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Prompt: Lit. Lucifer lighting a cigarette for Julian
Featuring: Morningstar
Mentions: Barmaid, Demented Queen and baby Crazy Train

The birth of Alister Damien Osbourne had been a hectic one for Julian. More so for his girlfriend Jade and her mother Alissa. They had been there from the moment she went into labor until the birth of the little baby. Where had Julian been? With his mentor Asmodeus. Sparring. Or more like getting schooled by Asmodeus because his thoughts had not been there. He should have been right there beside Jade from the second she went into labor, but he had put his phone on silent during the spar. Asmodeus hated the human contraption.  So, the simple ding it gave off when he got text messages or the ringing, he got from phone calls normally had Asmodeus fuming. Or he destroyed it. Whichever he felt like doing at the time. Julian could not afford to get more phones, so he kept it on silent. And that’s what hit him. Because of that he missed his son being born. Missed that wonderful whole ordeal. Asmodeus tried saying that it wasn’t that interesting. But shut up when Alissa had sent a glare his way. He might not be afraid of Jade or her mother but even Asmodeus knew when to keep his mouth shut. Eventually Asmodeus had left: claiming he had things to do. Which he probably did. He was the embodiment of the sin lust.

He had held Alister in his arms before handing the small bundle over to Alissa. Jade was now asleep after the hard ordeal. He quietly excused himself from the room, ignoring the look of concern that Alissa was giving him. He slipped out of the room, walking towards the window that would lead to the fire escape. He took the stairs up towards the roof, fishing around in his jacket for his cigarettes. He got up to the roof and realized he had his cigarettes but not his lighter. Could it have fallen out of his pocket when he threw his jacket to the ground after Asmodeus demanded a spar? Sh*t. That meant he would have to go back down the stairs, to his apartment and into the room he had just left to get his spare lighter. He turned and nearly ran straight into Lucifer. Hands shot out to steady Julian, “Well…. you definitely were not paying any attention. I’ve been calling your name for a minute now.” Julian cleared his throat, stepping back “Yeah well…My mind is not here right now.” “You mean it’s been there?” Julian glared, “Oh ha-ha. Very funny.” Lucifer’s brow arched at the hostility that was in Julian’s voice. “Okay…. What is wrong?”

Julian ran his fingers through his hair, “Nothing.” “Nothing? If you are going to lie to me Julian, you better get a lot better then that. Now I will only ask one more time: What is wrong?” Julian sighed, “Jade had the baby.” “And you are upset about that why?” “I’m not upset that she had the baby. I’m angry at myself for not being there while she had the baby. Jade went through all of that alone…. well she had her mother but I’m sorry to say that isn’t good enough. I should have been there.” Lucifer nodded, “And you were?” “That doesn’t matter what I wan doing. What I was supposed to do I failed to do.” He pulled out a cigarette, rummaging for his lighter once more: hoping he had just missed it while his mind was on other things. Lucifer brought up his hand, lighter flipped on. Julian leaned in, cigarette between his lips: eyes briefly closing at that first hit of nicotine. He stepped back, nodded his thanks to Lucifer. “Better?” Julian shook his head, “Absolutely not but the nicotine will help. Then I’ll go down there and hold my baby as I lay beside Jade.” “Well then. You’re welcome for my help with the lighter.” He stored it inside his jacket before standing beside Julian. He knew the devil wanted to say more but thought better of it. Julian enjoyed the company either way.

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Oops? Medical Attention

Prompt: Pushing Lucifer down to give them medical attention.
Featuring: Morningstar
Mentions: Demented Queen

It was rare for anyone to get the head’s up on Lucifer. Rarer for them to hurt the devil. Unless they were of the angelic side Lucifer always just shrugged off the attacks as if they were nothing. Today though? Whatever that random female attacker had on her did quite a damage on Lucifer. That had surprised the both of them. The attacker almost got away, but Julian had moved faster then the other and seconds later the female laid dead at his feet. He had expected Lucifer to just brush it off, straighten his suit jacket and told Julian that he was fine. Instead he had been leaning against the wall, hand to his side where the dagger had once been embedded. It was now on the ground, blood glistening on it. Thankfully no mortal was around. Julian was at his side, “Well…..Next time you should be faster.” Joking was a coping mechanism for him. He had never seen the man who saved him from death as a baby in any sort of distress. This was new for Julian. But he recovered from the shock quickly. “You just going to continue gawking? I mean it’s perfectly fine. Not like I am in a hurry or anything.”

Lucifer’s almost snappish tone is what got Julian finally moving. He moved beside Lucifer, ignoring the chuckle from the devil as he led him down the street. “Yes yes. Laugh it up. Someone shorter than you is helping you walk.” “More like struggling.” “I am not!” At least Lucifer was still teasing him: that was a good thing. He should have picked up the dagger that was used, should have taken it to Alissa to see if she can find out just what was on it to hurt the Devil himself. Should have but he was too busy getting Lucifer to somewhere safe. Thankfully they had been not that far from a safe house Alissa had bought: just in case she needed to hide her children from Athena. “You know…It’s just a small scratch.” “Yeah a small scratch that is still bleeding and not healing. Don’t play me for a fool. We’re going to patch you up. And that’s that.” They arrived at the safe house, Julian unlocked the door and let Lucifer walk in by himself before he was closing the door behind him “What a quaint little place you’ve got here.” “It’s not mine. It’s Alissa. For Jade and the baby and whoever else needs it.” “She is expecting trouble?”

