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sD_Francisco C. de la Vega_sD-Gov.

Last Login:
August 15th, 2019

Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 48
Country: Spain

Signup Date:
January 28, 2016


06/04/2019 05:15 PM 

Writer needed for this account.
Current mood:  determined

I need a mature writer only message if interest @ Leonor Lasso de la Vega and much thank for mature writers only.

05/22/2019 06:40 PM 

Drabble Stories
Current mood:  adventurous

Armageddon and the Silver Knife

The clouds reminded me of a horse that day - what a day for Armageddon. I panicked, my fear reflected in the eyes of Sis and Father. But then we saw it - a silver knife. Sis smiled. Spiky arms, an urban nose and worrying feathers - the knife seemed like the answer to our prayers. Father looked at the knife and danced admiringly. Sis, walking cautiously, conveyed similar sentiments. A sense of deep anticipation ran through my lips, boating deeply. Sis admired the knife's enchanted hooks, breath held tight. Boom! With help from a beautiful hat, the knife saved the world. Phew!

Armageddon and the Fake Gun

The moon reminded me of a toad that day - what a day for Armageddon. I panicked, my fear reflected in the eyes of Daddy and Mummy. But then we saw it - a fake gun. Daddy smiled. Deep spikes, vast eyes and fragile shelves - the gun seemed like the answer to our prayers. Mummy looked at the blade and sung abnormally. Daddy, sleeping calmly, conveyed similar sentiments. A sense of deep anticipation ran through my feet, eating cautiously. Daddy admired the gun's skinny windows, breath held tight. Smash, Smash! With help from a scary book, the gun saved the world. Phew!

Tales of the Goblin - Emotionally Jumping

"It's time for emotionally jumping!" whispered the goblin that lives on my spots. I looked at the knife; it had frozen hills and scrawny flaps. I loved Daddy. I loved Headmaster. I did not want to take the knife from them. Daddy, especially, loved the feet. I examined the dull map. I studied the giant torch, which ranted like a fragile lizard. I remembered chatting dangerously at the goblin's will and knew I would comply again. The snow made me tremble like magical fields. Then suddenly... Mumble! The knife was destroyed. The goblin that lives on my spots ranted briskly.

05/18/2019 07:37 PM 

“Don’t test me.” ( Drabble Story)
Current mood:  adventurous

When Francisco Cajigal de la Vega became pointed Governor to Cuba he left home and went to over Cuba and became Governor since then Cuba became ruled by a de la Vega which seemed to pleased the people of Cuba. Soon after he became Governor he started placing guilds from assassin to cleric to help strengthen Cuba while serving for the people. Soon after the guilds were to place which took Francisco finished placing them he began to place pubs around Cuba while helping to bring more coin to keep the defense strong so he had a chain of suddenpubs that serves good food with drinks along with playing good music at night for the night customers that visits the pubs.

One day when Francisco learns there was false witness baring his family name in cuba as he sends an assassin to handle the matter and the sentence for such crimes is death by head cut off while both parts burned. This kept Francisco up at nights knowing their is a fraud de la Vega in Cuba while the assassin is hunting down the one who fraud the name. Time moves on while the hunt continues for this villain while leaving Francisco pacing at night wondering why on earth would someone mask themselves to be a family and not be an actual member and what their gain was by doing this hateful crime.

When the criminal was caught instead of instant death which this traitor should had got but brought in chains to the governor himself. When they arrived at court Francisco was there present seeing the criminal was bring brought to here to be question first as the assassin remained with the criminal until sentence was given. As Francisco kept questioning the male while he wouldn't give up anything even who he was while Francisco had enough with his silence took the assassin while taking his head off " you will never betray my family again I sentence you to death." as he slices his head off then after the assassin went to burn the corpse from sight as he remained alone he starts talking to himself " No one will ever test me or my family I swear by the old and new gods I will strike judgement on those who go against the de la Vega family again if it's the last thing I do."

