamic mythology)

·        Aaron's rod, was endowed with miraculous power during the Plagues of Egypt that preceded the Exodus. Was carried by Aaron. (Jewish mythology)

·        Staff of Moses, used by Moses to produce water from a rock, was transformed into a snake and back, and was used at the parting of the Red Sea. (Jewish mythology)

Holy Lance, also called the Spear of Longinus, is the name given to the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross, according to the Gospel of John. (Christian mythology)

Seal of Solomon, a magical brass or steel ring that could imprison demons. (Jewish mythology/Christian mythology)

Ark of the Covenant (also Ark of the Testimony), a wooden chest clad with gold containing the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments as well as Aaron's rod and a pot of manna. (Jewish mythology)

02/15/2020 10:31 PM 

100 simple questions (Julian)

1. Real Name: Julian “Jules” Jayne Osbourne
2. Age: He resides in a female body that looks to be in her early 20s. He is over a hundred.
3. Birthday: Julian does not have a set birthday…. he doesn’t celebrate it
4. Family members: Julian’s father is still alive. He’s married to a human woman and they have three kids together.
5. Relationships: Julian is in a relationship…. although they are technically on a break now.
6. Hidden talent: Wood working. She’s good with creating anything out of wood
7. Their Job: Julian works for his girlfriend’s mother, gathering magical objects that she wants or needs
8. Hobbies: Drawing
9. Something they dream of doing: Being Lucifer’s top General and destroying humankind
10. A food they can't resist: Strawberries
11. Favorite sport to play: Volleyball
12. Favorite sport to watch: Football. The American type
13. Religion: Ha!
14. Worst fear: Disappointing Lucifer and Asmodeus. Losing Jade
15. Injuries: The list of what he has not done to himself would be shorter
16. Something they dream of having: Complete control over Lucifer’s armies.
17. How they react under pressure: Julian is great under pressure. Asmodeus trained him well
18. Hot or cold places: Warm…all the way
19. What literature they enjoy: Sci-fi/fantasy
20. What movies they would watch: Horror
21. What music they would listen to: Rock and Roll/Metal
22. Morning schedule: Julian gets up at 5 in the morning, has a bowl of cereal and coffee, goes jogging and hits the gym. Then comes home and wakes up her girlfriend.
23. An object that is important to them: Julian’s father gave him an old pocket watch that he had. It’s very important to Julian
24. A skill they are bad at: Singing
25. Something relaxing: Drawing
26. Pet-Peeve: People chewing with their mouth open, people talking during movies or asking him questions as if he had already seen the movie before
27. Favorite holiday: Halloween
28. Favorite color: Sky Blue
29. Do they prefer simpler life, or more modern life: Simple life all the way
30. Favorite animal: Snow Fox
31. 5 words to describe them: Sly, cunning, strong, wicked and sarcastic
32. Nationality: Demon/Angel hybrid…. that wouldn’t fall into any nationality would it?
33. A goal they have: Becoming Lucifer’s top general
34. Where they would go on vacation: The Bahamas
35. Where they live: A nice suite at a fancy hotel
36. Where they would like to live: On the beach or in the woods
37. How they would react to be the last person on the Earth: Julian is actually planning on it. It just has not happened yet
38. Do they like being in pictures: No
39. A pet they had: Amon…. he’s Julian’s hellhound
40. A person that gives them encouragement: Asmodeus to a point…. only because he doesn’t want Julian to get too big of an ego. Julian’s girlfriend
41. A person that demoralizes them: Every demon out there that knows about his angel bloodline
42. Something that angers them: People underestimating him
43. Something that pleases them: Asmodeus’ praise
44. Political party/viewpoint: He could care less if it doesn’t destroy humanity
45. Preferred weapon: Daggers and the occasional use of a crossbow
46. Favorite type of weather: Sunny but not hot.
47. 3 companions in a zombie apocalypse: Jade, Asmodeus and Lucifer of course
48. Viewpoint on accepting help: Julian hates asking for help, so he never asks. But he is not stupid enough to deny it if someone is willing to give it.
49. The perfect day: Any day with Jade is perfect…. but the destruction of humankind would be a close second
50. Something they want to learn about: Nothing
51. Education: Asmodeus taught him everything he knew. And Julian taught himself the rest
52. Favorite mode of transportation: Motorcycle
53. Driving skills: Julian is a very good driver, but he likes to drive fast so it scares others
54. Favorite board game: Julian likes monopoly….and can get very competitive with it
55. How they react while in the spotlight: Like natural. Just because Julian is in the spotlight does not mean he acts any other way. You get what you see when dealing with Julian