“Expecting it? Yes. Wanting it? No. But that’s her problem, not yours. So, don’t be nosy.” “Well don’t make me WANT to be nosy and I won’t be nosy.” Julian rolled his eyes, shoving Lucifer backwards onto the chair that was in the room. “Oh, shut up.” She rummaged around the room, finally finding the first aid kit. Hopefully the bleeding had stopped by now. And was starting to heal. He sent a quick message to Alissa, letting her know what had happened and to pick up the knife and analyze it. With that done, he was back at Lucifer’s side. “Lift up your shirt.” Julian commanded, kneeling down in front of him. When Lucifer just arched a brow, Julian reached up to rip the shirt open, but Lucifer seemed to sense that and smacked his hands away. “Tsk tsk. No touching the shirt.” “It’s ruined anyways. Blood does not come out easily on silk. I know that better than anyone.” “Well still…no touching.” “Oh, for f***’s sake.” A loud rip severed the silence of the room. Lucifer should have been faster. Now his shirt was ripped open, buttons had been sent flying. ‘Did you?” “Did I just rip your shirt? Yes, I did. Get over it.” Julian pulled out a few alcohol wet wipes, wiping away the blood. “Oh.” “Oh what?” Julian slowly closed the first aid kit. “Guess you’re good to go.”

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Numbered Questions

1. A memory from your character’s childhood – Barmaid
There isn’t much I remember about my childhood since it didn’t last that long. I remember the pain of growing too fast at an alarming speed, but I am sure that was not what this question is asking for. So, I will share with you, my dear fiancée, the story of how me and Emilia met. It was early in my time at hell: I was about 6 or so in mortal years. I was being bullied. Just because Asmodeus is famous down in Hell did not mean I was pervious to being bullied. Emilia jumped in and kicked everyone’s ass: in the end she looked at me, grinned and asked me out for ice cream. She was older than me at the time so if we were in the mortal world, she would have been labeled something not so pleasant. It’s nothing real special but it is a nice memory: about the time I got my one and only friend

6. Something that makes your character angry – Demented Queen
It takes a lot to get me angry. I can be very patient. I learned quickly that everyone loves a reaction. It’s why we have bullies in the world: and even in hell but that was not the question here. Something that makes me angry. Being taken for granted, being taken as the fool or the idiot. I do not like people underestimating me. I’m short and in a female body but I can hang with the big boys. It makes me angry when I see others being picked on for any sort of reason.

10. Something that turns your character on – Barmaid
Do we really want to let others see my answer for this, my dear fiancée? Well since you asked then I guess that means virgin ears and eyes should not listen nor look. I have quite a few things that turn me on. Your smile is a very big turn on. The way you laugh. Hell, you know better then anyone that just looking at you turns me the f*** on. I always have to taste you afterwards.

14. Describe your character’s present best friend. Asked by Demented Queen
How do I describe my best friend. The woman who has been by my side through thick and thin the second I met her? She’s crazy as f***! Will kill anyone who so much as looks at me sideways or does me any sort of harm. She’s cool, got terrible taste in make-up, the best person to go to for advice because it always ends up fun in the end. She’s quick to the punchline and takes absolutely NO sh*t from anyone. I can go to my best friend for everything. She never judges. Will always ask me if I want her to kill them (even if it’s my own fiancée that hurts me). She loves messing around to the point that sometimes she does not know when to stop. I have had to jump into a lot of fights to save her behind, but she makes it up to me with a food binge night and movies. The fiancée is jealous of her which Emilia just absolutely loves to mess with. Those two in the same room when Emilia is pushing things too far is NOT a pretty sight. But overall, my best friend despite being crazy, and a bit of a bitch sometimes is one of the best things to happen to me and I would NOT trade her for the world, Heaven or Hell. I will kick anyone’s ass for her, and she will do the same for me.

16. What your character does on a day off – Barmaid
This you already know. But since you asked, I will let everyone else know. I set my alarm for 5 in the morning. I wake up my adorably grumpy girlfriend for coffee and toast. I get dressed in running clothes and do my morning stretches to get ready for the run, then I go out when I hear Jade announce that coffee and toast is done: still very much grumpy. I finish those off and head out for my run around the block. I head to the Gym after my run where I spent about two hours doing whatever suits my fancy at the time then head home. By that time my fiancée is ready to really join the living. She starts breakfast the moment I step into the apartment and is done almost as soon as my after-work out shower is done. We eat breakfast together, sometimes with Alister and sometimes not: depends on if he has spent the night with Jett or came home. I either take a nap after my tedious work out or sit in front of the TV playing video games or watching Netflix. Either way Jade comes and sits with me: doing her books for Hex. Or trying to. She usually get distracted by whatever I am watching, or I distract her on purpose. If I distract her on purpose and no one is home, then everyone knows what we get up to. If Alister is there we will be good boys and girls because we wouldn’t want to traumatize out dear son. My days off usually consist of relaxing and just being plain lazy because my days of work takes a lot out of me: blood, sweat and tears, quite literally.

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Have you been drinking? You look terrible

Prompt: Have you been drinking. You look terrible
Features: Barmaid and Morningstar
What had Jade been thinking? Why would Jade do something so wrong. No not wrong. Wrong wasn’t the right word. How could she think what she did was right in any way, shape or form. She hadn’t been thinking of nothing but her own selfishness. She had made a decision that took two people and made it into a decision only she had the right to. What the f*** had Jade been thinking?
That morning had started off as normal. Julian had gotten up at 5:00am. He woke up Jade, who went into the kitchen and started a cup of coffee while Julian got ready for his run. He did a few stretches to loosen his body. The smell of coffee had him pausing. That was enough stretching for him. He walked out of their shared room and into the kitchen where Jade -still half asleep- was holding a cup of coffee for herself, slowly sipping at it. Julian’s cup sat on the counter in easy reach of the man as he walked by. He grabbed the cup, leaning against the counter. Jade was slowly looking more and more like she was awake instead of like the living dead. Toast popped up in the toaster and with one hand holding his cup of coffee, Julian reached for the toast. It was never a good idea to run on an empty stomach so something small was always needed before his morning run. He finished the piece of toast and coffee before kissing Jade goodbye as he left the house for his run.

