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August 15th, 2019

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Country: Mexico

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October 20, 2016


06/04/2019 05:16 PM 

Writer needed for this account.
Current mood:  determined

I need a mature writer only message if interest @ Leonor Lasso de la Vega and much thank for mature writers only.

05/15/2019 03:15 PM 

The Real de la Vega Family Tree No One Can Debunk
Current mood:  annoyed

Garci Lasso de la Vega I, Cantabrian noble who was executed by Alfonso XI of Castile in 1326

Garci Lasso de la Vega II, Cantabrian noble who was assassinated by Peter of Castile in 1351

Garci Lasso Ruiz de la Vega, Cantabrian noble who was killed at the Battle of Nájera, 1340–1367

Leonor Lasso de la Vega, (1367–1432) Cantabrian noblewoman,

Garcilaso de la Vega (poet) (1501–1536), Spanish noble poet and soldier

Garcilaso de la Vega (chronicler) (1539–1616), Peruvian noble poet and writer

Gabriel Lobo Lasso de la Vega (1558–1615), Spanish epic poet, playwright and historian

Francisco Laso de la Vega (1568–1640), Spanish soldier and governor of Chile 1629–1639

Luis Laso de la Vega (c.1622–?), Mexican author, priest and lawyer

Melchor Portocarrero y Lasso de la Vega, 3rd conde de Monclova (1636–1705), viceroy of New Spain 1686–1688

Joseph de la Vega (c. 1650–1692), Spanish merchant, poet, and philanthropist, later moved to Amsterdam

Francisco Cajigal de la Vega (c. 1715–?), Spanish governor of Cuba

Rómulo Díaz de la Vega (c. 1800–1877), an interim president of Mexico in 1855

Daniel de la Vega (poet) (1892–1971), Chilean poet and playwright

José Tadeo Mancheño y Laso de la Vega, (1784–1855) Chilean political figure

Luis Ignacio de la Vega (c. 1914–?), Mexican Olympic basketball player

Oscar Unzaga de la Vega (1916–1959), a Bolivian socialist politician

Jorge de la Vega (1930–1971), an Argentine painter

Sabas Pretelt de la Vega (b. 1946), Colombian minister of the Interior and Justice

María Teresa Fernández de la Vega (b. 1949), Spanish Socialist Workers Party politician and former Minister.

Ralph de la Vega (b. 1951), the Chief Operating Officer of Cingular Wireless

Jacqueline de la Vega (b. 1960), Mexican TV show host in Spain and former model

Florencia de la Vega (b. 1976), Argentine transvestite actress and former magazine editor, known as Florencia De La V

Guadalupe Arizpe de la Vega, Mexican humanitarian

James De La Vega, NYC artist philosopher

Cynthia de la Vega (b. 1991), Mexican model and beauty pageant titleholder.

04/04/2019 04:45 PM 

Mineblast as hundreds laid dead as Father de la Vega prayers for the dead.
Current mood:  adventurous

There was a mineblast as the minors were being drugged out then carried out onto the ground as Luis Lasso de la Vega who is a priest as he began to pray for the dead as more bodies were being brought out. First the total count was at 20 dead bodies but only this evening the total count of the dead bodies wa 50. When the bodies were buried it was father de la Vega who was the priest attended the funerals as mournings paid their last respects for those who died in the mine that morning the blast took so many lives.

That evening after the funeral Luis sat at home as his thoughts on those who past away and hope now their souls finds peace in heaven. As he now sits in his chair eating his supper as he watches his television as he watches the news after he got done with his meal as his dishes in the sink since he would do them in the morning he shuts the tv off sits in his chair reading his bible this evening. At some point he got himself a small glass of wine as he continues reading the bible as he is reading the book of Matthew.

04/01/2019 09:47 AM 

Line of Sight-(LOS)
Current mood:  frustrated

This group is not welcome in my Published Story which is at Wattpad now kindly remove yourselves from my story once and for f*cking all dimwits. For the last time there is no MAXWELL in th de la Vega family so grow up people. Changing first names do not make you a super group but a pack of dum asses who clearly has no clue what they are doing. Born in lust, turned to dust. Born in sin, come on in.......

I need accounts and missing people played DIMWITS not a GROUP to JOIN MY STORY get your FACTS CORRECT. Jealous much I have a Publish Story and you do not. By the way Maxwell APPLEWHITE I beat you to the punchline I made a Crest for de la Vega so Jealous much......This song is for you people now I am beyond tired seeing LOS Tags be gone.....

03/19/2019 12:34 PM 

You can't hide forever- Short Drabble Story-
Current mood:  adventurous

Luis Lasso de la Vega who is Mexico's fine priest and lawyer has heard rumors of people pretending to be relatives of his and seeing the list of names his shakes his head. As he continues viewing the list as his face turns red from anger as he just sits there in silence.  He gets up as he walks to his shelf of books as he as wall to wall of shelves of books. As the years went by he always updates his books of laws of Mexico as he fingers through books to the one he was looking for as he grabs the book. He walks back to his desk as he knows what this group is doing is illegal and fraud being someone they are not his family. As he sits at his deck he opens the book as he flips through the pages while his mind is pointing the dots together. After he finished looking through the book he decided to take the matters in his own hands he hires assassin and cleric's to handle the situation to seek and destroy on those falsing his families name while dishonoring the name as well.

Now Luis Lasso de la Vega waits by his desk for the reports back from the 12 assassins and 12 cleric's he has send to this pretenders for which he sees it as treason against his family over at Spain and wonders how his family would handle if they knew this was going on. So for now life returns back to normal until he gets word further of this end of this treason that is currently taking place.

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