56. Did they inherit anything from their parents/guardians: He inherited his eyes from his mother. His looks from his father. And his ambitions and motives from Asmodeus and Lucifer
57. A time they were lied to and haven't gotten over it: It wasn’t a lie, but it was withheld from him…. until she showed up with a damn pregnancy test showing positive.
58. Something they tried out for/applied to but didn't make it: Nothing
59. Favorite place to sleep: Julian loves sleeping on a big comfortable bed and does not sleep on anything else
60. Something they need to be corrected on: (still got to figure that out)
61. Have they kept a journal? How did it turn out: Julian had one when he was younger. Asmodeus found it and teased him about it mercilessly. Julian tossed it in a corner and forgot about it for years
62. Something they are allergic to: Bullsh*t
63. Do they get lost easily: No. It is like Julian has his own built in compass in himself.
64. Favorite season: Spring. It is not too hot but not too cold
65. Do they listen to their instinct: Always. The one-time Julian did not listen to it another hellhound almost tore him into shreds. Thankfully Amon was bigger than the other one
66. Are they easy to approach: Julian likes to think he is easy to approach but in reality, that is a lie. He is not…. he scares everyone for some reason.
67. A type of art they would like: Graffiti
68. Something they don't leave home without: Her leather jacket. She is always wearing it, even if it is hot outside.
69. Something they have a reputation for: Causing fights for the hell of it.
70. Do they get into trouble often: Julian is a magnet for trouble it seems.
71. Do they easily accept advice: If it comes from Asmodeus or Lucifer he immediately listens to their every word. They know what they are doing and have never steered him wrong. Anyone else and it usually goes in one ear and out the other.
72. Their history: Is too long to explain or easy to understand
73. Do they deal well with pain: Yes. Julian does very well with pain. Sometimes he thrives on it
74. Their reaction to receiving compliments: Julian always questions compliments
75. Do they swear a lot: Too much if you ask anyone who gets butthurt about bad words.
76. A place they go to think: Julian does his best thinking in a garden…surprisingly
77. How they would react to becoming blind (If the character is blind, then being able to see again): It would be a damper on Julian’s goal, but it wouldn’t destroy it. The other senses would make up for his sight.
78. Something they collect: Weapons…. Julian enjoys collecting anything that looks dangerous
79. Something they're proud of accomplishing: Gaining Asmodeus and Lucifer’s pride….it was a long and tiring road, but Julian accomplished it
80. A secret they have: Julian has not told Jade about her angel side.
81. Are aliens real: Julian is a demon…. of course, aliens are real
82. Which is better? Luck or skill: Skill…. that way you don’t have to rely on luck
83. Would they rather have money or happiness: Happiness
84. Would they rather be the shining knight, or the ferocious dragon: The ferocious dragon. A shining knight is so overrated. And everyone expects the shining knight to save them. A dragon is just there to cause destruction and eat people. More on Julian’s level.
85. Are they competitive: Julian is very competitive. No one likes doing anything with Julian because it stops being fun and becomes competitive.
86. Something that disgusts them: Cold leftovers, food that touches water
87. Are they a romantic: When Julian wants to be then he is
88. An unpopular opinion of theirs: That cold leftovers are the worst. Julian hates them… he must warm it up or he can’t eat it.
89. Someone they can relate to: Julian can’t relate to anyone…. she hasn’t meant anyone like her.
90. The strangest thing they've ever seen: Julian is a hybrid…there is nothing strange in his eyes.
91. The best dream they've ever had: Destroying humankind for Lucifer’s amusement
92. Something they could talk to anyone about: His ambitions
93. What they would give to save someone's life: Depending on who it is…his own life.
94. Something they threw away that they wish they had kept: A ring that Asmodeus took from the dead body of his mother. He threw away in a fit of rage.
95. Something they regret: Never looking for his father…but he found him eventually
96. Someone they would be there for, no matter what: Asmodeus, Lucifer and his girlfriend Jade
97. A bad habit: Smoking, drinking, and fighting for the hell of it
98. An aroma they like: Lavender
99. Something they wish they could do over: Nothing. The past is what made Julian who he is now. And he will not change that for the world.
100. Who do they look up to: Asmodeus and Lucifer

02/13/2020 11:53 PM 

Drabbles to do

Trying to get back into the mindset of Julian....So I do have a few drabbles I can do. This is here just to remind me of what drabbles and for who.