When he left that morning, he did not think he would come back to what he came back to. After his run, he went to the gym and then headed home once he had gotten enough exercise for the day. Today he didn’t have to go meet up with Alissa, so he went straight home. Entering the apartment, he almost didn’t see Jade on the couch. He waved at her as he went into the bathroom to take a shower. He turned on the shower before standing in front of the mirror. Because of the sweat that had been pouring down, his face felt dirty and his hair was sticking to his forehead. He shook his head, pushing off of the sink he had been leaning against and got undressed. First came off the shirt, followed by his binder, then the bottom half before he was stepping into the scalding hot water. To him it felt nice. To anyone else it would feel like their skin was burning off.

He stood under the running water, letting it soothe the aches in his body before he was washing his hair out with shampoo and conditioner. Once he felt that he was as clean as he was going to get, Julian cut off the water and stepped out of the shower and onto the bathroom mat that Jade just had to get because it was so cute. That girl and things she thought was cute that she just had to buy when in reality they were ugly. Julian never told her that…. that would be a fight. A stupid one that Julian wanted to avoid at all cost. He wrapped the towel around him and walked into their bedroom, going straight for the closet. Today would be an easy day. One filled with either him and Jade cuddling on the couch, binge watching Netflix, or it would have them doing other things that would make a virgin blush if they ever knew. Putting on some pants and a shirt, he walked into the living room, drying his hair. “Julian.” His name escaping Jade’s lips, had him frowning. He did not like that tone of voice. “Please sit down.”

He narrowed his eyes before shrugging and complying with her. “What’s up?” Jade wasn’t looking at him and she was fiddling with something behind her back. What was it that had Jade so nervous….so scared. “Hey Jade…. What’s wrong?” Finally Jade looked up at him, her facial expressions one of nervousness before she straightened her back and spoke. “There is something I want to tell you. To show you.” With that she pulled what was behind, “I’m pregnant.” In her hands she was holding a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test which read positive. Julian could feel the anger bubbling in his chest. The body he was in was definitely female despite him using male pronouns when talking about himself. Females could not get pregnant by females. They could only get pregnant by males. Which meant Jade either cheated on him or did something much worst. “Julian?” His simple name finally had him jumping up from the couch, away from Jade: swinging around to face her, fire in his eyes. They flashed red with anger before he spoke, “Who did you f***?” Jade looked taken aback, angry and even a little scared. “What?” “Do NOT what me. This body is female…. YOU are female. How the f*** are you pregnant?” Jade shook her head, “No no no. I did not have sex with anyone else. Mother…. Mother helped me. She got a shaman and…well you know the rest.”

A shaman got her pregnant. Julian raked his mind for what spell was capable of that and right now came up with nothing because of how angry he was. Julian growled, turned on his heels and stalked into the bedroom. “Julian? Where are you going?” Jade followed him into the room, watching as he stripped off his pjs. “Away from you! I cannot believe you! You never even thought of me while you were being selfish. What if I didn’t want a child?” Julian put on his binder, grabbing pants to jerk them up over his hips. “Oh right. No one cares what Julian wants right? It’s all about what Jade wants.” He jerked a Metallica shirt over his head, thrusting his arms through the sleeves. “Julian.” Jade grabbed his arm, her voice trembling. Julian jerked his arm away and stalked out of the room. “Julian!” Ignoring her cry, he stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him. He didn’t know where he was going. His mind was blank. Eventually he came to at the bar that resided in the hotel.

It was nothing too fancy and it was quiet compared to other bars. Only a few people came here. And today Julian was one of those people. He took a seat at the bar, greeting the bartender with a nod before asking for a bottle of Jack Daniels and a glass. The man looked at him with an arched brow. It wasn’t often anyone asked for just a whole bottle of any type of alcohol, but he didn’t ask. He just left the bottle there and went back to what he had been doing before: wiping glasses, mingling with the few others that were there. He poured himself a glass, slamming it down before pouring another. One drink led into another and another until the bottle was half-finished. He heard the stool beside him being pulled out before a body found its home perched atop the stool. “Have you been drinking? You look terrible.” The familiar tone of the man who had rescued him from death on the streets, had him turning slightly to look. There beside him set Lucifer. One of the two men that Julian owed his life to. Julian arched a brow, lifting the bottle up slightly “Oh I don’t know. What does it look like to you?” “Watch that tone, Julian.”

Julian huffed, going back to his drink, “It’s not like I can get drunk: my two conflicting sides won’t let me.” Lucifer had been the one who taught Julian to hide the angelic grace that resided in his body: him and Asmodeus was the only two who knew about the angel part inside of him. “Although I sure as f*** am trying.” “What’s wrong?” Julian slammed back the glass, slightly whining when Lucifer took the bottle from him and put it out of reach. “I asked you what was wrong. Don’t ignore me.” The tone in Lucifer’s voice had Julian slumping against the counter. “Jade is pregnant.” “Oh…congratulations.” “No not congratulations. She went behind my back and had a shaman impregnate her. She didn’t care about me. Just herself.” Lucifer was quiet for a moment before talking, “Well…I can see why you are angry. Did you talk to her about it or did you storm out?” The look on Julian’s face had Lucifer thumping him on the head: not too hard but not soft either.

