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04/30/2012 06:08 AM 

RULEZ & Bluntz
Current mood:  adored

San Dimas High School Football RULEZ!!!!

Please accept my individuality and not embezzle in my ideas. Especially my masturbating Sasqautch! 

A little about my character.

Dean Chase is a twenty-something college dropout who, you guessed it, loves to drink (a lot), smoke (a lot) and come up with any scheme possible to avoid the dreaded reality that a life of corporate slavery awaits him.
He plays in a band. His band is just starting to get reconized by a wider audience by their videos they post online. He has a twin sister (Danielle Chase) that always gets them into crazy situations with people trying to kill themm or come after them. Basically Dean always seems to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He has the worst luck ever.
The people trying to kill him thing is more of a backstory unless you really wanna add this to our sl. Haha.

His personality is comical, impulsive, impish, immature and fun-loving as well as being somewhat of a narcissist, and he's also not the brightest guy you'll ever meet.

He used to be a super geek (Still is really) so he'll sometimes ramble on without thinking when talking to girls and what not.... Oh and he's also a stoner. 

NO DRAMA!!! I'm sorry if life isn't as great as you wish for it to be. But I find it unnecessary for you to have episodes and lash them out on others and/or bulletins. ESPECIALLY ON ME! 

I find it ridiculous and annoying. If I witness a careless amount of such acts, it will result in deletion and possible blockation of you.

I Roleplay in any verse. My character lives in a crazy world of weird sh*t (Hints the masturbating Sasquatch.) So anything can really happen. He's also a comedict character, So I tend to write humor into my comments. If your more "Normal Verse" I won't go over the top with the humor, but I'll still keep in the comedy. And trust me I can go over the top with something. in a storyline I had going with someone, I had Tupac make a special appearence in the SL, it was pretty funny how he fitted in the story. So I'll write in crazy random sh*t like that from time to time. But if your not into that kinda stuff I'll keep it normal.

I'm a Para, Multi Para & Novella Roleplayer. If the SL is really interesting, I can pump out novellas like it nobodies business. But most of the time I stick with multi para. I prefer if you use spell and grammar check so I can understand what one means, But we all make mistakes..I won't call you out on it. I know I have my occasional typos. Also I RP in the style of book format.

Wanna know what? I ONE-LINE TOO! Whatever you send'll get back; But I prefer paragraphs.

Sometimes I don't have the time to get back to everyone right away, weather its writers block or life out side of role play, I appreciate your patients. If you feel the need to delete me for not replying at a certain time, Than I understand. =( But I'll cry... don't make me cry now. ='( 

Me on the other hand, I'll allow you to take as much time as you need, I really don't mind.

If you don't get a reply from me After A While, Feel free to let me know. Some of my comments get pushed down, And I miss them.

Anyway, I believe that is the rules and regulations. Thank you for taking the time to read them. I have a feeling that I will be forced to post a few more things in the future, if so...I will post a bulletin stating so.

Uh.. I guess this is the part where I'm suppose to tell you to say something in the comments section for proof that you read this bullsh*t... Ugh.. Who am I to lay rules upon you. You're free to do whatever the hell you want. Good day, sir. =P

                                                            -Dean Chase. America's Sweetheart. ♥

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03/08/2012 03:12 AM 

Love Letter To Salsa
Current mood:  adored

So I had wrote this a few months back and just came across it again. So for those that didn't get to see it when I first sent it out to people, enjoy.

Dear Salsa, I know maybe you know this already, like, you feel it too, but I just really need to tell you because I'm normally too scared to really admit this because I don't like committing to anything, Salsa, let alone a real, genuine devotion. I'm totally roller-coaster-stomach-dropping in love with you. And it's not just the way you look even though I love your soft red, the whites and greens throughout you, the speckled black when there are beans in you, the light yellows when I use yellow peppers-you are super beautiful, colorful, delicious.

You are the way food should look Salsa, you are what all food should aspire to be. I'm embarrassed. I didn't want to do this in a letter, I wanted it to be special. I wanted us to hang out all night with some movie I don't really want to watch but am watching just to see what other people are talking about. Just you and me and you listen to me when I talk about how dense the female character is and you totally agree with me Salsa because you are fucking liberated and you understand what it's like because you've been there, and you don't really see the point of that scene with her in the shower either.

Maybe it gets late and I stop eating you because I don't like how much sodium you have in you but I really, really want to tell you how I feel. But it's hard because tortilla chips are always there but to be totally up front and honest, Salsa, you are, like, so much more than just "chips and salsa." I mean, don't get me wrong, I appreciate you with tortilla chips and I understand that is how you are classically served but fuck, you are so delicious with so many more dishes. You are perfect on any kind of taco especially chicken tacos because even though I really like chicken it really needs something extra to take it to that next level, you know?