"I don't like where this is going" For Clairvoyant Protector
"Do you think we are lost" For Barmaid
"It's getting dark out and I don't like it" for Barmaid
"Go back to bed" for Barmaid 
Groom - Julian adjusting Jade's appearance - Barmaid
Lit - Lucifer lighting a cigarette for Julian - Morningstar
Death Glare for Barmaid (nonverbal prompts)

02/09/2020 08:53 PM 

Character Questions

Tell us about your character’s parents.

1.     Where were they born? Julian’s dad was born in hell. Julian’s mom was born in heaven

2.     Did they have happy childhoods? Julian’s mother had a great childhood. Julian’s father on the other hand? Grew up in hell: fighting for what he wanted. Stabbing anyone in the back to get up there in ranks. But he enjoyed it the whole time.

3.     Were they wealthy, poor, comfortable? Julian’s mother did not need material worth. But according to humans she would probably be wealthy with what she did have. Julian’s father was poor until he made something of himself in hell.

4.     What was their social class? Julian’s mother was a guardian angel assigned to a certain human being. Julian’s father was born a lowly demon and made himself into a powerful one with years of backstabbing.

5.     Were they well educated? Julian’s mother was created with all knowledge. Julian’s father on the other hand? He educated himself and it wasn’t as well as he wanted it to be.

6.     What were the most important things that happened to them? They met each other

7.     Did they have any history of illness – physical or mental? Neither one of them had any.

8.     Did any major world conflict or change in the world affect them? The War between Heaven and Hell. That is what brought them to each other’s attention in the first place


After birth – baby 

1.     Was your character raised by one of these parents? One or both? Julian was not raised by either of them. After the battle between Heaven and Hell they were separated. Julian’s mother was found pregnant. God casted her out of heaven. She gave birth to Julian and later died because of it. Julian’s father had no idea of his creation until centuries later when Julian was older.

2.    If not, who was the caregiver? What was the relationship between the two of them? How did it affect your character? A random person found him on the streets, crying and cold. It just so happens that very person wasn’t a human being at all. Believe it or not Lucifer had been wondering Earth and found him. He took him to hell and gave him to Asmodeus: the demon who tempted men into wantonness. Why Lucifer picked up a random half-demon and brought him to hell no one knows…. or dares to question him.

3.     What expectation do the character’s parents / caregivers have for this child? Asmodeus expects Julian to be better than him. Although that will never happen as he is so quick to remind Julian. But doesn’t mean Asmodeus does not demand it of him and push him to greatness.


Becoming – childhood 

1.     Where do they live? Julian lives in hell. He does not venture out into the human world until he is way older

2.     Is your character considered plain, ugly, beautiful? Would the character agree with this assessment? How has this definition of their looks affected them? Julian is considered quite plain. He is not ugly, but he is not beautiful. His mother was a beautiful creature and his father was an ugly one. Mix those together and you get plain. Julian would not care if you thought he was plain, ugly or beautiful. He wasn’t there to be ogled at.

3.     Does your character lose a parent/caregiver? Julian’s mother is dead. His father is alive but has gone missing. And Asmodeus is very much alive and doing what he was meant to do.

4.     Does his or her social status change during childhood? If it does, why does this happen and how does it affect the character? Julian’s social status stays the same throughout his childhood thanks to Asmodeus

5.     What is your character’s relationship with his or her caregivers like? They are close. Asmodeus raised him from a baby so it was bound to happen. Demons aren’t heartless or emotionless as humans would depict them.

6.     Who does your character love most when he or she is a child? Asmodeus…. although Julian would deny it greatly. And Amon: the hellhound that was gifted to him when he was young.

7.     Do they have brothers or sisters? What are their names? Are they older or younger? How do these relationships affect them? Julian has no siblings

8.     Do they have relationships with any other family members? Julian has no other relationships with anyone outside of Asmodeus and the occasional relationship with Lucifer.

9.     Is your character an introverted or extroverted child? Julian was very extroverted as a child.

10.Is he or she popular? He was being raised by Asmodeus. A demon from the first hierarchy. So Julian was popular only by association.

11.What is the character’s greatest fear? Julian greatest fear was disappointing Asmodeus and Lucifer.


Growing – adolescence

1.     As your character becomes a teenager, where does he or she live? Julian lives wherever he feels like living. He hops back and forth between hell and Earth.

2.     How has the character’s life changed? Lucifer allowed him on Earth. So now Julian can go out and live his life. He can go out and cause havoc. He can put his demonic side to good use.