“You idiot! She might have been foolish by not asking you first, but you don’t just walk out on someone.” Julian glared, “How am I in the wrong for being angry?” “Did I say you were in the wrong for being angry? I don’t believe those such words came out of my mouth. I said you were an idiot for storming out.” Julian looked away, “I couldn’t stay there. I wanted to say so many things. Things that would have destroyed Jade. I needed to leave.” “No…. You needed to get your anger out and not suppress it. It might have hurt Jade but getting it out there and off your chest is better then not doing that.” Julian arched a brow, looking back at him “Look at you. Giving relationship advice. I’m going to have to thank Fletcher next time I see him. Making an honest man out of you and everything.” Julian laughed at Lucifer, thumping him on the back as he jumped off the stool. Normally he would fake being drunk for the mortals in the room, but he needed to get back to Jade. She was in the wrong for making a two-person decision into only her decision, but it was too late to back out. He was going to be a father. “Thank Luci!” “That’s Lucifer to you!”

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"I'm just trying to help you" Clairvoyant Protector

Concern prompt – “I’m just trying to help you.” Clairvoyant Protector

Featuring: Clairvoyant Protector

Mentions of Barmaid, Demented Queen, Crazy Train

Julian did not know how he ended up at Lorraine and Edward Warren’s home. He had never met them before. Never been to their house. Only heard about them from Jade. She spoke highly of Julian to them though and she was proud to admit it. From what Julian heard they were kind of worried because of his demon side…. but they knew nothing about the half angel that resided in him thanks to his mother. If they did, they might just be a little less worried about it. Julian did not know how he ended up at Lorraine and Ed’s, but he appeared on their doorstep, covered from head to toe in blood, vision blurring as he with the last of his strength lifted his hand up and rang the doorbell. He didn’t even see the door open as he toppled to the ground in a heap. He did not hear the scream that escaped a small throat of a little girl as he landed at her feet. He didn’t hear the scrambling of feet as Edward ran to his daughter, or the gasp the escaped Lorraine’s mouth at the sight of him.

Julian did not know how long he was out. He slowly was coming to. It hurt his eyes to open, but he knew if he didn’t open them now and get it over with, he would be out again. He needed to get back to Jade. Make sure she was fine. Her and Alissa. A run in with Athena without them around was a new thing for Julian but he had run into her. Julian jerked upwards as he remembered something. Amon had been with him. He had been hurt….and Julian had left him behind. He threw the covers off of him and swung his legs out and went to stand up. Before he could stand up, he had a hand on his chest stopping him. He almost lashed out until he saw the face before him. He never met Lorraine face to face, but he saw photos of her. And those photos did her no justice. She was a beautiful woman. He could sense the strength in her as he allowed her to push him back.

“You’re hurt still.” Most of the wounds had been healed during his resting but since Athena was a Goddess the wounds were slower to heal. “How did I get here?” Lorraine frowned slightly, “You don’t remember.” Julian shook his head. “I’m Lorraine.” “I know…. Jade has told me a lot about you.” Lorraine looked surprised for a split second before nodding, “You must be Julian.” Julian grinned, “The one and only. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He hissed as in response she brought up a Q-tip with what he knew had to be alcohol and put it on a cut that he did not know was there. “How long is this going to take?” “I’m just trying to help you.” Julian closed his mouth after that and let her work. What she was doing wouldn’t help with the healing, but he knew she was just preoccupying herself before she asked questions. Questions that Julian did not know if he wanted to answer but would if they did not compromise himself, Jade or their unborn child she was pregnant with.

“I can see it in your face. You want to ask me questions.” “I’ve never felt so calm in front of a demon…. I do not know how to take that.” “Well if it helps you any.” Julian leaned in and whispered in her ear. He leaned back, a laugh escaping at the look of pure shock and wonderment on her face.

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Mentions of Crazy Train, Barmaid, Demented Queen

A child of a demon/angel hybrid and a witch/vampire was not meant to be a baby for long. One day he was just born and not that long afterwards he was a fully grown boy. On the pro list there was no need for diapers for that long. No getting up early in the morning to feed a screaming baby for too long. No needing to take time off from work for very long. But on the con list? The whole experience of going from a baby to a grown boy was gone in a blink of an eye. It slightly hit Julian but the whole growth experience had really hit Jade. She wanted her baby boy to stay a baby boy for a while. Julian did not know how to help her on that. He saw the growth rate of demons so it wasn’t a surprise when one night they had put a child to bed and the next day: well to say it was a shock to Jade would have been an understatement. He remembered that day. The scream that had came out of his fiancée’s mouth had him jumping up out of the bed in nothing but boxers. He barely thought about grabbing a shirt and throwing it on as he ran out of the room.

He appeared in the room to Jade in hysterics: yelling at the boy in the room. Screaming at him about where her baby was. It took a moment for Julian to register the whole thing and then he leaped into action. He grabbed Jade “Calm down” he snapped, pulling her off of the poor boy. Jade turned on him, her voice high-pitched as she screamed at him for being so calm and telling her to calm down. He pointed at the boy and as loud as he could be spoke “Stop attacking our son.” That abruptly stopped Jade in her tracks and had her starring wide eyed at the boy she had been hysterically accusing of doing something to her son. She had taken a few steps forward, hand out-stretched. It took a moment, but something clicked in Jade and she knew Julian was right. The insuring questions that came out of Jade’s mouth had given Julian a headache. He had called Alissa who came over and was able to explain it to Jade and to the confused boy that had grown overnight.

