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Audition Form

What Character are you auditioning for?

Is this an original character? 

Play by you are going to be using-

If you get in is this the profile you will be using? Or are you going to make a new profile-

We require all members to be active, and be online at least 3 days a week. Write replies a minimum of one time a week and participate in AIM and Stat play. Will this be an issue?

Have you read and signed the rules?

Are you willing to make an AIM if you are approved?

Why do you want to be part of The Last Stand family?

Have you ever been in a RPG before? If so, why did you leave?

Where does your character reside? (Alexandria, Woodbury , Hilltop Etc)

Special skill set your character has? (Weapons expert, Medical?)

Personality of your character-

Brief history of your character-

Writing Sample- (Please write 3 paragraphs or more, impress us.)

*When complete please send in a message*


01/11/2017 01:02 PM 


Thanks for your interest in The Last Stand Rpg. The owners wanted to make a role playing experience that was ongoing and enjoyable for everyone involved. It is a place to get your creative juices flowing whether you are a good guy or a bad guy. Please read the following rules and sign at the bottom with a walking dead gif.

Rules are subject to change, but we will inform you if any changes have been made so you can look over them again. 

Rules must be signed before sending in an audition form.

We understand that everyone has a life outside of role playing. But we encourage everyone to make time at least once a week at minimum to do replies. 

We will randomly do activity checks, where you will have a certain amount of time to reply to a group forum scene. If you do not complete the task on time your role will be reopened. 

[Role Playing]
Role Playing can be done in any form that is best for you comments, messages, blogs, etc
All replies should be a minimum of three paragraphs, no one liners. Please give your writing partners something to work with. Be creative.

OOC drama is not tolerated! IC drama is encouraged.
If you have an issue with another writer please bring it up to one of the owners, they will work with you to solve the problem. (Even if it is one of the owners) 
Some personalities just don't get along with others. You are not required to write with every member, just a majority of them. If you choose to not write with someone just let them know and leave it be. You are required to have ALL members on your friends list though. 
If harassment does happen we will need you to provide proof of harassment with screen shots.
Harassment of members will get you a warning OR we will terminate your membership with us. 

You will be required to make an AIM. We have a The Last Stand group chat and will be adding members to it as they get approved.

Auditions close Monday and Thursday nights This gives all four owners a chance to go over them all and to let everyone have a chance to get an audition in. Please be patient, you will hear back from us one way or another.

[Profile and Layout]
After being approved you will have 48hrs to make your profile.

You will be required to have a layout on your profile, layouts can be worked on for one week after being approved. It should at least have a back story about your character on it. (If you need help making a layout, Jesus will be available to help. Just ask)

We accept original characters in The Walking Dead verse. Please make sure you fill out the OC section of the audition form if you are auditioning for an original.

Please check profile to make sure the character you want is not taken yet before sending in an audition. (Profile will be updated constantly to ensure that all current members are on it)

After you are approved you must put The Last Stand in your header or door knocker.

Member of the Month will be voted on in messages. In the beginning of the month we will ask for you to send us one name and a reason why they should be MOTM.  Leaders will make the final decision and announce the winner in a stat.

[Have Fun]
We want everyone to have a good time writing about what they love. If it isn't fun anymore talk to your owners. We are always here to help.  


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