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5 Most Important People.

Zash The Love Of My Life
He's the love of Noelle's life. They met when she was 14 and he was with her brother. She never thought anything would come from it, but when she was 19 something happened. She ended up sleeping with him one night when they were both drunk. One thing led to another and they finally got together. He means everything to her and there is nothing she wouldn't do for him. They have a child together but they don't know the gender yet. They have had their ups and downs, but they always seem to work them out. Noelle knows that Zash is the one for her and she couldn't imagine her life without him in. He's the one person she trusts with all her heart and she tries to prove that to him every day that she is with him.

My Little Boy Or Girl
This baby was born and made from so much love. Noelle doesn't know the gender of the baby yet, but she will love the baby either way. He/She is such an important part of Noelle's life. Noelle wants to give her child the love she had growing up. She was loved by so many people and she hopes that her child will be loved by all of them as well. She can not wait until she gets to meet her child and raise him or her. She has always wanted to be a mom and this gives her the chance to be one. She has faith in herself that she can be the kind of parent she wants to be. She knows she is going to be protective, but also wants to be the fun parent. She has so many things she wants to show and teach her child when she has him or her.

My Brother Ashton
Ashton and Noelle are two peas in a pod. He means everything to her. He has been there for her ever since she was born. He's her best friend and the one person she tells everything too. There is nothing that she would not do for him. He has been her rock when she is at her lowest. He has been her protector ever since she was born. She is closest to him and looks up to him for everything. When she was little she wanted to be just like him. There is that brother and sister bond that always keeps them together. Ashton has always been Noelle's go-to person. She is very thankful for everything her brother has done for her. She is so happy and honored to be his sister. He means everything to her. She always wants to show that to him.

My Sister Christina
Christina and Noelle have always been very close. They have always told each other everything. Christina is that one person Noelle really confides in. Christina helps Noelle anytime she can whenever Noelle needs it. They have always been very close. She has been the one that Noelle always goes to for everything. Christina tries to help Noelle in any way she can. They love each other more than anything and know blood means everything. They are close to their brother and one tight-knit family. Everything they do revolves around each other. Noelle is so thankful to have a sister who cares so much about her. There is nothing she wouldn't do for Christina. They are closer than most siblings are. It's one of the amazing things about them. Noelle cherishes that.

My Best Friend Since ChildHood Kendra
Kendra is such a huge part of Noelle's life. She was there for her when Noelle lost her parents. When she was put into the foster system, Kendra made sure she was put there too. Noelle never understood why, but she loved her for it. When Christina, Noelle, and Ashton got adopted Kendra came with them. Kendra is a rock that Noelle leans on for support. She is always there for her even when Noelle is not being a great friend. Kendra and Noelle have such a fun time together. They love each other equally. They are more like sisters than just best friends. They do everything together just like a family would. Noelle trusts Kendra with everything. She can talk to her about anything. Kendra never judges her. She's nothing but an amazing friend to Noelle.

02/03/2019 07:18 PM 

Character Playlist.

These are the songs that define Noelle and what she goes through from day to day. Her life can be filled with good things and bad. They tell a story which is Noelle's story.

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The Greatest Day.

"Elle! Are you ready to go?!" Alaska, Noelle's sister called from downstairs. Noelle grabbed her scarf and wrapped it around her neck as she grabbed her purse and opened her bedroom door. "I'm coming, sis!" Noelle called back down to her sister as she walked out of her room. Noelle walked down the long hallway when she heard her sister's voice again. "Make sure to bring some mittens with you! It's cold outside!" Alaska called from downstairs. Noelle stopped in her tracks when her sister said that and then turned around and walked back to her room. She walked into her room and then walked to her dresser as she opened the dresser door. "Hopefully there's a pair in here somewhere," Noelle told herself as she finally found a pair of pink ones.

"I found you. I knew you couldn't hide from me mittens." Noelle spoke out loud as she took them out of the drawer and put them on. Afterward, she closed the drawer and walked back out of her room. She walked down the hallway once more and down the stairs to where her sister was standing in the foyer. "Thank you for reminding me. I was about to forget them. Are you ready to go shopping for some gifts for everyone?" Noelle asked her sister with a smile. Alaska smiled and nodded her head. "Of course. It's one of the many things about Christmas that makes it so fun. Always getting to buy presents for loved ones and friends." Alaska told her sister as Noelle smiled and nodded her head. She knew exactly what Christmas was about.

"Do you remember when we used to be all about Santa?" Alaska asked as Noelle smiled and laughed softly. "Oh my gosh yes. I mean as kids we would write Santa a letter every year. I think all kids are like that though. Well up until they find out Santa isn't real." Noelle replied to her sister with a smile. "I know. It was always such a let down when we found out he wasn't real. I guess we all have to grow up sometime though. Even if we don't want to." Alaska replied as Noelle sighed knowing she was right. Either way, she knew they would have fun getting presents for everyone. One day Noelle would be able to pretend Santa was real again with her little boy or girl. Until then she would enjoy the fact that she could still get presents for everyone.

 "Alright, let's get going. We have to meet Dannica before it gets too late." Noelle told her sister with a smile. Alaska nodded her head and walked to the coat hanger beside the door to grab her purse. After both girls had their things, Noelle pulled out her phone and found Dannica's number. *Hey girl. We are on our way to the mall now. We will meet you there.* Noelle sent the text to her friend and then walked out of the house with her sister. Once they were outside she locked the door and walked down the porch steps. After walking down the long walkway they finally made it to her car. Noelle unlocked the doors of her car and opened her door. She got into her car along with her sister and buckled her seatbelt. Once she was buckled in she shut her door and then hit the button to turn on her car.

Noelle put her car into reverse and began to back out of the driveway. Once she was out of the long driveway she put her car in drive and drove out of the gated home they lived in. Within 15 minutes they had finally arrived at the mall. Noelle pulled into the mall's parking lot and after a few minutes finally found a parking spot. Noelle pulled into the parking space and then hit the button to turn off her car after putting it in park. "We're here. Let's go meet Dani inside." Noelle told her sister with a smile. She unbuckled her seat belt and then opened her door and got out. Noelle locked the doors of her car once they were both out and after grabbing her purse, then walked with her sister into the mall. *Hey girl. We're here in the front lobby whenever you get here.* Noelle sent the text to Dannica as she waited for her with her sister.  

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7 Pieces Of Writing For AC.


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