That day had been interesting. After the sudden growth Alister would continue at the normal time of growth that would be for a human being. So, Jade and Julian had to think of something. They needed to put him in school. They needed to buy clothes that would fit the boy. Alissa had handed Jade a credit card and she had taken their son shopping. Boy had that been a mistake. Jade always did like to go overboard on spending, but this was ridiculous. Their son had enough clothes to last him centuries it seemed. At least it wasn’t his money. Thank whoever for Alissa. The next week Alister was enrolled in school and things were finally normal. Or as normal it could be considering who Jade and Julian were. One-night Alissa had come to him and asked him for something that would take awhile to get. He would have to infiltrate the place and find it. So, he had told Jade, who promised to explain the situation to Alister and left.

A couple of weeks later

That had taken longer then Julian had thought it would. Alissa did warn him it would be a couple weeks at least before he could come back home. Almost three weeks later and Julian had the weapon secured to his hip and was heading home. Asmodeus was waiting for him to check in but first Julian wanted to go home, take a shower and just relax with a hot meal before. Asmodeus would get on his case later but right now Julian had one thought in mind. Getting home to his fiancée and son. He had gone completely silent with everyone during the time it took his to grab the holy sword that was wrapped up against his hip. A full demon would not have been able to touch the sword without burning but a half angel could. Which was why Alissa had asked for him. Julian’s demon side was not liking the holy sword so close to him but instead of burning him it only made him itch. He couldn’t wait to get home. He didn’t even message Jade or Alister (who had been given a cellphone days before Julian had left) to let them know he was coming home. He was going to surprise them. He was walking home when he noticed a familiar form.

He quickly jumped into the bushes nearby, keeping an eye on who he know saw was his son. His son with a female. He had briefly remembered Jade mentioning a girlfriend before he left but now here, he was seeing them in full glory. He went to step forward, to make himself known to his son and his girlfriend. He had only taken one step when a loud slap rang through the area. Did she? Yes, she did. She just slapped his son. He took a step back, feeling a look of surprise flitter across his face before a wave of anger hit him. That was his son. He did not know what happened between them and why she had slapped him and stormed off, but he did not like it. He watched his son walk off, contemplating rather or not to go after him or after that little brat who slapped him. He did not do either of those. Instead he just stood there, wondering what he should do. If he went after the girl then his son might be embarrassed that his dad had gone to reprimand the girl, he obviously had just broken up with. If he went after his son and told him he saw what happened, then Alister would be embarrassed. Either was he would embarrass the sh*t out of his son one way or another. Maybe Asmodeus would know what to. Yeah…. he should go find Asmodeus. But then again, he still had the holy sword. First stop Alissa then off to Asmodeus. Guess the Prince of Hell got his command of Julian’s going to him but for a different reason.

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Personal Asks

Personal Acts IC and OOC

1.     Do you want/have any nicknames.

Asked by Morningstar

IC: Julian has only two nicknames that he knows of. Jules by almost everyone especially Jade. Asmodeus calls him Boy. He does not mind any sort of nickname and doesn’t particularly want a certain one. People call them what they want, and he just rolls with it


OOC: My real name is Samantha. Most people call me Sam or Sammy. My best friend’s dad use to call me Samsung. My boyfriend calls me Little Bird, Bubala, babe. My girlfriend calls me sweetie. My family sometimes calls me Scarecrow because sometimes I have no brain.


2.     How old are you? When’s your birthday?

IC: Julian does not have a birthday…Birthdays were not a thing back when his mother was banished from Heave to Earth. He’s quite old though…. older than he looks


OOC: I am turning 29 years old on April 4th. Almost 30 here I come!


3.     Tell us about your crush / significant other

IC: Jade is the perfect person for him. She is not human. She is loving, crazy, won’t take sh*t nor a no for an answer. She is hard-headed, stubborn, sarcastic but has the best heart out of everyone Julian knows. She beautiful, gorgeous, stunning and all of the between: the perfect fit.


OOC: My boyfriend is funny, sarcastic and has a bigger heart then he wants to admit to. He gives people chance after chance despite them not deserving it. He protects me even from his friends. He does not let anyone drag my name or our girlfriend’s name down the drain no matter if they are family or his best friend. He never leaves me the f*** alone when I am angry even if he is the one who makes me angry. He always makes sure I am fed even when we are fighting. He’s the only one who can make me laugh and feel better when I am seeing red or I am crying. He’s one of the best things to ever happen to me. He truly is my best friend. My girlfriend is the same way. I don’t get to see her that often because she has personal problems, she has to get over, but she is the sweetest person I ever known. But she’s very sneaky. You might think she’s just some weak girl, but she will kick your feet out from underneath you if you are not looking. She’s a very cunning girl….and I love my girls like that.


4.     What’s your favorite color?

Asked by Morningstar

IC: Julian’s favorite color is a tie between light blue and blood red. There is just something about the color blue that calms him. And blood red is just a very beautiful color…. until it’s on him.


OOC: Blue. I like any type of blue. But if asked what color blue I prefer it has to be the color of the sky type of blue.


5.     Where do you feel happiest?

IC: Julian feels the happiest when he is with his son Alister and his girlfriend Jade. He would be even happier if Jade and Asmodeus would just get along.


OOC: As corny as this sounds? I am the happiest when I am with my boyfriend or girlfriend. I am in cloud nine when I am with both of them.