3.     Parents? Julian’s mother is still dead. Julian’s father is still missing. Asmodeus has made up for both in Julian’s mind.

4.     Siblings? Julian has absolutely no siblings

5.     Friends? His hellhound Amon is his friend. The only one Julian needs.

6.     Love Interests? Julian has slept with a few males and females in his life but none that would be considered love interests.

7.     School? He was taught by Asmodeus in their home. Or Julian goes out and figures out the world by himself.

8.     Social status? Julian is still as popular as ever thanks to who raised him.

9.     As your character’s sexuality becomes more fixed, does he or she fit into the norms of society? If not, how does he or she feel different? By Earth standards? Julian does NOT fill into the norms of society. Hell, on the other hand? He’s normal.

10.What words would you use to describe your character’s style? Dress sense? Julian goes for what is in fashion sometimes, but most of the time he’s all for the bad boy style clothing. Metal band shirts, leather jackets and jeans.

11.Who does he or she admire? Julian admires how Asmodeus and the other hierarchy demons hold themselves: with such dignity and class. He thrives to be just like that one day

12.Is there a genre of music/books/games that he or she enjoys? Julian is a big fan of books: from horror to action/adventure. He will read romance novels only to make fun of them the whole time. He’s a nerd for video games. Anyone can find him playing a video game when he is not working. Julian listens to all types of music except for rap

13.Is there anything that happens during these years that forces your character to mature quickly? Asmodeus threw him onto the streets of Earth for a couple of years. That quickly had Julian growing up. He learned to fend for himself. To rely on absolutely no one but himself.

14.What is the character’s relationship with his or her caregivers like? Still as close as ever although they do not see each other as often. Asmodeus is a very busy being.

15.Is your character independent?  Do the caregivers give him or her freedom and responsibilities than the average teenager? Asmodeus for the most part allows Julian to do what he wants. If it darkens his character and/or embarrasses him the man is quick to cut Julian down and put him in his place.

16.Is your character prepared to become an adult? Thanks to Asmodeus and Lucifer, Julian is very much prepared to become an adult and become his own man.

17.Who does your character love most during these years? Amon. The hellhound was with him through everything. And of course, Asmodeus. Julian would not be the man he is today if it was not for Asmodeus.

18.Does your character know what he or she wants to do as an adult? Julian wants to scale the rank of hierarchy and become Lucifer’s top general.

19.What is the character’s greatest fear? It still is and always will be disappointing Asmodeus and Lucifer. They both did too much for him. More then he deserved. He will make them proud.


Settling – adulthood 

1.     Did your character complete his or her education? Julian has completed everything he can learn.

2.     What does your character do for a living? On one of his trips to Earth he ran into an interesting being named Alissa. Julian does runs for her: whatever magical item she needs for whatever reasons Julian is the one who tracks it down and gets it for her.

3.     How has the character’s life changed? It’s only changed in one area: Julian lives on his own. Everything else is the same…. except now he’s found love.

4.     Life Partners? Jade. He met the lovely woman when she was dropping off an item to Alissa. It took a while to get Jade to even so much as admit to those feelings. But admit them Jade had. And now they are both inseparable.

5.     Children? Julian has none now. That could change but not right now.

6.     Friends? Amon is still his only friend.

7.     Siblings? Julian ended up finding out he has two sisters and a brother: half human and half demon hybrids. They are from his father

8.     Parents? Julian’s mother is dead. Julian ended up meeting his father one day. His father had fallen in love with a human female. They are not close at all, but they do talk. He has a stepmom because his father is married to her.

10.What goals does your character have? Julian still has the same goal: becoming Lucifer’s top general.

11.Is your character in a relationship? How many times has he or she been ‘in love’? How have these people influenced the character? Julian is in a relationship with the lovely Jade: it took a while to get her, but Julian did in the end. He had never been in love before meeting Jade. He had other relationships: they were all just physical.

12.How do they see the world? Is it different to when they were children or teenagers? Julian sees the world how he always has: boring. He see’s Earth as a playground of sorts. To do whatever he damned well pleased. Humans were and always would be boring and mundane to him.

14.Is your character independent? Julian is very independent.

15.Does he or she live alone or with somebody? Julian use to live alone until he got with Jade: now he lives with her

16.Does your character have children? Julian does not. It could change

17.What is your character’s favorite quotation? “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.” He heard that quote once and it stuck with him.

18.Does he or she have a motto? “Keep your eyes on the prize.”

19.What is the character’s greatest fear? Julian still fears disappointing Asmodeus and Lucifer. But now he has another fear: Losing Jade.

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