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11/24/2017 03:16 PM 

AC 47: The Bucket list

Before I die I would like to....

1. See England again.
This may be slightly impossible as I am a wanted person in England. But there are some people I miss there and I would like to see them again.

2. Try to channel my need to kill.
Killing was a rush for me. The need to do so is still there. I would like to channel that into something else.

3. Learn what love feels like.
The Organization doesn't teach you to love. They show you how to suppress feelings, how to put them away. I would like to learn how to open that part of me.

4. Find out who my biological family is.
Even if I don't really get to know them. I would like to know who they are and ask why they gave me up. Maybe The Organization was wrong.

5. Get out of Sloane.
I came back to Sloane on my own, before I was summoned. But I would like to leave, see more of the world, meet other people.

6. Decorate for Christmas.
I have never been a holiday person. But I would like to get a real tree and actually decorate it. See what all the fuss is about.

7. Write a book.
My life has been pretty interesting. I think I'd like to write about it. Tell my story and see if I could get it published. I'm not sure if anyone would really believe it though.

8. Open an animal shelter.
The one love I do have is my love for animals. I would have a dozen if I had the room. I'd like to open a shelter someday, take in the ones who aren't wanted and find good homes for them.

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