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    Hello & Welcome. We here at Moonlight Resources offer premades and other resources. We will eventually offer CUSTOM CONTENT as well. I am in the process of learning coding so I will not be offering layouts until I am better aware of all the coding dealing with layouts. When ordering custom content just remember PAID CUSTOM WORK IS OPTIONAL.I DO NOT FORCE ANYONE TO BUY CUSTOM CONTENT AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY CUSTOM CONTENT FROM ME. THERE IS FREE CONTENT YOU CAN USE ISNTEAD.

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    Purple Rain Hoodoomoon
    Please Read the Rules and sign them before taking anything. Thank you!

    Moonlight Resources

    Last Login:
    June 16th, 2019

    Gender: Female

    Age: 29
    Country: United States

    Signup Date:
    November 01, 2017



    06/11/2019 12:58 PM 

    Pruple Rain's Rules

    Purple Rain's Premade's

    Please sign here with whatever premades you take.

    Thank you so much for your interest in my premades. I make one big update once a month so keep an eye out loves!

    Premades Here

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    04/24/2019 02:21 PM 

    fear the reapers: bundles

    Fear The Reaper's paid cw


    First and foremost do not claim as your own. I put a lot of work into these edits just as i do my free content. Paid work is optional both mal and I do offer free custom work as well and promos. To request this work from me. Message me with the first line as "Fear the reaper's paid cw" then let me know which bundle you would like. You are allowed to message me on discord xcollidex#8450 as well to discuss anything or if you simply have a question. 

    Rules under co.

    Single Tons

    Simple: $1.50
    Layout Graphics: $1
    Extra edited: $3
    Share banners: $3
    ISO Banners: $3
    headliners: $4
    Doorknocker: $4


    monsters inc bundles

    * these are default bundles only.

    Boo Bundle: $2: 5 defaults w/ name on them

    Mike Wazowski Bundle $4: 5 extra edited + 5 simple

    James p Sullivan bundle$6: 10 extra edited + 10 simple

    Aristocats Bundles

    Berlioz and Toulouse bundle $10: 6 defaults + headliner or Doorknocker

    Thomas O'malley $12: 10 defaults + Doorknocker + Headliner

    Marie Bundle $15: 15 defaults + Doorknocker + Headliner + share banner

    Duchess $20: 20 defaults + Doorknocker + Headliner + Share banner + iso banner + layout graphics

    Fill this out please

    Please fill this out for any extra edited, headliner or door knockers. Give as much detail as possible if you want it a specific way.

    Display name:
    Other wording you’d like:
    Any specific images:
    Any specific theme:
    What type of edit
    Other: List anything specific you want here also feel free to add anything that does not have a place yet. Feel free to reach out so that I can make it as you wish. 

    Monthly Promos

    Opening month Promo * share you will get a default from both Mal and Kim. * This promo you can choose your fav Disney character or not . * Share this and show proof with the fist line as “Opening month Promo.

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    04/23/2019 07:40 PM 

    custom work-hoodoo

    Fear the reaper's

    Custom Work

    Please only take what is yours and do not claim as your own. I do put a lot of time and effort into each and every one of these and would hate for someone else to take the credit. When yours is ready simply click the pick up button.

    You can request 2 per week up to 6 per month.

    For all custom request simply fill out the mini form below. If you want to add something that's not listed feel free to include it. If you'd like something specific be very specific please. If you prefer free creativity please state that as well.  Send the form in the comments here and i will delete them once i am finished with it.

    Fill this out please




    Display name:

    Other wording you’d like:

    Any specific images:

    Any specific theme:

    What type of edit :

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    04/22/2019 06:08 PM 

    fear the reaper content

    Fear The Reaper's content

    Hello everyone!Welcome to my content!!

    Please comment what you take & Sign our rules

    You are free to use all content on this page
    However don't take any customs that aren't yours


    Dove Cameron Click here
    Ariana Grande Click here
    Naomi Scott Click here


    Steven R McQueen Click here

    T.V shows/ Movies

    The Originals

    Rebekah Mikaelson Click here
    Kol Mikaelson Click here
    Davina Claire  Click here
    Davina x Kol Click here
    Aurora De Martel Click here
    Elena/Katherine Click here
    Elena and Stefan Click here

    Game Of Thrones


    Cheryl Click Here
    Toni x Cheryl   Click here


    Custom work: Click here
    Paid content and bundles: Click here

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