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    10/18/2018 01:22 PM 

    Angel Manipulation

    Complete Angel Manipulation Tutorial

    This tutorial is the complete step-to-step guide to create an angel manipulation.
    You may not want to add in every step here, but these are all great elements when bringing an angel character to life. You could also follow these steps to create a darker themed angel as well, but using darker themed textures and darker colors. Maybe even adding in a few steps from my demon tutorial series like darkened eyes or blood splatter.

    In this tutorial, we will cover...

    Changing the Background
    Angel Wings
    Adding Clouds and Light Textures

    Begin by gathering up the resources you will need...

    I have the image of my site model, Jennifer Morrison, a heavenly background, wings, clouds/fog/smoke, and light/brokeh/glitter/stars. Halos I will show you how to create yourself without a texture, but you could always try to find a halo png, I'm sure they are out there.

    The wings I am using are a png transparency image, these are easiest to use when editing angels, but if you have a texture of wings with a background you will have to add it in another way than what I am about to show you.

    Note that I made all of my resources a similar color palette that compliments my main focus, Jennifer and her long golden hair.

    I'm going to minimize the other resources, for now. First, we will focus on setting up our scene by changing the background. While doing this, if you're using a wings png like me, we will add those in now as well by layering the background >> wings >> site model. I'll show you...

    First, copy the wings onto the heavenly background, scale them down to fit the background as necessary (right click >> transform free >> adjust the scale). Don't combine the layers yet.

    Now copy your site model onto the other two layers. Using the Layer Manager Tool and the Blend Mode drop box select either Minimum or Maximum to be able to see through part of your site model to be able to see the wings. Scale the wings and site model as needed to make them fit nicely together. For quality avoid enlarging anything as it distorts the pixels.

    When you have proportionate winges and site model we are going to merge the wings to the background. Right click on the wings layer in the column and select Merge with Previous Layer. Define the pattern as the background with the newly merged wings by going to Edit >> Define Pattern.

    Return your site model image to Normal under the Blend Mode drop down selection and merge the site model layer onto the background as well.

    We will now select the Clone Stamp Tool to erase the background of the image of our site model.

    Adjust the brush size and pressure as you need, I suggest using a high pressure for the large areas and a medium to light pressure for the close-up edges and hair. Begin by working your way from outside to inside erasing the original background. 

    After taking out the majority of the background with a larger brush and a higher pressure, zoom in and use a small brush with a light pressure to remove and blend in the site model to the background.

    My biggest tip when doing this process is to let go often so you can use the Undo button if need be and not need to start your clone stamp process all over again.

    After all of that she still looks like she is standing on clouds so I'm going to lightly take away a bit of her white clothing and blend her feet into the clouds to make it look like she is walking through them rather than on top of them. I'm going to do this with a reduced pressure clone stamp tool and a medium size brush.

    This little detail makes a big difference...

    Now that we have an angel with wings in Heaven, let's define the pattern again so we do not lose what we have. (Edit >> Define Pattern).

    Now let's zoom in on the head, we're going to do the halo next.

    Select the selection tool > ellipse shape and make a halo sized circle above your site model's head.

    Be sure you have the box for Outside checked, no style, 100% opacity, select your color and width as you like. Click ok when ready to move on.

    Press CTRL + D to deselect the halo when you're ready to move on.
    Define the image as the new pattern and we will add the light and cloud textures.

    I'm going to add my clouds in first.
    Copy your clouds texture onto your image.
    To make this image easier to blend into our background we can use just parts of it, either the darkest or lightest parts and we will do that by using the Layer Tool >> Blend Mode >> Maximum or Minimum. Here are examples of my clouds in maximum...

    and in Minimum...

    Decide which you prefer and merge it with your previous layer.
    I prefer the minimum (darker clouds), but I still don't want all of that texture on my image.
    The top part of the clouds image doesn't blend, so I'm going to remove it using my clone stamp tool again. Define the pattern when you like what you see.

    Now we will add in the light texture using the same steps...

    The light texture I am using is a little skimpy on the effect I'm going for, so I'm going to duplicate it to give me more light to work with on each side, you may not need to do this, but if you do it's an idea to work with.

    Align the light textures to where you need them and merge all the layers.
    Layer >> Merge All Layers.

    Use the clone stamp on a light pressure with a large brush to remove areas of light where you want to see more detail and work your way down to a smaller brush as  needed to remove the light from where you don't want it focusing on the face, halo, wings, and any other important details you want to be sure are seen.

    Now that we have an angel to work with you are free to color as you like.
    My tip before you start the color process is to sharpen the image as it is to get as much detail defined into the image as possible before your coloring covers some of it up on you.

    I have various tutorials on coloring or you are free to play with the colors as you like to get a final image...

    The untagged version of the final edit is available in my premades!
    I hope you all have a wonderful new default to use now.
    If you have any trouble feel free to comment below and I will respond to help as best as I can!
    Also please comment if you found this tutorial helpful!

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    ---Charlie Capulet---


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