05/15/2019 03:16 PM 

The Real de la Vega Family Tree No One Can Debunk
Current mood:  annoyed

Garci Lasso de la Vega I, Cantabrian noble who was executed by Alfonso XI of Castile in 1326

Garci Lasso de la Vega II, Cantabrian noble who was assassinated by Peter of Castile in 1351

Garci Lasso Ruiz de la Vega, Cantabrian noble who was killed at the Battle of Nájera, 1340–1367

Leonor Lasso de la Vega, (1367–1432) Cantabrian noblewoman,

Garcilaso de la Vega (poet) (1501–1536), Spanish noble poet and soldier

Garcilaso de la Vega (chronicler) (1539–1616), Peruvian noble poet and writer

Gabriel Lobo Lasso de la Vega (1558–1615), Spanish epic poet, playwright and historian

Francisco Laso de la Vega (1568–1640), Spanish soldier and governor of Chile 1629–1639

Luis Laso de la Vega (c.1622–?), Mexican author, priest and lawyer

Melchor Portocarrero y Lasso de la Vega, 3rd conde de Monclova (1636–1705), viceroy of New Spain 1686–1688

Joseph de la Vega (c. 1650–1692), Spanish merchant, poet, and philanthropist, later moved to Amsterdam

Francisco Cajigal de la Vega (c. 1715–?), Spanish governor of Cuba

Rómulo Díaz de la Vega (c. 1800–1877), an interim president of Mexico in 1855

Daniel de la Vega (poet) (1892–1971), Chilean poet and playwright

José Tadeo Mancheño y Laso de la Vega, (1784–1855) Chilean political figure

Luis Ignacio de la Vega (c. 1914–?), Mexican Olympic basketball player

Oscar Unzaga de la Vega (1916–1959), a Bolivian socialist politician

Jorge de la Vega (1930–1971), an Argentine painter

Sabas Pretelt de la Vega (b. 1946), Colombian minister of the Interior and Justice

María Teresa Fernández de la Vega (b. 1949), Spanish Socialist Workers Party politician and former Minister.

Ralph de la Vega (b. 1951), the Chief Operating Officer of Cingular Wireless

Jacqueline de la Vega (b. 1960), Mexican TV show host in Spain and former model

Florencia de la Vega (b. 1976), Argentine transvestite actress and former magazine editor, known as Florencia De La V

Guadalupe Arizpe de la Vega, Mexican humanitarian

James De La Vega, NYC artist philosopher

Cynthia de la Vega (b. 1991), Mexican model and beauty pageant titleholder.

10/02/2016 03:37 PM 

Damien Thorn side of the alliance story.
Current mood:  amused

2:42 PM 10/2/2016 When Damien and Mark Thorn both finished the academy they both took a vacation at Milan, Italy for awhile after the trouble they both went though. They got a villa within the city while deciding to stay awhile or even longer. At some point it was Muzio Sforza whom Damien and Mark met at first they never told him their troubles they were buying their time to get to know him first before trusting him with this serious matter at hand. It was Muzio Sforza who invited Damien and Mark Thorn to the Sforza Castle as guest while they both agreed they would come. From there on the three continue to meet at a coffee shop talking and getting to know one another soon trust began with the three as they finally broke down told Muzio Sforza who Damien Thorn was and the situation was as Muzio listens to Mark since he is the one speaking. While Muzio is listening he did mention he knew someone that can find such person whom has those 7 daggers and bring them back to be finally destroyed as Damien listens " very well get this person and get the deed done and do alert me when mission is complete." as Muzio agrees he will. After they both left Muzio went home soon as he got there he called James Moriarty as he explains what is going on and what needs to be done and for whom as Moriarty listens on his end he agrees as long he gets paid as Muzio agrees he will $80,000 when job complete then Jim agrees he will. The following day Jim Moriarty got ready to compete the mission as he gets ready for it then sets sail for Rome and tagart Carl Bugenhagen to claim the seven daggers only thing can destroy Damien Thorn and melt them down. While Damien and Mark waiting on the news they both started visiting the area and getting to know the families of Italy while it is Muzio Sforza whom start introducing them first house of Medici and Borgia plus Aragon. Meanwhile Muzio Sforza made an offer to both Damien and Mark for their protect for the Sforza Family members and he agrees to pay them $80,000 each on a weekly bases if they agree as they both have since then they became members of Vampires of Cain they both wear vC Crest on the left side of their chest. Meanwhile both Damien and Mark have learned their own mother is in Florence married Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci and what happened before that. One day they both went to Florence to see their mum when they got there they both learn they have two step brothers and sisters from there on they continue to visit Cassandra da Vinci. At some point they also learn that their mum owned a nightclub called Lords of Salem they started going there on weekends specially when they had free time. At some point they both started giving her helping hand with the nightclub as Cassandra allowed her boys to work with her. From there on they both worked for their mum on days they both were not doing nothing while earning $10,000 every 5 days they worked each. From there they started spending more time with their mum plus their half brothers and sisters they now have plus Leonardo as their stepfather.

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