6.     If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?

IC: Jade and Asmodeus to get along, his dream home, and to become Lucifer’s top general


OOC: To finally live with both of my partners in a beautiful home, to not have to work for the rest of my life, and to have all the cats in the world and be able to not smell them lol


7.     Describe your dream home

Asked by Barmaid

For both of these answers’ IC and OOC just find it on my stream. I want that house exactly.


8.     Do you have any talents?

Asked by Morningstar

IC: Julian has many talents. Asmodeus made sure he was good at everything before he left hell. Julian was representing hell after all. Couldn’t be anything less then perfect in Asmodeus’ eyes.


OOC: I am able to type full sentences with no spelling mistakes even when I am not looking any where at the computer screen or keyboard. I consider that a talent lol.


9.     What’s something you’re passionate about?

Asked by Morningstar

IC: Julien has always been passionate about becoming Lucifer’s top general. Even wanting to surpass Asmodeus himself. It is still something he is passionate about but now he is passionate about being the best father he could be and making sure his son is raised right.


OOC: Writing. I love writing. It calms me down…. if I can get into it to begin with lol. I am also passionate about reading new books. I have a hundred books waiting for me to read lol.


10.  What’s your worst fear?

IC: Julian’s worst fear is failing his son. He also fears not being able to protect Jade from Athena.


OOC: Heights. I literally feel faint if I am too far up. But I love rollercoasters. Isn’t that weird?


11.  Do you want / have any tattoos or piercings?

Asked by Morningstar

IC: Julian’s ear is pierced. He is thinking of getting his tongue pierced but is not sure if he wants to or not. As for tattoos he has a couple. He’s got a new one of his son’s name in cursive on his chest. He has a tin/yang tattoo on his shoulder. And is eventually going to get a badass dragon on his back.


OOC: My ears are pierced. One day I will pierce my tongue. I have two tattoos: both of them are memorial tattoos for my best friend’s parents who passed away 11 months in between each other. One is a tribal sea turtle with the year she was born and the year she died. The other one is new, and I just got a little over a week ago: It’s a heart that goes into a heartbeat and end at a cross. It has his birthday under the heart and his death day under the cross.

03/08/2020 03:36 PM 

The Walking Dead Multi-Muse Mondays drabbles

The farm was overrunning with walkers. One minute everything had been fine and the next? Complete chaos. Her brother was missing, went searching for Randall alongside Rick. Walkers were closing in on her from all sides. Nothing but a hatchet between them. Her arrows had run out ages ago when they were first attacked. It was a herd. Probably the same herd they had saw on the highway when Sophia had gone missing. The fact that they had been so close to get to the farm was scary, but Samantha did not have time to worry about that. She had to find her brother. She had to find everyone else. She had to survive. She steeled herself, raising the hatchet high in the air before bringing it down on the head of a lunging walker. The sound it made would have had Samantha gagging at the very beginning, but she was used to the wet sound it made as it came in contact with rotting flesh. She jerked the hatchet out, swinging on another walker that had gotten too close for comfort. She dodged what walkers she could get past, her senses on high alert.

How Samantha had survived and made her way away from the farm she did not know. But she had made it to safety. She had run into Glenn and Maggie and between the three of them they had met up with the rest of the group. Samantha looked around, frowning when she did not see her brother Shane anywhere. Rick was missing too. But then she saw him: Rick Grimes. He was alone and Samantha just knew what happened. Or she thought she knew what happened until Rick looked over the group and uttered words that nearly knocked Samantha off her feet. I killed Shane. Those words echoed through her mind. Her stomach turned and she felt faint. “What” the word came out in a gasp as she literally stumbled into the car behind her. Rick moved forwards, hands out in the universal sign of non-threatening. Samantha could see his mouth moving, knew words were coming out of his mouth but could not hear the words coming out. Her stomach turned and she found herself bent over, getting sick.

 She felt hands on her, and she snapped, lashing out. Her fist connected with Rick’s face and he stumbled backwards, not expecting the punch. “Don’t touch me!” she snarled, stumbling backwards from Rick. “Don’t you dare f***ing touch me!” All eyes were on her. She could feel tears pricking the corner of her eyes, but she refused to break down and cry. These people did not deserve to see her like that. She could see Daryl out of the corner of her eyes, hand on his crossbow as if he was going to have to use it. Carl looked like he was torn between his father and the woman who had treated him like more then a child. Lori’s face was turned away. The rest of the group were looking around to make sure the noise didn’t alert any walkers or were looking at the altercation between Rick and Sam. “Shane lured me out to kill me. I had no choice. He made me do it. He forced my hand, Sam.” Sam growled, shaking her head. Now that the initial shock of hearing of her brother’s death was over, she was seeing red.

She wanted to do nothing but put the hatchet still in her hand into Rick’s head: over and over again until there was nothing but a bloody mess. But she knew better. If she did that, she would join her brother in an early grave. She spun on her heels, throwing the back door of the car she was leaning again open. She snatched up the duffle bag that she had packed for herself in case sh*t hit the fan. Her brother had been planning on leaving. Sam had been planning on leaving with Shane, but that night Shane told her that he was staying. He told her that Lori had asked him to stay and for her he would. Samantha always told Shane that that whore was going to be the death of him….and his obsession with her had gotten him killed. “What are you doing?” She glared at Rick, duffle bag on her shoulder. “I am leaving before I put an arrow between your eyes. Justified or not that was MY brother. I cannot…. I will NOT stay with his killer even if it was justified. He had planned to leave and then your wife talked him out of it. I refuse to stay here.” She spit out the word wife as if it was the most disgusting thing on the planet. She turned on her heels, tossing off Glenn’s hand as he tried to stop her. She left the group behind, blinking tears out of her eyes as she headed into the dark. She couldn’t believe Shane was dead. She would not see her brother ever again. Her brother hadn’t been killed by walkers but by his best friend…. or ex-best friend. Either way her brother was gone.


