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desired storylines:
Mother: open face claim, she would have had Marley at 15. 
This is not a hearts and flowers, Lorelai and Rory type of relationship. 
Georgia Rule meets Shameless inspired. Marley's mother tried more as a teenager to be a mother, as they both grew up, her mother decided she just wanted to live her life. She'd leave Marley with whoever, and where ever only coming to get Marley when she's met "the one." Her longest relationship (the one that her mother will never get over) was the man that snuck into Marley's room at night and caused Marley to start sleeping at Dawson's most nights. Her mother didn't believe her until it was too late, but she still answers that man's call when it is called. 

Step Brother (ish), charles michael davis desired: Marley's abusers only son, and someone who tried really hard to look after Marley. After finding out what his father was doing, they got into a fight. He ended up moving out and letting Marley stay with him trying to finally parent the girl who had no idea what it was like. They're really close, him being the only father figure that she'd ever known. When she wasn't staying at Dawson's, she would be on his couch. He's like Marley, trying to get out of this stupid town, but won't take as many risks at she would. She'll sell drugs, no one would suspect her innocent face, and he's constantly trying to talk her into living straight. 

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