What am I saying, of course you know. You're SALSA. I'm retarded, I'm stupid for even writing this I'm totally off base in even putting you in a position where, like, you'd even consider... When I started making you I didn't give you much thought. I sliced the onions without heart, I added too much seasoning carelessly, I used way too much cilantro, I always under salted. You were nothing more than a simple topping for the pork-which was really what I wanted. I didn't see you in that way, I only wanted pork, & corn torillas, I WAS BLIND.

But now creating you is like making love. Maybe not so much making love as it is like making a vegetable medley in a tomato sauce of desired thickness. Look, I know this is out of nowhere and I know you have this really great thing going with Tortilla Chips, I mean, seriously, you guys are awesome together and no one would deny that. In reality, nobody would fucking dump you on my face and take a bite out of my cheek, right? I get it, I know where I stand. Yet I can't help this feeling. I can't help wanting nothing more than YOU, a really good song, a bottle of wine that costs more than 20 bucks and no work the next day. I get it though. You're Salsa. You're fucking Salsa. You're salsa and I'm just a human being. A really fucking hungry human being. I'll never stop loving you, even the jarred shit.

Love, Dean.

P. S. I hope this is not weird now.

P. S . S My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance and take off their underpants.

11/30/2011 06: PM 

Dean Chase at the movies.

So over the holiday weekend after almost over dosing on Thanksgiving turkey. (if I never see turkey again it will be too soon, except in a club sandwitch. Yum. :p ) I attended a screening of Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1. And let me tell you, it was fucking hilarious! Best comedy I seen this year. Now before you stop reading and lose all respect for me, hear me out..

Lets start with the people in the audience. You got your Tweens, More tweens... And whats that.. More tweens. You got your normal girls who dragged thier bored Boyfriend along with a promise of getting a handjob Im assuming ( That would be the only reason why I would get dragged along... Scratch that, I have been dragged into one of these movies before on a date, just out of pure "Sure, that sounds awesome <-- insert girl name here.) But this time it was for the laughs.. I promise.

So when the idea was proposed to me for a night at the movies, I said "sure." With the intention of seening anything but Twilight.. Hell, I wanted to see the fucking muppets. But majority rules, I lost. So I made the best of the situation and took it all in as a big joke.

After getting raped at the concession stand, I got prepaired for my eyes to get raped by this movie. Lets start with the trailers... As Im enjoying some overpriced candy, I nearly loose my shit laughing at the preview for Snow White. (Where the fuck are the dwarfs? I want little people to have more work, damn it! Vern Troyer is taking all their parts!)

Finally the movie starts... I get in sleep position in my seat. A comment is made about how many times Jacob is going to take his shirt off in the movie... Before the fucking movie even starts there goes the shirt. I couldnt help but laugh at this. Then we get to the talented Kristen Stewart. (And yes, there was some sarcasm in that, but shes cool in my book... Shes stoner after all. ) I personally think Ashley Green is smokin' hot... But how bad do they gotta make her hair stlye in these movies? There were times when I thought she was going to throw on a flannel lumberjack shirt, and start making out with Bella... Which wouldve been cool (Guess I gotta wait for the porn version for that.)

Imma skip to the comedy which also contain spoliers for those of you who care..... First half of this movie is cheesy lovey dovey bullshit. Then you got Jacob crying around and bitching about Bella.. Im like jeez get the fuck over it already. Next you get the honeymoon, where Bella walks out nude to the beach. Which leads to some bed breaking fucking, which I thought was fucking hilarious. Next day bella has a couple little bruises, and edward is like "Blah blah blah.. I cant fuck you anymore cus I'll hurt you.. Blah blah blah"

Im like "She just got 2 bruises, anyone could get that if the sex is good." Its not like she was walking like she just got raped by a horse.. She was perfectly fine, and even asked for more.  Then we cut to boring stuff, Edward avoiding sex.. More boring stuff. Then "I'm Pregnant" I was laughing my Ass off at this scene. The look on Edwards face alone was hilarious.  Then the drama comes in about "The Thing" inside of her killing her. (I busted up laughing when He called it "That Thing" )

she then blows up full pregnant, and looks like a fucking pregnant zombie. Which wouldve round out the movie with a vampire, wolf, zombie love triangle.  Jacob comes back and does more crying and bitching. We hear Bella's dumbass baby names. "if its a boy imma name him EJ for edward jacob" No your naming him that cus you dont know who fuck the baby daddy is.. Then when it couldnt get any funnier her back breaks randomly. And she twist up her body like the goddamn exocist. Then you got more drama some wolfs that wanna kill the baby. Then she gives birth, which I call the vampire c-section scene. Edward litterally bites the fucker out. Bella dies.. Everyone crys. Jacob goes full pervert on a new born. Then bella slowly comes back alive.. Or undead.. Which ever.. I'm laughing my ass off when her chest inflates, going like 20 inches in the air. The people around me noticed this too and start laughing. The bam! She has red eyes the end.. This whole movie was pointess and could have been done in 45 MINUTES!! No need for 2 parts. I did get my laughs tho, thats the important thing. 

This has been a Dean Chase Movie review.. And I'll see you at the movies.. ( I always wanted to say that. )

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