2 months later

After Sam had left the group behind, she had wandered until she had come face to face with someone that she had thought was dead. That seemed to happen a lot with her. Merle Dixon had appeared before her one day, that disgusting taunting smirk on his face as he forced her towards a place, she would be asked to call home. Being a doctor before the outbreak had happened, helped her out greatly. The Governor -a man who quite frankly did not sit well with Sam- had found out from Merle that she use to be one and had asked her to stay. Having nowhere else to go and getting really tired of having to move from home to home every day to keep ahead of walkers decided to take the offer. She would be helping the resident doctor, Dr Stevens with the survivors. She found out the place was called Woodbury and that was how she became a resident there. When she had known Merle Dixon at the Quarry, she had not liked him one bit. He was crude, disgusting and a d*ck. He still was but since Merle had to come every few months to make sure the stump where his hand once was, was good to go.

One of his times there he had stopped, looked straight at her and had asked her what happened to the group. She knew why he was asking. He didn’t care about the rest of them…just Daryl. She explained everything that happened from the day Daryl went to look for him until the night of the farm when Rick had killed her brother. He seemed satisfied to know that his brother had still been alive a couple of months ago and had left. For some reason every time Merle came back, he would stay for awhile afterwards and talk with her. And Samantha did not know why but she talked with him. They talked about before the outbreak, when they were at the Quarry together, what happened afterwards when Merle sawed off his own hand, up to when he was found by the Governor. They talked about Shane’s downward spiral into madness because of Lori. They talked about Sophia and how she had been bit by a walker. They talked about that night on the farm when Sam had found out Rick had killed her brother in cold blooded murder. She had been pissed at the time and had still been pissed but talking with Merle about it had put it into perspective. She couldn’t blame Rick…hell she couldn’t even blame Lori. The only person to blame was her brother. She had thanked Merle that night. It might not have been his intentions but that anger she felt towards Rick was gone. Whatever the reason was for these talks, Sam looked forward to them every time.

Four months later: Spring

Samantha always got up at 5 in the morning. She would get up, run around Woodbury a couple of times before coming back to the house. She would use the water that was collected and distributed to the residents to clean herself up before she would get dressed and head towards Dr. Stevens. Today was just like the other days except she had ran into Merle during her run. It wasn’t rare to see the man around, but it was rare to see him up so early in the morning. Either he would still be asleep or out on a supply run. She stopped, wiping sweat from her forehead before pushing her hair out of her face. “Fancy seeing you out here. The sloth has gotten up very early today.” Merle looked at her, “F*** off.” She arched a brow, taken aback at the force behind the words. He was being an extra douche today it would seem. She shrugged her shoulders and kept on her way. That encounter had surprised her, and it was at the back of her mind the whole time until Merle had appeared before her. “We in a better mood now?” “That blond with the sister is here.” Samantha frowned, not knowing what Merle was talking about. “Blond with a sister?” “The one from the Quarry.” Andrea!? Andrea was here. She was alive and well? “Are you sure?” Merle glared at her, “Of course I am sure. I’m the one who brought her back along with that ugly bitch.” Sam rolled her eyes, wanting to ask who the ugly bitch was but knew better. If it was someone not like Merle it would be nothing but racist, sexist or damn near Neanderthal…. or all of the above knowing Merle.

He left shortly afterwards, and Samantha wondered if Rick and the group was close by. She had not remembered if Andrea had been there that last night. It had been so long or so it had seemed. She told Dr. Stevens that she was taking an early out basically and ran out of the building. It did not take long for Sam to find Andrea and once she did the blond and her hugged. “Why are you here? Is Rick here? What happened to you?” Andrea had explained how that night at the farm she had gotten separated from the group. That she had been saved by a mysterious woman named Michonne. And how she had been traveling with Michonne until they had run into Merle. Samantha laughed at that. What a coincidence that her and Andrea had both found out about Woodbury because of the crude man. Then it was Samantha’s turn to talk about the night at the farm. She told her how the group had come together alongside Beth, Maggie and Hershel. She told Andrea about Rick and his confession of killing Shane. Andrea looked taken aback at the part. Samantha told her about how pissed off she had been that she felt like killing Rick.

She had told her how she had left the group and had wandered for months before also running into Merle. She explained how Merle brought her before The Governor who had asked her to stay because of her background of being a doctor before the outbreak. They both wondered out loud if Rick and the group was alive or if they had been taken out by walkers along the months. It was wishful thinking, Sam thought. They talked into the night but eventually Andrea and Samantha parted ways. Samantha had thought that was going to be the only surprise she was going to get for a while. But she was wrong. A week later Samantha had been treating the wounded from an attack during the night. No one knew who it was but The Governor and who he thought was worthy of knowing: which was his security. Samantha had wanted to ask Merle what had happened, but he had never showed up. She was slightly worried, hoping that nothing had happened to the redneck: she had heard that there had been some casualties.  It wouldn’t be until a night later when she was standing around the walker arena when she would find out what had happened.

The Governor had asked for everyone to gather there the night after the attack on Woodbury. He revealed that there was a group at the Prison who had attacked them the other night. He went on and on about how they needed to work together to avenge the dead ones. That the people at the prison were dangerous: how he had captured one of those prison folks that night. He talked about how they had a traitor in the mist and that he was going to be taken care of tonight. He had brought the man before the group who were now almost blood thirsty. The hood came off and Samantha gasped. Daryl. Merle’s very own brother. The Governor then pointed Merle out as the traitor, and he was shoved to stand next to Daryl. She took a step forward, ready to say something when she caught Merle’s eyes. He had spotted her in the crowd and the look he gave her was one of ‘Just be quiet or you’ll be here with us’ looks. She bit her tongue, tasting blood. She knew Merle better then that. He would not betray Woodbury. He wouldn’t do the things The Governor was trying to accuse him of. The order given was to fight until they were dead.

She couldn’t just stand there. She had to do something. She was a doctor. Pointless death was something that she couldn’t stand idly by and let happened. She was going to do something very stupid even if it got her killed. The crowd was going crazy, wanting Merle’s head for his betrayal. Wanting Daryl’s head for harming and killing those in Woodbury. Merle and Daryl started fighting, and when it became too easy the walkers were being led out. Sam’s hand tightened on her gun at her hip, taking a step forward. She couldn’t stand by any longer. The Governor was crazy. She knew something was off about him, but she always ignored it. Now she could not. She was in the middle of pulling the gun out when out of nowhere shots were fired and then smoke grenades were thrown into the crowd.  “Merle!” Her voice was drowned out by the chaos that was ensuing. She tried to move through the smoke: trying to find him. She bumped into someone, which almost made her unbalanced. She brought up her gun, ready to fire if it was someone that she needed to fire on. She ended up face to face with Daryl, Merle a little way behind him. “You’re not coming with us.” “F*** you Merle. I will do whatever I want.”  

Sam ignored Daryl, striding past him and snatched Merle by the arm. “Now let’s go before you get yourself or one of us killed.” Merle snickered, “Come on little brother. You heard the little girl.” Sam shook her head, as they all ran out of Woodbury. When they got to safety and were found by the rest of the gang, Sam stood in front of Merle with Daryl and Rick: protecting him from the others who did not want to see him or wanted him to pay for what he did to Glenn and Maggie (which Sam knew nothing about). She winced as Rick clocked Merle a good one and he was out. When they got to the prison Samantha immediately looked over Merle, ignoring the looks she was given. She was a doctor: everyone was treated the same. She stayed close by where they had locked him up at, ready to do something if the others ignored Rick’s orders. Why she was so protecting of Merle, Samantha did not know but she was. “Watching me to make sure I stay good?” Sam smiled at the sound of Merle’s voice. So, the bastard had woken up. “You? Good? Ha! As if.” She knew the Governor was planning something, no way would he let what had happened to go unpunished. Hopefully this place was ready for an all-out war because that was what they asked for when they attacked Woodbury.

02/15/2020 10:32 PM 

This was a stupid idea (drabble for Jade)

Why did Julian allow Jade to talk her into this? She should have put her foot down in the very beginning when Jade asked if it was okay that she came along. Alissa wanted a new object that had been circulating around the rumor mill. It was an amulet…. supposedly meant to cure any ailment. No matter how deadly it was. It was also rumored to bring the near dead back to life. Also rumored to bring the newly dead to life if it was worn upon death. Julian didn’t believe it, but Alissa did and sent her out to get it. Normally Julian wouldn’t have allowed Jade to come with her, but Jade was exceptionally annoying about it this time. So, against her better judgement Julian said ‘Yes’ and they ended up traversing a swamp. What was with these items being in the most disgusting of places. They were never in nice ones. Always caves, swamps and ruins. She was deep in thought when Jade spoke.

“This was a stupid idea”

Julian stopped dead in her tracks, feeling her girlfriend bump right into her. They almost went sprawling onto the ground, but Julian caught herself. It took only a second for Julian to rerun what Jade had said through her mind before she was turning around. “Excuse me?” Now her girlfriend wanted to complain!? Now she wanted to say something when Julian had told her from the very beginning “No”? She had half a mind to just scream but then that would alert anything untoward that could be out there lurking. “This was a stupid idea? I told you it was a stupid idea in the very beginning.” Julian hissed out.

“But nooooo…. you just had to annoy me enough to come. And now you want to complain? I told you this was NOT going to be a cake walk in the park but what did you say?” She cleared her throat before putting on a girly voice, “I can handle myself Jules. I want to go. It’ll be fun. I won’t complain. I promise!” She deadpanned, folding her arms. “So, what was that about having fun? What happened to not complaining?” She should be finishing the task at hand but now Julian was irritated with Jade. She was NOT going to be bringing her alone again.  

02/15/2020 10:31 PM 


Zulfiqar, a sword sent from the Heavens to the Prophet Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel and he was ordered to give the sword to Ali ibn Abi Talib. (Islamic mythology)

·        Aaron's rod, was endowed with miraculous power during the Plagues of Egypt that preceded the Exodus. Was carried by Aaron. (Jewish mythology)

·        Staff of Moses, used by Moses to produce water from a rock, was transformed into a snake and back, and was used at the parting of the Red Sea. (Jewish mythology)

Holy Lance, also called the Spear of Longinus, is the name given to the lance that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross, according to the Gospel of John. (Christian mythology)

Seal of Solomon, a magical brass or steel ring that could imprison demons. (Jewish mythology/Christian mythology)

Ark of the Covenant (also Ark of the Testimony), a wooden chest clad with gold containing the stone tablets of the Ten Commandments as well as Aaron's rod and a pot of manna. (Jewish mythology)


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